In Season Of Strides, Miami Steps Back


Schadenfreude largely has been off the menu so far this season for members of the Miami Hate, that splinter group of NBA fans who emerged last season in response to The Decision and the hubris around the Super Friends edition of the Miami Heat.

Hate-able moments are hard to come by when a team that came within two victories of winning the NBA championship starts out 8-1 in its second season since formulation. The Heat has been defending great (third in defensive field-goal percentage), scoring in bunches (first in points and shooting) with a dominant 10.1 points differential. LeBron James picked up his 33rd Player of the Week award, on the heels of his 32nd, and has doubled his post-up opportunities to produce some killer stats near the rim.

But a blast from Miami’s past cost them in their 111-107 overtime loss at Golden State and gave the anti-Heat rooters something to latch onto: A miserable fourth quarter. Leading by 17 points with 1:49 left in the third quarter, Miami went belly-up with 2-of-17 shooting in the last 12 minutes of regulation, leaky defense at the least opportune time and five of what would be 22 turnovers overall.

James also breathed some life into the old jokes (“Don’t ask LeBron to break a dollar, ‘cuz he’ll only give you three quarters”) by taking no shots in that final period. It was reminiscent of his deer-in-the-headlights moments late in The Finals last June. He went 0-for-0 in 6:34 in the fourth, while Chris Bosh was 0-for-2 and Dwyane Wade – whose 34 points were almost a bonus, given the uncertainty of his foot injury – shot 1-of-8 in the quarter.

James took three shots in overtime but was wallpaper as Golden State’s Dorell Wright scored eight, on the heels of Nate Robinson’s 15 in the fourth. And’s Brian Windhorst, James’ Boswell, chronicled the Miami star’s Hot Tub Time Machine flashback:

Playing against a defender in [Wright] that didn’t have the size to handle him in the post, James either never went there or was never instructed to go there.

On two of the biggest possessions of the game [Miami coach Erik] Spoelstra called for isolation plays for Wade, with James standing as a decoy outside the 3-point line. Which isn’t much of a danger since James has yet to hit a 3-pointer this season.

Though with the Heat down three with 23 seconds left in overtime and the team looking for a quick two-point basket and a quick foul, James took an unnecessary and overall terrible 3-pointer over the taller [Warriors forward David] Lee with 11 seconds left. He missed and the game was essentially over, both mercifully and prematurely.

It’s just one of 66. There is time on the calendar, if not on the practice court in this mad dash through the NBA schedule, to fix what’s broken. But for a night – part of a night, really – the rest of the NBA had hope that crunch-time pressure and James’ trigger mortis might provide the blueprint for some spring surprises.

And the anyone-but-Miami crowd had a little hate to savor.



  1. LOL says:

    Keep on hating y’all. Last time I checked no team in history went a season without losing a game. The very best teams have bult big leads and lost them in the 4th on sloppy play. It happens. Its the NBA. Its NO BIG DEAL. But keep hating, Its ok. ALL the rest of us KNOW why your hating:)


  2. kjavis says:

    In regards to the game Heat are not going to win every game but against a non playoff team like GS they are ‘expected’ to win, i highlight expected because no W is guaranteed in the NBA, so they lost big deal Heat are still 8-2 one of the top records in the league, and good for the league that every game is not a blow out otherwise we be all falling asleep watching the last 6min played by D-leaguers finishing up trash time

    Problem with the Heat is all good that LBJ/Wade are posting up and avoiding the 3pt shot but they got to start shooting those 3’s again because they are going to need them when games get tight like this one, it was pretty obvious that LBJ last shot was going to be a brick because it was only the 2nd 3 attempt he made this season, anyways by the end of the season Heat will be contending for the title and we going to forget all this crap LoL

  3. Chase Wills says:

    Awwww people make so many excuses for him. It’s ironic that he’s on the heat because he really can’t take any. 😛
    He doesn’t have that killer instinct when it count’s. He doesn’t want to take the big shots when his team needs him. instead he defers to his team mates so that he isn’t to blame. I don’t hate him and think he is a good player. But I think he’s a coward when it counts. 😛 I would had more respect if he took the shots and missed. It’s better to try and fail then never to try at all.

  4. Sp says:

    The best bit was when they kept fouling Nate Robinson.

