There Is Kryptonite For Everyone


HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — One of the best things about this new season in the NBA is how far removed we are from last season, when a three-game losing streak by the Miami Heat signaled doomsday chatter.

Gone are the days when each and every Heat loss was met with an endless cycle of analysis, statistical and otherwise, in a vain attempt to explain the most basic of principles in a league where the difference between the best of the best and the rest is razor-thin.

The Heat’s current three-game skid will serve as the bedrock principle of the 2011-12 season that we’ll keep tucked away in safe place from now until the NBA Finals end, just as a reminder (and I promise, this was scribbled on the back of an old airline boarding pass late last night after the superstar-starved Nuggets upended the Heat in Denver):


Maybe it’s the abbreviated season that has produced this sensation. Or perhaps it’s the fact that through the first three weeks of this season, no team stands out to us as a head and shoulders prohibitive favorite to sprint through the competition on their way to the Larry O’Brien trophy presentation.

The Heat being exposed the way they have by zone defenses and the ravaging grind injuries can have on any team in a compacted season, Heat star Dwyane Wade turned an ankle against the Nuggets, serves as the latest reminder that what looks one way on opening night or even the first week of the season can shift dramatically the deeper we delve into the season.

Every single team with legitimate championship aspirations has an exploitable weakness that could cost them a shot at their ultimate goal this season, which is not exactly breaking news. But the fact that those weaknesses have been exposed in every single one of those teams less than a month into the season is worth noting.

We’re not suggesting it’s time to write off the favorites, not by any stretch. The Bulls, Heat, Thunder, Lakers and Spurs all seem to be who and what we think they are on their best nights. But not a one of them seems to possess that aura of invincibility that we’re used to seeing out of someone at this early stage of the season.

We use the Heat only as an example, and because they entered this season as the prohibitive favorites in the eyes of most any reasonable observer. To see Wade and LeBron James and Heat coach Erik Spoelstra trying to explain away their struggles the way they have before we get to Martin Luther King Jr. Day is a bit jarring and refreshing at the same time.

Brian Windhorst of’s Heat Index saw the same things:

For all their gawdy numbers and impressive highlights, the Heat are two Wade baskets and a Chris Bosh 3-pointer from being 5-7. The Heat looked like they were going to be a freight train to open the season but their margin for error has closed very fast. Teams have figured out how to give them problems in the halfcourt and their defense has not been putting together complete efforts. Friday it was terrible.

For anyone wondering, we’re not backing away from our Heat title prediction … it is just three game, but we are buckling up for a journey that should prove far more interesting than we might have imagined after seeing the Heat steamroll the competition early on.

They have issues to sort through that were on full display against the Nuggets. James said it best after the Nuggets had their way with them, “They just broke us down too many times, broke down our defense too many times and were able to get pretty much whatever they wanted.”

If the biggest of the big dogs is this vulnerable this early in the season, we should be in store for some serious fireworks between now and June.



  1. Francisco says:

    This is the year of support. The teams with the best support will get far. Thats why i predict the best teams this year are going to be the HAWKS, the SIXERS (they been impresive so far), NUGGETS, and OKC.

    Joe Johnson is going to be lethal in the playoffs for the Hawks……i think they can drop the Bulls or the Heats in a 7 game series, the Hawks are just a better Team in the long run and they have more good players to make rotations in the regular season to get healthier to the playoffs. Same with Denver, but okc is just as deep and have Durant so they will probably get to the finals.

    And if the clippers and minnesota get to the playoffs, they can beat any team in a good day….especially if the chemistry builds up between the newcomers and the stars…..CP3/Jordan/Griffin/Butler/Billups can and will be very good, Rubio/Barea/Love/ridnour/derrick….is a riddle for any defence to stop

  2. Luchador says:

    Miami Heat will rise… Chicago bulls the best team in east??? you must be joking… they got 1-4 (W-L) in playoffs against the Miami heat… Heat will win in finals this time…

  3. Simmons says:

    Haha I’m a heat fan and a LeBron fan, and even though there is alot of hate, I think it’s a good thing that over 3/4 of these comments are going to be about LeBron and the heat, even though the article is about the entire league.

  4. SEE RED! says:

    Heat fan you must be out of your mind one block on rose and u say he looked like a scared school boy? You must not watch d rose play b/c im pretty sure no other point guard go harder to the rack, takes contact and finishes the play!!! also, most of the time does not even get a call. I am also pretty sure James cant finish a game on his own if i remember correctly he pretty much choked at every opportunity to hit the game winner last year!

    • LOL says:

      Naw not quite. He finished and closed out both Boston AND Chicago with big plays and shots in consecutive series. Sorry

  5. MacSm00th says:


    Funny. I’m not going to sit here and hate on The Heat nor LeBron, because both the team and LeBron are making more thousands I can ever dream. But the only “Kryptonite” I see is “LeBron James” (again not hating on the man), need to say he’s a late bloomer high school draftee. Look at the list of high school draftee’s, shall we mention Moses Malone (even tho he wasn’t officially drafted in to the NBA) but either way he was a high schooler who decided to go pro over college, it took him 9 years ( not adding 2 years in the ABA) to win a championship. Along side with Kevin Garrnett 9 years with the Celtics.

    I mean it took Michael Jordan 7 years (not part of the subject in hand but still a late bloomer) to get his first taste of champagne popping in the locker room. The only two I’ve seen who won a championship in less that two years from the high school draftee list are Kobe Byrant and Andrew Bynum, four long years for both to get that golden ball on a skinny so called mountain ( thats what I think the trophy looks like).

    But any who, back to “The King” Lebron James, my man is the “High School Draftee Krptonite” well at least he played to the media unlike some of the other players I seen on that high schooler list ( *cough* that’s a long cough to because I see a lot of people who should of never made that “Big Step” in to the pros.****

  6. Heat Fan says:


  7. Ao1 says:

    I suggest to watch this video clip… LeBron, looks like Greg Oden or Anthony Joel’s brother, his own teammates. LOL…..

  8. PACMAN says:

    Basketball sucks!!!!!…. Be prepared for Pacquiao vs Maywether this may…. Pacquiao will win that via Knock Out no doubt because Maywether is scared… forget Basketball NBA sucks forever… I don’t know who is Lebron, who’s that guy?..

  9. Ao1 says:

    Heat will lose against the Spurs and Lakers this week….

  10. Ethan101 says:

    I believe that the Heat can win without Wade,

    Even if he is going to sit out for a few games, doesnt mean they could lose,
    They still have Lebron, Bosh, Haslem, etc. I encourage them to try their hardest,

  11. hi : ) i am 16 years old from Philippines and absolutely fans of the “big 3” and also the whole team of Miami.

    As i can see, heat will be face a difficult match ups with the other team but, i believe Le Bron James, Dwayne Wade, Bosh and the whole team will explode in this season ! ‘

    They will never disappoint their fans even if they are win or not.

    : ) in our country Le Bron James was my inspiration every time i played street basketball or official basketball game 🙂

    I wish some day MIAMI visit Philippines : )

    Thank you : )

  12. HAHAHA says:


  13. deebee says:

    and the heat being 6th seed it’s early in the season,and its not by much. i’m sure they will rise in ranking . the contenders will be separating after all star break. and they said bulls only played scrubs . haha i guess orlando, lakers, celtics, clippers,hawks and grizzles not considered a scrub which was a playoff threat. heat been playin scrubs too , and losing to them 3 times in a row at that. get realistic !!!

  14. deebee says:

    these heat fans is hilarious speaking about a series from last year. which they barely won, and some games went OT only game bulls won was by 20 . if we want to speak on past series what about 2007 when your beloved heat got swept by bulls when yall were defending a title. 2011 was the first time yall won a playoff series versus the but i’m sure alot yall was on the cavs sack during that time anyways. having the best record in the regular season is not that important ,but getting home court advantage in the playoffs and playing a few easier teams first round helps. will see playoff time then what will the excuse be. if any team that is overrated is a squad with 3 all stars who can’t win a title. it should be etched in stone with video game line up. haha

  15. McCOOLEET says:

    @ Lakers Win 2012: you really are a Laker fan that you almost forgot that your Lakers went 0-3 at the start of the season and went nuts when your Lakers didn’t acquire Howard or Paul! By the way yes Kobe is better than LBJ cause he has 5 rings unlike Lebron’s 0 however LeBron has more winning percentage against your Kobe and the Lakers…think twice kid, there is no comparison since both are elite players. If you are a fantasy basketball fan, seriously wouldn’t you pick LeBron on your team?

    last year MIA 2-0 LAL (regular season game) same lineup with LAL losing Odom and MIA having Battier. and you bet that Lakers would win against my team MIA….LOL

  16. McCOOLEET says:

    not much to worry since every great team went to a loosing skid (3 games at least) namely BOS, LAL, DAL, NY, etc. the Heat will still make it to the Playoffs, hopefully BOS too.

    • Eric says:

      Except the ATL Hawks! Bro They ain’t trying to lose 3 in a row and I caught the slight saying that they are not great! So If all of the Great Teams have lost # in a row at least once and the Hawks haven’t then what does that make them?

      And BOOM goes the Dynamite!

  17. superheat says:

    This is just an early stage…heat are worse compare last season and yet they manage to go to the finals….all they need is a little more upgrade in the middle.

  18. CoolBreh says:

    As of now, I’m looking forward to a sixers-thunder finals. Impenetrable Defense vs Unstoppable Offense. Heat are growing old, and technically, the big three are all veterans now.

    • A dude says:

      Your trolling right? Sixers in the finals? they are to a good start to teams like the wizards? suns? pistons? kings?raptors? Dude its still early to make judgements like those about who is going to the finals and who is not. and to the heat growing older, maybe true but that big three can turn it up big time. Lebron just needs to be himself (come on he is only 27), Wade should stop being selfish at times during crunch time (and take care of his body more, I swear he always looks like he doesnt care about his conditioning) and Bosh will be more aggressive. The Heat will have a good run, but come on man, its too early to say things like this.

  19. HeatKingOfEast says:

    bulls wont make it on the finals. heat controls the east conference playoffs. the question is, can heat win a title.

  20. QB says:

    Nobody realizes it yet, but Lebron is not a great player. He is talented, but not skilled. Its been 9 seasons, and he still hasn’t learned to play the game. I guess His Travelness will never learn. If he doesn’t prove to anybody he is amongst the best.
    Why I say he isn’t tha best, cuz he still plays at 100 miles an hour. You say,’ he can slow it down anytime’. LMAO, no.
    He only hits buzzer beaters when he has like 10-7 secs left on the clock. If there is 15 secs on the clock, guarantee he is gonna take a shot with 7 secs left, then foul the worst foul shooter. Or even worse, he is gonna take a 3 over two defenders, and make it. then look at d-wade, like ‘ Im sorry, they left me open’.
    Kevin Durant is a more mature player than him. Hell, Shaun livingston is a more mature player

    • bambam says:

      lbj hits a buzzer beater within 2 sec bellow in orlando during the playoffs. akso stop hatting him if he leave you cavs for the el heat,…

  21. Andy81 says:

    Anyone here ever play in the NBA?? Yeah didn’t think so! Love how all the obese arm chair critics think they know what they are talking about.

  22. bambam says:

    to all those haters saying trade lbj. trade him to whom? to your team? your just scared of him. and hey its only the start of the season. no matter what happens even if the heat finish in the 8th seed, ecf is still theres. last time i check miami is the ecf champ. not the bulls.

  23. Lakers win 2012 says:


    That’s Last year the Mavs are the best team last year, The heat with their talent should be the best team in the league. but when are they gonna prove that their the best? they havent won anything yet lol

  24. Lakers win 2012 says:

    LBJ is better than Kobe? individually?

    this is a joke comment. all those who watch basketball knows that stats are lies if you compare the best MJ to LBJ stats james stats will top MJ’s so that means lebron is the best of all time?

    Kobe and MJ is the 2 best player because they develpo their whole game. they have shooting, drive in baskets and post ups,

    MJ-6 rings finals MVP Kobe-5rings (beat the 2010 celts that eliminated LBJ cavs) 2 finals MVP]

    LBJ-2 finals appearance 2-6 (swept by spurs, and 4-2 by mavs) 0 rings

    So dont compare Kobe and Lebron.

  25. Tommyboy says:

    Some of the people in here are clearly stupid. We have people in here that say the Bulls are the best team,but yet they lost last year to the heat in 5 games at Chicago! So stop with the nonsense about them being the best. Same person says that the heat are the 6th seed right now! LOL really,go and check the standings dummy. Please people don’t post idiot comments in here. This site is for people with knowledge about the game.The Heat are the best team in the league and will be the best team in the league for the next 6 years.

  26. Lakers win 2012 says:

    Lol @heat guys

    face the fact that the 2 of the top 3 players in the league is in the team and still their struggling to win
    stop making excuses they have a good roster and they learned their system this year . they just choke when its in crunch time

    watch game next week Lakers and Heat

    Lakers will win that game lol

    • David says:

      That just proves that we don’t have the best 2 out of 3. Miami just need Dwight Howard at center, I think spolstra already have plays drawn for him and is just waiting for him to come to the place that he belongs at the trade deadline so we can be competitive against the Bulls in the playoff. We have 4 great players, and bulls have the MVP, better overall talent level, and better coach, so this seems like a fair matchup.

