Blogtable: Struggling Knicks

Each week, we’ll ask our stable of scribes to weigh in on the three most important NBA topics of the day — and then give you a chance to step on the scale, too, in the comments below.

Carmelo says it might be his fault the Knicks are so terrible. Agree? Explain.

Steve Aschburner: Yes. And no. Anthony is partly to blame for the Knicks’ struggles and, as the club’s top-paid player, he owns a little more of the responsibility than his teammates, coaches or front office. He’s shooting horribly and in my view rarely has helped his teams much defensively or within an overall concept. But there’s plenty of blame to spread around here. (Funny day to ask this queston, BTW, with ‘Melo as the only player on his team not to score a field goal – when’s the last time that happened? – in the 33-point blowout of Charlotte Tuesday. He played nearly 30 minutes, scored one point on 0-of-7 from the floor but grabbed 11 boards and was plus-13.)

Fran Blinebury: It’s only “Carmelo’s fault” in that he, like Amar’e, isn’t playing up to his potential on a team that isn’t good or deep enough.  It’s actually Jim Dolan’s fault for giving up too many complementary pieces in the trade to get Carmelo instead of waiting to sign him as a free agent.  He should have listened to Donnie Walsh.

Scott Howard-Cooper: Unless Carmelo made the trade – as opposed to forcing the trade – and gave Amar’e Stoudemire the keys to the bank vault, it’s not Melo’s fault. He is part of the problem, for sure, because this is not the offensive weapon the Knicks envisioned. But this is about a lot more than Carmelo Anthony.

Shaun Powell: Yes, it is Carmelo’s fault. But not for the reasons he thinks. It’s his fault that he didn’t discourage the Knicks from gutting the team to get him last February. It’s his fault he didn’t just play out his contract in Denver and then sign in the off-season with the Knicks, allowing them to keep Danilo Gallinari and Ray Felton and Wilson Chandler, guys who would’ve been a big help right now. But Melo was too concerned with the lockout and new labor agreement and therefore chose money over a decent team. So he must deal with the consequences.

John Schuhmann: He’s shooting 40 percent, so he’s obviously a part of the problem. But the Knicks’ offensive issues start with the lack of a point guard. Melo should be finishing plays, not starting them, and Amar’e Stoudemire needs a real point guard to run the pick-and-roll with and to get him the ball near the basket. Scoring depth (which they lost in the Melo trade and by waiving Chauncey Billups) is also an issue. And  having watched them closely before the trade last season, I prefer seeing Stoudemire at the five (and surrounded by shooters), instead of with a traditional center.

Sekou Smith: As classy as Carmelo Anthony is trying to be by shouldering the blame for the Knicks’ struggles, he’s is 100 percent wrong on this account. It’s too easy to throw him under the bus for what ails the Knicks. What should be appreciated is the job the Nuggets did in surrounding Anthony with the perfect supporting cast all those years. And it took that team time to come together and play at a high level. He’s had less than a full season to turn the Knicks into what, championship contenders? No one in their right mind expected the Knicks to become that sort of team without the right pieces around Anthony. It’s someone else’s job to make sure the pieces fit in New York, not Melo’s.


  1. Nick says:

    THIS is the team we have been waiting for after so many painful years?

    The Knicks are doomed as long as Jim Dolan continues to beleive his fantasy that he knows something about how to manage an NBA team. His credentials to do this are…..?

    At least I wasn’t foolish enough to buy tickets to watch this team at MSG for $200+ a pop. If I did then I would really have something to cry about.

  2. B-Boy Morris #1 Fan says:

    yeah i agree, i actually had a dream iverson was playing for the knicks, that would be awesome! hes one of the most underrapreciated players ever and i think he will gel well with amare and chandler. NY would be fools not to sign AI for such a low salary

  3. mark says:

    why not sign ALLEN IVERSON they’ve played together before and looks good…isnt it?

