Ankle Fracture Sidelines Bogut

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Not that they needed any, but there is more bad news for Andrew Bogut and Bucks fans after the 7-footer’s latest injury brush.

Bogut suffered a left ankle fracture in Wednesday’s game against Houston and is out indefinitely, the Bucks announced earlier tonight.

Bogut left the game in the first quarter and did not return. Bogut has played all 82 games of the regular season just once during six seasons in the league, his rookie season, after being chose with the No. 1 overall pick by the Bucks in the 2005 draft.

Charles F. Gardner of the Journal Sentinel reported that Bogut had a bad feeling about the injury after the game:

“It wasn’t good,” Bogut said. “I knew when I came down I was in some trouble. Keeping optimistic, everything’s fine with the X-ray, but that’s to be expected. I know I didn’t break a bone.

“But tomorrow’s the day of reckoning where I go under the MRI machine and find out my fate.”

… “I’m not optimistic. With my history of unlucky injuries I’m hoping this one can do me a favor and (go away). Most of my injuries are unfortunate things and this goes in the same boat as that. It’s frustrating.”

Bogut, who is averaging 11.3 points, 8.3 rebounds, 2.6 assists and 2.0 blocks this season, has had to deal with a series of injuries throughout his career. He’s had a major injury cost him significant time in each of his last four seasons.

He led the league in blocked shots last season playing with virtually one hand. He had surgery in April on his right elbow, the same one he  injured during an infamous April 2010 during a dunk attempt against the Suns where he landed on his own arm. That injury cost him the 2010 playoffs, when the Bucks pushed the Hawks to seven games in a first round series.

It’s a blow for the Bucks, 7-10 right now and headed to Chicago for a game against the Bulls Friday night, but one that Bucks coach Scott Skiles and his crew are used to where Bogut is concerned. They’ll have to manage without him once again.


  1. js says:

    noy only is he injury prone, its like like a sore hamstring for this guy. he goes out HARD. his arm injury was one of the most gruesome injuries ive ever seen. now a fractured ankle, which is kryptonite for big men because of the weight their ankles have to support. it isnt like the average person fracturing their ankle. if he plays on it at all too early before its fully ready to go, you can easily mess it up again when your 280 pounds going up and down for a rebound. Jennings has been having a tough year, losing his center is only going to make it worse

  2. Evan says:

    Wow, i feel for him and you guys in Milwaukee … just bought my tix for Raps/Bucks on the 8th and was looking forward to seeing him in action.

    Get well soon, Andrew.

  3. Paul says:

    Trade him to the heat and lets see what happens haha

  4. Wolf says:

    Top 4 center in the league when healthy…hope you recovers soon. You forgot to mention Stoudemire’s push in the back in his “dunk attempt” – enough to make the difference at the moment. Amare’s never been dirty, but that was unfortunate.

    • KR says:

      there was no push in the back, bogut just got over excited and let go at the wrong time. get well soon though andrew.

  5. somebody says:

    Sometimes i just think these injury prone players are just not ready physically, either by nature or training errors, for the NBA.

    I mean, it’s logical that you MIGHT reinjure a part of your body often. But a series of game-missing injuries?

    Sometimes i see that it might be the way they play, or just that their body isn’t suited for this competitive game somehow.

  6. Daniel says:

    its hard to say that this guy is injury prone since none of these injuries are tears or strains so its nothing wrong with his body but at the same time since he’s been out so long and so often it’s hard not to use that phrase

  7. Jkey says:

    Grrr Boomer Bogut out again! It’s nice to follow an Aussie in the NBA but I also hate it when Bogut is out.

  8. brad douglas says:

    We were 15 feet away to witness the dunk against Phoenix at Milwaukee. He hung onto the rim too long and let his body swing upward and take a bad fall. Quit dunking unless you know how to avoid injury!

  9. Kandace says:

    I hate that this keeps happening to him. He is such a great player. To miss the playoff season and now this season is just now really getting started. I hope he makes a quick recovery and is able to come back soon. I enjoy watching him play. Plus I have already bought my tickets to see him play in Atlanta in March. I hope he will be able to play or at least be there.

  10. The Hulk says:

    The milwaukee bucks should move on with andrew bogut because theyll be just suffering and paying a huge salary to a player who doesnt even or can even play a full season. it will be just like a greg oden problem in portland but portland is a better team and the bucks will just have a losing future as a team.

    • Mark says:

      It’s nothing like Greg Oden… Oden has the same recurring injury – Bogut has completely different injuries that are the result of terribly unfortunate circumstances (ie. the nudge he got from Stoudemire on that dunk that put him off-balance, landing on a foot and fracturing his ankle)… If it was the same injury happening over and over again, there would be a serious problem – Bogut just needs to find a new home for his pet black cat…

  11. wakeup says:

    Yeah that’s tough luck for a talented and hard working player. I dont think he’s injury prone, just unlucky. Hope he’s back soon

  12. chosen one says:

    Feel bad for this dude, hes clearly a hard worker.
    Just a series of unfortunate events I guess

  13. Ben says:

    Hang in there Bogut, you’re a good bloke

  14. robbay2 says:

    Bogut’s done if he has 1 more injury like this. He should be in his prime getting 18-11 with 3 blocks every night. Look at Tracy McGrady, Grant Hill, and Gilbert Arenas.

  15. zinger says:

    The good news is he’s becoming more and more like Yao Ming- that’s also the bad news…

  16. prix says:

    BUCKS don´t need to suffer all season because of Bogut…try take McGee and they have a defensive center in the paint and keep on rollin´…

  17. Saleem says:

    When does it end for this poor guy!