MVP Ladder: LeBron Snags No. 1 Spot

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Did someone mention change?

We’ve got a few changes to the KIA Race to the MVP Ladder this week, changes at the top and bottom and elsewhere that will surely raise some eyebrows here at the hideout and beyond.

LeBron James is in at No. 1, taking over from Kevin Durant, who drops to third behind James and new No. 2 man Dwight Howard.  Injured Heat star Dwayne Wade, Portland’s LaMarcus Aldridge and Utah’s Paul Millsap all stepped out of the 10 this week.

The middle of the pack remains largely unchanged, but the bottom three spots are occupied by newcomers this week. Denver point guard  Ty Lawson, Memphis forward Rudy Gay and Indiana forward David West have all played their way into the mix this week.

Make sure you check it out and the suggestion box (below) is open and ready for your feedback!

And remember, our list remains fluid. No one’s spot is guaranteed.


  1. MV3 says:

    When Paul Pierce didn’t get the MVP when they won the Championship b/c you said b/c there are 3 allstarts on that team. Heat got 3 allstarts and why would James get the MVP??? Should be either Durant or Rose b/c Bulls & OKC got better record than the Heat. Wade should be the MVP for the Heat. He finish games that LeBron can’t do. It’s WADE’s TEAM, not LeChoke. LeBron is just OVERATED, period. WADE ALL THE WAY!!!

  2. hay says:

    right!!!!no explanation…’s only kobe

  3. just kobe bryant says:

    lebron is just always next to kobe is da best…..

  4. KOBE24 says:

    only kobe 24!!!…

  5. Jackal says:

    I don’t see how Kobe is so high on the list still. Is this Sekou guy just going off of PPG for his top 3 or something? Kobe has been shooting the Lakers out of wins and into losses. .. not out of losses and into wins.

    One doesn’t deserve MVP votes when they’re taking 27 shots a game on barely league average scoring efficiency and are one game away from not even being in the playoff picture. Especially when that player never guards the opposing SG if he’s any good, and instead gets hidden on the worst PG/SG/SF on the floor at any given time.

    I appreciate Sekou mentioning guys like Aldridge, Parker, and Iggy. . .but seriously, Kobe #3? Paul Pierce in the top 10? No, just no.

  6. JohnFine says:


    Why Ty Lawson??? Gallinari is the man!!! He leads his team with 18 points and 5.4 rebounds and he is the leader!!

  7. James says:

    Lebron for MVP! 33.4 player efficiency rating (PER) is the highest in NBA History. I’ve followed Lebron since 2002 in High School. I have never seen him play this much in the post (thank you Hakeem). He is playing LIGHTS OUT! LBJ for 2012 MVP!

  8. Steamtoller says:

    Of course LBJ deserves MVP title, and I really don’t get some of you. For me it’s logical, that if you play alongside great players and individuals, that your numbers wouldn’t be so big, but not in LeBron’s case, and that’s the main reason he should be MVP. HE IS THE LEADER OF THIS MIAMI TEAM, BESIDES WADE AND BOSH!

    And if you talk about Durant, in mz opinion, Thunders get almost the same productivity of Westbrook.

    And most important thing, MVP should be chosen from one of the top 3 teams in the league.

  9. Z says:

    This is funny.
    The MVP isnt the most important player to a team award …
    MVP is given to the best player on the best team … Anybody apart from kevin durant, lebron and rose isnt even on the category…

  10. KAM says:

    I believe there are only two players worthy of the MVP award thus far in the season…KEVIN DURANT or DERRICK ROSE!! Sure LeBron is putting up great numbers but he also has two perennial all-stars by his side, I think we all no what happened when he didn’t play with Bosh and Wade (CHOOOOOKE). Ya Kobe had a decent start but the Lakers are anything but persistent in winning this season. Russel Westbrook has struggled so far this season which means Durant has hands down led the thunder to the best overall record (with some nice help from James Harden). Rose has ran his Bulls since the day he joined this league. He is THE definition of a franchise player and is worthy of a second straight MVP award!

  11. Law064 says:

    I have 1 question for Leebron riders, who has he made better on the heat? smh & LMAO. I agree Lebron is playing great but ask yourself 1 thing Heat withoul LBJ you still have a good team Bosh & Wade will carry the load. Now ask yourself LA without Kobe Magic without Dwight Bulls without Rose where would these teams be? OKC without Durant where will they be? MVP is the most valuble player to the team don’t get me wrong Lebron is valuble to the heat but serously the heat would be ok without him can you say the same for the other teams I mentioned? I can say Durant or Dwight should be in the top spot at the moment only cause Rose was out for a few games.

  12. AX23 says:

    I think LeBron James is one of the greatest players of all – time but this years MVP ? no no man …. a lot of people think ( besides the “LeBronatics ” ) that the MVP should be handed to another deserving player like Dwight Howard or Kevin Durant
    but it could possibly be given to LeBron’s buddy Dwyane Wade , but anything could happen .. we cant really drop that right way ‘cuz the season’s just started All Nba teams barely even played 25 games .

