Dwight Howard Fires Back At Shaq

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Dwight Howard has apparently heard enough from TNT’s Shaquille O’Neal talking about him and suggesting that Lakers center Andrew Bynum, and not Howard, is currently the NBA’s “best big man.”

Howard and Magic coach Stan Van Gundy had some choice words for the big fella and the TNT crew:



You had to know Howard wouldn’t stay quiet about this stuff!

From the ongoing dispute over the Superman nickname to the critique of his game, Howard went right to the heart of the rift between he and Shaq.

Be careful picking sides in this one!


  1. rest in peace says:

    hey shaq don’t be like a little boy talking too much and hurting feelings. yeah your a good player and don’t forget you have a lot of fans, but what you are doing right now, your fans may gone in a second, tsk!!!! just like that.

  2. jumpingpolarbear says:

    Like Barkley said, LA would make that trade today.

  3. deejae says:

    u guys keep talkin smack we all know that shaq is a beast in his prime. but we’re talking about now this generation. howard is the beast no one else will get above him. he’s almost as 7 feet tall and he can jump and move like you never expected as a center could be. dont hate. dont compare them. there’s a reason why they cant compete cuz shaq is tall and big. dwight is tall but slim with a great body athleticism. shaq has brute strength he’s fat thats why no one can stop him under the rim . dwight has strength agility and intelligence. he always think before he moves thats why no one can catch him he’s quick and can jump high. sometimes you dont need strength to be the king under the rim nowadays u also need brains. thats why shaq gets injured. no wonder bynum gets injured too. he’s big and tall but he cant carry his body..

    • Steve says:

      Think before you talk dude. Your fat comment about Shaq was retarded. When Shaq joined the league for the Magic he beasted everybody. Not only was he not fat but there were way more true centres back then to compete with. Other than Bynum, Howard has very few others to compete with. If the Shaq that played for the Magic then, played Howard now, Howard would have no chance… and everybody knows that is the truth!

      And saying Shaq is only strong not smart. Howard is not a intelligent player. He is athletic, that is all. If he losthat athletisism today he would be usless. Hence what Shaq said, ‘he has no post moves’. If he lost his athletisism he would never score and be usless defensivly. Shaq had plenty of post moves and was intelligent enough to know what worked for him, used it, and got to the basket. If Howard is so athletic AND smart why isnt he doing the same as opposed to being next to useless offensivly on some nights.

      I think Howard has all the ability in the world but is not smart enough to use it! Shaq used his brain and worked to his strenghts, Howard doesnt and only relys on his athletisism to get him by which on some nights gets him no where..

      • deejae says:

        well sorry to say but howard will not lose his athleticism unless he gets old like shaq. my opinion is dont compare shaq to dwight thats why im tryna defend dwight’s side. and for your information howard uses his brain thats why he’s well known as the best center of this generation. if u say shaq uses his brain i will respect that. but still he doesnt have the agility. so dwight is still the perfect machine with strength agility and intelligence. i keep saying dont rely on strength along. thats all. just wait and see he’ll dominate in nba soon. we’re not just talkin about scoring here. we’re talkin about rebounds and block too.. if u watch shaq’s highlights u can only see scores because he dominates under the rim that no one can stop him thanks to his body. Even dwight dominates under the rim. he can shoot inside/outside gets more rebound and blocks thanks to his athleticism. I admire shaq i saw how he plays under the rim shaq. even dwight admire him i can tell.. u have to do what it takes to be the best. strength is not enough to prove that ur a beast.

  4. ellbuck says:

    I am a die hard lakers fan and always have been but I am going to be honest . Dwight Howard is much better than Andrew Bynum period . He proved that the other night.

  5. Banks says:

    Dwight has won the last past 3 Defensive player of the year awards and isn’t injury prone…….Bynum is just now reaching his potential, and Dwight only has one year over Bynum.

  6. joeheat says:

    mr. plow are you a fool? shaq was the most dominate big man ever. dont bring up guys like Bill who could have never matched shaq’s versitility and strenth. Two different eras pal. he was great for his time but not in shaq’s leauge

  7. mharon says:

    why shaq become anchor on tnt? i think it is too early to him to do anchoring..tsk tsk…

  8. Anthony says:

    OH WOW cmon personally shaq is jealous of dwight.he thinks buy the way everyone is talkin about how howard is the best big man,he’s taking his spot.it’s nothing but a elementray hate crime with shaq P.S.. shaq grow up!

  9. Jason says:

    Howard is definitely a better player overall but Bynum has better offence than Dwight… Bynum has more post moves and a better touch around the rim than Dwight offensively… I’m a Laker Fan and I love Bynum but i have to admit that Dwight is a better center right now.

  10. Mark Anthony says:

    shaq cant say anything because hes much taller than dwight and and many players in the league in his prime but he never led the league in rebounds.

  11. rob gendraw says:


  12. Terence says:

    No, Dwight is definitely a better big man than Bynum, in terms of condition, athleticism, intensity, leadership and stability. Dwight is preforming way better and way more mature than Bynum. I don’t agree with the legend this time. However, I do give Bynum credit that he didn’t have the chance to take a more important role in the lakers them so he never had the chance to take his talent to the max. If giving the chance, he could be a better player than he is now.

  13. Kobefan says:

    Shaq had a great point saying bynum is a true center whereas howard is not but that being said I still believe Howard is better. I also believe Howard was very childish making Shaq’s comment personal. Shaq is paid to give his opinion and that is exactly what he did, Howard was very un professional bashing Shaq like that while Van Gundy and Richardson kept it professional.

  14. pacer4life says:

    All this talk about the leagues best big man and no mention Roy Hibbert.

