Blogtable: The Aging Celtics

Each week, we’ll ask our stable of scribes to weigh in on the three most important NBA topics of the day — and then give you a chance to step on the scale, too, in the comments below.

Conventional Wisdom: The Celtics are too old to compete with the best. Are your words of wisdom any different? How can they compete?

Steve Aschburner: Maybe I’m in middle-aged denial myself but I don’t see the Celtics as too old. I think their roster makes them vulnerable to size, to speed and to athleticism in ways that, even if we all could turn back the calendar by five years, would challenge them regardless. They still miss Kendrick Perkins or any viable center – it’s not Jermaine O’Neal’s age that limits so much as his aches, since he was damaged goods before he arrived. Ray Allen doesn’t play any different than he did in his late 20s. Kevin Garnett has lost lift and seemingly confidence in his shot, two by-products of age, but he still should be able to pass and defend his position (just not three or four positions anymore). Boston needs more talent, not a time machine.

Fran Blinebury: Getting Paul Pierce healthy and into shape is a good first step and I think that is starting to happen. But that is not enough to lift the Celtics back into the true contender category. They can’t stop penetrators, can’t defend the middle and in the end just can’t keep up.  Danny Ainge and Doc Rivers have gone to the well one too many times with the aging Big Three and now the bucket is empty.

Scott Howard-Cooper: Words of wisdom, but no different. The Celtics’ roster is amazingly competitive. That will only take them so far, though. This team is good enough to make the playoffs, but the great run has reached the finish line.

Shaun Powell: A healthy Celtics team can compete with the best in the playoffs. They can’t beat the best, no. But compete? Sure. Their composure and smarts would allow them to bring drama to a seven-game series, in the right matchup. However, with the Big Three (plus one) era winding down, and given time to reflect on it, the Celtics will rue the day Kevin Garnett pulled up lame in 2009 and Kendrick Perkins fell hard in 2010. That was their shot at three straight titles. Now, it’s oh-va.

John Schuhmann: I’m not ready to count them out yet (Paul Pierce is just now starting to find a rhythm offensively), but I think the problem is depth as much as age. The loss of Jeff Green for the season was a huge blow, and their two centers are Jermaine O’Neal and Greg Stiemsma. And no matter who their center was last season, the Celtics were terrific when their big four was on the floor. But their bench couldn’t sustain leads. They haven’t been quite as dominant this season, but their starters are still outscoring their opponents.

Sekou Smith: It certainly appears that way right now. But I wouldn’t count the old men … er, Celtics, out just yet. They’re the team no one wants to mess with in the Eastern Conference playoffs (provided they get there) for the same reason it looks like they are fading right now. You get that experienced group in a playoff series with all the built-in rest between games and the Celtics become much more difficult to deal with. I don’t know what type of motivational tactics Doc Rivers is using this season and I’m positive his are better than anything I could say to that group. But they know all they have to do is hit a hot stretch to get back into the Eastern Conference playoff mix. And if they get in the playoffs, it’s a new ballgame.


  1. Laura says:

    The worst mistake they ever made was trading PERK!!! As I Celtic’s fanatic, I hate to say but I think last year was our chance for Banner 18 and Ainge blew that when he traded Kendrick Perkins for basically no reason. We were on a winning streak, he returned, and then BAM out of no where they trade him. Bad decision on Ainge’s part and now he is trying to make up for that by talking about trading of the star players. Way to mix up the chemistry.

  2. M.Jordan says:

    The C’s are not good enough to even call out my name

  3. juancho c naranja says:

    to all basketball fans out there, i am a celtics fan, win or loose, just because of kevin garrnet,i would like to tell to the management, that they need a good center player like dwigth howard ok, thanks

  4. andie says:

    Yeah, just like when everyone said that the Mavs will get eliminated in the first round, then by the Lakers in 2nd round, then West Finals until they reached the Finals, when everyone said that the Heat will win them over! So yes..

  5. carlos says:

    The Celtics are good right now just give them time they have a bench full of new guys and paul pierce is getting his game back so give them time they don’t have to trade if they what they should go for a good center that can bring rebounds defense and points like Dwight Howard….

  6. marlo says:

    i think the Celtics needs someone who can shoot really good from the field,they need field goals!!!They are missing lots of shots(that can’t happen).I think that they should replace Kevin Garnett

  7. Jerry Ries says:

    As a lifelong diehard Celtics fan, it’s been tough to see these early season results. The defense misses Big Baby and Perk but it’s been the offense that has struggled most. And the guys they’ve replaced them with are better offensive playesrs. Only answer I have to that connundrum is that it will take older teams longer to get it in gear.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for a tolerable regular season result and a “roll the dice again” playoff run.

  8. Ricson says:

    I think the real problem is the Center position! since Kendrick Perkins was traded the defense collapsed. and Kevin Garnett is not being KG the big ticket on court because of the age and injuries… They need more intensity both ends of the court. Still a KG fan win or loose.

