Real Rivalries Are Back For Good

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — All that chest pounding from Metta World Peace last night was genuine, raw emotion in a game filled with it, a rivalry (yes, rivalry) that demands it these days.

Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and the rest of the Clippers certainly aren’t afraid to embrace the challenge of picking a fight with Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol and the rest of the Lakers. The bodies on court from opening tip until the final whistle serve as proof that the games between these two mean more than anyone was willing to let on when Paul joined the Clippers instead of the Lakers last month.

And when Gasol touched Paul on the top of the head in the final seconds of the Lakers 96-91 win at Staples Center, well …  it was on:

“He touched the top of my head, and I didn’t like that,” said Paul, who nearly landed with the Lakers last month before NBA commissioner David Stern squelched the deal. “You know what I mean. I don’t know if Pau’s got kids, but don’t touch my head like I’m one of your kids. I don’t know what his intentions were, like, ‘I’ll treat him like little Chris.’ I don’t know if he’s got kids, but I’m not one of them.”

The best part is the Lakers and Clippers are not alone. The authentic nastiness that many of us grew up with, that made the NBA so special during the Showtime Lakers-Big Three Celtics era through the Bad Boy Pistons-Jordan Bulls era and beyond, is popping up all over the league.

The Bulls and Pacers didn’t exactly exchange hugs and kisses at the United Center last night either. In fact, reigning MVP and Bulls star Derrick Rose said he will not forget the way the Pacers celebrated after the game, per

“I’ll never forget how they celebrated just from winning this game,” Rose told reporters. “I can’t wait to play them again.”

The Pacers’ 95-90 win was the Bulls’ first home loss of the season, and it brought Indiana to within 2½ games of the Central Division leaders. It also exacted a small measure of revenge for the Pacers, who lost a hard-fought first-round playoff series to the Bulls last season.

So for those reasons, plus the fact the Pacers were coming off a decisive home loss to the Orlando Magic the previous night, there was perhaps more of a celebration on the United Center court than what would normally follow a January win in the NBA.

“They are just thrilled to get the win here,” Indiana coach Frank Vogel said. “They were crushed that we didn’t beat them last year in the playoffs.”

Ronnie Brewer, who started in place of Luol Deng and scored 20 points, said the Bulls could hear the Pacers’ celebration continue from the court to the locker room.”When you’re walking off the court, you’re in the same corridor,” Brewer said on “The Waddle & Silvy Show” on ESPN 1000. “And we were walking into our locker room, and you could hear those guys celebrating, cheering, screaming, and that kind of hit home with a lot of guys on our team.

“We’re all competitors. They’re in our division. Every time we play them it’s a tough matchup. And especially in front of our fans, you don’t want to have a letdown and lose at home. To hear them do like that adds a little fuel to the fire. We talked about it after the game.”

There is clearly a healthy amount of disdain between players on both sides that made their playoff matchup last season a treat and will continue to fuel the fire between these two Central Division rivals for years to come.

The league is bubbling with division, conference and crossover rivalries — Thunder-Grizzlies, Mavericks-Lakers, Spurs-Grizzlies, Heat-Magic, Heat-Celtics, Heat-just about anybody — that will carry us into this new era. And these are not made-for-TV rivalries like we’ve seen in the past (that Suns-Lakers one never felt real).

Unfortunately for us, we’re only guaranteed one more round of Lakers-Clippers this season, and we have to wait until April 4 to get it. Now if they were to face each other in the playoffs, how sweet would that be? We’ll get a whole lot more of what we saw last night.

Paul missed five straight games with a strained hamstring but found his way back to the Clippers’ starting lineup for the Lakers. There’s no coincidence there. You had to know Paul was eager to help his team make a statement with their fourth straight win (including the preseason) over the “Varsity,” as some Lakers fans like to refer to themselves when discussing the “JV” Clippers.

No one paying close attention in Southern California is dismissing the rivalry anymore. And from what it looked like last night, it took the Clippers, of all teams, to finally wake the Lakers up, as Ramona Shelburne of pointed out:

For the last six weeks the Lakers have just put one foot in front of the other. They’ve seemed down, dazed, depressed even.

It wasn’t until Wednesday night that they looked like a team that might run again with some fight left.

