Dwight Just Might Be Moved, Still

HANG TIME HQ, ATLANTA — Interesting how things work. LeBron James went through an entire season with Cleveland dealing with constant inquiries about where he’d sign as a free agent. Chris Paul endured a flammable fall with his situation as well. Dwight Howard and the prospect of leaving Orlando was a sizzling topic, too, until the season started and the subject seemed to disappear.

Well, in case you were wondering, Howard still wants to be traded. From the Orlando Sentinel:

“Nothing has changed … It’s the same thing: You have to do what’s best for you, regardless of what anybody else says. It’s your life and you have to live it your way. You can’t do it how everybody wants you to do it or be afraid or be upset about what people are saying, because they’re not the ones that have to go through it. Sometimes, you’ve got to make tough decisions, and you’ve got to always take care of you and your family first, because nobody else will.”

Gotta give it up to Howard. He’s putting up 18 points and 14 rebounds a night (despite a foul-prone night in Sacramento) and being his usual intimidating self on defense, as if to attack anyone who believes he isn’t giving his all in Orlando. Actually, you could joke that Howard is shopping himself with his performances. Anyway, Howard has stayed mostly mum on the issue, not willing to make it a daily distraction for a team that has played surprisingly well heading into Wednesday’s game in Portland.

In an interview with the Sentinel, Magic GM Otis Smith reiterated that Howard’s preseason trade request still stands and revealed the stresses he faces:

Smith acknowledged that he has heard about the criticism of his job performance.

“If trying is a sin, then I have sinned a lot, because I’m never going to stop trying,” Smith said.

Smith discussed the tricky situation of trading a franchise player who is likable in town, even going as far to say he’s received threats:

Smith: You can’t take one of these jobs, mine or Stan’s [Van Gundy], and have thin skin. You have to have pretty thick skin. It’s not us; it’s the people around us that’s affected the most. We signed up for it. No one put a gun to our head and told us to take it. It’s our families that are affected the most.

Sentinel: Do you mean not having you at home?

Smith: No, just all the comments. Just because I don’t read it, that doesn’t necessary mean that they don’t or aren’t threatened by it.

Sentinel: When you say “threatened,” you don’t mean physically?

Smith: I’ve gotten those, too.

Sentinel: You have. But not your family?

Smith: No, I’ve gotten those, too.

Orlando still holds a bit of leverage here. The Magic can chill until after the All-Star break — the game is in Orlando this year, yet another reason to be patient with Howard — and then study their options as the trade deadline approaches. If Andrew Bynum is in the conversation, then dealing Howard to the Lakers, one of his three preferred destinations (Dallas and Brooklyn the others) is a real possibility. Anything that will allow Orlando to package Howard and Hedo Turkoglu‘s contract must be seriously considered, because it will allow the Magic to free up cap space for flexibility in a future trade or free-agent signing.

In reading the comments from Smith, the organization seems to believe Howard no longer wants to stay in Orlando. So he will be traded; it’s just a matter of when, and to where, and for what. The betting money’s on the Lakers because of Bynum. Orlando could do a lot worse.


  1. Nets! says:

    Why is everyone saying Kobe + Gasol + Dwight = championship…Bynum for Dwight trade would never in this world happen specially cuz the Magic want to tag along Hedo’s expensive contract and the only way its possible is if the Lakers trade Gasol and Bynum for Howard and Hedo…is it worth it? The lakers now are doing so good because of the height advantage they have in almost every position and trading away gasol n bynum is giving away alot of height. And with the way they are playing right now the Lakers, I would not do the trade and mess up the chemistry they grew. I think the Lakers staff would agree with me on this!

  2. Spurs fan says:

    if he does go to L.A. it’s not a guaranteed ring….chances are higher of gettin one but he has to build the chemistry..

  3. CT14 says:

    With all the weirdness being posted, I’m starting to think that a “Dwight to OKC for Perkins, Ibaka, Cole Aldrich + draft picks” move doesn’t seem so off.

  4. Mo Baigz says:

    Dwight to Toronto

  5. Epsilon says:

    Bynum + trade exception (from dallas) and 1st round pick (dallas) for howard and turkugl

    pg- fisher
    sg – kobe
    sf- barnes
    pf – gasol
    c – howard

    world peace

    • Neutron says:

      no legacy for Dwight in LA. That would be doing the exact same thing shaq did in 96. Except he aint better than Shaq. Steal Shaq’s Superman nickname, and then play for te EXACT same teams as him? Whats next Dwight? Sign a deal with reebok? Star in Kazaam 2? Get traded to the Heat and marry Shaunie O’neal? If I was Dwight I would stay as far away from a Laker jersey as I could.

