Film Study: Zoning The Heat

HANG TIME NEW JERSEY BUREAU — The Miami Heat can indeed be beaten this season.

The Heat enter Friday’s game in Denver (10:30 p.m. ET, ESPN) having lost two straight games out West in overtime. The Heat shot 6-for-25 in clutch time in the two games, with almost as many turnovers (five) as buckets.

Before these recent West struggles, the Heat’s only loss came on Jan. 2 against the Atlanta Hawks, who played zone for much of the middle two quarters. A zone also helped the Celtics come back against the Heat in the fourth quarter in the second game of the season.

The Heat really struggled against Boston’s zone (even though the Celtics have never played zone otherwise) and had some ugly possessions against Atlanta as well. Here’s a sampling…

Play 1: Dec. 27 vs. BOS, third quarter
The Heat are moving, but the movement resembles what you’d see when a team walks through its zone offense the morning of a game. And when Shane Battier and Udonis Haslem flash to the middle of the zone, they’re both in the same spot. The ball moves slowly around the perimeter before Norris Cole launches a 3-pointer from the top…

Play 2: Dec. 27 vs. BOS, fourth quarter
Chris Bosh flashes to the middle, but doesn’t really make himself available and then ends up in the same spot as Haslem, allowing Brandon Bass to guard them both by himself. LeBron James then flashes to the middle, but isn’t open. That doesn’t stop Dwyane Wade from tossing a lazy pass over James’ head…

Play 3: Dec. 27 vs. BOS, fourth quarter
Once again, the Heat have two guys (Bosh and Haslem) in the same spot at the same time. James, with his heels on the 3-point line, launches a quick jumper off a skip pass from Wade. It’s not the worst shot he could take, but it’s close, considering that there are still 15 seconds left on the shot clock…

Slow cuts, lazy passes and guys occupying the same space at the same time. Those were the Heat’s first attempts at a zone offense.

Seeing the above, other teams followed the script, throwing a zone at the Heat in order to slow their offense down. Miami has seen zone in six of their 11 games thus far, and the results have been mixed…

Miami’s zone possessions

Date Opp. Poss. FGM FGA FG% TO Pts. OffRtg
12/27 vs. BOS 20 5 19 26.3% 3 10 50.0
1/2 vs. ATL 21 8 17 47.1% 3 21 100.0
1/4 vs. IND 5 2 7 28.6% 0 5 100.0
1/5 at ATL 2 2 2 100.0% 0 6 300.0
1/7 at NJN 15 8 13 61.5% 3 25 166.7
1/10 at GSW 12 3 9 33.3% 4 6 50.0
TOTALS 75 28 67 41.8% 13 73 97.3

OffRtg = Points scored per 100 possessions

As you can see above, when the Hawks went to zone in their second meeting and the Heat immediately hit two 3-pointers, Atlanta went back to man-to-man.

The Nets also ran into trouble when they tried to trap James near the midcourt line. The 6-foot-8 point guard saw over the trap, got the ball to a teammate, and the Nets’ defense was then compromised.

Overall, the Heat’s offense ranks ninth in the league, scoring over 103 points per 100 possessions. They’ve faced zone on about seven percent of their possessions, and have been less efficient than when they face man-to-man defense.

But as the Heat see more zone, they get more comfortable with it.

Here are some examples of how, lately, they’ve been more organized and more effective against a zone…

Play 4: Jan. 2 vs. ATL, third quarter
The Heat space the floor perfectly, with Bosh and Joel Anthony staying out of each other’s way. When Wade throws a skip pass to James, Anthony comes high to set a screen and Bosh cuts from the elbow to the basket. James knows where Bosh is going before he even catches the ball, and he takes advantage of the Hawks’ turned heads to hit Bosh on the move for an easy dunk…

Play 5: Jan. 10 at GSW, second quarter
Out of a timeout, Heat coach Erik Spoelstra designs a special play to expose the weak side of the Warriors’ zone. As the ball is swung, Bosh flashes high to draw Kwame Brown away from the basket. On the weak side, Anthony sets a (not-so-legal) back screen on David Lee and Cole tosses a perfect lob to James for the throwdown…

Play 6: Jan. 10 at GSW, second quarter
The floor is spread and the ball movement is crisp, with all five Heat players touching the ball in the span of three seconds. As the Warriors try to recover, James finds Bosh open on the baseline. If Bosh goes up strong, at worst he’s getting to the free throw line. But he allows Brandon Rush to come over and block his shot…

On that last play, the result wasn’t great, but the execution was near-perfect. And that’s what Spoelstra is looking for when his team goes against a zone.

