All-Star Spotlight On Rubio, Duncan


Let’s state the obvious right here and right now: Ricky Rubio hasn’t done much, from a performance standpoint, to justify starting in an All-Star Game. Agreed? Good.

But honestly now: Wouldn’t you like to see him in the game? Of course. Well, he has a shot. Rubio is currently No. 3 in the voting among West guards, which means he’s clearly the people’s choice. As he should be, from the standpoint that the game is an exhibition designed to entertain. And we’d all love to see Rubio throwing no-looks to Kobe. That would be a ratings bonanza. The court vision, the clever passes, it’ll be on display All-Star weekend from Rubio, and maybe it won’t be on Saturday when the rookies share the floor with the sophomores.

As for the actual All-Star voting itself, there are no serious oversights so far in the results released today. All of the expected names are in the running for a starting spot or will be considered for a reserve slot when the coaches get around to filling out the rosters. Dwight Howard and LeBron James are the leading vote-getters so far in the East, Kobe Bryant (who leads all voters) and Kevin Durant in the West. Well, actually, there is one interesting situation developing involving Tim Duncan. He’s a 13-time All-Star and has made the game every year since 2000. But he’s seventh in the voting among West forwards. Is this the year the streak ends?

Duncan’s minutes are being rationed by the Spurs, more now than ever before. Duncan is getting only 26 minutes a game and averaging just 12 points and 6.5 rebounds, well off his peak years, understandably, given his age and the Spurs’ desire to keep him fresh for the postseason. A 66-game schedule only gives the Spurs additional reason to make sure Duncan is preserved. Of course, this may cost him an All-Star spot; LaMarcus Aldridge and Kevin Love are having stronger seasons and represent the up-and-comers.

Something tells me that Duncan doesn’t care too much about that. Even when he does make the game, he asks that his time be kept to a minimum. He knows what’s important at this stage of his career. And this could be his best chance at one more championship.

Anyway, to me, Duncan is the anti-Rubio. Duncan’s next thrilling All-Star highlight will be his first. So the question for fans (and maybe for coaches who fill the roster out) is this: Seriously, who would you like to see in the game, Duncan or Rubio?


  1. spurs fan says:

    for me it dsnt matter if TD going to allstar he is an superstar even hes not playing that game..he got 4 rings 3 finals mvp 2 season mvp 1 allstar mvp ..what can u ask more??lebron cant do that..i go with rubio..he desrve a spot in allstar and hes very entertaining to watch than duncan..duncan only think is one more ring thats or lose im forever spurs fan

  2. Maximiliano Petrarca says:

    Duncan has experience, Rubio does not have!!!!

  3. kevin says:

    Duncan is the bets player of the San Antonio Spurs

  4. marty says:

    Tim Duncan is the best player of the NBA and the world

  5. julio says:


  6. manu says:

    go duncan, is the best player of the world

  7. Maxi says:

    Tim Duncan (ALL STAR)

  8. Maxi says:

    Go Tim Duncan

  9. Maxi says:

    GO TIM DUNCAN!!!!!

  10. Nicolas Barrera says:

    Hey man, All-Star games are boring.., no D is played!!…

    it’s as boring as seeing the ball bouncing one side to another scoring all the times!!,
    eventually some “spectacular” dunk drops-in in a fastbreak while defense seems to be the best positioned spectator

    if you wan’t to see a basketball game put Duncan in… if you wan’t to see show.., well… call the Harlem Globber Trotters! 😉

  11. Pauskie says:

    Tim Duncan! Even if his post season is not quite good. but look if he wants to score so hard. he still can do it. GO DUNCAN! Fundamental = Entertaining

  12. Bee says:

    C’mon! Last Year, Aldridge gave way for Duncan’s LAST All star appearance!
    If we’re being SENTIMENTAL for TIM here, then let’s bring VINCE CARTER or Tracy McGrady back in the All star 2012!
    get the point? good.

  13. Julian says:

    It’s ok if Tim Duncan isn’t playing the ALL STAR. He knows that been a NBA CHAMPION is the ULTIMATE winner. That he will be the MVP this year.

  14. Alquin says:

    Duncan should be in the All-Star Dont forget he has All-star MVP with Shaq! Go Duncan…

  15. Mike says:

    It’s always sad to see a streak like Duncan’s end. But the post season is his arena, not the All Star game.

  16. Marco Polo says:

    Ricky Rubio will be All star next years BUT Time Dunkan is over and 3 big celtics are too.

  17. Erik says:

    I will like to see a legen like Duncan before he retires will have Rubio for a longer time..

  18. charles says:

    Rubio looks better and better. He is averaging 4 steals in the past 5 games and he is continuing to deliver in the 4th quarter when it really counts. Tim Duncan has had an amazing career and is a hall of famer. But he’s no longer what he used to be. He still has that veteran guile and can make things happen, but he’s not the player he was. Everyone knows it, the numbers show it, and the record of the Spurs show it, and their performance in last years playoffs show it. This is America, you don’t live off your past glory. You gotta deliver today. As Janet Jackson said “What have you done for me lately?”