  5. Michal says:

    So what they lost the game. they are very fast team, they so good, probably the best….hmm but i don’t like this team, i don’t know why….. They so sure to get nba title. I admire Lebrone and Wade but also I don’t want see Heat with championship trophy…..sorry for my poor english

  6. Jonathan says:

    i think what they need to do is trade D Wade or chris bosh to get better support players for lebron and the other superstar that stays, then if they keep wade they should turn the system into a much more lebron centered offence and make it so he`s the one making the majority of the plays, I think lebron plays better without wade simply because Lebron just like kobe, derick rose, and chris paul lebron has to be the floor general completly for them to win. just watching the last few games i think made that obvious. you have to play to your greatest strength and lebron is better then wade overall.

  7. Joe says:

    First off, the heat are 8-2 on the season. One bad game does not mean they are back to the old. If old heat and horrible season is losing in 6 games in the FINALS it can’t be that bad. Secondly, the announcers are hating to. In the alley-oop video, Lebron James was not cherry picking. He read the steal and went for a fast break easy basket. Don’t hate the Heat because they are good.

  8. Mo says:

    the best comment here so far is Mr Washington’s: “It’s really a shame that when the Heat win, people try to take away from what LeBron brought to the W, but when the Heat lose, you do everything in your power to blame him for the L. Get over The Decision and try learning the game of basketball. It will take you a long ways.”

  9. Mitchell says:

    I’m not really surprise. Heat fans need to realize that, you win some, you lose some, you can’t win every game. There will be some games were certain teams play much more harder, and then there’s other teams that play to lose. Its not about taking a step backwards, because some times in life you have to take a step backwards to be able to be successful. If you EVERY GAME, then your not really learning anything.

  10. ddddd says:

    ok normally I would join in with the rest of you heat haters BUT………

    This is a meaningless game in a screwed up 66 game season in which proved the obvious. NOBODY IS READY! Talk the talk… Make the jokes… BTW that 3 quarters for a dollar one is good. I mean for goodness sakes the Mavs are a .500 team at this point! I mean didn’t the knicks lose to the Bobcats last week? Haven’t there been other pathetic no excuse losses throughout the NBA? One silly loss to a very oddly put together Warrior team at this point in the season is just another game. Lets see who loses to who once game 50, 55, or 60 comes along.

    I will rejoin the rest of you heat haters once we get a bigger sample size for me to pick on. That way I am not basing it on Lebron’s idiotic comments to the press or the Dallas series last year. Now I understand why Phil Jackson thinks that the spurs championship in 99 should have an asterick by it. It shouldn’t as the spurs took their lumps in all the real playoff series. Too look at the conference standings now is not telling the whole story as to why each team is where they are.

  11. HEAT fan in Oz says:

    Yes, the last quarter was slack (again). LeBron NEEDS to take more shots in the last quarter. How can people say he chokes when he doesn’t take any shots? That’s not choking. It’s bad final quarter plays being drawn/executed.

    MESSAGE TO COACH SPO: Draw up some plays for LeBron in the last quarter. Discipline those that don’t run them for him. We saw how devastating LeBron can be, ie; Boston and Chicago 2011 playoffs.

    BTW, the Warriors had the luckiest night in their history. Seriously, when does Dorrell Wright hit over 50% and nail 6 from boom town? NEVER! That’s why the Heat got rid of him.
    The HEAT are a great unit AS THEY ARE. There are some contingency plans that need to be made in case our normal gameplan doesn’t work.

    Lets Go HEAT!

  12. Nick says:

    I think Wade has to learn to play second fiddle to Lebron. If he cannot do it, then Miami should trade him for a center.

  13. Chris says:

    say man. Lebron is awesome. Really. But let’s just face the facts – This Miami Heat team’s only real advantage is that it will be better then the opposition at 2-3 positions – Shooting Guard, Small Forward, and Power forward. Their Point guard is a joke, their centers are jokes. Their bench is REALLY a joke. The Mavs won in the finals because they were BETTER at PG, C, AND PF (bosh will never be on Dirk’s level, as dirk is easily the best pf in the game since byrd/duncan) as well as a better BENCH and coaching. Because of the level of talent of the Heat’s Big 3 alone they will be in the running, but I GUARANTEE they won’t win NO RINGS til they get a PG, a C, and a BENCH. But they WONT, because with salary how it is – THEY CANT. Sorry Lebron, it’s a shame you won’t get a ring, but honestly it’s pretty easy to predict that by now judging by the fact that you have NEVER been Clutch and probably never will be.

