Mo Williams In The Zone!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — He could have turned the locker room upside down, made a mess of the team’s chemistry and pouted his way out of town if he wanted to.

All of those options were available to Clippers guard Mo Williams when the Chris Paul trade went down. It soon became clear that his time as the Clippers’ starting point guard would be limited to the 22 games he got last season and whatever injury replacement starts he might get with Paul in the fold this season.

To his credit, Williams, who arrived in L.A. via a deadline-day trade with Cleveland last season, has done exactly what he’s always done: put his head down and go to work without so much as a shoulder shrug while handling himself like a true pro.

He’s been on a tear of late, averaging 22.2 points on 56 percent shooting from the floor and an outlandish 54 percent from beyond the 3-point line in the Clippers’ last five games. He’s scored 26, 25, 26, 16 and 18 points in those five games, the first three when the Clippers had to play without Paul (strained hamstring).

Keep this up and he’ll make the voting for the Sixth Man Award an all Williams affair. Philadelphia’s Lou Williams is our early frontrunner here at the hideout.

Mo Williams was tremendous in a win over the Grizzlies last night on TNT, smoking defenders off the dribble and showing off the shooting touch that has been his hallmark throughout his NBA career. His 14 points after halftime was the extra push the Clippers needed to get past a game Grizzlies team that got some bench scoring of its own from O.J. Mayo.

But while Mayo was firing away (5-for-19) with little regard for anyone else wearing green and gold (love those Memphis Tams throwbacks), Williams was the model of efficiency. He knocked down eight of his 15 shots, going 2-for-5 from deep, and also had four steals, three rebounds and two assists.

He’s doing his best to embrace his role, as he told Helene Elliott of the Los Angeles Times after the game:

 “Every day I just go into the game feeling my way in the game,” Williams said afterward. “You come off the bench, you never know what the team needs that night.

“I always just try to bring energy, obviously, on the defensive end to get out and make it extremely tough for my man when I’m on my offensive end. And I just try to be consistent with it each and every night.”

The ability to humble oneself is a trait that has escaped more than a few players who have traveled the same path Williams is traveling right now.

But he’s had some practice over the years. I remember when he was starring at Alabama and projected to be a high draft pick after his sophomore season and then fell to the second round, where Utah nabbed him with the 47th pick. He didn’t wallow in his own misery after that Draft night slide; he went to Utah and dove into the system under the no-nonsense tutelage of Jerry Sloan, who was notoriously tough on every point guard to play for him in the post-John Stockton era.

Williams came into his own during four seasons in Milwaukee and made the 2009 All-Star Game while playing alongside LeBron James in Cleveland. Getting in line behind Paul and Chauncey Billups with the Clippers can’t be easy for Williams.

You’d never know it the way Williams is playing!


  1. charles says:

    Deandre needs to keep rebounding and stop focusing on getting on highlight reels. The clippers are not a lottery ticket team anymore and don’t need the exposure of dunks – they can have the deep satisfaction of winning. Jordan is their weakest link. If Jordan and Griffin focus on rebounding and defense, they don’t really need alot of offense. Paul is a creative and incredibly astute player that knows how to create offense. But the younger guys need to get rebounds, protect teh paint. They have the luxury of two of the greatest decision makers in NBA in Paul and Billups. Use it by playing your part. Mo Williams is doing an exceptional job as a sixth man and if he continues like this he will be sixth man of the year – of course Jason Terry is always the standard.

  2. Ray says:

    He can’t take starter position but he is a good sub.

  3. PC says:

    Yeah definitely Mo Williams, what he is doing now is incredible. Quite the bummer Allen Iverson wasn’t like this; he coulda done big when he was moved to supporting a few years ago. Even Tracy McGrady bounced back to take supporting role off the bench.

  4. Junry says:

    He should be traded to the lakers for a trade exeption the lakers got for odom. Both teams will benefit.

  5. dave says:

    I like him cause he looks like john legend

  6. Mo Williams is PG/SG says:

    Mo is a pg/ sg combo who is a scorer and comes off the bench. There are many players like this such as Nate Robinson, Jason Terry, Jamal Crawford etc. These guys love to score. They heat up quick like a “Microwave”

  7. Allan says:

    He should be a starter in Staples for the purple and gold. Send the trade exception from Lamar to the clips for Mo, the salary matches so done deal. Fish remains the starter for a bit, out of respect, but Mo plays the bulk. He an efficient point guard with good offense and defense, plus he won’t be afraid to take his own shots…come on Mitch, make it happen.