  19. Rockets says:

    Kyle Lowry anyone?!
    Ricky Rubio should not be an all star, but Kyle Lowry should be!

  20. Philllip says:

    I’d say Nash over Rubio!

  21. Marcus says:

    I love Duncan but he’s not all-star material. It’s all about hype and Duncan is anti-hype. I’m sure Timmy would rather spend his weekend on the couch watching How It’s Made or something rather than hanging out with a bunch of young egos and ringless fingers.

  22. Hector says:


  23. YOmama says:

    if rubio is so good y aren’t minnesota winning!!!!
    look at spurs they are winning perfectly fine.

  24. ed says:

    The real fact is, neither of them are really all star caliber players. Rubio undoubtedly will be, and Duncan undoubtedly was, but right now his numbers are nothing to sneeze at and Rubio isnt even a starter with the timberwolves.

  25. Baboch says:

    Duncan hands down. He’s the greates power forward to ever play. He’s earned it even if his numbers aren’t the same.

  26. ChrisHoustonTx says:

    Also Garnet and Duncan are not the same and should not be. Garnet finally got a ring in Boston which I am happy for him but he is not the same leage us Duncan in terms of accomplishments. Actually Duncan has better number this year than Garnet and his team has a better record this year.

    Duncan is the best power forward ever to play this game and a 1st ballotte hall a famer.

  27. ChrisHoustonTx says:

    Timmy is the greatest Power Forward to ever play this game, his time is short so every time we get to honor would be great. I would love to see him on the All Star because he is an All Star.

  28. mauro says:

    guys? the past 4 yrs of all star games have minimal entertainment than it was in the previous years, the game became a game of winning and not a game of entertaining fans anymore. given that the all star game transformation, i’d go with tim, rubio has lot years to come yet!!! Duncan is legend (even shaq called him that)

  29. philippines says:

    go ricky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. DenseKanto says:

    Duncan why end his All-Star Tradition! These new guys will have their shot for many years to come let Duncan go out on a high!

  31. Riki says:

    Picking an All-star starting line up is popularity based vote so stop whining about it. All-star reserve are picked by coaches nod, It’s not just they have a good stat but also they based it on their teams record. For example, John Wall is the star of Washington, How can you be an star if you can’t carry your team into win? It is still early to decide which should be in the reserve but we can tell who it will be.

    – Bynum, Duncan

    – Durant, Griffin, Aldridge, K,Love

    – Kobe, CP3, Westbrook

    Last 3 slots (pick 3)
    – Nowitzki, Gay, Gallanari, Nash

    – D.Howard, T.Chandler

    – Melo, LeBron, Granger, J, Smith

    – D,Rose, Wade, Rondo

    Last 3 slots (pick 3)
    – L.Deng, Iguodala, J. Johnson, Amare

  32. Jay J. says:

    Not yet convinced about why Ricky?
    Check this video out? Debut mix (first 10 NBA games for Ricky Rubio):

  33. mike1 says:

    Rubio must play this match. Maybe he hasn’t the best numbers but he is pure spectacle. Something different is always good, You know how the all star matches are, and people want to see creativity and imagination with the ball.
    COMME ON RICKY!!!!!!

  34. Aimee says:

    That’s why we love Timmy.

  35. Able 1 says:

    Let’s be real here for a minute. Since when has the All-Star game been about the best players. As far back as I can remember it’s been about staying power. It’s a reward for service to your team and the NBA. Yes, Tim’s minutes and scoring averages are down but he is still one of the best players in the NBA. I say keep him an All-Star until he retires.

  36. Juanes says:

    da wining team:

    Rose, wade, howard, LeBron, melo. Just the best team…in orlando: Howard MVP Shure.

  37. Vda says:

    there are many players who are good in this league but without a doubt ricki RUBIO!!!!

  38. Hakeem says:

    Deron Williams, Carmelo Anthony, Brandon Roy are traded or retired. Nowitzki and Duncan aren´t good like the last years. I think the East dominate the West. Rubio shouldn´t play. Yes he is good but he hasn´t the numbers and he will become an All-Star in a few years

  39. Sonics206 says:

    Tim Duncan should not be an All-Star just because of the player he used to be. He’s old, his numbers are WAY under All-Star status, and he won’t be fun to watch..

    Ricky Rubio is an All-Star caliber player, but he isn’t quite there yet..

    Now, MONTA ELLIS needs to be voted an All-Star, 5th in the league in scoring, and 2nd Guard after Kobe.


  40. jonas says:

    RUBIO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Antonio says:

    Come on Ricky!!! We love you from Spain and see you every night!!!
    And I’m sure that you are the most important thing this summer, on Olympic Games!!