“Not necessarily whether the ball went in or not,” Spoelstra said after the Heat chewed up the Nets’ zone on Saturday. “I think that’s easy for people to judge it based on that. Our comfort level has already grown. We like now to see zone. We want to see zone, because we want to get better at it. We know we’ll see it quite a bit.”

“It’s about being comfortable against it,” James added, “knowing you’re going to see it, and then knowing what sets you go to that all five guys are comfortable with.”

Come playoff time, Miami’s opponents would probably prefer that they aren’t so comfortable. But there’s no doubt that the Heat will continue to see zone throughout the season. If the prideful Celtics are willing to try it, anybody is.

But teams should know that the Heat have already come a long way from the way they looked against zone in December.


  1. kevonn says:

    in a zone defense james jones would be perfect in a zone you are not supposed to dribble so much it is more of a catch and shoot or shot of a screen and he is a spotup so hes perfect!

  2. Charleston says:

    This article is really old! Miami has already worked out this problem..How can they repost an article so outdated?
    C’mon NBA!

  3. Zach says:

    What is the zone’s biggest weakness. 3 point shots and o boards. The Heat are far from deadly from 3 but with cole, battier, and jones they can knock down a few triples. The more important aspect is the offensive rebounding capabilities the Heat have, If no one can body the heat up in a man you think they will stand a chance in a zone? lol good luck with your zone. Idiotic article that was clearly not well thought out, or written by someone who doesn’t know anything about basketball.

  4. Hakeem says:

    @ iceman
    Stop joking man! Yes the Rockets had only one star but the Bulls had Pippen and Jordan, the Lakers had two thats right, Spurst had first Robinson and Duncan and the next titles they had Duncan, Ginobili and Parker. Detroit had FOUR All-Star (Billups, Rip, Rasheed, Big Ben) yes they aren´t Superstars but a team with 4 All-Star in their prime is always a big title contender

  5. John Doe says:

    The Heat should trade Lebron for Dwight Howard. Wade could also work, but I think Howard and Wade would fit together a lot better. I still think the Heat could win like they are – but not for years to come…

  6. Murph says:

    I agree with the point of running zone offences with Jones on the spread the D. Also this is when leBron should adapt his game and play inside like a power forward.
    Gilbert Arenas would be a terrible fit in Miami. He might work in LA Lakers though – they would benefit from a scoring PG.

    A great fit for Miami would be NASH! he would make any offence work, also he could adopt a role of a 3 point shooter when he was off the ball. His poor D would be hidden by james and wade
    Nash, Jones, and Lebron (inside) would kill any zone

  7. ghost says:

    @ Dude – DON”T COUNT OUT THE MAVERICKS JUST YET. I’m not a Dallas Fan but I really wanna see them go up against OKC THUNDER in the West Finals again… Good to see most people agree that its gonna be BULLS vs HEAT in the EAST….. and sadly, without Phil Jackson, Kobe’s 6th will never happen. Mike Brown don’t fit with the Lakers.

  8. iceman says:

    What a pitty… 3 $100,000,000 players and all you Heat fan can talk about is how they need a fourth. Rockets…1 star, Bulls…1 star….Lakers…2 stars, Spurs…1 star, Detriot…no stars…They all won championships.The great Lebron James and the Miami Heat need 4 stars to win a championship. The Heat and Their fans are the biggest joke in basketball. Why don’t the Miami Heat Just hire the entire allstar line up…Maybe then they can win a championship.

  9. AFARES says:


  10. Broke_Sterny says:


    Dude stop dreaming of getting Dwight Howard, Haven’t you heard of salary cap? Then stop watching NBA then. period!

  11. Lakers win 2012 says:


    why didnt you put every allstar in miami? Dwight will not go there they have enough talent to win an NBA title. When you look in talent miami is the best team in the NBA lebron need to step up in defense he’s a big guy stop guarding guards in crunch time thats why u have d wade to do that.

  12. LeBron iLLuminati says:

    I Don’t really know what ZONE DEFENSE what really means but all I know is Miami Heat needs INSIDE PRESENCE which they can acquire it from a legit BIGMAN. If Nene or Kwame were acquired, maybe they can be a better team. I think .