  6. Neutron says:

    The best deals for Orlando and Dwight, DWIGHT doesnt want. I am from Orlando and want to see the team suceed. With or without D12. Dwight doesnt seem to be about championships. I get the vibe he wants the endorsements which I do think is bad at all. The world is about dollars and cents. You cant feed ur kids a championship trophy when they are hungry. But on the flip side, I think championships will bring those oppurtunities as well. Portland or Chicago are the best choices. Dwights top 3 list isnt all that great for the Magic or Dwight. the POR trade would go……Lamarcus Aldridge, Nicolas Batum, and a few picks. As a Magic fan, Im good with that trade. Lamarcus is showing franchise player-like talent and acquiring Batum is a steal. Portland (which I am a fan of as well) Will Have D12. Camby, Gerald Wallace, Wes Mathews, Ray Felton, Jamal Crawford, Babbit, Kurt Thomas. Thats DEEP. They would be the favorites The only weakness would be at 4 spot. Wait til March and sign K Mart to a 1 year, that issue is over and done. Seal and sign the trophy over to the blazers.. The CHI trade couls go alot of ways. both trades would be good for Dwight and Orlando. We would get a slew of players back, stay competive, while Dwight would be in the framework to buld a dynast with D Rose. But NOOO….he likes the Nets? The Lakers (your legacy would suck), Mavs (highly unlikely). I think its time Dwight reconsiders that list of his.

  7. dmolendijk says:

    i would really like to see howard going to the mavs and even if the mavs don’t sign d will the mavs would be a championship caliber team the only thing that’s working against them is age but if they do sign d will i think they would be almost unstopable

  8. Devon says:

    I think that Dwight and Kobe would be great for the nba. I know a lot of people say that Kobe is getting older and that getting Howard would be a mistake cuz Kobe is a ballhog, which he is not, but the truth is, the Lakers need a new star to take over when Kobe does decide to call it quits. The Lakers are the Cowboys of the nba…if you don’t love them, you hate them. I’d like to see Dwight go to L.A cuz he’s a great basketball player and he’d get a lot of TV coverage in L.A. I’m a fan of any person who tries to better themself. He did a lot for Orlando, he doesn’t owe them anything. Loyalty in professional sports is a thing of the past. We all know that these players still have to play the game in order to win a championship. I’m a Bulls fan and I wish he would consider Chicago, but L.A seems like the perfect fit. So who knows? It’s all speculation until someone pulls the trigger.

  9. RaulEurope says:

    despite the daydreaming of various fans here – there seems to be not much quality 1 to 1 trade material for Orlando. So i think if they really feel that Dwight will move on at the end of the season – they should trade with a team to get a semi-franchise player for him. Bad things is that there aren’t that many quality ones in “big market” teams where Dwight would sign long-term contract. So in this sense – Bynum+Gasol for Dwight is not that bad deal for Orlando. At least they would still be decent East team which will get into play-offs.

  10. Law064 says:

    I would love to see Dwight come to Chicago but he said he would NOT sign the extention here so the hell with you Dwight. I think he really has his mind up where he wants to go. Orlando has had a few years to get some Quality players around him but FAILED. I feel you Dwight go where yo wanna go and FYI Orlando you better trade him soon because come this summer he will walk away no strings attached.Go Bulls Go Celtic’s

  11. LOL says:

    LOL, I thoroughly enjoyed reading so many brainless comments where people just list bad players and think that you can trade for Dwight using sheer quantity. So in line with all these geniuses, here’s my 2c. Raptors trade Bargnani and DeRozan for Dwight Howard. 1st overall pick centre for 1st overall pick centre. And Hedo can come back Toronto to get booed some more.

  12. ha! says:

    LOL Have you forgotten that if Dwight gets traded to the Lakers, Andrew and PAU have to go??? LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!

    Andrew Bynum > Dwight Howard so stfu we won’t be trading him and Pau for a center that can’t score 5ft away from the basket.