  42. Doctor of Basketball says:

    why do we must choose between a guard and a forward? they do not exclude one another… anyway in all fairness Duncan is not in the top 4 forwards of western conference nowadays, griffing, durant, nowitzki, love are all better players now and spurs are a team that is on a downward spiral. one should EARN a place in the allstar game not get voted in because he was an amazing player 5 years ago. rubio has been very good this season which the lockout delayed, so he has had little time to prove himself like players get in the ‘normal’ seasons, but he has shown signs that he is one of the best pure PG’s in the league.

  43. alex says:

    China: 1,300 million people, Spain: 40 million people…………………you do not say lies

  44. Carlos says:

    Ricky Rubio all the way!!
    He still has a lot to learn, and he will improve for sure, but the way he plays is spectacle, and that’s what the All-Star game was created for.
    That’s all there is to say.

  45. JJJ says:

    rubio? are you kidding? he has a lot to learn & only made some statements offensivly. but if you have seen his performance against derrick rose you have to admit, that there is only a lil kid along adult ballers! wait some years, this ridiculous populism about an “exotic” playmaker is f*++#g nonsense! he just hasnt deserve it yet!

  46. Yo says:

    No way Rick Rubio is an allstar..I can name 25 point guards better than him right now in the NBA,
    he has been over-hyped too much. Nash > Rubio,he should be the one in the allstar game

  47. Adrian says:

    Ricky Rubio is pure spectacle. I think that he must to stay in the allstar.

  48. NBEATZ says:

    DUNCAN IS IN THE SAME BOAT AS GARNET FOR THE EAST TEAM, 13PPG and 7 RPG IS NOT ALLSTAR WORTHY, Names should NOT mean that you are in the ALLSTAR GAME automatically.



    • CoachAiree says:

      should be 12 guys on the all star team; add Ellis and Gasol for the west(marc), and Bargnani and another guy in the East

  49. cristian says:

    Rubio all starr!!

  50. Bogdan says:

    When i read about Timmy and his career i usually have tears in my eyes . he is the best PF to ever play this game. No doubt about this, but i know that the moment when we will not see Duncan on the court is very close, and that is gonna be a sad moment. It’s not all about Timmy , it’a about a lot of other players that have changed the game and they are at the end of their journey in the NBA. NBA is no longer gonna be the same without this stars .

  51. Ivander says:

    You guys must be kidding…
    i m a big spurs fan and it would be really ok to me if timmy doesnt make the team , kevin love is clearly the better man at the position. but why the hell should ricky rubio make the team?? don t get me wrong, i ve watched him play and i love his game, he has a ton of talent, but the guy hasnt even played 10 games in the nba, and … that says it all……. really ridiculous question asked right here. so if i have to answer. i still prefer timmey in the all star game, even if he s old and slow, rubio has done nothing to earn this yet…

  52. d'android says:

    Duncan of course, he’s very intelligent player, he has the talent not just scoring/rebound but balance with teamwork and leadership. He know when to pull the trigger and when not to, instead he just enjoy playing and feeding teammates on the floor teaching fundamentals. Though Duncan’s stat is decreasing but he’s teammates are increasing. That’s what we called balanced player, not just more on physical but intellectual as well.
    Rubio is an awesome average player and he still needs advice from the Big Fundamentals of basketball. He’ll be an allstar someday, just keep your cool.

  53. Lucas says:

    Duncan always!!!!

  54. Fresh says:

    to be honest i believe that Rubio is playing better than Tim Duncan and if you really have watched Rubio play this season he is playing like an all star. But im also going to be honest in saying that i really love Rubio’s play style so it may be a bigger reason in convincing me too vote for him.

  55. lollolol says:

    as long as kobe is in it..

  56. Vincent says:

    Tim Duncan does not care much about his all star status neither does Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili, that is why they’re a successful team. They know that it is secondary, the ultimate goal is winning a championship. You can not count out the Spurs in winning a championship. By the way are Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry getting enough votes for the all star?

  57. Doncha says:


  58. Lrac says:

    ill go for ricky rubio…it is not base on how many years he has been played… but on how he plays the game… no matter u r how veteran u r but ur stats is going down it will show that your are going down. Ricky rubio did not make a high score but he carries his team… he always makes a double-double… it is not how many u score or how veteran u r, but how u carry your team…

  59. Pedro says:

    Nash over Rubio AND Duncan. Period.

  60. Whoppas in the car says:

    there have been what, 10 games per team this season? IDC if its a 66 game season, how can you make an accurate judgement so early in the season? Its a damn shame this sport is getting dumber because of all the ignorant fans

  61. Jayjoe14 says:

    I don’t care about those two. Brian Scalabrine should be an all-star!