  13. the truth says:

    if blake griffin was doing what lebron has done and put up those kind of stats,there would be no argument that griffin would be number 1.
    the sad fact is that most people don’t want to acknowledge what lebron has done, not in cleveland or miami.
    the pure fact is whatever team lebron plays for,the whole team gets better and so does their record.
    take a look at the stats, the numbers, and his overall game, he’s clearly the most dominant player in the league right now wether you like it or not

  14. MJ23 says:


  15. fan7 says:

    LeBron James deserves to be MVP..why: 30 ppg,8 rpg 7 apg
    let me se rose,kobe,howard or anybody else put these numbers every night,then we can talk about giving mvp to them…for now..lbj deserves it 150%

  16. NBABaller says:

    OK, not being offensive to Dwight Howard or anything, but to those of you who say he should be the MVP over LeBron, Dwight has only recently putting up monster stats, and his team has been losing. The major criteria for the MVP award is to be on a winning team. Plus, some argue that Howard is the backbone to that Magic team, no, he isn’t because the there have been games where Dwight has only scored 4 pts and 8 pts and the magic won off of their three’s. First of all, an MVP must be consistent. I looked at LeBron’s stats and they were as CONSISTENT as possible. The lowest he’s ever scored was 18 pts. and the highest 37, but most of his games, he did put up 30+. If dwight does have a chance this year, he has to be able to be CONSISTENT.

  17. listened to me says:

    come on we now lebron has 2 mvp he cannot be a mvp because he is not the only all-star on miami he has to share or he could get loose if he do it selfishly look what happen to them in the finals they sink you know what the mvp should be derrick rose he is the man today he my be young but he is too fast too strong too good he deserved to be a 2times mvp he is one of the elites he lay-oup like jordan like he pause time and make the shot and can get a impossible shot just like when he did to the rockets i watch rose grow and could lead the team to a championship that’s why d-rose should get it

    mvp final standings

    1.derrick rose
    2.kevin durant
    3.kobe bryant
    4.lebron james
    5.dwight howard

    • Padre Damaso says:

      maybe some other time D. Rose fan… Your Rose is just far far away from the rankings right now.. lol

  18. McCOOLEET says:

    1 LeBron
    2 Love
    3 Durant
    4 D12
    5 KB24
    I dont understand why Rose is still on the list for last weeks R2MVP since he haven’t played last week and it was Boozer who carried the team…Booz should have taken his spot at #10.

  19. Romvick says:

    Derrick Rose is very young, but he deserves to be the MVP again..

  20. Sec-Dalton says:

    Derrick Rose, for me. A Point guard that can make difficult moves in the paint.

  21. _Romvic. says:

    Rose was very young to be a MVP but he deserves it. For me, Rose is going to be a 2 time MVP..

  22. R@mvickMen. says:

    Derrick Rose deserves it Men…
    Derrick Rose will be a back to back MVP.

  23. Without Lebron they could not win champion ship but without wade they could says:

    lebron all day people dont talk just look at the stats he has … omg how much more hate and rose is not the mvp 4 now is james or koby

  24. Gary_david says:

    yes lebron deserve to be the no.1 this week. he’s superb and carry heat without wade. kobe and love should be around 3-4
    D.west carry the pacers and making some clutch games as he always did and he deserve to be on this list. same as rudy gay. but ty lawson? galanari should be in that spot.

  25. Witness says:

    Guys don’t panic..It’s already King James in to the TOP ok…. Anti JAMES SHUT UP OK.. Loosers…hahahahha LOL

  26. Velzkud says:

    I can quote again what i said to my best friend after Heat lost the finals. “Next Year LBJ will come to take it all. He is gonna have an MVP season just to prove to people once again of his game. He will also win it ALL.” So far the MVP part is true. I just hope he does win it all. Then I wanna see how these “Haters” become “Believers”

  27. and says:

    Lbj 2011-2012 season MVP…

  28. John says:

    KD deserves it not Lebron though he is playing extremely well, and so is kobe. Just watch KD take this spot in a couple of weeks.

  29. NBA@MVP says:

    DERRICK ROSE guys is the MVP 2012-2013…
    Too Fast Too Strong Too Good…

  30. guys as a player we deserved that DERRICK ROSE only has the power to get the MVP!
    He is a true player among us …

  31. ejboie says:

    i dont like lebron put to be top of MVP … i want him on 4th place.. maybe i KOBE but for me its only Derrick Rose. He’s gonna make this, and all fans makes it happy,, swear

  32. Makesenseofitall says:

    James has been incredible this season thusfar with 55% fgm nearing 30 ppg, 8 rpg and 7.1 apg.. He deserves to be number 1. Even without Wade just kept on going (allthough I believe it’s harder to put those numbers up with Wade ON the floor)

    Howard, Durant and Rose are 2-4 (in any order)
    Kobe is great without doubt .. but his stats just don’t stack up to those of James and the previously mentioned 3 at this point in the season.

    But the season is still young so well see where this ends.

    For now Lebron is No. 1

    P.S.: And of course… post season performances and everything that happened in the NBA before the lockout.. has nothing to do with this years regular season MVP contest..

  33. Haters Everywhere says:

    Stop trying to deny Lebron the MVP title. He clearly deserves it based on how he is performing this year. There is a reason the MVP award is given once EVERY YEAR. It is based on the PERFORMANCE of the CURRENT SEASON. NOT HIS CAREER. The MVP is for MOST VALUABLE PLAYER of the YEAR, not of ALL TIME. So stop bringing up the past, get OFF Kobe’s coconuts and stop hating on Lebron because were talking about the 2011-2012 season. *cough* cleveland fans *cough*.

