All-Star Debate: Parker vs. Lowry

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — With just a week to go before the starters for the 2012 All-Star Game are announced, it’s time to turn our attention to the rest of the team.

There are seven other spots on each team that have to be filled. And that’s where we begin with the first Hang Time All-Star Debate of this season.

With Kobe Bryant and Chris Paul all but locks for the starting nods in the Western Conference and Thunder guard Russell Westbrook an absolute lock for one of the coach’s picks, we’ve got an old school vs. new school dilemma for the other reserve spot.

Tony Parker of the Spurs or Kyle Lowry of the Rockets?

Parker has assumed even more responsibility than usual for the Spurs while Manu Ginobili remains sidelined with a broken hand. But it’s nothing new for the still, cat-quick Parker, who has cranked it up recently, averaging 21.6 points, 10.4 assists and 3.4 rebounds in the last five games for a crew that is almost invincible (10-1) on its home floor but a shell of itself away from the AT&T Center (2-6).

Serving as the Spurs’ catalyst without Ginobili in the lineup and Tim Duncan operating at a diminished capacity, Parker has been forced into a more prominent role in the past few seasons. The Spurs remain a factor in the Western Conference race this season behind the work of Parker (and the usual deep crop of worker bees that always populate the roster).

Keep in mind that Parker has only been an All-Star three times (2006, ’07 and ’09), which says more about the guard depth in the Western Conference during his decade in the league than it does about his performance. Parker’s season averages of 17.6 points, 8.1 assists and 2.9 rebounds are by no means the best he’s put up, but are in line with what he’s done in each of the past two seasons.

Lowry, on the other hand, is having a career year across the board for one of the hottest teams in the league. Houston had won seven straight before last night’s loss to Milwaukee and the Rockets have wins in eight of their last 10 games.

Lowry is averaging 15.9 points, 8.8 assists and 6.9 rebounds and recorded the second triple-double (16 points, 10 assists and 10 rebounds) of his career in a win over Minnesota Monday night, where he outplayed celebrated Timberwolves rookie Ricky Rubio.

On a team rocked early on by a three-team trade possibility that ended up not happening, Lowry has been a steadying force for a team that has rebounded from that choppy start to dig into the playoff mix. Built like a linebacker and with a feisty streak that would make any NFL defender proud, Lowry plays with the sort of reckless abandon that fans of any team love to see.

He missed back-to-back chances for faceoffs against Westbrook with a right foot injury, both tightly-contested games the Rockets lost with Goran Dragic filling in for Lowry, who has averaged 12.2 points, 8.2 assists and 7.4 rebounds in the Rockets’ last five games (4-1).

The Bottom Line: While Lowry isn’t the scorer Parker is and probably never will be, he’s having a fantastic season and is shoving his way into a talented and crowded field of new-school point guards around the league. Parker picks up points for consistency and the fact that the Spurs, as always, find their way into the mix among the best teams in the Western Conference and the league.

As much as we love Lowry’s style, we’re going old school over new school on this one … Parker gets our vote!

The coaches have the final vote, but here at the hideout we value the voice of the people …


  1. Marco Polo says:

    Russell Westbrook is sure to be all star and Tony Parker is better than Kyle Lowry.
    in fact, i suppose Kevin Martin is the best in team Houston Rockets (not Kyle Lowry)

    • Ego says:

      Westbrook is only a scorer but he’s also a turnovers machine. T Parker >> Westbrook technically. Some guards are only better than Parker athletically. For the fun and the spectacle, R Rubio was a good choice.

  2. RRROY says:

    Is obvious that more people will see the All Star Game if Rubio plays. Stern should think about it.

  3. James says:

    Rubio should not be an all-star this year or the next two years..He’s still lacking of his abilities…MONTA ELLIS should have his first all-star game..

    Anyway this is i want to be a starter in All-Star game:

    West Starters:
    C- Andrew Bynum
    PF- Blake Griffin
    SF- Kevin Durant
    SG- Kobe Bryant
    PG- Chris Paul

    East Starters:
    C- Dwight Howard
    PF- Amare Stoudemire
    SF- Lebron James
    SG- Dwayne Wade
    PG- Deron Williams

  4. Dallin says:

    Nash all the way

  5. Markell says:

    Ty Lawson should be in the conversation

  6. ChrisPH says:

    Rubio = Entertainment

  7. ChrisPH says:


  8. MONTA ELLIS!!! says:


  9. CSN says:


  10. reyjoshua says:

    Lowry! Built like a NFL rusher, On any other day I’d pick Parker- but Lowry is possessed this season. In the current, Lowry would take Parker 1on1.

