Horry: Phil Created Shaq V. Kobe …

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — There’s nothing like news from Russia that the Shaquille O’NealKobe Bryant feud that fueled the Lakers all those years was the creation of Phil Jackson.

Stunner, huh?

Not exactly. But when Robert Horry weighs in on the topic, from Russian website Sports.Ru (translation courtesy of  Alexander Chernykh and his Rush’n Hoops blog):

I think Phil Jackson started that feud. It happened many times that after team practice he would say, “Kobe said this about Shaq, and Shaq said that about Kobe… We couldn’t believe how could that happen, because just the day before we saw them together, jumping on one another. Phil liked it when there was conflict of some sort.

I always tell people; if you look at those championships, you’ll see who were the closest players on the team. Normally those are the guys who are the first to hug each other. And when we were winning, it was always Shaq and Kobe who hugged. I think this will answer your question. Later it was blown out of proportion by the media and both players started doing something that didn’t make sense.

We’ve already heard from two people who were around the Lakers from the start of that run until ended that dispute the origins of the feud and insist that Jackson only fanned the flames that were already there.

Both Roland Lazenby and Howard Beck of The New York Times, a beat writer for the Los Angeles Daily News during the Shaq-Kobe era, dispute the claim that Jackson started the feud.

In his own defense, Horry tweeted that the translation was, a bit scattered, to say the least.

I know Jackson is considered a wizard in many circles, but even he would have a hard time starting one of the greatest beefs in the history of sport before he ever showed up to coach the two players involved.


  1. NBEATZ says:

    This is over and done with MOVE ON PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Mr. 254 says:

    Here are the facts: We’re all forgetting about the actual facts of the LA history during this era. Lakers were in need!!! This is LA we’re talking about during the era. Many of big names have come through that city and it was time! 4 years in Shaq(all-star center) is a free agent, 13 pick 1st EVER Lakers take the number 1 high school player in the country.(Fan favorite). Male dominance, you must earn your stripes! (Kobe)I can do this! Hard work, (interpet arrogance) Feud!!! Trying, Trying, Trying! Fail,Fail,Fail! Brilliance has emerged(Phil)(1999) Triangle, Both roles are critical. Results—both parties have the male dominance still inside them but now along with them “Heart of a Champion”

  3. Damien says:

    I tend to think that Mike plus any given guy on the street would be the best one-two punch ever…
    (Oh, and how about Magic and Jabbar, not bad, huh ?)

  4. Lakers R Us says:

    I’m sorry but Shaq-Kobe is the best duo of all time! If you think MJ and Pippen were more dynamic than these two, you are dreaming! They broke up before they realized their full potential! MJ and Pippen were good, dont get me wrong! But who could stop Kobe and Shaq at their best?

  5. Phill says:

    hahah he said “when I see his beautiful wife” …that was a cheap shot they’re not friends

  6. NBAer says:

    I’d say the conflict has been great for the Shaq-Kobe era. Without it, I don’t think they would’ve realized how great they were and might not even win a ring. Clearly they were the best players during those times (with Duncan and possibly KG and Kidd/Iverson to make the top 5).

    During the 80’s, 90’s and early 2000, its all about one player, being the leader, improving and carrying his team to victory. There are no Big 3’s, no players trying to come into one team to ensure a championship. This was back then, have a team built around you, let them grow with you, and be a leader guiding them to become champs. KG and Marbury broke-up because of that. But for Kobe and Shaq, the conflict resulted into championships. Phil knew that Shaq and Kobe wanted to be the Leader, the Alpha Male of LA, but he was able to make the conflict work to winning rings. Genius.

    As for the Bulls, and why Phil didn’t do this. If you’ve been watching NBA during MJ’s time, we all know that the Bull’s was MJ’s, and Pippen accepted he was the second man. In fact, Pip was a rookie entering the Bulls and just developed under MJ’s wings. Up to Pippen’s HOF, he recognizes his place as MJ’s sidekick.

    Phil was truly a great coach in knowing how to use his players as his chess pieces :).

  7. Jayjoe14 says:

    Brian and Scalabrine is the best tandem ever.

  8. PITY says:

    the best one-two punch ever created…? MICHAEL JORDAN AND SCOTTIE PIPEN!

  9. Doucheku says:

    Why is this even a story ? This is old news-

  10. Did phil create MJ- Pippen fued? says:

    Well did he? Maybe scottie left the bulls because of that reason?

  11. dirk and terry says:

    dirk nowitzki and jason terry run a beautiful 2-man game, and with their chemistry and caliber of shooting it makes them one of the best duo’s of all time. (the championship solidifies this theory). They are the best tandem in modern basketball today (obviously, not better then mj+jordan, but i’m talkin players in the game today) Dwade and James? please.. there is no cohesiveness there – just two great iso players.