  15. jasmine says:

    um excuse shaq who couldnt make a free throw to save his life..i feel he shouldnt down howards ability in anything because shaq is not in his shoes..dwight is the one of the best centers in my eyes..he’s a team player..and although he is not the best free thrower..he works hard to better his craft!!..so leave my future hubby alone..thank u!!!!

    #team d12!!

  16. Yao Ming says:

    lets throw Yao into the discussion too. I personally fink Yao was a great center that has a better overall game than Howard, who was capable of scoring in more different ways than Howard. If he has stayed healthy, he will be a much better center then howard at the end of his career.

  17. Steve says:

    Lets be honest, Dwight is the better player and athlete, but I can see exactly what Shaq was trying to say.

    Bynum is more true to the centre position and has true centre post moves. Dwight is still very raw as a Centre in what he can do to get to the basket but is so athletic and powerful that once he does get to the basket there is no stopping him. Although I did see Howard do alot of work with Hakeem, and seen some of the moves he learnt used in some games for example the Duncan-like jump bankshots that Dwight was making. But uses them no where near as much as he should use them. Actually lately not at all.

    At heart I would say Dwight is a PF that can still play Centre really well especially defensivly due to being so athletic. If you played Dwight at either Centre or PF, his game would not change at all and would probably get a better result as a PF in most catagories than as a Centre. But due to just being as big, tall and strong as he is has been stuck in the Centre position. Not that he hasnt been trying to embrace that position becasue he has.

    I mean if in fantasy land the Magic had both Bynum and Dwight on their team, they would not bench Bynum as a back up Centre to Dwight like they did with Marcin Gortat. They would play Bynum as Centre and Dwight as PF, (just like they did with Bynum and Gasol in LA) and dominate both positions making the paint a no go zone.

    Overall I believe Bynum plays his position better than Dwight but Dwight can still take over a game due to raw athletisism.

    Shaq was right that Bynum is the better Centre but Dwight was the better athlete. Bynum is being more consistant to his position, but Dwight is a better player playing in the wrong position making him look no where near as good as what he really is.

    Shaq never meant those comments as a dig at the Superman tag and how it is really his. Everyone just jumped on that bangwagon cos they knew it would cause a stir.

    Howard didnt need to acknowledge those comments and feed into what he thought Shaq meant cos now that just makes him look inmature. He could have chatted with Shaq outside of the press and asked him what he meant if he really cared.

  18. Amitpal says:

    Bynum might have a better touch on the offense end but Dwight makes more of a difference in a game. Dwight Howard can take any team and make them a good defensive team. Example the Orlando magic themselves. Without Dwight they would be the worst defensive team in the nba. Dwight over Bynum any day. Shaq needs to keep his mouth shut about this.

  19. LOB CITY says:

    If Shaq won his titles thanks to Kobe then why did he get all three MVPs of the three-peat?

  20. Colin says:

    Dwight is a far better player than Bynum. He’s the defensive player of the year two times in a row, teams have to adjust because of him in the paint constantly. He’s also consistent and healthy. Can you remember a year where Bynum made it through the season without getting hurt? Bynum may have a better post game but Howard has the clear edge on defense and shot blocking. You can also argue the mvp tag, if Bynum is hurt the Lakers will still continue to win games. If Howard is out his team will be lucky to beat some of the worst teams in the NBA.

  21. Lakers R Us says:

    So the Heat have won a few games without Wade and lost a couple with him! And now Miami fans think wade is a detriment to the team! LMAO! with the big 3 together you thought they were unbeatable! Now u wanna trade away 2 of the big three for D Howard! Believe me if this present big 3 formula does not work then nothing will work! Talk about impatient! Jeez! I’m a Laker fan but i think the Miami Heat have all the ingredients right now! My opinion! And D Howard is the best center in the league! He should not worry so much about Shaq’s commentary! Just keep playing his game! Let his game do the talking! That’s what Kobe does! Leave the outside influence where it is! ON THE OUTSIDE! LOL

  22. Jedo says:

    OH man! look at you all posting hate on Shaq. it was just an opinion. Its a show…when you have kenny smith, barkley and the diesel of the TNT roundtable, its a show…..BTW, I disagree with Shaq but he has a good point though…Bynum moves more like a center…but with the food put on the table by D12, its something you just can’t top

  23. ShakenBake says:

    Heat is winning without wade and losing with wade! Trade Bosh and Wade plus picks to orlando in exchange for howard and turkoglu!!!!!

  24. King_Gio says:

    Are yous serious????? Shaq is saying bynum is the best true centre!! And he’s right! Bynums post moves are of a true centre! You dont see bynum anywhere outside the post area! Finishes with both hands, hooks, hooks, hooks! But as far as the Best center…. Deff hands down dwight, does everything a center needs to do, may not be like the greats but guess thats what makes him different, he does it dwight style lol

  25. ghost says:

    who’s better in making free throws, Shaq or Dwight?

  26. Human highlight fan says:

    im gonna put this simply: shaq in his prime>Dwight> Bynum (cus we all know he will eventually get hurt, plus he plays with kobe)

    I do think that dwight is better at defense than shaq, but thats only slightly

  27. cure says:

    Bynum is garbage, slow and sluggish. Howard is the best big man in the league period. As for Shaq he had no real talent, all he did was over power other centers.

  28. Arthur says:

    I’ve got only one word to answer Shaq……JEALOUSY………….

  29. jay says:

    Until Howard win a couple rings he can’t be considered the best. Isn’t that what yall say about lebron.