  4. Venn10 says:

    Fired D’Antoni………… and trade Melo to Utah Jazz for CJ Miles and Devin Harris then sign Coach Jerry Sloan……….. here my words Boss Dolan please…… Melo and Stat is not a good fit in the team as we saw last year play-off… high profile highly paid player like Melo ruined play of the Team
    or better include Amare in the Trade for Miles, Millsap and Harris

  5. Terrence Johnson says:

    Carmelo is poison just like Iverson.


  6. Lebron James > MELO


  7. theflowson says:

    Knicks have a lot of problems and it has really blown up the past several games. One thing is can Amare and Carmelo truly work together as a team? Carmelo needs the ball in his hands to contribute and Amare needs a point guard to lead him into more high percentage buckets as he is struggling major this season. Both are a hinderance to each other’s playstyle but this can be reduced through a great ball distributor. Secondly, the Knicks system is awful, what do you get when you mix two all-star players who play no defense with a coach in which defense is a foreign language to? I dont know, but it sure as hell get something really ugly. Knicks would do so much better if they had a head coach that at least emphasized playing good defense, and if he could get Carmelo and Amare to buy into that system, the Knicks would a top 4-5 in the East. They do have talent, have decent pieces though they gave away alot to get Carmelo. A new system with a point guard that can bridge the gap between Carmelo and Amare would do wonders for this team. And maybe had 1 or two more decent players and you have a contender.

  8. phamie says:

    How about trading melo to the SUNS for STEVE NASH. coz melo don’t suite for D’Antoni’s system.

  9. Rich says:

    when the Knicks get the 6, 7, or 8 seed and win a 1st round playoff series everyone will pipe down. everyone is forgetting we don’t have a point guard right now which is evident in the poor offensive woes…… jump off the bridge if you want but when we get a point by trade deadline than everyone will jump back on the wagon….. its a lockout season and all teams that haven’t been together for an extended time are struggling.. Infact, its Amare that needs to step up and play better… defensively he is struggling and he is a turnover machine who is not hitting his jump shot… over the last two game Ive seen a hurt carmelo make the correct play hitting the wide open player and they are not hitting the shots… .our 3 balls are none existent(hence being bottom 3 in the league) and 3 pointers are a staple of an M.D. offense.. we have a rookie 2 guard starting at point (the hardest position to master) and in this offense thats not gonna cut it.. Carmelo is struggling with his shot right now no doubt about it.. But doesnt amare have to step up until melo gets healthy and on track…..lets remember where was STAT in the playoffs last year when it counted..oh yeah, he was on the bench with a bad back….dont get it mistaken stat is my guy but we need to look at him as much as melo…also Dantonio…Phil JACKSON back in ny?????…. and for all of you that say Stat and melo cant mesh with their skills sets ……how did Garnett and pierce make it work arent they not similar…. they have a coach thats fits there skill set…… SEE U IN JUNE IN THE PLAYOFFS AND PLEASE REMEMBER HOW YOU SPOKE OF MELO WHEN HE IS GOING CRAZY IN THE PLAYOFFS…….the truth has just been spoken—R. MUTTS (someone with high sports IQ) also, its entertainment people dont get so worked up most of this is fixed it all play out

  10. mark says:

    amare is not contributing to the team offensively and defensively( has been a liabilty these past few games)
    douglas is having problems too.

    dantoni should play melo like george karl (bully ball) or better find the right coach for this team ( I hear flip Saunders is available).

  11. mark says:

    amare is not contributing to the team offensively and defensively( has been a liabilty this pas few games)
    douglas is having problems too.

    dantoni should play melo like george karl (bully ball) or better find the right coach for this team ( I hear flip Saunders is available).