  34. denzel says:

    i think that lebron is playing the best basketball he has ever… i like dwyane beter because hes kinda like ol reliable.. even in todays ae u see him takin the last shots… i think dwyane wade cuud EASILY play at a hihgher leve but defers to james for all the criticism hes taken…. watch a heat game nd every so often dwyane pulls james to the side and coaches him… butbron deserves mvp so far this year

  35. NBAaddicted says:

    MVP(Most Valuable Player) is an honor typically bestowed upon the best performing player on a specific team, in an entire league.

    so LeBron deserves it! LeBron James MVP season 2011-2012! that’s it!

  36. jerico_maggot says:

    Lebron, can have all the MVP’s because he’s only great in season but when the post season comes, he will dissapear as he always does

  37. mrwormburn says:

    kobe can’t wait to ride dh12’s nuts like he did with shaq, he has the exact amount of mvps he deserves and will ever deserve…i am not impressed with his 40 point outbursts against insignificant teams this season…leave it to kobe to always try and stack his stats in deceitful ways….and another thing that pissed me of lately, that punk went all HAM last all-star game when everyone was just chillin in the first half, then, with the game in the balance, durant and others stepped up – but of course kobe got the mvp of that game. anyone but kobe deserves the MVP, kobe is the MOAT…most overrated all time

  38. BlackMamba316 says:

    If and when the Heat win the championship, it’ll be tainted, just like Bond’s home run record is tainted by steroids because he didn’t get the record fairly. LeBron will never be considered a true champion as long as he’s with the Heat . It’s like having Brees as a backup quarterback to Brady. And the most ironic thing is that i’m watching this game between the Bulls and Heat and Miami can’t even sell out their own damn arena. Spoelstra has it easy, he can’t coach to save his life, he’s just lucky he’s got “those two” on his team.

    And by the way, anyone who thinks that Bosh is a superstar ought to have their heads examined.

    • Celtics Fan says:

      ok and having shaq to back up kobe isnt the same thing? shaq was the greatest center of all time. and now kobe has gasol and bynum, 2 of the top 10 big men in the game at the moment. and bosh is a superstar, you clearly dont watch basketball, did you happen to catch the hawks game?

  39. kobeee says:

    i think kobe should win this years MVP… kobe should have had 6 MVPs by now… all those years on his own he didnt get mvp because all these sport websites hate him… i mean why does ESPN rank him number 7th … not even a top 3 that shows you that kobe is hated by these websites and theyre the ones to take vote for the MVP awards… lebron is doing great this year no doubt but i think kobe should get it playing this dominant at his age

  40. Gianmarco says:

    TY AND NOT GALLINARI?????????????????????? C’MON MAN!!! Gallinari is the leader of that team!!! And in my opinion also Bargnani should be in that list. Maybe not in the top10 but certainly in the top15, his season has been awesome!! I’m italian and maybe i’m too much fan of these players…but i think that these two guys are too much underestimated!!!! Just look on nba 2k12 where they have a laughable level! Please NBA start to take into consideration also the not-american players!!

  41. Lol@nbaBLOGcomments says:

    I’ll end this convo right here out of PG SG SF AND PF who is shooting 55% from FG NOBODYYYY…. You know who is LEBRON 4th in the NBA in field goal percentage that’s disgusting…. And records mean something when you win mvp sorry kobe keep blaming gasol for you shooting 30 shots and hitting like 8 of them. D-rose shouldn’t be mvp hes no where near lebron kevin durant is good but all he does is shoot hes like kobe lebron makes his team mates better and finds his offense scary thing is he gets better every year I really don’t care if he gets mvp I’d rather him get the finals mvp which will probably happen.

  42. ACE says:


  43. Bulls260 says:

    Personally, i don’t think LeBron is the best pick. Yes he’s a great player but during the time Wade was out Bosh stepped up too, so it’s not like LeBron led the team. It should be DRose because of how he’s helped the team and carried them or Durant.

  44. Kellz says:

    Ima Durant fan, but I can agree with James 1 but Durant should be 2 with Kobe 3 right now… Kobe is carrying a tired Lakers team..

  45. Chicago915 says:

    Come on! Really? I have to disagree with this Lebron being a lead candidate for MVP.

  46. SAVVAS says:


  47. KareemXCIII says:

    Lebron highly deserves that position,same as K.Durrant.. Kobe has been average apart from his 4-game 40 points run.. D.Rose is good but has HE really been solely influential?NO. Boozer,Hamilton and the rest have been helping. Fine,Heat is stacked but Lebron has been saving the team since Wade’s injury (check the Spurs game). He is excellent and deserves it. Most people against him are just hating.

  48. Hakeem says:

    Pierce should be on the Top 10. He carried the Celtics the last games while Rondo was/is injured. They won the last four games while Pierce averaging 26,3/7,3/8,8. Only Lebron can average numbers like that. Lebron deserves No. 1 and Pierce deserves Top 10

  49. Dakota says:

    To the people that are saying Lebron doesn’t deserve the MVP, you’re wrong, to a point. He at least deserves to be in the discussion. Look at what he did without Wade, I’m sure Wade could do something similar with the Heat if Lebron was out for an extended period of time. This is coming from a Lebron hater. I hate because he wasn’t loyal to Cleveland. To anyone that says “Do you hate KG or Allen then?” no, that was a completely different situation because they were not in their prime or entering their prime. That being said, you can’t deny Lebron’s greatness. He deserves to be in the discussion almost every single year.