  13. Bobsky says:


    • Tyler says:

      Kobe is a ballhog at times. I’m a huge Laker fan but sometimes he takes shots that are bad for the team when he can dump it in the post for an easy deuce.

  14. qwerty says:

    dwight at twolves

  15. Starlin says:


  16. Starlin says:


  17. Aussie Hawks Fan says:

    Get Howard to the Hawks… seriously makes sense on so may levels… this team is so under rated!

  18. Lakers#1 says:

    The best choice for Dwight Howard is obviously the Lakers! He will be a superstar of the largest basketball franchise in the world. A franchise that has missed only 5 playoffs in it’s 63 year history. A franchise with owners (Buss) that will do whatever it takes to make the team into a championship contender. When you say Kobe is getting old (he averages injured 27.6 so far this year) you don’t understand that when he retires there will be major cap space for a new superstar. Dwight Howard will have an excellent opportunity to win several rings if he signs a 7 year deal with the Lakers.

    Orlando will also be well off with Bynum as a new centerpiece. Bynum is without a doubt a top 3 center in the NBA.

  19. CAVMAN says:

    Welcome to CAVS

  20. knickerbockers says:

    and there are so many laker lovers that just jumped on the ‘kobe is the best’ bandwagon and supported them wanting howard to save their team that’s getting worse by the game because of the ageing kobe that shoots 30% or less.

  21. knickerbockers says:

    dwight should go to ATL.
    howard for horford and someothers/draft picks.
    his hometown is atlanta and with josh smith and joe johnson they’ll succeed

  22. MackDaddy says:

    Dwight wants his own history… Lakers will always be Kobe’s team and there’s too much comparisons to be made there. He AINT going there.

    He’s going to Brooklyn.
    It’ll be HIS team, there’s no pressure because the team hasnt won in decades, and he’ll be the best ever center for the team… no Shaq, no Kareem, no Wilt retired numbers hanging from the roof.

    Russian billionarie owner with deep pockets and not afraid to spend, new areana, new start, big market team, a fellow superstar at point guard (exactly what a center needs), and then all you need is role players to fill the gaps.

    Wade and James cant do it on their own because they dont have a big (Bosh aint a true big).
    But Dwight with Derron? Damn…. unstoppable inside outside play.
    A couple of sharp shooters on the outside, and a nice PF to backup the inside, and here come the rings!

    • David says:

      except they will have to give up too much to get dwight, and Dwight will head to a team where Deron is not gurenteed to stay. The Lakers will try to attract Williams and will probably do so. Nets just do not look like a contender right now because they are so incomplete and require too much work to get good.

  23. Zcherwin says:

    You should go to Minnesota TIMBERWOLVES. Rubio and Howard!

  24. LeBron Sucks says:

    Lakers don’t need howard…bynum can show him up anyday..bynum hasnt played up to his potential and he’s still a good center…mavericks or whoever wants him can get that chump..LAKERS BABY!!

  25. POPO says:

    Lakers should trade bynum and picks for DH12 if they wanna win championships again…and trade pau,metta,murphy to deron,morrow,humphries(nets) or pau,metta to wall,blatche,N.young(wizards)….they will have



    in the line up

    …That’s dynasty..and get another superstar when kobe retires..

  26. Slam76 says:

    Its not that anyone has criticized you for not trying. Its the fact that you get paid lots of money to do something you are not very good at…building a title contender around Howard. After the Finals appearance, the team has gone downhill every season. You bring in washed up players and give them huge contracts that severely limits the teams cap space to sign real talent. I wish you would do us all a favor and step down as Magic GM while you can still save face. Let someone with better decision making skills take the job…Someone that doesnt call the Golden State Warriors, or former players from them, every time he wants to make a trade.

    • Slam76 says:

      I wanted to add…Otis Smith STILL has not addressed some glaring weaknesses the Magic has had for the past couple years:
      1.A true PG that can penetrate and score or dish it out, and maybe play some perimeter defense.
      2. A consistent SG that can do the same.
      3. A backup Center after the bonehead trade letting Gortat go.
      4. A real power Forward that can defend against the likes of Durant, Garnett, Amare, etc. (Did you really think Rashard Lewis or Turk can guard these guys? Or Howard can do it all alone? )

      For these reasons, I think Otis Smith is an incompetent GM and needs to step down. If I were Howard, I would leave too.