  30. wdf says:

    love jesus

  31. Fredrick Wells says:

    At best, there are only three NBA Teams that will retire Shaquille O’neil’s jersey and they are Orlando, LA Lakers and Miami. Dwight Howard has been the face of the Orlando Magic’s franchise for 8 seasons which included a trip to the NBA Finals in 2009. If Dwight Howard remains in Orlando until he retires, his jersey will be retired in Orlando (even if he didin’t win an Championship) and he will be respected for his tenure on the team (either by staying with one team throughout his career or through most of his career). Only Lebron James and Vince Carter will have the debate of having two NBA franchises retire their jerseys (Lebron with Cleveland and Miami and Vince Carter with Toronto and New Jersey) as they have spend a major portion of time with the franchises and have experienced some success. Dwight Howard will be just fine whether he stays in Orlando or is traded to New Jersey or Chicago.

  32. jesus says:

    of course Dwight is much better than Bynum. Dwight will retire as a hall of famer, and Bynum will retire with a hobbled knee. Who is his right mind thinks Bynum is better than Dwight? I will get Dwight on my team any day in a heartbeat

  33. Jack Mehoff says:

    shaq is paid to make outlandish statements everybody. plus, bynum is undefeated in the finals

  34. Lo Key says:

    Shaq is entitled to his opinion if he felt like Dwight was not the best big man in the league AND??? Really Dwight should have just not feed into the question when it was asked one person opinion dont define who you are..Really Shaq isnt the one he need to be focus on bec Shaq already in the books as champion,legend,mvp etc…He gotta get there

  35. ghost says:

    again? Dont mess with the BULLS lineup! Chicago doesnt need Howard. just trade korver and boozer for glen davis

  36. ghost says:

    how about SHAG “THE BIG BABY” O’NEAL? Sorry glen davis… lol

  37. haha says:

    What’s with the nerd look?

  38. #1 Shaq Fan says:

    First of all, Shaq called himself Superman way back in the day. Shaq put the stamp on the name in the NBA. It is annoying when another player (D. Howard) wants to copy another man style. Shaq has every right to call him out on it. D. Howard know Shaq refer to himself as Superman so why would he (all of a sudden) wants to be known as Superman. D. Howard will NEVER accomplish what Shaquille has accomplished in his years of basketball. I guess I’m confused as to why D. Howard wants to be like another man. Get your own style!

  39. pete says:

    cant wait to see what shaq is gonna say to that lol

  40. Marco_Flores says:

    I thought Shaq just said Andrew was better than Dwight offensively…which is true.

  41. Leonard says:

    I don’t know why people are saying Shaq > Dwight when this whole thing isn’t even about Shaq v. Dwight. It’s about Shaq saying things to try and stay in the spot light. It’s like when Shaq was celebrating Kobe losing to the Celtics. Shaq is like a silly Michael Jordan, both are petty but Shaq’s insults are funnier.

  42. brandon says:

    typical. this is like when michael jordan was talking smack saying dwyane wade is better than kobe bryant. Retired legend getting insecure when a new superstar at his position is getting praised as one of the all-time greats and compared to him so he picks someone who is blatantly not as good as says HE’S better. Shaq and MJ might’ve been great players but they are also very egotistical and as dumb as they come

  43. Fact says:

    Dwight Howard needs to get traded to the Chicago Bulls for Joakim Noah, Carlos Boozer, and some future draft picks to make Chicago Bulls win a championship this year.

    Derrick Rose and Dwight Howard is a good 1-2 punch.

  44. theflowson says:

    As much as I dislike Shaq, and how much of an arrogant prick and a crybaby he is, he is entitled to his opinion, though clearly very subjective. I honestly dont know how anybody can take Shaq’s opinions seriously, they change by the minute based upon whether he likes or hates the person/team in question.

    Dwight just needs to stay quiet, not get caught up in what anybody says and just play basketball. 80-90% of the basketball world agrees you are the best center in the league right now and probably best big man (Kevin Love doin it big though). Just the fact that he even addressed a “retired” and “mad” Shaq shows that he cares for what he said and that he was offended just because somebody doesn’t think he is the best big man. Dwight is being a baby, who cares what they say, prove the doubters wrong and get dat championship! I think it will be Orlando’s best opportunity since this is a lockout season and anything can happen but I think ORL needs another superstar or very good all-star along side him.

    People keep talking about how Shaq got rings (three with Kobe). Imagine if Kobe and Dwight were on the same team, I think they could win a few championships together (though Kobe gettin up there with age)

  45. juju says:

    i think Dwight is a power forward more than a center. imagine if he played his real position and somebody else is at center. that would be unleashing the beast. he’s so undersized at center but just the right height at PF (6’9) … so maybe shaq was right in a way, but PF or center, he’s still way above most especially in these days when the true BIG MEN are gone.

  46. 3000thunder says:

    Dwight just needs to grow up period lol talented player though

  47. Lemw says:

    In a way Shaq stir the Dwight Howard pot which will result in a bigger Dwight Howard NBA contract and endorsements. The popularity level of Dwight Howard went up because of this issue. Dwight would never left Shaq in public thank you yet in private it is positive business?

  48. Slam76 says:

    Dwight overall is better because of his athleticism and defense. But Bynum is a more skilled offensive player…he has post moves, a short jump shot and better footwork. I think if Dwight wants to play at a high level as he gets older, he needs to develop more offensive skill and not rely just on athleticism.

  49. Lemw says:

    Shaq is entitle to his opinion. I think now Dwight Howard is a greatest center. Shaq was the greatest center during his time in Orlando and Los Angeles. I respect Shaq opinion just don’t agree with it. Now when one states that Shaq does not have an opinion this has nothing to do with basketball and everything to do with hate.

