The Heat Highlight Show

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Dwyane Wade’s return to action from an ankle injury last night was greeted with flash bulbs and the fanfare you might expect from the crowd when one of the league’s best players is back on the floor.

But if you didn’t see what he and LeBron James did against the Knicks in Miami, well you missed an absolute showcase. Lucky for you our friends that chronicle these sorts of things decided to give you a breakfast treat today.

Check out the Heat Highlight Show:


  1. King James says:

    FYI to all… LA Clippers is the LOB CITY in the west while Miami Heat is the LOB CITY for the east. what a highlights..

  2. King James says:

    Everytime i see Lebron and wade in the same night it always like an All Star game… awesome!!!!

  3. OzHeatFan says:

    LBJ travelled in all of those plays,…. hahaha .. someone had to say it!!!

    What a team, bar-none the most exciting to watch in the NBA, and LBJ + WADE, the most exciting & in-sync duo in years.

    But coach Spo needs to be replaced.. get Pat Riley up in this mo-fo!!!

    And someone teach Haslem & Battier how to shoot the ball!!!!! FFS

  4. Kevin says:

    Did Wade travel on that last play? Once you pick up the ball you’re only allowed two steps, but it kinda looked like Wade picked up the ball BEFORE he put down his right foot, and then took an additional two steps after switching the ball to his other hand. 1+2 = 3 steps after picking up the ball.

  5. prix says:

    the HEAT just burn everybody…whoยดs next?

  6. MaFox says:

    lol Dan Gilbert refers to himself in the third person.

    Crazy dan

  7. Interesting... says:

    Highlight number 2 occurred when the heat and knicks were tied at 22 with 22.0 seconds left in the first quarter.

  8. DERRECK says:


  9. Padre Damaso says:

    nice game…

  10. kobe and rose fan says:

    lebrons just the best!!

  11. joblagz says:

    loved the show.. its crazy they should call themselves mi-alley heat.. however sunday’s game would be very different than this..

  12. That’s what i am talkina bout. This is the miami i cheered in the finals. My two favoriute teams are playing on Sunday and i better see superstars with motivation and a great game. Or else, a blowout will be just a waste of time. Real NBA Fans want close games in which where there teams win. Miami Vs Chicago on sunday and Miami Vs Chicago in the EASTERN CONFERENCE FINALS………AGAIN.

  13. john says:

    They should be killing teams…..Coach Spo is a nice guy, but he is not the guy to take them where they should be…DOMINATING

  14. Knickfan212 says:

    It’s not like they won easily, bad as the Knicks are the Heat didn’t get going until the 4th quarter
    Don’t get me wrong, the Heat get mad props I’m just saying it wasn’t all that easy.

  15. Bob says:

    I would trade Mike miller…he is doing a great job when he is on the floor…i`ll rather trade pittman + terrel harris or mickel gladness.

  16. Dom V says:

    im a heat fan the game was great to watch and very entertaining but the scoreline should have been better, we had good D on amare, but without melo we shouldnt have allowed as many points.

    Sekou what do you think of a trade to bring in varejao? we need a better starting Big no offense to joel, he knows lebron well and worked very well, he caused havoc vs Celtics and bulls and i think would make it alot easier vs LA.

    Mike miller + pittman for varejao

    • Dan Gilbert says:

      First of all, buddy we are not trading for Varejo, giving up mike miller who is shooting lights out and is the good player to pair up with bron or wade so that defenses cannot play zone. Second, Dan gilbert is waiting to help the Miami heat win a championship. If I was actually Dan, I would do this trade, because this takes Miami out of contention. Next time think twice before you write.

  17. Nicolo says:

    Lebron MVP let alone he should have the scoring title due to the fact that kobe shoots 25 a game to lebrons 19 shots a game shots

  18. Wade says:

    Wade > LeBron

    Bosh says at the end of the game he wants Wade to have the ball in his hands

  19. Roy says:

    Thats unreal, there Top 10 from last night was far better than the Top 10 from the entire night in the League, Lebron-Wade combo is the best basketball has seen in years!!

  20. Andrea says:

    Beautiful, just beautiful. Anyone who’s going to have the courage to hate on this is just in denial.

  21. Coach spolestra deserves too much credits.
    Big 3 unstoppable.

    • Poukissa says:

      Coach Spo does deserve credits, so far he is doing a good job maximizing the “big three” potential.