And One: Fade To Green

Some quick takes on the happenings around the NBA …

  • The Old Men and the Cs: If this is the end, and indications are that it is, viewed through the standings or the honesty of Danny Ainge in admitting a willingness to break up the Big Three, then there should be no regrets. It was a short run for the Celtics but a great one, three full seasons of one title and another push deep into the fourth quarter of Game 7 of The Finals in 2010 before falling short. Quickly going from contender to geriatric was always part of the deal. The initial investment from summer 2007 – acquiring Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett and spending big on a KG extension rather than building with Rajon Rondo, Al Jefferson and lottery picks – is a no-brainer in retrospect.
  • The Celtics aren’t necessarily road kill, by the way. While not in the same class as the Heat, Bulls or 76ers in the East, and maybe the Hawks, there is still time to find the rip cord and reach the playoffs if the roster stays together and they can delay rebuilding until the summer. Anyone sure about the Magic in the playoffs if Dwight Howard is traded? The Pacers, the team that just gagged on a 16-point lead and lost to the Kings as Sacramento shot 30.1 percent from the field and 68.3 from the line? The Knicks? Boston won’t be champions, but it can still be respectable.
  • Can’t remember a greeting like Lamar Odom got Monday in his return to Los Angeles. Derek Fisher walked to the scorer’s table to hug him as Odom was about to check in. Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak applauded. Fisher joined in the applause on the court while Odom took his spot on the lane for a free throw. The treatment of a Maverick at Staples Center is the best statement ever about Odom.
  • The annual anonymous survey of general managers is always fun and usually insightful, and sometimes both. Wouldn’t have imagined such a one-sided preference for the Spurs (63.6 percent) over the defending champion Mavericks (27.3) to win the Southwest Division or the Lakers (77.8) over the Clippers (22.2) in the Pacific, polling done after the Chris Paul trade. The margins were surprising.
  • Love how some noted the decline in GM support compared to last season for Kobe Bryant. So what. He’s still top three in several categories – best shooting guard, best perimeter defender, best at getting his shot, toughest player, best leader, the player you would want taking the shot with the game on the line – despite being 33 years old and coming off a season with a pressing knee problem. The results are a compliment, not an indictment.
  • An especially good survey question: Which rookie will be the best player in five years? Results: Kyrie Irving first at 51.9 percent, Ricky Rubio, Jonas Valanciunas and Derrick Williams tied for second at 11.1. Obviously a nice outcome for the Timberwolves, with Rubio and Williams. But it’s a great statement on the Raptors using the fifth pick on Valanciunas despite knowing he would spend 2011-12 in Europe, that as many GMs think he has the best future as the No. 2 pick (Williams) or the early leader for Rookie of the Year (Rubio). Toronto’s investment will pay off.
  • “Pardon my game laker fans,” Metta World Peace tweeted Wednesday. “I really suck lolly pops . I have absolutely no rhythm. I am working hard and I feel it coming back”
  • Who knows if Zydrunas Ilgauskas can be a successful talent evaluator, one of his supposed duties as the new special assistant to the general manager for the Cavaliers. But hiring him for anything is a great PR move. Big Z is that popular around Cleveland from his days as a two-time All-Star and one of the good people of the league.
  • Unpopular but true: Blake Griffin is not a great fit for the Olympic team and may not have nearly the impact in London next summer as he does in the NBA. The international game is much more about passing and shooting than blowing through an opponent, which is why Team USA officials have coveted Kevin Love and Odom among power forwards and now like LaMarcus Aldridge. Tyson Chandler had a role at the World Championships because he is pure defense at center, and that isn’t Griffin’s game either. “He’s showing what kind of future he has,” USA Basketball chairman Jerry Colangelo said. “I have no doubt that going forward that Blake will have a significant impact on USA Basketball. If not now, certainly in the future.”
  • The toughest cuts will come at point guard as Team USA gets from the current 20-man roster down to 12 for the Olympics. The field of the moment is Chauncey Billups, Chris Paul, Derrick Rose, Russell Westbrook and Deron Williams, and no way Colangelo and Mike Krzyzewski carry five true PGs with Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and Dwyane Wade also able to initiate the offense. Three – Jason Kidd, Paul and Williams – went to Beijing in 2008.