  12. mark says:

    don’t blame melo, blame the team! blame dantoni


  13. Tony says:

    I find funny the fact that people critize Lebron due to his “decision” but Melo doesn’t take any hate. Yes, Lebron did leave his hometown after promising to stay home. But what about Melo? He officially demanded a trade to NY instead of waiting to sign for free just because he knew a lockout was coming and so was a new contract rules. Knicks had to ship role guys like Danilo, Wilson and Raymond leaving the team with no bench. Everybody’s saying the Heat ain’t got no bench, neither do the Knicks. It was all about money but people keep on hating on Lebron, just because he is Lebron. That’s called… hmmm… let me think…. um, hypocrisy

  14. vinny says:

    we should of never traded for mello in the first place if we had gallinary both chandlers baron davis amare there would be better 3 point shooting ,, and i could see better ball movement ,

  15. juju says:

    the same problem the heat the heat had when they acquired multiple players playing on the same “sweet” spots. except the heat do play defense and have a unstoppable fastbreak. the knicks dont have defense and suffer the same stagnant offense for their players to get their numbers.big names doesn’t necessarily mean wins. denver proved that up until now. who knows what could happen next?

  16. juancho c naranja says:

    hello guys,,, im a celtics fan, win or loose, new york is a good team, very talented players,they need a pointguard that can play all around, like mj, but no one same as mj, like derrick rose thanks,,,,,

  17. sean says:

    they need a defensive minded coach mike d antoni worry about the offens more than the defense they have good shooters but no DEFENSE d antoni gotta go!!!!!!!!!!

  18. jan279 says:

    I think it’s the Knicks management’s fault! They sent away the best players, excluding Amar’e, in their team! The Knicks management were probably too preoccupied with forming their own Big 3 that they weren’t aware that the team already has a solid lineup they could build on! Think about it…Felton’s an all-star caliber point guard who has the potential of making Amar’e forget about Steve Nash. Gallinari is a solid starter who can take over games when needed (look at what he’s doing now in Denver). Chandler is a solid player who brings efficient production whether coming off the bench or starting for the team. Still, the Knicks prefer what they thought were better fits for their team: a superstar who doesn’t do much outside of offense (Melo) and an aging point guard who is more of a shoot-first player now than the guy who ran the offense smoothly that he was before (Billups).

  19. boombooroomboomboom says:

    trade melo to LA for pau gasol +luke walton + ebanks

  20. Paulo says:

    When MJ got his 6 NBA championships, he did not have that so called pieces on that team. MJ made his teammates better to win a championships. If MJ can do that, so as Melo. Have faith in your self and to your team. You can do it!

  21. skyptomylou says:

    its not melo’s fault. mainly the main problem is the system. instead of changing the players why they dont try changing the coaching staffs specially the coach. cause everything what they do, they cant play defense. and defense wins a championship. you may have the most terrible shooter in the league.. the most dumb point guard but if you got a defense minded coach. surely you will win night in and night out

  22. noy says:

    replace coach d’antoni.. knicks need some new style of coaching

  23. KingRam says:

    They should trade melo to min and get rubio, barrea and beasly. ^_^

  24. kindflank says:

    its NY’s falut for getting a player (Carmelo) that’s not a team player..and a terrible coach.

  25. ShakenBake says:

    Biggest mistake there is getting Tyson Chandler. They should have gotten a PG instead of a C. Getting a good PG that will distribute the ball between Amare and Mellow (2ballhuggers) and can shoot the three is a better fit than have a rebounding defensive player and can more compliment D’Antoni’s system. If they got Nash instead of Chandler it would be a different story coz the ball will not concentrate enough into mellows hands.

    • Knickfan212 says:

      They needed both, they needed a PG the most but they also needed a center. The center was available first.

      • Dieter says:

        The center was available first? Hmm… so who was that guy that i saw last week wearing a Clippers uniform… I’m pretty sure he had a Knicks shirt last year, or didn’t he? And yes, he also got a ring, and has been a better player than Tyson in … his whole carreer !

  26. Finally, finally, the confession i had been waiting for the past two three weeks had been done by Carmelo. Of course Melo should take all the blame. Melo was expected to be New York’s final puzzle piece to solve it’s Championship drought, but so far it looks like he had helped the Knicks the other way. Humble and self recognition are the bases for a healthy do-all calibre team. People had been complaining about the trade that had send a bunch of talented young players away, but that was the right thing to do at the time. Money is always the priority, not a lot of players willing to take a huge dip in their salary over a descent team. New York will be back in broad picture once a healthy Davis hits the court, he will be handling the point with Bibby as the back up and Tony plays behind landry. I didnt like the idea of expecting too much from 1st round 26th pick, Knicks organization should bring up Iman slowly rather than putting him into rotation right away.

