MJ, Kobe And Everybody Else


HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Just so we’re clear on who is and is not worthy of comparison among the greatest of the all-time (or soon-to-be) greats: Michael Jordan says Kobe Bryant is the only player, apparently past or present, that has earned the right to be compared with his Airness, as relayed by Roland Lazenby (who is working on a Jordan book) via Twitter over the weekend:

Kobe’s ultimate competition is MJ. That’s why MJ watches him. MJ made people think what he was doing wasn’t human. Ditto the Kobester.

I never said Kobe was better than MJ. MJ just told me Kobe’s the only one to have done the work, to deserve comparison.

And Kobe says that Chris Paul is the only player other than reigning MVP Derrick Rose that possess the same drive and desire to be the best of the very best that he does:

“He’s a dog. He’s going to fight to win, and not too many teams can deal with him. Chris Paul is really the only other guy in the league, other than Derrick Rose, who also has that competitive edge.”

Is anyone else sick of all of this? So now MJ and Kobe get to decide who measures up, who is on their level?

Well fellas, I can think of several guys who could and should be included in the discussion. Bill Russell, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Jerry West, Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Shaquille O’Neal come to mind.

Funny, you never hear Russell, Magic or Bird yapping about who is on their level. In fact, I don’t remember any of them spending much time engaging in the G.O.A.T. conversation at all, when all three of them certainly could make a claim.

If we’re going strictly by jewelry, I don’t think there is any doubt that Russell is the runaway winner. And if we’re going for impact and transcendent talent and ability, both Magic and Bird qualify easily.

My bigger issue with the entire discussion is that MJ and Kobe even bother entertaining the topic, be it in the form of a question or a conversation they’re having publicly.

They know they’ll go down as two of the very best to ever play the game and arguably the two best in the eyes of many. There’s no need to talk about it. There is a level of humility that should come with being the very best at what you do. Did you ever hear Michael Jackson talk about Prince being the only other artist on his level?

I understand that the one thing that separated Jordan from his peers and Kobe from his is that they seemed to lack that humility. And that’s fine when you’re in the heat of the competition. But when those days are over, it’s OK to step back and take a more measured look at the history of the game and your place in it.

The respectable thing to do would be to pay homage to those who came before you and respect the guys going at it now and be secure in your place in the game, wherever that is, and let it be.

If MJ and Kobe want to go somewhere and argue for six months about who was better, they’re welcome to it. Their camps are entrenched and will likely stay that way for eternity.

I’ll pass on an invite to that spectacle (which I must admit would make for great reality TV).

Then the game will move on to the next great one.

It always has. It always will.



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  4. charles says:

    MJ is significantly better than KObe. Not by a little bit, but significantly. MJ’s center was Cartwright for god’s sake! He was a ridiculous athlete. But he is not alone. Magic Johnson was an exceptional ball player and I certainly do not concede that Magic was less of a basketball player or leader of his team than MJ. They played differently and impacted the game differently – but the impact was HUGE. What about Kareem Abdul Jabar or Oscar Robertson or Russell or Chamberlain? These are all up there in the individual within a team that made the biggest contributions. No one is impressed when a 7 footer dunks – it certainly isn’t as pretty as MJ’s dunks j- but they are both worth 2 points. These other athletes didn’t live in teh age of mega marketing when teh propoganda machine was at its strongest….but that doesn’t discount their talent or contribution.

  5. Tybrolee says:

    Are you kidding me? MJ wasn’t as great as you all think. Kobe’s better than you all think. Bill Russel is the best ever, then Oscar Robertson, and then MAYBE MJ. If not him then Kobe or Magic.Do you wanna talk about rings? Try 11. Kareem and LeBron aren’t bad either.

    • a0001 says:

      blablablabla….numbers don´t lie….MJ is the best ever…..when you compare titles, stats,personal records…there is no debate…..

  6. bballwiz says:

    Have anyone read ESPN’s The Sports Guy Bill Simmons’ masterpiece of a book “The Book of Basketball”? That probably is the best book of basketball there is, and it can also be a very good reference when talking about the NBA. The best part of the book, to me, is his list of the 96 greatest NBA players of all time which he calls “The Pyramid”. He has unbiased insights about every player on that list, factoring everything that needs to consider, including stats, opinions of teammates, opponents, legends, coaches, the media, overall impact of each player in the NBA and the world, and the intangibles that he call “The Secret”. It’s really the perfect way to look at basketball. For all NBA fans, this is a must-read.

    You know where Kobe is on that list? Number 8, ahead of Shaq (12), Hakeem (11), Robertson (10), and Jerry West (9); but behind Tim Duncan (7) and Wilt (6). Here’s an excerpt about Kobe:

    “Here’s his (Kobe) hypothetical resume after the 2013-2014 season: six rings and nine Finals appearances; 60,000 minutes (regular season and playoffs combined); 34,000 points (third all-time); 1,300 regular season games (the record is 1,611, held by Robert Parish); 6,500 playoff points (easily a record); nine first-team All-NBA’s, five seconds and two thirds. Again, that’s a reasonable scenario (health permitting). Throw in three hanging-around seasons and he’s suddenly the Kareem of non-centers, either the third- or fourth-best player in history. The sheer volume of numbers add up: rings, All-NBA’s, All-Star appearances, points scored, games played, playoff games, total minutes. At the very least, “Jordan vs. Kobe” will be a debate. And I will get angry and tell you to shut up, and that we need to stop comparing people to Jordan, but still, it’s a debate. Someone could ask, “If you were starting a team and could grab one guy for his entire career, would you rather take 1984-2003 MJ (with five full years of missed seasons) or 1997-2016 Kobe (with 0 missed seasons)?” And someone else will have trouble answering. Not me. But someone.”

    Now here’s what Phil Jackson wrote in his book, “The Last Season”:

    “Ask Shaq to do something and he’ll say: ‘No, I don’t want to do that.’ But after a little pouting, he will do it. Ask Kobe and he’ll say: ‘Okay,’ and then he will do whatever he wants.”

    “Kobe is missing out by not finding a way to become part of a system that involves giving something larger than himself. Hec ould have been heir apparent to MJ and maybe won as many championships. He may still win a championship or two, but the boyish hero image has been replaced by that of a callous gunslinger.”

    Who do you think is number 1 on The Pyramid? You guessed it: Michael Jordan. (FYI: Russel at #2, Kareem at #3, Magic at #4 and Bird at #5)

    (More on Jordan according Bill Simmons on my next comment.)

  7. a0001 says:

    I truly don´t understand how some people can say that Kobe is as good as MJ…it really amazes me….However says that (1) doesn´t know MJ´s career that well or has just seen some highlights (2) does not understand the game of basketball….” Kobe is a better shooter than MJ”…. my God, that women should never again comment any basketball related issue in her life, her credibility his gone..

    kobe has better numbers?No…
    kobe has more championships?No…
    kobe a better athlete?Not even close…
    kobe ever had a finals game were he went for 15fg with 18fga…( 13 of those made consecutevely)?
    kobe has a Finals series with 41ppg average?..i don´t think so..
    kobe has ever scored 35 points in one half in finals game?
    How many 50 point games does kobe have in the playoffs?…1…hahaha…Jordan: 8 !
    How many 40 point games does kobe have in the playoffs?…11….wow….Jordan: 38!!!…(just think about this for a little while..)
    Seasons over 52% shooting?…Jordan:4…Kobe: 0 !!!……ahaha…and he is a better shooter?
    Seasons over 50% shooting?…Jordan:6….Kobe: 0…..so, who exactly is the better shooter?
    50 point games with under 50% shooting? Jordan:1 of 31!!!….kobe: 6 of 24!!!
    50 point games with under 45% shooting?! Jordan: 0……kobe:..3….
    Scoring titles? Jordan:10…. kobe: 2…and somehow,somepeople say that kobe is a better scorer!!!
    Career efficiency rating? Jordan:27.91 (“just” the highest ever…)…kobe:23.53! but somehow,somepeople say that kobe is a better all around player!ahaha….
    Playoff runs over 50% shooting? Jordan:5…kobe:0!
    Playoff runs under 46%shooting?Jordan:3…kobe:10!
    NBA Finals averages for their careers:
    Michael Jordan 33.6ppg 6.0reb 5.9ast 48.0%fg 36.8%3pt…
    Kobe Bryant 25.3ppg 5.7reb 5.0ast 41.2%fg 31.3%3pt
    so…in the finals, where it matters most, MJ is even a better 3point shooter then kobe!
    Finals mvp? Jordan: 6 out of 6….kobe: 2 out of 7!
    Seasons with more than 200 steals? Jordan:6…kobe:0!….any questions???
    Seasons with at least 75 blocks? Jordan:4…kobe:0!….
    Mj is number 1 all time in blocks by a guard…kobe is not even in the top10…
    Mj is number 1 all time in pointes per game…kobe is number 10….

    I could go on and on…so my question is…What´s the debate?…
    There is no debate….only someone that says “FACTS don´t matter” can say that kobe is as good as Jordan…
    To them, my answer is: Shaq is the greatest free-throw shooter ever….

  8. Mitchell W says:

    The guy who wrote this is probably a Lebron James which means his opinion is worthless

  9. Dwyane Wade says:

    Yeah right, KOBE is the greatest BALL HOG ever.
    MJ compared to KOBE? there’s no point in KOBE’s
    career that he reached the JORDAN status.

    I bet DWADE is nearer to that airness.
    He’s never ball hog, he can score inside out, he blocks even
    the height of TIM DUNCAN and the speed of DROSE,
    he can rebound, and he’s a real TEAM PLAYER.

    If there’s three players I can compare to MJ, they are:
    1. DWADE
    2. LBJ
    3. DROSE

    If there is a player I can compare to KOBE, he is non other than:
    1. DURANTULA (top 2 ball hog)

  10. Chitown TJ says:

    As a true basketball fan one must compare a great player not for what he has done, but what he has done for others. The true comparison starts with the word “Teammate”. Basketball is still a team sport but people always want to single out individual players. So let the comparison begin. Michael Jordan not only was the one of the best players ever but he made others great. That is the true definition of greatness. Not only did he make one player better but got him into the Hall of Fame and elected one of the 50 greatest players. He then took a team with average talent and won 3 NBA championships in a row “Twice”. “THAT’S BACK TO BACK TO BACK TWICE”
    Also coming up Michael Jordan didn’t have the smooth path to stardom as Kobe did. Finally having played the sport myself my greatest joy came from making the average player better, I knew i could score but the thrill came from giving of myself to make others better. That is why the game is played with five players, It has never been about one on one. Everyone is not going to be blessed with the raw talent both of the gentlemen have but they still play the game. They want to be involved in winning, not watch while one player shoots 40 times or more per game. Personal accomplishments have it’s place but i am ole school and I believe that everyone can share the rock and still be successful. Magic Johnson and Show Time proves this theory. It’s not rocket science to share the rock. If more NBA players would adopt that style the game would have more appeal.

  11. mike pie says:

    Kobe can pick and choose who is and isnt on his level. Kobe is pure legendary and can do what he likes. When you accomplished what the black Mamba has, then you can say what you want.

  12. Jim says:

    Whole lot of talking, This person better then that person. Well, I guess I’ll put my 2 cents in also. I’m a Laker fan, but at the end of the day if I had to choose, I would go with MJ over Kobe. Its true the players in the league today are better athletes overall, although MJ athletically was every bit as good. He was ahead of his time. In Jordans day though there were a lot more big physical POWER player who also were great. (Moses, Parish, Kareem, Ewing, Olajuwan, Robertson, Malone, Barkley, etc) You could legally hand check players, not every little touch was a foul. The man would get pounded every time he went to the rack. How many more points would he have today if every time a player blew on him it was a foul. Say what you want its difficult to compare, but the truth is today’s game is Soft compared to the 80’s. Books were written specifically to bring pain to the guy in the hopes he would stop attacking the rim. (it didn’t work) They would tell the player to foul hard and if you hear the whistle hit him again, because they were only going to call one foul at a time. All that and still shot 50% for his career. There are 450 players in the nba at any one time and he was the best at both ends at the same time. 10 time scoring champ, all nba 1st team defensive player multiple times, defensive player of the year, 5 time MVP (and was short changed on a couple others) etc, etc. His will to win was matched by vary few players in the history of the game. Magic was my favorite play of all time, but MJ was the greatest I’ve ever seen in my 35 years of watching the nba.

  13. Mitchell W says:

    This guy is talking about something he doesn’t understand. Jordan was 6 for 6 in NBA Finals with 6 Finals MVPs. Averaged over 30 points in his career and won all of his championships without a dominant big man. GREATEST EVER, FOREVER……..well at least for any of our lifetimes

  14. G says:

    Personally I don’t know who equals to MJ and frankly I don’t care. The fact of the matter is why is this a topic? Or better yet why the hate for the comment? We can call them narcisstic for wanting pick who measures up to them respectively, but you must also look at the fact that..since Jordan left the game and while Kobe has still been in the game, we have looked to compare all these new boys coming in the league to them. How many times has some been crowned the next MJ or the next Kobe? Compare that to how many times a draftee or current player has been compared to Russell, Magic or Bird coming out of the gate. Yeah there have been a few great players through out history who have shown that they can measure up to the greatness and competiveness of Jordan and Kobe, but the point is this……If you are constantly throwing MJ and KB name around as this person is their next heir and this person is their next heir….they why can’t they have the right to appoint their own heir to the game?

  15. PleaseSTOPcomparing says:

    This is one really funny article and the more funnier part is how people reacted to it and how they inserted people’s names who is not involved yet. These are the things I noticed upon viewing all the comments and the article itself.

    1. For the Blogger (MJ, never claimed anything he was referring to the current stars that are playing today.)
    2. Even Magic, Bird and Russel and other great stars of the past agreed that MJ is the GOAT. (another no argument)
    3. Looking up the history books the only player in the past you can’t compare to the players today is George Mikan. Here is it why we can still compare them. Russell vs. Chamberlain then after the 60’s was over the new rookie of Milwaukee. So now it it’s Wilt vs. Kareem. Then this guy Kareem became even a part of that Magic and Bird Rivalry. During that early mid 80’s MJ faced the Boston Celtics and scored 63 points at their own home court and a few years later in the 90’s MJ faced Magic in the NBA finals. In the mid late 90’s we did saw MJ and a young Kobe Bryant go head to head. Even in the MJ Washington years, MJ and Kobe had some few battles. That’s the closest link we can compare athletes but aside from that it is impossible to measure. The game of basketball has evolved and in my conclusion of this small research of mine is that basketball is like a cave man who evolve into super athletes. I’m not saying players before are not athletic but from Bob Cousy himself admitted that the game today is played above the rim. The game was use to be dominated by the centers. I just wonder if D. Rose was playing at that era or Monta Ellis. But there’s a reason for everything. LOL

  16. Almaz says:

    Kobe #1
    MJ 2

  17. "I LOVE NBA" says:


  18. Jowell Chua says:

    Kobe Bryant is… the best there is there was, there ever be ball hog player in the whole world, no one measures up to him. he towers above all, definitely the greatest ever ball hog. 1mvp??? is that what greatest ever should be? Kobe Bryant greatest ball hog ever period.

  19. Lakers R Us says:

    I can’t believe some of these Kobe haters in denial! They don’t realize how ignorant they look! This guy saying Cuttino Mobley and Baron Davis are better than Kobe! And you say Kevin Martin is a better scorer than Kobe! God what an ignorant hateful remark! Do you ever watch basketball dude? @ Ogert!

    • Ogert says:

      I loved Kobe’s desire to improve. 1999 summer working all out on his jumper, proved it in Game 4 Finals 2000 overtime when Shaq fouled out, Kobe took over the game, two cool jumpers and a put back reverse…..brilliant kid…..champion heart. 2001 Finals Game 4, 19pts-10reb-9ast, involves in giving something larger than himself. brilliant new-look Scottie Pippen. Kobe Bryant 1996-2002 was a new generation Scottie Pippen. So when he decided he wanted to try to become Michael Jordan, he tried scoring, involved in taking something larger than himself, that’s when his team started to lose from 2003 onwards. Even with Malone and Payton, Kobe kept taking from the team such that they lost another NBA Finals in 2004. Even during 2009-2010 Championship season, Pau Gasol was the MVP the Shaq the MJ, only he’s willing to let kobe take the center stage by scoring more. So you know i’m not in denial, but i’m being a realist. Kobe Bryant is as good as Scottie Pippen. Back in 2000 if we flank Scottie Pippen with Tim Duncan and Allen Iverson, and let scottie Pippen focus on scoring 30ppg, putting Duncan and Iverson to other responsibilities, Scottie would have gotten 9 rings and 3 Finals MVP for himself. And consensus would have easily put Scottie above MJ with 3 more rings. But we know MJ is better than Scottie Pippen. Kobe 1996-2002 was awesome i loved his game his work ethics, but he’s no more a scottie pippen with 5 rings. Scottie was better with 6 rings. And both Kobe and Scottie, are superhuman sidekicks. MJ, along with Bird and Magic, are the real leaders. We compare MJ to Bird and Magic. We compare Kobe to Scottie, Iguodala, Stephen Jackson, Rip Hamilton, James Posey, Ray Allen, Jason Terry…..a championship sidekick.

  20. KOBE says:


  21. bball IQ says:

    For me its all about the clutchtime (especially do-or-dies), because this is where you will see the player’s heart and will, desire to win, this is where you see if a player can handle the pressure.for me its who will dare to take the shot in the end, or who has the balls to dare take the ball and tell his teammates, i will take this shot and all the risk and the blame that comes with it coz i know i can i have the desire and heart to win.

  22. TINO says:


  23. TINO says:


  24. mundi says:

    leave lebrons hand me a ring azz outta the convo…he might not get one til hes30…..mj23 til i die

  25. ogert says:

    Ray Allen is better than Kobe Bryant. Allen Iverson is better than Kobe Bryant. Cuttino Mobley is better than Kobe Bryant. Joe Johnson is better than Kobe Bryant. Baron Davis can beat Kobe Bryant. Mike Bibby can beat Kobe Bryant. And these players are all 2nd tier and so far down MJ’s caliber, and all these players are all shorter than Kobe Bryant. Kevin Martin is a better scorer than Kobe Bryant. Monta Ellis is a much better scorer than Kobe Bryant. Eric Gordon is a better scorer than Kobe Bryant. Wow, i can’t see how Kobe gets compared to MJ when there’s so many unknown names stacking up better than him. Nate Robinson can outdunk Kobe anywhere, anytime, one-on-one.

  26. lakersin4 says:

    Jordan had to deal with Boston and Detroit before Phil Jackson showed up or else he would have just been another Karl Malone, Barkley and possibly LBJ. Jordan had plenty of help its not as if he did it alone. Shaq couldn’t hit the side of a barn from the line who do you think bailed him out for all those years? Kobe had nothing to work with between 2005 – 2008 Pau and Odom were not ready for prime time Fisher was there too but you saw what Boston did to them – Ouch

    Jordan got so many calls from the refs its not even worthy of conversation – thanks to David Stern building the league on one guys name.

    Kobe fights for every ounce of respect, calls, etc.. Nash and Dirk won those regular season MVP’s which could easily could have ended up on Kobe’s mantle

    Kobe for now and forever

  27. David says:

    And please please realize every playoff and regular season of all the first 3 championship Shaq was the best player on the court….More points of course more rebounds than Kobe each year. How can you be the best when someone else on the team is better than you in their prime. Please calm down

  28. kev says:

    kobe said in the LEAGUE….not all time, quit twisting it

  29. smh says:

    I totally disagree with Haydz. I’m an old fart, but the young Wilt could do it all for his size, jump, dribble and shoot better than any big man in the game today, could Shaq, The Chief, Kareem, or Patrick Ewing or any of the really good big men of today do the things that Wilt could do, I think not

  30. David says:

    This is crazy. Kobe’s nowhere near Jordan. Kobe had Shaq one of the greatest players ever win him 3 rings. And then Gasol Bynum and Odom in the post to win him two more. As far as I’m concerned he’s not that great at all and if you put anyone else with Phil Jackson and that supporting cast they’ll win and score just as much as Kobe. Sometimes you are great because of the position you are put in, not because of you. Lets be clear,

  31. commonsense says:

    This is without doubt the worse article i’ve ever read on MJ and KOBE…MJ has done countless televised interviews saying he doesn’t view himself as the greatest….they are asked questions by jounalist such as the author up here…and they answer honestly because theyve got balls….then they are viewed as arrogant….actually like the author are more obsessed with this silly debate than Kobe and MJ…stupid article…Please write something more intelligent and well researched next time

  32. NBAfan says:

    Somehow, the LBJ fans inserted him into this discussion…

    It’s all about the player’s mold…their play style.

    For the sake of discussion, lets resign for the time being that Kobe is a lesser version of MJ…regardless, they are both from the same mold. Nobody can deny that.

    Lets’ face it, Lebron is not from the same mold as MJ or Kobe. He’s 27 now. He’s not going to wake up one day and have a killer instinct or a sky hook even. He is what he is and what he is is great…but he is definitely no MJ and he is definitely no Kobe. He’s more like a better version of Dominique…or if it makes you feel better…a more athletic Magic…but I think the Dominque comparison is closer.

    So..IF Kobe is a LESSER version of MJ…
    …and IF Lebron is aBETTER version of Dominique (or any other past player other than MJ)…
    …then who’s better?

    BEFORE YOU ANSWER!!! Consider this…”better a diamond with a scratch, than a pebble without”.

    Set your loyalties aside for a second….who’s really better?

    Now…lets get back to the topic at hand…which is MJ and Kobe…

  33. Goldie03 says:

    from year 1996 – 2007 who’s better than KOBE BRYANT and ALLEN IVERSON ? Better HEART? Better team.mates? more injuries but still playing like a warrior with injuries ? better on there prime? NOW think again . . . DECIDE who sits behind michael jordan . .

  34. Wael says:

    The difference between the names you mentioned which they are legends and MJ,Kobe is when you watch Mj or kobe playing is art and yes they have done things in the NBA that none of those names you mentioned have done.. Is not just about championships and numbers, is about the game it self ..foot work..beauty of the game. Thats why MJ or Kobe can do that and they are allowed to say what ever they want..

  35. pmmj19 says:

    Put Wilt on Shaq think what will happen to wilt!! FOUL TROUBLE i guess!!

  36. PacersArea55 says:

    look at the picture on nba.com main page that goes with the link to this article. looks like magic johnson! in the background in a suit!! is it him??

  37. Alvin Clark says:

    Kobe Bryant= Micheal Jordan, LeBron James= Magic Johnson. Bout what about Kevin Durant? Who does he compare to?

  38. Jeremy says:

    1)Michael Jordan
    11)LeBron James
    12)Kobe Bryant

    • ogert says:

      Sorry, a little correction
      1) Michael Jordan
      10) LeBron James
      20) Nate Robinson
      21) Kobe Bryant

      (Kobe can’t win 3 dunk title)

  39. Michaeladaydreamer says:

    You ignorant peole, players back then are the greats of the game because until now they are helping your favorite players to improve their game so I think players back then and players right now are basically the same but we all have different perspectives. For instance Lebron will probably get a ring if he lives in Bill Russell’s era so don’t make an excuse trying to say that the players back then are nothing if they play in today’s game.

  40. legend says:

    just compare and feel what happened when jordan retired at 1993… the impact to the sports and when he came back what was it? All the people rejoiced and celebrated.. more jobs were created. Kobe what about kobe? it was shaq/fisher and Robert Horry who had the biggest bite of contribution on the first 3 peat of the lakers.

  41. mitch03 says:

    Have you people ever read the article before going nuts in these “who’s the goat” frenzy? Because it’s way more about “respect what players brought to the table” than “who deserve to take-over it”…

  42. Mike D Great says:

    Really!!!! Jordan 6 rings = primary player, Kobe 3 rings = Sidekick of Shaq ah ok another 2 = primary player…2 rings only as a primary player and you call as greatest…No way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Wait for Lebron he still young maybe he will develop his killer instinct.

    • ogert says:

      MJ 6 rings as primary player and best scorer. Kobe 3 rings as primary player, ah 2 rings with pau gasol as primary player, derek fisher as closer…..kobe just a scorer cos he needed that finals mvp so bad, held team meeting and begged every teammates to let him score more so he can vie with MJ with that effort to collect finals mvp trophy. “just let me score 30 and i’ll keep away from everybody’s business, i won’t stand in your way for your first rings, i already got 3 and rings are not what i need, i just need that finals mvp trophy. fortunately officials only measure points as lone deciding factor for winning that finals mvp trophy, so please understand, me=30pts=finals mvp. I needed six of those to match his Airness.”

      • ogert says:

        Big correction there, my bad, Kobe 3 rings with SHAQ as primary player, 2 with pau gasol as primary player, kobe not even the closer, derek fisher was. Kobe just score 30ppg. that’s it.

      • ogert says:

        So in 2009 and 2010, Lakers win ‘despite’ kobe needing his 30ppg and finals mvp. Laker team must have had big hearts to let kobe get his 30points and finals mvp trophy, while battling the game of basketball to win the series. Credits to pau gasol, derek fisher, andrew bynum, lamar odom, trevor ariza, ron artest. Like i said, start nate robinson instead of kobe, lakers got themselves three-peat over 2008, 2009, 2010.

  43. Ellipsisdots says:

    LeBron James is not yet done. Let us continue to witness the greatness still to be told. Most history written in the NBA will be changed by the King.

    • dre says:

      well said… ink is still wet even with kobe his career isn’t finish.. but compare the individual numbers not team statistics like championships.. and we will see how these two careers pan out

  44. dre says:

    so i wonder IF now i say IF lebron james win multiple championship (note i said if i know he doesnt have 1 yet) who compares to his numbers other than jordan?? So where will that rank him

  45. Dave Z says:

    Please… MJ only won in the post-Bird/Magic era of expansion and watered down talent… and Kobe now wins in the no hand-check era. I think most people can appreciate where the crests and valleys of NBA hoops have occurred. MJ and Kobe are among the best ever… but there is still some rarified air above where both men stand on the mountain.

  46. M.J/kobe says:

    M.J is the best player to ever play the game… Kobe is the student that to me earn the right to say he’s the second best… bulls without M.J won 52 games.. lets take Kobe out of L.A and see how much games they’ll win.. how many players post two guys in the three point line, shoot the ball with both hands, good 3 point shooter in fact better shooter than M.J,
    how many player you watch score 81 points … selfish i love it.. in that team most of those players are not in the NBA no more .. if they are , they play bench.. yea he had Shaq and Gasol to win championships…Jordan had to go get the person that beat him a year before … to win championships…so call it what you want … M.J. won all his championship with hall of fame players ..Kobe just his 3 first championship with one hall of fame player.
    nothing against M.J he is the best… but Kobe is the student….

  47. wacky says:

    i really love to read all your comments guys… you are all correct in your own opinion… well and good both players are unique… so let us just appreciate their skills and talents… greatest or not… they’re great players who deserve from us too… God bless!

  48. ogert says:

    Kobe has no friends. He win it for himself. He plays for himself. Great players are ones who play for his teammates. Jordan played for himself too, but he got lasting friendship with pippen, especially charles oakley. Look at derek fisher, he doesn’t like to be around kobe, and only acts like he do because he’s playing in lakers. Wait and see fisher fishing instead of attending kobe’s hall of fame induction. MJ led his team to 6 titles. Kobe led his team to 2 titles. So Kobe is way too far down compared to MJ. The best guard ever ….MJ, Magic, Wade, Paul, Rose and then Kobe. Kobe can’t beat Wade. Kobe can’t beat Paul, Kobe can’t beat Rose. Kobe was never the best in the NBA. Name me a year kobe played in the NBA, i can instantenously say 5 player names who ranks above him. 1997 MJ, 1998 MJ, 1999 Malone, 2000 Shaq, 2001 Iverson, 2002 Kidd, 2003 Duncan, 2004 Garnett, 2005 Nash, 2006 Wade, 2007 Nowitzki, 2008 Garnett, 2009 James, 2010 James, 2011 Durant, 2012 certainly not Kobe. So now you know Kobe was just a product of hollywood. California wants to see an action hero. They made him a hero. MJ earned all of his titles. Kobe was given….free and easy. Put Ray Allen in kobe’s shoes, Ray Allen will be next to MJ, put Vince carter in kobe’s shoes he will be next to MJ, put T-Mac in lakers he will be next to MJ. MJ……………………………………………………………………..too far boy, Kobe will be next page, if not next book.

  49. joshua says:

    Kobe and Jordan will always be two of the greatest to ever play in there position. As for the rest of them russell, wilt, shaq, bird, magic all are great as well. Remember Jordan defending magic, Jordan is a two guard and Magic is a small forward or power forward that has handle like a point guard. Magic was just bigger which makes it harder for Jordan to keep him from the post…
    The difference in the guys of Kobe’s era is he has a killer instinct (81), yes there are guys in the league that can really ball and get theres but not that killer instinct mindset. When Kobe retires there will be another to take his place with that same edge and killer instinct like mike. Wade could be that guy if he got his jump shoots under control and a higher percentage rate, he has the edge but his size also is a factor…

  50. Rodrick Jones says:

    People always have problems when THE PLAYERS say how they feel smh. Jordan and Kobe can say what they want and feel how they fee about there games and fellow players. We make it worst (me included) by saying Jordan is the G.O.A.T (he is) and Kobe is comparable (he is) this is not a debate its my opinion. I love a lot of the greats but Jordan said COMPARABLE TO HIMSELF not anyone else and he is absolutely right.

  51. stfualready says:

    Wilt was a 3 in the key abuser, so stfu he was like the biggest in the league if he played now he would maybe have a 30 point game 50 pts tops.. and thats a stretch, stfu im the best player with MJ right next to me. @KOBEBRYANT24

  52. Jov says:

    I thought you guys are better than this, MJ and KOBE merely state their OWN OPINION. Easy as that. You guys can ask LBJ and others.

    PS. I thought you are better than this Sekou.

    -Jov from the Philippines

  53. joneszy says:

    not a thing is wrong with what they did,we talk about it all the time so why cant they.You reporters always ask questions then criticize the answers.if you dont want to hear these discussions stop asking about them.those are the two best and they always hail the ones that came before them so i dont see a thing wrong with it

  54. Terry says:

    Kobe is stil in the heat of competition, he is still playing is he not. I personally don’t see what’s wrong with making a proclamation to your abilities, once you have cemented your position as legitimate All Time best players as both Kobe and MJ undoubtedly have. It’s part of their legacy, I think its an exaggeration to claim that it’s hurting the game. If anything, I think it encourages more competitiveness amongst current players

  55. Petmo says:

    i think most are missing the point. MJ is not mentioning the Wilts and Kobe is not mentioning MJ. Both of this guys are mentioning players after their NBA domination so to say and not those who’ve been in the past season. @Sekou, only Russell, Magic and Wilt can decide who in their post NBA domination should be compared to them.

  56. theblackmamba30 says:

    jajajaja, MJ is the best player of all the times, not only for his records, but also because it aroused excitement the basketball, besides which it´s and will be the best man in the cluth. Kobe is the second best, of it there´s no doubt and comparison deserves with MJ, but not better, I am a super fanatic of Kobe but the reality is different, MJ is to another level, is the most big legend of all you times, admitting that when we speak about maximum annotator kobe is much better, for that? 81, 62 (in 3 quarters), 65, 60, 50 often, neither 40 nor be said, 30 like madman and with 16 season is the maximum annotator of the league and has annotated 5 times 40 or mas points, 4 consecutive ones this season. Not Lebron, Magig, Howard, Wade, Bird, Thomas, Malone, O´neal, when we speak of the better players of the nba history, yes, they are good, lebron the best player right now, but when we speak of the two better player of the nba history, the first place is to Michael Jordad and the second place is to KOBE BRYANT

  57. Kiben says:

    Hey! Swagg the topic is between jordan and kobe! don’t put lebron into the game. If you’re talking that kobe has a good team that is why he is in the peak; then why lebron now with the HEAT changes nothing about him. Wade always have the spot Lebron got the Gspot. Lebron is not close to kobe specially in drive because when kobe sees a man in front he finds his way to the rim with swift move but with Lebron? He’s not using any brain to find moves instead he’s going to jump high and dunk to draw a foul! Stupid is as stupid does sir. 81points kobe! and I’m not saying kobe is better than jordan. I’m just saying that don’t put Lebron unto this level.

  58. LrBron James no. 1 fan-Sparsh says:

    😉 east or west lebron is the best and will stay the best

  59. TS says:

    Jordan played way better defense, and he didn’t mind sharing the basketball. Michael’s true gift was making his teammates better, we don’t see unselfish and understanding basketball from Kobe, we just see him huck a lotta shots up there.

  60. Vandeir Rezende says:

    Kobe melhor que jordam
    1 kobe
    2 jordam
    3 Magic
    4 Kareem
    5 Bird
    6 Wilt
    7 L.James
    8 Tim Duncan
    9 D.Wade
    10 M. Malone

    tai sou brasileiro tenho que colocar mais dois posso?…
    Oscar Shimit & Nenê

  61. JC says:

    Jordan it’s BETTER. Let me just say this; Kobe quit on a series against Phoenix a few years ago to prove a point to his team and management. But Jordan would’ve taken over the series (whether winning it or losing it) to prove that same point. (Kobe was claiming that he was alone on that team).

  62. LrBron James no. 1 fan-Sparsh says:

    acoording to me these are the best of all time

    1.LeBron James(best of all n of all erar)
    3.Kobe Bryant
    4.Wilt Chamberlin
    5.Magic Jhonson
    6.Dwayne Wade
    7.Dirk Nowitski
    8.Tim Duncan
    9.Derrick Rose
    10.Dwight Howard

  63. Michael says:

    Kobe had shaq then bynum and Gasol.
    Michael Jordan had Scottie Pippen.
    Lebron James has Dwyane Wade ( do not mention bosh because he is not really a star he cannot lead a team.)

  64. 40RKQ says:

    Come on Barkley for no 1 could play every postion, no one player could guard him (just ask him), Funniest player to ever play, played shaq, alonzo, hakeem, mutumbo, Robinson, Malone, Jordan, Magic, dr J, bird, and was only 6.4 just check his career stats and compare with all those i mentioned.