  50. Dom V says:

    People saying kobe doesnt have a stacked team? he has the highest paid roster in the nba

    Let me see

    Bynum ALL star
    Pau ALL star
    Artest ex All star
    D Fish one of the best clutch players/leaders
    Matt Barnes Amazing defender
    Ebanks promising young player

    McBob one of the most underrated players in the league.

  51. Sry my Fans,Lebron deserves it for sure…why are you hating on him? You should play him,i love it,always gets me on another level! Sometimes hes just too good…i always show him my rings tho 😉

  52. Alishah Pearine says:

    MVP is most valuable PLAYER, don’t talk about the team when its for the player, the player with the best stats in the league is the one who deserves it and that is lebron he is flirting with a triple double every night, if the mvp was about a team then it would be called the MVT most valuable team

  53. Billy says:

    To bad the lakers are not doing good this year so KOBE does not deserve it

  54. doug stewart says:

    As a Nuggets fan I was interested to see you list Ty Lawson as one of ten most valuable players. On the other hand, let’s face it — this a real stretch. Judging by a metric as simple as plus/minus he is not even the most productive point guard on his own team.

  55. Dan K. says:

    This is terrible lamarcus aldridge needs to get the recognition he deserves. im not saying he is the mvp. but he should definitely be a started on the all start team without question. and this is coming from a guy who isnt even a big fan of him. right now kobe or durant is the mvp. lebron is a jjoke c mon he isn’t even the best player on his team. get it right. oh and move rose up on this list.

  56. Banks says:

    To be honest Lebron should get MVP because he is on a stacked team AND STILL PUTS UP BIG NUMBERS. I mean he has Wade AND Bosh, but still puts up numbers and works just as hard as if he didn’t have anybody else on his team.

    THATS an MVP, he can be lazy if he wanted to, but he just doesn’t, until the fourth quarter of close detrimental games. BUT, never the less, this is a season reward, and not a playoff award. I just wish he had carried this into his Finals games.

  57. Sushi says:

    LOL if derrick rose was the worse Mvp choice since dirk back in…07 i think when he lost to the golden state warriors. Rose had great stats and highlights. but the +/- with him off the floor compared to him on the floor was similar meaning. The bulls were just as good without him as they were with him. THen ofcourse Lebron held him scoreless in like 3 straight 4thQ in the eastern conference finals

  58. hey Z.T says:

    Remember the fun fact of Kobe not getting into the playoffs after Shaq left? Remember the fun fact of Lebron getting to the finals with pretty much the same useless supporting cast?

  59. dwade says:

    Kobe is nothing man.. Yes he’s a tough player but he’s not into making his teammates better.. LeBron is still doing that. Go back to Cleveland with LeBron James and he was able to make Mo Williams a good player by putting him into an All Star Game.

  60. Velzkud says:

    Lebron James is definetly playing the best right now, but thats not what MVP is tho. I am his fan but i believe Dwight Howard deserves it more. D12 has no team. No disrespect to them but he IS carrying them. Take Dwight out, Magic not a playoff contender anymore. But also, I gotta give props to LBJ for shining in a stacked team too.

  61. Austin says:

    I think there needs to be a better definition of MVP. There is a diference between the best player in the league and the most valuable player in the league. If we’re going solely on most valuable player to their team, the loss of Kobe, Deron Williams, and Steve Nash would have a catastrophic effect to their respective teams. If we’re looking for the best player, my vote would go to Durant or Rose, closely followed by LeBron. That being said, Durant has an incredible supporting cast that would still win games and Rose has a solid crew as well (CJ Watson played great when Rose sat those few games). Caught in the middle is LeBron and Wade; take either away and the Heat will stil make the playoffs, but they’re both obviously top 5 players. They are caught between these two definitions of MVP: neither Wade nor LeBron are the ‘the most valuable player to their team’ or ‘the best player in the league’, despite being two of the top players to ever play the game.

  62. Striker9 says:

    Lebron deserves it! When Wade is out he shows that he is the best player who can run a team! His only weakness is his play in the finals all the rest is pure hating! If you know something about basketball, you see that if Bron runs the team, they nearly always get a quality shot or give the ball to the right person! About the MVPaward, it can ony go to a player whose team is a top 4 team, otherwise you could have got it to Lebron every year he was in Cleveland, or to Dwight or who else is a great player a plays for a bad team. As I see it this award goes to the best player of the best team period!
    Your ranking is ok but, Ty and West?? More likely Gallinari and Hibbert…! Rose at 5 is ok, he was out for some games otherwise he should be at 2! Kevin d. at 3! Bryant should always be in the top 10, but he is never the most valuable payer, he is the best individual player but far from the best team player! Rose and Lebron and Durant are the most valuable for me!

    another thing often forgotten is defense, Lebron Durant and Dwight have a big impact defensively, which can’t say about Kobe or Rose, because they have to carry the whole offense!

  63. NBA says:


  64. ronald says:

    Derrick rose is no doubt going to be a 2-time mvp.

  65. LebronFTW says:

    Lebron deserves it 100%!!! kobe is just nothing to him….

  66. You're all wrong. says:

    Howard should be MVP all the way.

  67. yuyu says:

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  68. Mau Riccio says:

    A player doing well to help the team, works well with the team, knows well to run with the team, makes others look, feel and work well with the team, and let us not forget regardless of who his teammates are… whether all star cast, role player filled, undermanned or having a bit of this and a dash of that… Starter, off the bench, 10 mins, 30 mins, all game long… Crucial or non-crucial plays… Statistically represented or doing the statistically non-existent at all contributions and still KNOWS HIS ROLE ANYTIME AND EVERYTIME deserves to be an MVP.