  9. Dr. Ken says:

    Getting rid of Shaw was the start of doing what is necessary – putting the rest of the old men out to pasture and bringing in the young studs is the way to go. Old legs and tired muscles can only get you so far, and last season the Celts demonstrated they were on their last leg. Let Ray, Paul and Kevin retire now before they make a fool of themselves as Shaq did by staying way too long and limping out.

    • steagle says:

      PP, KG and RR are aged 34, 35 and 36, respectively but are still putting up decent numbers despite this difficult season. Why would Ray Ray retire when he is shooting lights out and leading the league in 3 points? And what about Grant Hill, Juan Howard, Steve Nash and everyone else in their mid or late 30s? There are older players out there than the Boston Big 3 – should they all retire too? You must have a really short memory if you don’t remember Kareem Abdul Jabar playing into his 40s and still putting up crazy numbers. Age is a factor but is not the only factor in deciding how successful a player will be. It’s heart, and the other pieces around him, that are much more important. And Boston’s got heart, and maybe they’re missing a couple pieces (just like most teams are) but they are still going to give it a shot and I guarantee they are going to end up getting farther this year than most teams will.

  10. Heat32 says:

    Celtics are terriable this year and will be for long time now. Go Heat!

  11. HIghschoolballler says:

    Celtics need to make abig trade. they desperatly need a swignman for the future or a big guy who can play great defense or can put it in the bucket such as dwight howard

  12. Jad Hajjar says:

    Celtics should get a big man, D-Howard, Bynum, Aldridge, Horford or Demarcus Cousins, although PP is a legend at the club i wouldn’t mind him being traded with D12 for example, or we can even get Demarcus Cousins and keep our big 3 + Rondo so we have Rondo, Ray Ray, PP, KG and Cousins, thats a very good starting 5 even if the big 3 are all in their mid-30’s, and they should sign new contracts with less wages to free up some salary cap space. I really want to see an accomplished Big man and see how the C’s will perform

  13. Jad Hajjar says:

    Boston needs a young accomplished center, i think Demarcus Cousins would be great although he is often too much trouble for the coach, but Doc can deal with him, and he is already better than Jermaine and a lot younger, so i just hope they get him and they will be just fine

  14. Dara says:

    I’m a fan of the Boston firm. The average age of the top stars of the Tien we do not have the traction. I’m worried it’s not a good way to play off and not more than eight teams.

  15. brendon says:

    it all went downhill after they traded perkins.. bad move

  16. BONG says:

    It sad to say this because im a Boston fan but if they can’t win in there home court and beat a contender team like Miami or Chicago then Boston is done. :(…. KG more offense bring back the animal in you men.

  17. kevin Michael Menkhorst says:

    I’m a Laker fan but admitting that what the Celtics did 3 years back was impressive! We got you back and we did it with an Injured Bynum. But here’s the point, saying anyone in the NBA is getting old is stupid to say, these players are amazing to every extent. The Celtics are missing one thing every great team in the NBA has now… A CENTER!!! Lakers have Bynum, Thunder have Perkins, Bulls have Noah and Orlando have Howard… there you have 4 of the best teams with 4 of the best big men. Celtics need to rebuild but not around Pierce, Allen, Garnett or even Rondo. They have Bradley who is very young as in has loads of potential.

    To answer al the Heat comments. I will agree with KeithP because he is right! The Heat won’t win a Championship because of their EGO’s! LeBron isn’t the best player on that team. the best players is Wade but injuries have costed him and Bosh is great! they are simply greater because they have given up more the LBJ would ever do.

    I’m going to throw a guess out on the possible NBA Champions and those will be either the Lakers or OKC

  18. Bill says:

    Though most depict the Celtics as ancient Druids, I cannot say that they yet deserved that comparison. In spite of just a 66 game schedule, they will win over 38 games and will possess a second team seasoned and ready for a dominant playoff run. Yes, the Celts are my team; I watched Cousy and Sharman live. Go Celts!

  19. alo says:

    @Steve Aschburner Turning back calender five years would mean that the big three will be in their prime or close to it. Are you saying that Pierce KG and Allen together plus rondo is not enough talent? That’s Ridiculous. They won it in 2008 and nobody knew who perkins was before that. Look at miami now and how they are praised for being the best team in the league when they don’t even have a good center or pg.

  20. Liam says:

    Danny should really try to get Bogut imo

  21. John says:

    Let’s get Shaquille O’Neal back for one more run. He said in the past he wanted to win 5 rings — with the last one being for himself — anyway.

  22. sanchayan sivanathan says:

    the celtics still have the ability to contend rajon rondo when healthy is one of the top 5 point guards in the league garnett, allen, pierce have incredible playoff experience doc rivers is by far the best coach in the league outside greg popovich the absence of perkins hurts when going deeper in the playoffs if i were danny ainge i would be looking to get a young and upcoming player like lamarcus aldridge or roy hibbert or even develop a stronger bench to make a solid run if this is done the celtics can compete in the serengetti of the nbas eastern conference which include perennial power houses such as miami, chicago, newyork

  23. nbaneegaa says:

    mah people….kg and allen are the greatest in they era but they end in boston the ideology of boston celtics is all the team
    working they was leader of the list in the 98,99,00,01,02,03 when they was more significantly to his team
    allen promediates 25 pts in 2004 or 24 i don,t remember now those days 16 or 17 and was the leader in his team
    like kg in the timberwolves allen gives to milwaukee he oportunity to go to the finals in his era but now he is 2nd or 3rd option in celtics but definitely they aare better players than paul pierce!!!