    • Truthhurts says:

      i know its just one game but this reminds me of last year when miami lost a couple games in a row because they couldnt close in the 4th.Wade a off game but lebron is what you call a choke artist how are you the best player in the world but you score 0 points in the 4th and dont call for the ball. Im no kobe fan but at least he calls for the ball or melo calls for the ball in the 4th but lebron doesnt he lets dwade do it. Nba and Espn Should know by Now Lebron is Robin to Batman aka wade.

  14. laupie says:


  15. Mo says:

    lebron is the best layer in the league u can say anything u want but he doesnt care what u haters say…hes making more money in a month than what u making in four years…SORRY truth hurts PE: hes gonna win a championship

  16. Paul says:

    No ball movement, all well contested shots. no drive to foul line attempts. this shuts down Miami offense. especially when MIA is not in transistion. Lebron and Wade backs up to the paint cause there is no defensive presence under the rim. How many times do we see Wade and Lebron making blocks? how many times do we see Bosh block??? this lead to better looks for GSW behind the arc.

  17. Reg says:

    The worst is that they came off one the rarest two-day breaks of the season- they should be prepared- offensively and defensively… Just moronic if you ask me… but who asked me….

  18. Vishal.Bharwani says:

    i agree with ROLANDO. LBJ is the FACE of the NBA for yrs to come. He is the KING. I think everybody should quit talking abt the decision and see him as another human being. He has been working hard since he was 18 in the Cavalier”s jersey and he helped the team made their own history. More people are aware of the cleveland of cavaliers because of LEBRON. I am very confident this is miami’s heat year and i think everybody agrees with me when i say they will be the top of the eastern conference as well. GO HEATTTT !!!!!]

  19. chewie says:

    Couple of points. The warriors can beat anyone at home when they get on a roll and their crowd gets going, as they showed when they beat the bulls. What surprised me, was that they were able to do it against the heat without Steph, as he was the catalyst in the Bulls game. The lack of a true centre is pretty meaningless as the Magic and the Lakers front line are really the only teams that give them match up issues, and there is every chance they will see neither of these teams in the playoffs. To use this game as an illustration, do you think not having a big centre made any difference against the warriors, who got hot from behind the arc? They were killed late at the PG position again, not the centre.
    To me, the biggest concern is the trend for the heat to go to isolation plays when it is close in the fourth quarter, when they aren’t getting easy buckets in transition. Watch the replay, and it was noted above, on key late plays, the Heat went to clear out for Wade, with Lebron sitting on the 3 point line. They need another string to their bow in late game situations to get over the hump. Whether this is a coaching issue, or a players issue, I’m not sure, but you can bet that these articles are still going to be written until its addressed.

  20. Im agree that The Heat is messing up in the 4 quarter.

  21. lebron says:

    Well if the heat dont win the champion this year, I want the best player in the world to be trade it ,( thats lebron) trade lebron to the nets or kip lebron and trade wade. Read THis cause no matter what people said lebron is still the best player in the world like it or not

  22. james says:

    Have any of you thought that maybe, just maybe the Warriors played well. It took a hell of a lot to beat the heat (6 three’s from Wright and 22 from Robinson). The Warriors played very well the last 20 minutes of the game (inc. OT). Give them credit for a nice home victory over the best team in basketball.

  23. Boy says:

    Warriors played a good game, Heat played a bad 4th. Why is there an article about their loss, and not an article about the Warriors win?

  24. maylay says:

    This game doesn’t mean anything. I just saw two high-powered offenses go head to head. Sometimes in nature, the dominant animal loses to a challenger…
    Officiating was a bit off as well in some of this game.
    Miami will bounce back. Remember the 30 point loss and win over the Spurs?

  25. lebron fan says:

    i’m a true lebron fan, and i hated spolestra’s offensive plays down the stretch, making wade in isolation plays 3 times in a row, where it was clear that they were double teaming him. it not lebron’s fault, the play wasn’t drawn for him. he kept the lead up before he went to the bench, wade and haslem (the guy who can’t shoot and also messed up on key scoring opportunities on the dunk and let the ball go thru his legs) just blew the lead. watch the replay of the game and notice who made more errors down the stretch, i’m not talking about scoring. errors made = opponents scoring. Most players at lebron’s level have a killer instinct, i just haven’t seen it in lebron ever since the meltdown in the finals.