  1. John Young says:

    I personaaly think all the player who played at the world championships should be those going to the olympic. It shouldn’t be about picking and choosing when you play for your country. Le Bron, Kobe, D wade and howard were all too tired or above playing that tornament.

    And looking through some of these team, how can you even think of leaving Kevin Durant of the starting 5 is unimaginable.

    Do you guys watch Basketball!!!!!!!

    And on the Howard topic how about this as a possible team

    Durant, Ibaka (jeff green if he recovers and doesnt resign with Boston) Howard, Harden and Maynor. trade perk and westbrook to orlando

  2. Pretty sure the only English word Blake knows is dunk.

  3. KAM says:

    looking back on the FIBA world championship in 2010 who dominated the whole tourny?? KEVIN DURANT!!!! Him and LeBron are the two best basketball players in the world today, he will stand up and lead the USA to the Gold.

    PG- CP3
    SG- LeBron
    SF- KD
    PF- Melo
    C Dwight Howard

    With Kobe D Rose wade LA and Love as the second unit, no team should even compete with USA

  4. CT14 says:

    In all seriousness, Team USA doesn’t even need a superstar studded pack to succeed. The mixed bunch around Durant, Chandler and Love did fine, didn’t they? I might seem out of my mind but I’d go with a very different line-up that leaves some superstars at home.

    PG – Chris Paul, Derrick Rose, Kyle Lowry
    SG – Andre Iguodala, Ray Allen
    SF – Kevin Durant, Shane Battier
    PF – LeBron James, Kevin Love
    C – Dwight Howard, Tyson Chandler, Chuck Hayes

    Lowry is a great shooter and strong rebounder for his size who can provide energy if needed. Ray Allen would be absolutely deadly, because with him pacing around and everyone’s eyes on either LeBron or Durant, while Paul or Rose have the ball to dish, he’d lead the tournament in threes made, easy. Iggy, Chuck Hayes and Shane Battier would be included for defensive and glue guy purposes, though Battier might stick a corner 3 or two to stretch the flor. Love with his range and rebounding can help spread the floor for LeBron, Iggy and the point guards, if Love and LeBron James were played alongside. If not, Durant could act as a stretch four and LeBron would move to the 3. Chuck Hayes could be an underrated piece to use on any opposing 4 or 5 in a small lineup. Many Asian and African teams have relatively small rosters and here a guy like Hayes would absolutely shut down any post player thrown at him. Then you still could have Howard or Chandler manning the middle and let LeBron, Iggy, Durant, Rose, Paul in any constellation run the open floor. Focal points on the offensive end in any case would be Paul, Rose, Durant and LeBron. On paper, this line-up would be extremely versatile and adaptable to any matchups they are faced with.

  5. 2pac says:

    you are all wrong

  6. Bok says:

    Team USA

    Starting 5:
    C- D Howard
    PF- K Love
    SF- K Durant
    SG- L James
    PG- C Paul

    2ND Unit:
    C- L Aldridge
    PF- C Bosh
    SF- C Anthony
    SG- D Wade
    PG- D Rose

    C- T Chandler
    PG- D Williams

    It’s time for Kobe to give others their chance. Lamar is OK but needs more consistency. Westbrook and Griffin still needs to grow and mature. I’m still thinking about the athleticism that A Iguodala and E Gordon can bring to this team. I picked 3 PG’s and C’s and interchangeable G’s and F’s.

