Blogtable: Fixing The Wizards

Each week, we’ll ask our stable of scribes to weigh in on the three most important NBA topics of the day — and then give you a chance to step on the scale, too, in the comments below.

Is there any way that the Wizards can turn this thing around any time soon?

Steve Aschburner: Hahahahahaha! Not to be, er, flippant, but the question presumes that Washington wants to turn around its dreary season soon. It’s much more accurate to say that owner Ted Leonsis has given GM Ernie Grunfeld marching orders to get bad first, on the way at some point to good. The only reason this was getting more attention than, say, Minnesota the past two seasons was the big zero in Washington’s victory column. In beating Toronto on Tuesday and picking up other occasional W’s in coming weeks, the spotlight is off and the losing can continue. Not that there won’t be predictable firings and trades – but this ugly duckling was hatched from a (misguided) plan.

Fran Blinebury: In a word: No.  The only thing in D.C more dysfunctional than the Wizards is Congress.  But it’s close.

Scott Howard-Cooper: Are they making a big trade with a clear victory anytime soon? Is the best Draft in years anytime soon? Yes, they can turn this around, but relatively speaking — if turning this around means becoming respectable. That is possible. But this is not a playoff team.

Shaun Powell: The season is virtually a lost cause, if only because it’s a short season with few days to hold practice, which is crucial for a struggling young team. There’s simply too much immaturity and too many agendas, and even a coaching change likely won’t trigger a quick reversal of fortune. Ultimately the Wiz will need to make a few alterations in the rotation this summer and surround John Wall with a new cast next season.

John Schuhmann: They’re not as bad as they looked in the first eight games, but I don’t see them improving dramatically until the level of professionalism in the locker room increases. John Wall is the type of player who can lead a team out of the abyss, but that locker room environment may trump Wall’s talent.

Sekou Smith: No!


  1. Emmanuel Stalling says:

    I agree that Wall is a big part of the problem, if not the source. His shot selection is poor, he overdribbles constantly and he’s simply not a polished basketball player YET. That said, there are numerous other holes, starting with a front office who constantly goes after the wrong players and expects them to gel; Nick Young–talented offensively, but routinely gives up when he gets screened on or off-ball on D, he doesn’t try; Same with Andre Blatche (sp?), good range and offensive skills, but sees defense as a chore he has to put up with to get the ball back, and the same with Jordan Crawford and Rashad Lewis; Jevale McGee, the LONE BRIGHT SPOT, is super talented but often attempts the spectacular play instead of the smart one, e.g. knocking the ball into the stands on a block instead of attempting to keep it in play and get possession, and getting out of position for rebounds all the time. Here are the shooting percentages for Young, Wall, Blatche, Lewis and Crawford, in order: .378, .338, .390, .386, .336. You simply cannot win when all your shot takers shoot this poorly.

  2. Jones says:

    John Wall is not the source of the problem. Its just that the pieces we already have don’t seem to be working together. We have plenty of solid players but no real superstars. Wall can’t carry a team like the likes of Rose, Arenas, and Rondo could. I think next year once we get rid of Lewis’ contract we can bring in some more solid players. A solid starting small forward who can play D and score. Get rid of Blatche as much as I don’t want to. McGee ain’t going nowhere. Get a different PF who can spread the floor and score downlow.

  3. Andrew says:

    John Wall is currently the worst starting point guard in the NBA. He has gotten worse from a year ago. He is not capable of being a starter on a winning team. He is too inefficient and has the basketball I.Q. of a grape. These commentators have not been watching the games. Our guard play is exceptionally bad and John is the route of the problem.

  4. Steven says:

    Lol Sekou!