  27. ijgiwtrer says:

    I think Dwight should go to the Lakers cause he has a good chance there. As we’ve seen in the past, Kobe+A dominant inside player (Shaq)= Championships. So what if you had Dwight and Gasol instead of Shaq? Even if Kobe is old, he can still take crazy shots and make them. Yes, Kobe misses now and then but thats why you have Gasol and Dwight to rebound and open up second chances.

  28. mark says:


  29. jm20 says:

    can’t you read the article??? the only way orlando will trade dwight is also for a legitimate player and a star. who would be a fit player for the trade??? andrew bynum. tell me, who will dallas trade for orlando to replace dwight howard? NONE. for the Nets? brook lopez? he is not as good as bynum.. kobe and dwight will mix. u know why? dwight howard once said whe they were teammates in the redeem team, he has learn a lot from kobe and when interviewed once and asked who do you want to play along side with.. guess what he answered “number 24″…

  30. soldier boy says:

    look everyone know dwight want to go to LAKERS for a lot of reasons Lakers is were it’s at not only will he bring a higher volume of fans but more actors and posible nike commercials etc will come to him, its the reality and him and kobe alone will go far kobe is getting older but he still has at least a good 4 years to play hard the man playe’s even when he is injured and hurt or sick, he is a beast he loves to win, bring the his heart and pride out when playing the game we all should put mad respect to him he got 5 rings kobe and dwight perfect

  31. Mark says:

    The obvious trade……if Dwight wants to win rings is to Chicago
    Noah & Boozer have links to Florida – and ideal swap

  32. mike says:

    i think the best team for dwight is phoenix suns !!!!!!!
    Now we have a game.

  33. Kobe@Mla_Phil says:

    I wonder why they are so afraid of Dwight wearing a Lakers uniform.. Maybe they are from miami and are so afraid that they wouldn;t get a ring AGAIN!! hahaha!!

  34. celtics says:

    They celtics should trade Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen Jermaine O Neal and Greg steimsma and draft picks for howard

  35. Anonymous says:

    Go to OKC!

  36. Guha says:

    Just think if clippers were able to sign Howard, that would be nuts. Lob it every play.

  37. mike says:

    Hey Howard just go to the MAVS and they will take you to the champion,

  38. Chibisuke says:

    Outstanding… whenever there is a topic all are becoming a professional sports analyst. /swt

  39. Lacky7 says:

    Dwight just go to New York and change with Amare and that’s it ! Tyson,Melo,Dwight,Baron and Douglas ! 😉

  40. Kuunaavang says:

    Dwight to LA Clippers: Dwight, CP3, Griffin

  41. carlos says:

    Dwight you need to go to the Celtics because the celtics need you and yes you will win a championship…..

  42. Tim says:

    Orlando should get Josh Smith so Dwight Howard stays that would be a great mix J-Smoove and Superman best defensive team without a doubt!

  43. YO WHAT”S UP. I feel bad for Dwight because if i was a superstar with amazing talent and i was with a team that cannot win without me, i would request a trade to. Look at Michael Jordan, when he left for baseball (fail), the bulls still got to the playoffs with Scottie Pippen and he was the leader for some time. Dwight is not evenm close to MJ23 but he hes some great teammates to go to who instead stand there like ghosts. Dwight should be traded to the lakers because then Kobe would not have to score as much. If people say that Kobe has not matured from his days with Shaq, they don’t k now baskteball like i do.

    • LeBron Sucks says:

      Kobe matured a lot..to all the peeps say he hasnt are haters or just dont know what they’re talking about

  44. NEON says:


    CP3, Blake, Dwight.

    they can trade jordan, caron butler, and billups (sorry buddy)

  45. Russ says:

    What annoys me is how everyone seems to think Bynum is the 2nd best center in the league only because he plays for Lakers is the only reason i can think of because look at the career stats people say Bynum is a better trade then Lopez, Bynum career stats RPG 7.1 BPG 1.1 PPG 10.5, Lopez RPG 7.6 BPG 1.7 PPG 17.4? Laker fans and media making Bynum out to be better then he is

  46. J-Short says:

    I think that the serious choice is between LA and Dallas. I am a Laker fan but it will be hard to beat out Cuban from wheeling and dealing to put a choice trade package together for D12. But If we in LA can bring Howard and somehow keep Gasol and bring DWILL into the fold then we will be able to compete this year for te Chip.