  24. I AM A CELTIC says:

    regardless what others people say…this is not the result of aging…this is the result of less practice and too much rest i guess..but in the end of the day, we are still a FAMILY..this is the difference between other teams and the celtics…we are not hollywood and we are not south beach…we are in the causeway street…LETS GO CELTICS!..

    • greg says:

      Thank you. Finally a REAL fan shows some faith in our team, which can very much be title contenders this year. Our bench is so much better than Miami and Chicago’s that when we get our game back we can beat both of them. All these idiots talking about trading the big three have absolutely no knowledge of how the nba works. Idiots. REAL fans know that this team is not a regular season team, so no one should expect us to set any records in January, when the games don’t mean anything anyway. No, this site has been overrun by ignorant, uneducated “fans” that are bandwagon frequents.

    • celtics says:

      i still believe CELTICS is an elite team,there are so many games left too early to put celtics down.
      celtics pride!! they just need moRe time warming up,look at what happened to ORLANDO magic?! LOL! NO RONDO/ALLEN–WILCOX/PIETRUS/DOOLING but they were still able to compete..

  25. Maurice Strong says:

    I am a Boston fan and even though they are in the last stages of their career (KG, Ray ray, and captain pp) I believe they still have a chance for one more ring and me living in Chicago and never been to a boston game those who live in chicago may disagree with me. I believe all the celtics need is a good sixth man to lead the bench and a quality center not trying to forget about jermaine oneal but they need a better one maybe a javale McGee or demarcus cousins. And I hope to see the big three in action live before they retire.

  26. TWIG says:

    the boston celtics should start a new core around rajon coz lets face it hes the new face of boston.they should get younger guys and trade kg while hes still “tradable” until now i really dont know why the hell do they need to trade kendrik perkins and glen davis. i dont know danny ainge should really do some adjustments before its too late

  27. NBAIQ says:

    I’d say you can take this team out to the pasture and put them out of their misery. Look if any of these Big Three want to win another title it’s gonna have to come by joining another team. I’d like to see Ray Allen join the Bulls this summer. He and Rip could rotate that position because I have a feeling Korver could be on his way out. I think it would be the best move for Ray Ray other than retiring.

    As for KG I think the Lakers yep I said it could use his services from the bench. Gasol is expensive and Garnett could be had for the League minimum. He shouldn’t have a hard time finding a home but the joining the Lakers with or without Bynum is a sure way he could find himself back in the hunt for an NBA title.

    Lastly Paul Pierce is the lone man out he’ll be stuck in Boston unless the C’s deal him which I expect them to do while Pierce still has some value. Rondo on the other hand will be the future in Boston for years to come but he’s got to develop a midrange shot if he plans on keeping up with the likes of D-Rose/D-Will/CP3/ Westbrook.

    • steagle says:

      Celt’s will never trade Pierce. He is a lifer just like Kobe is for the Lakers. He’s a huge part of the history of the franchise and will get his jersey lifted to the rafters as soon as he retires.

  28. A says:

    I think it’s more that the NBA has become way more competitive recently. Think about it, no team is outright the greatest and every team has flaws. But on any given night almost every team has the ability to beat any other if it all comes together. Most teams have stars (Minnesota, Sacremento, Golden State, even Washington have the pieces but its about coaching and player development too), or have come together well (Utah, Philadelphia, Denver). Age certainly did play a factor for the Celtics but I think its a combination of all the circumstances. This will be a very entertaining and interesting NBA season. The Celtics have to think about trading, become more athletic for more pressing defense and have a well balanced team on the offensive end. Maybe a trade sending Garnett and O’Neal away for young forwards, say, taking a gamble with Cousins? Get some depth and a bench who can just fire a la Nate Robinson and Big Baby but also play some defense. The players themselves are still good, some teams need veterans who are proven and Boston in return needs some new (not necessarily young) players to rebuild this team which clearly no longer works. The fact is, Boston must realise that its just not going to work this way, but they have the ability to mix and match to make it a contender again.

    • NYer says:

      KG for Cousins ?? Bad move IMO.
      I rather see KG go back to T’Wolves via trade or free agency next year.
      He could be the Vet/Leader they really need.
      Great young core over there. Still trying to find who they are. KG could help.
      Plus finish his career where it all started.

  29. Roy says:

    It’s kinda sad seeing this team with a losing record, they’ve got such good starts but a bench that doesn’t live up to the celtics name. If they kept Robinson and Perkins this article wouldn’t exist. Danny Ainge really screwed the team with that deal for Jeff Green, why would you get rid of a good back up PG and a starting center to get a bust of a back-up player for Pierce? Beats me. They should just rough the season out, slap the bench in the face and make them play harder. This team will make the playoffs for sure, I don’t care what anyone says. And they will be a team to be reckoned with in the playoffs like they have been every year. But this offseason is the time to blow it up, I suggest trade as many players as you can to try and get some young value.