  7. João Nuno says:

    PG – Paul, Derron, Rose
    SG – Wade & Kobe
    SF/4 – Lebron , Durant, Carmelo
    PF – Griffin, Bosh
    C – Howard, Chandler

    Clutch 5 – Paul, Kobe, Lebron, Durant and Howard

    it cant be diferent then this

  8. Mark says:

    As a British NBA fan I’m really hoping that Blake Griffin gets selected for the US Olympic team. The USA will dominate the tournament with or without him, but as someone who has tickets for the basketball there is no player I want to see more this summer that Blake Griffin!

  9. Karlo Garcia says:

    If Dwight Howard wants 2 go 2 one of the LA teams then the Clippers or Lakers trade Griffin or Bynum.

  10. Karlo Garcia says:

    The new CBA does not allow a team 2 trade there star player for no purpose. Both teams have 2 trade 1 player for the other.

  11. Darrick says:

    Hey people. Dont mean to change the topic. But just sitting here thinking about a possible future scenario. Lebron, DWade, & Bosh set a precedent. They are dominant now. Other players are looking at that and saying the only way to compete is to get together too. David Stern screwed the Lakers this year. BUT HE CANT DO ANYTHING ABOUT FREE AGENCY. Do you honestly think Deron Wolliams & Dwight Howard arent talking? Neither player will get traded if they dont agree to a long term deal with the new team. I think they are gonna hit free agency together and hold both their teams hostage. YOU EITHER LOSE US FOR NOTHING OR AGREE TO A SIGN & TRADE. ANDREW BYNUM & WHATEVER ELSE THEY CAN SQUEEZE FOR DWIGHT HOWARD (sign & trade..Bynum is due an extensoin anyway. Especially after he starts in the All- Star game) PAO GASOL & WHATEVER ELSE NEW JERSEY CAN SQUEEZE FOR DERON WILLIAMS (sign & trade)…..Kobe, D-Will, Howard vs Lebron, D-Wade, & Bosh in next years finals. LOL. But I’m only dreamnig LOL

  12. nicolas and miguel says:

    Dream Team II
    Point Guard – D. Rose , Chris Paul
    Shooting Guard – K. Bryant, D. Wade
    Small Forward – L. James, C Anthony, K. Durant
    Power Forward – C. Bosh
    Center – D. Howard, T. Chandler

    11. R. Westbrook
    12. K. Love

  13. Karen says:



  14. Karen says:

    USA Men’s Olympic Basketballl Roster is 12.
    Chris Paul L James DH KB
    D Rose Kobe K Love
    R Westbrook D Wade Melo

    Dark Horses: C Bosh, Blake, D Williams, S Curry
    If Blake, K Love, & KB willing to play PF/C, don’t need Chandler or Billups.
    Odom’s having a horrible season, don’t even have to discuss others.
    Now that’s a DREAM TEAM!

    • Darrick says:

      Starting 5

      pg- Chris Paul
      sg-Kobe Bryant
      sf-Lebron James
      pf- Carmelo Anthony
      c- Dwight Howard

      pg- Deron Williams, Derrick Rose
      sg- Dwayne Wade
      pf-Amare Stoudamaire, Lamar Odom, Kevin Love
      c- Tyson Chandler

      On the edge…possible bumps Russell Westbrook, La Marcus Aldridge. The players listed have chemistry, they played together just like the teams they are going to be playing. NOT JUST PUTTING TOGETHER AN ALL- STAR TEAM ANYMORE

  15. Computer says:

    Got to include Blake

  16. GOLDRUSH says:

    what’s best for team USA would be

    C :Howard

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  18. Semi Kalosi says:

    Team USA PG – I hope they take Rose and Williams…

    Howard – I hope he’ll go to Chicago for Noah and Boozer/Gibson.

    – Rose
    – Hamilton
    – Deng
    – Boozer or Gibson
    – Howard

    Griffin – He needs to be a one show pony. I’m already bored of his above-the-rim antics.

    Best rookie in 5 years – Biyombo! OK maybe not, but you never know… He’s still my favourite rookie. In all seriousness, Rubio will be the best rookie in 5 years.