  27. A dude says:

    why so much bashing on the heat? Its good they have this so they can wake up, but still they have a rough stretch and everyone is saying its the end for them, it happened last year, dont take anything from the regular season, when playoffs come, its going to be a different animal. And to the bulls fan chill cuz you played against scrubs (raptors, wizards, pistons, and twolves) and give you props for defeating the teams that you should. Both teams are not at their full potential right now, both are not fully healthy, and both are rlly polished. the heat are missing Miller, d wade is not healthy and I would like to see Curry play (who knows), the Bulls have an injured Drose, Noah has some problems as well, and if Im right arent their backup PG injured as well? CJ Watson?. To heat fans and Bull fans, just chill, shut up and watch the games.

  28. Leto says:

    Common Sekou. Everyone knew what problems the Heat would have when it was merely suggested that Wade and lebron would team up. Your two best players are really not good jump shooters. Force them to shoot jump shots. If Lebron is going iso and trying to get to the lane, what do you do? Well, you know they want to spread it out to give him room. Im cheating off Wade and Anthony every time and closing out under control. If that doesn’t work, go to a zone.

    I don’t know what will happen in the playoffs, but the Heat certainly are not the best team in the league as of today. If the playoffs started today, I doubt Miami would get to the ECFs. But strangely, it wouldn’t be because of their offense. It’s their defense that’s failing them.

  29. Anton says:

    I have never seen a “superstar” panic like LeBron did in the last game with the Mavs.

    He’s a great player but when the pressure is on he wets himself. Nice legacy that will be.

  30. ReigningMVP says:

    I’m a die hard Bulls fan, but i must say that until they beat the heat in the playoffs, then they will always come second to Miami.. Miami is just on a funk right now, but they can and they will definitely turn it up as the season progresses, come playoff time, the Heat will definitely have the edge mentally knowing that they beat the bulls a year ago, very similar to what happened between Lakers and the Kings back in 2002… the kings may have had the better record but the Lakers had the edge mentally, they’ve been there before and the can definitely do it again…

  31. Travis says:

    The Bulls and all their fans are F-A-G-G-O-T-S!!!

  32. Kbryant says:

    @ice-pogi, for me last season is not a surprise that D rose and d bulls lose to Miami even with the best record in the NBA, c’mon Miami has three stars and the bulls have D rose only plus they are still lack experience in the play off that time.Even Orlando or Boston can beat the Bulls last year if they met in a play off series. But now that the Rose got enough experience what is play off basketball , im pretty sure he learned from his mistake and is ready to bring the Bulls at least in the Championship series. D-Rose has the superstar mentality and motivation than L James. He knows how to win during clutch time at least compared to L James. So now who do you think has the greater chance of getting to the Finals?? if you that question to NBA fans i think D rose will get 90% vote the rest 10% vote for L James will be coming from his die hard fans who will die together with James during the pklay off this year…Go Bulls meet Lakers in the finals….

  33. Heatallday says:

    I find it very funny to see “educated” nba fans talking about how miami sucks because they are 6th in the east after only 3 weeks of basketball with about 50 plus more games to go. shuda came here when miami was 3-0 early on to talk some ish but i though yall are smarter than that. though wrong.
    but if thats whats on ur minds(bulls fans), that number 1 spot, all i gotta say is enjoy it again. maybe this time u get 2 wins in the conf finals. weak!!

  34. Dan Wayne says:

    The team is made up of three guys who wanted to get together so they can defeat the Lakers, the Lakers now is a relic of the past, the Lakers threat is gone and some people(Lebron) still stuck in a lake.

  35. Eric says:

    I don’t know what is all the fuss about the Bulls and the Heat are about because they both are going to Lose to the ATL Hawks anyway! Thats right I am calling my shot, The HAWKS will be in the NBA Finals this year

    The Heat doesn’t have enough jump or 3pt shooting to attack a Zone D

    The Bulls are still basically a one-half-man team on Offense (D-Rose, and half of Deng)

    The Magic Only have D-Howard (control him and they are done)

    The Celtics are Aging

    The Knicks dont have enough Guard Play

    The Hawks just have to put thier minds to it. Hold ship til Horford gets back and excute and do it!

  36. Bulls Forever says:


  37. TonRags says:

    I think this year and this season to come Miami Heat will become undefeated and NBA Champions.. multiple Championship,will come for lebron, dwayne, and bosh!!

  38. Gunslinger says:

    Miami are terrible. Terrible team and a bad coach. Lebron is the most over rated player in sports and Wade is a sad excuse for a 2 man while Bosh is the worst of all. A big man who can’t play in the post because he’s too soft. You don’t live by jumpers you die by jumpers. Someone tell Lebron to stop taking fade away three’s and tell Wade to get a consistent range game. Without it he will become obsolete in the next two years.

  39. ice_pogi says:

    Yeah 3 consecutive loss…. Are they done for this season???? NO……… How about last season??? 9-8 right??? then what happened??? Eastern Conference Champs!!!! Is 8-3 more worse than 9-8???? Its very early to say….. And comparing last season’s rosters….. No PG No Haslem No Shane No Cole… The bulls can win 64 games… It doesn’t make them the champs until the beat The Eastern Conference Champs……… So they can play in the Finals…… last season they are NBA’s best record team… losing by 4-1 over the HEAT in ECF……. Still no respect for the HEAT??????? It’s your choice…….. Come PLAYOFF time…. I’m betting Everything on it……… So for the bulls fan…. Say all you want… Your bulls will always be a runner up….for sure……..They are not there yet……

  40. Dan Wayne says:

    I think If Lebron submits to the idea that Wade should be the leader mentally, it could elevate his game. Remember Lebron, a King only sit on the thron and watch other fight for him. The past several playoffs you did that.

    • LOL says:

      Right right, because we ALL didnt Witness Lebron close out BOTH Boston and Chicago in consecutive series with great plays and shots. Right, only the HATERS didnt see that.

  41. NickM says:

    I am a huge Bulls fan and have been for since around ’85 so I love to jump on the Heat when they lose some games because I have a lot of Heat fan friends and it makes me smile to see them mad. Now with that said I don’t think the Heat is a bad team. Yes I think they have to many stars players and not enough team players but anyone that can say that a trio if James, Wade, and Bosh is a bad team is an idiot. I see 2 problems that will plague this team. 1) They need a new coach badly! Spoelstra is indeed a bad coach. Anyone that knows anything about sports can tell you that all the talent in the world doesn’t mean anything if you don’t know how to utilize it and Spoelstra has no idea what he is doing. 2) Rotation/No Backups! The guys are spent. Miami shot their load when they brought the big 3 and now the big 3 is suffering. They are all banged up and extremely overplayed. Just look at the other night when James had to tell the coach that he needed to come out of the game and then when he sat down he panted like a dog that had ran 100 miles in the summer heat. Its a real shame though because that team could be amazing but with the schedule this year I have a bad feeling they will lose James or Wade very soon due to serious injury because they are forced to do too much.

  42. Yello says:

    Guys Guys Guys…

    Bottom line is this, the heat will never win a championship with such a mentality, the 3 players on the court are not complimenting one another but stealing oppertunities from one another and thats why they are loosing alot of games and winning by a slight margin.

    Yes miami did beat the bulls last year, i admit the heat was the better team.
    This year i believe the bulls are the better team and rose has matured more.

    I would let go of lebron and keep wade, bosh and build around them.

    I’m a bulls fan all the way but i like to be fair as well.

    Let’s see how the playoffs go… im confident my bulls will turn heads. the scary part is that this is only the begining!!!

    • A dude says:

      Let lebron go? why? he basically brought the heat to the finals and helped them have a good chance. To the big 3 not complementing each other is such a joke. Do you watch the Heat games and the games of most of the teams in the league? They play in such harmony until that time in the 4th where many times it falls apart and its sad to watch. Wade is aging, gonna be 30, he has not been able to get the heat out of the frist round since Shaq HELPED him and until lebron came in and both HELPED each other not carried the other but helped. Stealing opportunities? Lbj lets Dwade be the man in those times, he just gets out of the way and I hate it when he does that he can do more with d wade in those times but their coach is such a moron to not realize the plays he can do with those guys in the crunch time. I give props to the bulls winning the games they should, but REMEMBER things can change when the playoffs come. (rlly bulls have played scrubs like the pistons, raptors, wizards, I want to see them play miami again, the thunder, and the lakers, those will be good ones)

      Ps Im a Knicks fan

  43. theBoy says:

    The Miami Heat will win it this don’t worry!

  44. Blockros says:

    Yeah, columnists need something to write about but it’s obvious that this kryptonite for superman stuff is only damaging Miami’s reputation, ’cause it makes it seem like they would talk that way all the time. By the way they are the best team at least since the Kobe-Shaq Lakers and in my opinion even since the Jordan Bulls. I actually find it to be a pity that they didn’t form three or four years ago, when the league seemed quite a bit stronger to me, because right now there is not just none as good as them (which wouldn’t have been the case 3 years ago either) but there are also only very few who are just half a step behind them.

  45. ism says:

    Dear Sekou,
    I am confused. You wrote:
    “We’re not suggesting it’s time to write off the favorites, not by any stretch. The Bulls, Heat, Thunder, Lakers and Spurs all seem to be who and what we think they are on their best nights”
    What about the Mavs?
    Right now, I consider Thunder and Bulls the strongest teams, not only because of their records (which don’t say much at this early point). But, let’s face it: No one can say with certainty who will win. Counting out the Mavs, though, seems plainly wrong to me, especially considering the way they are rolling right now. Let’s wait and see how the next games of Mavs vs. those teams you mentioned above will end…

    • Sekou Smith says:

      I didn’t include the Mavs for any sinister reason. I just feel like the Mavs and Celtics are bringing up the rear of that group. Just my opinion. But as we learn every season, no on can say for certain who wins it all.

  46. N.Business.A says:

    The Heat will still emerge as a top 1 or 2 team in the East. Together with Chicago. that’s a fact.
    Most comments here are just haters. It’s ok to lose 3 in a row. It’s the playoffs that matters.

    Can the BULLS beat the Heat come PLAYOFF time, this time?

    Then will see….

  47. Manager_Ice says:

    They should trade LeBron for Rudy Gay! Lebron is the most overrated player of all time!!

  48. Haters Everywhereeeee says:

    Guys why do you all hate LeBron? hes clearly one of the best if not the best player in the NBA. And this is coming from a clippers fan. Its only the beginning of the season come on guys stop hating

    • Gunslinger says:

      No one cares who your a fan of. Just because you have a crush on Lebron and your not a fan of the heat doesn’t make your opinion any more valid then the next person.

  49. LeBest James says:

    its too early to predict who will win it all. Durant maybe the best scorer but i think LBJ is the best player in the league right now. i am a heat fan but i think OKC and the BULLS are the best teams right now.

  50. Hungry Sloth says:

    I think the playoffs is all that still matters. But even so, we’ll also have back-to-back playoff games of the same opponent which could make a huge impact in a series. One advice: stay healthy.

  51. James Fore says:

    Listen all you bulls fan the heat had struggles last season and got beaten by all the really good teams they didnt look that good against the best in the nba then come playoff time they beat all their rounds 4-1 with exception of the nba finals d rose and his bulls could keep up and the same will happen this year yeah go ahead and enjoy the season because the heats all about the post season.

  52. LG-1 says:

    Until now I can’t understand why people would hate LeBron and the Heat for forming a Super Trio. Maybe the haters are envy because their team only got role players and not franchise ones. Or maybe they’re scared that Miami would collect the next championships and leave their team with none.

    Seriously, LBJ isn’t the first superstar to leave his mother team in search for “better future”. Even Shaq did it. Karl Malone and Gary Payton also came to the Lakers in search for a championship alongside Kobe and The Big Diesel. And besides, Carmelo Anthony didn’t get the same “boos” from Denver when he left them.

    I am not a Heat fan but I expect them to have at least 2 championships before the Big Three’s reign ends.

  53. rogell@mavs says:

    lebron resign he dont have heart and always nervous like a chicken…no way 4 a ring 4 mr.chicken lebron bcoz there a lot of a good players like him without championship but not a chicken like him looking 4ward and trying to prove he can win but cant win….

  54. heatfan34 says:

    i love all these people who talk crap 12 games into the season the bulls have a better record did the bulls beat the heat this year no so they arent a better team

  55. MV3 says:

    How did the Bulls even get brought up in this?

  56. Heat ain't winning says:

    One thing’s for sure, heat ain’t winning this here 66th season. We all know LeBron left Cavs because he knew that he was the only one scoring and winning games for them, he left and joined D-Wade’s Heat so that for once he can win a ring. On the other hand, Derrick Rose, who is only 23, is in the same situation as LeBron’s back at the Cavs. Sure he got Deng and Booz to back him up, but that ain’t enough, and the good thing about it, he didn’t leave Bulls. Unlike LeBron, Derrick trusts his teammate and finished number one last season. Even if they have only played 14 games so far this season, they’ve already won twelve of them. I’m not saying the Bulls are gonna win this season, the problem is they over-rely on Rose to sore for them. But what I’m saying here, is that the Heat ain’t winning one of them Larry O’Brien trophy. I’m a huge Bulls fan and I wish them the best.