It’s fitting, in a way, that the Clippers brought it out of them. It took a staredown with the team that reminds them of how wronged they’ve been this year to help them start heading in the right direction.

“There’s a point where I step in and Metta steps in when things get a little too chippy,” Kobe Bryant said after the game. “It’s like, enough of the bullcrap.”

Ah, but it’s enough only for one night.

This isn’t over. Paul made sure to serve that notice.

It was one game. There will be more.

As he walked out of the arena late Wednesday night, Paul stopped for a moment to break something down with Chauncey Billups. Griffin had stepped out of bounds before shooting what would’ve been a game-tying 3-pointer. Paul and Billups blamed themselves and got to work on the next time around.

“We’re two guards who pride ourselves on executing in the last few minutes,” he said. “We let that one get away from us.”

Nothing satisfies the insatiable competitive streak in great players like duel-on-the-big-stage challenge from another great player. So if you don’t think Rose, LeBron James, Kevin DurantRajon Rondo, Dwayne Wade, Dwight Howard, Russell Westbrook and so many others are eager to wage their own battles every night, you’re crazy.

It can’t be stressed enough what this does for the competitive health of the league, not to mention the viewing pleasure of us all. When the competitive temperature of the league is set organically, everybody wins!


  1. johnnny g says:

    Shaz 2 rings???? Try 3 But i agree it should only be 2 with Shaq because I do not count the one year the Kings got screwed. Complained and moned about teammates??? Are you kidding me you do not remember him demanding Bynum to be traded. You remember how close he was to joining the Clippers that year. Do you remember him complaining so much that Phil Jackson called him “uncoachable” in his book he wrote when he left the Lakers the 1st time. Guarantee Kobe will be complaining again after this season demanding trades and new coach.

  2. Lakers R Us says:

    I want to address the comments by Basketcase, since he had so much to say about the Lakers and the fans! we lost the Chris Paul deal, and initially I was upset! But we did keep Pau Gasol so we have to stay positive! And I don’t begrudge the Clippers success! I’m happy they’re finally competitive! They were very lucky though! They basically acquired Chris Paul at the expense of the Lakers! The Lakers were supposed to sign him! It didn’t happen because of an unprecedented veto of the deal by Stern! And what are you talking about with the Kobe-MJ comparison? Michael Jordan always demanded the best efforts by all of his teammates! That’s how you win championships! With team effort, and everyone being on the same page! And you say Kobe Bryant is not a leader! After 5 championships! Two of them without Shaq! So your Kobe MJ comment doesn’t make much sense! You just sound like a hater on that one! So join that club dude! When has he complained and moaned about teammates???

  3. Lakers R Us says:

    I’m sure Pau Gasol meant nothing at all disrespectful here! I think Chris Paul made it into more than it is because the Clippers lost the game! Cmon; he touched him on the head? I guess the Clippers think they are supposed to beat the Lakers every time they play them now! This was just sour grapes on the part of CP3 because they lost the game! My opinion!

  4. BasketCase says:

    So funny Lakers fans saying that Clippers need to leave L.A, only an idiot would claim that they are even close to eclipsing the Lakers dynasty sure, but that’s no reason to get all bitter now just because they have a team, and like it or not, they DO have a team.
    Also, any Lakers fan who says that they weren’t a little gutted that they didn’t get CP3 is either lying or doesn’t understand Basketball.
    I feel like there is an air of bitterness that has surrounded Lakers Basketball since around the time Shaq left, the team and fans are arrogant in victory and petulant in defeat, that game four fiasco last year was A JOKE, and Bynum and Odom should have been hung in the space where the great Phil Jacksons sixth L.A championship banner should have been for their part in ruining the final chapter in his legacy.

    Kobe wants to know why he is never mentioned in the “as good as Jordan” conversation? It’s not because he isn’t as good a player as Jordan, I believe on his best nights, he is… But because he is not a good leader, his whole career all the way back to the Shaq days he has complained and moaned about team mates, and has always carried himself with an “I can do it why cant you?” attitude, rather than making the players around him better, like Mike used to.

    Lakers fans stop crying and support your team, but don’t begrudge the Clippers for finally being able to break something off for themselves…

    OKC are gonna dust both anyway

    • johnnny g says:

      well said. I have to add I am really upset with the little 4 have suspension of Bynum. He almost ended the careers of 3 NBA players last year on that same kind of cheap flagrant foul on Barrea.

