The Crossover: Deron Williams

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — We haven’t spoken about him much this season, what with all of the struggles the Nets have endured, but we haven’t forgotten about you Deron Williams.

Even with all of the other names crowding the best point guard debate while you ponder your looming free agent future, we are here to recognize the fact that you remain one of the coldest crossover operators in the game today.

The work you did off the dribble in overtime against the 76ers last night … wicked! We apologize in advance to Jodie Meeks and Andre Iguodala for putting you on blast like this (we like to watch the whole thing, but you can skip to final 47 seconds of this recap video to the freak show):

We understand if you’re dizzy after watching that final 47 seconds.

If you’re not careful, you can get rocked to sleep just like the Sixers did!


  1. Lakers R Us says:

    I sure wish the Lakers could get D Will! They really need him!

  2. Daniel McCoy says:

    A little respect for the Nets, To hell with LA, Orlando, The Nets are winning with D williams and Humpity Hump on the rebounds, Now this is a team with 6 starters out, and they are major players for the Nets, 2 Brooks, Ukur,and other.
    If you add Dwight Howard the this team . They will be ok.
    The Nets are in the House and Respect need to be shown.if Dwight walks they will have Deron W,illiams,Dwight Howard, Chris Humpries,Brook Lopez, and new Guard Marshan Brooks, many draft choices,and a bench that is winning now.
    That would put Brookliyn on the map.

  3. For REAL? says:

    Ah sorry but his stuff really isnt worth this article lol

  4. Will says:

    “Still say Iverson has the best Crossover EVER.”

    Best crossover: Tim Hardaway
    Smoothest crossover: Kobe

  5. kobe says:

    Dwill a Laker next year..

  6. prix says:

    Williams in Orlando…just take Nelson out of there coz he´s not running the offense right anymore…Nets should rebuild there team like the Jason

  7. Joey says:


    Both of those crossovers are BEAUTIFUL.
    Not to mention he hit the clutch shot afterwards.

    Still say Iverson has the best Crossover EVER.