  62. philippines says:

    rubio is 3rd in the all star voting.. a lot of people would be upset if he isn’t in the all star game.. the nba is a global game.. let the world choose.. not some critics who won’t give this kid a chance to showcase his skill.. this is about making the world happy.. let the RUBI-VISION in!!!!

  63. . says:


  64. Mitch says:

    How has Rudy Gay never been an All-Star before???

  65. JF says:

    I honestly can’t understand how people would prefer Rubio in the All-Star game when you still have Steve Nash playing in the NBA?!

  66. Jordan says:


  67. Rafael Godinho says:

    Rubio. Duncan is far behind Griffin, Aldridge, Gasol, Nene, Randolph, even David Lee. He should retire.

  68. MaFox says:

    I also believe STEVE NASH should be in it instead of Rubio. We won’t get many opportunities to see nash in the allstar game much anymore

  69. Gregory says:

    I heard this debate last year: Should Duncan be an all star even with decreasing numbers? He was a great player in the best team of last season. He deserved his places for a spot in the All Star game 2011.
    This year, no way. You want career honors, go to the Hall of Fame!Anyways, good things always come to an end. One day, he won’t be doing the All star game anymore.

  70. rh1no says:


  71. amoz arvanza says:

    rubio a point guard and duncan a forward…what the……

  72. @Luke_Mellow says:

    “Duncan’s next thrilling All-Star highlight will be his first.” You gotta be kidding me right?!? That’s the most idiotic thing I’ve heard in years. Mr. Powell, are u an writer/expert? Nah, you’re an idiot. When people who make a living writing about the game forget this fast, where the heck are we headed? It’s really really sad… Shaun Powell, you owe TD & diehard NBA fans an apology, because sentences like these enable random fans act like dumb and dumber.

  73. the man says:

    (to the tune of Let it Be)
    TIMMY D, TIMMY D, TIMMY D, TIMMY D, There is an answer, TIMMY D

  74. Robbie says:

    Rubio without a doubt hould be there, and i think he would have a shot at all star mvp should he play. Duncan has had his time and is without a doubt a future hall of famer, but lets face it, if you asked Duncan himself he would probably say that rubio should go, and that he would prefer not to (even if duncan did go to the all star game he would play no more than 2-3 mins at the most and i think even the most ardent spurs fans would not want to see him glued to the bench for 45 minutes of the game being nothing better than a cheerleader).
    1 question to spurs fans who want to see him at the all star game….. Duncan all star 2012 or duncan nba champion 2012? Be honest to yourself, in a season like this Duncan can only do one of these things, not both.
    If he was voted to the all star game it would be nothing more than a sympathy vote for him.

  75. ghinz says:

    Timmy of course! You would want to see only the best at all stars and not anybody who have not proven anything yet (in NBA at least).

  76. portland says:

    LaMarcus Aldridge should be an all star

  77. Spurs fan says:

    We all know all star balloting is’s all a popularity contest..makes me believe in the illuminati lol

  78. Spurs fan says:

    Yes Timmy D is my favorite player of all time on my favorite team…He is a bonifide HOF , Legend perhaps the greatest pf with the exception of the mailman(Karl Malone) but he is not an all star game type of player he’s too fundament and simple , His talent level at one point was all star worthy but he’s aging….Id rather see Rubio but what I hear about him( I havent seen Rubio play yet) Timmy is on the twilight of his career..he may have one more title in him..but he needs to sit this out he has nothing to prove ..he needs to rest for the season cause this rushed season with a lot of games squeezed together is not in favor of the veteran teams .
    the younger teams will benefit more..I think sometimes Kobe,Lebron Wade and some of them should sit out and let the younger guys go at it…yes Monta Ellis deserves it ..Monta would be exciting to watch too

  79. Nanda says:

    Duncan should be listed as center, then he would make it to the game! There’s just nobody around at the west centers

  80. Jao says:

    Im a big fan of TD. but this time I’d rather give it to Rubio. Duncan wouldnt mind it this point of his career its only another Ring he’ll want for himself..last all star game he doesnt look that entheusiastic about it anymore. less than 10 pts ea I guess for the last two AS game he played.

    besides, its not good to see the best PF in NBA history (so far) to be blocked/dunked on by athletic big whom he just toys around during his peak and in crucial games.

  81. eh?? says:

    i think people would vote for rubio…because the all star is all about entertainment…well the big fundamental is sad to say not that fun to watch…don’t get me wrong timmy is a great player and one of the greatest, but if you’re watching an all star game, you are pretty much focused on the dunks of kobe, lebron and wades, and the awesome past of paul, wiliams and nash ( i hope he gets in). for a big guy to make a statement you have to be big like shaq or long like yao or flasy like howard and blake….we’lls that what i think…

  82. GinFreecs says:

    Duncan or Rubio? ill go for Rubio but i also want to see this both players on the All-star stage, Duncan’s time is limited in Spurs how much more he can contribute to the western squad, Rubio is still establishing himself in the league. even though he’s not athletic as Bad Blake, he made Minnesota T-wolves exciting to watch, i think he wants to follow Steve Nash footsteps of creating bunch of plays for the team. Only if Rubio has clutch players like Amar’e/D-wade/KD i think with even low-profile team mates they can make the team excel. in the case of Irving, i think hes the best player Cleveland have now, so he excels very much, unlike T-wolves that you think that everyone can contribute, its just like you want to use them but you still use the old ones.