    Barkley for President I reckon,

  65. Beau says:

    the only reason this conversation comes up is because MJ is probably asked the question a million times a year.. obviously, there are no indepth quotes so was probably just an ‘off the cuff’ remark… there is MJ and then there is the rest.

  66. Justine says:

    There is a reason why both of them are discussed as G. O.A.T. and can decide who can measure up to their talents. I mean, everyone else does. Both are outstanding players in the field of defense, offense, highlights and clutch. None of the mentioned players like Bill Russell, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Jerry West, Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Shaquille O’Neal can give you all that. Sure, Kareem, Larry, Jerry, Wilt and can score but defense? They’re good defensively but not not that great. Bill and Shaq? Ofcourse! They’re amazing in defense and offense but clutch and highlight? That’s a No-no. Oh! and let’s not forget Magic. Offense? Definitely. Defense? Sure, why not? Clutch and Highlight? That’s a dumb question. Then there’s another field we should have in mind. Consistency in all fields. I think that what Magic lacks especially in defense. So cheers to Kobe and Michael for being amazing players.

  67. HYDMX says:

    Let’s get straight to the point,

    Michael Jordan was the Game Changer and the Greatest Player Ever.
    Kobe is the Best Player at this point,
    and LeBron is one of the Greatest Players who played Basketball, no doubt about it.

    We don’t have to argue who is the greatest or who is the best player who ever played the game.
    They’re all different types of players and most of all they are just humans like us.

    So, don’t hate, we don’t have the right to hate ’em or argue with them, we don’t even fed them , so let’s just get with it and just let them do their jobs.

  68. Miguel says:

    the best player in the game is Derrick Rose

  69. Kanjila luanda says:

    Who is the best athlete of the century in USA? Michael Jordan
    There is an cobe Name there? No
    Who elevated the game of basketball?Michael Jordan
    who made the basketball courts being empty today?? Jordan bcz of is retirement
    Can you see an NBA player who has the same IQ basketball as jordan has??? no
    why in barcelona 1992 olympics the call it dream team ??? MJ
    So respect is good stop camparing MJ to Cobe nothing come close 2 Michael Jordan.
    You can go now to the nba store and buy chigago bulls games and buy lakers games …. Than compare all the games played by both and you will have an answer in side of u.

    Michael Jordan Thanx for Making basketball a great sport today!!!!!

    • ogert says:

      Absolutely agree. Kobe does nothing for the game. Kobe only does it for himself, so in his house there’s rings and trophies. Beijing Olympic is celebrated because of LeBron James, Chris Paul, Dwight Howard. Kobe just tagged along for the ride. He shouldn’t be there in the first place. Olympic team 1996 without MJ is hollow. No pippen, grant hill, penny can present what MJ brings. Olympic team 2008 Kobe, Danny Granger could replace him just fine.

  70. Sal says:

    81 points !!

  71. Jaypee says:

    MJ is still the BEST (Period)

  72. d robinson says:

    the game has developed a lot since the days of wilt and russel. they just waited under the basket and scored and rebounded. no guard was known for his scoring because there the bigs waiting for the ball and it was way easier to score (they scored much more in a game than they do today). in todays game it’s not allowed to wait for the ball under the basket. so the shooting has become more important and guards like MJ and kobe are known for scoring. wilt, russel, bird etc would NEVER put up the same numbers as theyy did back than.
    and you can’t compare guards and centers. those are different positions and different style of plays. so the best shooting guard to me is MJ beacuse he played a little bit better defense than kobe does. but i would say there on the same level as leaders as well as players.

    best PG: A. Iverson
    best SG: M. Jordan
    best SF: S. Pippen
    best PF: T. Duncan
    best C: D. Robinson

    this is my opinion and it’s based especially on the defensiv skills. there are maybe some better scorers (kareem, hakeem, shaq, lebron, melo, russel, wilt etc) but this is the best team in my opinion.

  73. the cat says:

    it has been said countless times before. but: you cant compare two different players. its not even because of the different eras. the´main reason is, that either player (mj, kobe) are put in front of different obstacles any given night. how many seasons has kobe played 13, 14, 15 i dont really care. but: there are 82 games in each one of them. 82 times different circumstances. plus playoffs, which count even more naturally.
    kobe is one of the most intelligent people i ever heard in the media. so he has every right to say who has earned the right to be the next in the line. Because he was asked who EARNED it. not who has similar skills or is physically even more talented like lebron. and if one of the current bigmen had the same drive and mental power to overcome those obstacles any given night, he would have mentioned those.
    like i said lebron is phisciailly even more gifted, but there are two reasons, why he is not mentioned: 1. because kobe said so (which means in kobes eyes he doesnt “want” it as much as mj, kobe, cp3, rose)
    2. the whole world fell in love with the game because of the flaw and grace of a 199cm shooting guard. combined whith a never seen befor killer instinct. befor number 23 of the bulls the world outside the us didnt care about basketball. the reason the world (outside us) watches NOW is another 200cm shooting guard (ok and then there is dirk and gortat, and…), but kobe is the closest thing to mj, that makes basketball popular in the world. (mj did a bigger thing marketing- wise)
    dont compare skillset of those two.
    the others didnt earn to be mentioned yet.
    but one can say the pure talent of durant, lebron, melo, cp3, rose, dwade is very, very notable
    step it up guys, its not too late for you to get the same mindset as kobe and mj had. and then (with a quiet good front office), the rings come automatically, 5, 6, 7…
    no one is born that way. i´m sure not even kobe. he had the luck of having shaq on his team early in his career. i´m kobe fan, but come on. he would have been to young to win a threepeat without shaq attack. but still putting up buzzer beaters and 40-50 points a night, at the age of 33 to 34 thats why we watch.


    • Beau says:

      any talk of MJ vs Kobe is out of order.. individual awards mean nothing unless you have been to the top of the mountain and MJ has won every conceivable award available to him. I mean, whilst also being the most destructive offensive weapon in the league, MJ also won the Defensive Player of the Year award – amazing.

      Also, people are forgetting that MJ won his first championship at LBJ’s age, so he has plenty of time.. In fact, LBJ probably needs to be commended for making the Cav’s a legitimate title contender off his own back. I think most people suspect that LBJ, once retired, will be mentioned as one of the greats with more than 1 championship next to his name.

  74. meontologist says:

    Sekou Smith,

    Seriously, who asked your opinion? Are you the judge or jury to judge what Michael or Kobe has to say? Are you Magic Johnson or Larry Bird? Are you a hall of famer? Are you one of the all time scoring leaders of NBA? What have you done so great with your life, so you can start a talk about NBA greats? You are writing funny articles each day for the losers that discuss what you have just said over and over again and that’s how you make money, This is how you become famous and obtain success, through NBA players, so let the NBA greats say whatever they feel like saying and save your speculations to yourself, because these kind of blogs hurt NBA and its visions. If you do not bring up such unnecessary discussions no one will ever know who said what about who, so please stop gossiping around with that sort of idle-talk.

  75. Bedan says:

    seriously?? LeBron the greatest?? hes nothing compared to the greats of this time. yes we can say that he has the talent to score and bring his team but he will never or have a hard time in finding the determination, skill and mentality of a true artist that can win championships and dominate the game.

    • Gurnisson says:

      LOL ignorance is a bliss obv, he’s twentyfukingseven cut him some slack ffs.. how old was MJ when he won his 1st championship? watch some of his games in his first few seasons how he owned the pistons lolza

  76. Kaiser says:

    hahaha…. all of u are stupid…. MJ is the greatest player who ever played in basketball history…

    LBJ is the best all around player ive ever seen… if your comparing who is closer to MJ then it will surely be Lebron…

    Kobe is much better shooter and has better footwork than MJ and Lebron no doubt about it… Then how come he cant get a consistent stats every game like MJ and Lebron does??? in short!!! basketball is not about shooting its about how u can score in the game using all the abilities u have…

    The only problem that LBJ should change is his confidence in winning the game by his hands in end game situation like Kobe… Kobe isn’t afraid losing the game in his hands, he will always be the guy in late game situation win or lose… Kobe doesn’t care about his team8s or his coace, he will get the ball in his hands in end game situation with confidence but doesn’t have that confidence thats the only difference between this 2…

  77. nyo says:

    Magic was BY FAR the better player has ever played the game. Don’t look only the stats guys. What Magic did was really amazing, he made all the others look much better in his team. My personal top 5 list is
    1) Magic
    2) Kareem
    3) Bird
    4) Wilt
    5) Kobe… MJ ( you guys keep arguing about it)
    And don’t forget what Pat Riley said when he was asked about his dream team…. he said at (pg)- Magic, (sg)- Magic, (sf) -Magic, (pf)- Magic, (c) -… Magic

  78. d robinson says:

    the article is stupid!! of course they have the right to talk and decide about it in terms of what they’ve accomplished and the way they lead their teams and play(ed) basketball!! who are you to decide who’s the greatest ever (the writer of the article)? what have accomplished in the game of basketball?? how many champinships have you won?? please just stop it…

  79. Kevin Okoth says:

    Wilt Chamberlain is by far the greatest player of all time not to mention all the women he slept with which puts him head and shoulders above everybody else.

  80. nada says:

    the reason they are allowed to say things like that is because they are good enough. no one will argue that jordan is the best player to ever play the game. the fact that even with all the greatest players like russell and west and magic and bird have all been matched against jordan is the greatest ever debate and to have jordan win out gives him the right to say what he wants. arrogance is one of the things that made jordan who he is. and since he has named kobe to be that guy who can be measured up to him.. then to have kobe trying to be jordan his whole career, it seems only logical kobe would do what jordan did.

  81. Jones says:

    Funny that Lebron haters never want to see his true ability… He’s the best in the game and will be the best of his generation (coming from a CP3 fan).

  82. Danny says:

    You’ve got it wrong man, MJ said only Kobe is comparable to him. He didn’t say he is the best ever. For all we know, MJ might be thinking that in his place which is several notches down the ladder of the greatest players in the NBA, he and Kobe are probable on the same level.

  83. wz69 says:

    “MJ and Kobe have decided that they get to pick who measures up to them. Who gave them that right?”

    this title makes no sense. it is not something somebody gives you. you just take it.

  84. wessony says:

    i think scal is being overlooked here.

  85. Ak says:

    Top 10 (No particular order)

    Bill Russell (No need to explain)
    MJ (Another no brainer)
    Wilt (The master of Stat Leaders)
    West (He is the ‘logo’ for crying out loud!)
    Magic (Point Guard that can play the Center position, and will still have great stats)
    Bird (Another obvious choice)
    Kobe (Ditto above)
    M. Malone (Ditto above)
    Kareem (Ditto above)
    *** I’m about to choose Robertson, Reed, Unseld, Walton or Dr.J for the last spot, but – NO. It should be TD.
    T.Duncan (I know, he is too simple to be on the list. But his stats states otherwise. Arguably, in his prime, the best Power Forward ever)

  86. azza3674 says:

    mj was a much better player than kobe at the same age. kpbe will not be able to play up to the age mj did and still be dominant. when mj came out of 1st retirement he completly dominated straight away i dont know if anyone else in the nba could do thet

  87. azza3674 says:

    all remember one thing, mj retired twice, can you imagine the amount of points he would have had if he had not retired both those times, i think 1st or 2nd all time leading scoring scorer

  88. cIanix says:

    JORDAN the GREATEST PLAYER why because
    2. 5X SEASON MVP
    3, 6X FINALS MVP
    6. 3X ALL STAR MVP
    10. ETC……

    As for KOBE definitely ONE OF THE GREATS but he is closed enough to compare to JORDAN except there’s nothing came CLOSED he’s like rank 4 and Jordan rank 1 that’s my EQUATION

  89. Ziggie says:

    Jordan great basketballer to have ever lived on earth.

  90. Murphy says:

    MJ is the best in 90’s, KOBE in 20’s… and also other players in their respective years of NBA History…

  91. Jason says:

    Wilt is the greatest of all time. It doesn’t matter.

  92. brad fuller says:

    people love to hate but i truly believe that Mr Kobe Bryant is better player than Jordan. Kobe first and Jordan second, Jordan know’s that but at the end of the day Jordan will not say Kobe is better then him.

  93. JLELO says:

    Sekou Smith wants to know who gave mike and kobe the right to say who measures up to their level of play? No one….they earned that right. Everyone who played with/against Jordan talks about his indomitable will. Everyone who plays with/against Kobe talks about his indomitable will. NO ONE else gets talked about by the other NBA players in the same way that Mike and Kobe get talked about. MJ played against Bird, and he played against Kobe. But he only mentions Kobe as having the same competitive NATURE. Look at Kobe’s quote Smith. These guys aren’t talking about stats, or rings or even skill sets. They’re talking about the intangibles. They’re talking about hunger. And when it comes down to being the hungriest predator in the jungle, it takes one to know one.

  94. Chalobili says:

    …Jordan is the best of all time…there is no doubt…
    Kobe is the best player NOW, but until he is still playing in the NBA he couldn’t get his place in the basketball history.
    Besides, Jordan was the focus point of every single champioship that he won…and Kobe in the first 3 was the second player in those days Shaq was the focus point of the Lakers.

    Come on, Kobe 2nd Player of all time??? I think is the second best Guard of all time maybe..(behind MJ)
    But Magic, Bird, Russell, Kareem, Wilt all of then come first in the greastes players of all time list..

  95. trueNBAfan says:

    well i think they have every right to be the person who decides who really deserves to be compared to Air Jordan and the Black Mamba, lets face it now and days all we see is about of careless plays with minimal talent that the media craves and cries out to…. the truth is both Michael and Kobe did the work, and yes his royal airiness has every right to sit there and day that Kobe is the only player who has the drive Jordan did and succeeded, when the odds stacked down one Kobe he returned with hard work and efficiency and for that he is the ONLY player worthy of comparing to Jordan, cause lets face it if it was up to YOU ALL (MEDIA) you would compare MJ to Lebron james, a player who not only has failed numberous time to win a ring, but even throw in the towel just so that he can cheat his way into getting a ring with a play who in my opinion i better then him D.wade …. so to finalize this i should say the media should never have a say who the replacement of a amazing player is because lets face it you all just go by who shows of the most, not the best talent in the game…..

    last second shot, your team is down by 1 who would you want on your team to take that shot
    ….let me guess your all thinking


  96. Mike says:

    24>23, No comment

  97. Shane says:

    First off, who is this writer to be able to say two of the greatest players of all time can’t say what they are saying? You go win 5 mvps, 6 rings, 10 scoring titles and have the highest career ppg and then i feel like you can write this article… And why would Jackie say that kobe is a better shooter? His FG% is lower for his career? Did she mean that Kobe makes harder shots? It’s because Jordan didn’t take such difficult shots.
    Alright, I am a Kobe fan but I got the luxury of watching the last 3 championship seasons of Jordan’s career as well as Kobe’s entire career and Jordan is the better player for these reasons. Keep in mind Kobe has already played more games than Jordan did.

    Rings: Jordan 6 Bryant 5 (Bryant was the 2nd option for 3 of those although a great 2nd option)
    MVPS: Jordan 5 Bryant 1
    Defensive player of the year: Jordan 1 Bryant 0
    Scoring Titles: Jordan 10 Bryant 2
    Finals MVP: Jordan 6 Bryant 2
    Career PPG average: Jordan 30.1 (highest of all time) Bryant 25.3
    Career FG %: Jordan 49.7 Bryant 45.4
    Career 3FG%: Jordan 32 Bryant 33
    Career APG: Jordan 5.3 Bryant 4.7
    Career RPG: Jordan 6.2 (Career high was 8) Bryant 5.3 (career high was a lil over 6)
    Career Steals: Jordan 2.35 Bryant 1.5
    Career Playoff PPG (when it matters the most) Jordan 33 Bryant 25.4
    Career TOTAL POINTS: Jordan (in less games mind you) 32,292 Bryant 28,330

    Lets break down kobe’s last two championship runs. He first beat a Orlando magic team that had an inexperienced coach, did not have home court advantage and their starting PG was coming off a long injury. Michaels last championship series were against the Jazz who had arguably the greatest power forward of all time (look at his numbers) and one of the best PG’s of all time and one of the most winningest coaches of all time. Kobe’s last championship came against a team that featured some very old (but once good players) and a key player tore their ACL ( i think perkins) in game 6. Ron Artest, Artest people, hit the decisive shot in that game. I think Kobe only had 15 points. You can make these comparisons throughout Kobe’s career in regards to MJ’s.

    THE ONLY STAT Kobe has Jordan beat in is his 3 point shooting %. How is he a better player? I think the point of this should not be who is better, Kobe or MJ, but it should make us realize how special MJ was. Kobe is pretty darn close but that “pretty close” is still a few levels away.

  98. Borrachito says:

    King James:
    Can play 1,2,3,4 or even 5.
    MJ / Kobe:

    King James:
    Can stop MJ / Kobe
    MJ / Kobe:
    Can’t stop LeBron.

    ‘Nuff said…

  99. Denise says:

    Who gives them the right? Who gives you the right? They are the great ones. They know what it takes to be great day in and day out. What you commentators who sit, over weight, an unaccomplished wouldn’t even have a job if it weren’t for them. What you all want to control the top ten but the top ten cannot have a say. Ridiculous. It amazes me that you all who sit around, write articles, but are not in the game cannot play God but no one else can. Grow up! The great ones know better that any of you who is great. Just be happy you still have this blog and are still getting paid to voice an opinion. Because that is all that you blog is, just an opinion. Allow those who play the game and have all the rings the same right.

  100. Birdman says:

    It’s so obviously MJ. There are two names that keep popping up in everyone’s top 5: Magic and Bird. Guess what people, MJ played in and dominated that era. Kobe would have been tossed around like a goddamn rag doll in those days.
    As for the whole Kobe vs. Lebron discussion: can you imagine the kind of damage Lebron could have done with Shaquille O’neal or ANY Lakers team for that matter. Personally, I can’t stand Lebron James, but the guy is a beast, and if he got drafted to any team other than the Cavaliers he’d have a lot more hardware.
    If MJ doesn’t mind being compared to Kobe, then I’m okay with it. To me, that’s as humble as MJ is ever gonna get.

  101. newyorksteelo says:

    Numbers aside (we all know Jordan wins in the numbers department) Kobe is good but lacks the charisma Jordan had on the court. Not even close.

  102. ai376 says:

    Mr Sekou,

    Is this one big joke that I’m missing? I’m 22 years old and was only 9 when MJ played his last game as a Bull. Do 10 minutes of research and you’ll find that Bill Russell, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Jerry West, Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Shaquille O’Neal DO NOT!!! belong “in the discussion”. Do another 30-60 minutes of film study and you’ll find that NO ONE belongs in the discussion, other than MJ himself. As far as the bigs go, their numbers are staggering but they played amongst athletes vastly inferior to themselves. Offensively, Bird was a genius but god knows he couldn’t guard luke ridnour if he had to. As far as any modern day players go, I’ll agree that Kobe is the only one with the killer instinct, but he never single-handedly carried a team to the title. If Michael played in this day and age, he’d average 45/game, easily. Every time he went to the rack against the bad boys it was a flagrant foul(by todays standards atleast)… As for any lebron fans, for the last time, being the most physically gifted player in the league does not make you the best player! He was like this in Cleveland and he’s like this now; he has no jumper, no desire to win, and most of all, no clutch factor. Folks, if you’re looking to get a higher seed in the draft, make sure to give LeBron the ball at the end of the game.
    If anyone wants to continue this discussion, please, go ahead and try…

  103. VINCENT says:

    ONE THING FOR SURE! JORDAN is the PERFECT BASKETBALL PLAYER EVER, i never seen a game like he has in 90’s nowadays ” the DRAMA ” …. KOBE is not that great, he just WON TITLES with SHAQ and GASOL. JORDAN can win CHAMP without PIPPEN and their LINE UP is not that SOLID unlike the LAKERS has this days. CHICAGO BULLS is one heck of a TEAM that no else can ever replicate everything that they’ve DONE.. its simply because of 1 PLAYER ( JORDAN ), jordan is the DOOR of the basketball WORLD. even today you are still wearing JORDAN SHOES, SHIRTS, everything its because he is the PROFILE PICTURE of BASKETBALL WORLD. WOW! KOBE is far from MJ, never BEEN CLOSE enough.
    anyway! did you see KOBE without BYNUM and GASOL? he is the MOST SELFISH PLAYER in the NBA, he turns the ball over for alot of times. KOBE don’t deserve in comparing the AIRNESS…….. LAKERS is a COMPLETE TEAM, even without KOBE. try not to PLAY KOBE, you’ll see the effect. that LAKERS is better without KOBE…… 🙂

  104. dreadyjun says:

    @gdub520, if the guys that were defending jordan were to defend Kobe, Kobe will be scoring 81 every night.

  105. dreadyjun says:

    michael jordan and humility does not go with each other. the guy has a chip on his shoulder.

  106. Goliafq3 says:

    It is just a tv and internet time. They are all great. And what they say – it is really does not metter. We will remember only games and results.

  107. CH says:

    MJ has better stats.
    MJ has more rings
    MJ has more league & finals MVPs
    Why is MJ vs KB even a debate ?

    Surely Kobe is a great player, probably will go down as one of the greatest ever.
    But MJ is still the standard to which every great players today are measured up against…
    even years after his retirement.

  108. MJ4EVA says:

    MJ, Shaq, Kobe and LeBron would have killed Robertson, Chamberlain, and Russell and all other players in their era. MJ’s team might not even lose a game.

  109. Yoav says:

    You may argue about who is a better shooter or who is a better defender and go to the numbers, however there is no real comparison between MJ and Kobe. MJ had and still has a halo surrounding him. look at the NBA ratings in the 90’s. look for the highest all time rating for NBA finals series, look how people talk about MJ more than 10 years after he retire. there is no other athlete in any sport that gets such respect that nobody ever dare to say there is some one better.
    call it a halo a religion whatever – Kobe is not there.

  110. David G says:

    They don´t decide anything, it´s just their opinions and you don´t have to agree with them.. Why are they not entitled to have an opinion? You obviously believe that you are…. If you don´t like them write that instead of this badly camouflaged hatepiece…

  111. MR. KnowItAll says:

    first let me say that MJ did play in the hand check era, so the leagues officiating was slightly different. You could argue that MJ played in a more competitive era, but what you have to understand is that MJ also had a team with the best rebounders (denis rodman) the best three point shooters (steve kerrr) and the best one on one perimeter defenders (scottie pippen). If you really look at MJ”s teams that he had, they cudve have very well won championships on their own. Now throw in MJ and its a definite championship. Theres no reason to believe MJ could do it one his own 3 times then take a break and then do it three times again. Yes there was alot of stars who didnt get rings because of the bulls teams but those stars weren’t surrounded by stars like MJ was. Kobe on the other hand did have a Shaq for the first three, and the only comp was in the west for those, but for his last two he had to play against better overall teams than jordan did. When MJ won he played against teams with one or two superstars tops. Kobe had to play against 3 sometimes 4 superstars on the team (boston celtics with rondo pierce allen and KG) the teams today all around the league are have more quality players and depth on their benches than the era MJ played in. In MJ’s era u might know half of the starting lineup, in todays era you know all the starters AND the six sometimes seventh player off the bench

  112. Bill says:

    They are better than everyone else. it’s not for us to unferstand or agree with. find somethign else to whine about. this has nothing to do with regular people.

  113. SOmeGuy says:

    Jordan is the greatest. Its not about the rings. But 6 FINALS MVPs, and Jordan never lost a finals he has been in. Kobe lost like 2 or 3, Lebron lost 2, Even Magic lost 2, Bird Etc. Only Jordan proved his dominance where it mattered, in the Finals, where he went all out. Undefeated in all 6 Finals he was in. No player has matched that ever. That is why everyone calls him the greatest. Just pointing that out.

  114. double a says:

    dont get too emotional fellas..every one is entitled wtih their opinion.anybody can have their player.all of them was great. the greatest???…its up to you.every player has their time and skills.there is no complete player. all have to leave the game.
    players will be judge by their fans and families only.

  115. Ottoman says:

    The most skilled, ball handling, well shooting, team leading, crowd entertaining player of all time was….Magic Johnson. Wonder why his name is not listed here that much. He’s definitely one of the top three g.o.a.t.
    In my opinion, what makes Jordan special is not only his kind of play, but his impact to the whole sports industrie. He was the first ever to get his own brand. If Jerry West is the logo, Jordan is the sports in person. Jordan dominated the league for many years, especially in the 1990’s, when basketball became an world wide attraction, thanks to the 1992 Dream Team. Magic and Bird’s carrers came to an end after this, and the stage was set for Jordan.

  116. Smart Kobe Fan says:

    Here are the facts folks: Jordan was an other worldly player who had a great college career before going pro. He has 5 MVP awards averaged more than 30 points a game for many years and of course has 6 rings. Kobe entered the league at 18, straight out of high school and by the time he was 21 was taking over games and was usually the smartest player on the floor. He has 1 MVP and 5 rings. 2 finals series’ go differently and he has 7 rings by age 31 with years left in the tank. Now he’s 33, should have at least 1 more MVP for the year he averaged 35 points a game and is still one of the most deadly players around with a realistic shot of winning the all time scoring title from Kareem if he makes it 6 or 8 more years. The dude shares the record for most 3 pointers in the game at 12, scored 81 points in a single game and 60 in 3 quarters on a separate occasion. Beside the point, Kobe is a winner with a work ethic and desire unparalleled since MJ. That’s what MJ was saying. If anything Chris Paul and Derrick Rose should be very honored that their names got brought up in this talk at all. Last, to all you misguided fools who say Kobe was carried by Shaq or Pau must think averaging 30 points in the playoffs is a small contribution. No one wins alone. Jordan had great perimeter players around him and Kobe had great big men. They had the same coach too.

    • CoachD says:

      I like this. Good job man

    • Ed says:

      Kobe didn’t get carried by Pau but he did get carried by Shaq. Shaq averaged over 30 points and 12 rebounds per game in the finals. Jordan never got carried by a teammate like that. How do you go to the finals 3 straight years and not get one not one Finals MVP Award?

  117. mikel says:

    oh!!comn!?>mj and kobe?lols!..long long way t GO to go for kobe BRYANT!,before he PAst on MJ!,.MJ is ALL time GREAT and no COMPARE dude!!

  118. gdub520 says:

    geez…another point comparing mj and kobe. bryant had a mediocre playoff series against the celtics back in 08 when the lakers were beaten and no big games that i remember. again when the mavericks beat lakers in playoffs, kobe had big opening game but not much else rest of the series. i cant remember a series where mj wasnt dominant except maybe the yr he returned from baseball and bulls lost to orlando. the 08 series against boston showed me once and for all that kobe does not quite equal michael jordan

  119. fanboy says:

    there are people in this wold don’t know how to play basketball but they know who is michael jordan!

  120. gdub520 says:

    i am a lifelong lakers fan now 43 yrs old and my thoughts: i dont know the context of how mj or kobe was asked or answered this question. i feel that mj -based on what ive seen- is the greatest individual player of alltime. i hated jordan as the bulls rose up to defeat my lakers in the finals when i thought the lakers were still good enough to win. i was wrong. the bulls were younger, hungrier, better. as the mj dynasty took flight and we were bombarded with bulls games on national tv, i was amazed with mike’s skills AFTER HIS 1ST COMEBACK. i saw him do things on the court i still have not seen anyone do to this day. i watched as he split a doubleteam near the out of bounds and drive to the hoop for a dunk when i thought it wasn’t possible for him to get out of that mess. the way he turned his shoulders made him ‘small’ enough to slip through a tough matchup. he was so good his that when he messed up you were surprised…magic johnson was that type of player. so knowledgeable about situations and so gifted that when he let a clock run out or had a turnover you were astonished….one other thing about mike that i think kids trying to emulate him back then missed…mike was a very good fundamental player. kids saw the tongue sticking out on his highlights, but didnt pay attention to how jordan squared his shoulders to the basket on his jumpers. he didnt just throw the ball at the basket from any position

    having watched kobe grow up here in l.a. ive never had that feeling with him. he takes tons of shots with an amazing degree of difficulty. when he’s doubleteamed, it seems like more often than not, he turns the ball over or chucks up a extra tough shot. mind you, i do believe kobe has been ‘the next michael jordan’. alot of guys were given that title, but i think kobe’s the only one who lived up to it. i have recently come to conclusion that bryant is the greatest laker of all time. he can do anything on the court he really sets his mind to and his career numbers speak for themselves. i think he wanted to be the next mj coming into the league and in fact played a game in chicago in his 2nd yr i believe where he actually guarded mj and was asking him how mike made certain moves ( mike once talked about it in an interview yrs ago…said it was a little strange as no other opponent had ever done that). i believe kobe gave up the be like mike idea and became his own player. i believe at least partly had to do with his and mike’s personalities. michael jordan was not a nice guy (as we see he still isnt). by now, kobe is famously known for his stuck up, stand off, lone wolf mentality. by the end of mike’s career kobe was more than happy to put up 55 in a game against the wiz . i’ve always felt that there was some slight mixed into the relationship of those two that kobe carried into that game (we know now that he carries grudges and doesnt forget slights ala michael jordan). i think kobe has many rough edges to his game (shot selection, dribbling into trouble expecting to be bailed out with a call) to truely say he is the greatest of all time. also, mj was team leader of the bulls almost from day one and played all over the floor and they tried to put that team together around him. i believe that mid/late 80’s teams and the 90’s bulls would beat any of the teams today. its hard to compare eras though because the game has changed so much. scoring is way lower today, but guys are constantly accused of not playing defense. that means shooting now is really bad. the 3 point shot ruined shooting percentages. and its worse now because teams went from not using it at all. to shooting 3’s when the game was on the line, to now running down and shooting 3’s to open the game. it doesn’t help that guys are too cool and too lazy to run the fastbreak now (except when playing my retirement home-aged lakers)

    • CoachD says:

      finally a real NBA fan WHO UNDERSTANDS the game. Not even the writer of this article knows what he is talking about..

  121. Asian says:

    count me on. michael jordan.

  122. Spectator says:

    Kobe was comparing himself with current players not historical ones and he was comparing drive not talent or skill. half this article is invalid.

  123. Ghost says:

    Its just Kobe can never be like Mike,. hahaaah!!!

  124. Naz says:

    This is a debate that cannot be answered it is peoples opinions and to determine players it cant be done each decade each era is different from the others with Bill Russell being the greatest and making an MVP finals trophy after him..With Michael Jordan making a legacy after himself with Larry Bird and Magic Johnson setting an era of battles and Wilt Chamberlin being one of the greatest scores in his life time…It cant be won….

  125. MJ Jackson says:

    The only thought I had after reading this was that, of course Michael Jackson didn’t say Prince was on his level – no one was even close to his level. Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, there’s a fairly legitimate debate to be made; but let’s keep Michael Jackson out of this, his achievements dwarf anything either of them ever accomplished, and the only entertainer who can hold a candle to him is Elvis.

    Also, let’s not call Michael Jordan “MJ” in an article where you also reference Michael Jackson, the true “MJ”. Thanks.

  126. Kobe!?!?!? says:

    I just don’t understand how Kobe can even be in this argument. Does no one remember that Shaq was the Finals MVP for three years? Kobe was a good compliment to the team but Shaq WAS the team. Kobe has never been as dominant of a force as Shaq was in the league, Kobe’s popularity came purely from flashy play and clutch shots. To rank Kobe above Shaq is pure disrespect to Shaq.

  127. Badboys1990 says:

    The only thing I can say is that those PAST Players: Like ,George Mikan,Wilt, Russell, Pistol Pete Maravich, Bob Cousy, Jerry West and many more made those Superstars that came after them. C’mon, we need to get real, This list of guys were the true Pioneers of basketball, if it wasn’t for them there’ll be no Magic, Bird, Thomas or even Michael Jordan…and obviously if this guys didn’t learn from those guys before them there’ll also be no Kobe, Lebron or Wade…..I just think people today doesn’t give the proper appreciation those players from the past really deserves, which in the first place were the ones who were really responsible for making those Basketball Superstars that came after them…..

  128. Lebron James says:

    Lebron James is the GREATEST PLAYER OF ALL TIME

  129. Ed says:

    If he didn’t say it he still would have felt it, what’s the sense in that? The thing that always amazed me about Jordan is that he never called himself the greatest, he always said other players were great. Sekou Smith you’re just jealous of Jordan. Jordan is the most humble athlete I’ve ever seen. He’s never called himself the greatest of all time and I will give all the money in my pocket to anybody who can produce film or a quote where he says he is the greatest of all time. If you jealous, insecure individuals don’t want to hear Jordan talk about himself stop asking him how good he thinks he is.

  130. Airness says:

    Kobe is still light years away from what Jordan has done. Without Jordan, NBA is nothing. Without Kobe, NBA still goes on…Enuff said.

    • CoachD says:

      Are you dumb? Michael already said it, whatever MJ did before, stats/rings aside, Kobe had done it too that’s why MJ said Kobe is the only player to have rights to be compared to him.

      got it?

  131. NBAfan says:

    I’m not an NBA player.
    I can’t pretend I know what it’s like to be a pro.
    I can’t pretend I know what it’s like to have a long career playing basketball.
    I can’t pretend I know all the work, effort, and heart necessary to become an NBA superstar.
    I can’t pretend I know what is truly necessary to get to the point of being even mentioned in GOAT discussions
    …not to mention perhaps be one of the very few consistently discussed.

    So when MJ praises Kobe, and Kobe praises CP3 and Rose…I, as all of the above, can’t question them…at the very least, I’m not going to be “outraged” by it.

    Why does MJ get to decide? Cause he’s MJ.
    Why does Kobe get to decide? Cause he’s Kobe.

    Unfortunately the Jordan/Kobe seal of approval is worth a lot more than my seal of approval…or Sekou Smith’s for that matter.

    My stats…0 years in the league, 0 ppg, 0 rpg, 0 apg, 0 career starts, 0 Olympic medals…0 rings. I’m sure Mr. Smith is in the same boat.

    Humility? MJ praising Kobe is humility. Kobe praising CP3 and Rose is humility. I guess they just have higher standards than most fans…

    Every master was an apprentice at one point….even Jordan. Who was Jordan imitating? Better question…who will imitate Kobe?

  132. Choco says:

    MJ = G.O.A.T.

    KOBE = NAH!