  13. Bro says:

    I think MIA should try to get JJacki Moon as the head coach, and Jesus Christ as the center, I heard the other day he was a 7 footer

  14. alonZO says:

    How about Miami getting Gilbert Arenas? Despite the injuries, I believe he still has some good years in him. He’s not that old and given the right situation he could deliver. With Miami having a hard time with the zone defense Agent Zero could be a good fit. Chalmers and Cole are good players in their own right but i don’t think the Heat can win the championship THIS season with them as point guards. Arenas has proven himself as a bigtime and clutch player. He may not be the arenas or Hibachi of old but he certainly won’t HESITATE to take the BIG shots when the game is on the line which I think is Miami ‘s problem right now. D-wade and LBJ are playing great and superb basketball for 3 quarters but come 4th quarter and with the game on the line (especially the games against Golden State and Clippers), they look confused and aren’t sure what to do. The KILLER INSTINCT isn’t just there. I think this is what separates D-WADE and LE BRON from KOBE at this point in their careers. KOBE has shown time and time again that HE gets the JOB DONE and DEMANDS the ball when the game is on the line.

  15. Dude says:

    Mavericks to west finals ? are you crazy !? portland thunder and lakers have a better chance than the mavericks to reach the west finals

    • wackies25 says:

      Joel Anthony is a good team player but he can’t do it alone in rebounding, tell Bosh to help, the problem is when they miss ed shot the only player left in the painted area is Joel Anthony, and Bosh is nowhere to be find nor Lebron. Coach Spo, give LBJ or Dwade the ball and let chalmers be the shooting guard.. Let those superstar feel the game and something good will happen. Those two can beat any other team just let them play their game.. trained them to shoot three, nothing to loose so much to gain. practice makes it perfect

    • ImFromDallas says:

      The Mavs look better this year than last at this time. No reason to count them out. The Heat better figure out the zone, its the only reason they havnt had a giant celebration for something besides great potential.

  16. Law064 says:

    It would be impossible for the heat to get Dwight unless they trade LBJ or Bosh they have no money to get Dwight and without trading 1 of the 3 stars they have they wouldn’t have anything to offer Orlando for him

  17. alonZO says:

    I MISS the days when Zo and Tim-Bug and Pat Riley were the core of the miami team. That was what you call a MAN’s team. They played GREAT defense and never backed down from any team. They pushed, shoved, intimidated and terrorized thier opponents. They may not have the talent like the miami heat team right now but that was a team that certainly had a HEART of a WARRIOR!

  18. ghost says:

    dont mess with the Bulls’ lineup. Forget Dwight Howard. Chicago is gonna be in the Finals if Miami dont trust their bench players. East Finals – Bulls vs Heat… West Finals – Thunder vs Mavericks

  19. Law064 says:

    Well the Zone seems to be effective vs the Heat so far, when they rely on Jump shots they struggle

  20. Law064 says:

    @Anon you are correct the Bulls never had a great center Luc Longley, Will Perdue? What about the Pistons they had Ben Wallace 6’9 6’10 and Racheed not a real center. Miami does NOT have the best team they have the most talent I would say but the best team is the 11-2 Bulls and possibly OKC. If you Miami fans think you can get Dwight your on drugs Miami would have a 4 player roster. Eric Spo is a ok coach but he’s nowhere near the best coach. @David you said he got the heat to the finals without a center, I hope so you have Wade James and Bosh if that’s not enough I don’t know what to say. The Heat lost to Denver last night so they are clearly not the best team even though they have the most talent.

    • David says:

      The heat will have a better chance at winning last night’s game with Dwight, wouldn’t you say? So if you can improve a team’s chance of winning, why not do it. I’m not discrediting teamwork, the Heat will have to improve on that too, you always have to improve in more than one way at a time.

      • iceman says:

        The Heat lost to Denver…A team with no stars. And they beat them at their own game. They played an up tempo game at the pace the Heat wants to play and they got creamed… 3 100,000,000 dollar players.STOP MAKING EXCUSES. lebron James SUCKS…If the Heat really wants to win a championship, trade Lebron James for Dwight Howard and no one would beat them!!!

