Bynum And Howard In The Same Breath


HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — We’re a couple of days early on the Dwight HowardAndrew Bynum matchup that will take place Friday in Orlando. But we couldn’t help ourselves. It’s one of the more anticipated matchups of this young season.

For once, we’re going to get a heavyweight matchup between the two best big men in the league when there is no debate about them being the two best.

Lakers fans have been waiting years for Bynum to get to this level, he’s averaging 16.5 points, 13.9 rebounds and 1.9 blocks, Howard’s level, according to some.

While the rest of us will spend time before, during and after comparing the two, Bynum has already taken the high road, as Andy Kamenetzky of reported:

“I don’t make any comparisons,” insisted Bynum at the Lakers practice facility in El Segundo on Tuesday. “The guy is definitely more proven … so for myself, I always look up to him and want to be able to get the ball and do the things he does with it. I think I learn a lot from watching him play, the way he rim-runs, and gets low and things like that. It’s a fun game.”

There are others (Shaq) willing to anoint Bynum as the big man playing the best ball in the league right now.

“He’s the only big man in the league playing like a true big man,” the big fella said.

Luckily, Bynum isn’t ready to go there just yet. The fact that he’s willing to show Howard the sort of respect he does is actually refreshing (not to mention sensible, given Howard’s dominance in their individual matchups and against the Lakers over the years).

It will also make Friday night’s head-knocking that much more interesting, given that Bynum is finally playing at the elite level most folks knew he could, and doing it consistently.

But if Bynum’s name indeed belongs in the same breath as Howard’s, we’ll get our first real glimpse of proof Friday night.


  1. nicholas says:

    Honestly is really hard to tell due to the difference in team. Howard the only big down low for magics whereas bynum has gasol. Might be possible due to the team comp their numbers are different.

    But imo, is more enjoyable to watch bynum cause his moves remind u of the old dominant centers. Howard is explosive but offensive skills arent up there yet.give him time and he will be even scarier.

    Mias the good old days of shaq hakeem kareem etc. Golden era of true big men. Nowadays is just about guards pfft!!!

  2. charles says:

    No one is playing better than Dwight Howard right now. No one. In an age where we equate dunks with quality, Howard does it in a workman’s way. Rebounds, dunks, defense and “grind you down” offense. NO one in the league is doing more with less. Put Kobe in Orlando, and they win the championship. Put Carmelo and Lebron with Howard and they win the championship. The guy is an absurd talent and he is not being recognized as much as he should because we are in love with guards in this league.

  3. FAIR-BUT-TOUGH says:

    @The truth I must say your hatred for the Lakers is quiet obvious if you dont rate mr Bynum. But let me say if Bynum did play in Toronto or for the Bucks his numbers would be far more than it is right now, the kid is dropping double doubles like rain drops and his only the 3rd man to go to. Meaning after Kobe takes his 30 shots then Gasol feeds Bynum gets the sloppy thirds! Now imagine a whole franchise surrounded Bynum and played to his strengths and fed him on a nightly basis like Howard??

    Now lets get the real point across im a Laker fan and having said all that Howard is still the man BECAUSE his already a monster and it doesnt take him much to get 20 n 20! Howard is the man right now and in SHAQS defence his only outlining who is the better offensive player which to me is Bynum because of his array of moves and soft touch… I guess Gasol has rubbed on him in trainings. Howard is much more athletic and in todays game there really isnt many skilled BIGS, hence why everyone hypes Griffin and not so much Kevin Love who is WAY more skilled out of the pair.

    Right now I want to see a championship so trade Bynum for Howard!

  4. nea_nelu says:

    Shaq is right. Indeed Howard dominates in numbers but Shaq was talking about the post moves. Howard doesn’t have that. He doesn’t do what a true big man should do: post up and dominate your opponent to the rim. Just watch highlights of Shaq, Hakeem and then see which of the two players play that way. In my opinion Dwight is a bulk Mutombo with a showbizz attitude..the defensive anchor. Bynum has more offensive finesse, more post moves and if he would be healthy the numbers should also rise. He does what a true big fella should do.

    A healthy Oden would have taken them both out of the discussion do.

  5. NYer says:

    Dwight over Bynum anyday.
    Knicks really suck this year.

  6. Chris says:

    Go Lakers! In this case, though, I think it has more to do with Shaq’s legacy as the most dominant center in Laker history. Bynum vs. Shaq in his prime- no comparison. But.., if the Lakers trade Bynum for “Superman” Dwight? Can you see how much that could possibly change Laker center history? Dwight is the most dominant center right now, wears the superman cape like Shaq, and does not have potential to jeopardize a championship with drama against teammates, and will likely stay in the Laker organization! Potential for a few more rings in Laker land and something for Shaq to ponder about a “number 2” dominant center in Laker history. There you go..

  7. sayWhat? says:

    Dwight has charisma…

  8. Jed says:

    I love D Howard but I really do think if Bynum was healthy at the start till now I would believe he would have be the number 1 center today. Injuries are the things that’s keeping him from reaching his potential.

  9. The truth says:

    This makes me laugh, bynum has nothing on howard im sorry fan boys but its the truth, the only reasone bynums name comes up is because he plays in LA if he played for the bucks or kinds or raptors he’d be getting no love. A few years ago Bogut was getting 12.6 ppg, 11.1 rpg and 2.8 bpg ….and couldnt even make allstar bynum starts a season with some decent stats and he’s the best true big man…Please

  10. Lakers R Us says:

    Ok I’m gonna try this again since my comment didn’t show up in here! I have to give D Howard the thumbs up as the number one center; but it is close! D Howard is a better defender; but it is close! Howard is a better rebounder; but it is also close! Bynum has a larger array of moves and shots around the basket! He is also a better free throw shooter; He has really good form on his free throws! Howard is scary good around the basket! But, then again, so is Bynum! Bynum needs to stay healthy! Howard has never had a problem with health issues! There is no runaway winner here but I have to give the edge to Howard! Bynum is my man because he is a Laker! Lol! Go Lakers!

  11. Lakrers R Us says:

    Right now it is pretty close but I would say D Howard has the number one spot at center in the league! He’s a better defender although it is close! He’s a better rebounder but it is also close! Bynum has a larger array of moves and shots around the hoop; and that’s why Shaq likes him so much!Bynum is gonna improve i think; especially if he stays healthy! Howard is a scary force around the hoop; but then again so is Bynum! Of course Howard has always been healthy! Bynum is a better free throw shooter! He has good form on his free throws! They both have a really good work ethic! I think it’s really close! There’s no runaway winner here but i give the edge to Howard! But Bynum is my man because he’s a Laker! Lol! Go Lakers!

  12. Drazgoosh says:

    I’m a huge Lakers fan and I gotta say Bynum is playing so much better than previous seasons. Always thought he’d be able to be compared to Howard. I would say he’s more skilled with the ball but doesn’t have Howard’s dominance as such. Should be a great match-up.

  13. Marcus says:

    Bynum who?