  12. cody says:

    what about magic and kareem as the best duo of all time then mj and scottie then tim duncan and david robinson the u got kobe and shaq just saying

  13. Kaleil says:

    @heatlatinofan your smoking that sour huh?

  14. Ben says:

    Yeah, definitely not the best tandem to have ever played. I think Shaq is a little full of himself for saying that lol, but they did win 3 championships, so there is good merit to his argument. The best ever though…nah. And why do you keep poking 3D, what did he ever do to you Shaq-Fu??

  15. eddie says:

    youre all forgetting jerry west and wilt chamberlain

  16. Dwade+Lebron says:

    Dwade and Lebron is the best duo then Westbrook and Durant finish! besides Kobe and Shaq’s prime just past so who the hell cares..

  17. Deepak says:

    It does make sense, set two friends at each other.. Both of them start performing competing with each other.. Phil’s a genius, he would do nething But this went out of hand

  18. maCk2o says:



  19. bulls4ever says:

    like phill jackson forced shaq to go sing something bad about kobe like: cant win with out me n kobe on my a…? this is a scape gote to try to make shaq a nice guy. shaq is blaming everybody about nothing, jabbar dint help me, phil jackson started the feud… whats next? you did your own actions that where disrespectful at times, even arrogant. stop blaming others for what you chose to do and say your sorry. he was a good center but a bit far from the best ever. jordan n pipen where and are friends the competitiveness dint transcend the friendship very different how shaq acted all his career and in the end justice came kobe got one more ring then shaq and shaq had to bow…. now all shaq can do is regret his making and say his sorry.

  20. prix says:

    who cares who started the fight…why talk now if it is already finish…they already win championships before…but now Lakers are just a bunch of clowns playing basketball…they dont deserve the TALK!

  21. bulls4ever says:

    wtf? like phill jackson forced shaq to go sing something bad about kobe like cant win with out me n kobe on my a…? this is a scape gote to try to make shaq a nice guy. shaq is blaming everybody about nothing, jabbar dint help me, phil jackson started the feud… whats next? you did your own actions the where disrespectful at times, even arrogant. stop blaming others and say your sorry. he was a good center but a bit far from the best ever jordan n pipen where and are friends the competitiveness dint transcend the friendship very different how shaq acted all his career and in the justice came kobe got one more ring then shaq and shaq had to bow…. now all shaq can do is regret his making and say his sorry.

  22. marlon says:

    do you?

  23. Randall says:

    Shaq and kobe is the best bigman littleman combo ever and MJ and Pippen played in a different era, my opinion I think shaq and kobe would have gave Mike in the boys his first lost in the finals. Really who MJ had to go at him Jeff hornacek lol! and there was no zone defense back than.

    • NBAer says:

      nahhh… Fish, Kobe, Fox, Grant and Shaq vs. Harper, MJ, Pip, Rodman and Luc (plus 3 centers in Wellington, Klein and Dele that could use up their fouls on Shaq)… i don’t think so.

      Remember, this isnt the 40pt – a – night – Kobe yet. Well even if it is, it wouldnt matter. The main player was Shaq, Kobe was just his ROBIN :). The advantage the Bulls had during their time was that the three perimeter players (MJ, Pip and Harp) can interchange on who they guard (eg. vs pacers, Pip on Jackson, Harp on Reggie, MJ on Mullin). Kobe would have hell with these three players switching places to shut him down (given that MJ and Pip are also All-Defensive team members). Shaq would have a hard time dealing with Rodman’s antics and 3 Centers who’d just let him shoot FT’s instead.

      And yeah, there’s also Kukoc and Kerr off the bench. Sorry, but the Shaq-Kobe era at their prime wouldnt beat MJ-Pippen’s championship Bulls.

      • sbfern805 says:

        Think about what you are saying!!!!! Hack-a-Shaq….well this makes it easier for the Lakers because Prime Kobe drives the ball to the basket and Shaq as well as Kobe will be living at the free throw line. Not to mention the Lakers also had sharpshooters from Glen Rice and Robert Horry. Second no-one was big enough in the Bulls to defend Shaq. Kobe didnt have to score for the Lakers, because there was enough talent around him to contribute the ball and if you havent noticed Kobe would have guarded MJ and he is also a 1 team All-Defensive player. In my view Lakers would have the edge on the Bulls.
        P.S. If you mention Kobe as just Robin, then Its MJ and the tiny Bulls a.k.a (CATWOMEN). right? because no other bull was talented enough to be MJs sidekick! Sorry Pippen in overrated and he is no longer on the top 50 players of all time while Kobe and Shaq are in the top 10…Of course MJ will always be 1. I’ll give you that.