  5. philippines says:

    what a loser chris paul is..

  6. Bok says:

    The rivalry will be even better if the Lakers can land Deron Williams & get rid of some bench players with little help or no help at all (Luke Walton for example).

  7. dodong says:

    This clippers fans are really idiot and know nothing about the history of LAKERS in los angeles. I mean,the lakers have dominated the most of the past decade (2000-2009) and where were the clips back then? Now that the clippers are just winning REGULAR SEASON games and they have this arrogant CP3 whatsoever they (including the clippers fans) are acting like they own the whole city? and they are the better than the lakers? Give me a break. Cut it off! Eat that idea and go home! The clippers need to prove they are better than the lakers in a decade.

  8. Pennywise says:

    Pau Gasol:

    FC Barcelona

    Spanish King’s Cup Champion (2000)
    Most Valuable Player of the Spanish King’s Cup (2001)
    Spanish League Champion (2001)
    Spanish League Finals MVP (2001)
    All-Euroleague Second Team (2001)


    2× NBA Champion (2009, 2010) and finalist in 2008
    NBA Rookie of the Year (2002)
    All-NBA Second Team selection (2011)
    2× All-NBA Third Team selection (2009, 2010)
    4× NBA All-Star (2006, 2009, 2010, 2011)

    European Player of the Year awards

    7× European Player of the Year:
    2x Mr. Europa (2004, 2009)
    3x Euroscar Award (2008, 2009, 2010)
    2x FIBA Europe Player of the Year (2008, 2009)

    Spanish national team
    Gasol won the gold with Spain at EuroBasket 2011.

    Gold medal at the FIBA Europe Under-18 Championship (1998)
    Gold medal at the FIBA Under-19 World Championship (1999)
    Bronze medal at the FIBA Europe Under-20 Championship (2000)
    Bronze medal at the EuroBasket 2001
    Silver medal at the EuroBasket 2003
    Gold medal at the 2006 FIBA World Championship
    Most Valuable player of the 2006 FIBA World Championship
    Silver medal at the EuroBasket 2007
    Silver medal at 2008 Olympic Basketball Tournament
    Gold medal at the EuroBasket 2009
    Gold medal at the EuroBasket 2011

    Chris Paul:??????? Who is Chris Paul????….a cry baby!!!!

    • Lakers4Life says:

      For all you Clipper/Non fans that think Gasol “El Matador” is soft, Pennywise thank you for jotting down his resume. like he said who is chris paul or blake griffin? take that to the bank

      • johnnny g says:

        i guess if memphis is the future the clips are not to bad to get a victory over them 2night

      • johnnny g says:

        what bank ?????????? Pau and Lamar were traded for CP3…i guess you should know who he is if you follow NBA. Also Blake Griffin wow you really need to watch the NBA not the WNBA

  9. juntao says:

    That’s absolutely right, one early playoffs exit doesn’t mean the Lakers are done, wow, that natural, you can’t expect that every year is your year. A team’s history of winning is the best gauge for greatness. Few wins by the Clippers over the Lakers doesn’t prove a thing yet at this very early stages of the game, they can prove that by start winning championships. So until then don’t make it an issue, because even if a team is to make the best record of the regular season it would be useless if they lose in the playoffs where it really matters.

  10. stel says:

    PAU GASOL spoken…

  11. DANITo says:

    clippers will never be an elite team. they can be a fun team but not an elite team. they have lot of talent but they dont have the mentality. they have to believe in themselfs before we start believe in them

  12. rich says:

    Rivalry, so what ?! either only one of them makes the playoff but won’t get past 1st round OR neither one would make the playoffs !

  13. Garen559 says:

    someone said Rivalry?? what rivalry LOS ANGELES LAKERS GOT 16 rings clippers got none…NO there is no rivalry and there wont be one for maybe 10 years….getting cp3 doesnt make a difference…they got no core…and they havent won a playoff battle for a LONGGG time…try going against the same team up to 7 times in a week… and if there are true nba fans…you all know how playoffs get…200% focus..and you think for once LAL gonna play like they have for the past 4-5 games? if so you need to change your sport to baseball… all i am saying come June…we will see a different team of LA than we see now…dont forget trade deadline coming up all stars weekend… either steve nash d will or d12 will be Gold n purple…

  14. 'Umbuntu!! says:

    LOL…It looks like Gasol was trying to be a troll. First time ever it seems like Gasol wanted to fight Paul…but because of the rules he held himself back. Gasol would’ve destroyed Paul in a fight I think.