  83. NBAFAN says:

    The West Centers should be Andrew Bynum and Al Jefferson -.- check the numbers, those are clearly the 2 best Centers in the West.

  84. Alex says:

    neither honestly. As good as Duncan was in his prime if he isnt having a good year he shouldnt be selected to play, it isnt fair to the other players who work hard to make it and play like all-stars but dont make it. and Ricky Rubio’s a great player but he isnt having an all-star first season. he will soon but not yet

  85. Brian says:

    ok, how many more years can we see Tim Duncan’s bank shot? How many more years we can watch the best PF of all times on the court? why wouldn’t we wanna see the hall of famer to whom every single PF will be compared play in the All-star games again.
    Choose Rubio when he can bring a winning culture to T-wolves, I know All-star is an exhibition game, but cp3 can do what Rubio does even better, can anyone do what Duncan does?

  86. chubbena says:

    If old Jordan could knock the then upcoming Carter off the starter spot then Duncan should be in the All Star game this year.

  87. john says:

    There is no way you can compare rubio with duncan, they play in different position, they have different roles and things to do on the field. I’m not saying rubio shouldn’t be on the all star game but take out another guy

  88. fucckkker says:

    DAVID STERN for the starting PG

  89. Vash says:

    Duncan is getting old and a lot of new players with incredible talents are coming. I’m a big fan of Duncan and seeing him out of All-star is kind of a bummer. Duncan will probably be in Orlando for All-Star weekend as a spectator and I think he will love that.

  90. Kyle says:

    The greatest power forward of all time. Future NBA Hall-Of-Fame. The cornerstone of the Spurs success for a very long time. STILL a leader among his teammates (you can always see him teaching, instructing, and bonding with the younger guys). Yet The Big Fundamental is still one of the nicest and most humble active players in the NBA today. Those reasons are all I need to continue voting for Timmy D to participate in this year’s All-Star game.

  91. David says:

    Duncan hasn’t missed an All-star game since 2000? Duncan has never missed an All-Star game buddy. He’s old, there are much better people to choose from. Let’s move on

  92. ARSJAN says:


  93. Kating says:

    Duncan or Rubio? Rubio
    Rubio or Nash? Nash

  94. kovabeatbody says:

    Ricky Rubio all day!!!!!! the kid is nice n’ he’s the present…Ducan is slow, old,he’s done much already. let the new kid shine

  95. David says:

    Why is this set up as a choice between Duncan and Rubio? They are not competing with each other for fan voting? Subpar journalism, friend.

    The REAL dilemma could end up being Rubio or Nash. Both will surely dazzle in the All Star game, but one surely deserves the pick before the other.

  96. Lyrad says:

    Rubio is an All Star for 2012. All Star game is not like a regular season games, it is an entertainment game for the fans of NBA. Duncan showed his talent already 13 all star games and he deserves it a lot. This is 2012 all star game, there are new talented players like Rubio that can entertain much the fans. ^_^

  97. Ignacio says:

    Steve Nash combines both things. History and entertainment.

  98. Luis says:

    Si tuviésemos que decidir qué jugador es mejor, Duncan o Rubio, la respuesta sería fácil: Duncan, por supuesto, Es uno de los mejores jugadores de la historia. Pero la cuestión es a cuál de ellos nos gustaría ver en el próximo partido de las estrellas. Y en este caso la respuesta también es simple: Rubio, sin lugar a dudas.

    If we had to decide which player is better, Duncan or Rubio, the answer would be easy: Duncan, of course; he`s one of the best players of all time. But the question is which of them we`d like to see in the next allstar game. And in this case, the answer is easy too: Rubio, no doubt.

  99. demented says:

    Rubio all the way…

  100. philippines says:

    this is entertainment.. we need rubio in the all star game to do that.. if you want the all star game to be boring.. pick tim duncan.. rubio all the way!!!! this is not about stats, al jefferson has always been a 20,10 guy prior to this season, he has never been voted in.. this is entertainment! God bless the nba..

  101. SauloMarti says:

    Duncan has not earned it this season. He’s possibly the greatest PF to ever play the game, but let’s be realistic, 12 and 6.5 are not all-star numbers. To be fair though, I don’t thinkg 10, 8 and 4 are all-star numbers either, but I still voted for him based on entertainment value, that sets them apart. If you wanna go statistics, Kevin Love, Aldridge, Monta, Curry (if healthy), all deserve it more than duncan and rubio, but from an entertainment perspective, i’m not sure there is a PG i’d rather see.