    • LOL says:

      Yea pretty easy to forget that Lebron already signed 1 extension with the Cavs. It was the **2nd** one he didnt. You better believe if Da Bulls dont win the title in the next 5 years, Rose is OUTTIE.

  57. toby says:

    Patience is a virtue!!!! lose a game has never been a good thing but it is a starting point to work on weakness to get better!!! There will be many bad times because the teams are excellent this year… particularly the role of rookies is displayed very clearly… but we need to be patient… for the end of the course is not due only to wins but also to our mentality through hard times, never giving up even if we are playing badly.

    Heat is not the best for now but they will be there at the end… wait and you will see

  58. YaBoy says:

    Every time the HEAT faces the ZONE DEFENSE…it turns into the TWILIGHT ZONE !!!!!

  59. christopher_hoho^_^ says:

    ooooohhhh. . . how about The Rock join the Heat???? he’s from Miami right??? can you smelll what he is cookin’??
    go go go Heat.. i believed you can..

  60. GH says:

    Really? 12 games in and everyone is already “saying” don’t analyse it yet and then proceed to tie their own analysis.
    Get over yourselves, heat were 9-8 to start the season, finished 2nd in the east, Bulls weren’t top til late in the season and didn’t make finals.
    Just sit back an enjoy the ride rather than draw conclusions.

  61. alexe says:

    you’re all crazy to even think the heat will end the season as the 6th seed or worse.

  62. Reality says:

    Why is everyone still talkin about last season? So what if the Heat lost in the finals, atleast we made it to the finals. Too many bandwagon bulls fans in here, Yea the heat lost in the finals but the bulls lost to that same Miami team. oh and lebron is not Miami’s star clutch player, Wade is, btw Lakers wont win this year either, the Clippers are the better L.A. team this year .

  63. didit says:

    you guys have spent hours arguing about lebron..ring or not he is the best in the game..he loves ball n he is getting millions doing wat he loves..bulls are like cavs a few years back..great regular season but wont make finals again..remember heat only lost coz of great play by dirk…

  64. usbuck says:

    We need Pat to come out of the front office! We only went on a 3 game losing streak when Wade returned and tried to out play his own teammate–Lebron! Wade is selfish as….And Bosh is his girl friend, not Gabriel Union!

  65. bryce says:

    This makes more sense than any other post on this blog. People need to stop dwelling on the past and live in the now. Chicago’s players are building chemistry and individual improvements with every game. With lebron searching for the spotlight more than working as part of a team to bring home the W, miami will be stuck in their current position until LJB figures that flying solo isnt the answer.

  66. joe379 says:

    Miami can still up the HEAT!!!!!!!!!!

  67. David says:

    The Bulls are clearly better right now and by far, so maybe giving Dwight Howard to Miami can make these two teams more balanced.

  68. Blackmamba24 says:

    Any Lebron James fans on here that think his better than Kobe, Wanna debate? The loser never gets to blog to any of the blogs on, deal?

  69. Michael Jordan says:

    Miami Heat may have all the Talents, but they don’t have the Desire to win a Crown. For a Team to succeed players must accept their roles as a supporting casts.I was lucky to have great teammates who were all ready whenever I mess on the floor. Look at us in Charlotte were not as tough as the other Teams but what matters for us to get the players know their roles and develop their Individual talents as a team.

  70. Celtics20 says:

    i still believe the celtics will go thru adversity and defeat yo bulls and heat and whoever comes in their way. They just need to get their chemistry boosted up as the season goes on and i’m sure when that happens, come playoff time, the celts will do their thang again like they did on 09-10 playoffs ;)) (They might be below .500 now but they’ll make it to the playoffs for sure!)

  71. WOW says:

    *30% in the 4th quarter

  72. WOW says:

    Ya know its kinda funny how everybody sayin how oh the Heat can still do this and that as the 6th seed. How many games are we into a 66gm season!! Hellooo!! Theres a reason why nobodys undefeated. Cause everyone in the league is still getting back into the groove from the lockout. Lebron’s fourth quarter crap should be the last thing on anyones mind right now. Ill tell you what im thinking about. Last year when the heat won 20 or smthing straight. Im actually a denver fan but i know we probably aint makin it to the playoffs this year so my playoff team is the heat. And btw Derrick Rose is juss as flipflop in the clutch as lebron. He’s avging 2TO a game and shooting under 30%.

  73. Peter says:

    Funny thing is that the Heat have been one of the only top tier teams this year and last that have not really had any major injuries to derail them. None of the Heat’s top three players have missed any significant time with injuries, and since Miami’s entire team IS their top three guys nobody else really counts as that significant.

    Take a look at other elite teams:
    – Butler missed significant time for the Mavs
    – Noah and Boozer missed significant time for the Bulls
    – Bynum has missed major time for the Lakers
    – Perkins, Shaq, Jermaine, Delonte and Just about every other player with a Celtics jersey missed significant time for Boston
    – Oden and Roy missed major time for the Blazers
    – Billups and Stoudemire missed time in the playoffs for the Knicks
    – Rudy Gay missed major time for the Grizzlies

    How many of the teams who made the playoffs last year were actually healthy? Outside of Miami you only really have the Thunder, Pacers, Magic and Hawks. While all of those teams were strong teams last year, none of them were truly considered Elite teams (Thunder and Magic were borderline).

    I’d like to see how far Miami would have gone if they had to play through the entire playoffs without either Wade or Lebron – would they have gotten past the first round?

  74. Gaz says:

    The truth is every team wins and loses and there is only 1 out of 30 every year that can get the champ. So every time a team loses the writers gotta make it so dramatic and all. This is just entertainment to evoke emotions.

  75. future1 says:

    lol this is funny, yea LeBron has mvp numbers on paper this season so far but wow, he has played absolutely terrible in crunch time this year and derrick rose has played spectacular…LeBron cant even hit his free throws its been absolutely pathetic.. but its not all his fault for the losses, the bulls right now are the better team. they continue to win games despite key players going down with injuries..i dont wanna hear anything about last year in the playoffs those games were close to the end and the bulls werent as experienced as the heat going deep into the playoffs.. the bulls aren’t going to be the pushovers we saw in the eastern conference finals last year. Heat arent as good as the people of miami wanna think they are.

  76. Post Season says:

    The NBA season isn’t when people usual go hard anyway. The [post season is what it is all about! Even if we look at the bulls of last year they did something very relative to how they are playing now. They had the best record but didn’t get to the championship. Until the bulls beat the heat I can’t even enter an argument where someone is defending the bulls. Beat the heat and then talk bulls, but until they win in the post season i have on my headphones not hearing any of the hate!

  77. danieljb says:

    go lakers!!

  78. Justify123 says:

    here’s the deal guys: There a lot of comments on this article saying how Miami beat Chicago in the conference finals last year so that is the reason the Heat are better this year. Quite frankly, that’s stupid. They (the Heat) might win the conference again this year, but it won’t be because they won it last year. Last year is over and does not in any way relate to this year. Chicago is a great team this year. Very strong. The Heat are a strong team as well; a strong team in a slump, but it’s only the third week and the NBA. Anything can happen. It’s just annoying to read your comments regarding last year’s playoffs. They’re over.

  79. Justify123 says:

    @ Simmer Down:

    Let me tell you why the Heat have been judged for their current slump and not the Lakers for their 0-3 start: The Lakers and Kobe proved that they can win championships despite obstacles. Therefore, they go 0-3 at the beginning and analysts say, “it’s basketball, these slumps happen. In the end, Mamba will have the last word.” Because they’ve seen it done. The Heat haven’t proven themselves capable of winning yet, yes they got their, but were unable to pull it out,, therefore their success is unpredictable to analysts. An analyst can’t say “it’s just basketball these things happen and in the end Lebron and Wade will come back and prove everyone their contenders” because they quite frankly haven’t done that.

    • LOL says:

      Right, and June is 2 years since the Lakers won, and they somewhat of a different team now. So sorry bu tthey have to prove themseleves just the same.

  80. JheiHeat says:

    The season is not yet over so better watch the game rather than making early conclusions i know the heat can find a way to end there losing streak! who knows they might end up the 1st seed

  81. are u serious says:

    Ok so i really dont understand why everyone is even mentioning the fact that the Heat are currently the 6th seed(Note that we are tied for the 5th seed), WE ARE ONLY 3 WEEKS INTO THE SEASON!! And for those who are complaining about the Bulls being better then the Heat, we beat them last year while they had the better record and we had a horrible bench. Now we have a much better bench while they have the same squad excluding Hamilton. So stfu cause yall just speaking nonsense imo.

  82. Lakers win 2012 says:


    Isnt 2 superstar and 1 allstar enough to win a championship? and youre asking to put another superstar to the mix? stop dreamin

    this proves Kobe is better than LBj and D-wade because Kobe win it back 2 back with 1 allstar and a OLD point guard in D fish

    Lakers win it 2012

    • Justify123 says:

      I like the way you think, my friend! I’ve been saying this all season and nobody agrees!

    • David says:

      Ok, winning is winning, and not winning is not winning. I don’t want to get into predictions of championship this year, but if you think Kobe is better than LeBron because he won more trophies, I’ll agree with you. Basketball is a team sport and I don’t think you are any less of a winner because you had better team mates.

  83. Justify123 says:

    76ers! Who’s with me? Get off the Heat band wagon. We know they’re in the playoffs, we know the Bulls are in the playoffs, but neither of these teams will hoist the Larry O’Brian. It’s Philly!

  84. RakaBull says:

    The Bulls are a great TEAM! They finally make basketball fun to watch once again again.

    Any NBA fan is able recognize the character development Chicago displays each and every night, on and off the court.

  85. Jeff says:

    I just want to ask one question. Leheat`s coach got ejected in the Clippers game, why was he still coaching the next night? Special treatment maybe???

  86. David says:

    Why don’t we all start an campaign of “Dwight, head to south beach”? I really want him to play there and help the team win a chanpionship. After all, Miami need a center and there are no available, solid centers who is willing to switch teams out there except Dwight.

  87. marcos says:

    Not 1,not 2,not anything……………….sorry Lepunk

  88. simmer down says:

    alright so i got on this page interested to see why my scroll button was so tiny. as i started reading a lot of things came to mind. In the worlds mind today the lakers are supposed to be better than any other team in the NBA because of their star player… kobe. honestly i think that is completely wrong. the lakers started their season 0-3. They, however, were judged lightly by sports analyzers and others. Now when the heat go 5-0 to start the season and in the middle of the season they go 0-3 and everyone is criticizing them. What i am trying to say here is that the miami heat are placed with soo much expectations just because they have lebron and wade. everyone needs to calm down. the season isnt over. the playoffs havents started leave the heat alone and stop criticizing. I am a heat fan and honestly i am not the slightest worried because i know that the heat will win the EC against the bulls because hands down miami is better. And also thanks to LOL stickin by your team.

  89. GinFreecs says:

    predictions are justs predictions, IT’s NBA were the best players in the world play. there are so many strong clubs, season games to me are just for entertaiment they doesnt mean a thing, except that if you win enough games you will go to the playoffs, Playoffs is were Players get so HYpe and so there true skills, remember when dallas was the top seeded team and loose to a lowest seeded team the GSWarrriors? that’s what im talking about, the ball is round anything can come, maybe Dallas can repeat it, or Miami vs Lakers showdown in the Finals, or the NYknicks will win against the Heat or Bulls, to many possible answers, so dont just stick to Miami or Bulls or OKC or any other strong teams last year they were just losers ending up a unexpextable win for Dallas.. see

  90. Gene says:

    You all (sportswriters & journalists) offer insightful analysis from time to time but more often then not you all are wrong. Without any indepth analysis you all crowned the Heat as the best team, and they may very well turn out to be, but I see now you are hedging your bets. Any true basketball fan knows that the games has to be played and what is on paper is not necessarily what you will see on the court, but there are so many of you all (sportswriters, journalists, and commentators) that in an effort to garner readership you have to say something – It would be better if it would be factual

  91. elad says:

    lebron has 35 points last night then nuggets won…selffish. come on man….
    i think much better d wade will show up not lebron…or just trade lebron..a lot of supporting players i think the heat have, like shane battier, james jones. where are they? heating on there individual bench.
    lebron still searching his own ring….let him go….

    time to move on…searching for a ring….

  92. nyk says:

    Sekou: what happened to the “Race to MVP” segment/ article that had last year?

  93. RekeMania says:

    The Miami Heat has 3 guys who all think they can carry a team by themselves and they are playing like that, forgetting that the reason they came together was so that they wouldn’t have to, so that they would be able to slow down and lean on their teammates and play a team game, and they haven’t got that even after being picked to pieces by a team with one superstar and a deep team, and unless Miami stops playing like this they will be smashed by Chicago who has probably the deepest team in the league a team that plays together and doesn’t always go to the same 2-3 guys to make almost every single play. I am not a Heat hater but they are not champions yet, they aren’t the best team in the league right now and unless they can change before this season ends they will not make it back to the finals.