  15. Clippers Better Than The Lakers says:

    Seriously, the Clippers have a better roster than the Lakers. If a few calls would have went the Clippers way, the Lakers would have lost which would have been actually 4 straight losses to the Clippers (counting the pre season games). The Lakers have 8 of their next 9 games on the road. I’ll be surprise if the win 4 of those 8 road games. Right now, the Lakers will not even make the playoffs if the playoffs started today.

    The Clippers have a lot to look forward to, because the will only get better as a team as the season continues. Chris Paul wasn’t 100% last night, and if he never had the hamstring sprain, the Clippers would have defeated the Lakers again. April 4th will be fun to watch the Clippers whip the Lakers again.

    • Lakers4Life says:

      sounds like your thinking way too hypathetical, when that road trip is over i hope you comment so i cant laugh at your blasphomous remarks of the and only true champs. clippers want to the best in l.a that they forget the real goal. Lakers dont see clips as a rivalry cuz we have bigger fish to fry than to pay attetion to carp like the clipps

    • LAkers says:

      if ifs and buts were candy and nuts. clippers will be lucky if they can make it further than the 1st round… if they can even make it.

  16. trrockets says:

    I can’t believe that the refs allowed the interaction between Gasol & Paul shown on the video in this blog. By itself, Gasol’s touching Paul’s head isn’t worthy of a technical foul but it’s the sort of thing that could escalate into something ugly.

    The refs should have spoken to Gasol about it.

    • rich says:

      what ?! Paul over-reacted ! because he’s a sore loser. If this is the first time you’ve seen someone touches or taps the head in basketball then you haven’t watched enough basketball.

  17. blazerfan says:

    I hate gasol.. thats all I got to say.

  18. J-Khan says:

    Ummmm…. The Clippers are still the Clippers. They can get all the talent and hype that they want, but at the end of the day they are still the Clippers and are to never be taken seriously. The Clippers are still the Clippers.

  19. roddy says:

    Its funny because three years ago nobody was talking about the clippers but since they got blake griffin and chris paul everybody’s jumping on the band wagon and its true because la has two teams and you can’t tell me you were routing for the clippers when they losing and la was winning chapionships the truth is clippers are a good team but the lakers are better . for them change that all they have to do is beat them in the playoffs but til then lakers have more experience

  20. Premtim says:

    yeah…bring that toughness and rivarly again…that’s basketball

  21. EKL says:

    For all those referencing the 2 recent championships, its because the Boston Celtics were robbed 2 years in a row, they arguably had a 3peat if Garnett in 2009 was healthy and Bynum didn’t injure Kendrick Perkins in 2010

    • Lakers4Life says:

      injurys are misfortunate bynum played hurt so did kobe so know your facts before you baby perkins whos not even on the celtics anymore. and if you see it that way i feel sorry for you because as a die hard laker fan i respect boston as our enemy i dont like them but i respect they beat us in 08 i never complained because i knew we would go to war with them again, and lakers had so much heart and will to win against orlando and keep going for the heavyweight bout with boston in 2010 and put to mind lakers were down most of game 7 with boston but showed why theyre really the true champs of this era so take that to the bank you sore loser

  22. James says:

    Are people forgetting, this is the first time the Lakers have beaten the Clippers this season. It’s 3-1 to the Clippers (including the pre season games) and 1-1 for games that actually count.

  23. John says:

    Quit crying chris paul..

  24. Bryan says:

    Homey its all about Kobe Bryant

  25. Cedmonds says:

    FC Barcelona and Real Madrid CF now there rivalries.

  26. lakers4lyf says:

    Clippers is a young and talented team but with out experience like the lakers have they are nothing ( try to remember the championship match between a young and talented team like Miami against a veteran team like Dallas

  27. alex says:

    and u wonder y mr. stern did not agree to paul going to lakers! look at the amount of tv ratings n overall “frenzy” when these two teams play each other for yrs to come! good move stern!