  30. cottonmouth.. says:

    have to give respect to the original big three.. as individuals and as a team. they might be too old and too slow.. but, thats why you play the games.. there might still be a spark for this team. the doc should push em’ harder. they have a very talented point guard, though he has to improve with his jumper. and a big man would def help.

  31. melvin says:

    I’m a Laker Fan…but, to be honest, I believe that it’s to early to discard the Celtics. Maybe thay are getting old..but they have the courage to prevail and jump to the play offs. Laker fan…4 ever!!!

  32. Sandez says:

    I think Celtics need to sign new contracts with big three,a much less money contracts and if Ray,KG & Pierce doesn’t sign it they should trade them. Except maybe Pierce ’cause he’s a club legend and was there all of his career. And then they should try to grab D.Howard on summer and some role players to have depth and they will be top league team again.

  33. Rashard says:

    i think the Celts have a big problem with Danny Ainge. Since 2008 Champs, they’ve released several bench players that fit for their team (Posey, Powe, T. Allen). And during the last season they traded Perk and Nate for Krstic and Green. One of the worst move Ainge made. Now that the big3 are not doing well because of the injuries that they’ve had, Celts must have the bench that possess energy that will sustain them until the playoffs.

  34. dymon tyler says:

    the regular season means nothing, wait until the playoffs to start writing off nba teams

  35. Bill Bueno says:

    The TRUTH does hurt as another die hard Celts fan til the day I die but it is obvious that it is time to rebuild.
    Doc should give more playing time to Gerg Stiemsma as J ONeil looks simply older and is going to get eaten alive against decent centers. KG hasnt got any lift left in him and they need to redefine his role out there. Most important is for them to
    fight with the Celtics Pride Boston has given them. Win or lose lets do it with Pride. So, Danny get the green legos out and build something!

  36. Celtics Fan Forever says:

    Love the Celtics. Love Pierce, Allen, Garnett, Rondo. Like some of the new talent. Short season, age, injuries, lack of depth, very little energy and intensity are killing them. Has been this way for the last few seasons. I’m looking forward to them coming to my city in Feb as it may be my first and last opportunity to see the team as it is today. No matter where they go, who they play for (or not at all), these guys have at least one fan for life. Would love to see them have one more shot at it so I can tell my great grandkids.

  37. JOKGPPRARR says:

    This team is good enough to make the playoffs, but the great run has reached the finish line. – thats just the way it is.

  38. carlos says:

    The Celtics need a big strong guy that can rebound, block shots ad put some points like Al Jefferson or a LaMarcus Aldridge or bring back kendrick perkins.. They should go for Dwight Howard…

    • steagle says:

      That would be awesome but knowing where Howard wants to go, it’s probably not going to happen. He wants to be in a big city like NY or LA where he can have the nightlife and the spotlight. Not that he wouldn’t have the spotlight in Boston, but I think he wants more than that. I think Celts should go after LeMarcus Aldridge – he’s one of the best bigs out there in terms of scoring, which the C’s sorely need, esp when one of their starters is having an off night. He is a great post player, shooter, and defender. Al Jefferson (former Celtic) is great too but he’s more of a finesse player and scorer and less of an inside defensive menace like Aldridge or Howard. What about Bogut or Lopez? Cheaper and probably easier to negotiate. And NJ will probably be getting rid of Lopez if Howard heads that way so he’d be available.

  39. Stan says:

    Ainge needed to pay Perkins the extra 3 million a year he wanted instead of trying to cheap out on him. Now the Celtics have 3 old guys that are untradeable and worth nothing, that are at the end of their careers getting overpaid for what they will contribute. One championship was all the Celtics got they best be happy with that. In 2008 the Lakers had Arisa and Bynum injured or the Celtics might not have gotten any. Now its going to be a long rebuilding for the next 10 years.

    • steagle says:

      And in 2010 we had Perkins injured otherwise the Lakers might not have gotten the W. That kind of argument is irrelevant. Players get injured it’s part of the game. It’s how everyone else steps up that matters. We didn’t have enough depth on the bench to cover the center position and our guys ran out of gas. No excuses, just basketball.

  40. J boogie says:

    the celtics still strong and i beleive they can make to the playoffs, they have a solid point guard Rondo and a good bunch

  41. Lorenzo says:

    As a Boston Celtics Fan, i say that these guys play with wisdom, and aren’t flashy. They surely didn’t own up to 8 titles, cough cough before even playing a game together, They came out and played ball. If they can do that again, i don’t see why they couldn’t contend. Their bench is a lot better than it was last year, with or without Jeff Green And Delonte.

