Bulls, Heat Fuel Already-Raging Fire

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The more we see of the Bulls and Heat, the more we want to see of the Bulls and Heat.

These teams were made to go at each other. The first of their four regular-season matchups this season lived up to every bit of its pre-game hype, adding more fuel to an already raging fire between the two teams that played in the Eastern Conference finals last season.

Did you see the reaction of reigning MVP Derrick Rose after he failed to snatch this game away from the Heat at the end? Did you see how sick it makes him to lose to the Heat again (not having Luol Deng certainly didn’t help the cause)? We’re talking about a competitive atmosphere between stars that could only be matched by a handful of others in the league today.

The late-game stumbles (of both Rose and LeBron James) aside, this is the sort of action that will ultimately determine the winner of the Eastern Conference champion.  No one would be surprised to see these same two teams battling it out again.

And we’re not talking about some nasty, save-the-handshakes-for-later rivalry here. This is game recognizing game, great players rightly saluting other great players and fierce competitors  showing one another the proper respect by bringing it right at each other all game long.

The Heat held on to win the game, but it would be hard to tell that from the way they talked about Rose when it was over, per the Miami Herald:

“[Rose] can go around anybody in this league — anybody in this world,” James said.

“He has an incredible gift to play at that speed and explosiveness, to get to the rim, finish over the top, and yet sprinkle that in with a 13-foot floater,” Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said. “To have that kind of touch, you don’t see that very often. That’s why he’s a special player and an MVP.”

As if this thing needed any extra spice, Vaughn McClure of the Chicago Tribune sprinkled a little more on the plate by raising the Dwight Howard-to-the Bulls idea that is making the rounds now that things have gone sideways for the Magic.

Sure, it’s a longshot if ever there was one and the Bulls would have to give up some serious pieces to get the Magic to even pick up the phone, but the far-fetched prospect of putting Howard in the middle of this already potent mix is just mind-boggling:

Approached Friday night in New Orleans after a 26-point loss to the Hornets, Howard shared his thoughts on a long-shot trade to the Bulls. “If I could play with Derrick right now and God wanted that to happen, it will happen,” Howard told the Tribune. “It has nothing to do with me not wanting to play with Derrick Rose. I love him. That’s my brother.”

With or without Howard, the Bulls and Heat showed us yesterday that they are more than ready to get back to what we saw from them in the conference finals last season. They’d do it every night if they could (the Hawks, Pacers, Sixers and other challengers to the crown doth protest).

And no one that loves the game would complain one bit.


  1. karibkween says:

    I hope fans looking forward to another Heat/Bulls ECF wont be too disappointed if the Pacers are the team to escape the central division. Unlike last year the Pacers possess two players who in the past have had success against two of the Bulls’ primary scorers. Luol Deng better be 100% because George Hill and David West will be waiting for Derrick Rose and Carlos Boozer.

    • LOL says:

      YEPP!! Pacers gave the Bulls ALLLL they wanted last year! And this year the Pacers even BETTER. They improved MORE than the Bulls did. The Pacers just match up with them WELL, bottom line.

  2. FlySkyHigh says:

    A win is a win people. The Bulls might have swept Miami in the regular season last year but they NEVER won it by a large margin. And though I agree Deng would have made a difference, him playing would not have guaranteed a Bulls win. If Deng managed to somehow limit Lebron, they would have just gone to Bosh or Wade (who by the way is not 100% healthy) more often. There is no way you can shut all three of them down. Yes, Rip had an off game but so did DWade. There is no solid argument to be made of why one team should/shouldn’t have won over the other. It’s just two great teams going at it. The winner will be a toss up every game though me being Heat fan, I will always give Miami the slight edge every time.

  3. Bulls4life says:

    When healty the Bulls destroy the heat. Just wait till the playoffs. Chicago Bulls 2012 NBA champions!

    • Bob says:

      bla bla bla…they we’re healthy last year, and didn’t do a thing..Deng can’t defend lebron..he didn’t do it last season, he would not do it this year…Lebron has improved his post up skills, so…HEAT all the way baby!

  4. LBJWADEB613 says:

    you sir are retarded Lebron was averaging 30 points in the playoffs (subract finals) and deng is not as much of a factor as Wade is wade was shooting poorly and not going for game changing plays and as long as Lebron doesnt start ISO playing Miami is the greatest team in the nba

  5. Jorge says:

    Let us all remember this is without Loul Deng. And lets not forget about CJ Watson!!!! How about Taj Gibson? He was playing with limited minutes and Hamilton’s groin surely affected his play. All of this while MIAMI IS 100% HEALTHY!!!!! There is no stopping “King” James but to bad for Miami this is a team sport. Therefore as the season progresses one team will get weaker as the other team will get stronger. And Miami is already at 100% 😉

    I personally would of thought scalabrine would have been better at point guard than John lucas. Scal would of shut down some baselines atleast. or atleast funnel the players to the center no?