  94. Heat says:

    Every team has a slump. The Heat are the best team, in my opininion. Thats all i am gonna say. I mean like everybody loses. You cant epect them to be unstoppable evry night. They were in a 5 game road trip. Of course they would be tired. They had to travel everywhere in a short amount of time. They had to go to games the next day. Back off the Heat man. Stop bieng haters,bro.

  95. chris says:

    this is becoming so chiildish..why is it that everytime Miami failed to deliver they automatically become the center of talks..ugh?come on..This is NBA and we can expect many things to happen.

  96. Nick says:

    ECF should be the Bulls and Heat. No way Rose lets the Bulls lose to them again. Wade better stay healthy or they might not get past the Sixers/Pacers in the playoffs. Its hard to believe that the Big 2.5 are in their 9th season already. The Heat better win soon because Wade will soon be playing as slow as Paul Pierce.

    • Lee says:

      Lol celtics are my team but all the starters minus rondo sprint slower than my grandma hobbles with her walker. It’s quite sad. Father time, still undefeated.

  97. cheapTalk says:

    lool, you are all hyping about the heat and the bulls… pipe down, watch and see Charlotte steam roll the lot of you! what are YOUUU sayin!

  98. PlainOleDavid says:


  99. 78gorilla says:

    LEBRON JAMES IS THE MOST OVER-RATED PLAYER IN THE WORLD! Year in and year out he has a lousy jumpshot and always buckles under pressure. He should have gone to College!!

  100. Reality CHECK says:

    I don’t know why people even bother discussing MIAMI vs BULLS ??? Both of them will lose to OKC in the finals anyway… wake up people!

  101. daniel says:

    why is lebron balding already…maybe they should re check his birth cert like they did obama

  102. NBAFollower says:

    Everybody just get off LeBron’s back and stop hating. You Bulls and Laker fans don’t have the right to hate LeBron for leaving Cleveland. Only the people of Cleveland have a right to hate LeBron for that. You others just use that as an excuse to diss him and promote your own teams . That’s so f-ing pathetic ! I am mostly a Dallas fan and I’m happy that they finally won the championship. But I’m also a LeBron fan and I felt bad for him losing the championship. (And nobody f-ing Laker fan comes bitchin’ ’bout that !) I just see LeBron as a great player and want him to win a championship. For that matter, I want to see Rose, Anthony, and Nash to win a championship, too. I feel that every great player deserves a championship.

    • RakaBull says:

      Good point: Lebron is great; he’s a beast – don’t hate fo rthat.

      Except, great teams win championships, not great players.

      Go Bulls!

  103. NBA Fan says:

    It’s Lebron’s chance to shine. With Wade nurising injury, it’s LeBron’s chance to close games and be the Kobe Bryant of his team. Bosh will be around yes but Bron will have to put that aggresiveness when games are on the line. As Kenny Smith is mentioned and i truly think and belive that the Jet is a genuis, he said that the difference between Kobe and LeBron is Lbj has conscience and Mamba doesn’t have any at all. LeBron tends to back out a bit if makes errors the previous game or during crucial minutes. Kobe is the opposite, he’ll take the same shot over and over again. Yes he is a ball hog. That’s because Kobe is a superstar. So is LeBron. But the fact that it’s Wade’s team. When are we ever gonna’ see LeBron closing games? LbJ will always back out for Wade no matter what.

  104. heh8meN1 says:

    Wade’s krytonite was “Superman” himself. Seems like Wade is suffering PTSD from carrying Shaq’s butt to his 4th ring.

  105. Tom says:

    chris bosh’s derp face made me laugh

  106. Jake says:

    The bulls have the most complete team in the NBA..The only reason why people hate on them is because we don’t have well-knwon players except for D rose.. Luol Deng is an all-star along with a struggling noah..We can easliy match up with the heat this year EASILY!!!!! Rip guarding Wade (rip has sucess playing against wade) Luol or Brewer guarding Lebron..Bosh (OVERRATTEEEDDD!!!!!) can get guarded by noah or even Gibson or my boii asik the best defensive big man in the game..and who knows the names of the rest…the bulls can fianlly play 5 on 5 bball with the heat instead of having bogans doing nothing….and our bench is the best bench in the game!!!! So well see later this month who can send the message to one another…

  107. LOL,

    You are correct when you say everyone is going to miss down the stretch. Kobe does, MJ did, Larry did etc… it happens but LBJ’s biggest problem is unlike KB, MJ, Larry etc…he does NOT NOT hit his free throws PERIOD! I mean here he just lost a game because of his bad free throws and shoots 6-11 from the free throws the next night??? This isn’t the FIRST time either. Every single year he has had this problem and he continues to have mediocre % from the line. Could you explain to me how KB worst free throw % is better than LJB’s best???? KB, MJ, Larry B, etc…. were always shooting 80%-85% or better from the line. LBJ is always around 75%. Which if he wants to be put up with these greatest he needs to get his act together and stop losing games because of his inability to hit clutch free throws or even free throws in general. He has been in the league how long? This is his 9th season and he STILL isn’t even close to these greatest in this regard. I am not a heat fan but sorry Wade is better in the clutch than LBJ. Wade’s proven it. He put his team on his back and won a championship. LBJ chocked last year. He did good up until than but when it counted he chocked plain and simple.

    • LOL says:

      This year LBJ is better overall shootin at 80%. He’s improved. And YES ALL those players you mentioned have missed free throws in the clutch. Its called not bein perfect. Sorry. Keep on hatin though.

  108. Heat Fan says:

    This what we gonna do
    we got big 3 now
    this year Trade for Howard
    it will be
    Fantastic 4
    2013 – sign CP3 – fabulous 5
    2014 asked kobe to join – Super 6
    2015 trade for melo and amare – Sexy 7 and Elite 8
    2016 get Kevin Durant – Nasty 9
    2017 added D Will – titan 10
    2018 sign dirk – Enormous 11
    2019 – trade for rubio – Terror 12
    2020 – sign kevin love – trouble 13
    2021 – add rondo – fearsome 14
    2022 – sign blake Griffin – force 15 (now heat are complete)
    2023 – hire phil jackson
    2024 win the championship
    not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5, not 6, not 7……

  109. papamis says:

    Just a reminder: The best player EVER, MJ won his first championship at the age of 28!!! With Phil Jackson coaching!!! Lebron has admitedly proven so far to be playing below expectations considering his talent BUT he’s being coached by Erk Spoelstra…Just see the playbook the Heat have and then start hating him. As for his Cavaliers career he was all alone all those years, for gods shake they didn’t give JJ Hickson to acquire Amare and begin a Dynasty. I realy don’t know if the Heat are able to win the ring just yet with the way they play, but I’m certain taht the missing part is a proper head coach and not another superstar or a key 6th player. I still see nightmares with the way they played last year against the very good yet inferior Mavs, the changing factor was neither Dirk’s fabulous play nor Chandler’s superb defense, but only Rick Carlisle!

  110. Blackmamba24 says:

    Kobe is indeed better than Lebron. When Kobe was in in Lebron’s prime he was dominating NBA. Lebron lack’s skills his not even in the top 5 of all time, Please get at em when he can consisintely knocks jump shots and fadeway shots like most of the greats did.

  111. Lakrfanman says:

    I’m a huge Laker fan but especially a Basketball Fan. I enjoy reading everyone’s post. Some more than others since some just look at things with blinders and undying loyalty to their team. The bottom line is that the Bulls and Heat are both extremely good teams. They have some of the best basketball players of this generation. Wade, Lebron, Derrick, etc. They are exciting to watch. Everyone on here probably has a favorite team they have rooted for. So instead of attacking individual players, why not just enjoy the games they play and the spectacular basketball they produce. Believe me when I say I wish my Lakers could win every year and be the best. That is what being a fan of your team should mean, however, it was because of other teams like the Celtics in the 80’s who challenged my Lakers a lot. Yes, I hated the Celtics but admired their great players. Personally, I truly feel that Wade is a better and more rounded out player than Lebron. I agree that the media have promoted him over and over and over. Yet, Lebron has talent and ability that if he ever reaches all of his potential, he could go down as one of the best ever. The problem is that many of today’s Superstars expect and demand preferential treatment. So to sum it all up, yes all of us dislike certain players for various reasons, but as fans, we should appreciate the talent that they have and quit bashing them. Nuff Said!

  112. Hyler says:

    The Heat are built to beat the Bulls in the playoffs. The Bulls strength is their defense which is the dirtiest I’ve seen in years. They get away with more handchecks and hacks than any other team in the league, including the fan favorite Thunder. Their offensive is horrible, and as we saw last night against Boston, in order for them to be successful scoring the ball they need Rose to continue to receive superstar calls. Against any other team in the East the Bulls are built to win, but not against the Heat. Miami has enough star power in LeBron and Wade (the league’s golden boy since he entered the league. Seriously, that guy get the most absurd calls in his favor.) that they’ll negate the Bulls defense. Chicago won’t get away with their overly physical style of play against Miami. And on the defensive end, Miami won’t be hit with all the tick-tak fouls that the league loves to call for Rose who IS their offense.

    It’s hard to root for any team in the East anymore; the Celtics are old and incredibly boring, the Knicks haven’t been able to put it all together, the 76ers lack the appeal only a star player can bring, and who cares about the Hawks or Magic? It’s too bad that the two most annoying teams, Miami and Chicago, have the largest bandwagons and are being led by the hand by the league to the ECF.

    • Happy Thirtieth DWade! says:

      oh yeah and the Bulls have as good big-man depth as any team in the league and they upgraded at shooting guard, both of which actually improve their defense from the already league-best defense last season. Taj Gibson and Omer Asik would both start on many other teams and are bench players for the Bulls, which is why you got it backward – the Bulls are built to beat the Heat and will this year in both the regular season and the playoffs.

    • BoBsKi says:

      agree! 🙂

      • LOL says:

        The Heat both equaled the Bulls defense and BETTERED it, and BEAT them in the playoffs 4-1. Rip Hamilton is NOT going to put them over the top. Sorry about it. Nice pick up, but NOT going to put them over the top.

        But whatever helps ya sleep all good!

  113. Sky-LT says:

    Not being a Lebron fan after all of that ‘decision’ circus went down I do have to admit that the heat deserve some credit. Just think about all that trash most of you who cant even hold a basketball in their hands talk and the media just constantly making a big deal of every fart in their locker room and every missed shot. Now thats some serious attention and its not easy to deal with that. Which other team gets so much criticism after every loss or even a wasted possesion? So think before you judge.

    Now as far as basketball goes ya’ll need to think about what the heat are – 2 wing players and a soft PF. The two main positions – PG and C are basically empty. The lebron thing just hapened, I dont really think they expected to get him but they hopped to use the monney to get a sold 3 and 5 which still would have made the Heat a good team. You cant expect any team win every game especially the heat. And they still are doing well and they will get to the playoffs and then we’re going to see what hapens. I do agree that the bulls are a good team but then again I saw how the heat went 12-3 through the eastern conforence literally destroying the sixers (one of the better teams in the nba right now) the celtics, and you very own – the bulls. Now I’m not a heat fan but they got the job done and it was more than convincing and I didnt see any of the eastern teems putting up a fight when they got walked over. Just sayin’ u need playoff games to back up your talk and so far nobody has backed up anything but the Heat.

    And why isnt everyone talking about the knicks? That Melo trade just proved one thing that was already obvious – melo wont have a championship as long as hes the guy. He might be a great individual but hes not a leader, not a winner. Denver is a much much better team after the trade and the knicks’ chances of contending have decreased significantly. Why dont I see articles about that everytime the Knicks get humiliated?

  114. NBAProfessor says:

    This is just a short slump for heat..No one can predict the actual..Just wild guesses..But I hope the HEAT gets back strong in the future..

  115. BullsFan22 says:

    The Miami Heat and their bandwagon fans=EpicFail. LOL. The Bulls are learning quickly and if they stay healthy, they will win this East this year, no matter what the three stooges do. LIke a Bosh? ROFLMAO

  116. chris says:

    i am a laker fan, and watching the heat play is exciting but if it’s always wade and james and bosh when needed then the heat aren’t going to win jack this year, we arent even half way through the season and there are injures to wade and james. because they play way too many minutes and that is clearly taking affect on them. good championship teams now when to get there supporting cast in the mix, on a championship everybody has a job to do, paxson/kerr had a job, derek fisher and robert horry bob mcadoo had one for showtime lakers, if a team is always depending on there stars it will take a wear and tear on the players we forget that next year dwayne wades turning 30 in 3 days and lebron came out of high school which puts mile age on anybody no matter how good of a physique you may have

  117. Nenad says:

    As a Heat fan, I think that coach Eric is one who does not have authority. He is a great coach, but not the man who can handle this Heat team and lead them to the title. Anyway, putting James and Wade in the same team was mistake in the very beginning. It would be just enough good team for title with Wade and Bosh as a leaders. Still, i have faith in this Heat team.
    Blessings from Serbia!