  21. ploky says:

    when they play the zone….james jones and mike miller simple as that just make sure that they make the shot 60%

  22. Anon says:

    I do think that a center is important, but I have to ask what great center did the Bulls have on their championship runs during the Jordan era?

  23. Roy says:

    Ummm why is everyone saying “Miami needs a grinder center and a defensive minded big man”? Do you guys even watch basktball thats EXACTLY what Joel Anthony is there for, he is a PURE defensive player he only scores when he ends up gettting the ball under the net from an offensive board. Sure they don’t run any plays for him because he isnt good enough but you don’t need to have a scoring center when you have Bosh beside him who can score on his own and has a handful of effective post moves and when they have LEBRON AND WADE LOL. @David, sorry man but you sound a little crazy when you say Miami should get Dwight Howard, they have nothing to trade from him unless they give up one of the big 3. And i dont think dwight would want to go to Miami anyways it would hurt his reputation. Miami is perfectly fine the way they are, they are more focused then last year and are going to march their way back to the finals. The only team that could provide a challenge is Chicago, ONLY if they get Howard somehow.

  24. tim maines says:

    it’s a good observation from you. But i’ve seen Lebron has developed post moves based on what he is doing on games they had this season, unlike the last season which he was really struggling on the post. miami should have a better player rotation on the floor for each opponent’s defensive strategy i being played on them. whenever opponent is using zone D, miami should have used their spot up players. yes, its already given that they have the BIG 3 but they should also put in their minds that they have a deep bench with good shooting skills. miami is also lacking for a big man as in a man who can match up the size of gasol, bynum, howard or griffin. bosh is an all-star himself but he is to lean for the fellas. additional big man for miami a a key if they really wanted to get another championship. tyson chandler was available, but NY got him first. miami needs a muscular, defensive big man.

  25. tapk69 says:

    David stop talking nonsense , its the second time i saw a miami fan asking for howard and to maintain the heat big 3 , might as well give em the championship .. Miami already has the best team , even if LA gets howard or bulls, the only obstacle for them is themselves not the other teams.

    James , wade and Lebron are all top10 players of the NBA , and might be the best at their positions , they just need to train hard and play harder and not reading newspappers

    • David says:

      Lebron is the best at his position, wade is not, and bosh is not in the top ten. Miami’s average talent level is way lower than many other teams.

  26. OzHeatFan says:

    @ David.

    Stop dreaming dude. Dwight to MIA It’s not gonna happen. And Spo is good, but the concensus is that he can’t take the Heat to the promised land. Pat Rilay can, and SHOULD take over as head coach before too much more of this season slips away. Garanteed if Spo doesn’t get Miami rings this year, he wont have a job next year.

    • David says:

      He just signed an extension, so he will stay.

      • sunsman says:

        Dude, Contracts in the NBA mean nothing except that they’ll pay him out when they have to use Spo as a scapegoat. If they don’t figure it out and don’t win the championship this year (unless a season ending injury to Wad or James can be blamed) then Spo gets fired, that simple.

  27. David says:

    Okay, to all haters of Eric Spolstra:
    I would consider Eric the best coach in the NBA because he is winning games and going to the finals without a real center position. Think about that, what other team or coach can get to Miami’s position with an incomplete line-up? Don’t even start talking about how lebron is a superstar and should be this and that and win because the last time I checked, Lebron cannot play center in the NBA.

  28. Fafa Shangu says:

    talking about the Heat again. saying the best things to be said about the team. Then comes the playoffs and they never become champions in their 2nd try. Heat players cry. Too much hype, too much expectations hurt the players when they fail.

  29. Ricky Rousse says:

    People are talking about how James Jones should be employed to help break the zone. I agree. But has anyone else ever thought about the timing issue. I’m willing to wager that Spoelstra is intentionally keeping Jones out of the picture so that when the other teams DO see him, which is likely to happen near post-season, there is not sufficient preparation for his presence. That could cause tremendous confusion. Of course, this is just a theory. I just feel like it’s all these small little details that people seem to miss. Basketball is not just one game, it’s a whole body of work. We’ll see how it plays out.