    Laker fan since 87′

    • Tyler says:

      I agree. If we get Howard and give away Bynum hopefully we keep Pau and LA would seem much more attractive to DWill and next thing you know you got a championship contender for the next 3-4 years bearing serious injuries.

  47. Jerkken says:


  48. BULLS says:


  49. Karl says:

    The best offer for Orlando could be Dwight’s trade to young teams like Oklahoma or Minnesotta. Memphis with Z-Bo and Gasol for D12, too. I like Dwight in Orlando and trade Jameer and Hedo. I like Lowry to the Magic. Let´s go Magic!!!

  50. eduardo says:

    listen l.a may not get Howard cuz they failed to get CP3 L.A is too much worried they have Kobe its like they dont belive in him yes hes getting old but he has champion ship experience and the hunger for more Kobe is a warrior he wont stop he wants to win L.A dose not need Dwight they want Dwight they are fine whit bynum he will mature later on what they should do is pau gasol for the best offer they need a young power forward or small forward to give the team more energy

  51. GniK911 says:

    lakers need deron williams…not dwight howard…

  52. airness says:

    Hey Smith why not fire Van Gundy? His coaching sucks man.

  53. will.i.am says:

    its not all about lakers,,,,,,,its not all about kobe bryant… its all about dwight’s future.. its all about his dream…it’s all about winning championship.. and thats why he wanted to be traded to a big championship caliber team.. so he should go to LA,, coz LA a rich teamm.. can also get big players for their future.. to help these guys compete..

  54. Salary says:

    Can people start to add in salary match when they want Howard to be trade to a certain team with certain players.

  55. jose says:

    done deal, I love bynum but howard. will be a laker.

  56. sniper says:

    @DJ3. Pretty sure he means that Kobe has 5 rings, he knows how to win rings, Dwight wants a ring, the crowning achievement in a basketball player career.

    However Howard has already elude publicly he does not want to go to LA because he doesn’t want to a shaq career clone.

    I hope he stays with my magic though, Let’s get Dwills and howard will stay!

  57. Jimboparoo says:

    Dwight needs to go somewhere that needs him,I can see the frustration in Orlando but when you look at Orlando its amazing huge new arena great city paradise like. Maybe get someone to come to Orlando cause Dwight Howard is a big hero to Orlando,D Williams is maybe the best choice with the current state of the Nets that would be a good fit. Im a huge DH fan and I wonder if he would more disliked than Lebron last year if he went to LA or anywhere else. The All Star game is in Orlando this year and you know DH will b a part of that.Is it very very clear that he wants out of Orlando. But I believe the Lakers don’t need him not do the Bulls or Dallas they are all gonna be in the playoffs regardless. I wish Orlando would rebuild similar to the Heat cause its still a young franchise if DH doesnt want out more than likely maybe wants a new Point guard

  58. SYDALE says:

    Laker fans LOVE a good steal… LOL… They pump Bynum up as the 2nd best Center in the league… which isn’t true for one… and they think that everyone just forgets about how bad his knees are… Only an imbecile would make that trade…

    I wouldn’t take Bynum period… I want Kobe and Gasol for Dwight… So, that I can have a legitimate shot at a championship… Bynum only gives you a legitimate shot at the lottery…

  59. Alanis says:

    Go to the Mavs! Perfect team—-) Howard-Nowitzki-Odom/Marion-Terry-Kidd 🙂

  60. too many haters says:

    it amazes me how many people hate kobe, sure kobe is a ball hog, but i let him shoot a thousands times a game if it means winning, 5 championships, more than anybody in the league today except fisher, he is a champion, and dwight will win if its kobe-pau-dwight combo, and yes mr “the heat” or “i love lebron too much” its better than your team precious big 3, kobe will most likely retire in a few years, but its THE LAKERS, they always get the good players, so Dwight will have a future, just look at LA history

  61. LACHIKC says:

    Are you kidding me with that Lakers are past and Kobe is a an imatation MJ… Get that garbage out of here. Ya he is following Shaq’s footsteps and joining a great organization. Last time i checked this league is about winning Championships and getting paid. Something that will happen in LA. New Jersey, have nothing to build around. They have to secure Deron anyway, so nothing is for sure there. Mia= new stuff, if he joined them he will go down just like bron bron… Not to say it wouldnt be a good team but not a smart trade for ORL. You can’t build around bosh (toronto prooved that). And its not like the Heat have a lot of young talent sitting around… So get your copy cat garbage out of the forum!

