Dwight Howard Rumors Percolating


HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — We should all know better by now.

Once you dive into the NBA rumor mill, there’s usually no getting out. And now that these Dwight Howard rumors are percolating again, courtesy of Monday’s trip to New York, here we go down the rabbit hole.

Before we dive into the particulars, kudos should go out to Howard, Magic coach Stan Van Gundy and the franchise itself for handling an extremely touchy situation with as much patience and professionalism as possible. After all, it’s not often your franchise player makes clear that he wants to play elsewhere in training camp and your team plays at as high a level as the Magic have so far this season (9-3 and winners of four straight games).

That said, these rumors will only increase as the trade deadline approaches. The latest, from Chris Sheridan of Sheridanhoops.com, has the Los Angeles Clippers joining the Nets, Mavericks and Lakers on the short list of teams Howard will accept a trade to.

It’s great to have another log tossed onto that fire just for the fun of it. Well, fun for everyone not associated with the Magic organization at least.

But as Ken Berger of CBSSports.com points out, Howard is doing his very best to keep his cool as the craziness approaches:

There’s “no issue” with Howard, according to one person familiar with the organization’s strategy. No issue yet, is probably a better way to put it. Armed with this new advice from [Carmelo] Anthony, which comes straight out of the LeBron James playbook for changing teams and embracing the negative fallout, Howard just keeps plugging along, saying all the right things and winning games.

It’s fool’s gold for the Magic, who are destined to lose Howard once he and his representatives pull out all the tricks that were deployed by LeBron and Melo, and a few new ones courtesy of a collective bargaining agreement that will force Orlando to make a decision rather than beg Howard to stay this summer. The max extension that Anthony got in his trade to the Knicks is no longer an option, and neither is the sign-and-trade route that would get Howard a max deal in July while also assuring that the Magic get some assets in return.

The issue that supposedly isn’t an issue is barreling down the lane like Howard in his Superman cape in the dunk contest. Hide the women and children, is the advice Anthony would have correctly offered the Magic if they’d asked.

“Our minds are on winning and staying focused on the goal, which is a championship,” Howard said. “It’s my job to lead our team and try to do a better job this year of being a good leader.”

Howard is fulfilling every bit of his obligation as a team leader.

I agree with Berger; this situation can only get sillier as the trade deadline approaches. It will be the same for Nets All-Star Deron Williams. Until something happens, one way or another.

We know better than to dip our toes into these rumor waters, but we all do …



  1. charles says:

    The more the Magic wins, the more Dwight looks silly for wanting to move. I mean they are doing very well and are short one guy! Dwight has the potential for all of Florida to root for him and love him throughout his life – when he plays, when he retires. Instead, he’s opting to chase a ring. Well, just because you chase, doesn’t mean you’ll get what you’re chasing. I think the best optino for Dwight Howard is to continue to push for better play from his teammates, continue to push for the GM to make the team better (JR Smith would be a nice addition) and try to win the championship right here. You’re in florida, the weather is awesome, you are thoroughly loved, and you have every opportunity to win in Orlando as anywhere else. Why move?

  2. Lhanz says:

    Personally I won’t give up bynum and gasol for dwight. The lakers already gave up odom so they don’t have enough big man on the bench. Besides Dwight is just better on defense than bynum. But if bynum is healthy he is much better than howard because of its offensive power. What the Lakers really need is a PG not a C!!

    • Lakers fan says:

      I couldnt agree with you more Lhanz. The should make a play for williams while trying to keep the big men. Im thinking the ron ron could be one of the key deals for LA to get PG

  3. KEYSHWN says:

    oops typo Even though im a lakers fan and would like a trade straight up for Bynum…Howard for Brook Lopez and Marshon Brooks would be good for both teams Marshon Brooks is a future Beast!!

  4. KEYSHWN says:

    Even though im a lakers trade beside straight up for Bynum…Howard for Brook Lopez and Marshon Brooks would be good for both teams Marshon Brooks is a future Beast!!

  5. lakers #1 says:

    d-12 + bynum + meta world peace + kobe + d will = nba championship title….

  6. Lakers R Us says:

    By the way does anyone remember Andrew Bynum limping through the playoffs to help Los Angeles win that championship! How many players in this league can do that? Just sayin!!!! Just imagine when he’s healthy!

  7. Phillylover says:

    Dwight Howard to philly, the perfect fit for him! He can own the locker room with his big ego because no philly player is on a ego trip!! Jrue Holiday and Dwight Howard, sounds lovely!

  8. SYDALE says:

    I’m surprised that the Knicks haven’t tried to offer Amare Stoudemire and Tyson Chandler for Dwight Howard and Hedo Turkoglu… seems like everyone would get what they want out of that trade…

    Except me… LOL

    I hoping for a miracle… like Orlando not getting a trade done, and Dwight becomes a free agent… then, he somehow considers Philly as a place to go… we amnesty Elton Brand and sign Dwight… then, get Elton back on the mid-level exception if possible…

  9. Dwight Howard to Miami Heat!!! says:

    This will happen. So all of you stay believin’ and never second guess that thought.

  10. THUGSTER says:


  11. good says:

    Good, no one is talking about Dwight going to the Lakers.

    Bynum > Dwight.