    I am a Heat Fan, A Dwayne Wade onlooker… but in this case we can clearly see and the team is currently experiencing the value of having a Lebron James… so be it James for MVP!

  69. top ranking says:

    from high school there’s a use less hype around princess james. i do not see where he could ever be the MVP, just as Carmelo was robbed the rookie of the year in their time. David stern is very biased i must say. Wade is a much better player than Lechoke any day.

  70. wrongidea says:

    clearly some folks here don’t understand what were talking here… it is the MVP of the regular season… not the FINALS MVP… and LeBron is still the official winner right? because he is playing great as of late… thats why he is on top this week..
    when KD35 was a top 1 last week why is no one questioned that? simply because you dont hate him like you hate JAMES..
    if it is the RACE TO FINALS MVP then a guess LeBron winning it is a big Question…

  71. King James says:

    for me MVP trophy is a bad luck for players.. Every player wins that trophy will choke into the playoffs the last MVP winner that win also a championship title in the same year is Tim Duncan that is 2003.. After 9 years no player repeat that.. I’d rather not to give it to LeBron if i want him to have his 1st title. Let Durant or Howard get that co’z they will not goig to win this year.. But still LeBron deserves no.1 spot co’z he is the best Basketball Player after Jordan retired.

    • Ryan says:

      If Durant got MVP he may be able to break the streak, the Thunder are on a whole different level this year.

  72. jan279 says:

    LeBron definitely deserves it! You bandwagon LeBron haters should just shut your mouths and face the truth! Statistically speaking, LeBron is no doubt the best player in the league plus the Heat are 3rd in power rankings…is there anything else he has to prove to deserve the #1 spot?!

  73. kobe and rose fan says:

    #dew you must not watch the bulls bcuz without rose they won every game by double digits and luol deny is a beast! but LBJ is the best by far.. MVP

  74. nbaisback says:

    too early to tell who the mvp will be but you cannot tell me that lebron is not playing the best basketball right now. It’s crazy how bron is dropping 30 on a team with d wade and chris bosh. without wade, lebron did everything for the heat. he even hit clutch free throws agains detriot(it’s always a close game when lebron plays detriot, trust me!)

  75. dew says:

    mvp usually goes to the best player on the best team. the race honestly doesnt mean anything. had the spurs finished strong and ended on top of the NBA, ginobili was getting nods and consideration for it. bulls pulled out ahead and it was clear derek rose was the best choice. derek rose is likely to end up with back to back mvps if he keeps it up this year as well. i’d be all for it as he in my opinion is the best player in the nba and the bulls would be nowhere without him. im a spurs fan so i have to love parker this year for mvp. doubt it will happen but nothing wrong with dreaming about it. lebron is a great second pick stepping up in wade’s absence and winning ball games for his team while also helping his teammates improve. the heat’s record however needs to improve before im convinced. can lead the league in everything but if your team is not tops, it is clear the mvp is on the better team. i like blake griffin, kevin durant, davis west, and chris paul as well. paul obviously having a major impact on the clippers by boosting all the players around him and their stats while stuffing his own as well. much like what nash did for stoudamire and the suns back in the day, hence why nash has an mvp to boot.

  76. Anna says:

    I think it will be Durant, Rose, or LeBron….

  77. JTGV1 says:

    bosh currently deserves to b ranked higher than lbj especially wit the way he played agsint the hawks till now lbj is the poster boy and gets al lthe accolades for no reason in my opinion yes he has the numbers but he also has the top 15 players in the league wade (2) bosh like 11-15) but w.e as long as wade gets finals mvp im happy

  78. Gethro Frederick says:

    No doubt with that, the best player right now is LBJ. Lebron is the best in the Miami Heat, also he is playing better than any player in the league now.

  79. newklear says:

    seriously guys? lebron does NOT deserve to be no.1? look at his numbers, and look at the heat’s last couple of games. lebron is the prime reason why the heat won those games. and his doing it with impressive numbers. also, he’s the league leader in efficiency and in pts/reb/ast categories. yeah, he’ll probably choke again in the playoffs. but he’s the mvp so far.

  80. Anne says:

    MVP is a ridiculous award for a team sport. There’s no way to truly measure because each candidate plays with different players and against different competition on different dates. That being said, Lebron, to date, would never get that award from me. MVP is more than just being a great player with superhuman speed and strength. It’s about leadership, mental toughness and killer instincts when it matters. He has never shown that he possesses those quality. To even cite that he made 6 straight free throws against the PISTONS… OMG, really? Media and fans what to prop Lebron up on a pedestal. He’s a choke artist and bails on his teams when things get tough. He’ll have to do a lot to shake that rep in my eyes.

    • Ryan says:

      Good players aren’t perfect all the time. Kobe got swept last year in the finals. Dirk got stomped on the night they raised the championship banner AND on the night they got their rings. Howard had back-to-back embarrasements against N.O. and Boston. Saying you don’t think LBJ has “mental toughness” is one thing, but saying he isn’t the best in the league now is another.