  50. b-rad says:

    I’d give Bynum a slight edge on offense because he has better footwork and skills. He’d probably score a lot more if it werent for Kobe demanding the ball. Bynaum needs to stay healthy for a few years before being mentioned in a conversation with Shaq and Howard. Overall Howard is the better player-scores a lot, plays better defense and is a great rebounder. I think Shaq likes to just stir up controversy with his comments and is probably encouraged to do so by management. Remember controversy= better ratings. At the end of the day all three were/are great big me each with their own unique skill set. I’d take any of them on my team any day.

  51. I stand on Howard´s words when he said team work is the way cuz that will be the key to the heat too. Doesn´t matter if you give credits on Shaq´s comments but in my opinion the most important factor for any team in the Nba will be the possibility to play together on the floor. I mean when Shaq played along Kobe during 00-03 season they used to play in armony each other. Well, the same is happening now for the heat miami.
    …There´s no way to win championship if your option number 1 of Miami Heat get all the shoots but averaging 20% from the field. So you have to involve others in your game as Lebron is doing right now.
    Everything means nothing if your first option player in your team shoots poor % from the field.
    You know what I mean? If you don´t let me know please to improve.

  52. THE WATCHER!!! says:

    @ JMoon,Howard wouldn’t go to the Heat and the Heat are not even looking at him.

    As for everyone that agrees with what Howard says,Howard is the one trying to be like Shaq,calling himself Superman?Shaq started calling himself that when how was just in elementary.Now Dwight wants to go to the Lakers,hmmmmm,what was the team that Shaq got traded from to the Lakers?if he think Shaq “needs to get on with his life”then Dwight Howard needs to get a life and stop trying to be like Shaq.

  53. chaser says:

    Howard’s game are the same with Shaq’s in his prime. They just dunk the ball, no shooting. Even their free throws are the same. The thing is, Shaq is bigger and better. Shaq has the right to say his opinions because he has a tv show that lets him. And Howard is being a punk asking for a trade. Maybe he wants a “Decision part2” next year.

  54. Law064 says:

    Shaq has his opinion but I think he’s just stirring things to motivate Dwight. Let’s be honest overall Howard is a lot better than Bynum. Bynum has a size advantage over Dwight and has better moves on the Offensive side but that’s all he has. People saying Shaq in his prime is better than Dwight your correct cause Shaq has great moves and was athletic like Dwight. He couldn’t shoot FT like Dwight also.Dwight Defence is better than Shaq in his prime, Shaq just had size yes he swatted shots away but not like Dwight. The best big man ever I would say is the Dream Hakeem O. Bill Russell has rings but he had major help back in the era where Bos vs LA dominated the NBA and was almost a sure lock for the finals. But we all have opinons and at a time I thought the Admiral David Robinson was better than Hakeem but they had totally different playing styles. Both were great big men The Admiral was more of a banger while Hakeem was finess with it. The same as Patrick Ewing who had a different style of play. I say Dwight has the Defence of Mutombo and has the ability to score like the Admiral and even Shaq who mostly over power their man.

  55. Fatbelly says:

    “SHAQ” has how many RINGS!! And how many does Howard have, Will the real Super man please stand up Please stand up

  56. arre says:

    dwight has no moves? did anyone actually watch the recap of the lakers-magic game? dwight outscored both gasol and bynum combined. and the best big man to ever play the game is wilt chamberlain

  57. Team_Pistol-Pete says:

    Please do not compare Andrew Bynum to Dwight Howard ever again. Those who agree with Shaq needs to know that Shaq is probably doing this out of jealousy. Dwight Howard is going to be a hall of famer when he retires. Bynum is probably going to retire with a bad knee. Dwight is just better than him. There is no arguing that. He has better stats. Better scorer. Better rebounder. Better shot blocker. Better teammate. You swap teams and put Bynum in Orlando. Orlando will probably be like the cleveland cavaliers but a little better. Ill give Bynum his hook shot and his positioning. I gave him that much so please do not ever bring this up again.

  58. Richard Fox says:

    Shaq is known for putting his foot in his big mouth. Howard is the most dominating center….more than Bynum and Shaq!!!!!! Period!!!! and he is a gentleman too.

  59. Miguel says:

    best big man?? obviously you guys have never heard of manute bol

  60. bimbo says:

    Dwight, why are you hurt with someone’s observation? this is nba. you are being watched by various viewers and thus expect their respective judgement. remember that you are not setting your own parameters in this kind of field. Shaq views you as second rate nba center. respect it. anyway, there is no such a monopoly of skills, knowledge and talent!

  61. roger s. says:

    Sure, Shaq has a right to his opinion, and to state it over & over again, and to try to drown out all other opinions.

    But the bottom line is that Shaq is vain and heavy and his humor is wearing after only a short time, bearing no resemblance to wit.

    The show is far worse with him, and is stumbling in a kind of false good humor close to hysteria.

    Shaq is not the only culprit in the overdone format of the TNT post-game news, e.g. what’s the point of Kenny having to walk miles to point to a secondary screen, or all the shrieking and laughing and in-joke humor, which falls flatter than ever.

    But the frankness & originality of Charles B is still the greatest thing on the show, and I hate to see it getting squeezed out by a 400 lb gorilla.

  62. Cheezo says:

    All in all like I said before..Shaq is one of the most dominant big men ever in the NBA so if he has an opinion on who is the better big man right now then hes entitled to his own thought because hes the one who played the position so I’m sure he knows what hes talking about. 🙂

  63. Cheezo says:

    For those who think that Bill Russell is more superior than Shaq because he got 11 rings..I know my history…and your right Shaq couldnt have won them without Kobe and Wade but Russell wouldnt have won his rings without his team also..now talking about talent and dominatino wise…Who in there prime can go against Shaq in his prime…answer is no one..So I’ll just leave it at that…plus they wont 11 championships because who was there to challenge them for those 11 titles..pretty much no one..I am not hating on Russell hes good where he is and was…But Bill Russell is no Shaq my friend 🙂

  64. doe says:

    Hey Shaq LA VS ORLANDO tonight lets see who is better BYNUM OR SUPERMAN?