  62. Manos says:

    Mr Dwight is going to Celtics to find his little “brother”……Rondo…!!!!!
    The End……

  63. barney 1313 says:

    NOT a bulls fan, but Rose + Howard… A lot of Championships.

  64. Tommy says:

    First off i would like to say i am not a Magic fan,but i do live in Orlando, and i do like Howard. I am not shocked that he wants to leave,as i saw this coming a long time ago and free agency last year changed the Nba dramatically. But i just don’t know why he would want to go to either of these three teams. Starting off with the Nets,besides them having Williams they have nothing else there. They have money to spend,but who is available to go there? No one! Also i am certain that Williams would come to Orlando and play with him here. Now on to Lakers. Well with the Lakers, they are going to have to trade Bynum and Gasol just to make the trade for Howard. At very minimum,your gonna have to trade Bynum. Now you have a old team with Kobe already hurt,and way past his prime. So why go to the Lakers? Now on to Dallas,first off Dallas should not have won last year,that was a complete miracle. But that is a whole another conversation. But Dallas has a old team as well. They gave away the only player that played any defense in Chandler to the Knicks. They got rid of Butler,and who do they really have there? Jason Kidd who is what 37 years old? Jason Terry another old player,and Dirk who is old. This team to me is the worst team to go to. Now when he leaves he is obviously gonna sign a 6-7 year deal.Howard is only gonna be in his prime another 7 years so this is pretty much it for him. If he goes to a team that does not win,which none of these teams will even be a good team for 2 years if not more. I think he is better off going to a team like Okc or Portland. These are teams that have young talent and came win right now with the addition to him. Lakers,Mavs,and Nets are horrible.

  65. spurs fan says:

    even i want dwight go to spurs…im more realistic..who’s gonna trade for howard??bonner splitter and blair??hehe!!im happy when howard go to west atleast we have a great center in allstar hehehe!!

  66. Abdu'l-Karim says:

    ATL waive Joe Johnson, send al horford, marvin williams and cash to ORL for Dwight Howard. ATL starts Teague, Heinrich, Smith, Ivan Johnson and Howard.


    • ATL Fan says:

      That’s so unrealistic. I love the hawks and even though Joe’s contract is crippling us, we cant waive him. That starting 5 is so weak. Youve got a great defense but such a poor offense. Josh Smith will be shooting even more and we all know how bad that is. There still is one shooter lift with Heinrich but he’s getting old. I would say trade Joe, Marvin, picks, and cash to the Magic for Dwight and Hedo(because the magic need to get rid of him) and then start Teague, Heinrich, Smith, Horford and Dwight and then you’ve still got a great bench with Ivan Johnson, Tracy McGrady, Vladimir Radmanovic, Hedo Turkuglu, etc.

  67. DJ3 says:

    ‘Rings’ have nothing to do with how good you are. Brian Cardinal has a ring. Does that mean he is better than Patrick Ewing, Charles Barkley, or LeBron James? Some ordinary citizens have ‘rings’ because the players sold them. So stop with the “Kobe has 5 rings! That means he’s the best player ever. And if he gets 2 more he will be better than MJ!” argument. I have a lot of respect for Kobe as a player. But you can’t base how good a player is on how much shiny jewelry he has. Yes, Kobe is one of the best. But just because he has ‘rings’ does not mean he’s better than everyone who doesn’t have any or as many.

  68. ddddd says:

    Here is whats up. Dwight is not getting traded until after the allstar break. Whoever comes up with the best package to keep the magic competitive gets Dwight, regardless if the team is in Dwights top 3 or 5 or perfect fit or what. Let the bidding begin. The magic doesn’t care about a guy who doesn’t care about them. The magic only care about their best interests. Remember also that theres rumors of trading Amare Stoudamire to the magic too. In spite of the step backward defensively that would be for the magic, Stoudamire is an allstar player. Bynum is an injury waiting to happen in spite of the awesome numbers when healthy. Lets see who comes up with the best offer. ATL was rumored to be in the mix as well. At one point there was a 3 team offer on the table with Portland and NJ. Point being, spice up the offers and let the bidding war begin….. Even though nothing will happen before the allstar break…… Bid you teams! BID!!!!