    • Lakers4Life says:

      stern made the move cuz he despises the presidente D-Fish and hates on the lakers dominating the ratings in the playoffs

  28. Lakers4Life says:

    Nobody likes Buster colors in L.A, its either blue (ladodgers) Or the best purple and gold (the true champs)

  29. Rich says:

    TRUST ME – these 2 teams won’t make the playoffs. And on April 4 on ESPN, we’ll watch them for the last this season in a non-bearing match and witness a couple of T’, ejections and brawls. World Peace would be a part of it that he will change his name back to Artest the next season.

    • Lakers4Life says:

      if your such a expert at of the western confrence you tell me your 8 teams in the west, estas loco if you think lakers wont be there

  30. Lakers4Life says:

    Hey lakersRdone whos ur team the mavs? that charity case is over. its 2012. Marc cuban said it himself during the holiday commercial, “ONE Championship” was his line which is pretty ironic cuz thats all that team is gonna get. lamar i feel for you man. but anyway Lakers will never get swept again im sure of that

  31. TTKIN says:

    If these 2 were to play a playoff series, I call game 7, and I call the Lakers winning. And I also say that if the Clippers have “homecourt advantage”, there will be more purple and gold than red and white. The Clippers are a good team and I would like them…if it werent for all the darn trash talking. It’s one thing for Boston to trash talk, a team that has been there and done that. But as far as the worst sport franchises are concerned, the Clippers rank among the top. Even non-basketball fans know the Clippers to be an awful franchise. Getting Chris Paul doesnt simply entitle you, you still have to win something. And considering the DREADFUL season the Lakers have had, the Clippers are still only tied for first. what’s going to happen when the Lakers get their act together? Griffin feels his team is better, that’s totally fine. But the Clippers are celebrating right now the way the Pacers did last night…for nothing. Get to the playoffs and actually win a series before you run your mouth…ESPECIALLY if you are going to run your mouth to a team that has Kobe Bryant on it. I like the trash talk and the fight of teams in rivalry games, and I’d say these 2 are well on their way to a rivalry, but for me to care about anything the Clippers have to say or do, they have to prove theyre worth something, which is something they have famously failed at for the better part of at least 3 decades.

  32. Law064 says:

    The rilvary has begun and it will be a rilvary as long as both teams are good. Before this season it was never considered a rilvary even though they share the staple center. Now since the Clips have a shot of taking the Lakers off the LA throne it should be good. Gasol probably didn’t mean anything by that but CP3 took it as an insult. Should be good for the years to come… LOL Mcroberts Mcdonalds that’s a good one and Pau Gasoft LMAO

  33. Z.T. says:

    I’m not a Lakers fan, however consider Bryant to be one of the greatest of all time and until he plays I’ll always want his team to win, and, damn, I will laugh so hard on all the Clippers and Heat fans if Lakers win this year. I’m guessing someone will commit a suicide if that happens. The game itlsef was fine, Chris Paul is just being himself, nothing special here, and I noticed someone wrote that Lakers had to play their best to win (johnnny g it was), man, are you dumb, this was hardly the best game by Lakers and Kobe in particular, it was just a worse performance by the young Clippers, and also someone said that Griffin didn’t step out of bounds, well, if you like to bring justice every time, recollect when Kobe was called for a travel when he shot a fadeaway, which was never a travel, he made the shot and it also should have been an and-one, and again, officiating was fine, game was difficult to control, but they did pretty well. And finally, people are so quick to judge these days… I’ll talk about Clippers taking over the city when they have at least one championship, no, when the win at least won conference title or maybe even more than one series, and judging by thier late game performance in this one, I seriously doubt that.

    • johnnny g says:

      not a Laker fan hahahahahah. cracks me up the posers that come off saying their not to get some extra credibility.

  34. billlybob says:

    wow what an awkward video

  35. kubara says:

    This is just fun, competitive basketball, which every player in the NBA needs to have. The Lakers are growing with their new coach and new offense and the Clippers are going with their new members. Both teams are going to get better as the season goes on. That just makes more entertainment for us, so I’m not upset!