  26. Candyman says:

    When in doubt go to Bosh, 0 – 2 is nothing. Let Bosh go to work, he can figure out any power forward or center in this league and within a few posessions, it’s over. Bosh will find a way to get it done. I watched him do this from Rookie till now. A very hard position to start where he started physically in the NBA to where he’s at now. He’s the best over all power forward in the NBA.

  27. shakenbake says:

    The Miami Heat plays better when they have one star taking over the team and one big getting second dibs. Its either Lebron Bosh or Wade Bosh. If its me ill trade Bosh and Wade and get Dwight Howard and Hedo. If thats the case you get Chalmers, James, Hedo, Haslem and Howard. I think that lineup will be tougher to stop balancing out half court game and a running game.

  28. Josh Metz says:

    Are the Heat supposed to win every single game in order to make the media happy? very stupid.

  29. Enclosedfury says:

    A lot of these comments are talking about the Heat. Barely anyone is talking about the Warriors. Last year, this game would have been over after that first quarter, but this year the Warriors actually have this little thing called “Defense”. Who would have guessed they would get that?

    They may have came into the game with a record of 2-6, but most of those losses were very close games… they Warriors just couldn’t close out in the forth quarter. They finally did this time against a very good team. I think they deserve some credit for that.

  30. DERRICKROSE says:

    @PAD you sound very dumb, miami can not beat every team in the league. They struggle beating the t’wolves and also golden state. The bulls will be the champs this year.

    • psycholog says:

      i really hope so.. but they gotta improve on offensive end. D-rose alone is not enough as far as i’m concerned.

    • Blacksheep says:

      Didn’t the Bulls lose to Golden State as well? Thats not a good agruement for the Bulls winning a championship.

      • TWizz says:

        @Blacksheep.. The Bulls don’t have Lebron, Wade AND Bosh. They have D-Rose. That’s all. Heat should go undefeated every season just because they have the talents of Lebron and Wade alone. As I’ve said milion of times, Heat have it easy because they play in the East. Put them in the West, where they would have to play a majority of their games against Western conference teams and they will struggle a lot more.

  31. Z.T. says:

    LeBron’s 3-pointer against Orlando may be the only play from LeBron James that actually stood up to the standards of people he’s constantly compared to, you know who I’m talking about, the man that scores 48 while he’s injured, I still don’t understand while he is a 2-time MVP, I could understand the first one, but the second… Come on… Most valuable player, is a player that you can rely on at bringing your team to the championship level, as far as I know, LeBron had a record of flopping in the Finals and then leaving the playoffs with no effort after he has been called MVP, how can you make that person the MVP twice, I don’t understand. What I don’t understand either is when Kobe gets all his critisism after he got swept no one tries to defend him because he failed that one time, it’s a fact, just as the fact that he lost to Boston, however he always tries to come back and what is more scary he usually does, who knows maybe he’ll do it again and if he does, I will no longer respect the season MVP award due to the listed above. About LeBron’s performance in this game and overall: he is a talanted player, he wants to be on a roster of a team that can win a championship, yes, he wants to be on the roster, it’s just like that, he proved that by moving to South Beach, he is not the guy to rely on in crunch time, he can score, I’m sure he can, but he just doesn’t, stop defending the man, he’s not the MVP for the Heat, Wade is, Wade may have bad games but he is a champion, he is the leader of the team. And again am I the only one who thinks that LeBron’s presence in this MVP ladder this year is just pathetic? How can a guy who has D.Wade in the team even be discussed as the MVP. I think when Kobe ends up his career, all the people who saw him play would all have the same question, how on Earth was he named MVP only once, that’s really something to think about.
    P.S. No worries for the Heat fans, they’ll probably make it to the Finals this year, but what really puzzles me is when some strong team loses the game, especially to the team like Golden State Warriors, there is an article about the problems inside the organization right way, this gets really amusing. The guys just got tired, and the game moved to over-time, you can’t win every game, it’s a short season, but still it’s a season.