  133. Adam says:

    This article takes the whole discussion out of context. MJ and Kobe are discussing games they respect, not who measures up against them on a list. That’s a whole different story. It seems like the question “who is the next MJ” is still being asked with regularity from the basketball covering media. When Jordan (who is asked this question to his face all the time) indulges, he says Kobe because his game reminds him so much of his own. If you ask him who the greatest players ever are he would and has said Magic, Bird and the like. If you ask him who’s attitude and style of play is most “comparable” to his, why would mention Bill Russell? It’s obviously Kobe! In the case of Kobe’s quote about Chris Paul and Derrick Rose, again, he’s giving kudos to games he respects. In the quote he never makes a comparison to himself, and never says that Paul or Rose are better than any other player in the league. He’s addressing attitude and heart. What’s clear is that Kobe is an extreme competitor (like Michael Jordan was) and as a competitor he notices and respects players who have the drive to compete on the same level, because let’s face it, not everyone does.

  134. CoachD says:

    @Sekou Smith,

    Accepting that one has its equal is humility itself. If you can say things like that then its also fair to ask why are the other greats didn’t mention about who is better than them. Are they too great to be equaled? Will they be humble enough to accept somebody is better than them? It’s a matter of opinion isn’t it?

    Maybe you just hated the fact that Kobe Bryant was mentioned instead of Lebron James. I bet you’d even write the same article only the other way around, wouldn’t you? The article’s all about who was mentioned by Michael, isn’t it? -not about humility. You mentioned about “who gave them the right?”, How about you? Who gave you the right to not let them accept that they are human and that they are humble enough to accept they have equal.

  135. Tech says:

    This is ridiculous! No one compares to MJ, there are many other greats but for me MJ is still on a different level.

  136. kenelyn says:

    remember…even Jordan at the age of 40, he can still score 50 points…that old guy is a great…now you say that the players today are more athletic, my question why micheal can still score 50??? if he would be younger maybe he can score a 100 points…kobe can score more points in a weak team…just search the points of Kobe and you will see which team he scored more….

  137. really? says:

    I agree that MJ is better, but don’t look down on Kobe, Kobe is definitely and hands down one of the greatest player to ever play basketball… and It is an honor to see him play.. and be sad to see him go, just like what I felt when the greatest players retires (MJ23, Malone, Kareem, Magic, Larry, and even Shaq, etc..), just hoping that there will be another superstar that will rise-up and the NBA stay afloat or even makes it better once kobe decides to hang it up

  138. warren edward simon says:

    nobody never heard of dr j philly 76s

  139. Michael says:

    just want to draw everyone’s attention to the tags real quick
    lamar odom is apparently as connected to this article as michael jordan
    and lebron, who is never mentioned, is the top tag
    lebron is a proven loser, no one has ever cared about odom except for khloe

  140. audrick says:

    i think KOBE is the best player ever… jordan got his rings coz there is peppin, harper, rodman that can back up him… bulls is a great team in thier era…a lot of firepower compare to lakers…there’s rodman who can stop malone, kemp….and jordan is the only one best shooting guard in his era…unlike today the Shooting guards and small forwards hold the NBA… for KOBE is the best player today…and he is best than MJ……

  141. Laker's fan says:

    Kobe said it best when someone asked him if he is as good as Jordan.
    And he said “you are talking about the best to ever played the game” .

    Jordan was just better in all level. Remember the “Jordan rule and how to stop Jordan” being discussed at the 5pm local evening news when the bulls was in town. Teams were double and triple teaming Jordan on a nightly basis.

  142. LeScared says:

    Well Jordan was asked and he answered. Don’t see anything wrong there. And who gave you the right to judge what the respectable thing to do is?

  143. Eds says:

    Michael Jordan is the Greatest Basketball player to ever play the game and Kobe Bryant is just right behind him.How dare you even question this fact ?

  144. John2x says:

    I think in every era has different greatest player, because the style of play changes as the time goes by, just my opinion

  145. zaakrah says:

    mj is the best. second is KB24, thats its.

  146. Trinny says:

    Ok gut’s I agree Jordan is the best player for his era. If he played in today league he will not of been that great.. He would of been great but not as great as the 90’s. Kobe gets to much credit, yes he is a good player but I will not put him as high as #2 he would not even be in top ten. You guys look at championships to qualify players to much… The only player to do that with out a doubt is jordan I must say. Kobe on the other hand could not win a ring with out shaq…. Kobe is a great scorer but not the best all around player. He can not be put on a team with out strong players and take them anywhere and you all know that is the truth. I would say Lebron is a better player than kobe. If you took Lebron and had him on the lakers before shaq got there and put kobe on Cleveland I bet you Lebron would of won a ring and cleveland would not of even make it to the playoff’s. And you all know thats the truth of the matter. Yes lebron does not have a ring but all around he is a better player. and once he start winning rings everyone will even go as far as to say he is better than Jordan. Because in everyone eyes a ring defines a player. Lebron is a better all around player than Jordan yes I said it. Jordan is a better scorer but Lebron is a better defender. If you put the 93 bulls against the 2012 heat I would have to say the heat would come out on top. but again you can’t really compare era’s….
    You guy’s need to look at how players play and not how many rings they have………

  147. edgar ivan says:

    MJ vs Kobe:
    mj rookie of the year – kobe NO
    mj defensive player – kobe NO
    mj 2 slam dunk champions – kobe 1 slam dunk
    mj 6 rings – kobe 5
    mj 6 mvp finals – kobe 2mvp the others 3 championchips shaq win the MVP
    mj 5 mvp of the season – kobe only 1
    mj 3 all star mvp – kobe 3 all star mvp
    mj 69 points – kobe 81 pointa
    mj more of 32.000 pionts in 1.072 games – kobe more of 28.000 in more of 1000 games……mj retirement 2 times ….kobe NO
    mj plays in the best team of all time 72-10 (1996) – kobe dont have this record in your team
    mj win the score champion more 10 times – kobe NO
    mj is better person
    besides everyone wants to be like mike … including Kobe
    mj wins in 9 categories , tie in 1, kobe win in 1

    • Ao1 says:

      for your information… Kobe is not metioned as better than Jordan. The discussion is Kobe is the closest one after MJ as even MJ declared so stop proving those stats and awards that MJ is greater than Kobe coz he is. The whole world knows it but that is not the idea of this topic. MJ said, Kobe is the next after of him… READ Please then comment something that is within the topic.

  148. mike says:

    best of all time…..

    1. michael jordan
    2. shaq (yes, even with bad free throw average)
    the rest are arguable

  149. redman says:

    who cares if kobe is an “immitator”. all what matters is that he is the hardest worker in the league, and he is a great player. people who think lebron is better obviously dont watch kobe enough.

  150. KOBESYSTEM says:

    I don’t see what the problem is here.

    MJ = GOAT!
    Kobe = Best work ethic in ANY sport right now!

    Why wouldn’t they have the right to say who’s carrying their respective torches?

    Kobe didn’t say CP3 is the 2nd best player after him! He said CP3 has the best WORK ETHIC right after him!
    Same with MJ… he’s the best player to ever exist as acknowledged by everyone! You gave him that title…. let him USE IT!

  151. redman says:

    3. everybody else

  152. Smoke says:

    I think Kobe and Jordan were only speaking on players that came after them, Kobe and MJ are the 2 greatest players to ever play the game, LeBron may be the better OVERALL player because he can play 4/5 positions but Kobe and MJ both are proven leaders, closers, and have way more heart than LeBron. Kobe and MJ stayed with 1 team and got 5 and 6 rings respectively. I hear what yall sayin about Bird, and Magic but they both were on teams that could have had nearly all starters in the all star game. MJ and Kobe are the two greatest players to ever play not just because of numbers and rings but because of they’re competitiveness, heart and drive and their will to win no disrespect to the guys that came before them but like Joaquin said you cant really compare the players of the old school era stats because the game changed dramatically over time i.e 3 seconds, and players being younger and way more athletic

  153. allaroundballer says:


  154. HeatFTW! says:

    Seriously? I mean, I understand MJ getting to decide who compares to him….but from ALL the people to choose, he chooses the man accused of raping a woman who hogs the ball and only makes slick moves and some pretty good shots on the court?…..SERIOUSLY?! Now Kobe thinks he has the power to say who compares to him. Are you kidding me? What about all of the other greats? This is just outrageous! There are plenty of NBA greats who can compare to MJ, there’s even guys now that can compare to him……but saying Kobe compares to him is just dumb.

  155. Smoke says:

    I think Kobe and Jordan were only speaking on players that came after them, Kobe and MJ are the 2 greatest players to ever play the game, LeBron may be the better OVERALL player because he can play 4/5 positions but Kobe and MJ both are proven leaders, closers, and have way more heart than LeBron. Kobe and MJ stayed with 1 team and got 5 and 6 rings respectively. I hear what yall sayin about Bird, and Magic but they both were on teams that have had damn near all starters in the all star game. MJ and Kobe are the two greatest players to ever play not just because of numbers and rings but because of they’re competitiveness, heart and drive and their will to win no disrespect to the guys that came before them but like Joaquin said you cant really compare the players of the old school era stats because the game changed dramatically over time i.e 3 seconds, and players being younger and way more athletic

  156. Listen2Reason says:

    Actually Kobe is the best because he has the Kobe system. Jordan was on top, but thanks to the Kobe system, Kobe went over the top. When you are on his level Kobe will turn to you and say….. “you’re welcome”. ~Kobe System

  157. mikeoangelo says:

    Its simple,Its all about the times. We live in a time of socail media where more ofthen then not we want to know a celeberties every thought ! Michael never lacked humility. the fact of the matter is, HE IS THE BEST EVER and thats what people want to know ESPECIALLY nowadays, and of course kobe is the best player currently playing with multiple rings that would make this recent discussion as intresting

  158. Listen2Reason says:

    I hate the apples and oranges argument. Really? It’s OPINIONATED. Understand this please. Just because you think someone’s the best doesn’t make him the best and it never EVER will. Stop! I don’t care who it is MJ, Kobe, Wilt, Russell… it’s all completely ridiculous, you might as well be arguing over who has the cutest child like women at a day care center.

  159. Baha says:

    Long story short…you cant get borred watching this 2 play…thats what separates them from other…..cus u never know what u going to get…most elite players can score and win the games including championships…but MJ and Kobe give you that never seen moves and never tried moves….its simply entertaining…and they got the talent to change the speed of the game unlike others…in other words they now the flow like ocean waves….Magic…Bird…Russel..Wilt were great no dbout….but its MJ and Kobe that majority enjoys to watch….

  160. JMan says:

    Jordan is hands down the greatest ever and the likes of Wilt and Russel should not be in the same breath. Different game. They were average by todays standard at best. Kobe is a winner and one of the greatest of all time however heavily influenced by MJ.

    When it comes to winning and dominating the opposition it should read IMO

    1. Jordan
    a bit of daylight here…
    2. Bird
    3. Kobe
    4. Magic
    5. Shaq

  161. Zach says:

    What this article doesn’t say is that Kobe and Jordan are not simply discussing these things as a pastime. They are RESPONDING to questions from the media, and questions they get asked again and again and again. That’s why they talk about this stuff and players like Magic do not – because Kobe and Jordan are more frequently asked about it. And they are the two that are asked most often because they have been put on that pedestal by the media.

    Not saying their is a problem with that, but I think the article is a bit misleading about the actual willingness of these two players to separate themselves from the rest.

  162. Andre Rison says:

    At the end of the day Jordan will go down as the best all time and Kobe is not far behind. It is unbelievable how much people hate Kobe Bryant and have complete disregard for what he has achieved as a basketball player. LeBron has folded the tent every year in the playoffs and when big games are on the line (every game of the NBA finals last year) he doesnt want the ball. That is not someone that is better than Kobe or Jordan as nobody has one more big games or wanted the ball more than these 2. Kobe will end up with 6 championships and likely finish with the most points of all time, you can talk about this and that and how great his supporting cast was blah blah but his numbers and rings will speak for itself.

  163. Bsmooth213 says:

    Kobe will be the greatest of all time when his career is over which want be until like another four years

  164. Fabio says:

    Kobe ??? No, please….He is a very good player, but, there are several other better then him. He has 5 rings, but 3 of them are “Shaq rings”, there is no doubt, Shaq conquered that rings.
    My opinion:
    1. Michael Jordan
    2. Magic
    3. Kareem
    4. Wilt Chamberlain
    5. Larry Bird
    6. Shaquile O’Neal
    7. Tim Duncan
    8. Bill Russel
    9, George Mikan
    10. Bob Cousy

    There are too many other great players (Dr. J., Hakeem, David Robinson, Stockton, Drexler, Kobe, Pippen, Barkley, Orcar Robertson, Jason Kidd, Garnett, Moses Malone, Karl Malone, Bob McAdoo, Bob Petit, Ewing, Isiah Thomas, … ). It’s difficult to number the best players….

  165. Gary Cakeboss says:

    Kobe is honestly worried that Lebron can touch his skill level, honestly thats why he’s not mentioning him. Get real and pay respects.

  166. phamie says:

    When basketball is the topic, the only thing that comes in mind are MJ and KOBE. MJ is great in his generation as will as KOBE too but when we are talking history, no one can better to the great airness Michael Jordan and everyone knows that and KOBE is not too far from him. that’s my thought.

  167. James says:

    First off, these reporters need to think about it, this guy probably asked them the questions, MJ wasn’t saying no-one else can be compared to him, he’s saying no-one since him can be apart from Kobe and as for Kobe, he was just saying who has the same competitive drive, what has that got to do with being the greatest players, he definitely isn’t saying Chris Paul and Derrick Rose are in this discussion so what has that got to do with it, and as for the discussion, it is pretty hard to compare when players are playing in a different era, but if you look at Jordan’s career he is a better all-round player than Kobe, nothing to do with championships or how many games his team won, it makes a difference but doesn’t make you the greatest, what i think sets him apart and will still set him apart from kobe is the fact that he did it all from his first season whereas kobe did not, he wasn’t a true leader until a couple of years after Shaq left and he hasn’t dominated as many playoff series as Jordan did but this is just my opinion, don’t get me wrong i am the biggest kobe fan, best out and out scorer there has ever been and best closer too. but this debate will never end with kobe being better as Jordan wa the first to dominate the league doing it all, magic and bird were unbelievable but they didn’t dominate like Jordan .

  168. jirohkanzaki says:

    Obviously, MJ and Kobe were talking of players who came after them… their heir apparent… those who had the same drive as did them… nobody is that stupid to forget about Wilt, Russell, Bird, Magic, Oscar if they were talking about the all time greats…

  169. jirohkanzaki says:

    Is this writer an idiot? Obviously MJ and Kobe are talking about players who came after them… their heir apparent… those who had the same drive who came after them… of course, if they were talking of the greatest players of all time nobody is that stupid to forget the likes of Wilt, Russell, Bird, Magic, Oscar etc…

    • D says:

      For all of you people “arguing” that Wilt played with a bunch of short white guys really have to take a look at the history of the game before making such ignorant comments.

  170. FANS OF NBA says:


    • CoachD says:

      Kobe, an imitator?

      Every person, young and old, every player, amateur and professional, local and international. EVERYBODY IMITATES MICHAEL JORDAN.
      What’s the big deal with that?

      Look pal, if you don’t know anything about Kobe and his professionalism about the game, competetive spirit inside and outside the court, DESIRE TO WIN (unlike sell-out LBJ)… YOU’RE IN THE WRONG HOUSE.

  171. MJ IS THE GREATEST says:

    still the best!

    • Fernando says:

      Kobe is really good… Nowadays, he is the best player in the world.
      But Jordan is above all, he is from another planet! Even Kobe know’s that!

  172. Gabriel says:

    Mr, Sekou Smith, you asked who gave them the right? Well, THEY are the ones being compared. THEY achieve the level to be compared with. THEY are the only with natural right ones to judge. Who are you Mr. Sekou Smith? Who am i? At least Kobe and Jordan are not afraid to point out natural and true admiration of other players. They know what they are talking about.

  173. Bounty12 says:

    I cannot believe that this is even a discussion. Kobe a better closer than Jordan. That’s is just ridiculous. I’ve watched Jordan and Kobe’s entire career and there is no comparison. Jordan by mile is the best. Kobe patterned his game directly from Jordan. Reference the bald head and sweatbands his first few years. Jordan changed the game. He upped the conversation of basketball when Bird, Magic and Isiah were basketball gods. If you want to make comparisons let’s compare Jordan in his first few years and Kobe in his years after the departure of Shaq. No question is a GREAT player in his time. But Kobe against Larry Birds Celtics, Isiah’s Pistons, Patrick Ewing’s Knicks. Drexler’s Trailblazers and sure let’s say it Magic’s Lakers. Jordan did it! After being double and tripled teamed every night not just when Shaq left for Miami. Shaq was being doubled and tripled team for all those years. Jordan… No Question. Kobe…pretty good Jordan Imitator.

  174. Loo says:

    I refuse to make a list because you cant compare players of different eras and different positions. MJ was the greatest of his era, Bill and Wilt dominated there same with Magic and Bird. But to throw out a list is ridiculous. Stop trying to argue a point were there is clearly no winner…..Watch and enjoy for what it is today. you lames

  175. Jay says:

    Magic is the most entertaining of all time!!!!!

  176. Luckylefty2323 says:

    The article totally goes left when sekou mentions rings….I think kb and mj are referring to competiveness and work ethic…sekou was reaching on this article smdh

  177. legend says:

    why kobe is compared to MJ? Because Kobe copied MJ’s Moves and thats just it. He imitated the great one we saw his moves and it was from Jordan.

  178. jan279 says:

    I agree with Sekou Smith, those guys he mentioned clearly have a stand in the G.O.A.T. conversation. I don’t know what you people are saying that guys like Magic and Bird are lacking which is why they don’t deserve to be in the G.O.A.T. conversation, all I know is they clearly have a stand. You might say MJ and Kobe had some kind of drive or whatever that separates them from the rest but I don’t think that’s enough to truly separate them from everyone. At the end of the day, the real measurement of a great player is his accolades and accomplishments.

  179. no no no says:

    Those people that talk about players in the present time are more skilled compared to the past. That is true, but what if Kobe was borned in the past? He definitely will not be as good as now, because he will not receive all the right modern tool and trainings. He will not receive better shoes, better gym, better food, better payment, and motivation.

    • really? says:

      people are different from 40’s,50’s,60’s, 70’s, 80’s , they would adapt to what era they are now…
      you’re crazy.. what if Jordan played against Bill Russell??
      you’re so stupid to put kobe in the Past, while not even thinking what will Jordan be in the early years.. SO STUPID!

    • Tommohawk says:

      spot on! It’s a rediculous idea that we can compare players from different eras with one another when facilities, sports medicine, travel/accommodation comfort, even level of pay etc etc have all improved dramatically, and continue to imrpove, giving today’s athelete far more opportunity than in the past, even as close back as the 80s. It’s NOT a level playing field so STOP trying to compare. It’s futile!

  180. Sebastian says:

    I am not sure why it is so hard for people to understand what a poor shooter

    BRICK MAMBA is……..

    I understand he has a cute name for a black guy but if you just stick to the facts, there is no arguing this guy cannot shoot.

    For starters this year he is 1 for 19 from 3pt in the 4th Qtr. Mr Clutch ? I think not.

    Next year , Mr Brick Mamba will be the the NBA RECORD for MOST MISSED SHOTS IN THE HISTORY OF THE NBA

    What do you people not understand.

    You cannot be considered great if you lead the NBA in most missed shots in the HISTORY OF THE NBA


    Top 20 scorers of all Time. Which BRICK MAMBA is one of them.

    Mr Brick Mamba has the lowest shooting PERCENTAGE of all of these 20 PLAYERS

    Enough with the HYPE

    I get the “HIS NAME IS CUTE” speech

    Stick to the facts.

    RAPE MAMBA will have more missed shots then anyone that has played the game by the end of next season.


    • really? says:

      because those Guys you were talking are CENTERS except Mike, but Michael always goes to the Rim, but when Michael gets older he learns that he can’t hop on everyone anymore, ergo he learned to be a terrific mid range shooter…
      KOBE is the Better Outside Shooter , stop looking at the highlight videos and stats.. download michael’s early years (FULL GAMES) with the bulls then you will learn that he always drives to lane, goes to the rim because he’s not that consistent yet on his jumpshot.. and he can and he does practically jump-out of the Gym…

  181. Dwayne says:

    This is stupid like what does competitiveness have to do with being the greatest of all time??? not mj or kobe said anything bout GOAT you said that, kobe’s work eithic is ridiculous MJ is the same they always always found something to motivate them they were different than the ones before hell shaq would even skip work outs wtf you talking bout, this has nothing to do with being the GOAT but more to do with how much work they have put in to achieve the status they have, can u honestly tell me that those names mentioned above worked harder than MJ or Kobe, even if they were better or achieved more they could NEVER claim they worked harder than those two.

  182. johhny b. says:

    Kobe hogs the ball too much. Other people want to play too.

    • really? says:

      well Kobe patented his style with Michael Jordan.. so I guess you’re right, but MJ hogs the ball MORE, so is LebRICK.. LOL it’s so FUNNY!

  183. Fabio says:

    Tim Duncan!! Why does everyone forget about Tim Duncan?? He has 3 rings, MVP trophies, and an elite team for years. He is a legend that never got the credit he deserved!

  184. JJ says:

    I have been a Jazz fan through the Malone and Stockton era and really hated MJ for taking it from us twice thus leaving the best PF of all time without rings. But I have a lot of respect for Jordan as the best player of all time. I don´t think Kobe is even that close, no matter what MJ or fans say. One 81 point game fades compared to Jordan´s averages plus I don´t think Kobe is the better defender of the two. Only thing they have in common is the ability to not break down, no matter what.

  185. redman says:

    whoever says lebron is better than kobe, they are just delusional. i think mj knows what he is saying, and he is right. shaq wouldnt have won without kobe, and kobe wouldnt have won without shaq. i remember in the 07 finals, drew gooden had better games than lebron. i also hate it when people say lebron had nobody on his team. he had shaq, mo williams, zydrunas, jamario moon, daniel gibson, jj hickson, and many other good players, lebron just never showed up in the playoffs or finals enough to win. now he has wade and bosh, and he still lost…. he wouldnt even be finals mvp even if the heat did win. he only averaged 3 points in the 4th quarter, even wade and bosh played much better than him. and he will never be a better scorer at all. he never had 81 points, 62 points in 3 quarters, or 4 staright 50 pint games like kobe has done.

  186. MJ IS THE GREATEST says:


  187. jj says:

    for me mj is better but kobe is right there with him and for lebron dont even put him on the list of the greats

  188. kaleb says:

    when you talking about dogged determination than YES KB is just like MJ, CP3 and Dr.Rose are soem tense youngones, they ALWAYS stay intense on the court and want to put that foot on the neck so YES I agree with MJ, but why THIS question AGAIN? WHY? WHY WHY?

    so ummm what? MJ got up one morning and called up a few reprters and start talking about this? enoughalready…..

  189. Aerick says:

    My apologies to The Human Tripple Double Oscar Roberton but one championship?….. sorry man. One or two more and you would be in my starting five. A man who has great stats and very few.. if any rings.. reminds me of guy from Clevelend who tooks his talents elsewehere… Lebron is the next reggie miller or charles barkely.. great stats.. no rings.

  190. dont forget says:

    mj plays baseball too…so u know…

  191. Aerick says:

    Greatest Center Ever – Bill Russell
    Greatest Point Guard Ever – Magic Johnson with John Stockton Close Behind
    Greatest Shooting Guard Ever – Michael Jordan With Kobe Stepping on his back heels… really close ( we will have to see when his career is done but he just dropped 40 or more 4 nights in a row..
    Greatest Forward Ever – The mailman – Karl Malone
    Greatest Small Forward ever – (I hate to say it) But Larry Bird.
    Period End of Story.

    • really? says:

      I agree with almost everything except one thing, the Center, that should be either Kareem or Wilt.. but yeah, I respect your opinion, Bill Russell was one of the best defender and teamed-up with the Celtics ever, while Kareem and Wilt was the Monter Scorers of their Time…

  192. Maria says:

    I think really it’s not a matter of G.O.A.T, because every time has its ONE great player. It was Magic – the greatest of my first memories, it was Jordan, who was the best, while I was growing up, and Kobe afterwards. Maybe now it’s gonna be Derrick Rose’s time, ot CP3, or LBJ. I dont know, and no one knows. It takes time to be the greatest, and no one in the game can be the GREATEST OF ALL TIMES. You could only try to be the greatest of YOUR time…

  193. Tommohawk says:

    AMEN to your article!

    I have long thought that these “best ever” comparisons are pointless given the change of the game over time and so many other variables that influence how a player performs in a particular time and environment.

    If we go down that slippery slope, you could make a solid argument that Shaq in his prime would have dominated Wilt and Russell offensively if he took a trip in Dr Who’s Tardis into the 60’s and early 70’s (if indeed it would fly with big Shaq onboard!) because frankly, while those two guys were giants among men, and rightly thought of as legends now, Shaq was a giant among giants due to the drastic increase in players’ physiques between then and now.

    But, the point is, why on earth would you try to make that argument. I love Shaq but he should never be compared to those two simply because they all achieved great things in their time and environment and there’s just no way of knowing if they would do what we expect they would do in another time and environment. Not to mention what extra achievements some of these legends might have done with today’s fitness/training regime’s, sport’s medical advancements and more comfortable travel in hand. The mind boggles!

    Love what MJ achieved and what Kobe is now achieving, but totally agree, take a humility pill the pair of you! Respect!

  194. Aerick says:

    Greatest Center ever – Bill Russell

    • really? says:

      stop lying to yourself dude.. Wilt Chamberlain is the Greatest Center of All Time.. maybe Kareem Abdul-Jabbar too..
      its between those two.. Bill Russell is Top 10.. but not the Greatest.. he got the best team of that era, hell even the best players.. that is why he got a lot of rings.. I can say to you Bill Russell is a One-Dimensional Player, know what that is? a Defensive Player…. so shut UP!! Wilt or Kareem will be the best Centers Ever…

  195. Luis Javier says:

    Why don’t you tell your fellow media people to stop asking MJ and Kobe the question then? I am sure they are not like “Hey, ask me who is the G.O.A.T.” or “By the way, do you know which player comes close to me?” I mean the fact that yo are bringing the topic yourself leads me to beleivve you are part of the subject spread. So you must be tired of yourself as well 🙂

    By the way, just to be clear. Prince is way ahead of MJ in many many many ways. 🙂

  196. Will says:

    Was Kobe comparing CP3 and Rose to himself or was he just making a comment about how driven they are? Sounds like the latter.

    This article should be more directed at Jordan

  197. Will says:

    I’d take Kobe over Jordan, and, no, I’m not some youngster that didn’t see Jordan play.

    Jordan was a GREAT player, but the only thing he is “Greatest” at is being the Most Overly Hyped Player Ever!

  198. jonvers says:

    MJ says only KOBE can compare to him, he did not say that they are the greatest. so whats the problem?

  199. WhosKobe_WhosWilt says:

    Blind and deaf are those who say Wilt or anyone else from the 60’s to mid-80’s era are the GOAT. They are the same people who still think an IBM 286 is a better computer than today’s multi-core computers. They’ll tell you these computers are from different eras and they can’t be compared. Keep living in your yester-millenium folks. Today’s NBA is 100x tougher than the unshapely players of the 60’s – 80’s.

  200. ray says:

    Kobe could never compare to Jordon that’s just a disgrace. Anyone who says that knows nothing. These people now days do not play the game like it use to be played its all for the money no one plays for the love of the game. E.g. the NBA lockout.. as for the greats of all time Jordon, don’t forget who jordon idolized growing up, a great team player who was a team leader, the great clyde the glide, wilt chamberlin was one of the best scoring players of all time and many of his records still stand today..

  201. Alex Kodo says:

    Whatever MJ says, it goeth!

  202. James says:

    Durant will be the G.O.A.T!! Watch how good this kid gets!

  203. Roland says:

    To become GREAT you must win the hearts of the people. MJ and Kobe definitely has done that, more so than those other players you listed.

  204. Rob Jara says:

    Hi Sekou, I’ve been a fan of hang time since it started, and honestly this is the first post I DISLIKED. This article totally takes the context out of what MJ or Kobe said. Seeing the sources you’ve cited here, it’s really unfair to MJ and Kobe that they be chastised for saying who they think have the same level of competitiveness that the had. So I guess it’s you, or that Roland Lazenby guy. But yeah, this article reeks of bitterness and non-appreciation to what those two have done. Hey, I’m not their biggest fan (Pippen still is my favorite) but I do hope next articles will have a better perspective on things. Thanks Sekou, you’re still the man, though (and DA, of course) 🙂

  205. Sid says:

    Kobe and Michael are two of the greateast player of all time. But i’d choose kobe on my team. Compare mvp awards, Micael has more. But kobe deserve more. Kobe is probably a better closer too.

  206. ChrisBrown says:

    How funny it is to see others mention Magic or Bird comparing them to Mj and Kobe, it only talks about overall talent. Ofcourse Magic and Bird are no doubt very talented players but Mj and Kobe had something that they didn’t have. You could say Lebron can be compared to them with his overall talent but I doubt in his 16th season he can’t produce as Kobe and Mj did and even cannot win a Ring. I love Lebron as a player but I still can’t compare him to Mj and Kobe until he wins a ring.
    For all those Mj fans chill out nobody here is taking Mj as the GOAT, only Jordan said Kobe is the only player that can compare to him. Ofcourse Jordan is better than Kobe period. But as time flies and Kobe gets his 6th ring now we can talk again. But before it will happen Jordan is still better. And don’t tell me rings don’t count because it does and don’t even tell me stuffs like Horry has rings and is better than Lebron or Shaq won those rings for Kobe or Pau blah blah blah, well I say Shaq couldn’t win a ring in Orlando even Pau in Memphis they needed Kobe and Kobe vice versa. Shaq won’t be called the most dominant center of all time if it weren’t for Kobe and Wade. Stop hating Kobe or Lebron or anyone it doesn’t make you smarter.

  207. name madeup says:

    MJ and Kobe were comparing people with similar drive and time spent thinking about the game as they did…basically they were naming people who they believe reflects themselves rather name who are great. i think were misinterpreting. the best would be who scored at will while winning and without major talent. basically who carried their teams.

  208. Johnathan says:

    I agree with JD on 80% of what he said..

    Its pointless and stupid to compare players from different era’s because the game has evolved from era to era..guys in the league now are bigger, stronger, faster, and more athletic than of any other era…

    Chamberlain may or may not have been as dominant if he had played between the mid 80’s to 2000’s and had to play against the likes of Shaq, Ewing, Olajuwon, Mourning, Robinson, Malone, Duncan, Howard..in Chamberlains era the only other player that was closest to him in regards of size and strength was Bill Russell and even Bill Russell was a good 4 inches shorter than Wilt.

    My main point is that its pointless to compare players who never played against each other, we can Say Jordan was the best of his era, because he beat all those other guys of that time, he beat Bird, Magic, Isiah, Drexler, Barkley, Malone, Stockton, Ewing and etc etc…just stick to watching the game and not pointlessly argue, baseless and pointless arguments

  209. profali says:

    Michael Jordan has never lost in the finals, always elevated his game when it mattered most and won 6 finals mvps while doing it. Kobe will never match that. Nuff said.

  210. Scott says:

    Magic and Bird aren’t in the discussion and don’t bring it up because they don’t belong in the discussion.

  211. CHRiZO says:

    I’m going to have to disagree w/ Sekou on the “humility” aspect. I do think there have been plenty of interviews in the past where both Michael and Kobe showed humility and respect for the history of the game. Jordan knows it’s tough to say who the greatest is because you have to factor in players who played in different eras. Numerous times, Michael acknowledged Dr J as somebody he looked up to. Kobe knows that he owes Michael for his game too. Both of them know their history. With that said, I do believe they have also earned the right to say whatever they want to say. They know the game better than any of us. So when Michael acknowledges who put in the most work (in the person of Kobe), he damn sure knows what he’s saying. We fans like to dissect their words far too much. In the end, from Michael to Kobe, it’s as simple as “real recognize real”. Peace

  212. Michael says:

    Michael Jackson was an amazing performer, but, seriously, you can’t put him in the same conversation as Prince. Prince is miles and miles above Michael Jackson.

  213. The One says:

    Are people still comparing Kobe to Jordan? There is no comparision. kobe is good but where are his memorable playoff performances at? kobe hits game winners in the regular season, Jordan did it in the playoffs and most notably the finals. Kobe only has 2 finals mvps but he has been to the finals 7 times? Something isn’t adding up. Jordan went 6 for 6. Jordan ALWAYS lead his team. Shaq lead kobe to his 1st 3 rings. Stop this blasphemy. kobe isn’t even better than Duncan, Shaq, Magic, Bird, and Hakeem, let alone Jordan.

  214. Shaqwasinsurmountable says:

    Don’t say one word about how Kobe needed shaq to win his 1st 3 rings.

    1. Shaq was ringless until he fled to LA
    2. During those championship years, Kobe averaged 30 points per game in the playoffs (look it up)
    3. Shaq won MVP all 3 years. What was his stat line? 35 ppg, 16 rebounds, 3.5 blocks PER GAME OVER THE COURSE OF 3 COMBINED YEARS OF PLAYOFF GAMES. No man in the modern era, INCLUDING JORDAN, could have did enough on a consistent basis to snatch the MVP from him. Dominant Big Men are like Dominant QBs….no matter what…if the team wins the ring….he will get the MVP.
    4. I’m a huge Kobe fan. With that being said…MJ is the greatest ever. Numbers don’t lie.

  215. jacob777 says:

    i meen this was 2 years ago how bout now at the age of 33 4 40 point games in a row cmon i think he deserves that one sentence that he is better than micheal jordan

  216. Flight says:

    You cannot compare Michael and Kobe’s career scoring averages, Kobe averaged a whopping 7 points per game as a 17 year old rookie, meaning he would of had to average 53 ppg the next season just to be even with Michaels average. Jordan still has the edge, but there is a very good chance kobe will finnish his career with more points and rings then MJ

  217. Sal says:

    Kobe’s so off, Wade has more drive than Paul and Rose easily, and to be honest Johnson, Bird, Abdul-Jabbar and Russel are all far ahead of Kobe in the all-time list to me. Don’t get me wrong, I have ranked Kobe as the best in the league for a while now, I just think that if you put him back in the other eras of the NBA, he wouldn’t get close to the others. In terms of the point of the article, I think Jordan was good enough to back it up, but Kobe not so much.