  30. beantown says:

    eric spoelstra needs to go back to being just a camera man bring back jerry sloan to coach them then they can possibly win multiple championships. Not to be disrespectful towards eric but lets get realhes just not coach material its written all over his face

  31. Stu.D says:

    @Laker fan still worried;
    Mate, you really need to let go of whatever hatred it is you are harbouring for Lebron. Comments like the one you just made are what is wrong with sports fans today; you should really be ashamed of yourself. Love the game, Love whoever is playing it well.
    Center is an interesting spot for Miami. The combination of pittman, anthony and curry (while certainly not the best in the NBA) is big and will have a lot of fouls to give without giving up too much in consistency of ability. Looking forward to the nest highlight reel between LAC and MIA.

  32. WOW says:

    @David why not get CP3 too
    Geeze miami fans do u really need All NBA line up to get a championship?

    • David says:

      Because Miami has a (or several) solid point guards and lebron can make plays as a PG. Miami need a center because they have no center right now. None of the big three can play center and the 5 position is a pre-requisite to any multiple championship team. Okay, then tell me, how many playable centers in the NBA are looking for a new place to play? Dwight Howard is. Plus, Miami is actually the best place to add Howard because they do not have a center previously. Dwight will not be an upgrade over someone like he will be in LA or Chicago, so his impact will be more evident.

  33. martijn says:

    compliments for the article: it’s nice to read a more technical analysis of a part of the game backed up explanatory videos. greetz. dutchie

  34. Danny says:

    I dont understand why coach dont use big time shooter JAMES JONES? why sign him then? dont change the rotation all the time….JJ must play every day to help heats offense.

  35. Aron says:

    James Jones is the guy Eric Spoltra has to use. I dont understand why he is not doing

  36. Joe says:

    Miami is the best team in the NBA. But they have the WORST coach. They need to make PLAYS at the end of games otherwise they will NOT win a championchip ever.

    • B says:

      agreed! I’ve been saying the same thing since last year, he can’t even come up with a match for these teams’ zone defense. we need pat riley back.

  37. ice_pogi says:

    Opps Its Better Than…. Not Better done… Sorry….For mixing it up….

  38. ice_pogi says:

    having a 2 losing streak is a bad thing for the heat…. But on second thought, Its not a bad thing at all . better done losing it to a eastern playoff teams like Boston, Magic, Atlanta or chicago… As of now they are still in the process of learning… Sure they got better from last season…. But they are still Fixing flaws… Like in ATLANTA… they lose at home… But they win it on the road against the Hawks too… Learning, dealing with it…and Progress…. they can afford to have loss even on wizards cause they know they aren’t a playoff contenders… Sure LAC is a playoff team but they are not there yet… I love LAC.. But they need to overthrow the Lakers first… As much as I hate this lakers team but they are still a title contender along with Dallas Spurs OKC…Is the Miami Heat worried about the Clippers??? Certainly Not! Come Playoff Time and you will see what i mean…..

  39. Laker fan still worried says:

    Grant Stern, “James Jones is the ultimate zone buster”

    I agree with you 100% but I hate the heat a lot so I am glad that the heat do not use Jones who can break the opponents zone. I really hate leBron I wish someone somehow will injure him on purpose. I pray this every single day of my life. I love to see leBron fail,

    • LOL says:

      Its pathetic losers like you that need beat down for saying someone would injure him on purpose. You KNOW how good Lebron is, thats why you are scared and want to see him fail. PATHETIC

      • iceman says:

        He’s so good that he needs Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh, and according to you heat fans, Dwight Howard or Steve Nash to win a championship…WOW…He’s GOOOOOOOODD!! LOL

  40. David says:

    Miami must get Dwight Howard in a trade that involves chalmers, joel anthony, udonis haslem, and draft picks. No team can win a champion without a great center, it is even harder for miami because they don’t have a playable center at all as no-one who is in basketball shape is at least 6’11 and not forced to give their natural position at the forward to play center.

    • Lay-up Dunk says:

      The Dallas Mavericks won a championship. So, your’re saying Tyson Chandler is a great center???? Gimme a break!

      • David says:

        Um, yeah, I am saying Tyson Chandler is a great center, doesn’t anyone want to counter that? Name 5 centers who are better than Chandler in the NBA right now.

      • Blueprint says:

        Tyson Chandler a great center LMFAO. OH GOD I AM DYING.

        Please. He fit in fantastically with the Mavs and enjoyed success against Miami because of Miami’s predictable reactions to the Mavs’ plays.

        You want 5 centers better than Chandler?