  81. Z.T. says:

    Finally I see some people making sense, LeBron can’t be present in this whole discussion, he’s not MVP, he has D. Wade in the team, even more, D. Wade has him in his team, what I do know, is that the greatest player since MJ, is going to retire having 1 MVP, PATHETIC. Was there ever a player in the league who proved to be more valuable for his team than Kobe was for Lakers for a decade?! I think the whole point of MVP got lost since Jordan retired, I can at least understand the first MVP LeBron got, but you can’t give it back to a player that got swept in the finals then quit twice on his team in the playoffs, just idiotic in its core, I will never understand that. But just think for a moment, who was the most valuable player, REALLY!? The answer is Kobe… 16 years with the team, 2 rings without Shaq, if you think I’m a fan, here’s another player who deserves to be MVP, Dirk, D. Rose deserved his MVP award, but if he keeps failing like LeBron he should also be out of discussion, I hope he won’t though. The whole meaning of the thing got mixed up with just being a superstar, it no longer means you are really the most valuable player. To me, a guy that just can’t get you a championship in 9 years while he is being top rated can’t be called MVP. PERIOD.

    • Chico says:

      What? So now Kobe deserves MVP because he won championships without Shaq? And Lebron is out of discussion because he failed to get a title? That is nonsense. This MVP award is a prize for the regular season. If the guy is quitting or not, it’s a finals problem. It’s a award for the best regular season, not for the best career.
      “but you can’t give it back to a player that got swept in the finals”
      Kobe was swept by the Mavs last season, so he doesn’t deserve to be there too?
      The only aspect that i would change was Ty Lawson on the list instead of Gallinari. Lebron deserves the top spot for sure.

      • Z.T. says:

        No he doesn’t Wade got out for a couple of games and it all comes to its pathetic way again, LeBron won without wade, let’s make him MVP again, advertising at its best. You can’t be the MVP when the most athletic and probably clutch SG is in the same team with you, he has been there for years and he carried this team to the playoffs without you, and he won a ring without you, the only reason Wade is not putting his solo numbers, is because he plays more of a teamplayer role right now. Can you turn off that “AWESOME HEAT” thing at least for a second? And be objective. Imagine, James gets injured, Wade is playing – he would still lead the team to the playoffs, now imagine, Kobe gets injured, what will happen to the Lakers? So, are they a team without him, no they are not, they’ll play like the Knicks at best. About the “swept thing” read the whole paragraph, not only these words, LeBron had a record of getting swept and then showing absolutely no effort in the playoffs when he is in his Prime, I know it’s not the regular season, but when you give the MVP award, you have some background, and it’s definately impacts the final decision. In case with LeBron it doesn’t as we can see.

    • Victor Manoel says:

      “Was there ever a player in the league who proved to be more valuable for his team than Kobe was for Lakers for a decade?!”

      Should we talk about what Lebron represented to the Cleveland Cavaliers? He brought them back from the ashes. Have you forgot where they were this time last year, with the biggest losing streak in history? LeBron’s departure simply crushed them, completely. I’m happy they could select Kyrie Irving, a good basketball player who will become much better.

      Was a coincidence the fact that Kobe was able to reach the Finals again only when Pau Gasol, an All-Star, came on board? Think twice, brother, everybody needs help. Even Jordan needed it. So stop to say LeBron doesn’t deserve such an award because he doesn’t have a NBA title yet.

      • Z.T. says:

        “Was a coincidence the fact that Kobe was able to reach the Finals again only when Pau Gasol, an All-Star, came on board? Think twice, brother, everybody needs help.” So you say Pau Gasol equals to Wade?! Man, stop using thing you didn’t even make up, Gasol was never in the discussion of MVP while he is in the Lakers. He is a great fit for the whole system, but it’s Kobe’s team, he is probably the only great all-around player on the roster. I know that everyone needs help, think of something new when you are responding next time. Now to my sentence that you so kindly used for your point, I said “proved to be” – PROVED, Lebron left to Miami which is fine for him, he never won in Cavs, here is the difference, Kobe after all the talks and scandals stayed with the team and led the to 3 FInals and 2 championships, this PROVES his value, LeBron will never prove his value for Cavs cuz’ he left. next time, please, think the whole idea through before responding.

      • Padre Damaso says:

        @ZT you’re an idiot! we are talking of the regular season MVP right now, not careers and past… stupid

  82. NBA fan says:

    its true kobes a dog but lebron is a monster. kobe takes 24 shots and gets 30 points lebron takes 18 and gets more its the truth as much as people who hate lebron wont admit

  83. kobe and rose fan says:

    #beans u must not watch kobe he has the most shot attempts in the whole NBA with 24 to lebrons 18.. kobe also 2 dominate 7 footers.. Lebrons just better

  84. beans says:

    Lebron should not be in the MVP conversation playing for such a stacked team….The heat are one of the most stacked teams in the history of the NBA…..Lebron has the second best shooting guard and Chris Bosh who is playing better than any power forard but kevin Love….Lebrib has team mates who can knock down three’s and the heat role players play very good defense…The heat have better role players than the Lakers and they shoot better….Kobe and Dwight Howard are more deserving than Lebron…Prince James will not play at Kobe’s level when he is his age.., and Kobe plays through more injuries than Lebron as well..

    • Russ says:

      Lebron is having a spectacular season so far, and eventhough you say that his team, the heats, is “stacked”, i think that it also makes it more difficult to be an mvp candidate when you are sharing the spotlight with other star teammates. Right now, he is a superstar amongst stars, and i think it would be much harder to accomplish this feat than playing as the lone star with role player teammates.