  19. jason says:

    plss give chance to griffin.. who knows?

  20. Tony says:

    pg-derrick rose
    sg-dwayne wade
    sf-lebron james
    pf-lamarcus aldridge
    c-dwight howard.

  21. Fernando says:

    My USA 2012 Roster:

    Kevin Durant
    D. Rose
    Lamarcus Aldridge
    Steph Curry
    Blake Superior
    Kevin Love
    Russell Westbrook

  22. GK says:

    This like the EXPENDABLES!
    of TEAM USA

  23. matt says:

    starting team will be
    kevin love


  24. Sosay says:

    next usa team

  25. jake says:

    no rondo? wtf?

  26. wadefan says:

    forget about westbrook and billups, they need real PGs there. D-Rose will probably be a playmaker for the team, with that much talent he doesn’t need to score that much. And by the way Im sick of this “Lebron and the Heat”, it’s Wade’s team! Just wait for him to be 100% and he’ll be stacking up MVP numbers! Wade all day!

  27. weezy says:

    The things you people say is crazy!! why not RONDO? well becuz he cant shoot the ball!! @BIGMIKE do you really think that westbrook will make the team over KOBE? smh…@KANE- you got a point there that is a sick Spain roster if that is the roster, that will be a crazy match up….my roster looks something like this
    pgs- cp3, derrick rose, deron williams
    sgs- wade and Kobe
    sfs- lebron, Durant, Melo
    pfs- love, aldridge
    CENTERS- Dwight and Deandre Jordan…who cares about Tyson chandler stop it…Jordan is way better and a superb athlete

  28. steve says:

    I agree with josh if u went on form, millsap would have to be in front of amare and aldridge..

  29. JordanL says:

    2 most probale team USA starting lineup(s)



  30. Kane says:

    You do know Spain has both Marc and Pau Gasol, Serge Ibaka, Ricky Rubio, Jose Calderon, Rudy Fernandez.

    You do know France have: Joakim Noah, Tony Parker, Nicolas Batum, Roddy Beaubois, Ian Mahinmi, Boris Diaw, Michael Pietrus, Kevin Seraphin, Ronny Turiaf and Johan Petro.

    Thats just they’re players who play in the NBA. They also have very good players in Europe also. This is just an example. There are other great teams around the world who have solid rosters.

    I’m just saying Team USA will not have it all there own way!! And will only be able TWO steps!! NOT FOUR!! just saying!

  31. Trav says:

    Javale McGee!

  32. ShakenBake says:

    Lebron and the Heat is winning without wade and losing with him. i guess trade wade and bosh in exchange for howard and Turkoglu. Heat will be much more dominant plus Lebron wont think of anything else but play like what he does for cleveland

    • lakermig says:

      theyre slipping up a bit without him and wade is an awesome person to have out there if it wasnt for him no finals for miami last year and i dont think miami need any roster changes theyre def the strongest team in the east with chicago and if it comes down to them two judging from last year and if lebron steps it up in the playoffs theyll take the east and end up in the finals against okc in my opnion

  33. Lichen says:

    For the Olympics, starting 5 should be: CP3 (USA team needs TRUE PG, not Rose scoring 30 ppg…), D-Wade (no Kobe who always wants to have the best numbers – 2011 all-star game), LeBron (simply the best player of the world), Kevin Love (rebounds…) and Dwight Howard (D-fense). On the bench: Kevin Durant, D-Rose, Chris Bosh, Kobe, LaMarcus Aldridge, Carmelo Anthony and Deron Williams. NO WAY Tyson Chandler (currently the most overrated player in the NBA), Chauncey Billups, Russel Westbrook (D-rose who plays defense…), Rajon Rondo (sorry, better PG’s out there), Blake Griffin (they don’t need THAT many dunks), Stoudemire (overrated). Forgot anything?

  34. josh says:

    why doesnt anyone talk about milsap???