  36. johnnny g says:

    Nothing to kick down they are done. They got something to prove this year for sure. Can they 1st make it to the playoffs without Phit. 2nd can they get past 1st round. Ive only been a Clipper fan for 20 years and the only thing that bums me out is the price of tickets now. Its sad though because all the band wagon fans now how purlple and gold under their brand new Clipper jerseys. Again I cant stress on how times have changed for Laker players and fans getting so worked up over my Clippers. Times have changed. Lastly Why did Pau play a good game????? Because he was playing against a player that he was going to get traded for. Not only that along with Lamar. So he is half the man of CP3. So you can say he something to prove to himself , Lakers and CP3. The one consistant about Pau is he is inconsistant and soft. Laker fans be happy as well Goudelocks had a lucky game. If not u would be licking your wounds of another loss. LOL is right Clippers have a long way to go the teams you should celebrate wins over are the Heat,Bulls,Blazers at home, Thunder.

    • Basketball Fan says:

      LA will always belong to the Lakers. Talk smack about the Lakers when the Clippers franchise has 16 Championships or at leat one!!!!

  37. Joaquin says:

    My favorite rivalry was Spurs-Suns, back when both teams were amazing, man that was awesome plaoff nba drama.

  38. jimmy says:

    didnt pau gasol score 23? why does the video say 17 points

  39. Anonymous says:

    Theres already Chris Paul, Kobe Bryant and Westbrook. Why add another PG? How about a SG. Seems more fair and minutes would be more spread out, kobe would play less minutes, and both PGs would evenly distribute the PG position while a back up SG just switches over with Kobe. 3 PGs would mean more minutes for Kobe and less minutes for all 3 PGs compared to a 2 PG and 2 SG combo.

    Monta Ellis, Gallinari, Kevin Martin, and even Jason Terry, whos really stepping it up with Dirk in poor shape.

    Lowry has the better numbers but this may be too soon on the young kid in the small market, lets let him grow. Tony Parker getting it over Lowry is just outright wrong. Coaches should just give it to a SG

  40. LOL says:

    you can tell how kobe and LA worn the haters down emotionally over the past years lol every blog where they are mentionned (and also where they arent) you get people kicking them while their down. just like miami was getting kicked while they were down last season. its this thing about talent – some appreciate it and some hate it until they’re sick. now to all of you over-night clippers fans, if yall really think that ur going from being the toronto raptors of the WEST to an elite team, to rushing through everybody in the play offs and of course in the finals (i.e. doing something that even Heat was not able to do..), and plus getting more respect than a 16-champ franchise over night…. yall r funny.

  41. johnnny g says:

    Rick whos a thug???????? U got 4 on the Lakers. Number 1 being Bynum who should be suspended for enitre season for almost ending the career of not 1 but 3 players last year for cheap flagrant shots to the chest while the opponent was in mid air. #2 McDonalds always giving cheap shots. #3 and 4 together Metta Freak and Barnes…do i need to say more.

  42. DowntownLA says:

    So this is what World Invason: Battle Los Angeles was about.

  43. johnnny g says:

    i love it. I have never seen the Lakers so excited over a win of the Clippers. Boy have times changed it now confirmed to me who the better team is and who is the J.V team out there. It took the Lakers to play their very best to What win by 4?? Paul’s 1st game back after injury so I wasnt expecting a lot or a win. Just cracks me up to see the metta freak pound his chest, dirty player Oh McDonalds get thrown out. Lakers are done. Without Phil they aint nothing. Kobe will continue to shoot 50 to make 10, Fisher cant guard anymore, Metta will contunue to be zero, and Pau will always be inconsistant and soft like my pillow. Enjoy these little wins Laker fans cause your parades are OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA Their rivalry should be the Heat,Bulls,Thunder who they will never beat. Ill make a bet the lakers will be 6th seed and under.

    • showtime says:

      look at the stats. kobe is shooting .45, hardly 10 for 50, and is averaging the most points in the league. Clippers have won 1 playoff series since the 70s. The 2 franchises don’t even compare. You’ve got some exciting pieces but the Clippers got alot to do to even be mentioned in the same conversation about owning LA.