    • TWizz says:

      Well said. I laugh at all these “Heat fans”. Most of them weren’t Heat fans until Lebron and Bosh showed up. Heat will be in the playoffs and possilby the finals this year because they have it easy in the East. East compared to the West is a joke when it comes to competition. If they were to play in the West, they would have a tougher time getting to the finals.

  32. Hmmm.... says:

    No matter what…THIS will always be DWade’s team! And last night he didn’t feel like sharing the spotlight. He could suck all game but Spo’s still gonna give him the last shot–I don’t see Bosh staying after that opt out year. Last night was about ego, and DWade has the currency to flaunt at the expense of keeping 2 of his All Star teammates, who’d been playing for the last week out of rhythm. Sad

  33. OKCFan says:

    The problem isn’t that Lebron, Wade, Bosh, or anyone else on the team failed to produce its that they’re a Top 3 Caliber team they’re expected to have a much higher clutch rate than what they show lol the warriors… No offense aren’t that great their defense isn’t much their offense is pretty much Lee & Ellis and Nate Robinson scoring 24 points with 14/14 FT really? lol the heat just gave up to much the issue still remains as to who takes over games Wades a great clutch player. It seems as there’s an aroma of fear about the repercussions of taking that losing shot or taking the ball and being forceful with it. Just look at OKC durant’s always yellin for the ball although Westbrook may not give it up all the time he knows what do with it and does the work he needs to & the teams still great just alot to work out which doesn’t seem to make sense since there appears to be chemistry oh well on to the next one.

  34. mj0824 says:

    Well Pippen 2(Lebron) is not the leader he is like robin to batman just to help but when the time are not for kid Lebron often steps back and let not overrated player like wade finish the busyness Someone said “everybody forgot what LeBron did to Chicago last year in the Playoffs… It’s like everybody forgot his crazy 3pt back in Cleveland against Orlando” and a buzzer beater to GSW in Cleveland but Mo Williams was the clutch shooter in Cleveland 3 quarter again ? this is not Hockey we play 4 Qt in NBA 1/8 to Wade at 4Qt at least he tried to score
    o-O <— that is not a face is the fg of Lebron´s 4qt
    everybody forgot what LeBron did to Chicago last year in the Playoffs.. because we expected the same in the Series of his life and he disappointed everyone …why swim to die in the shore?
    he is good but not like the NBA wanna all to see him !!
    If Jordan had not won a championship would not be what is "THE GREATEST"

  35. Law064 says:

    Well it’s just like Sup said the team as a whole crumbled in the 4th & OT. Being up almost 20 points and not only lose the lead but also lose the game is going to get attention. Bad shooting from Wade down the stretch and Lebron shying away from the light. I understand Wade was hot until the 4th why would Lebron take 0 shots in the 4th? He’s part of the so called big 3 so he’s supposed to get some touches where he can take shots. Good game from the Warriors, they never gave up and kept fighting. Despite Miami not being efficent you still gotta give credit to the Warriors for not folding.

  36. Heat_UK says:

    They won close games in Minnesota, Charlotte and Atlanta with plenty of clutch plays and they lose one game because GSW got so hot they couldn’t miss and all of a sudden it’s same old heat. Come on

  37. whome says:

    It’s just one game.

    This is the NBA, people fuss over things that matter very little.

  38. lebron says:

    And tell me something how coacch is puttin lebron For just 6 minutes in the 4 quarter atleast give him 2 more minutes thats why he isnt even scoring in the game when the 4 quarter comes if the game is close is another game more time for lebron in the 4 quarter

  39. Juan Elias says:

    Not be so! Miami heat is an example of growth!.I would like to denote this. Miami lost because Wade returned to the pitch.

    LeBron, when he played alone, the towards other players began to develop their skills.

    In addition, it is only a loss!

    I believe that after this loss, Miami heat is not going to lose another game against Golden State, ever!

  40. Suge says:

    I applaud Mr. Washington’s comments.

    Im a die hard Kobe fan. But i must say, Lebron or Wade will have to vacate this team. They are burdens on one another. They are only effective in the fast break. Lebron looks like one of the best to ever play the game when Wade is not in the line up. Actually the team flows better when this happens. Look at the past three games when Wade was not in the line up. The team was unbelievable. Its going to be on Wade and Lebron to look in the mirror and stop lying to self and know that this decision sounds fun but will not work.