  42. RAPSFAN says:

    Everyone is so quick to write a team off. Sure, at this point they haven’t been as good as they were seasons ago, but it is still so early in the year. They have time to get things together. They’re not out there trying to set records for number of wins, they’re simply trying to make the playoffs healthy. And then they get to work. I still expect the Celtics to make the playoffs, and when they do, I don’t expect anyone will look forward to matching up against them. People were talking about the Mavs being too old last year, and look what happened. You just never know until Playoffs role around.

  43. Nicolas says:

    People keep saying Green is terrible and inconsistent. Thunder would’ve got Nate and leave Green alone. If the Thunder still had Green, it would be scary to face them. Plus, if Thunder didn’t got Perkins, they still have Collison who’s a better defender.

  44. Dreamer says:

    Put Howard in there 😉

    • NYer says:

      Thunder have a better chance in trading Perkins for Dwight Howard.
      C’s front office should have kept Perkins. Who would they trade now ??

  45. Celticsrck says:

    OMG!i remember this time last year, when the best teams were Boston and San Antonio.good times,good times…:(

  46. ShowTime says:

    It’s gonna be a long season for this team. Rebuild is the word.

  47. Mark says:

    I still believe in Celts. They can catch a new rhytm and run the court. We will, no, we are going to see them in the playoffs. Yes, maybe they still need one pieCe to the winning puzzle but they’ll find their way to raise the Banner.

  48. robin says:

    Common guys, you can do it! Past is Past, Lets face the strong team out there. Celtics You are the Best. Go go go go!

  49. robin says:

    Since they trade Perkins and Nate for Kristic and Green, Celtics becomes Very Weak.

  50. TiM says:

    The Celtics will be good enough if they make the play-offs

  51. Sean says:

    I won’t blame Danny Ainge for anything other than giving us a title in 2008, and it should’ve happened again in 2010. I won’t blame Danny Ainge for trading a non-scoring, foul-prone, low-ceiling-potential center (whom I love, don’t get me wrong) for an athletic, young, talented, high-reward forward who had a freak heart condition- especially when Marquis went down. We had no viable backups for Pierce or Ray. Literally, none. I hope Boston signs Green back next season so he can prove all you haters wrong.

  52. @wil23_pad says:

    Ainge will show is true colours by the end of the year…….if he trades rondo i fear the worst. If he makes a couple of trades to suit rondo thats the way to go. Rondo is the future.

    • NYer says:

      I agree build around Rondo.
      Get rid of Peirce expensive contract in a possible trade to land Howard.
      Rondo threw an alley to KG the other night, KG couldn’t jump for it.
      KG still has some in the tank but playing those amount of minutes will land him a chair with EJ Charles Kenny & Shaq quicker than ever.
      The Celtics have to build around Rondo.
      Again use Peirce as trade bait.

      Knicks just lost again, its time to dump D’Antoni & get a quality PG.
      It really grinds my gears watchin the Knix this season.

  53. Brian says:

    All that is needed is a decent Center to help J O’Neal, and bench players with more talent than we already have… Jeff Green is injured so having bench players that can score MANY points will be great

  54. Lee says:

    It hurts reading that,but its true, the celtics big 3 are getting old, i mean we still got rondo, but there is no 1man team in the nba.. But i still got hopes they will win 1 championship more this year, knowing KG, pierce, allen and rondo, they know that they are getting old, but they still have faith and inner strenght to try it

  55. J.Carter says:

    My Celtics are not too old to compete with the best, they are one of the best. The same thing was said about them 2 yrs ago b4 their “suprising” finals run putting beatings on the favorited cleveland cavs and orlando magic while nearly sweeping miami in the 1st round and i dont know if youve been whatching but ray ray has been on a 3 point tare lately
    also the condenced season could also be the reason why they re 4 below .500 and they havent had the easiest scedule

  56. manu says:

    the big 3 combined 67,000+ points, 23,000+ rebounds, 4,300+ 3 points throughout their carrers…they will be missed…hehe

  57. nbafan says:

    its about the celitcs and your talking about your masters again thats awesome =) go heat

  58. Michael says:

    Sekou Smith at the end makes some very good points. All this team really needs is a few days to rest and get healthy. Also practice time, and just catch a few winning streaks to get back in the eastern conference playoffs. Once they do that, just let this veteran group do what it does best, and prepare the bench for a hell of a run at a championship. The big 3 know that this is there last year, there not going down without a fight. Believe that.

    • steagle says:

      The C’s already had several days of rest this season and they came out of it and lost 4 straight at home. So I’m not sure rest is what they need right now – I think they need to just play more games and get more W’s under their belt to build back confidence. I will agree what they will not go down without a fight though. I feel their percentage will crawl upwards as the Eastern Conference elite fight for playoff positioning. They’ll probably be #6 seed if they don’t experience any other injuries.

  59. Carlene says:

    They should have never traded Perkins and Nate, now even worse they traded Big Baby too…..I miss watching my Ray Allen shooting down those three pointers. (He’s the best player on the Celtics). Wishing the very best for the Celtics right now as they’re still my favorite team.