    • What-have-we-become says:

      Who is milsap? lol but yea blake should still go cause he will be dunkin over people like VC did back in the 90’s

  35. Ed says:

    Spain will be gold medal

  36. MiamiCP3 says:

    Dwill will not ,make the cut or will westbrook id choose rondo over westbrook and dwill and also i reckon Aldridge and where the hell is Stoudmire

  37. ESamp says:

    Team USA 2012 Roster – Chris Paul, Derrick Rose, Dwayne Wade, Koby Bryant, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Dwight Howard, Chris Boch, Carmelo Anthony, Blake Griffin, Kevin Love, Derron Williams, with starting five of – Rose, Bryant, Durant, James (6’9″ 260) & Howard (Wade, Paul and Anthony off bench is unstoppable).

  38. Mic says:

    What happened to Gilbert Arenas? Why can’t the Lakers sign him?

  39. Neil says:

    I definitely agree with Charles, Blake Griffin is overrated. How the heck can he be considered the best power forward in the world?

  40. bigmike says:

    startin lineup for team usa will be
    pg-derrick rose
    sg-dwayne wade
    sf-lebron james
    pf-carmelo anthony
    c-dwight howard.

    carmelo might not have had the impact in 08 as he did in the world games in 07 and 06 but there is no way chris bosh or kevin love start over him. chris bosh wont even make the team i dont think. carmelo brings rebounding and he is a pure scorer which you need. yes he might not be a defensive stopper but he does play good on ball defense. its his team defense that needs improvement but with dwight in the back you dont need a great defending pf. and love and bosh surely aint that either. i think kd will play more the 4 like carmelo because of his range and length. i think the team will be set up as so….

    pg’s-drose, dwill, cp3
    sg’s-dwade, westbrook,
    sf’s-lebron, kd
    pf’s-melo, klove, amare
    c’s-dhoward, chandler

    i dont think we are going to dominate the tourney but i do believe we will win without a loss. with that much talent, speed, and rebounding i dont see anyone really giving us too much trouble.

    • tha man says:

      wheres kobe?

    • Darrick says:

      I would love chooping up hoops with u. U seem to know what ur talking about. ONLY YOU MADE 1 CRUCIAL ERROR. YOU HAVE WESTBOOK OVER KOBE???? NOT GONNA HAPPEN. That Gold medal is one of the last pieces of jewelry Kobe wants to take with him. You always have to remember people who play multiple positions always win out. in coach K’s system (which is where Kobe was gonna go to college) Kobe can guard 1, 2, & 3’s.

      • LOL says:

        Uh Darrick that was when KB was in his prime. KB is most definitely NOT fast enough to guard the quick 1s. For that matter any one of the 3 positions when he goes against a young fast player, he cant stay in front of nearly as well. He isnt done, but his versatility is being diminished quickly so you should stop remembering KB in his prime because he certainly is not there anymore.

  41. You says:

    Why is Rondo not on this roster?

    • Darrick says:

      He cant shoot….In the international game that will always be his downfal. That reason, and that reason only

  42. John Doe says:

    I agree, Lakers do need a point guard – put Luke walton on the coaching staff that frees up some money. They also need some bench production (although I think the bench should be capable of doing something – they seem kind of lazy, unmotivated).
    Blake Griffin is as Charles Barkley said “overrated”, but he can get rid of that by really working hard – he has the talent and body.
    Tyson Chandler? I guess all the other centers just don’t want to take the risk of getting hurt…and Dwight Howard needs some PR 😉

  43. nbafan24 says:

    starting five for team usa. PG-chris paul SG-kobe bryant SF lebron james PF kevin love C dwight howard
    or they can go small with both kobe and wade playing and moving lebron to the 4. thats what they would do in beijing

    • Darrick says:

      Good starting 5, but people are real quick to put Chris Paul ahead of Deron Williams. I think head to head with EQUAL talent surrounding them….I would take Deron Williams.