  118. b scott says:

    The problem with the heat is they lack a “legit” floor leader to direct the team. Name one team that one a championship and did not have a floor general. Spurs had Toney Parker, Mavs J Kidd, Lakers had Fisher and even if you recall the Heat had Jason Williams and he played excellent in the finals. Pat Riley dropped the ball by not claiming Bilups when he was released by the Knicks. Miami needs to trade Bosh and try to get either Nash or Rondo. It works for both teams and hear is why. Bosh is the “third” option and still gives you 19 points and 9 rebounds. R U kidding me! Name one third option in the NBA that gives you those kind of numbers. He is a stud but is being under utilized by the Heat. Put him on a team where he can be the focal point. He would give the Celtics and Suns a player they can build around over the next five years. The Heat would have a floor leader and then you would see Lebron and Wade flourish.

  119. John says:

    It is the media who are drunk off of the the james koolaid who trying to convince the world that the heat are the heir apparent. Until they actually WIN…then and only then should they be considered champs. We have Lebron “gulliver” james who is struggling to make a difference and not to mention become a clutch player. Wade is pretty banged up too and then they have a supporting cast who is inconsistent at best yet for commercialisation that team has the best marketability and that is that.
    So how about showing respect for the other teams in the league for once and let the BEST team win the trophy…

  120. Tautvydas says:

    I hope Lakers win. LALA LAND IS DA BEST 🙂 Also i would not be sad if Mavericks would win or New York.

  121. Alex Alcalde says:

    Why the hell isnt anybody talking about the Oklahoma City Thunder, if anything they are just as good as the Chicago Bulls.

  122. KD Baller GO OKCorBULLS says:

    anyone one who questions that Heat is an easy matchup is kidding themselves. Every team in the NBA is competitive, regardless of their stats. Heat are just one of those teams. LeBron is a great player who stepped up, when Wade was out, and he will do it again if he has to. Im not trying to defend LeBron in any way, but I cant stand LeHaters. Evry player makes mistakes, and not matter what anyone says, Heat is a running gun offence, who can buckle down defensivley and make it really hard for a great team to win on any given night. Does that mean that they will lose or win every game? No player can do every thing right not even LeBron, so why are people looking at every little point he gives up. No matter how good he defends, he man will score, that is inevitable so what is the point of us banging our heads on something that cannot be stopped. LeBron’s is a great young talent and any reasonable human being will agree. Ofcourse he has made some mistakes and just needs to mature a little more.

  123. HardCoreFan says:

    Here’s my headline for todays sports story: “Last night the Nuggets dropped the Heat like they were hot”! Haha! I am a Heat Hater and I watch some of their games because I want to see them lose. I dislike them because of their attitude and their sense of entitlement. Man, you see so much whining and complaining when they don’t get a call (right or wrong call) and when they are called for a foul. They would have you think that they con’t commit any fouls and the opposing team commits a foul every time they miss a shot. And if the refs could give them every game they would. Everybody is talking trash about who will win the 2012 championship. Well folks nobody knows who will win and you can talk all you want but nobody know so all of the threat about waiting for June is just talk. Here’s hoping the lose the next 3 games or more.

    • LOL says:

      Right because the Lakers have no sense of entitlement. constantly throughout history PAYING for championships as everyone looks at it.

  124. BullsKid2012 says:

    Well, I seen this coming since last year. It’a hilarious if you ask me. I love the fact that the crying continues. Now I am happy that wade and lebron didn’t come to the bulls. Rose has all he needs to go all the way.

  125. WTH says:

    ooooooooooohhhhh NOOOOO the end of the world is nigh!!!! Everyone repent of your sins!!! Haters unite!!! The Heat have lost a few games in a long season. OOOOOOOOOOO NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOO

    • Happy Thirtieth DWade! says:

      a significantly shortened season actually and they’ve lost 3 straight and they haven’t really fared well against winning teams at all this year and they are supposed to just win hands-down all the time aren’t they? I mean it was such a big deal when LeBron left Cleveland that ESPN had an hour-long special – doesn’t that mean it’s a big deal and then they got Bosh too and WOW, I mean it was like un-funking-fair, it was like Riley was hand-picking his own dream team and the press pretty much annointed them as such, only of course, LeBron did start it all and the really great thing about egotism like LeBron’s is that we all get to laugh when he loses and ignore it when he wins, because he chose to become the NBA’s villain, which will make him and the NBA a lot of money, but won’t make him any friends – wait ’til he leaves Miami in 5 years.

  126. LOL says:

    Also its funny how Sekou is quoting Brian Windworst as saying they are 2 baskets and a Bosh 3 pointer from 5-7. Funny how the Heat also are just a couple abnormally missed free throws away from being 10-2 also. Wow. Funny how that ALWAYS works both ways huh??

  127. rionags says:

    lebron’s getting bald!!!!!!!!lol He’s pressing too much on himself!!! lol

  128. LOL says:

    But here we go again!! This all sounds PREEETTTY much like last year. Everyone keep quiet and mum when the Heat win, EXCEPT to say, well the regular season doesnt matter.

    BUUUUT then all of a sudden when the Heat lose a game, the regular season means EVERYYYTHING.

    Wow really FUNNY how that works isnt it?

    Keep on hatin haters. ITs hilarious

  129. ko0kiE says:

    I bet everyone of you haters strive after being like lebron.. and thats why you hate him because you’re not. no you’re just a hater on the internet..when people leave this site, your childish comment will be forgotten.

  130. Theo HEAT! says:

    all of you know that the heat is the best team in the east and in the NBA so why dont you just accept it and enjoy watching them play instead of hating on them! lebron is going for MVP and rose cant do anything about that! people who hate on teams or players are not fans, they are not fans of the game! im a heat fan and when they lost last year to the mavs i didnt hate them! and i will not hate them! they played better baketball! its just the way it was… if you trully love this game then you should appreciate what the heat and other teams like OKC thunder and chicago bulls are doing. enjoy the game and stop criticising everyone and everything!

  131. Another Fan says:

    I don’t really like Miami Heat.. It’s not because of some stupid reason but it’s because their attitude of being a complete arrogant team especially LBJ and D-Wade.. One of the proof is that LeBron said before Game 2 with the Mavs where he points to D-Wade and Bosh claiming that one is the Finals MVP and a multiple All-Star.. I don’t mind him saying Bosh and Wade is a multiple All-Star cause they are but claiming that one of them is a Finals MVP before GAME 2 is completely arrogant.. The way they mimic Dirk being sick is also annoying though the Mavs trash them on that game which is on Game 5 i think..

  132. Fisken says:

    lol. this is ridiculous. they are the east favorites and will, still, most likely stand on top at the end of this season.
    every team goes through losing stretches, even Miami.

  133. Baha says:

    LeBron aka cant shoot aka dont have a jump shot aka i am scared to take important shots even though im the highest paied NBA player….aka i can only drive….lol i dont hate him just the hard core facts

    • QuestionMark says:

      You do realize Kobe is the highest paid player right? And he can shoot jumpshots, just prefers to drive, it all depends on the player’s tendencies and how they like playing.

      • Baha says:

        thats why he missed his FT against LAC….i understand everybody misses no matter how good they are….but missing as many as he did vs LAC that caused the game….elite players dont do that so many times in a raw in one game after all its damn FT no one is blocking you….he is in top 5 in terms of salary so who cares 1…2….3….i care bout him not having ability to shoot….just youtube,,,,lol

  134. 1987 says:

    I will be honest i hate miami team and those 3 friends team,but they are the favrites to win it all…I hope they wont.Right i now i like bulls and thunder game,but playoffs is different story.Lets say last year heat-bulls serries was closer than some people thinks.That OT loss in miami and gm5 at home was just unlucky,because bulls were playing better most of the game,they just coulnt finishem heat off.This year bulls will play even harder against heat,because they still remembers last year 4quarters nighmares vs heat.In the east i see only team who can beat miami…its d-rose company Noah+Boozer+Deng+Hamilton+brewer they have bodys to compete with miami,but the quaestion can they finish the games? last year they couldnt..R.Hamilton maybe can help? not sure…
    Heat is quite small at 4-5 numbers and that what kill them against mavs last year…The only way to beat healthy miami is zone and taking advance under the basket were their are playing bosh and haslem…

    • HardCoreFan says:

      I would like to see the Bulls and OK in the finals. I think that would be an exciting playoff and I would care which one of them would win!

  135. Blackmamba24 says:

    Miami Heat has the most talented player? Thats a no no, the most talented player as we all know is Kobe Bryant, in his 16th season and is playing number #8 basketball…. You have no idea what your talking about if you think Lebron is better than Kobe.

    • LOL says:

      Yea we do. Lebron has been better than KB for the past 3 years now


      • Happy Thirtieth DWade! says:

        not in terms of winning

      • Baha says:

        are you kidding me…when was the last time Lebron won the championship in past 3 years….u know answer to that… many Kobe won in the last 3 years….u know answer to that too….Lebron cant even make it close to Durant…so why u even compare him to someone who got 5 championships….i mean D. Wade is better than Lebron….#6 cant even shoot the ball he aint got that ability….in order to be great u have to KO mid range shots espacially with game on the line….lol

    • LOL says:

      Lebron has been a better talent than KB, thats what.. Not comparing team championships, were comparing indvidual talent.

      Lebron is better than KB Alll Day.

  136. will says:

    it just shows how many real basketball fans there r instead of bandwagon heat fans. all off a sudden wade and james play together everybodys a heat fan. most people didnt watch the heat outside M.I.A till last year

    • WTH says:

      BIG difference between PLAYER fans and BANDWAGON fans there will. What a dumb comment. Theres absolutely NOTHING wrong with being a player fan. You follow that player NO MATTER what team they go to.

    • QuestionMark says:

      Its called being a Player fan, its called bandwagoning when a team starts to win and you become a fan, and when they lose you don’t care about them. Im a Dwight Howard fan, and it is likely that he is leaving Orlando and whatever team he goes to I’ll watch win or lose, if that means Im jumped on the bandwagon, I couldn’t care less.

  137. julio9 says:

    @ Derriso… the Miami Heat have hyped themselves up. They are the ones who make those ridiculous music videos the show at home games before tip-off and they are the ones who said they would win 6 to 8 championships… last season, even before the season started, they were already crowning themselves champions. That is why so many people hate them, it is not because they are good or because they have 3 all-stars. Everyone hates them because they are immature and arrogant. I personally like them as a team. They are really good and fun to watch, but this arrogant attitude is what ruins everything. I will never be a Heat fan as long as that childish attitude is present.

  138. reagan says:

    First I am a Miami Heat fan and a Lebron fan too. Miami is not invincible and the media should not criticize everything that they do. They have a legitimate shot at the title since last year but Lebron didn’t deliver. This year they are having problems with injuries but when playoff comes be sure to watch Miami basketball.

    Many teams are worthy of the title like the Bulls, Thunders and Lakers.

    I wish Lebron delivers the goods this time. It was a nightmare watching him in last year’s Finals.

    • tyd says:

      same as the ORLANDO VS CLEVELAND Eastern Conference that Orlando won and Lakers got the Finals Championship that year (was it 2009)…..what is new….lebron is lebron….that is his natural…. media exploded his image….i guess business but as of now..they made a mistake…….they can win but not because of Lebron….and Wade wont allow that…for them to win..shift the propaganda to wade and forget lebron the king.This was just my own observation.

  139. Yeah Buddy. South Side, West Side, North Side, East Side, of Chicago should be estatic. D-wade who had a chance to come to chicago in the 2010 free agency is injured and Lebron is the Joke. Lebron is meant to be with Clevaland becuase i’m a high school star in Grayslake and i look to play with the Bulls when i’m grown up. This is what D-Wade and Lebron deserve. Bulls 2012 Champs. Anyone else who thinks Heat are good and w.ell HEAT SUCK

  140. meme says:

    People vote for James because they feel sorry for him. And they want him to stop crying…..What a loser!

    • QuestionMark says:

      Why you would feel sorry for him, he is making a million times more money than anyone here, he is also one of the best players in the world, so again why would you feel sorry for him.

  141. Brandon Keith Mhoon says:

    I’m glad that a lot of you guys aren’t sports writers lol. To say that any team in the NBA will win the Title is kinda dumb, a lot of teams got better over the lockout and every team can be beaten. I am a Miami Heat fan, but mostly I am a NBA fan. So I get excited about any team that is playing great ball. I say that to say this. Irregardless of how well or badly your team is playing right now, stay with them the season is long. Stop hating and just enjoy basketball. Biased commenting just makes you look like an idiot. Oh and Dabulls, don’t worry playboy, the Heat will make the Playoffs, and you will get your shot at redeeming yourselves after that spanking last year. LMAO!!! GO HEAT!!! 😉

  142. BBALL_Fan says:

    What’s the point of everyone arguing all the time? If the Heat beat any of your teams, you’ll just say it doesn’t matter since it’s only the regular season, or that they were lucky or whatever! If you hate the Heat, you’ll never give them credit for anything they do! The same thing goes for LeBron, but even more so! He can do everything right, he can average close to a triple double, and he can be in contention for the scoring title and MVP award, but people who don’t like him will always have something negative to say! Give it a rest! Instead of continuing to show how much you dislike the Heat, LeBron, or any other team, why don’t you just concentrate on your own team?