    • kobe says:

      who is your team Johnny g..or is it kenny g..Clippers have been the joke of the league for a long time..lets see if they can keep these players together..they havent won anything yet..this will always be my town..hahaha

    • jeff smith says:

      clippers are nothing and always were,ive been watchingbasketball since 1980 very few times lakers missed the playoffs and i am having a hard time remembering how many times clippers made it..i guess my alzheimers is kicking in

    • jeff smith says:

      the clippers always talk about being the best team in la, thats what they always talk about that is their goal..the lakers goals are championships not the best in la. i dont know about now but i remember they only put up nba champ banners and not conference and division champ banners..clipper fans have small goals but i guess thats all the y can shoot for

    • johnnny g says:

      you all talk talk talk bout the past “WERE” …i agree 100% about the present and yes have lived through the curse of injuries and the Clippers not getting it together. Just stating the facts of how I love u Laker fans getting your panties in a bunch over the Clippers. Thats fine stay in the past im about the future and the Lakers aint it. You had a great run, had the best coach in History, Shaq gave you 2 , refs gave you one in Kings series, pau gave you 1 and refs gave you another in Boston series. Enjoy the past.

      • kobe says:

        Johnny g 1st time i have even seen u on this blog sight..u must have been a laker fan and like most socal fans u r a true weather fan..u like the clippers all of a sudden news for u..OKC and Memphis r the future in the west..

      • Lakers4Life says:

        so what else you gona say that miami got robbed, maybe that the refs gave it to the spurs when they won come on man get real and stop living in denial… your a laker hater so be it we need more haters thats what keeps us going so its good you obiously dont know the game to know that refs can only do so much to sabotage a teams win but true champs(like the lakers) overcome those odds cuz of the WILL thats the difference, basically what your trying to say is basketball is like boxing(currupt) you must be out of your mind you laker hater

      • johnnny g says:

        kobe been clipper fan probablylonger than you been born. I would guess your probably 15 and only watch the WNBA

  44. Rich says:

    Chris Paul is a thug and so is David West. Thugs should’ve just stayed in NOLA. Clips, if ever they make it to the playoffs, they won’t go past 1st round.

  45. Atraccion says:

    Gasol is the best PF of the league, if lakers dont take advantage of it.. is their problem.

  46. Roy says:

    I love when rivalries start, its what makes this sport so fun to watch, but I hate when players do these little things to piss off other players. Like I understand if someone gets a staredown after a good play was made on them or something like that, but thats RIDICULOUS when refs hand out technicals for that. Its a part of the game, only hand out techs when PHYSICAL AND VERBAL mannerisms get out of control. The refs need to toughen up a little bit and stop taking away the edge from the game IMO. And david stern needs to be removed from office he’s kind of like an old lady the way he handles things, he’s a little soft and is basically acting like he wants everyone to “play nice”. This is a mans sport get outa here :P!!

  47. Belizeboy says:

    Laker fans seem to have waken up after being MIA during that 3 game skid. It’s all good. Enjoy the win. Clippers are still the better team. Just need to show ya’ll come playoff time.

    • Lakers4Life says:

      I hope we see the clippers in the playoffs so we finally let them see the game is chess not checkers, you could have all the talent in the world clippers but your still gonna choke it in the playoffs just like miami

    • jeff smith says:

      thats if the clips make it,their history is not to good.their record now is deseiving they had a soft schedule ..the western conference is so tight that if clips lose today they will go from 4th seed to 9th seed. clips need to putup some banners before i take them seriously

  48. Lakers4Life says:

    All i know is that, the clippers woke up a warrior with the heart of a champion…Metta World Peace!! One thing clippers should do, is realize that theyre isn’t room for lob city in L.A….maybe Anaheim Lol

    • TTKIN says:

      “Lakers4Life” and “Lakers win”

      You guys are awesome haha. We have old footage of Lakers winning championships from 30 years ago, what do the Clippers have? … I’ll wait…still waiting…

      It’s going to take a lot more Clipper victories for them to wear “the crown of LA”. I’ll be nice and say they dont need 17 championships…but they do need at least 5, because that’s how many the Lakers have won in the past 11 years…ya, almost HALF of a decade the Lakers were the best…and did I mention that they still made it to the finals and lost twice. So 7 finals trips in 11 years, good luck to the Clippers at catching that mark.

    • deeds says:

      metta world peace is a mediocre (at best) rodman wanna-be and a completely overrated joke.