  27. robbay2 says:

    Carmelo needs to hit the gym and find out how to play like Carmelo does, because he has seem to have forgotten.

  28. Gregthomas says:

    melo is iverson a pure scoorer…..knicks reaaly needs a player to bring down the ball and facillitate the offense not melo

  29. TiM says:

    I really don’t know what they were expecting after giving all their young players and talentet as well,only to bring a ball hoger like Melo…

  30. KKK says:

    Denver takes a nobody and then turns him to somebody and that somebody wants to leave denver …Then becomes nobody…

  31. Mmmm says:

    Melo is the MOST overrated player in the league, period.

    Nuggets reached WCF thanks to great defense from Kevin Martin, bench boost from J.R. & Birdman and leadership by Billups and he is proving that in the Clips who are #3 in the West, where are the Knicks?? in a dog fight for the final spot with Bucks, C’s & Cavs. Denver is one of the deeper teams in the league. Great PGs: Miller, Lawson. Efficient scoring and defense from Afflado, Fernandez. Deep frontcourt: Gallinari, Andersen, Harringon, Nene, Mozgov… and remember, Chandler, Martin and J.R. will be back from China come playoff time, so watch out!

    Knicks traded one of the most promising young teams in years (Felton, Gallinari, Chandler, Mozgov) for a so-so player, ‘Melo is a top 25 maybe top 20, i don’t know why people like him so much, he is not that good. Same goes for Stoudemire, a big and strong PF who don’t play defense for god’s sake! It seems these two had success in the past thanks to their outstanding teammates, Nash & Billups: the two best leaders in the entire league. Felton is a really underrated PG watch a Portland game and you will see he is already finding the rhythm he had in N.Y. last season, really bad move when they traded him.

    Tyson Chandler was a nice acquisition but if Knicks don’t change the way they’re playin’ right know, they will miss playoffs, and i don’t think Baron Davis has the answer for this sinking ship. Even if they make playoffs (barely as an 8th seed), they’ll be sweep by either Chicago or Miami.

    • lilkuz says:

      your crazy u name 20 better scorers u barely can name 5 melo is one of the top 5 scorers in the league. i agree that some of the blame is on melo but u win as team u lose as team u people forget that. the knicks need a point gaurd bottom line melo is not supposed to be starting the offense he is a scorer not a point guard thats not what he was brung there to if u ask me there coachs system just doesnt fit the core players the knicks have.

    • Dieter says:

      I thought Chandler, J.R. and Martin all were in their final year last season? So, they can’t be on the Denver roster when playoffs start… adding those 3 pieces would make them better than Oklahoma, but i don’t think it’s even a possibilty that all 3 will be back playing for Denver in the playoffs.

  32. TreShiq says:

    I gott a agree with Sekou on this ( one he mentioned the nuggets in a positive light ) and Shaun Powell For some odd reason the ” Nuggets didn’t surround him with talent to win a championship” Is proving to be a pretty WRONG statement. Of The Nuggets roster that was not acquired in the trade.. Only 2( Gallo and Mosgov) are now staters. Not dimishing thier input by any means…But I AM SAYING that Afflalo ( though lack luster since the season started) Harrington ( acquired from NY before the Melo trade) Nene ( resigned) and even Brewer ( not a Melo tradee)and well our ability to have a deep BENCH is being a solid team.. the western conference is NOT easy and has not been easy. the Nuggets did not NOT have a good supporting cast around Melo all those years. they just happened to not have enough.. But with a Future HOF coach and selfless ball playing and the ability to find scoring in multiple players on any given night..Oh yeah and DEFENSE. the Nuggets have been able to at least maintain a good ball playing club….OH yeah this was about Melo. Sorry anyway Melo is NOT to blame had HE NOT forced a trade, and he forced one!!! as A fan i remember wacthing a Sat morning game probably 11;00 am mountain time where I jsut knew we were gonna smash the Knicks ( the Old knicks before the melo trade) it BLEW my mind how well the Knicks played with felton at point any EVERYONE saw how good this young kid gallo could be…I SAW THAT as a fan…was Melo that oblivious to the league that he didn’t ee this too, and say to the Knicks “don’t worry i’m coming to NY come hell or highwater?” they had a great Team A GREAT one…now we do. that’s the only reason it’s melo’s fault..if he DIDN’T fprce a trade..i’ll blame someone or something else like Bush, or high gasprices..or sun in my eyes or something like that…