    • CelticsBanner18-2012 says:

      As a Celtics fan, I would say don’t worry. They will become dominant again and very soon.

  60. Khalid Hanna says:

    More than age the Celtics have lacked continuity on offence at the start of games. Once that is figured out they wont have to continuously dig themselves out of 15-20 point holes. Then and only then will their performances move from competitive to once again dominant.

  61. DANITo says:

    the celtic need a time machine, garnet cant play anymore. pierce is not the same . they falling apart no playoff for u celtics fan heehaa . never liked this team

  62. BID says:

    C’s success in the beginning of the big 3 era always relied on garnett’s versatility at the defensive end now that his legs are gone the C’s no longer are consindered a top defensive team

    • CelticsBanner18-2012 says:

      His legs are injured but I would say that his confidence has gone and maybe he just doesn’t have enough confidence in himself or his legs now. If that mental confidence comes back, he can be monstrous again.

  63. CT14 says:

    I agree with Steve Aschburner here. This season may be pretty much a non-contention season (as in 2nd playoffs max), but really, the Celtics need more talent for next season. Jeff Green will hopefully come back healthy and there are “big” needs as well as needs regarding the bench.

  64. Jim says:

    Not a Boston fan, glad to see there run is ending. Paul pierce with all his posturing and KG with his big mouth. Ray Allen is the only one I like, and I suspect he doesn’t want to be there anymore. To be a teammate of KG must not always be a good thing, listening to him squawking all the time.

    • Peter says:

      Actually every single person who has played with KG has listed him as one of the best teammates you could ever have.

    • CelticsBanner18-2012 says:

      “Ray Allen doesn’t want to be there anymore” ???
      He recently asked for a multi-year extension to his contract and you think he doesn’t want to be there?

  65. Taylor says:

    I think the C’s still have potential to make a mid to late season run, and be in shape in time for the playoffs. the older you get, the longer it takes to get back into shape, and with the short, short camp and pre season, the Celtics are showing their age. Ray is in shape all year, probably working harder then anyone in the summer (except maybe Kobe), so that’s why he’s firing on all cylinders. The other guys need to try and play themselves into shape, unfortunately, that increases the likelihood of injury. If and when the starting five get back into NBA shape, the role players will be able to settle back into their roles, and stop being stretched by the team asking too much of them. Then they will get into a rythem, and I think will become a formidable team… this all relies on them not hitting injury trouble before they get fit. If Paul, Kevin or Jermaine get hurt, then they will be lucky to hit .500

  66. john says:

    The Celtics can’t compete with younger teams like the bulls and thunder. I would be shocked if they make the playoffs this season.

  67. john says:

    The Celtics are ancient

  68. jaye says:

    c’mon man… we all know what’s wrong with the celtics… ainge…. he’s decimated their bench and alienated the players that he does have left… after the way ainge has jerked them around they no longer have the “celtic pride”…. or the care about the franchise… they’re basically now just playing for a paycheck…

    • Jesus says:

      Ainge is a typical Mormon. Without a doubt he has lost the ‘pride.’ Just like Buss kids.

    • Edison says:

      I definitely agree with you on this. I’m not a Celtics fan but it’s quite obvious that Ainge messed it up.

    • Mack says:

      Agree with you. Danny Ainge is ruining the Celtics. Perkins and Nate for Krstic and Green was the worst move that he made. Krstic was a non-factor and Green is the most underrated inconsistent player.

    • jigsaw says:

      Jaye, that’s a strong theory, but i dont know if it’s completely true. Tony Allen was getting limited court time behind Allen. He left. Perkins began to display serious knee aliments (as did Leon Powe) which worried management. Gone. But the biggest wake up call was w/James Posey. Always delivering major big production off their 07/08 bench, he realized all $$$ available was tied with the big 3. So as soon as he got his ring fitted, he packed his bags for the BIG EASY (& BIG $$$). Miami will experience the same thing as well, which will be a one and done Championship, or repeated trips to the finals, with nothing to show for.

      • Janice says:

        I disagree. I believe they will win three championships. Go Heat.

      • CelticsBanner18-2012 says:

        A team is defined as “A group of players forming one side in a competitive game or sport.” on google.

        Heat are more of a three-show than a team. When Lebron, Wade, and Bosh are on the bench, the team starts to sink and give up leads. Its only the three running the show. They can’t win a championship like that. In 2008, when the Big 3 came together, Danny Ainge built a team around the Big 3 which kept as well increased the leads while the three super-stars rested. That is definitely not the same for the Heat.

  69. DoTheRightThing says:

    Yeah, it’s very sad, but I think reason is that they can’t find this game and victory pleasure in their hearts. Imagine playing this game for 15 years, so its becoming more and more like routine, so what im trying to say is, that they find it in their hearts to enjoy this game, and they will get back on their feet.

  70. Erick says:

    I think it’s all Danny Ainge’s fault, he broke up the chemistry that could only be seen on the 2010 Celtics and that no other team had. The might not had been the most talented players last season, but they were the best TEAM. Give them a break, a new roster plus their age plus no chemistry at all plus a lack of a good center is the formula for the results they are showing. I still believe they will get better if they stay healthy, but I also believe that with Perkins still on the roster, the results would be completely different right now.