    TL:DR Kobe’s wrong because Wade has the same edge, Kobe’s not one of the top 5 all-time, and Jordan was good enough to say what he wanted.

  218. redd says:

    Jordan #1 Kobe#2. If they wana talk bout it all day i would listen. They have earned the right to say and judge whoever they want, screw humility. They are allowed to talk trash when they are playing the game, why not when there not playing. #DONTbeAhater

  219. peezy says:

    exactly what Jr said above…you look at all the MJ tributes and documentaries and highlight vids blabla, half of the dudes Sekou mentions as “up there” with him in terms of greatness have all gone on record saying they were in awe of the guy…hell Bird even said “seeing Michael come at you down the court with that look in his eye is one of the scariest things.”

    That, I think, is what separates Jordan from Kobe and everyone else on the list–that he’s gotten that recognition from so many of the greats and was doing so DURING his career, not just afterwards. Sure he’s gotten attention, but who among the greats have kissed Kobe’s rings like that? No one.

  220. paul_ph says:

    let me add another..
    kobe’s 81 point is the 2nd greatest scoring performance in history.. yeah trhere is no doubt about it..
    but wait a second.. AGAINST WHO??? toronto raptors.. bottom 5 teams in terms of defense..

    MJ’s 69 point performace.. against who? hell yeah.. against the Celtics team.. no. 1 team in terms of defense..
    i will never forget Larry Bird saying “i think God disguised as Jordan”

    please.. people.. dont ever compare kobe from MJ.

  221. Paul Jones says:

    If people stopped asking, maybe they’d stop answering. If they stopped answering, they’d be accused of being arrogant then too, of not giving the fans what they want by refusing to deal with a legit media question. MJ is the greatest there’s been, Kobe the greatest now, for now. Just leave it. I don’t imagine MJ will phone the New York Times one day and just start yapping about it. What do you want? Do you want them both to put the phone down, or walk outt he room when the topic comes up?

  222. esias says:

    hahahah Michael ist the greatest off all time second is magic third is kareem kobe is great but he is not even in the top 10 greatests off all time kobe is not in this cadegory like jordan or magic this is too big for him

  223. Dreger says:

    Jordan = 5 MVPs, 6 rings, 6 Finals MVPs, 1 Defensive POY
    Kobe = 1 MVP, 5 rings, 2 Finals MVPS

    Kobe > MJ???

  224. paul_ph says:

    compare mj and kobe stats.. see trhe difference.
    compare their individual awards..
    compare their team winning percentage.. jordan won 72 games out of 82 in a season.
    his AIRNESS is the GOAT. no doubt about it.
    kobe is just behind him…
    im a kobe fan because i hate LBJ..
    think about this.. defending champs?? but got swept by the dallas in last years 2nd round..

  225. Gurnisson says:

    MJ is the greatest obv, Kobe comes 2nd just because of his competitive drive and dedication and toughness when it really counts. I must say though that Lebron has more talent than these two, but can he reach his potential?! So far he definitely has not, can only make a final judgement in about 10 years time:)

  226. Quitness says:

    David Stern is the only player other than reigning MVP Derrick Rose, Chris Paul, Kobe, Lebron, Dwade that possess the same drive and desire to be the best of the very best that he does.

    “He’s a dog. He’s going to fight to win, and not too many teams can deal with him. David Stern is really the only other guy in the league, other than Derrick Rose, Chris Paul, Kobe, Lebron, Dwade and the rest who also has that competitive edge.”

  227. Mansmart says:

    MJ is one of the best players in the history Kobe is also.But the best ever is Kareem no doubt.He is the leading scorer of nba in all times.Creator of hook shot.Kareem is the best and all time leading scorer of Nba =))

  228. Jumbo says:

    Who cares what the writer thinks, MJ and Kobe are in a league of there own and this writer just needs to shut his hole, no one cares for your opinion keep writing these retarded articles, but the WORLD KNOWS Kobe is the closest and only person that has ever gotten close to MJ, those russell’s and magic’s all fall 2nd to them.

  229. Josh says:

    Kobe is no LeBron, that’s a fact. LeBron is no Jordan YET but let’s wait til the end of his career.

  230. JT says:

    Better shooter than MJ?….are you kidding me?…try 50% FG% to 45% FG%…try 85% FT to 77% FT…no comparison. Sorry but kobe doesn’t even close on who is the best when it counts…PLAYOFF SEASON is where is counts and MJ is the best ever!!!!

  231. John Salchichon says:

    Neither of them has open their mouth saying that they are the greates beyond the gods, it was just a comment of one of the greates of all time to another. Want to know who is the greates?, get a chart of their respective carrers and compare stats and eras. Time have change and also the game have change. How the article would look like if MJ says that comment for Lebron, maybe that part of the arrogance comment and pop start comparison wont be on the article.

  232. ray alien says:

    mj will always be mj and kobe will always be kobe so stop comparing these two.

  233. Nick says:

    I think the Most Dominate Player of all time with out any Doubt is Chamberlain. Magic then next would be Russel was probably the best Team player. Kobe is a Better player than MJ and I know a lot of people are going to say WHAT? But his is why MJ was playing against players not of the quality of today’s players. You can take the Bulls of the 1990s and they might not even make the playoffs today. Players are so much better since that time you can’ even compare them. Take Barkley would be a starter in today game. Back to Kobe/MJ just put Kobe back in the 1990’s when he had to go up against those guy he would be getting Wilt’s numbers… You can ONLY say FOR THEIR TIME… Even Wilt wouldn’t dominate in todays game… Not even a All Star… maybe not even a starter…

  234. tomcat says:

    MJ was the best basketball player but has one of the worst personalities and never truly appreciates/appreciated his fans. Sports players get paid big money to entertain us, sadly a lot of them are so stuck on themselves that they forget this. Jordan showed us all this when he quit the first time and he showed just how stuck on himself he is by his opening remarks at his HOF induction. Winner in Basketball, loser in life if you ask me, because jerks are never winners in my book.

  235. yup says:

    i dont want to comment on who is the best (cough *Jordan cough) but i agree with the opinion: where is the humility??? in fact if one of them showed more humility, i would want to say they are better, because there is nothing worse that someone who is arrogant, even if they “deserve” to be. with that in mind, im just gonna throw it out there, with nothing to prove my point, Derrick Rose is the best.

  236. QB says:

    Anybody realize Mcgrady, first self oop in allstar game, isn’t there??? That was an impressive move, especially how he did a leaner

  237. BullsFan22 says:

    You can’t compare eras. Different style of play. Totally different rules. Different defenses. Back in the day, there was more focus on defense and rebounding, today the focus is on isolation and everyone watch the guy with the ball running around taking as many steps as he likes for almost the entire 24 seconds. Kobe might be the best of this generation, but Jordan is way, way, way ahead of him and so are a few other guys.

  238. Lorenzo Castillo says:

    Who gave them the right? Well, considering how people in general compare the next best basketball player to MJ, he has the right to say whether they measure up to him, no? Now if people compared the next best player to Bill Russell, and MJ had something to say about that, then I would have to agree with you.

  239. Jeff says:

    Ok , Kobe is great of course we all no that, but comparable to jordan, I dont think so, These nba people are saying lebron is the greatest minute, when he and the cavaliers were dominating the league and how great he was goin to end up, now because kobe scores three 40+ games in a row he’s back to being the greatest, when in there win against the mavs, all because of dereck fishers lucky shot he always gets at the end of games to win. Note: Kobe only had 8 points the whole night. and Jordan really does need to go to sleep and stop being big headed. Also Kobe has had Shaq, and a bunch of others to help him. And jordan had pippen and a bunch of others. And if you wanna compare who’s great because of jewlery, then u might as well say robert horry is great,(with 7 rings) because of being tossed from team to team. And one more person who at least needs to get some credit is Dwayne Wade, who got a ring in only his second year in the league( with of course the help of Shaq) but talk about no help in the past 4 years this man has carried his team to the playoffs with no help.BY HIM SELF. but now he has lebron(some help) and lebron has him(some help). I respect kobe and his game, but nahh ion think so. It seems like everytime a player comes in to the league and dominates the game, he’s all of a sudden in comparison with jordan.

  240. Jordzenegger says:

    Statistics do tell a story. Look at things objectively, and observe the career stats. Then make a conclusion:

    Jordan 30.1 (1st all time) Kobe 25.3 (10th all time)
    Jordan 2.8 (3rd all time) 1.5 (not even the top 30)
    Jordan 0.8 Kobe 0.5
    Jordan 5.3 Kobe 4.7
    Jordan 6.2 Kobe 5.3

    Defensive Player of Year
    Jordan (1988) Kobe (NEVER)
    Jordan (5) Kobe (1)
    Finals MVP
    Jordan (6) Kobe (2)

    Consider all the above statistics include the later Jordan years, where was ages 38, 39 and 40! Which dropped all his averages down! Kobe has had only his peak years, and STILL can’t match MJ. Kobe’s averages will only drop over the next 3-4 years, and drop his career averages even further from MJ.
    I agree Championships don’t define someone’s abilities, but they do help, and MJ has 6 vs Kobe’s 5. Most would agree he would have notched 7-8 if he’d not gone to play baseball for 2 seasons. Add another MVP or two as well, he was that dominant at that tme.


  241. Mossy says:

    I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say like it or not, Kobe appears to have been “the next Michael Jordan”.

    I base that purely on the championships and that unyielding desire to win at all costs. Oh yes, and the “Give me the rock and get the hell outta my way” mentality.

    But who is going to be the next Kobe Bryant?

  242. Roy says:

    Rings shouldn’t be the measurement of greatness. To win a championship requires a TEAM effort, not individual performance. If you’re going to compare Kobe to MJ you should look at their records and stats when it’s all said and done, and their winning percentage. Rings make people blind about the ACTUAL ability of the player.

  243. Jpen says:

    Magic J and Oscar Robertson anyone?

  244. Michel Jordan says:

    Jordan has one important record that no one in the nba has ever broken. That is the most playoff points in a game against the Celtics. Bill R was only good because most of the nba players back then where white and short. Jordan will beat bill any day of the year that is why he is great. What made Jordan was the fact that he had a unstoppable fade away jumper. Bill would have never beat Jordan or even put of the points Jordan did. Don’t forget Bill is only a defender. Also don’t forget the best record for a team in the nba goes to jordan and his bulls that is another record that he holds.

  245. arvindu says:

    Best shooting guards of all-time 1. MJ 2. KB 3. DWADE

  246. ryan says:

    Shaq would have averaged 50+ ppg game to if he was playing almost exclusively against 6 foot nothing white guys

  247. Jr says:

    Actually, Sekou,,, I think you’re mistaken. “I think he’s God disguised as Michael Jordan.” sound familiar? Larry Bird said that. Magic Johnson has also been quoted many times saying that “Michael is the greatest ever.” For these guys to play Michael Jordan in their prime or close to it when MJ was just entering the league, is enough evidence for me.

  248. REALTALK says:

    Why do you drag Kobe into this when he only was talking about cp3 and Derrick having a competitive drive? Now your saying thats the same as saying he’s the G.O.A.T? This is just plain D.U.M.B

  249. FR says:

    David Stern..lol.

    well i think MJ will still be MJ… KB is KB…
    to put them head to head is i think unfair..cuz when MJ was at his peak, KB wasn’t even in the NBA yet…
    and when kobe was at his peak.. MJ retired already…
    if were just going to base it on stats/numbers…MJ wins…
    if were going to base it on just highlights.. my opinion is they’re tied…
    it’s just a never ending argument cuz they never play 1 on 1 against each other when they were both n their peaks.

  250. yasin says:

    MJ and KOBE can say whatever they want about basketball. Is anyone tired of you telling the greatest ballers of all time what they can and cant say? Give me a break. WHy don’t you and all your nba coverage crew keep harping on lbj? Why is it we need MJ/kobe to come out and tell the truth abt whose the best players in the league when that’s your job. Oh yeah bc none of you have the guts to say LBJ is a choke. How abt you step up b4 u call out his airness.

  251. Brad White says:

    Maybe this will help. Jordan is the GOAT.

  252. LOL says:

    hahaha sekou smith ur so lame yes now kobe and MJ decide who measures up to them. but dont be jealous, when u ll achieve what they have, ull get to do that too

  253. yayko says:

    kobe and mj are the greatest of all time

  254. Marcusslade says:

    I can’t believe the comparisons people are making. Have any of you actually noticed the game has changed over the past 20 years?
    Defenses now can’t touch players, making it easier for guards to score – no hand checking. Hop on YouTube and watch Jordan vs Stark. Stark may as well have been a second singlet for Jordan the way he defended him. Back then, it was legal. Now, you can’t even put a hand on the offense cause it’s a foul.
    You can’t make comparisons because of this. It has to be the best player of the era. So comparing Kobe to Jordan to Lebron to Russell to Chamberlain to Magic to Bird is impossible and subjective, unless they played, in their prime, in the same era.

    And this isn’t even going into the debate of skill and smarts vs atheleticism.

  255. Sheridon Hill says:

    Michael Jordan was Rookie of the year 1985 (Kobe’s rookie year was horribel) MJ has 10 scoring titles(Kobe has 2) MJ has 5 league MVPs Kobe has 1, MJ has 6 Championship titles( for which he was MVP every year) Kobe has 5 rings for which Shaq was the MVP 3 times and Kobe twice, MJ has the highest scoring average in the history of the game(tied with Wilt) Kobe is somwhere down the list, MJ’s teams of 1996, 1997 have the 2 best records in the history the NBA 72(unmatched) and 70(tied with the 1972 Lakers of Wilt, West and Goodrich)

    While I agree that Kobe’s style of play is similar to Michael’s, and he is, in my opinion, the most skillful player in the game today, I think Michael’s overall game(offense, defense, winning percentages, critical role played on all championships, the competition he came up against vis-a-vis the Kobe-led team’ss competition, and MJ’s overall impact of the game such as his MVP, SCORING TITLE AND DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR-IN A SINGLE YEAR) his NBA playoffs record of 63 points against the Boston Celtics in Boston, his NBA playoff FINALS record of 44 points per game against the Phoenix Suns in 1993 makes Michael Jeffery Jordan-the undisputed Greatest Of All Time. No one will disagree with Russell’s 11 NBA chamionships(unmatched by any other player) and for reasons mentioned before, Chamberlain’s stats would hardly likely be possible in today’s eras of both MJ and Kobe’s because of the many other eqaully or more skilful 7-footers today, And finally, Micahel’s 2 3-peat(91, 92, 93 & 06,07, 08) -Kobe and Shaq had one, were done in eras when the league was more than twice the size it was when the Celtics last did. So apart from Micahel’s overall skill set(which I think is superior to Kobe’s though Kobe is pretty close) his monumental statistical acomplishments outweighs, Chamberlain, Russell, Robertson(despite his triple double average and ner miss the next season) Bird’s (3 MVPs and Championships) and Magic’s 5 Championships and 3 MVPs. Individually, none of these players matches up to Michael’s overall accomplishments and his swager, star power and IMPACT ON THE GAME!

    • Triple D says:

      I guess Jordan didn’t make it clear. In case he didn’t, let’s review it again. In today’s GAME. The game peaked in the mid 90’s because Jordan evolved, since then it only peaked internationally. Jordan most marketable, best player ever to live, transcended sports. But you are saying Kobe isn’t worthy of mention. And not even you can convince yourself he isn’t. Kobe was held back his rookie year & out of highschool.

      Nobody is saying Jordan isn’t better than Kobe. Stats speak for themselves.
      Kobe has 1 MVP, in a Kobe-differential league, post MJ, where everybody wanted to spread the wealth around. Kobe should have 2 MVPs AT LEAST.

      Today’s era, I can think of 2 guys who stack up nicely, led teams or won titles with or without stars. Kobe and Allen Iverson. Derrick Rose already looks Jordanesque, Lebron is dominant but dips in the finals of games.

  256. jonahtnan says:

    foolish man i hate people say jordan is the best of all time rephrase your statement Jordan is the best we’ve seen so far NBA decades before its over so stop saying that and if the man MJ says himself that Kobe can be compared to him then you cant keep arguing n as for lebron he’s my favorite player but the most rings lebron will top off is probably 3 or 4

  257. hey mr. smith says:

    this is a very disheartening article. very disappointed with the writer. he wrote it like as if the two aforementioned superstars were downright arrogant and that they deliberately stated these remarks with self righteous intentions. for all i know these are the tricks media use to spice up something. they corner you with tricky questions and when you give your honest opinion, you will be written off as boasting. what’w worse, some people react poorly to such hype. was expecting more from this writer. sorry to say, you lost a fan here. i mean to put this up here in NBA.COM, it’s either you really lost your basketball wits or you, not the two big names you accuse, are the one who’s just clamoring for more hype. fact is, they have the accomplishments to back up those statements. which makes me question what’s yours to offer? those were big words you put up there, too big for your own right.

  258. Mg says:

    Jordan was the BEST period. What other player is 9-0 in championship situations?
    6 NBA
    2 Olympics
    1 college

    The man simply NEVER lost with a championship on the line.
    Add that 2 the fact the he won with Scrubs like Paxson, Simpkins, Perdue, Armstrong, …….etc playing along side of him.
    How many totles does he win with a legit point guard? Legit center?

  259. JD says:

    With all due respect to MJ, who is, by far, the greatest COMPETITOR to ever play the game ( he’s so competitive he still worries about being seen as the best ), I believe that Kobe is just not deserving the comparison.

    He’s one of the best ever, yes, but not close to MJ or Russel, or even Chamberlain, Magic, or Bird in termes of what he has brought to the game. And even in terms of impact on the game, i’d go with Shaq over him any day of th week..

    Rings matter, but they don’t tell the whole story. My personnal opinion is that it doesn’t make sense to compare players from different eras, since the game has evolved way too much to ever do that.

    What we are left with is what i just talked about: impact on the game: in that sense, and i’m not trying to offend anybody, after MJ was Shaq, and now there only is LBJ, just because he changed our expectations on the basktball court, and that’s why we demand so much of him. He’s th futur, Kobe has only lived to live up to the past. I am deeply respectful but not impressed.

    J.D. from France ( sorry if i made any mistakes in english )

  260. Sampson says:

    Allen Iverson absolutely deserves to be in that list

  261. yui says:

    #1. Jordan and Bryant have every “right” to talk about any basketball related topics. They’ve earned it, without a doubt.

    #2. No offence, but who gives you the right to talk about basketball? Have you ever played in this game as a pro? Or coached any team? Or managed any team? Or owned any team? How about a varsity team? If your answers are “No, No, No, No, No”, then you should think twice when you wanna question about those 2 guys’ right to talk.

    #3. Just forget about all those. This is America and people can talk whatever they want. Shaq talks beep all the time, Barkley talks beep all the time, everybody talks beep. I didn’t see you coming out questioning any of them. So right now jumping out of nowhere and bashing Jordan and Kobe only leads to one conclusion, you want attention. Those guys will always get paid to talk beep in public any day because they earned it by what they accomplished. But it’s not that easy for you.

    #4. from the quotation you used, I didn’t see MJ calling himself the G.O.A.T. It’s all from a reporter and all he said was how much he appreciate Kobe’s game. Kobe didn’t call himself the G.O.A.T either. All he said was how competitive Paul and Rose are. They can’t even say something like that? Are you for real?

    #5. Please remember, you’re writing about the game and the business itself. You can question their games, their skills, their work ethic, their competitiveness and all that. But questioning people’s right to talk is never what you signed up to do.

  262. JJ says:

    Kobe is the best all the way.

  263. yomero says:


    Even Jordan overrated him, as he is not in Jordan’s level

    He is NOT in the top 10 all-time players, definitively.
    I think he is in the TOP 5 GUARDS.

    Just ask this this question: Does he make his teammates better?
    NO: Kobe Bryant (bad attitude, selfish, I don’t think many of his teammates like him)
    YES: Larry Bird, Micheal Jordan, Magic, Bill Russell

  264. PugadBaboy says:

    how about those days when the level of competition is no way near what it is now? do I really think that wilt can do what he can in the post if there was a russell on him or a rodman or a howard or an o’neal? No. Magic and Larry, MJ and Kobe played in a period of high competition with the world watching over them and expecting something great every night. Those other “greats” played in the developing years of basketball, back in the days when dribbling like a sissy actually looks cool and being the biggest guy in the court makes you great because everyone looks like children compared to you. The game did move on, and those “greats” WERE great. The thing is from Bird to Kobe, basketball evolve to a level of competition unheard of in its history. Sure wilt scored a hundred, but I still think Kobe’s 81 is more superior. how many points per game you say? It does not matter, Shaq and russel were the greatest big ben. MJ is so far the greatest player who ever ever played the game. And I think he earned his right to select who is to be compared to him.

  265. purple & gold says:

    I’ve been a Laker fan all my life, but also and overall basketball fan. Many players have come and gone great ones that we have seen in person. A big fan of MJ and Kobe. I think the basis of their comparison based on this article is a successor to their in-print and legacy. I think the statements made by each player clearly shows themselves comparing their abilities to players after MJs career and the current and present players that Kobe plays with.

  266. nic h says:

    the part where it says, bill russel jerry west etc etc might be involved in who is the best ever is just pathetic nonsence, anyone who has watched the game of basketball can see that Jordan is physically the best player ever to have player, and Kobe is a simular phsyical speciamen, and then yeh paul and rose are again another level of physical prowess, to bring guys from the 50’s n 60’s in to who is the BEST player of all time is just people trying to be arkward, if anyone has the right to judge who is the greatest basketball player of all time i think its michael jordan, closely followed by kobe bryant

  267. aircarlos5 says:

    simply math jordan 2 three peats in 8 years 6 nba finals mvp 5 mvp regular season 10 scoring tittles defensive player of the year rookie of the year 2 gold medals playoff scoring record nba scoring record
    kobe 1 three peat with shaq ahead 1 back to back in 10 years e nb finals mvp 1 mmvp regular season 2 scorin tittles 1 gold medal kobe is not de leader like jordan was he wants to be it so badly but he is not

  268. C says:

    Where, in Kobe’s statement, does he claim that only Paul or Rose can compare to him?? He is simply complimenting those two point guards, in their desire to win and what they’re willing to do to win. He doesn’t claim anything about players in the past not measuring up to him.

    Jordan’s statement, DOES fit the claim of Sekou Smith. But that’s Jordan being Jordan. If you want to say, “who is Jordan to decide?” Well who is Sekou Smith to throw out names like Bill Rusell, Larry Bird, and Magic Johnson.

    I, too, felt that Jordan’s statement is obnoxious. But Smith lumping MJ’s statement with Kobe’s statement into this “blog” is weak. He found a minor tangent between the two, and decided to make something big out of it.

    Write about something that has some substance, please.

  269. kura says:

    this is rubbish! jordan is the greatest of all time, simply because of his overall career. his winning attitude, his rings, his scoring ability aswell as his amazing defense and what he did publicly and worldwide for the game!. much respect to past greats such as magic, bird, wilt, russel etc who also did their part for the game and of course kobe!! kobe can be compared in discussion and is also a great if not top 2,3,4,5 wherever you personally rate him! but everybody and majority know jordan’s still the greatest! PERIOD! now, im also fed up with the comparisons! let lebron just be lebron! he’s great too, in his own way! no he’s not no jordan, no he’s not even kobe! he’s just lebron!! let these players before and after be great in their own ways! end of discussion yeah?

  270. Lemw says:

    The comparision of Micheal Jordan and Kobe Bryant is stupid. Why, the teams they played for are apples and oranges. Kobe Bryant won NBA titles only when surrounded by many talented players. Micheal Jordan had only Scottie Pippen. How soon one forgets, as soon as the Lakers roster lacks numerous talented players Kobe wants to be traded. Micheal, on the hand, fought and struggle with an aveage Chicago Bulls team that won multiple NBA titles. Now Kobe Bryant is a super amazing player but there is only one Micheal Jordan.

  271. Brenton Schollings says:

    What an idiotic blog post. It’s the sports media that puts these GOAT conversations together. The reason Michael Jackson never talked about Prince blah blah blah is because of the media surrounding those pop stars were more concerned with other scandals. These sports journalists like to put these GOAT conversations together and then talk smack because the players chime in. Get a life homie.

    • dumb post says:


    • Triple D says:

      Exactly. I love it when media types will gloat over the idea of “entertaining” the topic, specially MJ– Kobe & no sooner than their opinion on the topic is totally washed by the person who holds the authority to trump the topic do they say “..I donwanna talk about it anymoeee”.

      I was expecting the writer to give Jordan credit for saying what is obvious to everybody, even Kobe haters. But is it not obvious that the article never once said Jordan had the right to express an opinion, very simply stating what everyone else is already thinking. When Jordan does the least bit by naming his successor, or saying who can compare in TODAY’S game, the first thing that isn’t entertained is if Jordan is right, rather it’s why he has no right to do so, when Jordan clearly influenced today’s game. Nobody asked Magic, Larry, Hakeem, Bill Russell to compare themselves because they aren’t uniquely vetted about their modern-era counterparts on a daily basis. How many people do we hear ask about Hakeem — and Dwight comparisons? Few times if none, and even then aren’t daily topics. Jordan in the other hand is answering what people have been asking him for ages including media types like Sekou, who instead don’t believe it, wash their hands and make the topic more than it is. It’s not hard to accept the fact that Jordan vouches for Kobe, anymore than Kobe vouches for CP3–Derrick Rose.

  272. Celticsrck says:

    Hmmm,since when did people start to evaluate players based on the number of rings on their finger? It doesnt make sense,because people like LeBron James and Charles Barkley “suck”. and its way too hard to name a G.O.A.T with no fixed criteria. and my last word(I AM NOT A HEAT FAN.I REPEAT,I AM NOT A HEAT OR LEBRON JAMES FAN”):If LeBron had a good center,hed have your mom’s ring

    • Mack says:

      So a good center is a must formula to win a ring? Does Boston’s big three has a center? Boston’s big three positions are exactly like Miami’s big three. A SG , SF and a PF. Boston won their championship the first year they got together and came close for the next 2 years. So far , where’s Miami now? Dominating on regular season but choking in the playoffs. FYI , Miami’s big three is much younger than Boston’s big three when KG and Ray first came to Boston.

      *U can’t compare LeBron to Barkley. Back then , foul wasn’t called so often on a drive. Nowadays , LeBron drives and gets a call even when someone touches him with a finger. No no no , LeBron is overhyped by the media and the NBA. He won MVP trophys , doesn’t mean anything.

  273. Amaury says:

    while kobe wastes his time trying to be the next Jordan.. D. Rose is making sure to be the ONLY Derrick Rose 😉
    in a few years.. the bulls wont be recognized as the Jordan team any more! #justsaying

  274. jordanbyfar says:

    When Mr. Airness used to play, referees had to see blood to call a foul on you. “No blood, no fou.l” Now, you put a finger on Kobe and he cries and he gets a foul call. Jordan was far better than Kobe and players respected Jordan. Nobody respects Kobe. Players do not give a damn about Kobe. Playing againts Jordan was the dream of every basketball player because he was admired by every one. No comparison folks!!! Mike is the best

    • Dirkaholic says:

      Foul calling has nothing to do with this arguement. Stop talking. If you don’t think players respect Kobe and more importantly his game you are sadly mistake.

  275. joe says:

    lets make it easy and simple.. 23 comes first than 24.. which is greater than the 2? LOL

  276. HoopExpert says:

    What a horrible article.

  277. Elmo MVP says:

    Stop being so fanboys and saying nonsense, MJ just said that comment, Kobe hasnt open his mouth for anything. I dont see the problem, MJ have all the freedom to says what he wants, and if you looks at todays stars Kobe is the only one that can be compare, not saying that is better than MJ, and also MJ isnt saying that he is the best of all time, the media has done that. Kobe got Shaq, for 3 championships, MJ got Pippen for the first 3, then Kobe lost Shaq and got Gasol and MJ got Rodman. My point is that must of the time championship teams won because they got more than one star, Kareem – Magic and Worthy era, Bird – Mchale – Parich era – I Thomas – Dumars – Rodman era, Olajuwon and Drexler, Robinson – T Duncan, D Wade – Shaq. Championships cant be won by only one player, it is a team effort with a combination of stars players ( I said this because teams like the Jazz late 90s, Golden State early 90s, Phoenix early 90s, Sonics mid 90s and Miami 2011 have more than one star but doesnt win at the end) . Why bring LJ to this discusion, LJ hasnt proof anything yet, yeah he is a hell of a player, very talented and entertaining to watch. But tell me what else has done Lebron, a couple of MVP, what else, Nothing else, yeah he is a flashy player, what else, He doesnt have the killer instinct of MJ or Kobe, he gets presure on important moments, just watch some highlights of some important games, Kobe and MJ doesnt, I dont mean that they win all the time, but they always feel confident of themselves. You know when you can say who is the best of the best, at the end of their carrers, get a stat chart of all players and start comparing their achivments, For the moment stop the fanboy war and stop saying nonsense things.

  278. Dominik says:

    Shut up woman…. Look at the stats… kobe is not a better shooter than jordan…

  279. Lee says:

    I find it funny how Lebron has been able to ooze his way into this conversation. The current struggle in today’s NBA is Kobe vs Lebron. Though there are other great scorers and players (Dwayne, Durant, Melo) the argument always comes back to them. I will put this as plainly as possible. This is wrong. Who is statistically better? Lebron. Clearly it would be silly to argue that. But, does that make him better? Absolutely not. He fled his hometown to get a ring (if he ever does) and his drive is always in question. Kobe has always had the desire to get better. He came into the league a star (much like Lebron) and yet wanted to become more than a star. He worked on his post game (something Lebron can’t honestly say) as well as the fundamentals of being a guard and player in this league. Kobe is a rare hybrid between genuine talent and ruthless work ethic. Stats are all well and good, but is that really what we are arguing? Jordan had the same thing. He would win a championship and want to double the points he scored in the next one he won. He was a competitor. Kobe is the closest we have seen to this since Jordan. Kobe has what Jordan had, that scary hybrid like power to control a team and a game. Though other greats like Bird and Magic and other obvious names I am leaving out are well deserving of all the praise they get, there is a noticable difference between them and Kobe and Jordan’s almost obsessive hunger they had for the game and for winning. Even the skill sets they have are similar. How many times have you seen that nastey Kobe fade-away midrange? Guess where he got that from… Michael Jordan.

    • jordanbyfar says:

      and Kobe cried like a baby when Shaq left because he couldn’t do it himself. Kobe played with the most dominant center of this era and then Gasol came to the Lakers (the most skilled big man in the game). Kobe cannot win by himself

      • LOL says:

        can u @jordanbyfar? lol last time i played i had 4 teammates around me… last time i watched jordan play, he did too. ur almost as irrelevant as that guy who brought blake griffin into the conversation

      • Lee says:

        And Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman are Hall of Famers… what’s the point here?

  280. Thien says:

    What an unfair article. KB has consistently said that he is not the best, he even said that he isn’t as good as MJ – a statement that I don’t think holds water because they are different players in different eras against different competition in different situations.

    KB has also said that there are many other greats to which he should not be compared, Magic, Wilt, Russell, Bird, West are not who KB is competing against.

    Further, KB’s own quotes are taken out of context in this article. KB only was speaking about the will to win, work ethic, or leadership qualities that he feels other player’s he’s met through Olympic teams, all star games, or played against. It is an opinion and they are entitled to it just as you are. Certainly not the same as saying, ‘oh this player is the only one good enough to be compared to me’.

    To say that KB is as upfront about his superiority as MJ would be inaccurate.

  281. It’s a joke all the Kobe haters even if Kobe ended up with 7 championship rings I can just hear it. Oh MJ still better because 3 of those were with Shaq blah blah blah…. Tell me if you watch the Shaq and KB duo who had the ball at the end of games and basically decided every single outcome of a close game?? It was KB!!! Still is NOT to take away from Shaq at all because the triangle offense was run through him. But people on here simple try to not give any credit to KB for those 3 rings. And it’s a JOKE! Let’s face it. They were down 0-2 to Dallas and WHO led them back D-Wade not Shaq. I mean anyone could actually make the argument that unless Shaq has a great shooting guard he can’t win a championship either! So, please give fair credit to KB even if you don’t like him. secondly, in regards to who is better? Really, I don’t know. Both have done things that the other didn’t do. It’s funny people call KB a ball hog on here and YET MJ won the scoring title how many times?? I am a sure he didn’t hog the ball?????! What a joke! MJ had BAD nights where he shot 6-22, 7-24 etc…but somehow that doesn’t make him a ball hog. People have double standers when it comes to KB and MJ.
    Thirdly, I hate to bring LBJ’s up because this isn’t his blog. But first off when people say he is better or will be better than even MJ its a joke. He is already 0-2 on the finals. Also, people act like oh if he wins 1 that makes him the greatest! I have seen people write on blogs oh just wait for this year…. and if he doesn’t win does that mean you will stop comparing him to KB or MJ??? No. Why? because news people have to have something say about LBJ and stir up people to think he can be compared to KB. Also, even if he wins should that be taken as a great accomplishment? I mean he has Bosh,Wade?? How many more superstars does that man need to win it?? When it isn’t EVEN his team! Wade one a championship already so it can’t be HIS team period. Sorry all you LBJ fans but I don’t really care if he wins this year or any other year you can’t compare him to KB or MJ with that stacked team. Don’t even try. I mean if KB on the miami heat team instead of LBJ. You would never hear the end of it on how KB24 had it so easy blah blah blah…. KB won back to back with what??? One all star player and a good supporting cast that’s it? And AndrewB was injured most of those years and he still won!!! MJ and KB are the GREATEST!!

  282. Ivan says:

    Sekou.. you wrote some good posts, but this one is absolutely out of the reality…. Michael was all his carrier trying to be the best, but he never said that he is the best… and Kobe said, Michael is the best…

    there are also facts.. and you cannot ignore facts… and even those who are compared by us can have opinion and look at facts about them… when Michal said that Kobe is the only one that could be compared to him.. it is his opinion because he feels it like that… he played against him.. so he may know… and the same when Kobe will talk about guys that he plays against.. it is his opinion..

    so please do not downgrade your place on the nba.com with posts like this… it is like from somebody who just realized last week that NBA exists..