    People nowadays are so disrespectful, thinking they’re better than everyone and that they know everything! I’ve lived in Italy for a while now, so I’m just a fan of the game as opposed to rooting for one actual team and slandering all the rest, so I guess it might just be me! Maybe I’m being rational, or maybe I’m being delusional, but why can’t we just enjoy the game of basketball? Why do people feel the need to bring down everything that doesn’t pertain to their own opinions?

    The Heat’s not my favorite team, but how can you say they aren’t one of the best teams? It’s still early in the season, albeit a short one at that, and they have a few injuries and rookies who need more playing time to adjust to the NBA, so it’s not like they’re the best team in the league as some critics and media portrayed them! That being said, they’re definitely not average or one of the worst either! People bringing up the fact that they’re 6th seed are dumb, since those seedings changed every day when the season’s a few weeks in! You know they’re going to be 1-4th seed in the East, especially since seeding’s usually easier there compared to the West’s competitive standings!

    Anyways, I’ve gone on way too long, and I’m sure I’m going to get plenty of criticism and trash talk, but I guess that’s the beauty of the internet! You can say anything you want with freedom of speech, no matter how positive, negative, or anything…

  143. BBALL_Fan says:

    What’s the point of everyone arguing all the time? If the Heat beat any of your teams, you’ll just say it doesn’t matter since it’s only the regular season, or that they were lucky or whatever! If you hate the Heat, you’ll never give them credit for anything they do! The same thing goes for LeBron, but even more so! He can do everything right, he can average close to a triple double, and he can be in contention for the scoring title and MVP award, but people who don’t like him will always have something negative to say! Give it a rest! Instead of continuing to show how much you dislike the Heat, LeBron, or any other team, why don’t you just concentrate on your own team? People nowadays are so disrespectful, thinking they’re better than everyone and that they know everything! I’ve lived in Italy for a while now, so I’m just a fan of the game as opposed to rooting for one actual team and slandering all the rest, so I guess it might just be me! Maybe I’m being rational, or maybe I’m being delusional, but why can’t we just enjoy the game of basketball? Why do people feel the need to bring down everything that doesn’t pertain to their own opinions? The Heat’s not my favorite team, but how can you say they aren’t one of the best teams? It’s still early in the season, albeit a short one at that, and they have a few injuries and rookies who need more playing time to adjust to the NBA, so it’s not like they’re the best team in the league as some critics and media portrayed them! That being said, they’re definitely not average or one of the worst either! People bringing up the fact that they’re 6th seed are dumb, since those seedings changed every day when the season’s a few weeks in! You know they’re going to be 1-4th seed in the East, especially since seeding’s usually easier there compared to the West’s competitive standings! Anyways, I’ve gone on way too long, and I’m sure I’m going to get plenty of criticism and trash talk, but I guess that’s the beauty of the internet! You can say anything you want with freedom of speech, no matter how positive, negative, or anything…

  144. inthere23 says:

    Bulls fan here. Miami will beat the Bulls in the playoffs again if Rip Hamilton isn’t healthy. Why? Because they can’t score without Derrick Rose on the floor and in the playoffs teams will be stacked against Rose again so they’ll also have trouble scoring with Rose on the floor.

    Now of course if Rip can average 15 points a game that will take the pressure off Derrick and the Bulls have a shot at getting past the Heat and winning a championship. Will be interesting because I believe OKC is coming out of the west this year with Memphis crippled.

  145. CommonNow says:

    Wow, please remove yourself from LeBron’ and the Heat’s jock. This is a team on the tail end of a 5 game road trip, they not playin as good as the will when it matters most. The team made it to the Finals last year, it’s obvious that they’ve gotten better this year, doesn’t take a genius to figure out they’ll be hard to beat this year.

  146. Brian says:

    The Heat have the most talented player in the NBA, and another guy who is arguably in the top five, but after James, Wade, and Bosh there is a big dropoff. Their bigs are awful (with the exception of Haslem on occasion), and other than the rare night that Cole or Chalmers have a good game their guards aren’t much of anything. Then of course they have Shane Battier, but in order for him to play you either have to give up size and play him at the 4, or you have to take out James which doesn’t help all that much, if at all. Now don’t let this take away from how great those top 3 guys are because they make this team Championship-caliber, but the fact is they aren’t a “team”, they are really a two-man show and if those guys aren’t on top of their game then they can’t win. Meanwhile Chicago probably has the most complete team in the NBA and a top 3 or 4 superstar leading the way, the Thunder have probably the 2nd best player in the NBA and also a much more complete team than the Heat, and then you still have the Lakers, Spurs, and Clippers who are all more of a team than the Heat. Now the Heat on their best night can beat absolutely anyone, but the problem is they can’t do that every night and if they slip up in the playoffs again, even more questions and criticisms will come from this joining of forces instead of trying to build a real team around one guy and having those constant rivalries across the league.

    • David says:

      The Heat needs to get Dwight Howard via a trade of free agency sign and trade. Of the teams mentioned, Dallas has no pieces for Howard, LAL’s payroll is way higher than Miami’s, and Nets are not good enough to attract Howard especially with Deron Williams up in the air. So the Heat can snatch him at the last moment as orlando is desperate to get something in return for Howard instead of him walking.

  147. Mike says:

    I don’t know why every writer has this obsession with the Heat being the number one team, they weren’t last year and they aren’t this year. This was the first year it seemed where every media outlet was not saying the Champs are the team to beat this year, rather already crowning the heat. Write off the Mavs again as usual, hopefully we (Mavs) will have success with this new squad. In this schedule 3 game losing streaks aren’t going to be uncommon and it will be an insane grind for every team.

  148. lebron says:

    This is unbelievable lakers stater the season 0 and 3 they didn’t got nothing to said about that or no articles about it like they doing with the heat .. “people”, please don’t write articles that don’t mean Nothing. if someone knows about basketball you should know that the season doesn’t mean nothing, it just to get to playoff, the season is to learn and improve from your mistakes, is good that teams are playing zone defend to Miami this early cause when they get to playoff they’ll be improve in the zone. Just think about it why do you think the heat lost in the finals to Mavs, They was the only team that plaid the Zone defense to the heat. The heat players was lost when the mavs was playing that zone cause they didn’t see it that much. Remember this, payoff are when you could judged the team, but the season is just starting let the heat make mistakes, from mistakes you suppose to grow

    • D Lion says:

      Lakers started 0-2

    • Baha says:

      cus they got Kobe man best player alive….cus they made it to finals 3 times in the last 3 years and won twice….cus they are tested and trusted team…..cus Heat got beat by Dirk Nowitski alone…..u hear what iam saying Lebron James, D Wade + Bosh….3 all stars got beat up by German dude…and they dont even play basketball in Germany…lol Nowitski is better than the whole Heat team….if you think differently….why do you think they lost to dallas than….sorry lol

  149. lord p says:

    boy Meme you’re a ignorant about basketball..another point you hate James big time but outhere ther’s soo much people who loves him in fact he’s one of the most voted for the allstar game…

  150. T.J. says:

    Miami need to regain their focus defensively b/c trying to have offensive shoot-outs with teams like Denver & Golden State isn’t going to work. So far, teams like the Thunder, Bulls, & Sixers playing good team basketball this season so Miami just simply need to play good team basketball & develope an identity in order to win consistently. Should Heat fans panic, no, but realize their team is too talented to let huge leads disappear & let winnable games slip away.

  151. Zek says:


    Bulls one star?? boozer is just as much a star as bosh. bulls also got a handful of role players like deng, asik, brewer, gibson, noah etc. Note that denver has top notch role palyers aswell and are doing more than fine. bulls ave that and another 2 stars.

    • Happy Thirtieth DWade! says:

      Deng is an All-Star

    • CoachAiree says:

      Don’t forget about Rip Hamilton

    • QuestionMark says:

      Bulls actually have 5 Players I would consider potential, former or current All-stars, Rose, Boozer, Deng, Rip and Noah.

    • NBEATZ says:

      Your insane Boozer is putting up 13 and 8 this year and last was still less then Bosh as well, They are both 3 rd options and Bosh is putting up 19.2 and 8.1???????? PTS, REB, BLKS, ASTS, STEAL FG% FT% ALL LOWER THEN BOSH, not tomention that Bosh can hit the 3 and play the 5 spot at times……………………………………………..
      Boozer has 2 ALLSTAR selections in 9 years WHILE Chris has 6 ALLSTAR selections in 8 years.
      Boozers career numbers:
      10.015 POINTS and 5,859 REB with 267 BLKS in 583 Games
      Bosh’scareer numbers:
      11,943 POINTS and 5,514 REB with 663 BLKS in 598 Games

    • Law064 says:

      @Zek Boozer a star? Boozer is a overrated softee. I’m a fan of Chicago it’s my hometown team and I’ll be at a game soon I will heckle Boozer he sucks. Have you noticed he sits in the 4th quarter. Deng is a great role player but he’s not considered a star. so please Zek don’t declare a loser like boozer a star. The Bulls should’ve got Al Jefferson over Boozer I mean Carlos Loser.

  152. a non-bias bystander says:

    daBulls, you need to pipe down.

    You clearly have forgotten that the Heat took the Bulls to town in the Eastern conference finals only 6 months ago. So actually, until proved otherwise, the Heat are the team in the East to beat. Thats not to say they are playing the BEST right now, I’d probably agree, the Bulls are playing better.

    But the nature of the NBA is such that teams have their ups and downs in a season. Unfortunately, when it happens to the Heat it become a soap opera, which they brought on themselves.

    The Heat are working equally as hard than the Bulls, and in many peoples opinion, when both teams are at their best, the Heat will come out on top.

    • Happy Thirtieth DWade! says:

      yeah, but I’m only out here to get LOL’s goat, so why should I tone it down?

    • Jake says:

      lol those people’s opinions never played in the NBA in their life.. When ex players such as Charles Barkley and Steve Kerr and other past super stars majority of them pick the bulls to beat the miami and think they have a better team.. Just keep reading articles that people have no idea except look at stats predict a winner

  153. Knickfan212 says:

    I’m with Charles Barkley on this one. Injuries will decide who wins the championship trophy. I wouldn’t be surprised if Washington(however unlikely) won the trophy. Washington has been playing so bad that they may be the only team without any injuries in this short season. This is one season when literally any team can win.

  154. redman says:

    bulls vs lakers in the finals. nuff said

  155. Law064 says:

    Bulls overrated?? That’s funny and it’s strange they were overrated last season with the best record in the NBA. The Bulls have 1 star oppose to Miami BOS NY LAL LAC OKC who have multiple stars. Get it correct the bulls are not overrated their record speaks for who they are underrated

  156. kaare says:

    i´m just surprised that they are playing at a rather mediocre level. especially wade has had disapointing games, but it is early in the season. they can change their fortunes.

  157. jaydawg says:

    heat are lucky they play in the east, first round they will play a team like the bucks or bobcats or something, 2nd round they play the subpar magic/celtics and in 3rd round they play the bulls who are overrated. if heat were in the west they would get destroyed every night. east is so trash to watch too. btw denver destroyed the heat. heat didnt play bad…denver played amazing.

    • LOL says:

      Wow Denver hit a ridiculous abnormal amount of shots in the 4th. THATs why they won. Teams get superhot on any given night.. It happens. Heat could play them again the n ext time and destroy them. Your comment is trash

      • baby Bwan Bwan says:

        did you watch the game – the Nuggets OWNED the first quarter – they were up 17 early. It wasn’t like they got lucky late – they dominated throughout (again, because they had a gameplan that they executed as a team instead of a couple egos trying to make highlight reals)>

    • Jake says:

      HAHAHAHAHHAH the East has more superstars than the West lmao!!!!! what are you talking about overrated? How can they be overrated with the best record last year and off too a 11-2 start? hahah your prolly a Laker or an OKC fan.. Even when the bulls were the 8th seed 3 years ago they took BOston to 7 games with Rose and Deng still on the team..Bulls will always be a good team and Heat vs Bulls in ECF for the next 5 years to come.

  158. Just an NBA fan says:

    Miami would be a playoff team , that’s inevitable with the player they have but it’s going to be tough to get past Bulls in the EC or even other WC teams like Thunder as Miami is going to have problems dealing with zone defense when none of their shooters are consistent in their shots.. If they can penetrate and drive AND also shoot from the perimeter , they might have a chance to win.. If not , LBJ’s going to regret making that speech when he said he’ll bring a lot of championships to Miami..

  159. meme says:

    I HATE HEAT BIG TIME! I wish they never win a championship! I do not watch them, because I can’t stand the horrible basketball they play! Eventually I watch last minutes in those games when they LOSE! It is awesome to see them on the knees. I hope they lose early in the play offs this year. James is the biggest looser of the WORLD of BASKETBALL.