  65. Shaniqua says:

    See the problem is everyone is comparing Howard to Shaq stop it! Howard isn’t trying to be Shaq he looked up to Shaq and Shaq’s being a butt hole! Howard is the best big man in the league right now and Shaq knows this! That’s why Barkley’s on him anytime he suggest that nonsense about Bynum being the best!

  66. OIG says:

    shaq is not serious he just trys to challenge Howard and he is right cause this Orlando Magic could come very far in the playoffs if Dwight would score 25-30points a game like he is able to!
    Howard should dominate offensively like he is doing defensively and its not trash talking to say that its the truth so its no real debate even shaq would take howard over bynum every day but he has a point in what he is sayin.

  67. ShakenBake says:

    Its like what everyone is saying. Im a lebron fan but if people is contending that Kobe is better because he have rings then Bynum is better because he have rings
    Kobe = 5
    Lebron = 0

    Bynum = 2
    Dwight = 0

    So if thats how you see it then Bynum is better than Howard Heck even walton Luke Walton or Mbenga is better than everyone else that has no rings haha!

  68. 3000thunder says:

    Dwight just cant let that superman thing go! just a nagging lil kid lol

  69. B-Jay88 says:

    Why are people keep saying Shaq in his prime is better than Howard?
    Although its true, this argument is not about that, but between Dwight and Drew.
    And i think its stupid to argue about it because they are two complete different kind of centers.

    But its true that Dwight does more with less, i mean Drew got Kobe and Gasol on the team to share the load.
    And there for doesn’t get dubbeled or even tripled as much as Dwight because Kobe and Gasol are players that take allot of attention because they are to good to leave open.

    And its because of Dwight gets dubbeld or even tripled that other players on the team get to score more often.
    If Dwight didn’t get dubbeled or tripled he would easy score 30 ppg

    Btw. Shaq can say what he wants he an annalist and gets payed to give his opinion.
    Although i think he said this because he doesn’t like Dwight.

    Anyway this argument is a little bit stupid, just let them play, they are both good players.

  70. clem says:

    A man can really go on tv and complain because someone said he was only the second best? oO Even kobe doesn’t have this kind of ego…

  71. ed says:

    Shaq is dumb. He criticized Kobe, then said he was the best player in the world. I disagree to that too. Maybe he didn’t finish his thought. Bynum is better than Dwight…AT GIVING FLAGRANT FOULS. But then Dwight is better at getting technical fouls. And the comparison goes on. Dwight is the best center in the league period.

  72. Fact of NBA says:

    Uh. Shaq=4. Dwight=0. Shaq can say what ever he wants until Dwight gets 4.

  73. Keaunus says:

    Who ever said WestBrook better than Durant go kill yourself !

  74. Carnelld says:

    Howard has not won anything.

  75. lowbudgetballer says:

    Lets just say everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But in this case, i guess it bothered dwight because he is by far the best center in the league. Dwight is the star on his team. They play around him. The lakers play around kobe, not Bynum. Bynum is just a very good role player. He is not a star like Dwight. You switch them and i can guarantee Bynum will not have the sort of impact that dwight does every game for orlando. The only thing that is going to stop dwight is foul trouble and honestly, most calls made against him are bogus. Then when he clearly gets fouled, no calls are made. Dwight is the best center right now end of story.

  76. Jake Andrews says:

    im not sure if dwight howard knows that shaq has had the superman tattoo since dwight was in highschool id be mad too if some punk kid took my nickname and thought he was better than me. Dwight is still dreaming about being half as good as shaq.

  77. Joff Jaff says:

    Good for Howard ! He is right its not about Superman 1 vs Superman 2 – or whose better than who, people who think like that are children that play on their playstations. The Media, NBA fans, and the Press get all caught up on who is the best, and stirring up controversy. For all we know Shaq is probably texting Howard right now and saying hes the best center the league has ever seen. And everyone is laughing at us, the dumb fans.

  78. Esteban Ruiz says:

    Dwight has proven to be a much better center than Bynum has. Seven time All-star, three time defensive player of the year, and for two years led the league in blocks and rebounds and dunks. Bynum’s career has been bombarded with injuries. Anyone can win two championships with Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol.

    And also that’s the argument here, not if Dwight is better than Shaq. Shaq had a tremendous career, but right now it’s Dwight Howard. Dwight compared to Bynum, I’d pick Dwight in a heart beat.

  79. Tim says:

    As a huge Suns fan, The Shaqtus is a complete joke. He completely ruined the Suns, and we have never been the same since. Dwight is the best center in the league . . . I mean look at Gortat. Once his backup in Orlando for many years, now he comes to the Suns and is a consistent double double every night. That is a lot more than The Shaqtus can say he did on the Suns. Mihm and Mbenga sure are doing amazing things in the NBA now, huh . . . yeah right. Sorry Jabba Wookee Shaq . . . Dwight is better, man.

  80. Daniel says:

    Shaq has the right to say who is the better center. He might be retired and some of you will back up Howards comment on Shaq not being able to back up his comments because he is retired, but the fact is that Howard will never have Shaq numbers and Howard’s succes will never rise over Shaq’s succes. That’s like saying Jordan doesn’t have the right to say Kobe is the closest player to be like him. For me Howard is a better center because he is more athletic than Bynum, scores more, rebounds more, blocks more, faster, etc. But when they go at each other, Bynum have more power, still Howardmight have a advantage for me because of his athletism. By the way, Howard have an avg of 4 more points per game from Bynum and if I’m not mistaken Kobe is the player with more Shots attempt in the NBA and the person who shots more in Orlando is Ryan Anderson followed by Howard. So there is a big point on what Shaq’s say.