  11. Ryas says:

    Neither one of them, RICKY RUBIO !!!!!!!

  12. Big Bear says:

    Raf, noone really cares about defined roles/positions during an all-star game (I’d guess the players don’t either). Guys regularly play out of position. Even if he’s on the floor with another point guard, you know Westbrook is going to get his hands on the ball.

    PS. No love for Harden or Curry? I think they’re at least worthy of discussion.

  13. Raf says:


    Having to keep his output up with a lack of Curry in the team was pretty impressive. Lowry would be getting in on like a quarter of a season of hot form, nothing sustained, while Parker would be getting in on past glories. Ellis has track record and current form.

    Also, if you take Westbrook and Lowry/Parker as the reserves, you’re playing Westbrook at the 2 behind Kobe. We deserve to see Westbrook strut his stuff at the 1.

    • TC says:

      Actually it would be more like 3/4 of a season, he has been playing at this level since the all star break last year, and last year he did not start the season as the starter, so there is reason to think he may improve even more. The other reason for thinking Lowry will sustain this level of play is that his projected per 48 minute stats as a backup earlier in his career playing limited minutes match up very closely with what he is actually doing as a starter.

  14. Ted says:

    With all the respect, c’mon guys steve nash cannot be an all star in 2012. i would go for monta ellis

  15. jem919 says:

    As a lifelong Villanova fan and season ticket holder, I’m pulling for Lowry cause he was one of the best players I ever saw at Nova. But really Ellis and Westbrook both should get in over Kyle or Tony. As for Rubio, he is definitely a future perennial all-star, but his rookie status makes it hard for me to put him in contention.

  16. armin halvadzic says:

    I say put Lowry on the team. Tony has done it all including the all-star game and I think it would mean so much more to Kyle. He is improving and leading the way for Rockets and putting him on the all-star team would definetly give him extra confidence to continue playing the way he did.Tony is a better player but sometimes is just time for the young players to get their chances.

  17. tay says:

    kyle lowry is one of the best in the league no doubt. but his growth is what is so impressive. he definitely deserves to be at the all-star game. anyone watching houston games regularly can see it.

  18. mooks says:

    neither parker or lowry for these reasons:
    not parker cos this is an all star game and its more about entertainment, he is a better player team wise than lowry
    not lowry cos he is not as exciting as monta or rubio or nash for an all star game, but a good player for years to come I’m sure
    i think either ellis cos he is better for this event, or nash for the same reasons or rubio very very flashy and I’m sure will generate a lot of fans internationally

  19. Adrian says:

    Kyle lowry is the man. i have not seen such a development of a player like kyle. he may not be flashly, but he is the best rebounding pg in the game. he runs the floor, shoots the ball better that parker, and had D##### he is a top 10 pg and deserves to be in the all star game

  20. philippines says:

    rubio all the way!!!! he is 3rd in the voting.. let the people talk.. parker and lowry is no where near being an all star.. they are not that entertaining compared to rubio.. this is entertainment.. give the people what they want.. excitement!!!

  21. trublu210 says:

    Parker has always been overlooked. He has been one of the better pg’s in the league the last couple years. That boys shoulders must be strong cuz he’s carrying the spurs right now.

  22. JVasq says:

    I think Steph Curry deserves some consideration here. I know he has been injured alot this season but the man is sick with the rock when he does play.

  23. Patrick says:

    Lowry’s also an elite defender and all around talent.

  24. Jedo says:

    ..we are the ones who are going to vote here…so lets just vote for our favorites then…

  25. dave says:

    reserves should be G-nash G-ellis F-aldrich F-grriffin (love deserves the start) C-gortat or gasol im a suns fan so id perfer gortat and that still leaves 2 spots open dirk and westbrook are guys that deserve spots as well

  26. James says:

    Monta Ellis should deserve to be an all-star..His output so amazing than Parker & Lowry…
    MONTA ELLIS should be an All-Star this year and upcoming year to come..

  27. Vik says:

    I think Tony Parker like the rest of the Spurs all-stars like Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili gets less support not only from the media but also from the street. The guy is a finals MVP, makes amazing plays around the rim every game (alongwith Manu) and is the primary reason why the Spurs have been doing well with Manu injured. Last year Tony should have got the nod over Tim in the all-star selection. Lets not forget it was Manu and Tony running the Spurs show last season which got them the best record in the west.