        1. Howard
        2. Marc Gasol
        3. Andrew Bogut
        4. Al Jefferson
        5. Andrew Bynum

        That was easy.

      • David says:

        Okay fine, he might not be an superstar, but still a top ten center in the league and way better than any center Miami has. In today’s NBA, to win a chanpionship, the center is one of the most important position, so who do you think is a center Miami can get, even on your non-superstar Tyson Chandler level?

    • Cox says:

      Chicago Bulls with Luc Longly and Bill Cartright… they won 6 championships… now those guy were just average centres!

      • Cox says:

        I think if they want to play this fast offence then they have to get a better point guard. Chalmers is too slow and inconsistent. They should trade of someone who can keep the pace up. Possibly Nash since I’m sure he wants a championship and he’s not in the same Division. Get a couple of ears from him and develop Cole.

    • J. Pla says:

      Dwight Howard Really? What about get Kevin Durant also so you can win a chapionship.Easy Howard as center ,Durant and Bosh as Fowardsand James as guard and Wade as point guard .You like it? I don’t know what happen to some fanaticssssss.that what you are brother.Good luck!

    • iceman says:

      uh Blueprint.. Only one of the Guys you named have a ring like Chandler. I’m just saying though.

  41. ESamp says:

    Miami should consider hiring a proven college coach from a program school to consult with in beating zone defenses. Miami’s primary weapon is athleticism and one-on-one offensive skill. They can improve greatly and are showing signs of growth as a team. They still really need a rough-and-tumble big man to keep opponents off the offensive boards and to add intimidation to agressive big men or slashing guards and forwards. Wade, Bosh and James are proven and high-level players in set, half-court offenses, but they still often look out of synch when the game tempo slows down and all three are on the floor together.

  42. beantown says:

    Now since Miami is struggling with a zone offense thats what teams will use that can use an effective zone defense. Like boston problem is thats the only offense they will get used to now leaving them vulnerable for other defenses.

  43. nyk says:

    nice article but Mr. Schuhmann- where is the race to mvp articles that had last year/

    • MW says:

      @nyk: Those articles were written by Steve Aschburner, not John Schuhmann.

      On the article: as mentioned by a player quoted in another article: in Europe, there’s a lot of zone and players know how to deal with it.

      A talented team like the Heat will learn, sooner or later, how to deal with zone defense and there is no doubt any other talented NBA team will be able to react to a zone defense if have some experienced, “smart” players.

      If zone was so great, it would be used the whole time. I’m thinking for example about Rubio who mentioned that there is actually more possible in the NBA because of the defensive 3 second rule.

  44. Grant Stern says:

    James Jones is the ultimate zone buster. Realistically, we should sub him in every time we see a zone and let him do some damage. That last play against Golden State showed that you need to spread the floor properly to beat the zone, and get active in the backdoor baseline areas as well as the knuckles. I don’t see this Heat team succumbing to any zone defenses by the time playoffs roll around, but it will be a yearlong learning lesson

    • McCOOLEET says:

      I agree…especially in crunch time I prefer to see the lineup of chalmers, j. jones, wade, lebron, and bosh. Hopefully Coach Spo would use his 3rd man rotation (Cole, J.Jones, T Harris, Pittman) during big leads, like leading 10 or more points and 2 minutes before the end of 3rd period afterward start the same roster for at least 2 minutes at the start of the 4th period. MIA has young, good and reliable bench players.

      • rick says:

        I agree. That last game against clippers would have turn out differently if the bench was use more. Miami have a good bench with great shooters. They should have use it to turn the tides when all three stars were struggling. Chalmers was the only effective shooter from long range and that cost them the game. Of course lebron contributed to that lost due to his poor free throw performance, but he also played more aggressive than he did against the warriors.

      • HeatWade says:

        i agree Spo must rely and use his bench more often too not just an 8-man rotation. when it comes to close games the big 3 were more of exhausted in the crunch time and that makes them struggle.

    • Tox says:

      Yeah! Give the ball to James Jones always who cant even dribble… ZOne Buster? when u play zone defense, of course u wil also consider 3-pt threats, they just dont play zone defense.. it depends on the lineup… Give to James Jones and they will switch to man-man, give to lebron/wade and they will switch to zone… shot clock is ticking! whats ur move?

      • DexterK says:

        the time it takes a team to switch from defensive set to defensive set, the mami will find the holes and expose you