    On the east, Kyrie, Calderon, Augustine, Jrue.. are all Gs who deserve it more than some veterans who may end up getting the spot like Ray Allen..

  102. Baha says:

    i would love to see new players to make to allstar game….hope it wont be same ol players like Duncan….Nash….whoever else thats been there again and again…young players also deserve to be there…

  103. alex23 says:


  104. dedin says:

    NBA fans are impacted with Ricky Rubio. In Europe, no. We know him. Do you remember the Olympic final USA-Spain? Who was the playmeker of Spain? Who won Spanish leagues, Eurean Championship, Euroleague..?

  105. jty says:

    all star game is about entertaining. big no no for tim. it’s like old lady posting in playboy magazine.

  106. tapk69 says:

    voting between a guard or a foward is unfair , and if its about the future off course go with Rubio..

    Tim Duncan deserves lots of respect but he probably would prefer to watch the all-star than playing it , Duncan is a real professional , the best ive seen but im only 25 .

  107. jose says:

    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar without a doubt

  108. Sam Robinson says:

    All star voting is about voting you would most like to see in the game. Rubio is new fresh and is an absolute pleasure to watch. He is not super athletic but he can more closely relate to the average viewer than the super athletic stars of lebron james or derrick rose. I would prefer to watch rubio than lebron or derrick rose. Its not about the absolute best players but the most enertaining therefore players rubio will get voted over players that are technically better. Thats the system live with it.

  109. Lagarto says:

    Rubio¡¡¡¡¡ He is the best playmaker¡¡¡¡

  110. Adm says:

    AI could return today and be voted in .

  111. Jimbo says:

    Tim Duncan has been THE MAN, but this season, this year, to this All-Star, he has not deserved. If there’s only one option Ricky/Duncan, Ricky Rubio for sure.

  112. Jay J. says:

    Ricky Rubio is a natural born All-Star mos def

  113. boysulit says:

    Duncan showed what he’s made off. He has proven himself in the NBA. He is a certified HOF. But All Star game is not about that, it is who the people wants to see to showcase their talent in this showcase. All star game is for the Fans. In fact, it doesnt depends on 1 vote, it is a consolidated vote and that is why people vote. Thus, I think that Rubio deserves to be in the all star game if he will be voted by the people.

  114. BIGmatta says:

    Guys, 10pts and 8asts a game is not all-star worthy. 12pts and 6rbs a game is not all-star worthy. Neither of them should be in the game this year. C’mon be serious.

    • Moby says:

      Numbers don’t mean a thing when it comes to the all star game! Let’s not forget when the coaches voted in Chris Gattling years back! He was coming off the bench for Dallas at the time (i think), the coaches vote in guys who’ll win the game/make the difference when they get serious and play D with 5 mins to go. I’m with all those guys who want Monta Ellis to play, he has deserved it for the past few years, and i think Duncan and Rubio are great players. Go Sixers!

      • Moby says:

        Could’ve been New Jersey. Anywho, what about Marc Gasol or Andrew Bynum! Both playing pretty well. Tyreke Evans….. There is actually a lot of great players in the nba, whoever makes it, i don’t mind, as long as it’s entertaining, right?

    • Larry O'Connor says:


  115. Iñaki Gomez says:

    RU-BI-O , RU-BI-O. We all know All Star Game is a huge show, and every show needs artists to make it real. Rubio is a real artist and we need him if we want to have fun that day! No one besides Mr. Nash can do what Rubio is able to does.

  116. Mike says:

    forget Duncan and Rubio… i’d rather see Kim Kardashian in the center court!!!

  117. porvirajeirregular says:

    Rubiooo!! He’s the future! If he goes this time he could go 15!! LET’S DO ANOTHER MYTH!!

  118. Ben says:

    It’s not Rubio’s time yet. I think this is showing that Rubio will make all star appearances and probably will get voted in a fair bit too… but he won’t get a shot this year. Too many guys like Ellis, Parker, Lawson, Felton who either put up the stats or are a big part of their team getting Ws.

  119. Just saying says:

    duncan is that kind of players who plays to score points, to lead a team ! not to entertain tho !
    id rather see rubio lobbing to players, rather to see duncan working under the basket suffering to score when howard is there !
    it takes players like blake, lebron and d-wade, cp3 to lead the all star game, rose and durant, these are guys who would make shots and dunks that would make you jump off your feet, they’re fresh fast and know how to entertain, its not only being young, its their style that worth voting for! kobe is old, but who wouldn’t say that hes an all star (diffidently not the voting % ) . no not because of his 40-40 making defenders tipsy ( yeah you can say he got stopped and blocked, but not really when he scores 48 ) but he has the mentality of a star, he acts like one and preforms like one as well, he challenges defenders, crosses over good and dunk on almost everybody..
    like, kobe wont let lebron steal the lights from him, but Duncan wont even care. Duncan is old, we don’t see him as aggressive as he used to be, and for an all star game no, he wont fit in ! i agree with you Mr shuan, he wont care if he didn’t play.