  160. Banks says:

    Really, to be honest, its not Lebron, Wade, or Norris Cole’s fault….the rest of the team is playing like pure trash in these fourth Quarters especially Bosh, Haslem, Battier, and Chalmers. Let not forget Mike Miller is still hurt, and Eddie Curry hasn’t made his debut, we aren’t complete yet, we are just showing we need help off the bench. And we need to trade Chris Bosh for a quality player, like seriously, trade him and chalmers for Lopez and Steve Nash on the suns

    • Clutchperformer says:

      Im not heat fan and definetly not a Bosh fan cuz he left the raptors but he did have a very good performance in the 4th quarter when he hit the three to send it to overtime

    • NBEATZ says:

      You know nothing about Basketball. A quality player. Bosh is the THIRD (3rd) option on a team with LEBRON AND WADE two of the top 5 players in the world and he is putting up better numbers then MOST of these STARTING PF’s from each team in the leaque: CHRIS BOSH 19.2PPG 8.1RPG with 1.2BPG ALLSTAR 7 times
      KEVIN GARNETT 12.7PPG 7.3RPG with 0.9BPG (2nd option) ALLSTAR 13 times
      CARLOS BOOZER 13.2PPG 7.9RPG with 0.5BPG (3rd option) ALLSTAR 3 times
      DIRK NOWITXKI 18.0PPG 5.5RPG with 0.3BPG (1st option) ALLSTAR 11 times
      DAVID LEE 18.0PPG 10.4RPG with .02BPG (3rd option) ALLSTAR 1 Time
      DAVID WEST 11.2PPG 6.7RPG with 0.7BPG (2nd option) ALLSTAR 2 times
      BLAKE GRIFFEN 23.3 PPG 10.8 RPG with .05BPG (1st option) ALSTAR 1 time
      PAU GASOL 16.6 PPG 9.7 RPG with 1.5BPG (2nd option) ALLSTAR 6 times
      ZACH RANDOULPH 14.8PPG 7.5RPG with 0.5BPG (1st option) ALLSTAR 1 time
      KEVIN LOVE 24.5 PPG 14.7RPG with 0.7BPG (1st option) ALLSTAR 1 time
      AMARE STAUDIMIRE 19.2PPG 8.3RPG with 0.4BPG (2nd option) ALLSTAR 7 times
      LAMARCUS ALDRIDGE 22.8PPG 7.6RPG with 0.7BPG (1st option) WILL BE ALLSTAR
      TIM DUNCAN 11.8PPG 6.6RPG with 1.1BPG (3rd option) ALLSTAR 12 TIMES
      Yes some of these players are on there last leg in the NBA but in there prime they were all number 1 options, some on BAD teams: GARNETTE, GASOL, LEE, RANDOLPH
      Some on GOOD OR GREAT teams DUNCAN (He had Parker and Ginobli), AMARE (He had Nash, Grant Hill, Shaq and now Melo and Chandler), DIRK (He had Nash, Jason Terry, Chandler, Kidd, and now Vince Carter, Lamar Odom) BOOZER (He had Williams, Kirilinko, Okur and Millsap, now he has Deng, and Rose)
      Now when people talk about Chris Bosh they talk about how he is not a top Power forward in the leaque, WELL THE NUMBERS DONT LIE. The also say that because he played on a bad team that there had to be someone to score the ball. Can we say that when Garnette playered for the Wolves, or when Gasol played for the Grizzly’s or when Randoulph played for Portland or New York, or for Lee when he player for New York or now playing for the Warriors.
      I have said this a 1000 times before. Place any BIg man or in this case PF on this team, in there prime or not and ther numbers are going WAY down. Stop hatting on one of the best players in the games since his first ALLSTAR NOD.

      • Banks says:

        He’s not a great player, at all. You putting up his state line, which is good for an average player, but lets see the statline of how many points the player he is holding scores? How many times have people driven the lane right to bosh and bosh didn’t defend it? Bosh lacks toughness on the defensive end, I really never even seen him get a block, an offense takes the ball right into Bosh. He is a weak link, anybody can replace bosh, and get those same points, if not MORE. We need an INSIDE big man to make our offense diverse. He jump shoots, and never demands the ball in the 4th quarter, we don’t need a weak punk like him. Number don’t lie, but they don’t tell the full story either

      • Alex Alcalde says:

        Statistics isnt the only thing that matters in Basketball, actually sports in general. Its the attitude of the players and how they play is what really matters.

      • NBEATZ says:

        BANKS, Lets see how Chris bosh matched up defensivley against his apposing PF then shall we
        @ Dallas- Dirk 21Points and 5 Rebs (REIGNING FINALS MVP WITH ONLY 21 POINTS)
        @ Charlotte – White 8 Points and 11 Rebs
        @ Minnisotta- Love 25 Points and 12 Rebs (LOVE IS GOING TO GET THESE NUMBERS NO MATTER WHO IS GAURDING HIM)
        VS Charlotte- White 21 Points and 3 Rebs
        VS Atlanta- Smith 9 Points and 6 Rebs (ONLY 9 points)
        VS Indiana- West 9 Point and 4 Rebs (ONLY 9 POINTS FOR A 3 TIME ALLSTAR?)
        @ Atlanta- Smith 17 POINTS and 13 Rebs (17 POINTS IN A TRIPPLE OT GAME, I THINK CHRIS DID GREAT)
        @ New Jersey- 25 Points and 12 Rebs
        @ Golden State- Lee 20 Points and 12 Rebs
        @ Denver – NENE 17 Points 12 Rebs
        Now based on what you said BANKS, Chris is an bad deffensive player right. Well I dont see any apposing PF have a game that is not normal for them individually, exept when he went against Chris Humphries or D.J White with the Bobcats. I dont see anyone taking full advantage of such a “Soft player” as most reffer to him as. I see some having issues with Chris bosh defensivley, I see NONE of the big time scores and players in the leaque tearing through him down low. I see Chris holding his own against some of the best PF’s in the leaque. You wanted to know what the number of apposing PF’s, well here they are for all to see.Youare right about the attitude, Chris will get there,just look at Gasol when everyone believed him to be “soft”, but after holding his own against Garnett, he somehow became one of the best big men in the game???????????? ONCE AGAIN NUMBERS DO NOT LIE. GO BOSH AND THE HEAT

  161. b-rad says:

    The heat and leBron wil always be scrutinized way more than any other team, a circumstance they partially created and of course was blown out of proportion by he media. They looked unstoppable in teir first few games but like any team they have hit a rough patch which injuries played a part in. Chicago looks unreal right now but they did last year too. We all know what happened in the playoffs. Lakers look decent at the moment and OKC is also a big threat this year. Its going to come down to who gets on a run at the end of the eason and who remais healthy. Thats something than can’t be predicted. What can be predicted- the media will blow everything in Miami out of proportion.

  162. wackies25 says:

    first: can bulls beat any team in the league,? yes.. can bulls beat miami in the playoffs.? maybe. can miami make it to the finals.? maybe. if you watch every heat games they can easily beat any team if they play aggressive and focus. the only problem is how and when those superstar will learn to play as a team. LBJ, DWade, BosH should learn when to move without the ball (not just standing and waiting for the ball) and sometimes play as a role player when someone is hot. if they can do this: well! see you in the finals..

  163. Law064 says:

    ^^^Agreed they are still hated but it’s all because of media hype and crowning the heat as if they won 2 or 3 titles back to back. The heat will continue to have problems when a team plays good zone D. They are still a top tier team with the pieces they have but they are not unstoppable. They also have a problem closing out games and in tight games LBJ is not reliable. All teams will go thru a slump 1 time or another. The media will mention whenever the heat lose because they’ve praised them so much when they fail or lose games that’s big news to them. IMO when the heat are not driving to the basket getting easy buckets they are very vunerable. They have shooters but they have not been consistant enough to force teams out of the zone in certain situations.

  164. I hate the heat says:

    I watch them just so I can see them loose. I wish leBron gets injured big time.

    • Have you considered getting some professional help? You are one sick puppy!

    • ddub says:

      at least you watch them 😉

    • really? says:

      First of all its lose*, but really? You’re hoping someone gets injured? Besides that being messed up you’re basically just saying they should be down a key player so they can really lose, admitting they are good and a legitimate threat. So I think you lose…sorry, loose*

    • 2pac says:

      heat suck i rather play for bucks then this old azz garbidge tem kidd LOL

      • wadefan says:

        really.. the only thing you think that needed correcting was the word “team”.. i dont have a clue what the rest meant anyways.. normally i hate comments like the one im about to give you. but please learn how to write.. i dont need perfect punctuation and spelling of everything.. but at least make it understandable

  165. asianpower-_- says:

    i hate how people overreact to these losing streaks. now i hate the heat and i’m a straight up bulls fan, but i’m going to say the same thing about miami as i have about joakim noah- give it time. they’re coming off a short offseason with so much pressure to succeed. it’s been what 12 games so everybody come down.

  166. thedude says:

    All it matters for heat is playoffs and finals…. last year was the same and they destroyed whole eastern conference in playoffs.

    • daBulls says:

      exactly – I hope they keep thinking that way – that they don’t have to work until they get to the playoffs – that just means they are essentially lazy and while the rest of the East gets better, the Heat can just get older.

      • LOL says:

        Right Da Bulls, The Heat are SO old huh? blahahahahahah Lebron is JUST NOW ENTERING his prime. This kinda comment shows just how much you are scared of the Heat, making things up that arent even CLOSE to true.

      • QuestionMark says:

        DaBulls talks nonsense, and LOL is just a straight up idiot. The Heat also had a losing streak last year, then ended up beating Philly and Boston quite easily. Only reason Heat lost last year was because Lebron couldn’t knock down anything in the 4th quarter in the Finals, if he did, the Finals would have been closer, but of course Dirk was playing with aimbots lol. That doesn’t mean Heat will lose this season, Wade hit 2 Gamewinners, Bosh carried the Heat to a 3OT win over Hawks. Just because the Heat are on a losing streak doesn’t make them lazy, every team faces a losing streak at least once throughout a season.

      • baby Bwan Bwan says:

        DWade turns 30 in three days…tick tock – can you hear that LeBron, that’s your time to find a new city to play for clock,

  167. backtosmack says:

    What I don’t think people see about last nights game is that the nuggets straight up outplayed the heat for 4 quarters.
    They outran, out-hussled, out-shot, and out-played them in every aspect. If that were any team but the supremely over-talented heat that game would have been a 40 point blowout instead of a 15 point blow-out. For once stop saying it’s because the heat didn’t do something and give credit where credit is due.

    • daBulls says:

      but what about Wade forcing up a shot in a 1-on-4 situation while his coach was trying to call a timeout and his teammates had stopped at half court thinking it was going to be a timeout? what about LeBron not playing defense (hands at his side while 3’s are shot over him)? The Heat didn’t play fundamentally-sound basketball, which is why they are now on a 3-game losing streak and personally I love it.

      • LOL says:

        Your crazy to keep coming back to a hand down man down example with Lebron. REALLY? I grew up the biggest MJ and Bulls fan ever, and I seen MJ plenty of times get caught with it. EVERYONE does. Kobe, Rose, Durant, Melo, Lebron, Wade, Howard. ALL the best players get caught occasionally with a hand down. Its how it is. Keep on hatin though

        The Nuggets hit a ridiculous fg% in the 4th, THATS why they won. It happens. Wow get a life, and get over it. The last time I checked no team in History went without losing games.

      • baby Bwan Bwan says:

        But wait, I thought the regular season didn’t matter? I thought the playoffs were winning time? You’re confusing me. And yeah, you say that it doesn’t matter because the Bulls have the best regular season record last year and this year and of all time and his Airness has 6 rings and the self-annointed one has zero.

  168. Sjones says:

    PS: The constant crowning of the Heat by the media is one of the main reasons the Heat remain unpopular. The obsession over the Heat borders on ROOTING for the Heat. Last season it seemed like many of the front running media folks were really hurt/shocked/disappointed that the Heat lost to Dallas. Going into this season EVERYONE who covers the NBA immediately crowned them inevitable champs for 2012 as if last year’s problems had disappeared magically. Do not expect the Bulls, OKC, Lakers, etc. to lay down for this team and allow them to cruse to a title. They are just as hated this year by the rest of the league as they were last year.

    • daBulls says:

      Ever since LeBronchitis decided the announcement of which jersey he’d be wearing while bowing out of the playoffs each year merited an hour-long ESPN special, America has loved to hate the Heat. Why?

      Simple. Because as much as we celebrate individual achievement, we detest egotism. The LeBron-a-thon was the most galactically egocentric PR move in recent memory, which says a lot considering that span of sports recollection includes primadonna reality show receivers Terrell Owens and Chad Eight Five.

      Still, the NBA has to love having its own version of the Yankees, b/c hatred is attention, and attention is revenue (TV is kinda like an adolescent that way – “so long as your looking at me, I don’t care why”).

      • LOL says:

        Your just jealous of them and a hater, and thats pretty simple.

      • LakersWillWin says:

        HA its pretty funny for a HATER like “LOL” to call someone else a HATER.
        Wow man, what a hypocrite. You talk mad smack about LA and Kobe but call someone who does not like Bron/Heat a HATER?