  85. kobe and rose fan says:

    Lebron deserves it he’s clearly the best

  86. abe-nba says:

    where’s Gallo? why Ty?

  87. basketballfan says:

    how about houston’s kyle lowry?

  88. Chico says:

    Danilo Gallinari isn’t on the list? And Ty Lawson is there? There must be some mistake. Lawson is playing really well and deserve some praise, but Gallinari destroyed Carmelo Anthony and the Knicks with his 37 points(i guess it was 37). He is their best player and the guy who is playing more regularly. He made 21 points in the first half against Sacramento. Why he is not the 8th place? Gallo deserves at least the next five.At least…

  89. Lucas says:

    Seriously guys, wheres steve nash, he’s doing great numbers for a man of 39 year, he certainly deserves all star weekend!

  90. Lebron deserves it. He has taken the heat to another level.

  91. Johnny boy says:

    I sure expected Paul Pierce to make the list this week with the monster effort he’s been putting in pulling the Celts back to .500 mark. He’s scorching the scoreboard, setting up plays, leading the defense and closing games. Too bad he ain’t even at the next five list. Sure they’re only at .500 now but K-Love got the sort of Race to MVP attention when Minny was still struggling to win games… Maybe he’d make the cut next week.

    • Guy says:

      If Most Valuable Player means the player most important on a team then what Pierce did this week – with Rondo, Allen and O’Neal out must be recognized.
      He single handedly ruined Washington and Orlando and the Celtics are on a 4 games win with three starters out.

  92. Ganilo Dallinari says:

    Ty Lawson is having a great season, and I understand – somehow – why you put a Nugget in your list. They have the 2nd best record in the West, and they are a young, entertaining team. Maybe I’m biased, probably I am, but I think that due to his role in the Denver team, Danilo Gallinari should deserve to be mentioned, at least. He and Ty are arguably the leaders of that team, and Danilo is having from a statistical standpoint a huge, huge season. He tops Ty in PER (21.2, borderline allstar, vs. 19.1), True Shooting Percentage (a whopping .622 vs .533) Offensive Rating (122 vs. 112) and Defensive Rating (101 vs. 104). Aren’t these numbers enough for making the list, for the first option on a 13-5 team?

  93. Mc Coy says:

    No comments on the fact that Lebron deserves it, he has been outstanding during Dwayne’s injury. But I do also think that Bosh has been playing really well during that time, in spite of those great games of Lebron, Miami doesn’t seem to be able to beat teams as easily as they did at the beginning of the season, and the reason why they’re wninning is the way in which CB has raisen his level, so he should be in this ladder.
    I also think that there are some players that couald be replaced by other players who play in the same teams. Rudy Gay should be replaced by Marc Gasol and David Wrst by Hibbert. Marc has improved a lot his numbers and has been really regular during Randolph’s absence, being the key player in that 6 games win streak that the team achieved, and being last week’s western conference player of the week (and the estern conference All Star center, along with Bynum). And although David West has been one of the biggest reason of Indiana’s great star of the season, Roy Hibbert has been just stelar, increasing his numbers in points and rebounds and shooting in a 53 FG%.

  94. ceveland says:

    I think mo Williams is proving that he wasn’t all that bad after all on

  95. Josh says:

    Not sure about Howard moving up while Kobster moves down. Both teams lost games, but the Magic got picked apart twice by the Celtics. They looked awful the first time and in the second game they went up by 16 after Howard went out with foul trouble. With Kobe off the floor, Lake Show can’t win. Howard off the floor, the Magic sometimes get better. To me, that is not an MVP.

  96. LoPan says:

    Lawson and not Gallinari? Is it a joke?!

  97. celticspride says:

    the heat have 3 franchise players on 1 team, let me repeat that. 3franchise players all entering their prime who are arguably top 15 players on 1 team. and dwight has??? magic are only 1 win behind the heat. how is Dwight with ryan anderson and big baby not more valuable than lebron with dwade and bosh. the Most Valuable Player is clearly D12.

    • Ryan says:

      Did you see the games against N.O. and Boston? That’s why he’s not at the top. People hate on LBJ for not performing well in specifically the fourth quarter, of FINALS GAMES at that, and you think D12 should be MVP with regular season games like that?

  98. skyhook79 says:

    Kobe at 4 is a joke. He is putting of ridiculous #’s for being 33 and in a new offense. But go ahead and give Lebron the MVP because we know he will not be getting any of the Hardware that really matters.

  99. jet says:

    Its right to put a nugget on that list but it definetley has to be gallo he clearly is the best player on the nuggets team.

  100. Thaddeus says:

    No, disrespect to Ty (Lawson) but I believe their should be another person on the list. He has the recent games to prove it but his statistics are looking a bit paltry compared to the other people he replaced and other people never metioned despite his value to his team.

  101. Victor Manoel says:

    So LeBron should have been 7 times MVP, while in Cleveland, man. The lack of a superstar teammate isn’t an evidence of superskills or whatever. Without James, Cleveland went from the top to the bottom of the standings in a single season! Even with the Cleveland endless fall, LeBron wasn’t MVP last year; Rose deserved it.

    And what about Kobe, who’s been carried the Lakers for years? Should he has got 5 MVP awards?

    LeBron is the best right now, and the only player who can get this MVP title from him is Kevin Durant, in my opinion.

  102. Kyle says:

    I will never be able to wrap my mind around how an MVP voter can put two teammates in the top 10 or fifteen of a list and not realize that that act itself negates their value to some degree. Lebron’s second and third best teammate both occupy the top 15? Chris Paul’s best teammate is also in the top 15?