    • LOL says:

      You GOTTA be trolling right now. Sorry mang but Miami not 100% either, so whatever you wanna say to help you sleep at night, thats cool.

  6. South Beach says:

    @JUSTIN didnt you watch the ECF last year, lebron scored more than 20 pts on Lou DEng more than once on tha series. are yU SERIOUS. There is nobody in the world that can handle lebron on defense. C’MON lou DEng stopping lebron. Go watch that series again and prove me wrong.

  7. Law064 says:

    @Jay Lebron was not out in game 1 sorry he played remember Taj Gibson dunked on him but that was last year and this another season. Good game and the heat won but that was by the skin of their teeth. Game 1 goes to miami

    • LOL says:

      Heat controlled at least 3/4 s of the game, so they didnt win by the skin of their teeth. The Bulls made 1 last run, thats how games work. The Heat never let the Bulls lead, thats a fact about this game. So you can downplay it all you want, but the Heat controlled it and played THEIR game the way THEY wanted to against the supposed number 1 D in the league.

  8. Justin says:

    Bulls would of won that game easily if Deng would of been playing… I mean seriously they lost by 4, had a chance to win it regardless and their second best player Deng is out… LeBron didn’t score more than 20 points against Deng the whole ECFs last year if I remember correctly.

    • Jorge says:

      lets not forget about CJ Watson!!!! I personally would of thought scalabrine would have been better at point guard than John lucas. Scal would of shut down some baselines atleast. or atleast funnel the players to the center no?

      • Mike says:

        Didnt the Heat lost by 1 last year on the regular season to the Bulls without Lebron and losing Bosh on the Third Quarter while the Bulls were completely healthy? Yeah a game is a game no matter whos on the floor between these teams.

    • K says:

      I guess that’s why Lebron scored 29, 22, 35, and 28 in games 2-5 in the ECF last year.

      • LOL says:

        BLAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH I guess thats why he did your right!!!

        We have a 12 year old hater boy here with Justin!! LOL

    • Padre Damaso says:

      @Justin i think you’re just 3 years old..lol

  9. jay says:

    i like the bulls but last year when they played the first game against the heat lebron was out and bosh got hurt half way through and the bulls only won by three. so i dont be leive thats the best indicater. especially when they are supposed to be so deep and two players are out so they use that as an excuse. in the playoffs c.j. watson was not a factor because rose plays even more min. deng is a factor. just not a great enough factor.

  10. Law064 says:

    The Bulls don’t need Howard, but if they got him depending on the players they would lose, Nobody would miss Boozer but Noah & Deng has to be there. The Bulls don’t need Howard the heat won by 4 points with Deng and Watson out. Rip shot poorly and a couple of missed FT’s from Rose was the killer. The heat are not better than the bulls their offense is terrible with lbj in ISO. He just dribbles the shot clock down then shoots a bad shot. The heat in transition is the best in the NBA but half court O is terrible. I say Bosh was the man in that game late he made shots and played well. Leebron choked when he could’ve put the game out of reach and Rose choked when he could’ve gave the Bulls the 1st lead or even tied the game. He also made a bad decision to shoot over 3 guys with Rip wide open in the corner. All in all that was a great game and Miami should be worried about the Bulls. They won but didn’t have Deng who plays good D on Lebron. Brewer played him good but no 1 man can guard Lebron the same as Rose no 1 man can keep him contained. If the bulls got Howard it wouldn’t be close Bulls would have their number for sure. Bulls don’t need him

  11. prix says:

    Heat-Bulls again no doubt about it…but if you mix Howard for the Bulls I don´t think they will be better…Booz and Noah´s game fit for Rose game…with Howard It won´t work for some other hard working role players…it will just contained there offense and plays..look at NY right now… But still at the end of the road I could still see Miami winning it again. If we saw a much more better Bulls this season…Miami is far way more better…

  12. Pad says:

    I’m not a fan of the Howard trade. In fact, it would be a great long term addition. But if the Bulls trade for him, they lose important pieces. Never change a winning team. In free agency it would be another thing to see them add D-12. But right they would lose too much. Another question would be how fast they could get him introduced to their system. I mean he’s a great player and a PG/C combination is easier to run, then Miamis SG/SF/PF combination, but he could cause problems as long as he doesn’t perfectly know, where D-Rose is going, as he would sometimes (not always) stand in his way and block the way to the rim…

    Just my thoughts….