  81. Lesson earned says:

    people can’t have opinions no more. So everybody has to agree that Dwight is the best Center in the game, I don’t think so.Thats crazy.Shaq didn’t even say something bad about Dwight.if Barkley had said this everyone would be ok.And Dwight is out there telling somebody to sit down and let it go. Maybe he needs to worry about his game and let this sensitive ego st go. I’m sick of his blind ego.

  82. Anthony says:

    Shaq has the right to say his opinion on who he thinks is the better big man in the NBA without people saying stupid things about him… Shaq in his prime is better than both of those guys anyways.

  83. Derek says:

    Shaq owes a ring to D-Wade, but Kobe owes three of his rings to Shaq.

    • Easy says:

      Dude this is not about D-wade or Kobe.

    • MTHE says:

      true, but Can U get rings without other good players?
      if U said bcuz of Kobe and wade that made shaq get rings
      we could say dirk get a ring bcuz Tyson Chandler, J kidd or Duncan gets rings bcuz of Parker, Ginobili
      or even kobe, he gets another rings without shaq bcuz of he has gasol odom bynum or even fisher
      ask ur self Why Lebron went to MIAMI. just bcuz he wanna get some rings.
      why KG and Ray allen came to boston?
      Could LBJ, Kobe, or even MJ get rings alone?
      It’s all about chemistry, team, coach, and It’s all about RINGS

  84. Murad says:

    to Leon: Even prime Duncan was much more dominant than Howard ever was, than who he may ever be….

  85. kurt says:

    They should settle it at the free throw line ! Shaq and Dwight that is……………

  86. jeff smith says:

    i am a laker fan but i think i would say dwight is better now. but i think bynums numbers would be alot better if kobe wasnt playing because bynum doesnt get enough touchs like dwight.bynum and gasol both seem get frustrated and mentaly disappear from the game because they get in good position and kobe jacks up fall away 20 footers even when his percntage is low

  87. eddie says:

    DWIGHT HOWARD is a great player for his time ,on that note he will never be shaq on his best nights.got a long way to talk about shaq and all he said is that you need more post moves witch you do,as big as you are dwight you need that pick and roll to get you going.your not a true bigman, shaq last of his kind!!!

  88. Scott says:

    Shaq is the same idiot who didn’t think that Kevin Love was the best PF in the game today. His opinions are quite stupid.

    • Shaniqua says:


      • Ao1 says:

        You are being stupid! Eveyone has its own opinion. Yours might be stupid to others too. It’s a matter of understanding and respecting others opinion. Be smart that’s all i’m just saying.

  89. Daniel says:

    Drew is more of a pure center than Dwight, and consequently does quite a lot of things better than Dwight, particularly in terms of attacking post play. But as people mentioned, he’s injury-prone and is unlikely to ever fulfill his plentiful talent.

    Dwight may not be as good of a pure center as Drew but he is kind of redefining the position with his athleticism (not just hops, but agility, speed, etc…). If only he was more smooth offensively he would probably be considered the best player in the world.

    If anyone had to choose between an injury-prone Drew and Dwight, everyone will choose Dwight. But if Drew was not injury-prone, then the decision would probably be based on the roster you have. For a roster that needs a true center you’d choose Drew, for a roster that is more flexible you’d choose Dwight.

  90. Just saying says:

    am a drew fan !! but lets be honest here for a minute..
    Shaq in his prime was the best, he dominated the NBA as the best big guy before his time as a player was up. and we can’t say who’s better because we didn’t see that ” howard vs. SHAQS PRIME ” show. but looking at how shq used to play back then and the way howard is playing now, well..
    Andrew has been improving from the day he got to the NBA, and no one can deny that he is one of the main reasons the lakers won back to back against the celtics, cuz his return stopped the big guys back in boston from dominating gasol ! and if he haven’t been injured alot, he would have been better and better.
    now goin to the Howard Vs Bynum thing, its really complicated, cuz there are differences between em
    Howard is more athletic comparing to bynum, he is faster, lighter, better shooter and a higher jumper, maybe shaq chose bynum as #1 because of his size! because when u look at bynum playing, you see a pure CENTER PLAYER ! his foot works are just amazing, and his moves are smart as well, i see howard as a PF !
    and guys when your talking about shaq, your talking about a guy who won 5 rings, n been to the finales more then once, shaq is among the greatest of all time, so i guess howard should be happy when he is compared to him !

  91. Rick says:

    i think it also should be noted that dwights offensive moves are a result of how nba defenses play him. teams play him and bynum a whole lot differently. more big men push and hand check dwight than they do to bynum, in reality they are all fouling him pretty much the whole time nut it doesnt get called that way since dwight is so dang strong. now does bynum of more of a traditional centers offensive moves? yes, but thats not saying that dwight doesnt have quite a few moves i think that they would be more evident if defenses would play him like they play the other centers in the league and more fouls were called for him… but thats just the way it is. as for the whole debate of who is better or more dominant all you have to do is take dwight off the magic and put bynum in his place, would the magic continue to be a 50 win (normal season not lock out) team? i personally think that with bynum they would be hard pressed to break 40 but i could be wrong, i guess thats all left to be seen

    • Peter says:

      I totally agree with Rick (above) i think its just a matter of how the guy gets played….LA has Gasol AND Buynum…the TWIN TOWERS lol, so you cant JUST focus on one. So in return the other (usually Bynum) will have a free-er hand to do fancy moves and be “dominant”. On the other hand…if i were to be choosing a center for the next X amount of years i wouldnt think twice about snatching Dwight. Hes a Beast, and when did u see him hurt? he plays 120%, in 95% of his games. VERY RARELY does he have really sub-par games. So i just cant wait to see how much Dwight will “dominate” Bynum today 🙂

  92. nba fan says:

    Shaq never said Andrew Bynum is the MOST DOMINANT! He said he is the best big-man! Meaning skill set… size..Dwight does NOT have the offensive reportois that Bynum has…but BYNUM IS NOT THE GO TOO GUY EITHER! Thats like years ago when Tracy Mcgrady was on Orlando putting up UN-GODLY numbers…people said he is better than Kobe…But Kobe was not the main option so he did NOT have the oppurtunity to show hes better…UNTIL THEY PLAYED! Than when Kobe beat him…they said ok..Kobes better. Now, we wait and see. If you ask me, if you take away 4 of Kobes shots a game, and give them to Bynum, I think he easily becomes 25ppg and 12-13rpg.