  120. James says:

    So overrated.

  121. Wayne says:

    On another note,hopefully the coaches will finally give Monta Ellis a bench spot,because the starting guards voted by the fans in the West will be Chris Paul & Kobe Bryant.

  122. Wayne says:

    The guard that should make it from the West that keeps getting over looked,that is exciting to watch and carries his team alot.A bench spot for this player,that has earned his spot (but I know the all-star game is a lame popularity contest,where many spots are NOT earned eg: Yao Ming only got votes cause of China.Does Ricky have this lucky connection,but with Spain lol!).

    The player: Monta Ellis (shooting guard@Golden State Warriors)

  123. fasho says:

    umm..rubio obviously..!

  124. ubaldo says:

    Rubio! All Star game is pure entertainment, and with Rubio in court the show is guaranteed. I’m suer Duncan is an fantastic player, but Rubio is the future ans the show must go on!!!

    I’m from Spain, and Rubio HAS EARNED A LOT OF CHAMPIONSHIPS. I know you think NBA is the best competition in the wolrd (I think so too), but isn´t the only one in the world, and there are fantastic players in other leagues. Do you remember names like Nowitzky, Gasol, Parker, …? They are fantastic players in the NBA and before NBA too!

    • Ozner says:

      mmmmm yea i remember those names, but they were NOT fantastic players before they came to the NBA. They are GREAT players because they came to the NBA(the best league in the world) and made a name for themselves here. They were just youn players trying to prove something before they came

  125. Wal says:

    If you want entertaining, you have to go with Monta Ellis over Rubio

  126. Claudiu says:

    Rubio has been an All star even before his first game in NBA…everybody want to see a enterteiment show not a all veteran show….

  127. Ty says:

    Duncan is the greatest PF of all time. Rubio is a beauty and he will be an all-start before too long, but he hasn’t earned it yet this season.

    • Iceman says:

      really?…and what nba records does he hold? Please, he isn’t even close. A great player, future hall of famer? Sure, but not even close to the best PF ever. My man Malone comes closer to that by far, but even he is arguable.

      • Big Cheese says:

        If you want to compare Malone and Timmy, look no farther than their fingers. And who is it that has the rings? The Big Fundamental of course. People may not like watching Duncan because he isn’t flashy or a look-at-me type of guy like many in the league but he has been dominant since he was drafted. And if you want to say his production is down, it really isn’t. If you projected his averages for the minutes he played a few years back, the averages are almost exactly the same. Pop just wants to make sure he is ready for the playoffs, where Tim has shown he is more than capable of completely taking over a game or series. Just last year, the Spurs won more games than ever before, and if it wasn’t for Manu breaking his arm, they probably would’ve had number five already. As for the All-Star game, Duncan should get a nod before Rubio (who has been solid, but not quite at that top level) but not before say Aldridge or Love, who both have been spectacular for the last few seasons. Timmy may not be quite the same as he was when he ran over the Pistons in ’03 with arguably the greatest Finals performance by a big man ever, but he still is one of the best bigs in the league.

  128. Devlin says:

    Every fan votes differently and that’s cool, but I’ve always been prone to vote for who deserves to be an all-star now. Tim Duncan is a, hands down hall of famer, has won many championships, and has been in several all-star games throughout his fantastic NBA carrier. If there are other guys playing great now, I say reward them with an all-star nod.

    • Larry O'Connor says:

      I agree with Devlin. Everytime a new star comes along, room has to be made on the all star roster. I believe each year we should all try to vote for the player that deserves it in the current year. lets preserve the history vote for the hall of fame. imagine if you were a player and you missed the all start vote to someone less deserving because of a popularity contest. Personally I don’t see Duncan or Rubio qualifying for the big game this year. I will be excited to see Rubio play with the freshmen on Saturday and Duncan to play in the playoffs this spring. WEST: Paul, Kobe, Durant, Blake, Bynum. Maybe Love or Aldridge instead of Blake. The only time I think the question of “Who’s more exciting?” should come in to play is when there are 2 candidates that are equally deserving. Blake or Aldridge? who’s more exciting?

  129. Marcos89 says:

    I’m Spanish but I’d go with Duncan, though. Rubio is a great player, but I think he has to establish himself first as one of the top PG in the league to earn that spot. He has done nothing yet, he is trying to discover himself as a player and needs to go through some adaptations before we can seriously consider him as a valid option to fill the all star game. Anyway in 10 games he has proved he is ready to play the game and I’m proud he has overcome the fears he had to face last year in Spain.
    Duncan has won every little thing you can win in this game: mvp of the RS, mvp of the finals, nba champ, 13 times all-star… Ok, he isn’t the type of player you would like to see in a game with a loose defense and high dosis of showtime, because of his unselfish and calmed personality but he is Tim Duncan! It’s like Kobe or Shaq, he is a must in an all star game, and I respect and apreciate that.
    Moreover, that’s the first return in the ballots, I’d bet, Rubio won’t be the third guard pick in a month. Wait and see

  130. Paul says:

    Ricky Rubio is “All-Star”!