  33. Opinion says:

    Shaun Powell is right that Carmelo rushed the trade and did’nt wait for next season, because of that, complimentary pieces that supposed to be helpful at this time, were traded to the nuggets (and has been VERY helpful for them)

    John Schuhmann is right that they need a REAL point guard (waived Billups). . Mike D’Antoni style prefers a fast pace system, in which a true point guard is needed (like nash when he was still in phoenix). Amare needs a PG for pick n rolls and that goes for Chandler as well. . well see what happens when Baron joins the picture, (IF he is the right fit for them though). . And I also agree that Amare needs to be surrounded by shooters. Carmelo is taking the shooting load in which he is struggling at the moment. . Gallinari would have been a good piece for the shooting and scoring then again, was traded. .

    Sekou Smith is right that Carmelo cant make the Knicks into a championship contender in an instant. . Great teams need to be built piece by piece, dont get me wrong, the knicks is still a good team, and how wouldn’t it be with the talent of their core players, add some complimentary pieces that will fit right, and give it a little time. . and they will be contenders. . 🙂

  34. Boy Pickup says:

    Melo is right, he is to be blamed. He is considered a top caliber player, and he should be able to carry his team around. Im not a Lebron fan, and he is a real choker at crunchtime, but he’s able to carry a mediocre Cleveland line-up to be an elite team.

    Melo demanded to be treated as an elite player when he dismantled a good Knicks roster just to have him. He should show his worth.

  35. Johnathan says:

    they should of never got Tyson Chandler. They should of kept Chauncey, trade Amare to the Cippers for Blake Griffin and add Landry Fields to that trade and the knicks would of had a beeter team. They also should of gotten Mosgov back b/c Mosgov can shoot and has gotten better.

    C Mosgov
    PF Griffin
    SF Melo
    SG Bibby
    PG Billups

    • leirda says:

      wanna trade for your “beeter” to my “better” plus draft picks and cash…?

    • RH says:

      Your team makes no sense and is bad.
      How would they even get Mosgov back?
      Blake is a wannabe Amare; Amare finishes just as well, only he can hit the mid-range, which makes him much much better right now. When Blake learns to shoot, yes he’ll be awesome, but until then, enjoy 60% free throws.
      I love Bibby, but he cannot play SG. Hell, he can barely even be a starting PG now (unable to penetrate, unable to defend other PG).

      The Knicks really needed Crawford.

    • bunbury says:

      hahaha. they should’ve traded amare for griffin. SURE….They should’ve traded Melo for Lebron too. or any bench player for wade. why not

    • CandleGuy says:

      Why don’t you add Scalabrine to your list to make it cast of clowns? He’s the missing piece of NYK.

  36. Celtic says:

    They should have kept Billups, traded Amare, and picked up Tyson Chandler.

  37. Jack Johnson says:

    Shaun Powell nailed it.