  41. lebron says:

    Im going to say something is always lebron ,,lebron this this bad lebron that bad. if lebron would of took the winin shot yesterday and not makin they would of just talk about lebron even more.. wade took the final shot no body sayin nothin bad about wade

  42. My Miami says:

    Miami offense in the last 4-5 minutes of any game is so weak. I think the main reason for this is their disheartening less against Dallas last season. Should LeBron have shot that ball in the last 8 seconds, NO. Had he made that shot and the game went in to second OT and Miami had won, he would have been the Hero.

    I think Miami needs to work on the perimeter game with Shane Battier and James Jones. They are good shooters from Downtown but lack serious consistency.

    I do agree with Mr. Washington, they have played this blame game with LeBJ a little too much, and they need to stop this and look at what seriously went wrong.

  43. Zain says:

    Mr. Washington, that one of the smartest posts I’ve read in a very long time. Too bad the majority of people who will be reading this are just idiotic Lebron haters (you can say hes not the best player in the league, but to say he “sucks” or is a “choker” is just a stupid claim which can be easily disregarded by actual facts). He’s been put in a position where every time he succeeds people look the other way and every time he fails (which every player does from time to time) he gets put under the microscope.That would be fine if it was deserved, but more times than not when he goes out on the basketball court he’s succeeded for the last 3-4 years.

  44. AgentZero says:

    Great article. It’s a shame I missed the game. Lechoke doing what he does best obviously !!! 😀

    • Debbie says:


    • imad akel says:

      I can’t believe this article got written. I mean the Heat basically owned that game.
      It took a riled up crowd, alot of 3s from the warriors, a bad free throw performance by the heat, and a technical just to tie and force OT.
      And in OT sometimes shots just don’t fall.. Wade missed 2 drive attempts, and here ur blaming lebron for taking a 3 when they are down by 3 with 23 seconds left. It doesn’t make more sense against a good free throw shooting team to go for a quick 2, foul, and hope you can get another quick 2 or 3.
      3 pointer was the right call, but the play was a bit rushed. It happens. The Heat won’t win 100% of their games this season. Maybe 85-95%.

  45. Sup says:

    As much as I laugh when LeBrick has bad fourth quarters, you can’t actually blame him for this game. Wade was pretty dull going 1-for-8, and he’s the one the Heat really look to in the clutch. The team as a whole just kinda crumbled in the fourth and the article said it all, with all the turnovers, poor shooting, and leaky defense.

    Unlike the Finals last year, this wasn’t about LeBrick being a failure in the fourth quarter, it was the entire team being a failure in the fourth quarter and OT.

  46. MrFlorida says:

    Get over yourselves. Did you really expect the world famous Miami heat with its big 5 to win every game? Golden state plays well against top teams. Look at their three wins and let King James and the rest of this formidable Heat time breathe.

  47. L.T. says:

    Funny how when they win everyone’s quiet but they lose ONE GAME and there’s a whole article about everything they did wrong? The Clippers are getting SO much hype about being the team to beat and yet they’re 4-3. Its not like the Heat got blown away by GS, they lost by 5. WHATEVER! whats the big deal? And why are people STILL bringing up ‘The Decision’? that was 2 years ago. let’s move on and let the boys play the game. enough of the Lebron chooses Miami and everyone should be upset. It’s been 2 years.

  48. Mr. Washington says:

    Ok so LeBron didn’t take a shot in the fourth quarter. Should he have? Yes. Did he not shoot because he was scared? Absolutely not. Everyone gets caught up in LeBron not scoring in the fourth and never look at what else he does (make plays, rebound the ball, and defend). In addition to that, Wade, who took 8 shots in the quarter, had the hot hand throughout the game. A selfish LeBron would say “I’m the man so I’m shooting no matter what”. A good teammate gets the ball to whoever has it going. We love to break the game down in terms of LeBron but I don’t see anyone mentioning Wade’s 1/8 in the fourth or his ill-advised early shot while down 1 late in the game. And forget about individual players. The HEAT had 20 plus turnovers, 5 in the fourth quarter alone. It’s really a shame that when the Heat win, people try to take away from what LeBron brought to the W, but when the Heat lose, you do everything in your power to blame him for the L. Get over The Decision and try learning the game of basketball. It will take you a long ways.