    • Badgers says:

      Because what the Lakers can offer in a trade is garbage, Gasol (overrated) and Bynum (bad knees), no way I take that deal

  12. sami says:

    come to okc, guaranteed 3 titles

  13. shakenbake says:

    Trade Howard Turkoglu and R. Anderson to miami for Wade and Bosh. Bron can play the SG/PG/SF/PF anywy so that Torkoglu will play his position. While Dwigh has the C.





  16. benz says:


  17. Rose and Dwight says:

    Dwight to Chicago combo with Rose its gonna be a new Lob City

  18. I think Dwight should be left alone to make up his mind for himself,and to not listen to anyone else.

    • paxnom says:

      If Miami really wants to win, trade Wade to Orlando for Howard – otherwise close but no cigar in Miami

  19. RICK says:

    please tell me why dwight howard doesnt have sixers on his list… ok yea im from philly born and raised but think about.. were 10-3 nice young team … no superstar no ball hogs … we play together and if u add him wed be unstopable in my mind…and it would just add hype and more stars wanting to be here…dwight wants attention???? ok well come win a tital in philly and be a legend forever! ….

  20. Griffin & Dwight is bad combo says:

    Griffin & Dwight combo will never work

    I could really see Dwight, Deron williams & Dirk along with Jason Terry

  21. Griffin & Dwight is bad combo says:

    that would never work

    I could really see Dirk, Williams & Dwight combo along with Jason Terry

  22. Fact says:

    How about LA Clippers send DJ, Mo Williams, Ryan Gomes and some draft picks for Dwight Howard and Hedo Turkoglu? Big three will be initiated quickly in Lob City. It would be a fair trade with Orlando Magic.

    • ATLHAWKSFAN says:

      ARE YOU DUMB?????

    • SikWitIT says:

      That won’t happen cause fans love DJ, he’s Blakes wing-man, and he signed a new contract. I do find it funny though that Howard has added the Clippers as a choice to be traded to now.

  23. Kevin says:

    I think:

    Tyson Chandelor

    Iman Shumpert

    Landry Fields

    Future draft pick


    Dwight Howard

    • nonono says:

      unfortunately that would cripple NY with no backcourt defenders (douglas doesn’t, bibby and davis can’t)

    • GONYGONY No.... says:

      Knicks already crippled their roster last season for Melo.
      Sorry but DUMB MOVE. If the guy said he was going to sign when he became a free agent.
      Let him become a free agent so u can ADD him to the Roster.
      Look @ Knicks records and looks @ Nuggets record.
      Knicks really ruined something good. You gotta let the stew cook slowly.
      There is no need for rushing it and ruining the flavor, if you understand.
      Damn the Knicks suck this year and I am a Knix fan.

  24. Victor Manoel says:

    You can’t measure a player by his fre-throw shooting, if he’s Dwight Howard. Bynum would be a good fit too, but Howard is the best center in the league, ok, Shaq?

  25. max from the o says:

    i totally agree with david thats magics best choice as now. but i hope orlando doesnt wait till the last minute and lose howard and get nuttin in return like cleveland.

  26. Diamondd says:

    All Magic fans need to remember that this is a business and Orlando needs to make to best choice to be successful now and into the future. If Howard still is talking about trade after a great start this season and has not signed an extension than his mind is already made up that the future is not Orlando. Orlando needs to trade Howard and any additional contracts that may hurt their salary cap in return for a top ten big man, an athletic scoring point guard and a strong player on defence who can contain the likes of Wade, James, Anthony ect. If they don’t, Orlando francise will have the same results as when SHAQ did not sign!

  27. David says:

    Insert Bynum in place of Howard and down the stretch you have a clutch offensive threat down low who can shoot free throws, everyone can forget the hack a Howard strategy. Not sure if they are a better team though without Howard during the first three quarters with his superior defense but with Bynums presence down low they can go deep into the playoffs.

  28. Dan says:

    These media people ask the same similar questions again and again, the same answer is gonna be said. Let time go by and see where he finally goes, he ain’t gonna tell where he desires to go to until the official decision is made.

  29. wow says:

    before delusional miami fan “David” come out let me say this first
    Horward is not going to miami.

    • Janice says:

      Unfortunately we don’t want him. So thank you.

      • Peter says:

        I like how MIami is playing, and im a Bron fan, but who in the right mind would think guy like Howard will sign with MIami??? thats like hoping derrick rose will leave chicago and join miami…But to say we dont want Howard….thats simply silly lol. Guy’s a beast, period. But still, I go for Miami all the way this year, where they will finish the season with a trophy. GO HEAT!!

    • David says:

      Rose has a contract already.

  30. Swatguy says:

    This “will accept a trade to” thing bothers me. Do Dwight have the power to void a trade? I’d trade him with Jameer to Minny for Rubio and Love.

    • Swatguy says:

      I digress. Perhaps accepting means “I will sign a long term with”. Go Dwight. Go Hawks.

    • David says:

      Yeah, he can’t void a trade, but can make the team he is supposed to go to take a huge gamble because his contract is up after this season.

    • sbfern805 says:

      Usually when a trade like this happens, the team getting Howard would have Howard sign an extension contract with the team. In this case, Howard will only sign an extension with certain teams, so if you arent of that certain team, then dont bother asking for him because just like in Orlando, he wont stay. CP3 did not sign an extension with the Clippers, he will play until his optional contract runs out ( meaning he can leave after this season, but his option was to remain with the Clippers another year). Now if the Clippers do not become title contenders, the Clippers will lose CP3 and their first round pick and Gordon which were given to New Orleans.