  38. KnickFan#7 says:

    Melo is just a part too blame he needs to play to his standards plus he needs to get his injury better most of the blame is dolan because of trading too many key players too the nuggets they should have waited for the free agency to pick up melo. we will see how this team will do with a “true” point like baron davis only than we will see who to trade or get in the off season

  39. prix says:

    I´m pretty sure they will recover easily and there no one to blame…they have a great talent on that team…if ever they could take Rondo out of Boston that could be great…that´s what they are lacking, a great point guard…Celtics are dying so Rondo´s talent will just come to waste anyway…

    • celtics says:

      celtics dying? seriously? celtics playing bit better than NYK.. no team wants carmelo,NYK can keep him.. Rondo is the future of boston celtics. he may not be great w/ scoring but that Rondo is a genius! : ) look at denver now,they’re playing way better w/o carmelo.. : )

      • 123germany says:

        oh come on man, i cant see any future for boston.
        Maybe in 4-5Years after they got some high draftpicks, i just doubt that rondo wants to wait for such a long time, if hes focused on rings he should leave the celtics asap.

      • Beejay says:

        Like seriously, did he just say Celtics are dying??? hmm the C’s second unit just blew out Olando Majic the other day. Without Rondo, Allen, and 2 other 1st unit players. May be Knicks should look fo a more realistic PG for the future in the likes of Avery Bradley or Rubio

  40. frank says:

    Fran Blinebury is right: It’s Jim Dolan’s fault, not Melo’s. Knicks need a true PG and guys like Gallo and Wilson. Its a real big problem to get them now. How about get ri of Dolan?

  41. newyorksteelo says:

    I agree with Sekou on this one, but also believe that the right pieces are there. It will just take time. Melo has the chance to show just how good he is, and just how great he can become by making his teammates better. I believe in him, and also believe in the Knicks. The Knicks will become a top 4 team in the east as they come together. Maybe not entirely this year, but by next year, I can see it.

    • leirda says:

      bet you can say it again next year that the knicks “will be a top 4 team in the east” LOL…. pacers and sixers are rising in the east faster than the knicks! if they want to be at the top 4 in the east, they must act now, no team in any sports would say “nahh it’s ok to fail on this season, we’ll be better by next year.”

    • haha says:

      they do not have the right pieces, they have arguably the worst bench and the worst starting back court in the entire league….they need more playable pieces, look at their PGs, an injured Baron Davis is their best shot at a PG? shumpert? Bibby? Douglas? even Jeremy Lin? and two SGs on the team are Landry Fields and Bill Walker? this is an ugly back court

    • Dieter says:

      Knick top 4 in the East? With Gallinari, Chandler, Felton, Mozgov and Billups this year, probably. But they just got greedy and ruined the team (this was probably one of the worst deals ever). Carmelo isn’t Lebron, and he’s not as good as Chris Paul or Kevin Love, and look at the record of the Timberwolves (Not many good or great players are capable of getting a team to the playoffs on their own). The Knicks really have to trade Melo for as much as they can get, and don’t wait to long with it. He’s still viewed as a centerpiece for a contender, but that’s gonna change for sure. I think they’re gonna fight for the 8th spot in the East for years and they will be kicked out of the playoffs in the first round every time. I really don’t get it why any team would destroy their roster to just get a player that’s not even close 2 Lebron James, Derrick Rose, Magic Johnson, Dr. J, Michael Jordan, … C’mon they just got a big prize in Stoudamire + 2 good rookies in Fields and Mozgov, this is just 2 ridiculous.

  42. Yes, Carmelo is partly to blame (everyone on the team and in the organization has to take some responsibility for New York’s failures thus far in the season). No, he is not the sole reason that the Knicks are struggling. But since New York’s problems are largely due to their offensive ineptitude and Carmelo is the focal point of that failing offense, he does have to take the lion’s share of the blame.

    However, Carmelo’s willingness to openly say that maybe he should shoot less, and then follow that up with a seven-shot, 11-rebound game last night (which the Knicks won handily) shows some maturity and leadership on his part. And for that, he should be lauded.

    • Laurence says:

      Well said, I feel as though reputation players or those that have decent ppg stats take a disproportionate amount of shots. Often I’ll look at a box score and see Kobe go 9/25 for example and an average/good forward go for 6/10. Surely these reputation players need to give up the ball more if they want to win, rather than concerntrating on their own numbers and trying to be flashy?