    • Pad says:

      Great comment, I feel exactly the same way. It’s like everybody forgot what LeBron did to Chicago last year in the Playoffs… It’s like everybody forgot his crazy 3pt back in Cleveland against Orlando. Why shouldn’t he give the ball to Wade. Why should the Heat not go a little bit under the radar in those games. I mean, they are in the playoffs for sure and I think they shouldn’t really worry about homecourt, since they can beat anyone in the league anywhere…

    • Bojimuncher says:

      Well put Mr. Washington. I’ve been thinking the same thing. (And no I’m not from Miami) It’s strange to see so much hate for a team just because of an admittedly poorly handled “decision” which is all it really is. People can feel sorry for Cleveland and say he left them hanging, but would anybody else make the decision not to move to Miami from Cleveland and have a much better work environment just because you would feel bad for how the other people at your job would feel about you going?

      • Mr Meech says:

        Actually I think most people including myself that does not like Miami is due to the championship parade that they had in the summer without even playing a game and Lebron saying things like “not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5 etc” instead of saying that and having the parade after they win ONE. Didnt like them teaming up but it wasnt a big deal till they did the parade

    • Aficion says:

      Yes, I’m sure Steve Aschburner needs to learn the game of basketball, as compared to someone posting a comment on C’mon. Give him respect. Most of what we get from a game is stats. Those stats can be interpreted in a million different ways. But do you really have to disrespect someone because their interpretation doesn’t match yours. He didn’t go out of his way to pick on Miami. He just brought up questions that many people are wondering. I, for one, welcome it, even if I don’t agree.

    • robschatten says:

      It’s not that it’s an issue that he doesn’t take shots in regular season games. Wade is arguably a better late-game scorer anyway. The issue is that when you give a quarter of your salary cap to one guy, he needs to be able to contribute for a whole game. Miami can’t and won’t win championships by blowing teams out four games in a row, and when a game comes down to the line, the most unstoppable player in the league shouldn’t be so easily stopped.

    • jahson says:

      i agree with mr.washington and belizeboy…..everybody just wanna hate on him

    • Rolando says:

      Yeah player you’re right. They always talk big sht after a L because of this or that. LeBron James is one of the elite players in this league today so everything he does will be put under the microscope. However, there will always be games in the season where you will not play like you used to. Too bad papers and critics are liking these moments to take advantage and write nasty things. This will explain why you don’t hear them when everything is rolling because they are HATERS and don’t have nothing bad to write after a big game of James/Wade or Heat. And you will see when the Heat win the championship they all cover there frontpage and writing all the good things. It’s time for people to pay respect to the Heat and special to LBJ, he is one of the reasons people watch NBA basketball so quit talking and writing, enjoy the game…..

    • Klang says:

      Lebron is really more of a facilitator than a scorer.

    • Debbie says:

      Love the Heat -back off haters – I can’t wait to see them in Philly – they’re an amazing team !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mark says:

      Mr Washington – You said it yourself in the first line of your post. He not only should’ve taken ‘a’ shot, he should’ve taken as many as necessary to ensure you win in the 4th! He can’t be named best player on the planet if he doesn’t take charge when the game is on the line! That’s not hating on him, that’s calling him out to be responsible for his actions or in this case his inactions. If you are the best player in the world, you want to take and make the tough shots when it counts. He’s all good when the team is thrashing the opposition but where is he when the game is close at the end of the game? WHERE?

    • piwko121 says:

      wade took shots because lebron knew he would choke. wade knew that too that’s why he took so many shots. do not make excuces for lebron for not scoring because when your team is being outplayed at the end of the 4th quarter i think this is a time for a superstar to step up and get away with the score. wade tried but he couldn’t. saying lebron is making plays, rebounds and defends instead of getting buckets because he is such a good team player is pathetic. he do not have a killer instinct which would allow him to close out games. he only does when he is red hot, otherwise he do not know what to do so he gives the ball to others. and this is a simple regular season game against GSW (2-6 before the game). not hating on lebron becuase he is the best player in the league (that’s right – kobe scoring 48 on pheonix defense that does not exist is nothing special believe me), just hating on people who are to stuborn to uderstand that lebron/heat also got their own problems