      • Lakers4Life says:

        rodman was a pf, metta can play both sf and pf. whats funny is that everyone says that about metta but yet he always proves everyone wrong just like his captain

  49. Clippers Fan says:

    We have better team this year … we gonna win the playoffs vs lakers… anyways Paul gaSOFT is a joke

    • Belizeboy says:

      That game was going to the Clippers until the lat 5mins when the bogus calls started up again. Granted that the Clippers missed some big shots when needed; I’m sure they would have won if those BS techs and offensive foul calls weren’t made towards the end. Oh yeah and Mike Brown signaling a ref to call Blake out of bounds WTF? Looking at the replay his foot is clearly hovering over the line.

      • kobe says:

        Belizegirl..Griffen did step on the line…what was he thinking..Clips only down by two and he steps back for a three..Yea blame th refs..Refs were bad last night for both teams..what about the call on ME when they said i traveled..i never moved my pivot foot…even the Clipper announcers were like that wasnt traveling..and dont mention Reggie the thug Evans who started all that mess with Josh..Clippers didnt make shots down the stretch ..plain and simple..

      • Lakers4Life says:

        Regarding bad calls of last nights game, how many bad calls do officials make around the league? its part of the game. dont be a sore loser the games over

    • Lakers4Life says:

      Im glad we didnt get chris paul and his little man syndrome, he looses his cool when its already check mate. Clippers asked for that lost by provoking Champions.

    • Lakers win says:

      its PAU not Paul you idiot

  50. ChrisBrown says:

    Lol I love them both, Chris is very polite even after that you can tell with his words. And Pau is crazy as hell I laughed out loud when Paul said ‘I’ll treat him like little Chris.’ hahaha. Anyway good game and I hope this rivalry continues it only gets them better on both sides. Best of luck for them.

  51. Tim says:

    With all this new and young talent and still some of the old talent left, and all this competitive “I’m the best” attitudes. We’re in for a good year of basketball. Now only if the officiating will get any better. Anyone agree with that ejection of Josh McRoberts last night?

  52. Anonymous says:

    This is a rivalry. The fact that both teams have a winning record and they both represent the same city is enough for a rivalry to start. Lets not forget the fact that CP3 could have been a Laker.

    The fight for Los Angeles begins.

  53. BeLikeMike says:

    I LOVE IT!! The Clippers-Lakers game was exactly how I’d want the NBA to be. A closely contested, chippy and emotional game. I’d pay good money to see more of that!
    However, the number of technicals being distributed and McRoberts getting ejected did take a little wind out of it. A lot of other teams would’ve calmed down and just kept things going.
    I think Mr. David Stern needs to do something about having the rules relaxed a little bit. I mean it’s an emotional game, the only way around that is to have cyborgs come and play.
    So, yeah. Relax the rules and let a little jawing, post dunk/block taunting, trash-talking take place. When it get’s physical then hand out those technicals. And, I don’t mean a little shoulder bumping.
    That’s the only way the rivalries of old will come back. And, boy if they do… 😀

  54. cmalcol1 says:

    Going into half time blake griffin touch cp3 on he head and he didnt react that way… he was just upset over the loss

    • Belizeboy says:

      You idiot they are on the same team, why would he react that way to a teammate?

    • QuestionMark says:

      There is a difference between Blake and Gasol touching him, Blake does it or any teammate to show a sign of appreciation, that he is playing well, Gasol did it to taunt him or annoy him, there is a BIG difference.

      • Clone says:

        CP didnt have to try to grab the ball from Pau’s hand like a kid.. the ball had to go in a ref’s hand and doing that was totally stupid, just good to electrify a bit more the atmosphere.
        Pau acted pretty well like the cool guy he is, this was more like a friendly hand like “calm down lil boy, u dont have to go emo like that :D”..
        And almost 95% of players in that league would have gone crazy and would have been a lot more aggresive upon CP.

  55. Lakers win says:

    there will be the battle of the hallway in the playoffs at Staples Center and I believe that Kobe and his gang will win that series..maybe next year for the Clippers or if they want to win it all this season try to avoid the Lakers so they can go deep in the playoffs up to the western finals

  56. It may be a little early to call these things rivalries. Real rivalries are bred over years of contempt for one another that comes about because one or the other gets in the way of the other achieving their ultimate goal. Basically, rivalries are born after multiple playoff battles.

    • Sekou Smith says:

      The seeds have been planted. Now they must be watered properly!

      • Rich says:

        that’s what I’m afraid of – the ‘seedings’ have been planted. sound more like a playoff conspiracy in the making. what chance do other teams have now ?