    • khell says:

      Well said sir… It’s about having the best skill set for a big man, Back then when Shaq played against Hakeem, Shaq was doubt-found against Hakeem’s Dream Shake after that you guys know what happened… Houston took home the title… Its about having multiple moves around the paint so that opposing teams will have a hard time checking you.

      • semaj says:

        So far you have the most relevant comparison to the argument of skill set versus athleticism by comparing those matchups between Shaq and Olajuwon……..Shaq’s raw athleticism was NO MATCH for Olajuwon’s skill set. That being said, Dwight is a PHYSICAL MARVEL right now but what happens when he becomes more earthbound? When the legs go(See Vince Carter). If he doesn’t start developing low post moves, go-to moves now , what will he do when gravity starts claiming him? I think he’ll still be effective but would he be able to cope with NOT being able to OUT PHYSICAL everyone like he’s doing now? Will he get frustrated? I saw a playoff matchup between the Magic and the Celtics where Big Baby and Kendrick Perkins were pushing Dwight out of his sweet spot and all of Dwight’s athleticism did not help him compensate for being out of position. That’s when skillset should take over and knowing how to get to your sweetspot when they intially take it away from you. You never saw ANYONE able to get Shaq out of his sweet spot even when he lost his explosiveness because of his knowledge of the game and taking those trips to the woodshed that Olajuwon took him to as motivation to develop a low post game that served him in his later years. And plus, Shaq was just too darn big!!! His body weight distribution was lower than Dwight’s who is more top heavy and broad-shouldered….you don’t get low-post position with your shoulders…..you get it with your BUTT!!!! And who had a bigger butt than Shaq?????

    • Lesson earned says:

      My suggestion is they should trade Bynum so he can be the go to guy behind a go to guard that will share the shine with him kind of like Blake and Paul are now. I say they should trade him to the nets for Humphries. lol but Bynum and Williams will be a force.

    • Alex says:

      I just want to throw this in… I like your argument in the comparison between the 2. However, I don’t know if you ever watch the magic… but Dwight Howard is not the focal point of that offense. He makes the most of the opportunites he gets and works his but off to pick up the garbage when 1 of the million 3 point shots goes off target.

  93. jorge says:

    So what if he thinks Drew is better? its he’s opinion, yall don’t have to agree with him, hell, his own crew doesn’t agree with him. No need to go saying he’s bitter or jealous, what does Howard have that could make Shaq jealous anyway? Shaq is the original superman plus he has a million other nicknames, Shaq has the rings, finals MVP’s, season mvp etc….i think howard is the most dominant center in the league, that doesn’t make him the most skilled one. But hey that’s just my opinion; and we are all allowed to have one right

  94. PPayce says:

    Well, if we’re debating pure offensive skill, I think there is no doubt Andrew Bynum has the upper hand here… Dwight’s offensive game is very lacking, right now he’s like Shaq in his rookie season. Andrew Bynum from what I’ve seen has decent footwork and knows when to spin to or away from the basket and has the ability to knock down close jumperes or short hooks. Howard on the other hand, sometimes tries to play face up, which makes no sense to me considering his dominant strength, or just tried to do a forced spin towards the opponent and just simply out muscle him. Shaq was a combination of Shaq and Andrew, not only was shaq masterful at moving his body and always knew when to do a finess spin towards or away from the basket or power his way through.
    However, I would choose Dwight over Andrew anyday, mostly for his intense work ethic and amazing activeness on the court, Howard is always bouncy and energetic and will gobble up every rebound and defend the rim effectively while Bynum tends to get lazy. Dwight needs to watch Shaq tape and learn to play like Shaq did, because Dwight may not be quite as strong as Shaq was but he’s definately stronger than neone else in the NBA. He should swallow his pride and learn from the man and pull off a black tornado of his own.

  95. I also think Shaq have a dislike for Dwight and Chris Bosh and i’m sick and tired of brothers belittling each other,both Howard and Bynum are great big men in their own style,so why don’t we just leave it at that,move own with your life Shaq.

  96. haha says:

    shaq in his prime is far more superior than dwight howard will ever be, however, defensively shaq never played with the intensity like dwight, although he does make up for it offensively. but they are different, and bynum is more a traditional big, whereas dwights ability and athleticism makes him seem really raw, shaq was the one guy who sort of revolutionized the position, however we just havent seen anyone run and jump as great as shaq did it, now we have dwight who is also a athletic wonder, and someone who can also revolutionize the position but in a very different way, both great, but great at different aspects of the game…

  97. mr-plow says:

    and the most dominant big man ever was a guy who won 11 rings in 13 yrs=BILL RUSSELL
    google him kids

    • evar says:

      It’s pretty obvious that the discussion is based on the current active players in the league.
      Unless you think Bill Russel is still playing, then you need to do a google on him kid

      • voltron says:

        Is shaq a current active player? Seems like this whole post is comparing a retired player to an active player therefor why would Bill Russell not be fair game? Poor come back

  98. mr-plow says:

    ummm last I checked Shaq only has rings cuz of the guards he played with-Kobe and D-wade

    • slim says:

      what a stupid comment, those two have rings because of SHaq

      • Ao1 says:

        If Shaq didn’t win because of Kobe and DWade then he would have won it in Orlando when he first came. I guess not! He needed someone who could feed him inside otherwise he will not be that dominant as he was.