      • NBAer says:

        @sbfer805: points to ponder to what you’ve said

        – Glen Rice wasn’t THE Hornets’ Glen Rice when he was in LA, you remember that right?
        – I’d give props to Horry, he’s clutch, period
        – So Kobe we’ll be guarding MJ the whole game… but when he has the ball, MJ, Harp and Pippen (along with bench wingmen) will be hounding him… THE WHOLE GAME??? Think about it, I mean real hard
        – Shaq’s dominance may not be neutralized, but Bull’s will have a lot of bodies to throw at him. Most of the Bulls center’s (except for Dele) shoot perimeter shots… thus making Shaq come out and not be a force defensively in the middle.
        – True that the Bull’s don’t have enough star players aside from Pippen, Rodman (he was at that time), and Kukoc (at least in Europe LOL)… so does LA (refer to Glen Rice above)… But I’d say the Bull’s roster was more developed into knowing their roles, especially on defense. That’s why they’ve won 72 games and was able to win 6 champhionships… they were THAT good.

        If you just look at the match-ups in basketball sense, without any sentimentality of how you love Kobe… you’d know the Bulls will win this one. In a best of 7 series, LA might win one or two games, but not the whole series.

  24. 2012Champs says:

    Jordan and Scottie. Check the resume Shaq, but your still cool though.

  25. BBALL ADDICT says:

    Let me just say this…after all these years…..Who cares ?????

  26. Dolphy says:

    Lol. Mj and pippen is the best..
    stockton malone also
    lastly Scalabrine and Boozer..

  27. BigBadBlake says:

    Stockton to Malone Tandem for me stood finest.

    • Grant says:

      Really??? Despite the fact they never won a title they stand finest over Jordan and Pippen, Shaq and Kobe, Magic and Kareem etc? They were great but finest is pushing it

  28. robster says:

    i dont think that there is no comparison with mj and pippen but mj would of been the duo with anyone who he had playd with

  29. Kating says:

    i wish theres a feud betwen mascots, i wanna see mascots fighting each other

  30. robster says:

    men listen never like mj never ever ever simply perfection

  31. Balu says:

    Sorry Shaq.

    Best 1-2 punch in NBA History in my opinion was Mike and Scottie.

  32. Niko says:

    @Heatlatinofan… I mean, like… if the players dont win in the end & the Children dont win, then who really wins at all?. A rolling stone is worth 2 in the bush, anyone who knows anything, knows that. So i say dunk the ring, championship you win..



  33. luzczar says:

    Try reading shaq’s book…. its will explain a little the shaq-kobe fued.. but the only problem is its just one side of the story…

  34. kobe who? says:

    In the moment i believedthat i could’t have less respect for phil jackson an article as this appears



  36. MaFox says:

    hahahahahaha Heatlatino your a funny dude

  37. Matt says:

    Let people believe all they want. But Phil’s legacy will never be broken.

  38. vectorsigma says:

    i am still trying to comprehend what heatlatinofan is saying

    maybe he’s reading another article and commented on this one

    one of the many reasons why the internet is not good for your health

  39. z says:

    heatlatinofan is just tryin to be funny…

    anyway kobe-shaq duo was the 2nd best duo of all time!

    Mj-pippen is 1st

    • sbfern805 says:

      You see that is not right because MJ would have done the same with any other player ( thats how good he is)… but Kobe and Shaq needed eachother to win those championships. Second is Stockton and Malone if they arent tied in First.

  40. @Dramey:

    I mean…you can´t win doing whatever it takes to win. I don´t know if you understand my concept.
    In my opinion Michael Jordan was too good and somebody had to stop him. Just my opinion.

  41. @Dramey:

    mmmmm….Who killed Mj´s father? Priceless. Sorry dude but that´s all.

  42. Well everything can happen in 2012.
    The truth appeared. Maybe we should realize that win or lose means the same. Nba should learn from mistakes beyond if you win or you lose. There are millions of people dying by poverty. Don´t get me wrong….Let´s play for the truth not for the money instead.
    Can do anything for win? No men, you can´t kill to achieve succeses. You can´t kill yourself instead to fight til the END.
    A poor soul don´t fill out millions of money…well said:).

    • Dramey says:

      @heatlatinofan, dude, what the eff are you talking about? have you been smoking?

    • ShakenBake says:

      @Heatlatinofan ahahahahaha! LOL

    • Niko says:

      He’s a Hiiiiiigh Hiiiigh Mofo… yesir!……..Well Said 🙂

    • GoodVibez says:

      You must have been smoking some good herb.. Are you gonna predict when the world is gonna end too now.. ..smfh…..

    • won says:

      u speak like one of those bums you hear talking to themselves

    • imad akel says:

      phil jackson broke kobe and shaq up?

      one of the greatest beefs ever in the history of sports?

      are you even reading what you’re writing Sekou?

      No, Phil did not add fuel to fire.
      The fire was there because, well after championships your EGO kicks in and you want some fame.
      Also between Kobe and Shaq, i think they both wanted to prove they didn’t need the other in order to win a championship.

      And that they have both done. Shaq got one without Kobe, and Kobe got two without Shaq.

      If they stayed together, they probably would have gotten 3 more anyway. Same difference if you ask me.