      • NBAFollower says:

        @LakersWillWin He’s just saying the smae that the Laker fans would say about the Heat.

  169. Sjones says:

    Is there any sportwriter who believes any team but the Heat will win the title? Heat are 3-3 against winning teams and 5-1 vs losing teams this year- same issue they had last year. They blew out a confused dallas team that JUST got over .500 recently and everyone was ready to say “season over, give them the trophy”. Of course these are the same people who said they would sweep the Mavs last year in the finals. Bulls are most impressive team so far, hands down. They have played mostly road games and have a better record than the Heat. Ive seen nothing so far that suggests the Heat are a lock to beat Bulls in playoffs even if the bandwagon riding press refuse to see that obvious truth.

    • LOL says:

      Right, and the same thing as LAST YEAR. All year the Heat werent as good, had their problems, blah blah. ANd when it came to the playoffs and winning time, the Heat steamrolled the Bulls. Sorry bout it

      • NBAFan23 says:

        Steamrolled? LOL
        Almost every game saw the Bulls having 4th quarter leads, but Miami could afford to double/triple team Rose (who had a grade 2 ankle sprain) because Boozer and Noah were injured as well and Keith Bogans isnt the slightest offensive threat. Good luck doing it this year with an improved Rose and Ronnie Brewer, Rip Hamilton, and Booz losing 20 pounds. Miami couldn’t even average 90 points that series while their season average was 103 points. The Bulls couldn’t score last year, and this year they were a top 5 offense with Rip playing, and are still number 8 without Rip or CJ Watson.
        Also I noticed that you feel a stong obligation to respond to every comment about the Bulls or any other team being compared to the Heat. Homer much? Chciago is once again headed for the NBA’s best record and a very exciting ECF vs Miami. Give them their due. Even though you would like to believe Miami is unbeatable, the truth is they are. If Miami is so good in the playoffs, what happened against Dallas?

      • noone says:

        Sorry man but bulls are gonna find a hard time winning late in the playoffs because of carlos boozer. i like bulls and rose but im jst saying. carlos boozer is a pig. Oh and i lmfao when thay guy said heat aint making Playoffs. i know i know Lebron chokes all the time but Dwyane Wade alone = Playoffs.

    • amitpal says:

      The bulls are a good regular season team and I think they will probabaly have the best record in the nba again, but in order to the beat the heats in the playoff they need either another superstar guard or a 20 and 10 power forward or center. Derrick Rose if a great player but d wade and lebron are great one on one defender and if you take derrick rose out of a game the bulls are as easy to beat as anyone(that’s why he was the MVP). The fact is the bulls need one more superstar player. You need superstar players to win championship. With exception of Dirk cause the heat had nobody who can guard dirk and dallas had a team full of great role players.

  170. bsj968 says:

    I guess you are already writing off the Mavs – same thing as last year

  171. Robert zenon says:

    It was stupid because the media was the people wanting to disect every Heat contest. So even though the Heat are one of the top ten clubs in the NBA, they, as you said, still have issues lingering from last season to fix.

    • daBulls says:

      Minor correction – as a 6 seed, the Heat are one of the top TWELVE teams in the NBA. 😉

      • LOL says:

        LOL you’re hilarious man. Playoffs are winning time, not the regular season. Just as YOUR BULLS proved last season, exactly what does the best record in the NBA guarantee as far as titles? NOT CRAP. Thats what

      • Got Me Laughin.. says:

        ..and then what was the hard lesson learned by the Heat in the finals??? LMAO

      • QuestionMark says:

        Even as the 6th seed, Miami can go far, the Grizzlies proved that last year, they were the 8th seed, they beat out the Spurs and then went to a game 7 with the Thunder, and your Bulls did lose to Miami with the best record, even if they get it again, that won’t guarantee a championship for them, they got the Heat, Knicks, Celtics, Hawks, Magic to get through, and yes they can get through them but toughest will be Knicks and Heat. The Bulls have a better chance to win by getting Rip and Boozer playing well, but there is still months left till Playoffs, so don’t talk like the Playoffs started and the Heat are 6th.

      • baby Bwan Bwan says:

        no kidding – the Dallas Mavericks? – bwan bwan’s legacy will be finally giving Dirk and Cuban a championship – thanks for not showing up when it counted LJ ! 🙂

      • wadefan says:

        there are only actually 6 teams that currently have better records in the league right now.. the heat are tied with 3 other teams for the 7th spot.. so seeing as only 9 teams total are either equal to or better than the heat.. they are a top ten team.. nice try though

      • Dustin says:

        @LOL Everyone know playoffs are winning time but the regular season isn’t just CRAP. What exactly did the best record in the NBA guarantee as far as the playoffs? They reached the east FINALS, after being playoff fodder for so many years, and lead by a star who is despite being good, didn’t have the experience Lebron or Wade had at that point of the contest. That’s not bad for those disadvantages the bulls had in terms of experience, and if we look at the past it is experience and will that wins championships. So please, conclude your comments well, not without thinking which makes it look like the CRAP.

  172. Derriso says:

    You need to get off the Heats Jock strap the Heat are not even the best team in East the Bulls are I guess its going to take the Heat to lose again this year so people like you can stop hyping up this team

    • MK says:

      I won’t believe that until the bulls can beat the heat in the playoffs.

      • daBulls says:

        I hope the Heat make the playoffs, so we can see that happen.

        If LeBronchitis and Wade continue to believe the hype (kryptonite, please) and play as though they are supermen instead of members of a team, the Heat will be lucky to hold on to the 6 seed they have right now.

        Basketball is a team sport – team defense, team execution of fundamentals in all phases wins. 2 instances from last night’s game indicate LeBron and Wade’s current lack of focus: 1) LeBron playing defense on a shooter at the 3pt line with his hands held below his waist –> 3pts Denver; 2) Wade forcing a shot in a 1-on-4 “fastbreak” when his coach and other four teammates were trying to get a timeout –> miss, rebound Denver.

      • mark says:

        Grat point – last year they were also “better” and got beat up 4-1 in the playoffs by the Heat

        “I hope the Heat make the playoffs” – it’s a serious question – are you stupid?

      • daBulls says:

        it is a serious question – as a 6-seed, they are just a couple losses from not making the playoffs right now and no, I’m not stupid, I’m a Bulls fan who loves seeing Heat fans squirm because they know they’re team isn’t as good as the Bulls.

      • daBulls says:

        and no, the Bulls have improved overall – they are improved, healthier, and have better depth than last year, which is why they have a better record than they did last year at this point.

      • common sense says:

        @daBulls the only serious question is when are you going to get the bulls sack out of your face so you can see clearly. Everything you say has no credit after that statement. Plus there are so many games left all it takes is one injury and the Bulls might not make the playoffs, then you will have to find another wagon to hop onto xp

      • LOL says:

        Actually DaBulls, YOU’RE the one squirming about the Heat, not the other way around.

      • daBulls says:

        baby bwan bwan is one of the most talented players the league has ever seen, but he’s not a winner – if he couldn’t win with the hand-picked trio they put together last year, he can’t do it this year – DWade turns 30 in 3 days – tick tock.

      • HeatWade says:

        as a 6-seed, they are just a couple losses from not making the playoffs right now – SERIOUSLY?
        as my rusty mind reminds me it is a 66-game season not just 20-game so obviously playoffs won’t start RIGHT NOW.

        GROW UP KID!!!

    • David says:

      People will get really hyped if the Heat get dwight howard to for a big 4, it seems that they will need it.

      • Mac says:

        How do you think the heat could possibly get Dwight? Think before making ridiculous suggestions like that

    • The Choking One says:

      Bron-Bron is a loser. Ever since he came into the league I’ve rooted against that big ole loser. Year one when the Cavs didn’t make the playoffs, I chortled with glee. A couple years later when they were swept from the finals by the Spurs, I cackled delightedly, then the next few year when they had the best regular season record but were knocked out by Orlando and then Boston, I cavorted and capered with joy. And last year when the Heat were dumped by the Mavs, I laughed loudly at Bron-Bron’s failure yet again. Eventually, he probably will get a title because the smartest thing he did was to team up with someone with a winner’s mentality like Wade. But only if he accepts that he is Scottie Pippen, not Michael Jordan. Then and only then will a ring come to that dopey loser. He’s a cocky, cocky clown and I love to see him frown. Yoi Yoi!

      • LOL says:


        ITs ok man, we ALL know that you are scared of Lebrons talent and that you KNOW he is better than your favorite player, thats why you HATE. Its ok though. Go cry to momma. She’ll coddle you and make you feel all better.

      • Got Me Laughin.. says:

        “we ALL know that you are scared of Lebrons talent and that you KNOW he is better than your favorite player”

        If so, where’s the titles to back your claim??? Oh I forgot, there is none…

      • baby Bwan Bwan says:

        no doubt LeBron James is one of the most physically talented players ever to play the game. Fortunately for all us Heat Haters he’s mentally weak. Potential means nothing unless its applied. Jordan took over in big games – LeBron fades away. Talent doesn’t equal winning – it’s a team sport and you’ve got to play it mentally as well as physically.

      • Carl says:

        I don’t like him, but I respect his ability to play. His arrogance is too much at times, I’ll admit, but he is probably the future, if not Kevin Durant.

      • amitpal says:

        First off if you knew anything about basketball you would know that before Lebron came to the Heat he was actually one of the best 4th quarter guy. Anybody remember when he was leading the league with 8 points in the 4th quarter. Yes that was more then kobe and dwayne wade. He’s also had game winners and how could people forget the playoff game against the pistons. Lebron isn’t exactly choke. What people don’t understand is that the reason lebron hasn’t been great towards the end of the game is because he keeps getting put in uncomfortable postitions down the stretch. I blame the coach more then anything for the heats forth quarter struggles. Lebron needs one on one isolation at the top of the key either with a pick from chris bosh or without. He’s not a post up player and they need to stop trying to make him one.

      • Maxi says:

        charles barkley??

      • Matt says:

        LoL dude you must have some pathetic life if you only look at Lebron to laugh at him, where’s your pride? you rant like a little bitch that got her candy stolen, wich nba team are you rooting for? you haven’t mentioned? could it possibly be one of teams that Lebron turned down? and btw, you are laughing because a rookie can’t deliver a ring? wow dude did he trun your request for an autograph or something??? or maybe (prolly) you are a fan of the lakers? with Mr.Elbow, who always acts likes he’s dying of injury’s to increase the magnitude of his performances, like ceasar did at the time of the roman empire, seriously grab a life (and btw speaking of injury’s, i think the whole league (exept a few)is faking injury’s the justify the rest they will be getting)

    • JAVON says:


      • baby Bwan Bwan says:

        that was last year oh 8-4 fan – we’re talking about the present. If you want to go historical, bring it – your Heat (who you probably just became a fan of last year) can’t go toe-to-toe with Chicago Bulls and the true king of the hardcourt’s legacy.

      • kjones082 says:

        Absolutely right Javon

      • Gunslinger says:


      • Mark says:

        Asik got injured early against the Heat in that series. Until then, the bulls had a clear advantage in the Big Man department and generally had more depth. Boozer no longer has turf toe and is playing much better than last season. Once Rip Hamilton gets healthy again, he will spread out the bulls offence and be a scoring punch that bogans never was and they will lose nothing on defence. Rose in the mean time is improving his outside jumpshot every season. Even Korver has gone back to shooting more accurately than last season.

    • pacquiao says:

      i think the heat wins in the playoffs then defeat to the finals

    • elad says:

      ringless man…ringless….how about the free throws
      see that…..

    • elad says:

      lebron has 35 points last night then nuggets won…selffish. come on man….
      i think much better d wade will show up not lebron…or just trade lebron..a lot of supporting players i think the heat have, like shane battier, james jones. where are they? heating on there individual bench.
      lebron still searching his own ring….let him go….

      • kjones082 says:

        Yeah they didn’t let James Jones play vs. Denver that was dumb. Fire Eric Spolstera and let pat riley coach the heat they will better off afterall he did win 5 championships with the Lakers and Magic Johnson.

    • elad says:

      lebron has 35 points last night then nuggets won…selffish. come on man….
      i think much better d wade will show up not lebron…or just trade lebron..a lot of supporting players i think the heat have, like shane battier, james jones. where are they? heating on there individual bench.
      lebron still searching his own ring….let him go….

      what you gonna be eric?

    • 305ALLDAY says:

      LADIES !!

      It’s not even one month into the season yet, lets just see how things look after the ALLSTAR BREAK going into the PLAYOFFS. Y’all are starting to sound like these dumba** critics on TV. Every one of the top team has looked vulnerable at times thats all the article is saying and i agree.

      The media always like to hype a particular team, remember MEN ARE LOGICAL and WOMEN ARE EMOTIONAL

      I will post again in may when the smoke clears

      • elad says:

        to see is to believe! that’s all…
        this is not a smoke..but this is a game…..a real game…1,2,3 loses…
        we can’t blame media or whatever…
        just say we are the witness….

    • BOYAAAN says:

      than plese tell me why the heat beat the bulls last year ;d;d;d