  283. marcus says:

    kobe play with dominant centers thats why he get his rings…….
    not close to jordan……..

    • Mack says:

      MJ played with Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman for his 4th , 5th and 6th rings.. Kobe only played with Shaq for his first 3 rings.. The argument of Kobe played with a dominant center is not right. Basketball is a team game. They need a great team to win championships. Take away Pippen and Rodman , then take away Shaq. Both of them would still do good. But with their teammates , they won Championships.

    • yayko says:

      wow its not like jordan didnt have any help come on he had pippen nd rodman in my opinian they r equal

  284. heh8men1 says:

    Sek, this is NBA.com, not BSPN. So stop twisting the message to attract clicks. MJ was referring to idea of “THE NEXT JORDAN”. Which means, “The BEST of his GENERATION/ Player of the DECADE”. The ONE that will carry the league into the future. And that person is KOBE. LOVE HIM/HATE HIM, it’s the TRUTH.

    The list of GREATEST OF ALL-TIME begins and ends with being a POD:
    50’s – Miken
    60’s – Wilt
    70’s – Kareem
    80’s – Magic
    90’s – Jordan
    00’s – Bryant

    They are the GREATEST, none is GREATER than the other.

    This blog should have looked at the question of WHO will take the torch from KOBE?

    In 2012, The RESOLUTION Will Be Televised.

  285. Malia says:

    If I had a quarter for everytime I heard the phrase, “who is the next Shaquille O’Neal,” than I wouldn’t even have a dollar. MJ has the right to speak on behalf of his legacy. Because it’s his, and because it’s always, always talked about… MJ was the best, EVER, and people are searching for someone who has even a glimpse of what he had. So what do Bill Russell, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Jerry West, Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Shaquille O’Neal have to do with it? They can’t speak for him. They’re great, but they’re not THEY greatest.

  286. Lakers R Us says:

    I’m not sure why Mr Smith thinks great basketball players have no right to compare who measures up to them! They can state their opinion like anyone else! It doesn’t nullify the other greats in the league! Kobe is so similar to Michael in his style of play it is almost scary! And he has the same will to win! so if MJ made that comment, it doesn’t surprise me!

  287. MJ likes KB says:

    BASKETBALL is a game of 5 on 5.TEAM PLAY. A long tough series than can be complicated with injuries(resulting to MJ,KB,etc to be benched and another player takes over). So don`t tell me they have 5 or 10 rings because these guys did`nt do it by themselves. In my own opinion, both guys became the best of what they are for being great veteran LEADERS + gifted skills to carry their team to the playoffs/finals. STOP crying out loud!!!!

  288. Clif says:

    Jordan is the G.O.A.T.!!!! He beat all of the best players & best teams teams to get his rings & accomplishments. Kobe is #2 but even he didn’t have the competition that MJ had & yes MJ had PIPPEN, but PIPPEN is no SHAQ!!!! Let’s take a look : Championship #1 Magic’s Lakers, #2 Clyde’s Trailblazers, #3 Barkley’s Suns, #4 Payton&Kemp’s Sonics #5&#6 Stockton & Malone’s Jazz. Just to get to those finals he went thru The Bad Boy Pistons/ Bird’s Celtics/ Ewing’s Knicks/ Reggie’s Pacers/ Daughtery”s Cavs/ D.Wilkin’s Hawks. Geez can I stop now the list goes on & on. All those players & teams are most of the GREATEST OF ALL TIME!!!! AND LOOKING @ MJ’S STATS, REMEMBER HE MISSED ALMOST 2YRS TRYIN TO PLAY BASEBALL!!!!! Even Kobe doesn’t have that resume!!!! No one does so please stop with this mess just accept it & QUIT HATIN” ON MJ THE G.O.A.T.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  289. J.Carter says:

    theyre great , yes but they CANNOT choose who compares to them, its a matter of opinion and honestly id take Ray Allen when he was a sonic befor ei take a #8 wearing kobe

  290. required says:

    It’s so easy: Just think Kobe had played on that Bulls team instead of Jordan. Who would have been the best player on that team? Right, Scottie Pippen…

  291. Casper de Rooij says:

    greatest leader/mind player: Bill Russel

    greatest force: Wilt Chamberlain (without a doubt)

    greatest floorleader: Magic Johnson

    greatest shooter: Larry Bird

    greatest shooting guard: MJ, then Kobe and after him West and Robertson

    so the issue here is who is the best shooting guard. not who is the best player because great players are in many different types. Russel and Chamberlain were the opposite of each other that doesn’t make them less good!! they are good in there own way!!! so you can´t compare player completely Kobe and MJ have resemblins but are also different rom each other. So MJ and Kobe can´t compare with players who don´t play there position. they have compare themselves with the great shooting guards of the past.

  292. MarShon Brooks says:

    a few years from now…
    jordan will scratch kobes name off and mention how MarShon Brooks is the GOAT…

  293. Blackmamba24 says:

    @ILuvDaGAME, Your a moron. Lebron wont be mentioned with Mike or Kobe ever. Maybe by 13 yr old kids yes, but for the most people that’s been following the mike & kobe era, he will NEVER EVER be compared to them. Get it thru ur thin head.

  294. Justin Cider says:

    For people to understand the impact of Kobe on basketball, you need to be a Kobe follower. Every Laker game, we expect them to win when Kobe is playing. We expect him to make all of his shots no matter how ridiculous the defense on him is. With MJ, we never have these expectations. Everybody understands how dangerous MJ when he has the ball. We can tell right away at the start of the ballgame if the bulls are going to win by the way he competes.
    Who is/was the GOAT? Did basketball just ended?
    I never saw Russell play, but 11(?) rings? ridiculous!
    I never saw Wilt play, but 50 pts/g & 22 rpg? Those records will never be broken.
    He is the Most Dominant Ever. Shaq is out of the argument.
    Magic & Bird. They are the reason why I follow basketball. Withoust them, this site most likely will never be here.

  295. Bulls111 says:

    dude shut up. you lack the ability to laugh at egos greater than yours. naive author.

  296. Dirkaholic says:

    I’m tired of everyone saying L”eBron is one of the best players to ever play the game.” or “LeBron is the closest thing to MJ.” He’s not even the best player in the game or close to it. Hear me out:

    What basis do you have to say LeBron is the best player? NONE! I’ll try and see it from their point of view.

    1st Arguement: LBJ vs. The Big O

    LeBron has two qualities that makes him a great player.
    1.) He’s one of the best athletes to ever play the game.
    2.) His ability to fill out a stat sheet.

    Why isn’t Oscar Robertson 2nd in the arguement for players closest to MJ? I’ll tell you. Because he didn’t dominate the game on ends of the court. He did average a TRIPLE DOUBLE for his CAREER. First of all, that is CRAZY!!! However, LeBron ONLY has 6 Triple Doubles in his 8 year career. Let your mind wrap around that statistic. He dunks hard and he is the most unstoppable force on a fastbreak. THATS IT! Cause he’s definitely not clutch!

    2nd Arguement: LeBron James is NOT clutch!!!

    MJ, Magic, Bird, Wilt, Kobe, CP3, Kareem, Durant, Reggie, Malone, DIRK, Melo, Duncan, Pierce, Shaq, Webber, Wade, Russell, Dr. J, Barkley, Pippen…

    These are ALL great players. After looking through these names tell me one player that would average 3pts and 2 turnovers in the 4th quarter of SIX NBA FINALS games. I’ll do the math for you…NONE! The answer is NONE! That’s why LeBron’s name doesn’t below with those names YET. Any one of those players would find the WILL to produce in whatever way their team needed them to. LeBron doesn’t have that winning instinct that MJ, Magic, Bird, Kobe, and Dirk have when you look in their eyes. If those players lost it was going to be because they flat out got beat. Not because they didn’t give it everything they had.

    Oh…and MJ’s resume and ability to dominate both ends of the court against the competition he faced makes him the GREATEST OF ALL TIME. Period.

  297. critter says:

    Life is too short to be a petty moralist. Waste of time and breath: ‘Be humble, be humble’.

  298. Fayagan says:

    Why is anybody taking this serious? how did we know about MJ even saying it, because someone from his camp said it. Did anyone hear it from his mouth? NO!
    Lets look at Kobe, clearly it was a question which was asked to him. Can a man not be honest anymore and give his opinion on it?
    Second: MJ never said he is the best, even at his Hall of Fame speech! He always said that he thinks its a great honor but that it would be unfair to the generation prior to him.

    Third, everyone is entitled to their own personal opinion! Its called freedom of speech, which goes both ways, so please people don’t get too hyped up because they didnt take your opinion into consideration.

    Fourth, the previous era was not as engaged as this one. Now everyone is on Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms, everyone has a smartphone with a camera on it. So snitches are everywhere, plus everyone is ALWAYS listening. Back in the day, Magic or any of the other greats could have done or said a million things but due to the fact that no one was on their back as thinigs are now, things weren’t documented. Remember the Bird versus Magic thing, don’t you think they also had their own little discussions? Lets keep it fair, shall be

  299. Junior says:


  300. acole says:

    PEOPLE and MEDIA always compare them.. without these people spending time doing blogs, it wont even go publicly… yeah?

  301. Leigh Ann says:

    OK, while I am a new-ish fan to the game, I think this writer has a point. Frankly, I am sick of these guy blowing their own horns (& hope that’s all they’re blowing of their own). If Jordan was really that dahamnedah good, why does he have to keep telling everybody how good he was? Does he think everybody has forgotten or will forget? The same is true for Kobe. Let your game do your talking.
    Have you ever heard Arnold Palmer or Tiger Woods or most other sports greats say, “OMG! He can’t compare himself to me! I am the greatest ever!” Muhammed Ali didn’t even carry it that far & he pretty much was & still is the greatest fighter of all time.
    I will admit that all I have seen is Jordan highlights, I have never actually seen him play the game in “real time” as it were but seriously, he just doesn’t seem like he was that dahamendah good to me. In fact, I think he was Lucky. I think had he played against Bill Russell, Larry Bird, Wilt Chamberlain, Jerry West or Shaq, he would’ve been sent home crying for his mammie. The games I have seen from the Jordan days make me realize why I am a fan now & I wasn’t then. The players in that era (The Jordan Era) just didn’t seem all that dynamic to me. I don’t really know how tall Jordan is but a 7′ or better guy who can dunk a basketball or hang on the rim is not impressive to me. Somebody like Spud Webb, or Steve Nash or Ricky Rubio that can dunk a basketball is impressive.
    Seriously, I understand that these guys were/are superb athletes but there are better. MUCH Better from the past, the present & will be better in the future. I can guarantee it.

  302. Andrew Day says:

    best at position
    PG: Steve Nash
    SG: Michael Jordan
    SF: Larry Bird
    PF: Bill Russel
    C: Wilt Chamberlain
    Magic is a better player than Nash but Nash to me is a better point guard
    Kobe not on MJ level never will be and they dont need to decide who is on their level

    • really? says:

      PATHETIC!! MAGIC is the BETTER Guard who can play any position!..
      yeah Kobe would be the Sixth Man on MJ23..
      but Bill Russell Forward?? it should be either Karl Malone or Tim DUncan, then Bill Russell will be at Center not PF, PF is not fit for Bill Russell

    • really? says:

      Wilt will be the starting Center and Bill Russell as the Sub.. LOL!

  303. michael says:

    SMH think everyone are misinterpreting the statement jordan said COMPARISON kobe is the less talented version of jordan(not as quick, doesnt jump as high, defendning, etc) just like paul peirce is a less talented version of kobe similar games but not the same player

  304. Joe says:

    WHAT?? Magic, Larry, Russell, Oscar, Jerry ALL have talked about being ALL TIME GREATS,… WHOSE THE BEST…. what planet is this author on? ALL GREAT ATHLETES SAY THAT …… its in their DNA…… at least neither MJ, or Kobe annointed themselves ” KING” … and what foolishness prompted you to put Shaq on a list of ultra competitors. Do you even watch basketball? Absurd blog.

  305. Calvin Brogdon says:

    The reality is that MJ is the greatest and kobe is right behind him. It’s no argument about it. There are plenty great players, past and present, but if you claim to know basketball then it shouldn’t be a question about these 2.

  306. Calvin Brogdon says:

    i totally agree with you.

  307. Manny says:

    Career: APG: 5.3 PPG: 30.1 RPG: 6.2
    Playoff: APG: 5.7 PPG: 33.4 RPG: 6.4

    Career: APG: 4.7 PPG: 25.3 RPG: 5.3
    Playoff: APG: 4.8 PPG: 25.4 RPG: 5.1


    • Ricempire says:

      I love it people say how KOBE is MR CLUTCH and how he dominated playoffs and Lebron dosent but look at the stats and kobe dosent even play better in the playoffs compared to the regular season! He is a MYTH

  308. Hugo Santana says:

    Guys, guys…I think is highly disrespectful to compare Kobe with MJ. For one thing MJ was always the unquestionable leader in HIS team! He was total pack. He carried the load whenever the game was on the line, won six championships as a real leader (the first 3 championships Kobe obtained were thanks to Shaq! )…in addition, let’s all remember that they are in different eras. when MJ played there were more talented players (no disrespect to current players) and they all agreed upon who was the BEST. so PLEASE STOP THE COMPARISONS!

  309. Funny says:

    I find it funny how every argument on NBA.com these days seems to end up being about “who’s the greatest player of all time.” The main point in this article really isn’t “Who’s the best? Who’s better than who?” It’s about the lack of humility from Jordan and Bryant. If you come out and say “well the only person who can really COMPARE to me is….” you sound like a really special kind of douche bag that only seems to exist in NBA. I feel that Jordan is the greatest of all time because of all the work he put in, he played in arguably the toughest era of basketball and all of his accomplishments that came along with it. It’s perfectly fine to be the best and know you’re the best, but when you start sounding like an arrogant tool mandating who can even “compare” you really need to stop and think how that makes you sound to the entire fan nation and everyone who helped you along the way.

  310. gBr says:

    If we have to compare players, we can do it only by positions they play. Thats why Jordan can be compared only with other shooting guards such as Kobe. In my opinion Kobe as shoting guard is a similar player, but generally they have their own styles. Mike was His Airness and Kobe is Black Mamba, nicknames describe their styles in certain sort of way.
    Besides that its totally foolish and unfair to confront Michael to Wilt or Magic or Bird or other great players, who have played on different position. Wilt stats were tremendous, Celtics winning championship streak in 60s was outstanding, but then were 9-14 teams in NBA, now we have 30. So its very hard and often unfair to compare Shaq to Wilt, or Hakeem to Russell. The rules have also changed. It makes it also only more difficult.
    Finally who cares what MJ has said, who cares what Kobe has said? Who cares who is greater, Kobe or Lebron?
    I say only inflated ego.

  311. Simon says:

    Kobe didn’t say he is the best player ever. He was actually discussing which other players has that competitive drive that he has…

  312. GEorgej says:

    Whatever. Bird and Magic and the rest of them pretty much said MJ was the greatest player. Yes, they had that humility and everything but that does not detract from the fact that he was the greatest. As far as Kobe goes, he is not even close. He is not even the greatest of his era. So, please stop. I know the NBA wants to sell jerseys and maybe you need to have some humility as well.

  313. Renato says:

    It´s funny how WEST is writted in both front and back of the jersey

  314. Mike the best says:

    when shaq was around, kobe won those titles because of shaq. after shaq was gone, kobe was gone in the nba too. no finals appearances, the lakers is not even a contender in the playoffs that time. then, kobe won another titles because of Gasol, Bynum, ariza, Metta world peace and derek fisher. for me the last title metta world peace deserves the finals MVP. they gave it to kobe as a sign of respect to him as a superstar. it was metta’s effort that got them winning game 7…

    Jordan only got pippen. on the second 3peat he got pippen and rodman thats all. nobody should compare any player to Jordan. even kobe’s fadaway move? he got it from michael when he was a kid… “everybody wants to be like mike” -Michael Jordan

  315. sebastian says:

    Jordan is better then Kobe back when he played the game was more agressive you could actaully arm check. Jordan in his prime could jump higher then Kobe and was stronger had bigger hands and was much better interior player. Kobe is great but can’t compete with jordan’s airness. I mean Kobe got his game from jordan but he didn’t elevate the game jordan already had. Kobe might have some more skills that he has to have in order to be as good as he is. Jordan didn’t need those skills. Look at both players right now watch a lakers game then watch a old bulls game where Jordan is 32 0r 33 Jordan was much better player in his 30’s so far.

  316. Kyle says:


  317. Kyle says:


  318. Dan says:

    Alright let’s clear this up, shall we?

    Michael Jordan is the best of all time in the sens that he is the best winner of all time. Do you know of any player who was able to win 3 years in a row, leave the league for personal reasons on a 2 year break, come back and win for another straight 3? Oh, and then leave again.

    Michael Jordan, during that time, could have easily won 10 rings. Both first times he retired were during his peak and prime.

    Moving on to Kobe. He is, without a doubt, the greatest player in the league at this moment. In the same sens as Michael Jordan, as a winner. Everything you guys say about MJ and Kobe’s eras not being comparable, i don’t agree with for the following reason. Most of you say it isn’t comparable because of the defense being way more aggressive. Well, Jordan was able to accomplish what he did against other players who played under the same rules and with the same refs.

    Same for Kobe. Kobe has accomplished what he has against players who played during the same era, during the same rule set, and with the same refs. All the other players of their era had the same potential to get to where he is. If they didn’t its because they simply were not the best. MJ was and Kobe is.

    Once this is cleared up, it all comes down to who accomplished more during their time. I think the title goes to MJ. And if you think im wrong, as Kobe what he thinks. According to the author, he is not humble at all, and therefore will have no objection to saying he is better than MJ if he thinks so. But people have asked him, his answer was always the same. “STOP COMPARING ME TO THE GREATEST EVER, DROP IT!”

    By the way, your humble Lebron, when asked the same question, answered the following:
    “I’m not better, yet…”

    There you have it!

  319. Yiannis says:

    Kobe is great, but only cause he evolved his game as an exact copy of Jordan’s..to his credit he might be better 3p shooter than Mike…But her is lightyears away (as anyone else) defensivelly, Jordan was a dominant defender on the guard spot, since he stepped on a pro court…THE ONLY GUARD IN HISTORY WITH MORE THAN 200 STEALS & 100 BLOCKS IN A SEASON(did it twice)…
    Are you kidding me Sekhou Smith?????WHO GAVE THEM THE RIGHT?THE ENTIRE PLANET YOU MORON!!!!!!The ones that pay their salary, your salary and the opinion of whom only matters!!!!not yours….

  320. ancientrs says:

    Wilt chamberlains advantage was his size and strength. Both far superior than everyone elses of that time. Put him in todays game and he would be destroyed. Every team has a player of his size and strength now. Russel had hall of famer after hall of famer year in and year out, thats why he won so much. How can the best player ever be so one sided in his game? Russel was an average offensive player at best. Magic johson wasn’t very praised for his defense was he? Sure he ran an offense like no other player but what about the defensive side? Larry bird, as for him his legacy is inflated because of his rivalry with magic johnson. Larry is goodt, just not as good as hes made out to be. Michael and kobe are both top notch offensive players and defensive players. They have a complete game, offensive and defensive. So far the only hall of famer to help kobe has been shaq, unless of course pau gasols full body of work, including international play, gets him into the hall. Michael had scotty and dennis, but his stats just fly off the page and the competition was great in his day.

    • Big WOlf says:

      Alleged Ancient One.
      I saw Wilt play, did you!
      Saw him play against Kareem too, when K first came in, and of course against Russell many times.

      To suggest that Wilt would get destroyed today is absurb!
      Exactly who would post him up and socre at will?
      Who would block his turnaround bank shot, dunk or horizontal finger roll.


  321. LeJohn says:

    When it comes to scoring, clutch, leadership, and the desire to become champions – none are better than Kobe and Jordan. Magic and Bird can come close, but honestly no other players are equal. All these other great players were not so great in multiple facets of the game while having an x-factor that a player from every 20 years posseses. Thats why lebron james will never be a kobe or jordan. you need 1 superstar to represent the entire era, jordan dominated his and kobe did the same.

  322. King Kong says:

    Someone said Lebron took his team to the championship because he was the only superstar and Kobe couldn’t win without a big man. That is the only arguments that lebron fans have. MJ had scottie pippen as well (a hall of famer). Though Ilgauskas (however you spell his name) was not a superstar his height was what lebron needed. NO TEAM CAN MAKE IT FAR WITHOUT A BIG MAN so everybody (esp lebron fans) should get that in their head.

  323. 4idiots says:

    If you don’t want players discussing who’s the best, STOP ASKING THEM!!! Also STOP SAYING SO AND SO IS BETTER THAN SO AND SO. The media creates this and have the nerve to get mad when the players play into it.

  324. Rodrigo says:


  325. Rodrigo says:


  326. sean says:

    1. Michael Jordan* 27.91
    2. LeBron James 27.04
    18. Kobe Bryant 23.57
    NUFF said. Kobe doesnt compare in raw talent to lebron and he def cant put the numbers up bron can. Mb kobe is the better scorer. No wait kobe is just a hog who shoots 45% for his career poor kobe bron even beats u in ur best ability…scoring. Idk if u guys think the ships mean he is a better player or what. IMO Kobe is not even close to the goat he just had a really good coach and really good centers. And to everyone who thinks Lebron is not good in the clutch i urge u to look at the stats. No ships no goat yet but soon to come

  327. Juanita Vanoy says:

    Jordan smells like a goat. i guess that makes him one.

  328. St Peter says:

    blah blah blah. mr. blogger – big up. mj is the best. point. he is/were god amongst goats he shall choose his successor. point.

  329. Roddy Pippen says:

    What ’bout ma boy Dennis?

  330. myown2cents says:

    I think the focus should shift a bit, from who was the “best” player to who had the greatest impact on the game. Great can mean many things in the game of basketball….overall skills, excellence in a specific role, teammate, leader, etc. In any case, the most important definition of great in terms of the sport, i.m.o., is elevation. Who elevated the game to a higher level? Who inspired thousands, if not millions, of others to follow in their footsteps? Who brought the attention of the entire world to this incredible sport, forever cementing it in our hearts and minds? And who showed us mere mortals just what the human body is capable of? When it is looked at from this angle I think the answer is obvious.

  331. Jose says:

    Sekou is jealous.

  332. casper says:

    blah blah blah

    I am huge jordan fan, and I might get some list of top 10-20 players ever

    but right now some other topic

    How About Robert Horry! 7 championship, steals, rebounds, dunks, all around ..hell of a player.

    but in this league almost 95% players are great and 4% are above that..and 1 percent above all :

    i think that Michael, Magic and Bird are top 3 without q

    4 – kobe let it be
    5 – west
    6- russel
    7- wilt
    8- shaq
    9 – pippen
    10- drexler
    11 – oh my you name it!

    there is lot more, oscar, robinson, karl malone, stockton, kemp, barkley, ewing, the dream, elgin baylor, rodman,

    upcoming? lebron, derrick rose, maybe cp3, wade?, yyy,,errr, hmmm ok maybe duncan, errrr am i missing some guys ? todays nba changed, and the level of todays players is just high, some of them jumps out like bron, rose, cp3 but they still connect to other group…when there was magic and bird they were from another solar system, mike was from another dimension, russel was from outer space, wilt was ..i dont know far far away

    lists are closed

    ultimate trio:


  333. calisportsfan says:

    Ok.. lets finally break down things that are known but rarely noted… Back in the 80’s and 90’s it was an easier league to score in even with all the rules that have been created these days to help scorers… It was very rare in a game for a player to get called for three in the key and was unheard of to double team a player away from the ball.. there was no way a coach would build a strategy that would send two defenders on a single player while having a third man spy out of fear of freeing up shooter and slashers.. in this day and age this happens all the time.. it’s uncommon and even considered a bad move by a coach to let the big name players on opposing teams go one-on-one.. players from the past had the privilege of being able to go one-on-one almost every time out.. Jordan was no exception to this rule.. he played again one defender the entire night until he hit the paint now days a great player can take two dribble back to see what’s going on and get doubled. I’m in no way taking things away from past players but it was just easier for them to do whatever they wanted to do.. so for everyone saying Jordan is better cause of the numbers and win percentage just take ibto account the lack of intricate defenses that were available to teams to use against him.. Kobe has remained on the all-time scoring list while playing in an era where smarter defense have been thought up by contending teams…

    And for those that say Kobe has had more help than MJ just remember kobe has only won chips with one other player that has won any kind of award.. and that’s shaq.. so no matter how u put it Kobe has always played with lesser talent.. even now while playing with gasol and bynum.. neither one of them is considered the top player at his position or even a great trade.piece

  334. froggy says:

    well when you saw kobe’s moves can’t you see MJ moves ? is kobe final MVP for evry single ring he’s got ? the last game of the last ring , wasn’t Ron artest who save the game ?did kobe win evry single final he made ? did you kobe make you wanna fly like him ?

    Man … Kobe is great but stop it. MJ his way greater

    but we must admit that come after him is hard. simple fact
    greater than MJ ? man i hope i’ll see that and hope ill die watching that !

    peace from

  335. 72-10 6/6 says:

    sekou smith, frustrated cricket player….

  336. Alvin says:

    This writer’s should be fired. MJ only “entertained the subject” because someone’s writing a book about him. He’s only talking about who plays like him. MJ has always said that its not fair to call him the GOAT cuz he never had the chance to play against Bill Russell and all the other greats

  337. kamal_DieHardNBA says:


  338. joe says:

    clever smith. all you have to do is stir some controersy about mj and now you’ve made (what probably is) the most popular blog of the week.

    to everyone else, dont get it twisted. EVERY reporter to have ever covered the NBA KNOWS MJ is the best

  339. ZaGo says:

    Well sir I think you have it wrong They did not say there are the best (but they are) but they did not say so. They simply said who has done or is going anything close to what they are doing. So yes Jordan and Kobe do have the right to say who measures up to themselves because they are well … themselves. What gives Larry Bird the rite to say who measures up with Michael Jordan ?!?!? what gives u the rite to say that Larry or Bill or any of these guys have a say in other peoples thoughts of themselves?!?!? Just saying

  340. 72-10 6/6 says:

    Who is the greatest basketball player / rapest?
    Answer: Kobe Bryant

  341. Matt says:

    lol i knew my comment was gonna be rejected, come on sekou hunt those clicks click clicks make some more juicy but utter useless articles

  342. Sam Austin says:

    exactly Jordan can say what ever he feels hes 100% rite not because i have been a die hard bulls fan for 25 years, but i also thought this for past few years Kobe is the only one who can even be mentioned in same breath as MJ hes not on Jordan level no one is or was but Kobe brings that same killer instinct and he be looking like MJ especially what game 6 Lakers Vs suns two years ago yeah that was the closest Ive seen to Mike and Pippen was my favorite all-time player but yeah Kobe and MJ earned that rite

  343. trueballer says:


  344. dew says:

    Jordan is the greatest sole player to ever play the game in the NBA. No matter what era. The stats, rings, achievements, and status will tell you he is better in every way then anyone else. People forget Jordan is a 6 time MVP while also 6 time finals MVP. Kobe has been MVP once while also not finals mvp in all the championships he was in. Shaq and Gasol won MVP over him in the finals so Kobe was not dominate as his team’s sole MVP while Jordan in every way was. Jordan was first team defense more times then Kobe or anyone else compared to him. Just go to Wikipedia or any stats site and see how much more Jordan has compared to Kobe in comparison. By the time Kobe is done, he may be 4th or 5th on scoring which still does not beat Jordan either. Sure, in competitiveness and playstyle, Kobe is everything ”like” Jordan. They dunk, shoot the fades, and win close games. I might actually like Kobe more as a clutch shooter when down by 1 or 2 points compared to anyone in the league. Kobe is a great player and future hall of famer. No doubts about it. May even be the 5th best player to play the game behind Jordan, Magic, Russell, Bird in that order. No one will ever beat Jordan. Ever. Not only did Jordan win 6 and both 3 peats. He even retired for 2 seasons and still came back and dominated the league. WHO DOES THAT!? Oh right, Jordan does.

  345. Ronnie Kirk says:

    Kobe and Jordan have earned their right to say who compares to them. “You never heard Michael Jackson talk about Prince”? Since when the hell was singing as competitive as boxing you hear Ali say he’s the greatest all the time and he’d beat anyone if he was in his primeyou hear Floyd say he’s the best if you’re so tired of what these guys say stp listening but it still won’t change the fact that it is true

  346. joshua griffin says:

    stop crying! the fact is MJ is the greatest of all time and kobe bryant is the second greatest 2 guard to ever play the game. i’ve been a kobe fan since the day he entered the league and i heard all the talk over his whole career of how this guy and that guy is better than him. my question is where are they now? A.I.(greatest scoring Pg of all time), Vince carter, Mcgrady, Pierce, Lebron, Wade, etc. all of these people were supposedly better than kobe and where’s they’re jewelry minus pierce and wade. and out of that whole list and the people that are missing from it the only one i think matches up to kobes competitiveness is A.I.

    • Mack says:

      Back then when T-Mac was healthy , he was more of an explosive scorer than Kobe until injuries caught up with him. LeBron won’t be better than Kobe. When u’ve heard that LeBron is supposedly better than Kobe , it’s just the media or the NBA getting their golden sun to be seen as a great player. If u really watch how LeBron plays , he can’t be compared with Kobe let alone MJ.

  347. Jigga says:

    The article was meant to be about Kobe having merit enough to be compared to MJ, thats it, why are a lot of people going off on rants about other players? Let’s stay on topic. This isn’t about who is the greatest, so all this Big dipper, Bird, Magic, Shaq, Lebron, Wade talk is irrelevant. Kobe has put work, and is a proven winner and is dominant talented great player, so yeah, why not, if i were MJ id let writers compare him to me too. On a side note, MJ had tools Kobe never had and never will have, physical superiority. Jordan was more durable, athletic, quicker, and those huge hands were spectacular….that alone puts Kobe at a great disadvantage to start out with…..and this is MJ who we are talking about….not just another athletic beast like a Vince Carter, Harold Miner, Jerry Stackhouse, Blake Griffin….MJ!!! He could do al that Kobe did, just better, faster etc, more competitive as well IMO, better stats all around, better post game as well, way better defense too. THe only thing Kobe did do better was have a flashier handle, that’s it. CHeers!!!

  348. A Woods says:

    In my opinion, it is impossible to measure/name the “greatest” player to play the game simply because opinion and biased factor into it and there are just too many factors (rings, stats, impact, etc.) to consider. You can only attribute players to be the best scorers, winners, competitors, things like that. I don’t even know why we’re so wrapped up in this anyway. There is now award for it, so why so much fuss? Just throw your opinion on the table and let the majority opinion decide. There is no right or wrong choice, to be honest.

  349. Lakersince75 says:

    My starting five

    Magic **Jordan** Julius Erving** Karl Malone **Kareem Abdul Jabbar

    Second Team

    Isaiah Kobe Bird or LeBron? Russell (even though he qualifies as a center) Wilt or Akeem??

  350. James says:

    When MJ says that Kobe is the only one to compare to him… he’s obviously referring to who is playing in the game today. When Kobe says that Chris Paul or D-Rose are…. he’s obviously referring to who is playing in the game today. Yes, they do need more humility, but the writer of this article needs to get over himself and stop taking things out of context. Think logic, they’re talking about the current game. And like several have also stated before me, it is the MEDIA that demands these conversations, not the players. Kobe has before stated that he doesn’t want to talk about it and that HE himself thinks MJ is the greatest, but the media continues the discussion. Magic, Bird, Russel, etc. never had the same media attention, which demands answers to the comparisons. So before you get all frustrated and start making these irrational pieces about the arrogance of two of the best players, take a look at the bigger picture and consider all angles. Stop blaming the players when its the fans that fuel the majority of this silly debate. You yourself, Sekou Smith, are trying to get more attention than you deserve. Nice article.

  351. michal says:

    You r a doosh. They r talking about current players. You r totally missing the point. Plus jordan powned magic and bid. and karl malone, barkley, robinson and the list goes on. Jordan IS the GOAT.

  352. ricardo says:

    well, what is will say is this. i have seen both michael jordan and kobe play basketball. i do believe that both these guys are great basketball players. michael to me will always be the best. but that is my opinion. kobe is also an awesome basketball player. i still give michale the edge though. simply because when michael in his prime lost to no one. kobe now in his prime has lost and has given all of us the impression that he is still missing something. but he is indeed great. to have given me the impression that he is right up there with michael and the best he should have carried his team to the finals and won in 2011, but he didnt.

    kobe has great work ethic as michael. he has the competitive drive. but as phil said, kobe is the better shooter and i do believe that. his percentage is better and he shoots three´s a lot better than mike. but mike does the rest better in my opinion.

    but i do love and respect both guys as a basketball player. they have a right to talk, not say what they want. but they can observe players and make comparisons. we human beings love to talk. God made us that way. whether they are humble or not i wont be the judge of that simply because i have no right to judge them.

  353. Rodd Evans says:

    Im not tired of it, MJ and Kobe can say whatever they want. this is a HORRIBLE ARTICLE. they are speaking on who they like in the current game. if they would of called your favorite player great you wouldnt be offended. Greats are not offended at all either, believe that. if MJ wants to compliment Kobe let him do so. you all BOOST Lebron and the 12 game into the season clippers.

  354. Pick says:

    The rings argument is the stupidest. Who made that rule? If you go by rings, the following players have more rings than Jordan and Kobe:

    11 Bill Russell
    10 Sam Jones
    8 John Havlicek
    8 Tom Heinsohn
    8 K.C. Jones
    8 Tom “Satch” Sanders
    7 Robert Horry
    7 James Loscutoff
    7 Frank Ramsey
    6 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
    6 Bob Cousy

  355. Starlin says:


  356. BlizzardRhino says:

    as long as we all agree that Lebron James is not on Michael Jordan OR Kobe Bryant’s LEVEL! cuz he’s WAKK! ^_^

  357. Zajk says:

    “So now MJ and Kobe get to decide who measures up, who is on their level?”