  8. Dan says:

    Mo Williams is surprise doing really good coming off the bench. Averaging 15 points a game with a FG% over 500 and turns the ball over very little is really helping the Clippers. Plus a couple of 20+ point games very really impressive. It’s disappointing that he’s not on the ballot for the all star game

  9. Belizeboy says:

    6th man of the year!

  10. Moey says:

    MO WILLIAMS. Loved this guy ever since he East conference finals against the Magic years ago. He’s a crack 3 point shooter who can come in off the dribble and dish the ball, everything a good guard needs. I hope he gets more success at the Clips than he did in Cleveland.

  11. Love! says:

    I thought that Mo was a very selfish guy. Now i see that he is very professional. Glad that he change my view on him!
    Keep it up Mo!

  12. Hooligan23 says:

    I like watching before Mo & Bron together in Cleveland & how they play the game together.
    Really nice guy….Cheers from the Philippines!!

  13. Chris says:

    I miss Mo in Cleveland… my fav player!

  14. kobe says:

    another player who will not show up in the Playoffs..good in the regular season..not so in crunch time..just ask Cav fans

    • WILLIAM says:

      Mo was very clutch in the fourth quarter while he was with Cleveland. During the playoff all the Cav’s would disappear ( what did people expect) all the Cav’s, except for LeBron, were bench players. Do you see any ex Cavs starting for anybody!

      We have not seen one player carry a team to a championship since Jabbar took a weak MIlwaukee team to a title.

      The Cav’s won many playoff games (no title) because of LeBron.

  15. Ba says:

    Better person overall then Lebron is.

  16. Zee says:

    God bless Mo! I really like this guy…

  17. William Lomax says:

    Mo Williams is what all kids, who play sports,should aspire to be. A true team player.No complaints(openly). Just go out and help your team win.Too valuable as a teammate and a person to let go. This is high character. Pay attention NBA PLAYERS. I am so happy that Mo is showing what a true teammate is all about.Mo adds so Mo value to this team.Finally,the Clippers are beginning to look like a team.Go Clips.

  18. FreeJack says:

    He’s been playing really well, he always brings a spark off the bench and you really aren’t losing a lot in the backcourt, when he steps in for Paul or Billups. He is a big reason for the Clippers’ success so far this season.

  19. tupark82 says:

    i know a lot of people were saying they’re going to and should trade mo after that CP trade, but they NEED him to play that Jason Terry role if the Clippers are going to be taken seriously. They’re too close to becoming great to rely on Bledsoe to be consistent off the bench. I’ve been lovin how Mo has saved a number of games for the Clippers as of late

  20. Mike says:

    Good for Mo. He’s weathered all sorts of adversity he didn’t bring on himself and I’m glad he’s thriving in LA. Hopefully Mo gets a ring before Lebron.

  21. leohimself says:

    I used to hate Mo Williams when he played in Cleveland because i thought he was all about himself. Turns out he’s more professional than i thought. Respect.

    • skrutz says:

      Ditto. For some reason I didn’t like him much, but now I respect him a lot. There are very very few stars who could do what he’s doing and still be cool with it. It works so well! Him, off the bench?!? Deadly.

  22. LaLiLuLeLo says:

    Much props and respect for Mo! A guy who can start for most teams willing to sacrifice for the best of the team. It’s a privilege to play in the NBA and he treats it as such. Go in and do your job like he does. The NBA life is short and he know’s better than to whine during that period.

    Stay healthy and help the Clippers win Mo!

  23. Alan says:

    I always liked him. Great player and professional too. Keep it up, Mo.

  24. Jones17 says:

    Fair played to Mo, after the flack he got as the sidekick not good enough to get LeBron a ring and being traded/discarded the way he was unfairly treated after some really good service. (The Cavs can probably justify it after they got lucky with Irving from the trade). He then sees Paul and Billups join, which must have been a right kick in the crotch to go from starting to 3rd choice.

    There should be more professionals like him in the game. Shame that Clippers 3rd choice PG would stroll into the Lakers starting lineup after all the struggles we’ve had for years.