  99. Cheezo says:

    I think that Bynum is more skilled and has more moves when he plays and will deliver if he is given the ball…I think Dwight is just the type of player that can go out everynight and give a 20 pt. 15 reb. game with his power and athleticism because he needs to do it to make sure his team wins or has a chance of winning…They are just two different types of centers…like how Olajuwon is different to Ewing and how Yao is different to Shaq…

  100. Cheezo says:

    Well, I think Shaq is making sure his crew has something to talk about in the studio and if he thinks Andrew is better then he is entitled to his own opinion even if it might change back and forth…Anyone’s opinion on someone can change easily…The way I see it is that Shaq is one of the most dominant if not the Most dominant big man to ever play the game…so if he has an opinion about who is the better big man right now I think he can say whatever he wants…Who knows? maybe he just does it on purpose to get Dwight worked up about it and he will have another drive to play harder and better to prove his doubters wrong.

  101. LadyD says:

    Forget about Bynum, Superman 1 and Superman 2 are well deserving of there titles and have both dominated the game during there time! As for !

  102. Kating says:

    Howard will NEVER get the real SUPERMAN title from Shaq, shaq on his prime destroys Howard

  103. Voice in the distance says:

    Shaq’s had a vendetta against Dwight ever since he was labelled with the “Superman” tag. Shaq knows that Dwight is the number one right now he just has too much pride to say so.

  104. charles says:

    Shaq hurts himself by making absurd claims like Bynum is better than Howard bunk. There is no taking sides. There is facts. Bynum is playing well. But we know he’ll get injured becasue he ALWAYS gets injured. Howard is Superman and he’s proving it again by doing more with less than any other super star. Bynum doesn’t even deserve to be mentioned in teh same breath as howard – and he knows it more than anyone else. Shaq, your bitterness is clearly effecting your judgement. If you keep going down this path we’ll have to take the “big Aristotle” or the “philosopher” title away from you – because you are being irrational. How about the “Big Bitter Dude”????

  105. Janis says:

    Dwight Who? DIESEEEL POWERR!

  106. Voice in the distance says:

    Shaq’s had a vendetta against Dwight ever since he was given the “Superman” tag. He knows Dwight is the number one right now he just has too much pride to say so.

    • Shaniqua says:

      Agree ten fold! Shaq please let it go u r the best big man ever Dwight is the best right now! Let it go big fella!

    • Gman says:

      actually Dwight branded himself with Superman, with the stupid Superman dance and the logo and cape.

      • MackDaddy says:


        Shaq was Superman…. IS Superman.
        Dwight should have had more respect for Shaq by calling himself Superman like that.
        It was a complete snub to take an existing players nickname, and Dwight should have known better.

  107. lord p says:

    shaq did what he did now his time is over as a player,that’s Dwight time…Shaq don’t be jealous let the Kid get his part of the cake even if that’s gonna be in LA..!!

  108. John says:

    Shaq says dumb things, but bottom line is that Howard could not even compare to Shaq in his glory days. I mean who can?

  109. adam says:

    Dr. Shaq will forever be just another idiot who entertains us. He seems to be very bitter for someone who called howard the best Centre in the game just a couple months ago.

    • Gman says:

      best center yes, he still says that. But best TRUE center he says is Bynum. that is determined by actual post moves, not just brute strength.

  110. Dwight Howard to Miami Heat!!! says:

    Shaq is just expressing his opinion, he has the right to do so just like everyone else, so we shouldn’t jump on him for doing that. Afterall, it is not like set in stone that Dwight is better than Drew, and it is perfectly understandable that some people may consider Drew to be better and have more moves. I think so too, Howard just looks better by around 5 points and 2 rebounds (which isn’t alot) because he is on a worse team, remember the Lakers also have Gasol sharing the paint.

  111. Macp86 says:

    hey i’m a Bynum fan. overall it is Dwight but he doesn’t play like a true big man. Bynum looks more like a true center to me.

    • Hakeem didn’t look like a big man either

    • Brandon says:

      You’re kidding right? Dwight Howard is the defintion of a center. Getting 20+ rebounds a game. And 20+ points using his post moves and obviosly dunking. He is the best center in the league. I would love to know what the true defintion of a big man is if Dwight Howard isnt. Dwight will always be better than Andrew Bynam. Did you watch the Magic vs. Lakers last night. Wow dude, make sure your comments make sense.

      • manu says:

        are you for real?maybe he’s not bigger than shaq or bynum, not even 7feet tall, but he play a lot of defense than either both of them…kinda reminds me of bill russell rather than wilt

  112. NBA Fan Number 1 says:

    Good call by Howard to call Shaq out for talking smack and not being able to back it up with his play because Shaq is now retired.

    Shaq calling Howard the second best big man is even more idiotic then Ric Bucher saying Westbrook is better then Durant! Okay maybe they are equally stupid.

    Who pays these guys??? lol

  113. don says:

    Now I see why Shaunie divorced Shaq.

    Every man has to know when to let go of senseless arguments.

  114. Leon says:

    Prime Shaq is much more dominant than Howard ever was, than who he may ever be.

    • Brandonak1 says:

      the Magic are doing good so far he is not on a bad team hes on a shooting that makes some and misses some. And shaq was good but he cant critiize dwight if he hasent played against him