    First of all, who the hell are u to even ask that question?!
    I have read most of the comments and my conclusion is that:

    1. You cannot compare the 50’s 60’s 70’s and early 80’s to late 80’s 90 and our time. They started to lift weigths then and made the game much more physical. Those stats Wilt russel and others did were against nobodys there were not even 20 teams back then, now there are 30 and several superstars. So with all respect, they cannot be compared.

    2. G.O.A.T , must have a criteria like 1+ championship (if u have not the the skill and will to help your team win a championship you dont deserve to be in this discussion.

    3. And ofcourse have very good stats (that shows how good of a player you are.) Robert Horry has 7 championships, is he better than MJ and Kobe?….

    4. Kobe and Mj have identical stats. But if you look closey Mj has a little better on everything. Much conclusion is that Mj played against smaller and physicly weaker gurds. Which made it harder for Kobe to achive those kind of stats and championship.

    5. Mj has 6 Kobe 5 (Kobes carrier is not over yet but i doubt he can win more than 6) Mj had pippen and kobe had shaq which made kobes 3 first easier than Mj 3 first and shaq was the main man in that team.

    So my point is that they have all the right in the world to talk about this. (Kobe is the Mj of the present)
    I’ll give Mj the edge, but Kobes very very close.

    And noone is even near them! And you can take that to the bank!

    • Mr Mike says:

      This is probably the best post on here. I could never really love jordan because i’m a Knicks fan, but I respect his greatness. I have been a fan of Kobe since high school (we’re the same age) and he’s my favorite athlete of all time, even over Jerry Rice, but he cannot be put over mj at this time. HOWEVER, The Black Mamba ain’t done, so we won’t know the answer for about another 5 years. Kobe Haters gotta respect that.

  358. Jerry says:

    I can’t believe how dumb people truly are to be talking about this subject. MJ is on another level all by himself, there is absolutely NO comparison, not even kobe can measure up. MJ redefined basketball and took it to an unimaginable level. The degree of difficulty of his shots, the globalization of marketing,The shoes,The killer instinct,not to mention everyone wanted to be like mike, only fools who don’t know anything about basketball would dare to compare anyone to MJ i truly feel sorry for those people that do. MJ is and always will be the greatest to ever play the game get over it. Kobe will go down as the second greatest to ever play the game he’s the only player that has the same drive, style, and degree of difficulty in his shots not to mention he looks good in the air while doing it compared to all the rest of the garbage players shooting nowadays and in the past. Wilt Chamberlain, Oscar Roberson they don’t measure up, ugly style of basketball play, ugly shot, and 50ppg would never happen in today’s NBA especially if he went up against Shaq,Hakeem and David Robinson.

  359. random says:

    there both washed up so who cares. you’ll never see mj play another game and kobe only has a few years left until he is done so arguing who is better is irrelevant , once there gone there gone. i don’t understand why people are so emotionally attached to people they don’t know. people should watch for entertainment and enjoy the players that are playing right now like rose, Howard,lebron etc…..

  360. Chris says:


    You’ve got this complete wrong and mixed-up. If you had followed MJ throughout his career you would know that time and time again he pays respect to past greats such as Bill Russell and says that you can’t compare different eras (when people try to get him to say he is better) – a quick YouTube search will help you there. It’s also pretty clear that he is talking about present players (as someone mentioned, you’ve taken this out of context). Also, MJ was one of the most humble superstars to play the game (North Carolina basketball upbringing).

    Same thing with Kobe’s comments – he’s talking about current players.

    You’ve used a false premise to dis Kobe and MJ against greats from past generations.

  361. Justin says:

    If you were born after 95 then you shouldn’t be allowed to even argue on this topic…. All you little kiddies who think Kobe or Lebron should be even mentioned in the same breathe as Michael Jordan should do a little research before you open your mouths.

    • Mack says:

      i don’t really mind Kobe being compared. His style of playing is almost as the same as MJ except not as good.

  362. Tani says:

    Another article bashing Kobe?? What a surprise!

  363. JOSE CHAVEZ says:


  364. Scailed says:

    if you do not mention Lebron James … His words do not serve !!!°

  365. Sage says:

    You’re reading too much into it. You sound like a butthurt Lebron or Celtic fan or something. MJ was speaking of those young players currently in the league. Not saying that no one before or since deserved to be compared to him. I don’t even like MJ (I’m a Pistons fan) and I know he wasn’t bad-mouthing Magic or Bird or Russell or Wilt.
    As for Kobe…he has every right to determine who it is he considers to have a competitive edge on par with his own. Why on earth wouldn’t he have the right to make that determination based on his knowledge? He knows more about the game than you do.

  366. ILUVDAGAME says:

    LBJ IN 8 1/2 YEARS OF CAREER (0.481FG%,7.1 RPG, 7.0 APG, 1.7 SPG, 0.8 BPG, 3.34 TO, 1.96 PF, 27.7 PPG)

    • Dirkaholic says:

      Mark my words: At the end of LeBron’s career he will NOT come close to Kobe’s resume. Kobe already won 3 championships by his 8th season.

  367. Jordan_Himself says:

    GUYS!!! R U SERIOUS??? Jordan better than Kobe???

    Jordan played in an era with a bunch of unathletic white guys… shorter, weaker, less talented players.

    During Kobe’s time…he went up against prime-Iverson, LBJ, wade, melo, prime-tmac, prime-arenas, prime-pierce, prime-allen, prime artest in the post,..the list of GOOD players at the wing position that kobe had to defend…who could light kobe up for 60+ on a given night…IT JUST GOES ON AND ON… r u kidding me??? the type of players the league has NOW…compared to the YRS that Jordan was winning rings…. R U SERIOUS???

    Jordan played in an ERA of the BIG CENTERS….and he didnt have a big center…WHAT DOES THIS MEAN??? IT MEANS he never got to defend much of any HALL OF FAME SHOOTING GUARDS…. he slacked his butt on defense and poured all of his energy on offense.

    —all those games against the JAZZ in finals.. he didnt go up against Malone or Stockton…HE WENT UP AGAINST Bryant Russel..who averages 2.4ppg his entire career…. AND U THINK JORDAN IS GOOD??? r u serious..dummy.. i watched the entire series..and did we see bryant russel light jordan up for 20+ppg on any of those games?? NOOOO!!

    Every dummy says oh but jordan has better defense…R U stuuuuupid??? what hall of fame players did he defend or had to go up against that could light him up for 60+ a game??? seriously play basketball before u even start thinkin jordan is all that… dont tell me u think Phil Jackson is stupid enough to put Jordan on David Robinson, hakeem, or ewing… dummy…they put jordan on OTHER GUARDS..NOT CENTERS…so it allowed the bulls centers to defend these great bigs….in return it allowed Jordan to REST on DEFENSE

    Jordan cannot be compared to the skills of kobe….The TYPE OF SKILLS TODAY compared to Jordan’s ERA….WIDE MARGIN….TOOO BIG…its as if the margins are light years apart!!!

    go to youtube…search Jordan Crossovers..for his videos….do the same to kobe search Kobe/moves/crossover…THEN COME BACK TO THIS PAGE AND TYPE your response… kOBE > jORDAN!!!!

    • Mack says:

      U sir and an idiot

    • I_Love_the_Game says:

      I agree. In today’s world, players have better work out, better suplement, better training systems, etc. The coaches have gained more knowlegde. Thus, it has been a more complicated games. Kobe has gone through and played against all of these in his era. He has adjusted his games through times.

      I didnt watch ball during MJ’s era (have only seen highlights only), but for sure: MJ was the best during his era and KOBE is the best in his era.

      Im just grateful to be able to watch KOBE plays.

  368. when you’ll really want to talk b-ball I’m here until then get off the tracks knowledgable people coming through

  369. Nate says:

    By the end of his career, Lebron will have proven he is better than Kobe.

    • Joe says:

      Lebron’s footwork and fundamentals are exposed everytime the playoffs bring super tough defenses … he has not the skill or ability of Kobe to innovate at a split second or the footwork to achieve it … at his age, Lebron hasn’t come close to Kobes skill set and fundamentals he had at 22 ….. if Kobe didn’t have to play 2nd to Shaq or carry Pau / LO / Bynum to 2 rings … he’d have any stats he’d want… but his eye is on the prize, RINGS.

  370. the greatest scorer of all time the big O, got to anywhere on the floor he wished, averaged a tripple double get real .

  371. Isiah Durham says:

    Both Kobe and Mj have also had some of the greatest teams ever… not only were they great but also had patential hall of famers… Give Lebron James the 96′ bulls or the “Shaq Lakers” and there would be no question who the best really is!!!! and im from cleveland ohio so i know! #TEAMKING

  372. be real B Russell with out question

  373. celtics says:

    In MJ’s era, hand checking was allowed. Kobe doens’t compare to MJ

    • realist says:

      Goes both ways son. Should we take MJ’s DPOY award away then? People rave about his defense, but all I got to say is it goes both ways.

      I guess MJ must be delusional in his old age then and you suddenly are the basketball authority.

  374. Josh says:

    I think Kobe was responding to a question about Rose and his competitiveness and the conversation just grew. He wasn’t desrespecting anyone that came before him because he was just answering a question about current guys. Mike wasn’t talking about being the greatest and that Kobe was the only guy who could ever stack up, he was saying that as players go, their respective games, Kobe was the only guy who plays like Jordan (maybe a response to Scottie). There is no question that Magic, Bird, Wilt and the others you mentioned could have arguments for being the best, but neither guy was talking about that.

  375. Jonathan says:

    Dwyane Wade is an amazing player but shouldn’t even be mentioned on this subject. I don’t think stats nor rings make a player eligible for the “greatest” conversation, it is the complete package. It’s the stats, the skill, the preparation, the will, the ability to excel even through injuries, the pain threshold, the overall career, etc. Wade has proven to be one of the most skilled players in the league, but he’s also proven to be soft and prone to sit out games for the smallest of pains, not to mention, the scouting he did to lure Bosh and James to Miami, only to then tell Rachel Nichols that there was no chance that HE would end up in Cleveland because that’s not who he is (hypocritical?). Good players do what he did, great players like Michael, Kobe, Derrick Rose, Charles Barkley, Larry Bird etc., do it with what they have, if management gets help fine, if not, fine, they give it their all night in and night out, they don’t go out and recruit their competition, the same competition they prepare all season to destroy.

  376. Lolo from Spain says:

    Kareem, Shaq, Wilt, Russell… and I’ve never read journalists mentioning Hakeem Olajuwon among those great centers. And I said just centers, not even players.

    By the way, Michael Jordan said “If I had to pick a center [for an all-time best team], I would take Olajuwon… He always made great decisions on the court. For all facets of the game, I have to give it to him.”

    PS. And I love to see some of you talking about D.Robinson or P.Ewing who were totally owned by Olajuwon. that’s real fun.

    PS-2. Sekou Smith: another journalist influenced by the media writing for the media.


    Now talking about the GOAT. I go with MJ ’til Kobe retires. Let’s we see what happens, great numbers, 5 rings… for now.

    PS. And now I see you mentioning LeBron the GOAT… well… I’d go with T-Mac in his prime. Sweet to watch and same rings than LeBron.

  377. lakerman34 says:

    I’m thinking you’re a Kobe AND MJ hater, or you just don’t watch the game.

    MJ is the GOAT. Period. End of conversation. Anyone who knows basketball would say it.

    Kobe CONSTANTLY says that he watched the old school players and learned SO much for them (and you’re condemning him for NOT paying homage to players in the past? Hmmmm…..)

    They are proud for what they accomplished. They worked hard, and they are amongst the best ever (if not, THE best 2 players ever). Why should they be modest about something they worked SO hard for and accomplished?

  378. John says:

    “They know they’ll go down as two of the very best to ever play the game and arguably the two best in the eyes of many. There’s no need to talk about it. There is a level of humility that should come with being the very best at what you do. Did you ever hear Michael Jackson talk about Prince being the only other artist on his level?”

    You don’t hear Muhammad Ali going on about how he’s the greatest, do you? … oh, you do?

  379. TeamUSA says:

    NoBody mentions LeBron though

  380. Knowledge says:

    Well, MJ must give kobe all this credit because kobe loves MJ and gives him acculades every time he can. But if you know basketball knowledge, you would understand kobe is not even a top 10 player yet in his career. he was the 2nd best player on his team for the first championship run, and needed TWO seven footers to win two rings. also he has not won without phil jackson, ask mj about that. Bill coached and played late in his career, and held the unstopabble wilt chamberlain to only amazing stats in their playoff appearances. Magic, was complete magic, could play all 5 positions, mj couldnt, and kobe could barely play his own correctly. kareem won the mvp 6 times..catch up MJ, kobe has one, Lebron already has two btw, but hey lets wait till he wins four in a row with this heat team. larry bird and dr j, both more complete players than kobe. moses malone, very underrated, and has a more impressive resume than kobe. now to point guartds, oscar, averaged a triple double for a season..kobe only has like 17 triple doubles, shows his range…ishiah thomas, 24 points, one ankle, finals, beat up jordans bulls, and now to Shaq, three finals mvps, on the same team as kobe, and kobe is better?lmfao..and i would broke my computer if i forgot about the dream. Hakim O, great defender, just as great offensively, kobe could match up with him. when kobe eneters top 10 all time discussion, then i would take mjs opinion seriously. stick to designing shoes, and for anyone who read this whole thiing, you learned too much about basketball, with that being said…5.wilt 4. bill 3. kareem 2. magic 1. MJ(sadly)

  381. Celtic says:

    I think it’s funny so many people are surprised by the edge in this article.
    I’m obviously a celtic fan–but I’ve loved watching Kobe this year. He has this defeat-father-time, i’m-still-kobe, lone ranger attitude to him that’s great. The team may have been hurt a bit by his independence, but he’s proving beyond doubt that he’s the best player in the league right now–followed by Kevin Durant and Lebron and Dwade. He’s been awesome. I’m a fan of his game, not of his character–you can judge me for that all you want.
    As far as MJ versus Kobe goes–I really don’t care. They’re both better than most everyone who has played the game, let the world decide who they think’s the best.

  382. Brandon says:

    I think when MJ made his comment about Kobe being the only one whose done the work to be compared to him, he was referring to work ethic, Practice time. Kobe is a workaholic, away from the actual game. He’s been known to work out in the off season for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. Not talking about playing ball 8 hours a day, but working out, you know drills, lifting weights. Who else does that? MJ used to run lines after games. And go so hard in practice he said the games were sometimes easy for him. And this is all taking place after the rings, for both of them. Plus Magic, Kareem, and all those GREATS, did they ever play seasons hurt, not games but seasons. Whens the last time Kobe has been 100% healthy? It’s been a good 2-3 years. And he still puts up record breaking numbers, and hits game winning shots through his injuries. So once again I think MJ is referring to his work ethic, not necessarily his stats and numbers.

  383. 2MuchHype says:

    First let me say Micheal Jordan jumpman logo should be the NBA logo not Jerry West so dont label me a hater. With that said Micheal and Kobe are great players not gods. People hype them up so much these guys play the game well but there was and still are other great players. Just the media makes a big deal about everything Micheal and Kobe do with a scope. So for true fans of the game Basketball has much more to offer than just Jordan and Bryant its just hype and if you like it i love. No one care who compares to Jordan or Kobe cause truth is there ain’t any just more BS to bring up. You have to relies that Basketball is a game not a beauty contest and if you don’t agree take away all the players that ever played in the NBA accepted Jordan, and Kobe then judge how great they are. Once again this is all hype stop giving Jordan And Kobe so much Power let the game speak for it self and not two men who have been blessed to have the career they had and have Deuces.

  384. wackies25 says:

    LOL! just take it easy boy! your man Lebron needs many works to do to proved he deserves to be in the discussion. MJ never Choke. Dont say Lebrons teammates in Cleveland cost him to blah blah blah and blah.. enough said cause even with Bosh and Wade he Choke. Lebron is a master Choker. besides no great player went to other teams to play with other superstar just to get a ring.. Open you eyes man.. If we include LeChoke we should also add Charles Barkley, Reggie Miller, Chris Webber, Karl Malone, Allen Iverson etc.. not 1 not 2 not 3 not 4 not 5 not 6 not 7 not 8……. LOL (Epic Failed)!

  385. MJ reigns says:

    I truly believe that MJ was the greatest player that ever played the game.
    I’ve been watching and cheering for Kobe since his rookie year to reach MJ’s greatness, but the truth is that he is NOT.
    The article says “I understand that the one thing that separated Jordan from his peers and Kobe from his is that they seemed to lack that humility.”
    YES, both are great players but THEY LACK HUMILITY and they’re turning off some of his old fans here…

  386. Cali says:

    Nowhere in that Kobe statement does he in anyway make it seem like he’s compaing Paul or Rose to himself… he’s simply talkin about their attributes as competitors and hard workers in his opinion. MJ is the one who is talking as if he’s the one to vindicate comparison, throwing Kobe into the mix is dumb. Kobe has never said he’s as good or comparable to MJ… matter of fact he’s always said MJ is the best. This article gets a thumbs down.

  387. Mehrzad says:

    Ahhhh.You kidding me.Jordan says Kobe is the closest to him and you are tryin’ to change this?Stop it.

  388. SteveM says:

    Also, How can you possibly compare Guards and Centers??? Kobe better than Abdul Jabbar? Russell better than Magic? Impossible to even debate.

  389. Evandro says:

    Kobe did not accomplished the same MJ did in the same amount of time (minutes played). He might accomplish more because we cannot defeat time. Period.

  390. tabers says:

    check this out. most title NBA player

    11 Bill Russell

    10 Sam Jones

    8 John Havlice
    8 Tom Heinsohn
    8 K.C. Jones
    8 Tom “Satch”

    7 Robert Horry

    7 James Loscutoff
    7 Frank Ramsey

    6 Kareem Ab
    L.A. Lakers
    6 Bob Cousy
    6 Michael Jordan
    6 Scottie Pippen
    5 Kobe Bryant
    5 Michael Cooper
    5 Derek Fisher
    5 Magic Johnson
    5 Steve Kerr
    5 Slater Martin
    5 George Mikan
    5 Don Nelson
    5 Jim Pollard
    5 Dennis Rodman
    5 Larry Siegfried

  391. SteveM says:

    The reason Jordan and Bryant have this unique take on the game is down to their unique personalities, not necessarily ability.

    Put it this way, if Kobe and Jordan were dogs they would be a mix of doberman, rothweiler and pitbull while Magic is a Golden Labrador. Their sheer aggressive nature and inability to recognise talent that isn’t in line with their own means they never give credit to many who deserve it.

    It’s an exaggeration that both these guys hold such few in high regard. I would be very surprised if Kobe thought Dirk, Wade, Lebron, Garnett and Duncan weren’t as determined and strong-willed as Paul and Rose. Same goes for Jordan about Bird, Abdul-Jabbar and Shaq.

    NBA players must always credit those who came before them, Jordan and Bryant have learned so much from their predessessors that must be acknowledged and partly shaped who they became.

  392. Lenjam says:

    Kobe is the best player of all time…(MJ has not entered this discussion, the race begins the second down, MJ is from another planet, is like comparing Messi with Pelé).

  393. Joseph says:

    How does the “best player” of his time only have 1 season MVP in 14 years? LOL

    • Z.T. says:

      This period will go down in history as the most idiotic behaviour by the league, media and some fans. Talking about MVP’s, I can understand how LeBron got his 1st MVP, but his second, come on, when he was getting it, he had a history of failing completely in the Finals, and then not even making it to the Finals, absolutely pathetic Playoff experience nowhere near the level of Kobe. And what is more idiotic, LeBron is still in the discussion of being MVP, again, are you serious people?! How on Earth can he be the most valuable player of a team that is already represented by D. Wade?! Is that a joke?! I mean, am I the only one who thinks that way? I though MVP means that you carry your team, that you are the leader, that you deliver in the crunch time, that you win when you have the opportunity, LeBron James has none of the listed, Kobe had it all since Shaq left the Lakers, still 1 MVP, truely a shame for all NBA for years to come.

  394. azza3674 says:

    im 40 years old i have seen quite a few eras, from kareem to kobe. magic johnson once said mj is the greatest to ever play the game and that was many many years before mj retired,im talking 91/92. larry bird once said mj is god in the form of a basketball player. all above mentioned are great players. plyersy like bill russel,wilt etc were great but would not have been able to do the things they did then in mjs or kobes era. an in prime micheal jordan could walk into the league today and completly dominate. i take nothing away from all those great players, they made the game what it is and continue to do so but please nobody compare lebron to any of these guys because in my opinion he is no where near any of them. also i would like to mention scottie pippen whom i think deserves to go down as one of the greatest ever withought a doubt, if you go by rings he is greater than kobe, i did not say better than kobe.

  395. Z.T. says:

    Oh my goodness, MJ and Kobe can do or say whatever they want… I haven’t seen better players in my life time, I’m 22, just in case someone wants to remind me of older players back in time, just don’t do that. it’s pointless, for me it will always be MJ and Kobe, either is great in his own way.

  396. Comparisons suck balls says:

    Which one is better: Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche GT, or Bugatti?

    I’m sure we’ll hear different answers from different people.

    If it’s this hard to find a single answer to mechanics with specifications, how hard would it be to find one for people with all different personalities, skills, styles, and in different times?

    All I know is they are all good cars. Both are among the greatest legends.

  397. luisd says:

    Anyway kobe is wrong

    Derrick Rose is just another allen iverson with a great team
    Chris Paul is even better than kobe, Kobe is a lucky guy for been on the lakers (90 millions team)

    The last decade was all about big men Shaq, Duncan, Wallace x 2, KG, Gasol, Dirk-Chandler

    • KindaLikeTheHeatles says:

      Rose is not A.I. but he’s close, he’s not willing to give that ball up much more often than Iverson was.
      CP3 is not better than Kobe, tough is more enjoyable to see as basketball players.
      Yes Kobe got lucky, though he wanted to go to LA from day 1, he was lucky enough for 3 years later get Shaq, who was arguably the best player in the league those days, and obviously the most dominant big man.
      The Lakers didn’t even make the playoffs the year Shaq went to South Beach. To compare, D. Wade was more important to one year of Miami’s sucssess, than Kobe was for 3 years of Lakers championship runs.
      And don’t you ever forget, those 2 last ones for LA, Kobe was good, and Gasol did help (no idea how he was able to pull that off ’cause I agree with STAT, the Spaniard is as soft as butter) but Phil Jackson should have won the Finals MVP both times.

  398. Truballa says:

    MJ and kobe has no weaknesses in their game, that what separates them, every guy you named on this list had some weakness, except mj and kobe, chris paul is getting to that level and D.rose, greatness recognize greatness, and these guys know where to give the respect, basketball is a sport and you can master it if you put the effort into it, theres no excuuse to shoot 60 percent from the free throw line, not be a good shooter, be so so on defense, these guys didnt have any weaknesses, you gotta love it.

  399. Waitwaitwait says:

    Since when can a couch-potato rag on how ONLY other couch-potatoes can participate in endless debates about who the best athletes are…and NOT the athletes themselves?! Everyone and their mother “yaps” about who the greatest player is, and have hounded MJ and Kobe about that question. Are they supposed to never comment on it their whole lives? Muhamad Ali is considered one of the greatest and has called himself exactly that. The Michael Jackson reference doesn’t work either because he created his own moniker of “King of Pop.” A 9-yr-old troll comment has more weight that this blog post. You know what makes Jordan and Kobe and other athletes great?? It’s their obsession to become and to be KNOWN as one of the greatest.

  400. Hymers says:

    I hate this so much. Why is it that you Sekou get to judge? You and people in the media who never played get to decide who is the best and who gets to compare but athletes have to be a mime on the matter. MJ and Kobe have earned the right to say whatever they want. If Magic and Russel and Bird don’t want to then it’s their choice. You can disagree and judge all you want but saying that they shouldn’t speak their mind… that’s really annoying.

  401. Miamifan says:

    I’m sorry, but I agree with Sekou. There is no need for MJ to state who you think can and can’t be on your level. Kobe’s is different because he answered who seems to have more drive and desire. MJ’s one is horrible, because he shouldn’t be saying who has earned the right to be compared to him. So you know what, just for that, I say Lebron is better than MJ. But on a UNBIASED note, there are others in that discussion of best NBA player ever.

  402. Joeymilo says:

    this article has it sour notes and also makes a lot of great points. but before you we make remarks about who has say on who is the best, think of how many times media asks kobe and jordan on who is the best. then think of how many times they ask the other so called ignored legends. they are on top because they are covered alot more often and they are placed on the pedastal so we keep them there.

  403. Daniel says:

    Who gave them the right?,
    Nobody, they EARNED the right.
    And who are you exactly?, a reporter, your job is to type not to play.
    If MJ says Kobe is the closest to him, then he is.
    I don’t like Kobe but he is the closest to MJ i’ve ever seen.
    They both have the rings to backup their words.

  404. Curtis says:

    Sekou, you are reading MJ & Kobe’s statements out of context. If you notice, they name people who are currently in the league. Also, BOTH statements refer to ‘competition’ or ‘competitiveness’. The statements which they made weren’t about Greatest of All Time. They were talking about who in the league today has the same type of COMPETITIVE DRIVE as they did while they play or played.

    You are taking what you ‘think’ they said and spinning off into an undeserved rant.

  405. cgraham says:

    By far MJ is the greatest player of all time and KB sits right behind him. We’re talking about players that adjust there games to any level of play,and playing on both ends of the court. Both these players were able to dominate past their era,both are the hardest working players in the game and are still students of the game. They both helped to elevate players around them into superstar caliber players.

  406. HeatNationForever says:

    this is what different between
    THE greatest of all time
    one of the greatest
    and great player

    MJ = 6finals 6 final MVPs 6 championships ( 6 out of 6 = 100% winning at finals) <– The Greatest of all time

    Kobe = 7 finals 2 final MVPs 5 championships ( 5 out of 7 = 71% winning at finals) <—— one of the greatest

    LBJ = 2 finals zero final mvp Zero championships (0 out of 2 = 0% winning at finals) kobe > LBJ

    • KindaLikeTheHeatles says:

      Pierce won a ring in ’08, Pierce was the finals MVP that year.
      Let’s say Lebron and Pierce finish their careers today; Would you say Pierce was a better player than Lebron?

  407. chaz says:

    bill russell and kobe are the most overated players of all time!

  408. JohnZ says:

    It’s their opinion,they have a right to say it,especially if you(the media) are the ones asking it.They were they best of their era,therefore their opinions should be taken into consideration don’t you think?

    You think Jordan and Kobe should show some humility,then you better check out Scottie Pippen saying Lebron the greatest of all time(can’t remember exactly what he said but it was as stupid as this).

    And it’s not like their saying this everyday.They get asked this kind of s*** all the time and when they finally answer,you don’t like the answer?That’s your problem man.

  409. paul says:

    michael is the best, 6 finals, 6 rings, 6 nba finals mvp.

    kobe wont the first 3 because of shaq, then he lost vs boston and dallas went 4-0 vs kobe last year!!

    jordan would never allow that.

  410. Rodney says:

    Oh really Kobe is great!!!!He won Championship coz of Shaq n Gasol…When he is alone he don’t even reach to playoffs d last time around…Lebron went to Championship series with Spurs when he is the only certified star on the team.Get it..just wait n see what will happen in d future…Don’t ever ever compare Kobe to Jordan is not close enouhght..hahaha..

    • NYKNICKS! says:

      pathetic rodney pathetic… ever heard of scottie pippen????

      • Mack says:

        and Dennis Rodman

      • Mike D Great says:

        Really!!!! Jordan 6 rings = primary player, Kobe 3 rings = Sidekick of Shaq ah ok another 2 = primary player…2 rings only as a primary player and you call as greatest…No way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Wait for Lebron he still young maybe he will develop his killer instinct.

  411. newyorksteelo says:

    The others mentioned in this post where great players, but none come close to MJ or Kobe, with MJ being the greatest of all time. No question about this in my opinion.

  412. NYKNICKS! says:

    ill say this for kobe: although he started playing “younger” than jordan did (which lowered his career scoring average by about 4 pts and raised his total ) he has been the youngest player to 20,000 pts all the way through 28,000. Yes kobe started his career earlier and yes he won his first 3 champs as the #2 man on his team. Having said that- hes only 33! mj won 3 champs at the age of 33 while kobe won 5 and has been to 7 nba finals! if he continues playing untill 38-40 years old: he can be #1 all time in points (do the math hes 10,000 behind kareem its def possible) and if he wins another champ (the way hes playing now its also possible): then when its all said and done he can be the Greatest of All Time. for now its clearly still MJ but kobe is in position to finish as the greatest to ever play the game….

    • Ricempire says:

      So what does this say about LEBRON? If he plays as long as Kobe its clear that he will reach the number 1 scorrer of all time!

  413. Blah says:

    Yeah but Kobe doesn’t play half the defense that Jordan could…

    • realist says:

      Wrong! If people want to argue “Jordan played when there was still hand checking and still scored 30.1 a game” and “Jordan would have dominated if he were playing today because now theres no hand checking” well…
      How the heck do you think Jordan played defense? WITH HAND CHECKING TOO! Ergo, if Kobe could have played defense with the same rules Jordan had the benefit of using, his defensive stats would have been padded too.

  414. jimmy says:

    One of the things that always seems to pop up in my mind when this subject is brought up, is how each era will defend its own and every new era must pay respect….even if that means deminishing current talent.

    Im gonna say something that everyone knows but few would ever say. Bill Russell played against mostly short white guys. Same with wilt. I sometimes wonder what those players would do in todays game. You would have to be CRAZY if you think they would be as good or dominate. Kobe scored 81 points in the modern era, Wilt scored a 100 over guys that probably would not even make the D league today.

    Talking bad about MJ is like a crime in todays sports writing. Was he better then Kobe? I would say by a hair, and only by one ring. Can Kobe catch or even (gasp) overtake MJ? Yes. One more ring and Id say they are AT LEAST equal. 2 more rings and anyone that says Kobe is not the greatest of all time will just be lying out of respect to the past…..but they will know, even if they dare not mention it out loud! Maybe 5-10 years down the line Kobe will get his due, when he becomes legend….maybe

  415. Troyerz says:

    Just wait till KD start winning Championships

  416. dawolf says:

    jordan on the top of hill…. kobe on the top 10 of all… it’s to hard for all the others…. have you ever think about malone….

  417. future1 says:

    i think mike and kobe earned the right to talk because they’re proven that they’re are winners.. MJ does stand alone tho, 6-6 in the finals and awarded finals mvp all 6 times as well he stopped a lot of great players in his era like charles barkley and patrick ewing from ever winning titles.. MJ is the best and i think kobe earned the right to be mentioned with him.. i think its magic johnson and larry bird, then there’s jordan and kobe.. its a different level

  418. JohnMitchum says:


  419. durant fan says:

    this one is definitely blown out of proportion. MJ and kobe had to answer reporters, its not like they had a press conference just to discuss whos the greatest…

    i dont like kobes personality, but you got to give it to him for his game. Even if his game is on par with MJ, which there is no way of measuring, you just cant compare somebody with GOD

  420. GAR says:

    It’s an opinion from both MJ and Kobe and they are entitled to that. What’s wrong with it Sekou? Maybe because LeChoke James was not mentioned. He became an MVP due to his popularity. Not by his deeds….talk about humility? A one-hour show to make his announcement of moving to Miami and then the 3 having a party as they are introduced?

  421. Just an opinion says:

    MJ and Kobe. I think that both players and so similar, but in part both have a distinctive skill (MJ’s athletism is unmatched) but Kobe’s footwork and skill are also unmatched. I’m glad that both fall under the same conversations, since both are players that their leadership and pride make them the role models and legendary players they are. And yes, rings do count. and as far as i know, miami has a better team than the lakers..

  422. Dish says:

    And yes i think MJ and Kobe have every right to express their opinions not only cuz of what they have accomplished but also cuz they are simply always asked….both reasons are intertwined anyways

  423. JayBee says:

    I think only some journalists `have the right` to bring up matters like these. Sekou Smith is not one of them.

  424. brylle 23 says:

    kobe bryant and michael jordan are both greatest players…..no one can stop them both……awesome…..

  425. Carlos Gomez says:

    Kobe’s quote never mentioned anything about Chris Paul being the only one being worthy of comparison to him, at all. It was more of a compliment to his competitive edge.
    Not a single comparison to himself, quit putting words into his mouth.

  426. Jun says:

    Kobe better than MJ?! Blasphemy!

    Dirk better than Bird?! Blasphemy!

    • Jun says:

      Jordan 6/6 in NBA Championships. Jordan was NBA finals MVP in those 6 championships, Undefeatable in the Finals!

      Kobe 5/7 in NBA Championships. 3 of the 5 were during Shaq era. Even if without Kobe, Shaq can still win those 3!
      Shaq was the MVP in those first 3 Championships. Kobe should be credited with
      only 2.
      But Kobe is a better scorer. Michael is a better clutch and defender.

      • BFoulds says:

        Michael Jordan still hold the record for best PPG over a career. Kobe a better scorer? I think not. sorry buddy

    • Mack says:

      Dirk might not be better but he’s close.

  427. Mark says:

    Thank you Sekou! I am so tire of these ridiculous arguments…

  428. Ed says:

    Michael Jordan is the greatest of all time.

  429. Eman says:

    Sekou, you know that you’re hatin on the two best guards of all time aren’t you?

  430. basketball 101 says:

    Ok this is getting ridiculous. I agree Mike and especially Kobe should have some humility, but it doesnt take anything away from their games. Also thats the last sentence that should have those 2 names in in.
    1. Mike is the greatest ever. No question.
    2. Kobe for 3 of his 5 championships he wasnt even the best player on his team. Fact.
    3. Magic Bird Russel Shaq Kareem Duncan (4 chips 3 finals mvp’s and the best ever at his position) All just opinion but VERY Logical opinions.
    4 Kobe could not get out the 1st round without the help of all-star big men. (the year after shaq He didnt even make the playoffs!) Fact. check the history.
    5. As Great as Kobe is… He IS great!!, People compare him to mike because of his STYLE of play (similar) his clutch performance (he is clutch) and the amount of rings he’s accumulated. But His Career has way too many dents in it to be in the top 10 much less 2!!! Magic’s role in his 5 rings as well as many finals appearances hold WAY more weight than Kobe’s 5 rings.
    6. As far as Mike goes,,,, his opinions (kwame brown is just 1 example) dont measure up to his game. So follow Mike’s game – evn buy his great sneakers. but listening to mike just because he “played” great is not the move.
    7. Them talking about who’s great in that new book is fine as long its just them talking. WE need to get off that because Kobe is Very very very good but NO WHERE near Mike.