    The MVP is clearly Howard. Without him, the team is in the basement, easy. He has no superstar teammate to “have his back” when he has a bad night. If James falters, Bosh or Wade can help out. If Chris Paul misses time, Blake can step it up and they have a very capable backup PG.

  103. kobe says:

    Lebron is playing great bball…then when Dwade comes back watch how he changes his game..much better player without Dwade compared to Dwade playing..

    • kyron says:

      no cause he kills in the fourth wen wade came back

    • Pat says:

      14-5 total record for miami. 6-1 w/o Wade and 8-4 with him. I couldn’t agree more.

    • James says:

      Yeah.. Wade handcuffs Lebron’s aggressiveness everytime. Last year, the reason why Lebron lost fire is because after carrying the Heat in the astern playoffs (He was a monster against the Celtics – rememeber his 10 point explosing in the last minute of that series? and the Bulls – He was an impossible puzzle for the Bulls’ defence and he defended Rose so well on the other end).

      While he was working his a$% off to get to the finals, D Wade was out there giving out average 16 pts per game (very low for his capacity).

      But when the finals against the Mavs cam, it suddenly was all abou the rematch of D Wade and Dirk… and Wade scored 30 plus games on the 1st 2 games which they won…. When Lebron noticed that he will NOT be the MVP Finals in the first ever championship he will win, he suddenly turned COLD.

      You can see it, he has no Fire in his eyes at all after Wade led them to the 1st two wins.

  104. CJ says:

    I would have put Howard below Kobe, Rose and Durant, edging out Love.

  105. ddddd says:

    tis a fluid category he said…. the one that matters is the one in june!

  106. newyorksteelo says:

    Lebron deserves it.

    • znierro says:

      Lebron does deserves it, and i understand the need to put both a Grizzlie and a Nugget on the list but Marc Gasol and Gallo are playing much better tha Gay and Lawson

    • beans says:

      No baby bron bron does not deserve it……Lebron should not be in the MVP conversation playing for such a stacked team….The heat are one of the most stacked teams in the history of the NBA…..Lebron has the second best shooting guard and Chris Bosh who is playing better than any power forard but kevin Love….Lebrib has team mates who can knock down three’s and the heat role players play very good defense…The heat have better role players than the Lakers and they shoot better….Kobe and Dwight Howard are more deserving than Lebron…Prince James will not play at Kobe’s level when he is his age.., and Kobe plays through more injuries than Lebron as well..

      • sigh... says:

        loool lebron and dwade and the leaders of the heat MADE joel anthony and mario chalmers “role players with good defense”. Before lebron showed up NOONE ever said anything about these guys being good role players.

      • Aj says:

        Finally someone who agrees with me. Kobe or Rose should get the MVP award this year and i am not saying this because i like them. Kobe’s team is just old and its not like the old lakers anymore. The bulls can survive a little without rose but they would not make it far in the playoffs. Kevin Durant should not get the MVP award because he has another all star on his time, Russel Westbrook. I don’t have any complaints about Dwight in the ladder right now. As beans said the heat is a stacked team ( Same thing i say but my friends just think i’m hating) and all they can do is shoot. If you take away their 3’s and dont let them get to the freethrow line, you take away a majority of where their scoring comes from. Lebron is extremley over rated and should not get the award

      • Pat says:

        Are you kidding Lebron and Bosh carried the team for 7 games while wade was injured. Going 6-1. And you say LeBron won’t play through injuries. When has actually had a big injury? LeBron is the Best right now, and you can’t say he won’t play as good as Kobe when he gets to Kobe’s age. Two completely different positions, But I guarentee he will be as dominant in 5 years.

      • Pat says:

        and Aj Durant carries that team. When Westbrook struggled at the beginning they won because of Durant. Durant is so deserving of the award its not even funny. Kobe? he had 4 40 point games. Where has he been since? Loosing to the Bucks last night definitly not MVP. his time is over. d-Rose is great.. but isn’t great enough to win the MVP. Hes not LeBron adn going to win back to back. Maybe in a few years when lebron isnt as great as he is now. or if Durant has bad seasons. which wont happen.

      • imad akel says:

        any team lebron is in will be considered “stacked”

        lebron’s stats are stacked

        you would think having other stars on the team would mean he will have less stats, yet his efficiency is as high as ever.

        Back when Lebron was with the Cavs, he turned mo williams into an all star.
        Imagine, an average-at-best player like mo, AN ALL STAR.

        Last week Lebron was wade-less and it didn’t even faze the heat one bit! Yet people still insist that Lebron is not the one that’s making the heat win…

        Oh, but when the Heat lose, it’s definitely 140% Lebron’s fault 🙂

      • Antonio says:

        Why can’t you Lebron Haters just admit the he is the best player in the game and stop lying to yourselves………. You don’t have to like him but he is NUMBER 1 AND NUMBER 2 NO MATTER WHO YOU PUT SECOND IS NOT EVEN CLOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • HEATTT says:

        wait… since the heat have a good team… LeBron shouldnt get the MVP? what? thats one of the most unfair things i’ve heard in my life.. because a persons team is good he shouldnt get MVP… wow… just wow.

      • white mamba says:

        stupid lebron haters. they can’t put their biased brains aside and admit it. idon’t like lebron myself but i have to give him credit for his perormance