    Tim always gets the nod for being “the man”, its hilarious how Tim gets the credit for Manu (who is as exciting and talented as DWade) and Tony Parker becoming all stars, perhaps for being international players, both often get ignored among the Top 5 lists at their positions. What hurts me is not the media ignoring them (that is the norm in America when it comes to international players) but the fact that even the fans don’t appreciate the greatness of these two players.

  28. Big Bear says:

    I don’t see any reason why both of them can’t go… If it was me I’d pick 3 reserve guards from the west:
    Rubio (I’m not saying he’s a better player than Monta or Lowry, but it’s an all-star game)

  29. nba_fan says:

    Parker all the way, guy is a finals MVP, 3 time champion and has only made the all star game three times. Since Duncan has aged and Manu is injured, he is the lone offensive star on the spurs, who still have a great record thanks to him. Parker all the way.

  30. Nahoyy says:

    Hey ! THREE RINGS ! That’s all you have to consider when making this choice.

  31. jj3 says:

    if ellis doesnt make it I might, something is really messed up

  32. kyle lowry says:

    i think i should because ill hit a b.tch in the head with a basketball if she makes me mad!!

  33. Johnson says:

    I’m a spurs fan, and don’t care. If Parker were to get it, cool. If not, then he’s not wasting minutes in an all star game. Why run the risk of him getting hurt anyway?

  34. epic says:

    it should be Lowry vs Ellis which we know it would be Ellis

  35. KaroLT says:

    Kyle Lowry deserves the NOD over Parker…. And yes Monta Ellis for carrying the load deserves roster spots

  36. ChrisTx says:


    TP should, The SPURS will be at the bottom if TP was not around after Manu got injured.
    TP makes Splitter and Blair looks good. TP allows SA 3 Point shooters to have high 3 point percentage.

    Oh by the way Jefferson and Matt should be discussed for 3 point show

  37. dikoysapaltok says:

    anyone but parker, please…

  38. Joaquin says:

    No way, Nash is way better than both Parker and Kyle Lowry. I will be sincerely cushed if one of those guys is picked over Captain Canada.

  39. ND Flo says:

    Monta Ellis doesnt play for a winning time, so thats why he isnt on the ballot.
    & if you’re calling Tony Parker a “senior citizen” that’s absurd, the man is only 27 years old!

  40. RJ Gyro says:



  41. buzzkillington says:

    Lowry all the way, it’s his time.

  42. John Doe says:

    or Rubio – true. Why is he not mentioned…

  43. hippotastic says:



    he’s third on votes, c’mon, is the all star game, not the olympics. we all know what kind of defense is played. it’s a game made to entertaing, who will be more entertainig than him to wacht coming from the bench?? parker? C’OMON!!!

    I think is completly bollocks that he’s not even considered in this article, WHY??
    he will be sooooo sweet in all star mode, playing maybe 10 high energy minutes and giving some amaizing dimes to the other stars …

    is not putting him in the hall of fame, it’s an all star gameeee!! i reaaaallly don’t get it. thumbs down to not even considered him guys.

    • RedRising says:

      Because he is a rookie… he has another 20 years to make it my friend, you’ll see him in the rookie-sophomore game, that’s why they have it.

      • ChrisPH says:

        There are a lot of players that became an All-Star on their rookie season so I guess it’s not an excuse.

  44. John Doe says:

    Definitly not Parker – just for cheating on Eva… No, but seriously I always felt that Parker was a little bit overrated – so I it’s more a decision Lowry or Ellis…

  45. Roy says:

    Honestly why hasn’t Monta Ellis been an All-Star yet? He deserves it more than half the guards in the West the guy is an insane hoops player and has always had a “flashy” edge about his gameplay!! Which in my opinion should beat any old-timers out of an All-Star spot. This is an ENTERTAINMENT based weekend not a senior-citizen reuinion jeez :P!

  46. willie says:

    monta ellis!

  47. Dwight Howard to Miami Heat!!! says:

    Either Nash or ellis should be in, but if I have to pick between parker and lowery, I like parker.

  48. Jono says:

    Steve Nash?

  49. Renato says:

    Look,in my opinion the point guard spot should belong to Steve Nash,who´s doing another great season despite his age and poor team.He´s still one of the best PG´s in this league,i´m quite suprised you haven´t even mentioned his name in this article.

  50. prix says:

    Lowry is a rising star but I dont think he is ready for an all star game…Parker will get it simply b´coz he is a well establish all star and a fan favorite..but everybody is looking for a Rose-Westbrook match-up in the all star game… I see Rose has an edge but Russel will school him with hi-light dunks…