  431. dlangdama says:

    Reading some of these comments makes me laugh . you should have to post your birthday if you said Kobe. Kobe is an amazing player and growing up in 80’s and 90’s i saw MJ…every week, in person. there is no comparison, and if there is, it can only be Kobe. for dominance on the court and that will/drive to win and kill the opponent each night. sure as hell will NEVER be lebron. Wade is a killer but still far behind (my new favorite player since 03). MJ should win just because who did Kobe want to be? who did he model everything right down to his walk and interviewing after? Please, the game became what it is because of the late 80s and more so the 90s when MJ was around..it became global! Nike became a Beast because of you know who…his shoes and products still sell more than anyone and he isnt playing. the first Dream team was the only dream team, it was like the beatles because of that era and MJ. do they get that respect now, interest now, no!
    MJ is set apart by his shear ability to not lose. he is 6-0 in finals! if he played , he won..his team went 72-10! is that cause of steve kerr? dennis rodman? no, MJ he made people amazing . Kobe and the lakers played ok untill playoffs then win, BULLS won always..never fell off. i watched games when MJ personally brought the team back down by double digits…by himself..Kobe is an awesome shooter, and amazing competitor, but MJ was Defense, Offense, Fear..he had opponents wanting to get an atuograph after being dunked on..MJ is the greatest…Kobe is great…

  432. KindaLikeTheHeatles says:

    “He’s one guy in the league that I think he’ll probably be better than all of us when it’s all said and done.” — Larry Bird about Lebron James.

    I believe Lebron can be what Bird says, if he’s able to win, it’s not about 4 quarters or finals or whatever you say…
    The important part here is that a person like Bird had no problem to admit that, to say someone can and as the possibility to out-best yourself…
    Tough I love MJ and what he did in the past, and at some point I understand that Kobe was, and i,s one of the Greatest Ever, they lack the humility and therefore there are a lot of haters. And if you check everywhere, no one has a problem with Bird (except from the pre-NBA Shaq :b ) or Magic….

  433. John says:

    MJ is the greatest of all time hands down. Sekou metioned that the other guys aren’t sitting around saying who measures up to them, but MJ was just asking a question that was posed to him. And I do think that he is correct. Kobe, who i never cared for at first, is truly the only one i feel has done his work and was a student of the game and desired to be great. He not only desired it, he worked at it. Magic and Bird is definitely up there as two of the greatest to ever play the game with others, but hands down IT IS MJ ALL THE WAY.

  434. Elliott says:

    Me personally think jordan and kobe are a tie kobe has a better jumpshot then jordan but jordan drives better then kobe they will both go down as the greatest players to play the game and lebron isnt mentioned in this because he melts down in clutch moments he doesnt have the competitve drive as kobe or jordan

    • BFoulds says:

      Jordan went to the playoffs 6 times. Guess how many he won, all 6. Guess how many finals MVP’s he won, all 6. Not only does he hold the record for most PPG scored over his WHOLE CAREER, he also made ALL DEFENSIVE TEAM 9 TIMES.

      So does Kobe really equal Jordan? If you still say yes, you have downs.

  435. Kaare says:

    if you were to measure the g.o.a.t, you should base it on accomplishments in the playoffs, and there, no one can be compared to MJ. what he did in the playoffs were absolutely unreal. no one compares

  436. SikWitIT says:

    We never hear about Steve Nash, Carl Malone, or Iverson when talking about the greatest players because these comparisons always boil down to rings. If we are really talking about the greatest PLAYER then you need to go by stats, not rings. Players that excel in almost all categories are ones I consider “the greatest”. MJ and Kobe are obviously two but people act like no one is better than them or close because of the championships.

    Personally my favorite player who has the so called “competitive edge” is Wade. He has had probably the greatest comeback IMO.

    • robbay2 says:

      Just because they put up big numbers doesnt mean they are great. The suns have never come through,, despite their amazingly put together team and steve nash’s 2 mvps and Karl Malone was amazing but, I mean, not to the same magnitude. Iverson was extremely good for only a few years, then just was a high scorer.

      Steve is a great point guard. That’s it.

  437. lakers says:

    one more TIDBIT…the LEGEND michael Jordan HAS SPOKEN. Only Kobe Bryant can be compared to him. Not Dwayne Wade. NOT LECHOKE, or any other SG. Kobe Bryant is a living LEGEND.

  438. Jonathan says:

    It never seizes to amaze me the way you put SO out there the fact that you are driving the LBJ/Miami Heat bandwagon. Guess what, YES, any athlete has the right OVER ANYBODY ELSE to say who measures up to them and why, because they are the ones who play versus their peers, not you or any of the other writers/critics. Who better than MJ can give an honest opinion of who measures up to him, than himself? Who better than Kobe to do the same? If you look at their answers you will see that MJ chose Kobe probably because he played against him, same with what Kobe did with Chris Paul and D-Rose. MJ has said in numerous occasions that he can’t evaluate his talent conclusively because he didn’t play against a lot of great players that were in the NBA prior to him. On the other hand, MJ and Kobe were answering questions, period. It’s not like they held a press conference to announce this, they were asked something and gave an honest answer, get over it.

  439. lakers says:

    The writer must have hit his head.
    Kobe is still not on par with Jordan. Kobe bryant dominated more games and changed the game so much and thats y he is 2nd all time SG. Lebron has 2 more ALPHAS on his team and he choked. Lebron chokes in the big moments. Fourth quarters is what made MJ and Kobe great. Kobe is like top five on the all time scoring list, 5 time nba champ, one of the best sidekicks ALA Scottie pippen, early on in his career too. Kobe dominated more games in his prime than anyone in the last decade has seen. The complete arsenal in Kobe bryant. Lebron is just more skilled physically at this stage of his career. You can ask Young Kobe how the transformation went. Kobe posesses the best post up game in gaurds in the game.
    If you are talking about all the other legends. Sometimes those players werent even the best on their own team for much of their whole careers. Theyre all too low on the scoring charts and didnt transcend the game much like kobe or mj did.

  440. Fact says:

    Greatness is decided by the number of championship rings, aside from his performance.
    Robert Horry – 7
    Michael Jordan – 6
    Kobe Bryant – 5
    Tim Duncan – 4

  441. keepitreal says:

    Sekou, you’re such a hypocrate. Isn’t it the media coming up with those comparisons all the time. Top 10 lists and stuff?

  442. Kobe Bryant says:

    I am the greatest of all time. Jordan is tied for second with Magic Johnson.

  443. ShizzCochino says:

    There is NO WAY that Kobe compares to MJ. He is def the closest to MJ but a far second. Look at it this way.

    MJ was bigger than the game – Kobe is the best player in the game RIGHT NOW
    MJ was the clear best player in his prime – With Kobe its always been debatable with Lebron
    MJ has the Highest PPG scoring average EVER! – Kobe is behind even Lebron
    MJ had 10 scoring titles – Kobe 2
    MJ’s Career PPG, APG, RPG, SPG, and BPG all better those of Kobe. Even after playing with the Wizards
    People used to check the paper just to see what terror MJ caused last night – Nobody does that for Kobe
    MJ broke records to win games – Kobe breaks records in losing efforts to try to be compared to Jordan, ON PAPER
    MJ had Pippen and solid role Players – Kobe has had 2 or more all stars on his team almost every year.
    MJ made All NBA and all DEF 1st Teams every year with the bulls since ’87 – Kobe missed a few, and not because of MJ
    MJ had 6 years where he shot over 50% from the field – Kobe has NEVER done this.
    Jordan has lead the league in steals thrice – Kobe NEVER
    MJ made just less than 3 times as many 3pt Shots as Kobe and still scored more points and only .10% less career 3FG%

    Kobe is the best player in the game RIGHT NOW. He is an incredible scorer, competitor, defender, and dead-eye shooter. If you should compare him to anyone it would be MJ, but MJ is still far and beyond in another echelon. Another realm. I’m not sure if anyone can accomplish the things MJ has and have the same appeal and affect on the game.

    And for the question, they get asked this questions by reporters all the time, “who is the best? Who is most like you? Could you score 100 points in this league now? Who would win in a 1 on 1 between Kobe and Jordan? Magic and Jordan? Lebron and Kobe?” It like they are baiting them into saying something outlandish so the media can run off with it, but these guys have accomplished enough to say whatever they want. And both Jordan and Kobe were accurate in my estimation of who is most like them.

    • BFoulds says:

      This is the best and most accurate post here period. Every nail was hit on the head. I can stop reading now. Thank you.

    • really? says:

      Michael was the Go To Guy in his first season, I mean THE GUY!!
      while Kobe was a Bench Warmer.. if he played with Charlotte Hornets and wasn’t traded, he could have been better than Michael.. Players Learns from losing.. just ask Michael..
      WHAT IF!! it got reverse Michael was the Bench and Kobe was the Go-To-Guy..
      yeah.. Michael can’t be bench.. the Coach must be stupid if he benched Mike.. crazy !! LMFAO

  444. Luis says:

    Magic said referring to MJ, ” There’s a new sheriff in town!” He took the badge from two players, Bird and himself.
    Bird thought he saw God, when MJ scored 63 on them. I’m pretty sure Bird was trying to say, MJ is better than him.

    This writer is full of it! First of all, when you are the greatest competitor in sports (all sports) you can say whatever you want to say and no one is gonna stop you from doing it. Of course the writer could never understand his “arrogance” or lack of humility because he doesn’t understand the mindset of a competitor.
    Simplified, a good competitor will ALWAYS think he’s better than anyone else. Michael Jordan not only thought he was the best, HE PROVED IT.
    If he acknowledged Kobe’s competitive drive, is most likely because he can see the resemblance taking into consideration that HE DOES UNDERSTAND competiveness, since he’s a competitor himself (the greatest by the way).

    The writer on the other hand, is clearly not a competitor, or else he’d understand what MJ and Kobe were talking about. All those other players mentioned, yeah they were good, but even they admitted MJ taking the NBA to a whole new level.

  445. LOL says:

    OH MY GOODNESS. You had to open the floodgates to the debate. Wow. Is there really a need?

    Guys listen. You can say if Kobe gets 6 rings hes as good as MJ all you want. Really? I mean all MJ did WHILE he was getting those rings was get 10 scoring titles, 5 MVP’s, a Defensive Player of the Year award and a steals title. Those of course are just the MAIN ones. He obviously has more records.

    I mean really you’re going to compare Kbs 1 scoring title, 1 MVP, NO DPOY award or a steals title to that resume? I mean just those main achievements should be enough to prove that KB doesnt have it.

    HOW can it be equal. Do you know how HARD it is for a player to get 7 straight scoring titles, and 10 in a career? Really? If you just stop and think of the degree of difficulty. And the MVPs. Wow. DONT EVEN say that KB should have more than 1. Ok guess what, I AGREE. But THEN you have to obviously say MJ should have ALSO had more, without any doubt. So it boils down to still comparing the fact that MJ has 4 more.

    Sorry but any way you cut it, KB’s resume does in NO WAY stack up to MJ.

    MJ is the GOAT, and KB is a very very long ways off from that. Bottom line.

    • really? says:

      MJ ws lucky that Kobe is not the Go-To-Guy of the Lakers when he arrives.. good thing for MJ that the Lakers traded for Kobe in Draft Night.. of he would have been the Go-To Guy of the Charlotte Hornets…
      Kobe was just a Bench Warmer in his Rookie Season with the Lakers…
      MJ in his rookie year was the primary scorer with a pathetic team, so yeah of course he would score a lot.. a lot of pressure for him to score. no one else scores that time for the bullss, until Phil Jackson with All Improve Pippen and a bunch of Hungry shooters! yeah.. but WHAT IF??

  446. Mr.25 says:

    Best PG: Magic
    Best SG: Jordan
    Best SF: LeBron (Though i prefer Carmelo)
    Best PF: Tim Duncan
    Best C: David Robinson

  447. Clyde says:

    I have replayed the #1 play by Magic johnson in the top all star video over 20 times and i still cant see or understand how magic gets the ball to kareem…..truly amazing. please watch it.

  448. kobe=MJ says:

    did jorge wants to include HIS LBJ? the one hu cant make a ring out of “THEIR” BIG 3 and said that kobe has great teamates thas why he got 5 rings? is the BIG 3 not enough? bottomline is. LBJ just plays in the start. cant play from crucial. LBJ is still a kiddo.he has power and explosiveness unlike kobe and MJ .but he still needs more rice to eat to come up with the level of the 2 greats. LBJ is lacking the so called ‘TOUGHNESS’.

  449. taylor3a says:

    Lets not fool ourselves,Shekou. If you ask Magic Johnson if Penny Hardaway was as good as him,what you think he going to say? NO. Penny was compared to him,so does by him being honest in his opinion make him arrogant. So why is it so bad that when Michael Jordan is asked and he says Kobe Bryant, its arrogant!? All great players get asked that question about who compares to them. Its their opinion and rightfully can make it. Since when has Larry Bird,Magic,or Shaq been known to be humble. Shaq doesnt think Dwight Howard is as good as he use to be. So since you used Shaq in your article he would lack humility. Im saying all this to say that the majority of GREAT players by your definition lack humility, u have to in order to accomplish most of the things they accomplished to even be mentioned.

  450. Jowell Chua says:

    Kobe Bryant is… the best there is there was, there ever be ball hog player in the whole world, no one measures up to him. he towers above all, definitely the greatest ever ball hog.

  451. Jeff Jeff says:

    I think Larry Bird doesn’t get nearly enough credit. He took a team full of scrubs to the NCAA championship by himself. In his rookie season with the Celtics he turned their last season’s record of 29-53 to 61-21. That was without McHale or Parish. Every time Jordan and Bird met in the playoffs Larry dominated Michael. Michael Jordan was the LeBron James of the 80’s. Great player with no rings and always got dominated by veteran players. He couldn’t win a ring until Magic and Bird left the league.

    • Shelmon says:

      Jeff Jeff, please wake up from your dream state. That whole comment was just plain wrong. To say that MJ was the labron of that time is really a shalow remark.

    • andy v says:

      Hmm I can’t seem to remember who MJ got his 1st ring against…I mean it couldn’t have been Magic’s Lakers, since he’d already left the league right???

  452. Chad says:

    Kobe Bryant is the greatest of all time! He could topple the great wall.

  453. ais says:

    Sure Mike is the greatest, kobe is far from bird, magic etc., watch all mj videos to prove, those who only go kobe are late bloomers, mj won all championships during finals while kobe lost two of those trips, kobe won 3 of it at shaq back while mike won it with supporting cast. mj made names for bulls players, did kobe did that??? just asking

  454. for 3 says:

    Lebron James best player , Michael Jordan best scorer , Kobe Bryant mmmm, he know drama.

    • Mack says:

      LeBron James best player? Are u joking? There are tons , tons of players that are better than LeBron. Bird , Chamberlain , Russel , Magic , Kareem , Jordan. The word ‘Best’ doesn’t really suit LeBron except for ‘The Best Drive to get a foul’ since all the refs are prone to give LeBron more chance on that free throw line

    • yayko says:

      how are u gunna say that lebron is the best when he duznt have a ring lebron is a good player but not anything as good as mj or kobe

  455. Joe says:

    I am not sure what context MJ made his comment so I will leave it at that. Important to note that MJ was speaking of players coming AFTER him, not before so this complaining that he left out Bird, Magic and Russell is just whining.

    Kobe made his comment when specifically asked to comment on Chris Paul by reporters. Kobe also didn’t say that only CP3, Rose and himself are worthy of being considered great, he merely made a comment about competitive edge in the league TODAY.

    There are lots of great players over the years, but few have been consumed with winning in the way that MJ and Kobe have. Bird definitely was, Russell let the pressure get to him to the point where he threw up before major games, but his performanc eon the Court was always spectacular. He was also “The Man” playing in a league of boys, with no defensive coaching. Kobe is so consumed by winning he won’t take time off to heal injuries that are likely never going to heal properly. After he retires, turns 40 and his body starts to really break down he may regret those decisions.

    I doubt any of these players sit around talking about who is the best, that is what reporters do. It is because reporters disrspect the work ethic of guys like Kobe by ranking him behind inferior players both in skill and work ethic that Kobe works even harder. He may want to be perceived as being the best, but he lets his play argue for him.

  456. Celtics fan says:

    Its MJ, its so obviously MJ. MJ never lost in the finals, Kobe has twice to Detroit and to muh Celtics. Yah MJ had Scottie, but he never had a dominant big man to help out in the middle. Kobe had Shaq/ Bynum-Gasol (cuz no Shaq I’m sorry but your wrong about Bynum, its not Kobe Bynum its Kobe Bynum- Gasol, it takes the two of them combined to match up to one true bigman like you were and Howard is) and Magic had Kareem then Vlade to do the heavy lifting and Bird had Parish and Walton. MJ never had that, MJ changed the game because he unlike the 60s Celtics dynasty or the Bird era Celtics or the Showtime Lakers did it all without a dominant bigman, thats why all the doubters dismissed the idea of a shooting guard taking the title like he did. Kobe is the best player of his era (ie the 2000s), but hes not better than MJ never has been never will be, and everyone knows that Kobe will always live in the shadow cast by Michael, theres no way Kobe can ever get out from under that and I don’t care if hes scoring 40 points a night, he won’t make it to finals, he won’t get past Durant and he def won’t get past Lebron and the Miamiii Heaaaaaaaaaaaaat, end of story.

  457. muho says:

    sekou looks like you never listen to mj hof speech he never claim that he is the best however he says that it can be measured who is the best because I never played some of the guys people comparing to me. in my oppinion kj is the best because of his competitiveness he worked hard and combine it with talent and the results are clear 6 rings in 6 finals multiple scoring champs mvps and domination of the game. and finally all those guys you compare mj says he is the best most of the players that played agaings him says he is the best. some former player i dont remember the name said in a one report he was like a high school player playing with five years olds when he played with us. nothing to say after this.

  458. yehboi says:

    Copy i mean kobe will never be mike PERIOD!

  459. jesse says:

    you guys are saying that mike was better in his prime. look at kobe when he was younger

  460. MJ23GOAT says:

    Sekou have you ever even played basketball?

  461. RJ says:

    Lol Jorge are you serious? Lebron is more skilled than Kobe Bryant? And Lebron having arguably a top 3 player and a top 5 player at his position (Bosh) isnt enough help?

    I respect both but Kobe is much more skilled than Lebron and it isnt close but Lebron is the better overall player right now.

  462. Dr. Carlos says:

    I think MJ is the king and Kobe is the prince, without removing the merits of other…

  463. Julian says:

    I think that Kobe is indeed the closet thing to Michael Jordan that we see and I believe Michael Jordan and Kobe one on one would be a sight too see. However Michael Jordan accomplishments and is overall makes him better. But no one comes even close. Bill Russel overrated to me….

  464. aaron says:

    what about oscar robertson he averaged a triple double through his career

  465. oscar says:

    Jordan is the only one on the top. 6 rings and 6 mvps

    Kobe has only two rings 2 mvps to back his case (the other three belong to Shaquile).
    There are many other players with better resume than Kobe. Bill Rusell, Chamberlain, Magic, Bird, Akeem, Shaq, West etc etc etc..

    An LeBron will never win a championship….that is Karma for leaving Cleveland the way he did..

    The next big thing..BLAKE GRIFFIN….please Blake, just improve you perimeter shooting and a little more defense and you are the Hero we all want to see succeed. Atletics, Humble, Nice personality, and no tatoos….

    • kobeoverlbj says:

      dont even bring lebron or blake to this not yet atleast. and r u kidding me the first 3 dont belong only to shaq he was a big part like pippen was with MJ and as rodman was but if it was jordan against the 5 from the other team he wouldnt have won anything and plus kobe deserved all those mvps instead of shaq because of all the clutch shots he made in the closing moments. so dont even say kobe has 2 rings and the other 3 are shaqs cuz ur dead wrong

      • Basketball studies says:

        see the problem with your shaq and kobe comparison is that you think kobe was mj and shaq was side kick pippen…its actually in reverse my friend, shaq was the man and kobe was his side kick. If you disagree go back and research who won the championship the next year after shaq left. I’ll save you the trouble it was the Heat shaq replace kobe with Dwade and ther you go another ring. If kobe carried so much weight during those 3 title why did it take so long to get another title after shaq left. O yea they had to go get some more help

  466. mikel says:

    jordan is the greatest of all time, jesus.. no dominant centers on his team and still wins 6 championships! If he says that kobe is the closest then he is..

    • JM says:

      Scottie Pippen??? Besides Shaq, Kobe never had a really good player on his team. Jordan had Pippen the whole way through.

    • Mack says:

      Though he did not have dominant center on his team , he still have Dennis Rodman and Scottie Pippen.. Just wanna correct u on that though I agree Jordan is G.O.A.T..

  467. Lucas says:

    You may think that MJ and Kobe comments were useless. But you’re post was much more. If a reporter and the midia keep asking the questions, what is the problem when the guys answer it… I think you are one of those people that rather a political response then the truth… You can disagree with then regarding who was the best, but please don’t critic just because the guys spoke their mind.

  468. JM says:

    Wow, did Mr. Smith wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning? Sour article and took things players said out of context… And there is no way you can compare Magic, Bird Russel, or even Chamberlain to this discussion. Russel and Chamberlain would have no chance of averaging the kind of numbers they did back in the 60’s. Magic and Bird just aren’t there in terms of being the all-around players that Kobe and Michael are/were.

    • KindaLikeTheHeatles says:

      Sorry to disagree with you, but Bird wasn’t the all-around player that Kobe or MJ were? He is much more versatile than Kobe, since he’s willing to give up the ball if a better shot is available.
      24.3 PPG
      0.8 BPG
      1.7 SPG
      6.3 APG
      10.0 RPG
      49.6% FG
      88.6 FT
      37.6 3FG

      He’s as much of an all-arounder as they are, and I’m not only bringing Lebron here ’cause he as like 6-8 of prime time coming

  469. Kating says:

    Magic, Jordan, Bird, Chamberlain, Russel = Best team ever

  470. Jeilaszero says:

    They earned their right. They’re the ones that come to mind when anyone talks about basketball. Players like Wilt Chamberlain do enter the discussion when talking about specific things, but MJ and Kobe are players everyone knows about.

  471. JBoogie says:

    Your Michael Jackson and Prince comment is irrelevant. Basketball is much more competitive than music, especially if it isn’t rap. So of course arrogance will show more in basketball.

  472. Aric says:

    Like a previous person posted, this article is very sour. Stick to trying not to be biased. Sounds like someone saw a tweet and went into a blind internet rage, and had the power to post front page on NBA.com. I have lost respect for you Sekou Smith.

  473. Jorge says:

    I hate how LeBron isn’t added to this discussion. Everyone says Kobe is better because he has more rings. Come on, everyone knows that rings are obtained with team work (ie. Dallas, Detroit who actually beat Lakers few years back for their championship).

    Kobe has always had better team-mates than LeBron. Shaq, Pau Gasol just to name a couple.

    LeBron is and will always be a better PLAYER than Kobe. Kobe might have more rings, but that doesn’t make him a more skilled player than LeBron.

    • Luis says:

      Look, LeBron is good, but don’t get carried away with that statement. The media plays a big part in this obviously, since you can’t really see, that WADE is better than LeBron. Look at the playoffs, and you’ll see what I’m talking about. D Wade has that same competitive drive that MJ had, he scores and takes over games when he needs to. He’s obviously not at MJs level but if you are gonna compare a LeBron with Kobe, you better think again. Kobe’s been the best player on his team since I can remember, even when Shaq was there. We’re not even sure if LeBron is the best player on his team. He surely is good overall, but greatness is shown in the playoffs.

      • anonymous says:

        You lost all credibility when you said Kobe was better than Shaq…

      • Mack says:

        You can’t really compare Kobe to Shaq. Kobe is 2nd to MJ as a GUARD. Shaq doesn’t play guard so u can’t really compare those two. Both are dominating on the floor but in their own way. Shaq was a monster in the paint and on the board while Kobe is one-of-the-best 1 on 1 player currently in the league and he’ll shoot jumper over the defence. Both are great but really , shouldn’t be compared to each other.

      • Basketball studies says:

        You lost major points saying kobe was better then shaq. best player since you can remember. How old are you 15. You do know when kobe came to LA he could even beat out Eddie Jones for a starting spot so be clear he took time to develop and didnt become best player til shaq’s exit lol

      • Tom says:

        Lol you better tell Shaq to give his 3 FINALS MVP awards to Kobe then hahaha

    • Mack says:

      I can tell that you are ignorant.. LeBron is better than Kobe? Gimme a break.. Can LeBron shoot jumpers consistently? No.
      Can LeBron make clutch shots? No. Can LeBron carry his team to win the NBA championship? No. Face it. LeBron has D.Wade and C.Bosh and an average bench players and he still chokes to Dallas. Kobe led the Lakers to the finals and won againt Celtics in 7 games and could u name some other superstar players on his team? Pau or Bynum? Dude , u seriously gotta watch Kobe back in his prime.. Kobe at LeBron’s age is a MUCH MUCH MUCH BETTER PLAYER. It’s a fact and don’t even try to compare LeBron to Kobe.

      • robbay2 says:

        Kobe cant carry his team to the finals either.

      • Mack says:

        Kobe won the 2009 Finals beating the Celtics. Who was on his team then? Pau and Bynum? Artest was already declining by then. LeBron had Wade and Bosh. They were up against an old team. How old was Dirk , Terry , Kidd and Marion? True the Celtics are also old but comparing the Lakers then and the present Miami , Miami was far younger and with much more talent on the team. But LeBron choked in the Finals. Yes , Kobe can’t carry his team to the Championship a few times but LeBron can’t do it ever since he was back in Cleveland. Back in the Cavs , bad teammates were the excuse. In Miami? Is Wade or Bosh a bad teammate? Wade’s a Finals MVP back in 2006 and both him and Bosh are multiple All-Stars.

    • Not a Hater says:

      U’re saying LeBron’s better than Kobe? A hardcore LBJ fan eh? Hate to wake u up from ur dreams but LeBron will never EVER be better than Kobe..

    • B-Dizzle says:

      A player is measured not by their numbers, but by their wins. Always will be. I don’t care that Lebron can score 50/night on the Bobcats, Kobe/Micheal won when it counted. They are both killers in the big games, while Lebron is not. As well, Kobe/MJ never openly tried to get other big name players to play with them. MJ never went to Barkely or Hakeem or Kemp to join his team to win a championship.

      The moment Lebron starts winning championships, then you can add him to the list of all time greats. Right now, he is just like Wilt, who won 2 championships. Wilt was always regarded as one of the most dominating players of all time, but he only won 2 titles??? Lebron has none. Let’s start entertaining him as a top 10 player of all time when he gets at least a 2nd title.

    • João says:

      Are you serious? OK I understand your oppinio, LBJ is a great player, but in my oppinion he is a Charles Barkley, very talented, very good at both ends all-time great, but he isn’t the best of all time.

      LBJ might get in this discussion in the future when he has a few more years on his legs.

      About team mates: OK KB had Shaq in his prime and has Gasol now and won 5 rings. LBJ has Wade and Bosh, how can you complain about that? Even Jordan had Pippen to help him out and Rodman later.

      Don’t get me wrong, I think LJB is a beast, an excellent player but he lacks something.

      • Tom says:

        Mate, this is there second season together and last year they made the finals, this Heat team will definately win a championship. MJ took years to get his first ring, i think he was 28, Lebron is still 27. MJ had to wait for Pippen to get a bit of experience and develop. Then later on MJ also had Dennis Rodman, anotehr all-time great… Kobe had Shaq, one of the best centers of all-time!!! Also Shaq was the BEST on the team when they were together which is why he won 3 straight FINALS MVPs. When Shaq left, Shaq won anotehr ring with Heat and Kobe was left by himself (just like Lebron was left for his whole time in Cleveland). When Kobe had no support and had the oppurtunity to actually single-handedly win a championship, as you all seem to think he did, he couldn’t buy a playoff win, FACT!!! Kobe then realised he couldn’t win alone and threatened Lakers that he’d leave if they didn’t get another all-star. Kobe then had Pau Gasol, Bynum, Artest, and Odom (in my opinion a pretty good team without Kobe, they would have been able to compete without him had he got injured). The fact of the matter is that TEAMS win championships! not players. If the Cavs had of won the ’07 series against Spurs then Lebron would have been the first PLAYER in history to win a championship.

    • huhu05 says:

      Thank you!!!

      • kobeoverlbj says:

        lbj had to have an hour long tv show to “win” a championship but too bad that didnt work out kobe never ever said oh yeah hey Jerry Buss can u sign shaq, howard, paul or gasol or any big name player like Lebron wade and bosh have done. Even wade is better than james but they shouldnt even be metioned in the same paragraph let alone sentence as MJ and Kobe

      • Tom says:

        @kobeoverlbj – Umm actually I think you’ll find that Kobe threatened Lakers management he’d leave if they didn’t get another star. Then they signed Gasol

    • Shelmon says:

      And why should he? Baby Bron-bron is just that, a baby. You need to take this conversation someplace else. It is not his time, and it won’t be sor some time. Please close the door as you leave this site.

    • Carl says:

      Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my goodness. LeBrick isn’t even the best player on his own team. LeBrick will NEVER be a better shooter, he’ll NEVER have the killer instinct. ALSO, He DID have Shaq and couldn’t get it done, so…Fundamentals, overall, whatever you want to call it, Kobe will always be better than So-Called “King” James.

    • Luis says:

      Yeah it sure came out wrong. Look, Shaq, in my opinion has been the most dominating big man to ever play the game! Back on their 3 peat, he was the most dominating player in the nba at the time, no one could even come close to how dominating he was. Skillswise though, I stick up to my word saying that Kobe was better. He was already developing that killer mentality for which he is known now. You can make the argument that he couldn’t win those 3 championships without Shaq, but there’s a good chance Shaq couldn’t get them without Kobe.
      Shaq was more dominating, but Kobe was better (skillswise). They obviously play different positions, and shaq’s position didn’t require guard moves, he just needed to post up, deep in the paint, and it was over for the opposite team. Comparing them is difficult. Remember though, Kobe was already regarded as the best one on one player of the world!

  474. Eddie says:

    “MJ and Kobe have decided that they get to pick who measures up to them. Who gave them that right?”

    Listen up Smith, you reason they get to decide who measures up TO THEM is because the world respects them. It’s cool that you talk about Bird, West..etc. But Michael can say whatever he wants and people will respect what he says because after all, he is MJ.

    And you ask what gave them the right? What gave you the right to criticize him? Who are you other than a NBA reporter who’s salary depends on the players that play the game. Not only did you not respect Michael’s statement you showed nothing but hate. Next time look at where he’s standing and where you’re standing, when Michael says Kobe is the only comparable to him, that’s his opinion, and I believe the world knows that already, so quit hating.

  475. justrob says:

    Having humility and perspective in regards to your accomplishments is great and all, but THESE two guys need to let some swag out now and then, Sekou. Publicly. Their bodies would explode if they didn’t. The other guys you’ve mentioned should do the same for the safety of our sport’s best retirees.

  476. ASB.QQ says:

    A bit sour indeed!

    “If MJ and Kobe want to go somewhere and argue for six months about who was better, they’re welcome to it. Their camps are entrenched and will likely stay that way for eternity.”

    Who is arguing??? They are just stating their opinion. They have a right to say who they think is competitive just as much as anyone else. And, how can you expect “humility” from them? They have had to be somewhat self-centered to be able to give themselves the drive to reach the greatness they have reached. This isn’t a who is the nicest and politest game here, its sports! And if we demand greatness we have to accept players to be in a completely different mentality of competitiveness and “I’m better than you and I will prove it” attitude.

    Who is sick of this? Really….. Get a reality check.

    • bballjunkie25 says:

      Well said,
      This artical and and the several like it that will undoubtedly follow, are exerts of a book in the porcess of being published, taken out of context and probably provoked. These types of isolated statements are deliberately released in order to cause a stir amongst people like us to make up run out and buy up this book the moment its released. A purpose for which Smiths so called blog, and thus all the replys that followed, serves quite well. And yes i do see the irony of issuing that observation via a post.

  477. jamal says:

    jordan and kobe are the only people who have weight in this conversation. having said that,” props to drose who already is being compaired at such a young age”. 5 more yrs and his statue will be in front of the united center.

  478. Rollymac says:

    i think it’s fair to say that they have the right to say those comparison because of what they have accomplished… other greats may have on par with them but no one has transcended the game the way MJ and even Kobe had

  479. Jacob says:

    I guess what gives them the right is when people ask them the questions…

    • notimportant says:

      you’re right, these writers are just the ones who started this, and now they’ll say ‘why kobe and mj would talk about this’?

  480. GinFreecs says:

    MJ is the greatest for me due t, he can defend the basket, make clutch shots (never crack in pressure unlike LBJ), the past heroes are also great, Bird, Magic, etc. they also elevate their teams. but 80 games win in the season. that makes him the MVP. kobe just follow the footstep of great man.

    • Ryan says:

      With regards to that though too LeBron cracking under pressure has been recent mostly in his Miami years. Back in Cleveland he did make clutch shots whenever he had to because he was that go to guy, all the time. In Miami he’s almost softened up a little but I think he is beginning to get his groove back, humble down a little and play the game the way he used especially regarding the Miami vs San Antonio game Tuesday night. That is the old LeBron and the LeBron who won back-to-back MVP titles

      • Mack says:

        LeBron played against San Antonio is the same as the way he played in previous regular seasons. He’ll choke when it’s the playoff as proven by previous playoffs no matter what team he’s in.

      • really? says:

        Lebron sucks! deal with it.. sheesshh.. so stupid!

    • Basketball studies says:

      the fact that thie article is about kobe and mike, then you through LBJ in it out of the blue just lets the world know your just a lebron hater 🙂 lol

      • really? says:

        and you’re too stupid to even point that out.. are you not used to it yet??
        Kobe vs MJ,?? Lebron is always going to be part of it, even if he’s not even mentioned (by the writer)
        Lebron, Lebron, Lebron, Lebron… that Bum is a choke artist… he didn’t show up against the spurs few years back and then against Dallas..
        I pity Dwade, he got all the blame.. LMFAO!