    • gameon says:


    • CelticsBanner18-2012 says:

      I agree, except for the starting five, Danny Ainge replaced the whole team. It will take time to develop chemistry. It hasn’t even been a month since the beginning of the NBA season.

  71. fan says:

    “Boston needs more talent, not a time machine” – I agree with that

    • CelticsBanner18-2012 says:

      People just keep saying the Celtics don’t have offense

      Are you serious? Except for the starting five, the entire team has been replaced…Its not even been a month into the NBA season and you expect them to be perfect?

      Every other team, who you all call “offensive” were the same team last year and only added/removed 1 or 2 players.

      Chemistry doesn’t grow on trees or just come within days…It takes time. Once there is good chemistry, the Celtics will shoot for the top spot.

      As KG said, “Chemistry is something that you don’t just throw in a frying pan and mix it up with another something and throw something on top of that and then fry it up and put in a tortilla and put it in microwave, heat it up, give it to you and expect it to taste good. You know? If y’all don’t know what I’m talking about then you can’t cook and this doesn’t concern you.”

      Why can’t people use their brain for a minute before making up illogical statements that make absolutely no sense.

  72. Scott says:

    I watched the Celtics put the nails in the coffin of my beloved ’02-’08 Pistons, during the 2008 ECF. It is sad to hear the ’07-’12 Celtic’s death rattle.

    • jigsaw says:

      Hey Scott…who’s your cable/satellite provider? I wanna know where i can watch a NBA season that lasts 5 -6 years straight….

  73. kaleain says:

    Celtics should try to get Howard. Howard and rondo would be a good pg and center combination and ray for the 3

    • Go Green says:

      Howard’s not interested. So forget it.

      • CelticsBanner18-2012 says:

        Who says he is not interested?

        I remember him saying that he wants to play as a Celtic.
        He respects KG and wants to play under Doc Rivers.

        Plus, how do you know that he is not just creating false rumors by putting teams on his wish list and not mentioning the real team he wants to go to.

        He has played for Doc before and if he wants to play for him, he will come.

  74. Larry Luv says:

    Kevin G has been jumping off of one leg only for almost 3 seasons now..i dont know how he has lasted this long.. but i do believe these guys would have a better chance if they had some better talent coming off the bench. If u have to depend on the big three plus 1 everynight then they are in deep trouble. i could tell from watching over the years teams would be a little scared to play the celts because they were so tough and Mean( perkins& Garnett) but i dont see teams worried about these guys anymore. i dont think they will make the playoffs. philly and indy are on the rise and they are on a fast fall to the bottom of the league

  75. Miguel Menar says:

    Well…it is really hard to see the Celtics losing so many games but it is even harder to see the way that they have been playing lately. I think that the team chemistry continues on Christmas vacation and have not arrived to play basketball. In general, they should play their game again, a middle court game, with hard defense to get better offensive chances. In the meanwhile, the long nights will continue!!!

  76. sam says:

    yeah, I am a Celtic fan for life…but this season is already over for them. the TRUTH does hurt. they would be better off not making the playoffs and starting a new team centered around Rondo. first thing they need is a center that can play basketball. for whatever reasons, the NBA is short on these.

    • gameon says:

      No Sam keep hope alive, many people said they looked old and washed up at this time last year and they made it to the playoff in a good spot. They’ll never give up and neither will their fans.

    • Nonya says:

      I am dumbfounded as well. How is Dwight Howard the only big man here? Seriously it sticks

    • Amitpal Bains says:

      Or maybe they can draft Austin Rivers and build around him and rondo.

    • Peter says:

      I’m not counting them out yet. While they have definatly struggled, there are some positive signs:

      1. They lost Jeff Green – Mickael Pietrus (his replacement) has only played in 3 or so games so far

      2. They have had a pretty tough schedule to start the season, and every single team that has beaten them (bar the Knicks) have been against good (+ .500) teams. They have yet to loose a game against a bad team (that includes today’s blowout of Toronto).

      3. They have played very well in spurts. They have been starting games poorly and getting into a big hole early, but then they have been fighting back – many of those games were not decided until the last 5 minutes of the 4th quarter.

      4. They have had major struggles simply making shots in some games, and have been missing plenty of open shots they they would normally never miss. I think a lot of this has to do with them just not getting into condition yet (due to shortened off-season), and being an older team I think getting into shape will take longer then most teams.

      5. They have showed significant improvement in their last 3 games, and several of the guys (Jermaine, KG, Pierce, etc) seem to slowly be getting their legs back.

      6. Turnovers have killed them, and this probably has much to do with the fact that half of the team is unfamilliar with each other.

      Given time I think they become much more consistent as they get familliar with playing together and get back into condition, and when that happens I think they will be (as they always have been) very tough to beat.

  77. Mack says:

    It pains me to say this as a Celtics fan but I think injuries and age have finally caught up with the Big Three..