    • Uoooh says:

      Lebron to me is a great talent so for people to say he is not is just lack of basketball knowledge. But what he lacks is the KILLER instinct. Not to compare because there really is no comparison but when The Black Cat(MJ) went into the 4th quarter everyone on the planet knew it was take over time. Even in defeat MJ was going to put pressure on the defense. That was just in his DNA. Even look at Rose, no matter what win or lose he is going to take command or atleast try to because he is the leader. I believe alot of Lebron’s struggles late in games are mental. He wants to be a part-time likable guy/villain. He cares what people think which is a big mistake. Take a look at the MJ’s, Birds, Kobe’s, Zeek…You could see in there eyes it was serious business no smiling, joking and dancing. Those players were locked in and didnt care what people thought them. They all had that Killer Instinct.

    • Keisha says:

      Agree 110% with all you said. So true!

  49. Belizeboy says:

    Obviously the NBA hangtime crew are members of Miami hate. We get an article after any Miami loss. No article after the 3OT win over Atlanta.

    • Giles says:

      Hangtime doesn`t hate the Heat. Just the opposite, really. They expect more from them than they should. A five of James, Hsalem, Bosh, Wade, Chandler, is just too small, even in this center depleted modern era. A 6`8, 250 or 6`9, 235 center? These days? Good guys, just not a complete team. Miami will enjoy the regular season, but title hopes were ridiculous last season, and are still ridiculous so far this season. They don`t need Wilt/Kareem/Shaq/Artis, or another other low post man clogging the offensive middle. Wade and James can attack the basket. But they need a seven footer defensively. And so far, the bigs on their roster have no seconds, last I checked, much less minutes. Championship quality at only 4 of the 5 starting positions will not get the job done.

      • Luke says:

        Your comment is ridiculous

        They needed to win 2 more games. You don’t even need to be a fan to know that

      • David says:

        The Heat has to find a way to get into the talks of Dwight Howard. The Heat is the only them that makes sense for Dwight, that is, a good team with no center (the players forced to participate for miami in that position is a 6’8 guy, an over weigh d-league player, a guy who has not played for three four years, and other power forwards). The Heat can create a package of Haslem, Joel Anthony, Chalmers, and Mike Miller to match Howard’s salary and bring him here.

        No team can win the championship without a center, so just as Miami is aiming at the top (winning championships) why not aim at getting one of the top center in the league?

      • Matt says:

        Why is his comment ridiculous? didn’t the mavs win because of the defense of one big guy and the offense of another??? combined with stellar plays from the guards and role players???? last season i was a heat fan i rooted for them for the simple fact that yeah if u do something like they done you have to win it, and i for once don’t hate the fact of teaming up since the league only get’s better in my opinion. This season however, they are one of my favouritesfor the simple fact that i love what the clippers have done obviously, and also the thunder grizzlies and chicago (still hate the lakers) i still love to see teams build the old fashion way, why i hate the lakers? everybody hating on the big three for teaming up, nobody hating kobe for working players out to get better players in, nobody talking about his elbows during playoffs, so that pple can live with, when free agents do what they want and can it’s a total disgrace

      • Matt says:

        ow ye, and before i get flamed for not being a fan of one team and sticking with it, i’m European i’m a BASKETBALL/NBA Fan, not a team fan i don’t have to from over here…. and add the t-wolves in the mix now also of my team’s to watch

      • HeatWade says:

        no man, the miami doesn’t need to form a big 4 that won’t make any sense coz they’ll leave their bench dry and empty in that case. if they wanted Howard then they have to trade one the the big 3 clear cap without losing so much bench. Wade and Lebron can do 1-1 trade for Howard. Bosh, Miller, and Anthony or Haslem can make a package as well. that’s more realistic and more balanced than having a big 4 with empty bench.

      • David says:

        Miami will never give up bosh to get Howard because that will make Howard less of an upgrade and completly riun the chemistry in a condensed season, bad idea. If you are really that concerned with the bench, why not sit one of the big 4? Lol.
        Anyways, they will still have a nice bench: james jones, juan howard, dexter pitman, when Eddy Curry comes back, shane battie, terrell harris, they are all playable players.

    • kendall says:

      lebrbon james is the is clearly the best player in the nba right now so get of his sack goldenstate just a great night from the three spot