      • TH says:

        to reply to really? lebron showed up against san antonio he was the only one playin the only one game where he was at his worst in the playoffs was in the finals against the mavs. and he is far from a bum and he far from sucks. he is the best overall player right now.. oscar robertson said it best you cant compare Lebron to anyone because he is in a leauge of his own. jordan and kobe play simalar thats why you can compare them lebron plays diffrent and is a great and the greatest small foward to ever play the game. to everyone that hates him until you can beat him please shut up. its easier to critcize than to be out there playing against these great nba players.

  481. C_Anthony23 says:

    The arguement of michael jordan and Kobe Bryant is very close michael has 6 rings and kobe had 5 but in overall i think kobe is the closest to michael jordan that we have seen in the nba thus far as far as a better player i think kobe is a better shooter then michael jordan was but overall i think michael jordan was a better all around player i also think kobe is a better overall scorer

    • Ohhhhhh says:

      Kobe have 5 rings, but only 2 finals MVP. 3 of those rings he was only the sidekick of Shaq. Kobe’s been great but he is not and was not a better “overall” scorer than MJ

      • wrong says:

        there’s no way you can say micheal was a better overall scorer. jordan was definitly a smarter basketball player than kobe is as far as turnovers. why does everyone think kobes done ha. he won’t stop till hes above kareem

    • bigo says:

      how ignorant of you to say that, your forgetting about wilt, oscar, kareem, bill russel, larry bird, magic johnson, and others

  482. Josip says:

    No one should be the GOAT, for me is hakeem ( not greatest favorite ) he could do it all… Measure is not what he did, but what the players around him do, is he made them better ( how much better )

  483. Emrahhh24 says:


  484. Friikazoid says:

    You simply can’t put Russel or chamberlain in the same discussion as kobe and MJ unless you’re talking about overal skill set. Then MJ and Kobe clearly are one of the greatest ever , since they do/did a bit of everything. But if you’re talking about overall skills,guys like oscar robertson (hey I’m 21 , but I know enough about robertson) and magic also enter the discussion , while russel, chamberlain, and other players who made a name for themselves in the post, drop off ( face it , on average a big man has less skills than a guard) . So unless you’re gonna make a best “starting 5” of all time(which would be difficult enough , but still easier than to pick 1 greatest of all time ) you can’t say somebody is the greatest of all time unless you set the criteria for being the best. Amount of rings won should’nt be the main criteria, but let’s say a player has to have at least 1 or more rings . Then It would be , like stated above , the person with the best overall skill set (both offense and defence) . My choice , no doubt , kobe , mj or oscar robertson (the guy averaged a triple double cmmn…)

  485. Andrew says:

    MJ and Kobe have to talk about who is the GOAT and who measures up because the MEDIA ASK THEM ABOUT IT ALL THE TIME! Do you really think MJ just walked up to a reporter and said “Hey, by the way, Kobe is the only guy that can measure up to me?”. And if you read Kobe’s statement, he’s talking about competitiveness in terms of players currently playing in the league, not a discussion of all time greats.

  486. JP_ISME says:

    Wow.. ths article is a bit sour. You have a bad day or something?

  487. Aric says:

    MJ was a winner, and had incredible defense to compliment his more incredible offense. Kobe is up there but not on par with MJ. and certainly other players are on par with Kobe from the past. Wilt, Magic, Kareem, Jerry West…what about Pistol Pete?

    • rel513 says:

      kobe and jordan r neck and neck, kobe is playing in a tougher era.

      • Eric says:

        There is no way Kobe is playing in a better era then Jordan. Jordan had to play again Lakers “Showtime”, Detriot, Boston, Knicks, Utah and there is more. Kobe had Spurs, Detriot, Dallas and Suns. Those teams dont match up with the teams that Jordan played against!

      • T-mo says:

        There is no way this is considered the tougher era. All Kobe has to do is look and the rim and frown and he will have drawn some penelty. All the hand-check rules and contact rules favor guards in THIS era. In MJ’s era, that was not the case. Games used to be grimey, and competitive through vigorous contact (controlled, but vigorous). Think about the number of people Jordan (in his prime) would have foul out in a game. He would single handedly force entire starting line-ups to be sent off the court if he got to play by today’s rules,

        There is no neck-and-neck. Jordan is hands above the rest.

        If anyone wanted to do research, buy the book by Bill Simmons “The Book of Basketball”; breaks down the top 100 players from ABA/NBA beginnings to present. Of course much of the book is derived from opinion, but there are enough stats to make any die-hard or modest fan go wow… MJ was something no one had seen. If we wanted to add some drama to this mix, I would suggest more that Phil Jackson is the greatest coach of all time. Look at the similarities in Kobe and Jordan, and really the biggest connection is that they were both coached by the greatest.

      • Shelmon says:

        That is just a very stupid remark. When Mike played a beat-down was a beat-down, and traveling was a real call! Today if you look at a player you get called for a foul, and you can run to the basket without dribbling the ball. Don’t get me wrong Kobe is, and will go down in NBA history as one of the best, but when Mike played it was a much more physical game (check out the games between the Bulls and Pistons of that era) Kobe is not better then Mike as history will prove.

      • TRue says:

        True…Talent wise kobe in his prime had more to deal with than jordan. Mj didnt start to win rings till the downfall of showtime lakers and celts… they were 80’s his era was the 90’s which didnt have as much talent all round as there is today. You got duncan-greatest pf…..ray ray-3pt shooter…..kidd and nash….lebron and dwade…..By far the game is more ‘Talented’ now. Tougher back then….more talent and depth now.

      • Brian says:

        First of all Jordan didn’t play against the elite guards like Chris Paul , D Rose, and the guys that can score at will and are pretty good defensive players like Rudy Gay, Brandon Roy before his injuries, Lebron, D Wade, Carmelo, and Durant. Jordan is the Greatest of all time but, I think you can put Kobe in a seat next to Jordan.

    • CeeGee says:

      Look folks, MJ said it, HIMSELF!!! Deal with it and get over it!!!

      • Basketball studies says:

        Again MJ said can be compared to him..never said he was better then him. lol pay attention now ppl

      • Jimmy G says:

        I live all the way over hear in Australia and MJ was the reason the game started being aired over hear, we didn’t get to see the Chamberlin’s, West’s etc. Shelmon your point is a good one in that todays NBA players run with the ball, palm goes underneath for half a second when dribbling and the fouls they get when driving to the rim are unbelievable. I have hell of a time trying to get the young boys I coach to dribble properly and play as a team, it’s alright to have your goto man, the main scorer, but teams win championships and one man does not maketh the team!!
        It’s an era thing, my top 5 that I’ve seen: MJ, Magic, Bird, Kareem, Reggie.

    • jordanbyfar says:

      When Mr. Airness used to play, referees had to see blood to call a foul on you. “No blood, no fou.l” Now, you put a finger on Kobe and he cries and he gets a foul call. Jordan was far better than Kobe and players respected Jordan. Nobody respects Kobe. Players do not give a damn about Kobe. Playing againts Jordan was the dream of every basketball player because he was admired by every one. No comparison folks!!!

      • really? says:

        really ?? are you for real?? They respect Jordan?? are you high? they want to beat down Jordan because he’s too greedy, getting championship after championship..
        nobody respects jordan especially the other teams players, well except his teammates.. come on!! and Jordan is not really that fun and kind off-the-court with his fellow NBA players, surely not even on-the-court.. did he have friends from other teams? you kidding me? he got none… maybe some sarcastic morons trying to say good thing, because there were cameras in their faces, douchebag..

      • really? says:

        while Kobe?? yeah., Kobe is like Jordan on-the-court, no friends allowed.. he may be get into fight with other players but those players respected him off-the-court because he’s one of the players in the NBA that is actually genuinely kind when out of the arena.. Kobe vs Garnett, Kobe vs A.I, Kobe vs Artest(World Peace), Kobe vs Raja Bell, Kobe vs Rondo, Kobe vs Lebron.. yeah they fight, their heads collides with kobe On-the-Court but Off-the-Court they are(were) friends and enjoys(enjoyed) Kobe’s presence.. so respect is earned not neccessarily you’re so GREAT On-the-Court, it also means you’re Better OFF-the-Court…and that’s Kobe..

      • really? says:

        yeah maybe MJ is on top of the world for some of you.. I couldn’t Agree less, but definitely Kobe is right behind him (at the shooting guard position) you’re a Nutcase!
        don’t look down on Kobe.. he’s one of the best.!!

      • Jordan>Kobe says:

        Kobe is not greedy ? dude he wouldnt play for the hornets (which drafted him) because he wanted to be in the lakers. MJ doesnt get respected ? who else got a 1min standing ovation in the H.O.F and was allowed to speak for 25mins ? And who cares if Kobe has some friends ? in my opinion getting sued for rape and divorcing his wife isnt really the “fun and kind off-the-court” thing. Sorry but Kobe might be skilled enough to be compared to Jordan but please…. get real…. we’re talking about someone who got a statue of him self built in Chicago and a 6 time Finals MVP, Kobe’s only got 2 😀 nuff said.

  488. Derriso says:

    I think MJ and Kobe have a right to say who they think compares with them after all they play the games you guys just type in computers

  489. Adam says:

    I would say that they have far more of a right to say those things than you writers who never played the game.. You guys think you know far more than you do.

  490. Michael Jordan says:


    • Kevin Hines says:

      You must be to young to ever have seen Jordan play in his prime!

    • jalen v says:

      I think if kobe get 2 more championships he will be the best but every day in school i have a to argue with my friends because they think that lebron is better than kobe. But he dont have any rings

      • Axel says:

        Ok, This is just too funny… I am only 25 but I have seen the last 2 season of Jordan with the bulls as well as all of Kobe’s career. The fact of the matter is that Jordan is the greatest ever. If we looked at the best team that ever played in the league, Such as the bad boy Piston, the Sonics of Payton and Kemp, the Lakers of that era, Bonston celtics, the Utah Jazz of Malone and Stockton etc… They are much better competition than what Kobe ever faced. The Lakers main foes were the Kings of Webber and Divac etc as well as the San Antonio Spurs of Duncan. I believe that any team that Jordan beat to reach the NBA championship can beat the best Lakers team Kobe ever played for. I recognize Shaq to be one of the best big man ever but that Lakers team can’t beat any western championship team Jordan beat. Moreover, I do not believe that Jordan meant to say that Bird, Russel, Dr. G, Oscar, Kareem and stuff are not in his league. But Jordan meatnt to say that like Bird and Magic, Jerry West, Rick Barry etc He was the best of his era and that Kobe is the best of this era. I think that it is hard to argu the contrary. Kobe has been the best player from the 2000’s and Shaq I believe is right behind with Duncan and Garnett. Jordan is the best on his era because of his domination of the competition I think that Magic, Bird, Russell, Chamberlain, West etc… can arguably be consider alike with regard to their era. Jordan has the edge because He play a far better competion than any of the others and even play against some of them on his way in.

      • Basketball studies says:

        if it was only about rings then it wouldnt be Jordan or Kobe because Bill Russell has more then both of them. Hell Robert Horry and Dennis Rodman has more then them.

      • Austin says:

        Rings don’t define skill.

        IF that was the case. Then you’re saying Bill Russell and Sam Jones are the greatest basketball players ever. Bill Russell has 11 rings while Sam Jones has 10.

      • Jason L says:

        I swear to God the next time I hear something about rings and how that makes someone the best player, I am going to flip. RINGS ARE EARNED by the TEAM. Saying Lebron isn’t as good as Kobe, or Kobe is not as good as Jordan etc etc, because of rings makes you a moron. The damn doctors, dentist and every other person thats on the staff when they win get a ring. So are we saying the doctors that were around for the bulls championships are now better then lebron James. I mean come on, they do have 6 rings. Damn LeBron, how dare you be a worse basketball player then a doctor.

      • Joe says:

        Rodman 5, Jordan 6. Your an idiot.

      • Bill says:

        They probably never got to see the younger Kobe that got to the rim at will and ALWAYS completed the and one. Yes, at this point in his career Kobe is slower, has less hops and relies heavily on the jumper while Lebron is a the exact opposite. But Lebron will never have Kobe’s skill set. Have your friends find footage of Kobe’s younger days and of course his 81 point game. 81!!!!!!!

      • Jordan says:

        yeah, LeBron sucks. Jordan’s definetly the best of all time, but Kobe is the only man ever to play comparable in heart, drive, skill, and leadership. The only other one that comes to mind is Bill Russell

      • GradyBaby says:

        better off sayn MJ…

      • Hutch says:

        Bro. Kobe needs to get four to equal Jordan. Kobe was not the best player on his team for his first three. Shaq carried those runs. Jordan carried all six of his teams which were notably not as talented and deep as Kobes last two teams. Kobe is the best… Besides Jordan. I say those two are the best because of their killer instinct.

    • Michael says:

      They’ve both had very accomplished careers. You all can go back and say “go look at the highlights” who cares what era your from they are both outstandable athletes! Also they ARE NOT the same person so people shouldnt compare them on whos similar or whos better. Michael was the best of his era and kobe is finishing up his time. like the article above, there are considerable players at being the best. Michael and kobe both marketed themselves to the extent at what they are at to sell themselves in the social market. This is only opinion and nobody will ever know.

    • Mike d Greatest says:

      Oh really Kobe is great!!!!He won Championship coz of Shaq n Gasol…When he is alone he don’t even reach to playoffs d last time around…Lebron went to Championship series with Spurs when he is the only certified star on the team.Get it..just wait n see what will happen in d future…Don’t ever ever compare Kobe to Jordan is not close enough…

      • LOL says:

        Even with no rings and needing another superstar to help him get a ring Lebron is better than both of these guys and any other basketball player that has ever played the game. LOL!!!! So if Jordan and Kobe arent the best, then who is? Some of you want to go back to the stone ages when the competition wasnt what it is now. So the rings Robertson and all the players back in the 60s and 70s got, i dont want to say they dont mean anything, but again, the competition today i think is better. Then i am seeing people say, well Kobe only got those rings becasue of Shaq and Gasol. So Jordan never had Pippen and Rodman. I hate when people make stupid excuses as to why Kobe won 5 rings when its obvious you are just haters Lebron had Shaq, couldnt do it. Now has Wade and Bosh and still cant get it done. So again i ask, when you think of some of the greatest basketball players Jordan and Kobe arent wouldnt be 2 of the first 5? I question your basketball IQ if not.

      • Dex unbiased Laker fan says:

        No one wins ships by themselves. It’s a team game. Lebron and the Cavs lost to the better team when they faced the Spurs in the finals. Lebron realized this and jumped ship to South Beach. Still didn’t win last year with a stacked team because there was a better TEAM they faced. Jordan in all his greatness didn’t even do it by himself as he had that frequently overlooked bum in the lineup named Pippen, along with a great supporting cast. Oh and that bum was named one of the 50 greatest of all time. Get it? On a seperate note, I think you can compare somewhat across era but I agree with a commenter earlier that Wilt would not have that average in today’s game, especially when now he wouldn’t be the largest on the court. Same with Russell, and I have mad respect for him but it just wouldn’t happen nowadays. In my opinion Jordan is the GOAT and there will be guys to challenge that for years to come and someone will have a great argument but he will still be the measuring piece. Finally, Mr. Smith, everyone wants these athletes to be great, but just don’t want them to say they are great. Everyone of these guys isn’t humble like we want them to be. Everyone isn’t Russell, Duncan, or whomever else we love that gives credit to team first. If they (Kobe & Jordan) want to have a say in what we all are talking about anyway, hell let them.

      • Basketball studies says:

        @LOL…..now I have a question since you say talk about shaq like he aint nothing. When shaq left the lakers, what team won the championship???? O yea the heat where shaq went. Replaced kobe with D Wade and look another ring. I’m not saying kobe aint a great player, but dont act like shaq aint in the top 5 or the best center to ever play this game or the main reason they won all those championship. Better yet in which of those championships did kobe get FINALS MVP while playing with shaq. Take your time I’ll wait……..Lebron will have his time to build his career, last time I checked he is still a young man. So we shall see what happens in the future

      • mony87 says:

        Jordan had a better team!!! Kobe is the best overall player EVER ( my opinion).. We cannot simply argue who is the best based off statistics, it’s by far a different league & era. too bad they couldnt play 1 on 1, only then would we have our answer.

      • Allstar004 says:

        He actually did make the playoffs, but the suns beat them 4-3…Get ya facts right brotha.

      • Krzyx says:

        Judging from your grammar and basketball logic you must be 12 years old. If you’re going to compare Kobe versus Lebron, please don’t cite the year that the Lebron led Cavs beat the Wizards, the Nets (both teams had less wins than the 8th seed in the West), and the number 1 Pistons that only had 53 wins on the season, the equivilant to the number 3 Spurs with 58 wins or 51 win 4th seed Jazz. Oh and by the way the Cavs were swept in the most boring finals in NBA history, the only finals that I did not care to watch.
        Now as for Kobe and MJ. I am a huge Lakers fan and thus a Kobe fan, That being said, His Royal Airness is still the greatest for a few reasons, but the most prevelant reason to me is that he did it first. Jordan dominated the game in a fashion no that no one had seen before. Offensively, that Russell wasn’t known for (not that he couldn’t score he just chose to dominate on the defensive end because of his offensively potent team), defensively that Magic wasn’t known for, and clutchness that just is not possible for a big man such as Shaq simply because you can’t get them the ball with 4 seconds left on the clock. Kobe’s offensive game is well known, but has also been selected to 9 1st team all NBA defensive teams and can arguably be one of the most clutch players in history thanks to his ability to get a shot off due to his well roundedness with the 3pt jump shot, mid range, and handles to drive the ball.
        Because Kobe is in the process of doing what MJ has already done, Kobe has to essentially 1 up Jordan. I’d say a dominating performance this year leading to a championship with a relatively weak team plus one more before his career is over will divide the people to a 50/50 on the Mamba vs Airness discussion which will never be decided anyway. I mean which came first the chicken or the egg?

      • Swagg says:

        LOL Lebron’s the BEST!!! I agree!!! Kobe did it with help like you said..he’s just a good player who ended up in a good team with good help…Lebron didn’t have that chance but still went far..so shut up with all that Kobe talk…and MJ needs to go to sleep..he’s no longer playing so stop being so big headed

      • Tony says:

        Jordan won because of Pippen.And dont bring up Gasol, he is no hall of famer.

      • cris says:

        lebron does not play in the western conference kobe could not play that well beacause the west is competitive

    • 80s90sBaller says:

      Go do your homework! You have school tomorrow!

      I’d love to to see Kobe try to get his against the Bad Boys.. who are they? Exactly my point.

    • Alex says:

      Yes, Kobe is possibly the greatest….but I would tell Kobe this:

      “Your family and friends will not remember you for your basketball prowess when you are dead and gone…they will remember you for how you were as a friend, son, father, husband…..”

    • tyren johnson says:

      KOBE IS THE BEST GUNNER OF ALL-TIME. kobe is the next best thing to jordan. he shoots more than jordan but scores less. 81 was a great achievement but it doesnt disqualify that he averaged 7.5 points his rookie year and he played behind nick vanexl and eddie jones. ill agree that he was young but 7 pionts thats not even good. jordan wouldve started on any team he played on

      • Godfather says:

        Yes indeed his 1st year or two. However, don’t forget how different their circumstances were.1st of all, when Kobe came to the league this situation of high school players being drafted was a novelty. Garnett was the 1st one but KG didn’t had any hype on it…Kobe being the 1st with “hype” 2nd, Kobe entered to a quite compettitive Lakers team having youg players entering their best years like Nick Van Exel,Eddie Jones and Shaq. If you play wuth Shaq and such talented backcourt back then you have to share the ball and if you are a 18 year old rookie, simply you have to deal with coming from the bench and not having too much shots…period. Consequences of entering in such team? Well, he was better positioned to earn playoff experiences and win a championship before MJ or LeBron could since their team were considerable less competitive. 3rd, when MJ and LeBron entered to their teams, from day 1 their teams and coaches said: The offense is going to run through you”…from day 1! Kobe couldnt say till that till his 7th year cause simply by basketball fundamentals having the great Shaq on his team couldn’t be done,simple as that.

        So, MJ and Lebron in that sense had more similar circumstances than Kobe and LeBron with Kobe in the sense they went from High School to the NBA without having to go through college and being able to put faster record “achievements” than MJ.

      • theonenonly says:

        ur not basketball wise.. u just look at stats kobe was 17 in his rookie year when he avg 7 points n he only played like a 8 minutes a game he never went to college… jordan went 2 north corlina which he played 3 years before joining the nba pls…

      • Gabriel says:

        Come on man, kobe was drafted directly from high school.. Low Merion as a 13th pick overall by the hornets, Jordan was a star in North Carolina University and selected as a 3rd pick overall, of course he was a starter, bulls brought him there to be their shooting guard, its not fair to compare their first season…

      • Laker Fan says:

        I like reading the posts and how people know or state little information. I would respect people who comment if they admit they have a “dislike, hatred, etc” for Kobe Bryant. Key points:

        1. He didn’t start his rookie season because the Lakers had a solid backcourt of Eddie Jones and Nick Van Exel that beat Seattle in the 1st round of ’95 playoffs. (Same Seattle team went to Finals in 96 and had best record in the West in ’94).

        2. Yes Shaq won a title in Miami but, it took 2 years AND the Heat were LOADED (Mourning, Payton, Walker, White Chocolate, Haslem – check his stats for the FInals… he was ballin’… Miami had a “super” veteran team)

        3. Michael Jeffrey Jordan – took a while (and rule changes) to beat the Detroit Pistons… After ’90, the fouls on Jordan were “mysteriously” soft

        4. Jordan played with VERY good players Cartwright (Rookie of the Year), Three Point shooters (Paxson, Hodges, Armstrong, Kerr), Former CHAMPIONS from the East (Parish, John Sally, James Edwards), Rodman (despite the dress, tattoos, hair coloring, etc. – dude was a monster on the boards), Horace Grant (help Lakers get 2000 title), Ron Harper (bona fide star in Cleveland until he blew out his knee – check his stats), Brian Williams (excuse me, Bison Dele – R.I.P.), and of course Scottie Pippen (who won All-Star MVP and led SAME Bulls team to Eastern Conference Finals in 1994 when MJ was trying to hit a baseball)

        5. Yes, Shaq won the Finals MVPs (look at Kobe’s stats during those 3 years)

        6. Yes Kobe has Gasol but, WHO (besides Hubie Brown when he coached him in Memphis) was screaming Pau Gasol (most ppl thoughthis name was PAUL) prior to him coming to the Lakers (don’t worry, I’ll wait)

        7. Yes Kobe shoots a lot and has a lower shooting percentage than MJ but, go back to how each is fouled. After ’90 season, Jordan NEVER received “hard” fouls or in foul trouble… Kobe has been in foul trouble in the FINALS… Really? The only other person that has happened to is Shaq in 2000 against the Pacers

        8. The teams Jordan AND Kobe played in the Finals were not “dominant” teams… First KB: Pacers, 76ers, Nets, Magic, and Celtics (Total of barely one “strong” team)… MJ: Lakers (old… Magic was in 12th year), Trailblazers (chokers… lost to Pistons in 5 in 90, upset by Laakers in West in 91), Suns, Supersonics (chokers 2… upset in 94 by 8th seed Nuggets then Lakers in 95), Jazz (FINALLY got out the West in the twighlight of Stockton’s and Malone’s career)

        9. Now, look at teams in the 80s… Lakers – 5 Finals (8 trips), Celtics – 3 Finals (5 trips), 76ers – 1 Finals (3 trips.. and had to get past Boston too), Pistons 1 Finals (2 trips.. should have beenin the Finals in 87 if PG Thomas cud inbound the ball… 2nd ring came in 1990)… ANY of these teams would have CRUSHED the opponents of tje Bulls and 2000s Lakers Championship teams.

        Bottom line: It is fun to argue but it is an opinion. Just make sure ya’ll are bringing facts to bac those opinions up.

    • Rocketman says:

      Now thats a pipe dream no way Kobe is better then Jordan.First Jordan is a team player and Kobe
      is selfish he is about Kobe Bryant and thats it!Need I say more.

  491. Harold says:

    Greatest Leader: Bill Russel
    Greatest Player: The Big Dipper
    (cmon,i´m 30 years old so i haven´t seen him play,but 50!!!!pps and 22rpg1?)
    Greatest Guard:MJ with Kobe behind him.
    (MJ hast the edge over me definitely.well the 90s:)

    • tululum says:

      what about roberston and west ?????

    • Joaquin says:

      Stats on old school basketball cannot be seen with todays game in mind. If he was on todays league there is no way hed get 50 points and 22 rebounds a game.

      • Liam P. De Valency says:

        cant argue about different eras in BOTH ways

      • hgr says:

        please, dude, today the nba has NO defense, if any one of them played today those stats would be even higher!

      • andy v says:

        he probably wouldn’t get those numbers, but look at the numbers of the guy who posted the 2nd highest amount of points and rebounds after Wilt in those seasons. He was head and shoulders (literally, too) above his competition, which is the fairest measure I can think of when we’re talking trans-generationally.

      • andy v says:

        (actually, with rebounds Russell is right there with Wilt…the huge dropoff comes with the 3rd place guy)

      • ben says:

        hgr is absolutely right. theres a big difference in terms of defense back in what you say “old nba”.. what more can nba players produce back then if they played in an era now.

      • DJ1423 says:

        No defense in the game today? Defense seems worse because players have become so much more developed than 30 years ago. Players today are more athletic, and more skilled. No player back then could shoot like they can today, none can score like they can today, none can dribble like they can today. I don’t mean any offense to those players back in the day, but it is a young sport and it has developed alot, even since the time of Jordan.
        That being said, MJ is the greatest leader of all time. No question. You can argue he was too aggressive with his team mates, but come on, this is the NBA. MJ would accept nothing less than your very best, anything less and you can go play for the Cavs. In my opinion this makes him GOAT. He took over his franchise and made them winners. Kobe is the most skilled player in history, his dribbling and shooting noticeably exceeded that of MJs, as well as his footwork and offensive awareness. The league is just far too competitive these days. I’d argue that today we have more talent in the NBA than ever before.

      • Haydz says:

        Totally agree. Russell and Wilt were playing against a bunch of 6’8″ white guys who couldnt jump. If they played in todays era, or more importantly in the 80’s-90’s against the likes of Hakeem, Mutombo, D-Robinson, Ewing, Shaq etc etc on a consistent basis they wouldnt be nearly as good. The only time Wilt ever had any defensive competition was against Russell, and vice versa. They didnt play each other every game (obviously). If they had to play against athletic 7’0ers on a nightly basis the stats you see certainly wouldnt be 50ppg.

      • christy says:

        Look rings doN’t matter. Kobe is the only player that measure up to MJ! kobe is incredible! He has that killer menatlity! The same one MJ had! Kobe is amazing and yes there were other players that were great but the best was MJ and right now the BEST is kobe. So yeah the article is stupid, becasue the best players have that right.

      • Greg says:

        The statement about shooting is VERY INCORRECT. How many ppl in todays game that are not post up players shoot over 50%. Let’s compare……..Half the Boston Celtics team of the 80’s were shooters, so were the Mavericks of the 80’s, dont forger Mark Price, Craig Ehlo, the old Phoenix Suns teams…..Look at highlights of Oscar Robertson, Calvin Murphy, Walt Frazier, Willis Reed. Today’s league is all about making SPORTSCENTER. Fundamentals are basically non-existent. And you guys underestimate Chamberlain….no he wouldn’t avg 50 but he’s at the very least a 20 and 10 center….Have any of you played bball with older players who although they weren’t in their prime they still could ball….And you sit their and think, man if this dude was younger he’d really be a problem….the same holds true in professional sports. Those guys back in the day weren’t flashy but they still had a quick first step and were very fundamentally sound. Remember they change the rule about when a shooter on the foul line could move after shooting a free throw because Wilt could dunk from the foul line……..think about that

    • Jordan says:

      in today’s age, Wilt averages 19 ppg, 11 rpg, and 2.5 bpg…a not quite as good dwight howard. Back then, he could stand in the lane (no off 3 seconds) and his competition was a bunch of 6’1” white guys…. and if he’s so good, please, tell me. how many championships has he won?

      1. MJ
      2. Kobe
      3. Bill Russell
      4. Larry Bird
      5. Wilt?? MAYBE

      • GradyBaby says:


      • MackDaddy says:

        Kobe 2?

        Not even top ten.
        There’s A LOT of former greats better than him.
        He’s a great player, but he’s not 2nd greatest of all time- not even close.

      • pacersfan5 says:

        Jordan, this is the opinion of a young man who clearly cannot comprehend just how dominant Wilt was. The reason he would average less now than back in his day was because of the rule changes that were brought in to stop big men such as Wilt dominating the game so much. How many other players can claim to have been the direct cause of rule changes in a sport? Lets just go with not many.
        Your estimate of 19, 11 and 2.5 is way out. Wilt would have put up MVP-mode-Shaq-like numbers ie high 20’s in points, around 15 boards and 3+ blocks a game. His power would still put him in similar stature to Shaq, and we all saw how much he could push people around, including Hakeem, Robinson and Ewing.
        And in terms of championships, lets say he has won more than Ewing and more than Howard, same as Hakeem and Robinson, which would be 2, as well as 4 MVP awards.
        But since we are arguing about Number 1…there is no argument, Jordan then daylight second, and in reality, its Bill Russell, definitely not Kobe, thats for sure.

      • Dwight Howard to Miami Heat!!! says:

        I agree, the game is an evolving sport and I would like to think that each generation of player gets better than the last (or else we will be in backwards motion and soon no-one will be able to play basketball, just a thought). So Kobe should be better than MJ, it would be a shame if he is not.

    • ahmad says:

      that is why women shouldn’t be allowed to talk on national tv haha

      • Dillon says:

        At the start the host guy (sorry the name escapes me) said the COMMISH saying he’s every bit as good as MJ

    • Greg says:

      Some of these comments are hilarious…..Kobe is the only one with the will to win next to Mike……whoever believes that is either green or doesn’t know much about bball. Isaiah Thomas had a strong will to win, Bird goes without saying and I CANT BELIEVE that you guys forgot about Magic Johnson….this man as a rookie point guard starts at center in the finals against a hall of famer in Moses Malone and drops over 40 points to win his first title……..you name me a player who made his teammates better…..btw when Mike was in his prime and Magic wasn’t why do you think they put Pippen on Magic instead, because Mike couldn’t do anything defensively with him in those finals….Was Kobe a great leader when he tanked it in game 7 vs the Suns and then demanded a trade the next season….was he a great leader when he tanked it in the series against the Celtics in 08….was he a great leader in telling his wife about Gasol’s infidelity and she running her mouth to his wife and it being clearly evident that Gasol was not himself in last years playoffs…..great leaders dont get swept in playoff series when they have one of the top teams in the league….

      • ran says:

        nobody is forgetting about the other great players, & their desire to win, all these different conversations our media based & others interpertation……as a player you understand the motivation one must have to win a championship period!!! for all the great players of the NBA’s history ALL has needed someone to help get to that championship from the Russel, Wilt, Bird, Magic, Zeek, MJ, Shaq, Kobe…etc all these players played at some point in there career with some really good players or hall of famers…..For MJ he had his Pippen that guarded the better player on the other team to allow MJ to be greater the same can be said for Russel & all the hall of famers on those Celtic teams, Magic Had Kareem, Worthy, & others, Bird had Mchale, the Chief, Zeek had Dumars, Rodman, Lambier others…..The greats Magic, Zeek, Bird, MJ, Kobe are greater than Russel, Shaq, Wilt due to the fact they are able to create the offense where the centers are given the ball in a position to score they don’t set the offense up they may help more on the defense end but they still won’t create in the open court so the edge will always go to the guards & forwards that can do more than one thing where the centers are left with how dominate they are during there time in the league

      • Z.T. says:

        You make the same mistake that all haters do, all the time, 24/7/365. You bring one-seded facts and pile them up to make your pathetic point of view sound clever. Kobe is exactly the kind of guy that makes his teammates better, he took Gasol, Bynum, Odom and even Fisher to another level, then he took them even higher, he came off the bench of the team that was led by Shaq, he became the greatest and entered that discussion after he was 13th pick and got traded after the draft, he is a highlight making machine, he dunked on every great big man there is in the league, he scored 40+ points a lot of times, 3rd to ever play the game, he score 81, 2nd best, he scored 12 3-s, 1st. Now get your weak stuff outa’ here, if you wanna’ argue, please, at least think what you are writing. About Boston in ’08, this is what you call learning from mistakes, he back the next year and won 2 rings after that, that is what you call a recovery and will power. And please, don’t bring personal life details into the game, it’s all about ballin’. Just admit you are a hater and live your “interesting life”.
        And no one forgot about Magic and other great players. There are great’s and there are the best, Magic himself and a bunch of Lakers HoF’s consider Kobe to be the best Laker and maybe player ever.

      • Bulls fan says:

        Very good points Greg and great article Mr Smith, I was thinking the same things when I read MJ’s comments yesterday. I’m glad someone in the media had the guts to point it out. The arrogance and lack of humility displayed by the “Mamba” and his “Airness” is amazing. I am from Chicago and was a huge MJ fan growing up but it’s tough to look up to him the way I did as a teenager. Derrick Rose is a hundred times more humble than these two and I hope that doesn’t change as he gets older. Kevin Durant, Dirk Nowitski, Tim Duncan are also players I root for because of their humbleness.

      • Godfather says:

        Hold it for a sec! In the ’80 Finals, Philly didn’t have Moses Malone it was Caldwell Jones. As a fact, they bring Malone after the ’82 season to deal with Kareem after loosing ito LAL in ’80 and ’82. However, I understand the point you want to make,

      • the Geek says:

        You’re just on a not involved team man. Jordan should really be considered the best player in the NBA ever. And for Kobe, even his name will just be a common legend, you still can’t deny that he dominated the NBA after Michael. And took championships back to back to back. A leader and a mainstay in his team. With the same attitude when inside the court. With the same shooting style. and if you’re not down with that, I got 2 words for yah.. “Suck it!”