    • Patrick says:

      It thrills me to see that the Celtics are no longer a power. They basically did exactly what Miami did by going out and getting a heap of stars to play along side their lonestar (Pierce) but for some reason they did not get any flack for that!?!?!?!?! Always a Laker fan anyway!

      • KeithP says:

        They didn’t get flak because you didn’t hear KG or Ray Allen say they’ll be taking their talents to Boston. You also never heard anyone of them proclaim they’ll win not one, not two… not seven championships. And most importantly, you never saw the Cs throw a big party even before they got the ring.

      • Not a Hater says:

        At least they got 1 ring during the 2008 finals. They did not get the flack cause KG or Ray didn’t say that they’ll be better off at Celtics with their talent and claiming that they’ll win multiple championships after an hour of session called The Decision and also choking in every clutch moments. I respect that every player wants to win a championship but doing what ‘The King’ did , it’s like insulting. U could even see it when the media and all NBA writers are currently hailing the Heat as the NBA champion.

      • Talha says:

        they also dont get any flack for it bcuz all 3 were alredy in their 30s and had stuck with their teams no matter what thru thick and thin. plus they didnt elect to go to boston they were traded their unlike bosh and lebron who wanted to team up with wade and already knew wat was coming. ray and KG had no idea they were going to end up in boston but they did

      • dubleD says:

        Die Hard Laker Fan…But with that being said they didnt get flack because they were acquired through trade. Had they been free agents it would have been just like the Heat if not worse because they would have been the first big three to come together on their own. But there time is up and the Lakers have the best big three. Argue that…

      • JDSKDY says:

        there are many differences between the miami trade BIG 3 and the boston trade BIG3. First off the celtics were the worst team all around in the 2007 season. Miami was 5th in the east and a very strong eastern conference team ALREADY! Also Lebron James and Chris Bosh were in the prime of their careers and they were free agents. Boston had to do a number of trades to accquire the already aging KG and Ray Allen both in their early 30’s. Yes the celtics are not a well liked team but in no ways can they be compared to Miami. Lebron and Bosh left their teams to die do horrible while the Supersonics and the Wolves got players in exchange. So consider it like this, in boston’s case they were trying to make the worst team in the east become somewhat better and at least make the playoffs and also boston hadn’t even been to the finals in 20+ years! Also Miami had just won in the past decade. Miami was basically bringing a superstar trio that is supposed to “win” 5+championships. I’m pretty sure that the other comments prove their points too and why your argument about “flak” is nonsense!

      • .... says:

        celtics and heat didn’t made the same thing heat just got it on a easy way out for players to get together unlike the celtics sacrificed their future to get KG and Allen and now they’re just paying for it

      • ColdHardTruth says:

        @dubleD funny you would say that because the Lakers are going to die hard again this year in the playoffs. They can’t even beat teams from their own city xp

      • Carl says:

        You are a disgrace to all Laker fans.

      • jeff smith says:

        im a laker fan and i dont get any pleasure of the celtic problems because they are goin to be our problems to soon,lakers are getting old.i give the celtics respect because during the 80s that was the best rivalry ever in basketball,every posesion was a chest match

      • Amitpal Bains says:

        And I’m thrilled that the lakers can finally stop relying on being the richest team in the nba. People keep whinning about the heat going together and boston making the trade(which in my opinion was fine cause they didn’t ask for that trade) but how comes nobodies see the truth that the lakers made themselves a hard team to beat cause they had three potential 20 and 10 guys and kobe. Not to mention a bunch of good role players who came cheap. As a matter of fact they actually started the get as many all stars players you can on one team. The lakers completely rely on their money to win championship and even with all the talent they had, they still looked very beatable. So as a laker fan you should just keep your much shut when it comes to stars coming together.

      • Trent says:

        Celtics did it long before the heat..

      • Gabriel says:

        Yeah maybe they got a group of stars as you said. But didnt the lakers did the same thing and not only did they did it but also have one more all star…..If you dont know what Im talking about, I talking about the year that they got Karl Malone Gary Payton and also had Kobe and Shaq, you also have to count the bench that they had. And what happenend….They got beat by thew Under dogs ( Pistons) so it was worthless. At least we got one more banner for history and on more ring.

      • LOL says:

        First of all. You haters can try to use Miami celebrating early as an EXCUSE all you want, in public. When in your own minds, you KNOW its simply the fact that you KNOW they will be so good and better than your team, you HATED the fact that they were free agents and able to team up. You HATED on them BEFORE they ever celebrated. The celebrations simply an EXCUSE. ALthough I don’t really condone it even as a Heat fan, its still an excuse no doubt about it.

        ALSO how MANY times must you people be told that a FREE agent is exactly that, FREE to go WHEREVER he wants to go, to ANY team, for ANY reason he chooses. Funny how teams can trade a signed player that has built ties to a city and teammates, and sometimes pains the players so much, but thats OK for the teams right? It is PERFECTLY FINE for a FREE agent to go play with WHOEVER they want to, end of story.

    • big LaJay says:

      ypu can say that again