  131. kanuk says:

    rubio without a doubt

  132. ball86 says:

    numbers are allways important, of course.victories as well… but the relevance he has, the spectacular he is……i really think he can do it if he stays in the 3er position…..lets go ricky!!!stay on fire!!

  133. ApalanQ says:

    I can understand all opinions between Duncan and Ricky fans but the boy deserves it, and not just for the show but for basketball.
    He is playing so well, look at his numbers! He earned it!

    I admire tim duncan and I think both are great bets for certainly all star.

  134. Dylan says:

    He should take the spot of Deron Williams.
    HE is not even close to Mr. Rubio

  135. Louie says:

    I too agree, Duncan. Ricky will be a good player within a couple of years and I am sure will make an all-star game or two but Timmy has been the cornerstone of the Spurs dynasty and regardless of how boring the press labels the spurs and how old he is suppose to be every year I for one can still appreciate team effort and a disciplined locker room with great leadership.

  136. Ryan says:

    Duncan for sure! best player of the last 15 years!

  137. siv024 says:

    big fan of the NBA, Rubio in and Duncan out. Plain and simple.

  138. David says:

    How has Duncan earned it? This is the 2012 all star game, not the life time achievement awards. I’d rather see Rubio than Duncan because it would be a lot more entertaining. Nothing against Timmy, but he hasn’t earned it this year

  139. boston4life says:

    for sure Dancan has been there,seen it, done it and there is nothing much to pull out from the closet….let the young brother shine, no one steped on Dancan’s way when he was getting his shine. it would be good to see a diffrent set of people to play all star, not the same old same old (no hard feelings) i mean there are so many players who can still give a thrill performance at the all star. Tim you are a great player but i think i would be thrilled to see Rubio lob to Kobe or Jordan or Blake

  140. badboyz says:

    no way man…lol last year duncan didnt do nothing much in the allstar game but run around. come on allstar is all about entertaining and i would love to see rubio in the allstar game. no disrespect to duncan but it not fun to see old man running around doing nothing just like shaq when it time it is time no more allstar game for tim duncan.

  141. Matas says:

    he has earned it!

  142. Sea Pea says:

    I’d like to see Duncan because I’m sentimental like that. Rubio would be more entertaining but if he hasn’t earned it he hasn’t earned it. If it’s close then you gotta always give it to the veterean. No question. It’s not just just entertainment it’s history too.

    • J says:

      To be fair and objectional Sea Pea, since when does earning or not earning a spot by your play in the nba matter when it comes to the all-star game?… It wasn’t even that long ago that yao and t-mac got nearly voted in and they played a total of 3 games I believe. People vote by prejudice and irrationality, the rational thought of only going by your play to actually EARN a spot doesn’t work with this system of frivolity.

      • Chris says:

        The All-Star game is fun to watch and everything, but it’s just a popularity vote. Guys like Kobe and Lebron will always be in it until someone bigger comes along. I love Yao and T-Mac, but the biggest reason they were in the All-Star games, besides that they were good, was because all of China voted for them.

      • SN13 says:

        Vote for Steve Nash over CP3 (Nash would play a way more dangerous pick n roll game with Griffin and be able to kick it out to either the BLACK MAMBA or DURANTULA way better than CP3 ever could)

        Nash would also bring his HILARIOUS antics to the all-star game like always and give a strong veteran voice in the west locker room alongside Kobe.
        Who knows, it might be his last All-Star game in a west uniform.

    • Lex says:

      Yeah I am with you, Duncan should have the stop, Rubio still have a long way before people can call him a real all star. and I am pretty sure he will be one, but Tim Duncan is history and a legend. Sorry big Spurs fan!

      • Chico says:

        No way Duncan should appear as a reserve on this all star game. He was amazing and had a great career on the past, but the all star game is about a show. Some people do the misunderstanting to think that is a popularity vote. They vote on old guys who doesn’t care with the game and want to rest for the valuable matches, and them come complaining that there was no show, just a bunch of guys throwing lay-ups and lame shots to show that they were there. Giving te spot to an older player, just because he is old is an offense to the ones that are really working hard for some recognition.
        I really expect this mentality to change someday. If Griffin(example) is giving a show, let’s put him on the starters spot. If he is not having a good season, take him out, because I want to see players giving their best to give us a cool game. If the league wants to see old,but extremely good players, let’s call Jordan, Johnson, Bird. And the reason: They are older, they must have their career respected.