      • LOL says:

        Your absolutely crazy

      • Denzo says:

        You really cant pick one. Deriick Rose, C Paul and Deron Williams are so close its not funny. They are all some of if not the best, in the nBA wth their skill sets. Bulls fan. Rose is reigning MVP. So he should definitely be in this convo.

  44. oliver says:

    I second that, dont believe theyll have the depth of a winner team with all this NBA crazieness lately.

  45. arcee says:

    I think Spain will win the gold in London 2012.

  46. Damian says:

    Please somebody explain to me what is so special about Tyson Chandler? Pure defense? Is that a joke?

    • Brandon says:

      hes one of the better defensive players in the NBA, the knicks defense is already improving

      • Darrick says:

        Yes but u need defense on the front end to keep him out of foul trouble. The knicks took a step forward, but then took 2 steps backward when they let Chauncey Billups go. If They had Billups at the point, and let Shumpart play his natural position (who happens to be a beast on defense) they would seriously contend with the Heat. The most important position on the floor is point guard. WHEN YOU HAVE A GOOD ONE YOU NEVER LET HIM GO. Find a way to make salaries work.

  47. Nate the Great says:

    The Lakers DO NOT NEED A CENTER!!! THEY NEED A NEW POINT GUARD! I love Derek Fisher, and he is one of the greatest point guards, but he is not a play maker and is 38 years old! The Lakers need a fast, young point guard who can make plays, penetrate, and find the open man.

  48. Reimsky says:

    I am a huge Blake Griffin fan, and I totally agree with the comment on him in the article. Dude still has to work on his game.

    • Darrick says:

      Blake Griffin’s game is fine. He could work on his 18 footer a little more. But thats not why he wont make the team. The people he’s competing against have a different skill set. Love, and Odom can score and rebound just like him, but they also shoot threes. Ultimately thats where Griffin will lose out. And its not like I’m some major Griffin fan. But I will repeat. Anyone that can fix there mouth to dis Griffins game should look at the fact that there is a reason only 2 people in the NBA average over 23 points and 11 rebounds in the ENTIRE NBA. One of them happens to have a mean 3 point shot tho.

      • LOL says:

        O so Blake Griffin is fine then huh? LOL. Yea he only needs to work on an 18 footer? Please. He needs to work on ALL of his jumpshots AND more postmoves. If you really think that ALL Blake needs is an 18 footer, then your on something.

  49. Roberto Navarro says:

    Scott, explain this. If the international game is not about “blowing through an opponent,” then why was Barkley always one of the leading scorers in the olympics. I’m sure griffin would do just fine.

    • ha says:

      barkley could shoot the jumper on a consistant baises.
      griffin cannot.

    • V says:

      Barkley can run the floor with the ball like a guard, is a slightly better defender, can hit the international three and is a better rebounder; he handles international zone defenses like a boss.

    • Darrick says:

      Barkely could shoot Threes. And Barkley could play both forward positions. Griffin is getting there. But slow up. Please dont mention him in the same breath as Barkley.

  50. love bosh says:

    kevin love and chris bosh pretty much have the PF spot locked up for that roster. rose and chris paul will play the 1, wade and bryant the 2, lebron james and kevin durant the 3, and dwight howard and tyson chandler at the center spot. im sure carmelo and lamarcus will make it too.

