Best Bargain In Basketball No More?


HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The man we like to refer to here at the hideout as the “Best Bargain In Basketball” could use a new nickname in next week or so.

Timberwolves power forward Kevin Love could be in line for a contract extension sooner rather than later, per a report Charley Walters:

Look for the Timberwolves to offer Kevin Love a $60 million, four-year contract extension within the next eight days.

Love, 23, who is playing for $4.6 million this season, can become a restricted free agent after the season unless he signs an extension before Jan. 25. If he opts for free agency, the Wolves would have the right to match any outside offer. Love also can return to Minnesota in 2012-13 for $6.1 million and become an unrestricted free agent after the season.

Wolves President David Kahn isn’t commenting on contract talks, and Love says he’s unaware of the status of negotiations. The Wolves, though, want to get Love signed by next week.

Love, one of five players in NBA history to start a season with 13 double-doubles (points-rebounds), is the Wolves’ fifth-highest-paid player.

This, folks, is what you call a no-brainer.

Love has exceeded even the loftiest of expectations and overcome a staggered start to his NBA career, remember when he couldn’t get out of the dog house of former coach Kurt Rambis?

The Timberwolves won’t spend better money on an extension until Ricky Rubio comes up for his!


  1. MaFox says:

    Kevin Love – Future HOFer?

  2. SuperJun says:

    the video was a bout the Wolves vs Clippers matchup, their opinions were that of the best PF playing tonight.

  3. Kating says:

    Go play in China

  4. JustSomeGuy says:

    The season is still young but Love’s stats are better than Griffin’s. Blake has to start making free throws and get more consistent. In a couple years, who knows — but right now, Love’s better.


    PPG 25.6
    RPG 14.3
    APG 1.8
    SPG 1.1
    BPG 0.7
    FG% 0.441
    FT% 0.806
    3P% 0.368
    MPG 39.6


    PPG 21.9
    RPG 11.4
    APG 2.6
    SPG 1.0
    BPG 0.6
    FG% 0.527
    FT% 0.538
    3P% 1.000 (he made his only three-point shot)
    MPG 37.3

  5. Bersem says:

    Love and Rubio, the next Norwitzki and Kidd ?

  6. toosexy says:

    He should really just wait till free agency, if he continues the way he’s going he’ll prob get a max contract.

  7. tha boss says:


  8. marcus says:

    i think you guys are all forgetting what Dirk Nowitzki did only last season, just because he’s getting plenty of rest doesn’t mean he isn’t good anymore, he’s a mile in front of Love.

  9. Bane says:

    Isn’t Dirk the best PF?

  10. @wil23_pad says:

    Kevin Love is the best all round PF in the game. The T-wolves are weak, if love played with CP3, de-andre jordan etc there would be no argument. He’s a rebounding machine

  11. 72-10 6/6 says:

    sekou smith, you are still here? I thought you got fired.

  12. Cess says:

    Sorry for Shaq & Kenny but LOVE is the best power forward right now, Griffin its more exiting to watch but LOVE is a complete all-around player. Griffing is surrounded by better players too so obviously it seems he “affects” the game more.

  13. Sam Robinson says:

    Good locking up love but still need a decent big block painting dominating center.

  14. jferdz says:



  15. John says:

    HOWARD FOR LOVE WOULD BE THE BEST TRADE! but the magic need a center.

    • That Damn Good says:

      Love could totally play as a C, I’d love that trade because we’d get a good young player in Love, & Dwight would get what he deserves going to a team that’s going nowhere anytime soon…

  16. Heat Fan says:

    Go to the Thunder and play with Westbrook!

  17. mr. hook says:

    love just wait the free agency and lot of team eager to catch you…

  18. Dennis says:

    Go to Bulls.. that would litereally make them unstopabull!!

  19. LOVE says:

    raise the money! be a free agent!

  20. Ryan Husain says:

    Love s such a fun player to watch!