    • Darrick says:

      NO WAY!!! I’m sorry, but Chris Bosh dont have anything locked. To be honest i dont think he will be on the team. What you dont realise is that if Carmelo Anthony plays…..HE PLAYS THE 4 ON COACK K’s TEAM. And Coach K ABSOLUTELY LOVES LAMAR ODOM. For the same reason i mentioned before. Carmelo, Odom, Love, & Aldridge rebound at a high volume, and they all shoot Threes. Bosh & Griffin might be the odd men out. Real Talk

  51. Celtics says:

    can anyone imagine this

    I don’t see heat winning if dwight goes to the celtics or the bulls. Although the big three will have to take a pay cut

    KG is the weakest of the big three

    • TheKing6 says:

      I agree that K.G. is the weakest of the Fabulous Four right now but trust me, if the C’s got Howard this season, they would still not beat Miami. First off, they wouldn’t have the experience together yet. Second, Bosh is easily able to handle Garnett in the post and would take him to town. Pierce has been slugish and inconsistent this season thus far and is showing more signs of age. Wade can match him. As for Ray-Ray, remember LBJ shutting down D-Rose last year? He could definitely stop Allen from making an offensive impact. That leaves Rondo as the only problem for the Heat. And as we’ve seen this year, he can’t carry a team by himself. Plus, I like Norris Cole against Rondo, it would be interesting. But if they meet in the playoffs: Heat in 5.

      • Gui says:

        Nah, Ray Allen game is way diferent from Roses game, he’s gonna be a more dificult match up for Lebron since he moves a lot without the ball. The cut on the paycheck of the big three would be too big to sign Howard tough, but maybe they would decide to stay since they would have a big chance for the ring.

    • Maximus says:

      How come you can have Dwight when you stil have the big ? You can have dwight but you dont have the big 3 that is reality. what can boston offer other than big 3? pietros? 😛 you mean orlando just give up dwight for nothing? look at you first 5. 😛

  52. bimbo says:

    odom is a great loss to LA

  53. Beantown says:

    I dont think paul pierce will be leaving the celts hes a one franchise player and wants to retire a celtic. KG needs to go hes hes not proving hes worth the 21 million hes getting payed this year. Ray allen is still a productive SG I think give him to the bench and sign him for another two years with a pay cut. sign ronnie brewer or kyle korver to start in his place and sign a starting center omer asik?

    • John says:

      if you think ronnie brewer or kyle korver are better than ray allen, even this late in ray ray’s career, u are INSANE. seriously,i’m not trying to be rude, but is that a joke?

  54. LOLWHAT? says:

    We don’t need Howard, we’re so contended with Drew, who’s better offensively.

  55. Renato says:

    it really was great how the fans applauded Odom.Recognizing the importance of this player to the franchise despite defending the opponent at that given night.I think he must have realized at that moment that he was valuable to the Lakers,despite almost being traded for Paul.He should have considered that sooner…

  56. Choker says:

    I think LA should trade Bynum and Ebanks for Howard…… best deal LA and Orlando will ever have, both teams benefit, CElts need to work out on their roster,

    • armando says:

      not a bad trade for magic

      but i really think howard will end up in celtics

      if he doesn’t get traded this season

      celts already drop green’s contract

      and next year

      garnett , allen & o’neal ‘s contracts would expire too

      garnett & allen will probably take a low pay for a chance on a ring

      amking it possible for celts to sing howard + mid bench

      • Jkey says:

        Maybe, but the Celtics roster isn’t getting any younger with Pierce, Allen and Garnett and I don’t know much about their bench to comment on for support. I think Howard should choose a team that will consistently challenge for the Championship over several years, not just a last effort attempt before stars retire. To what team, I have no idea but my opinion is the Celtics wouldn’t be a good choice.

    • Darrick says:

      If the lakers had a point guard they wouldnt need Howard. They could get Howard right now and still be in the same boat. They’re already holding teams point totals down. They cant score points. THEY HAVE NO FLOOR GENERAL. They’re about to set a record for consecutive games under 100. Howard wouldnt change that

  57. wow says:

    i am not LAL fan but i think i know how LAL Fans feel when LA’s mamagement screwed up and gave away odom for nothing.

  58. Matt says:

    Derrick Williams will be a solid player after 5 years. But right now, I think the team needs to figure out which position he will be playing. They have two players (Michael Beasley the other one) that can play either the 3 or 4. But the problem of both is that they are both slow at the 3 position and too small for the 4 position.