  69. Jon John says:

    Orlando wont trade dwight for anythingless then a star center in the mix. so bynum is the most logicall option. orlando will wait till after the alstar break so they can get the best from that, and if bynum is still helthy and putting in the same numbers as right now and gets in better shape they will trade howard for bynum

  70. JustoMatic says:

    I would preferably I”d would like to see Howard go to the Nets! Its time for a new beginning for the league, we’ve seen too much of the Lakers and the imitation MJ.. Time to put them to rest its getting seriously old. Don’t care to see another imitation of a great player: Shaq. If he goes to LA he’ll be following the same path as the Diesel, he fell for letting them call him superman. Gotta be original somewhere, no? Fresh new start in Brookyln could be what he really needs. I guess if you want imitation again go to LA with that fake MJ cat. I’m down with the new stuff, NY, MIA,LAC,.. At least them cats want to start new cultures instead of following things of THE PAST. D.Will and Howard would be nice together and most of all something new! Who would’nt want to see new stuff?? LOL and I’m from the MJ and Pip era..

  71. simpletruth says:

    Just because your so-called “best player of the world (whose shooting pct is not included in 50 best in NBA right now)” around WON’T make dwight any better.

    here are the reasons :

    1. kobe is a ballhog. dwight will score only 6 ppg in lakers uniform. and don’t say that he’s a ballhog because the others are unreliable. pau gasol shoots 58% from the field and he’s often open in the high post. both gasol and bynum are in the league’s top 15 in shooting pct.

    2. there’s no supporting cast in LAL. let’s say blake + bynum + draft picks for dwight. the starters are okay. bench, even worse than minnesota’s.

    3. even with odom and the others healthy, the lakers were SWEPT 4-0 against the Mavs (which at that time said by the experts that they would be banished by the lakers).

    so here’s the deal. if dwight wants to be a contender (I can’t say winning a championship because our friends in Chicago and Miami are damn strong and both of them won’t risk what they have), go to Dallas or San Antonio.

    Sure Dallas can get rid of that Mr. Lakers-for-life-my-a$$ lamar odom, and ships brendan haywood, and cash consideration (don’t worry cuban has tons of it) and also future draft picks. would be good for Dallas who lost TC and his defensive presence inside. Would also be good for Orlando who could build a new team with supporting casts all over the floor. They only need the look for a franchise player.

    San Antonio had the 2nd best record last year. It’s not a bad start (minus the loss in 1st round) for a contending team. Plus Greg Popovich is still around. Won’t be a bad thing if Dwight learn from a coach who successfully coached David Robinson and Tim Duncan until they become one of the best interior defenders in the league history.

    Don’t get me wrong. I don’t hate lakers. I love lakers when shaq is still around and the lakers had the showtime in 80s. it is just not going to work out now. let’s be realistic.

    • wellbehaved says:

      Let’s see about that when Dwight wears that purple and gold uniform. I hate to say it, but experience wise, the lakers have won championships built around the best center in the league at those times, with exception to the last two which i credit for the exceptional play of bryant. Going back to the D12 thing, if he is for the championship, his best option for now is the lakers, because the team has the system that will get the most of him and the players around him. It has been done before, he should try it, otherwise, he will just be one of the likes of Ewing, Barkley and Malone, God forbid!

    • Jones17 says:

      Kobe is not a ballhog. Sometimes he takes questionable decisions regarding shots but he bails the team out so often when they take 20 seconds off the shotclock not getting a shot off.

      Would you rather your best player take tough contested shots or let Fisher or Artest take open jump shots? I’d take Kobe 9/10 times (for evidence – look at shooting percentages of those 2 this season and laugh)

      Using FG% is not the best argument to judge any player…last years MVP is averaging less than 40% and no-one is saying he is a ballhog

  72. branchi1980 says:

    If Dwight gets traded to LA. both teams will profit. If in case he gets traded for Bynum and Gasol Orlando will get 2 big men and will be a force in the east. I hope both the lakers and magic do this. It’s obvious that he wants to leave, the lakers are a best place for him at the moment.

  73. octabyo85 says:

    dwight is a defensive minded player so i think the best team for him to fit is in a celtic uniform. . . he should be a boston celtic . . . the team need a super center to redeem the chamionship

    trade o’neal,wilcox,bradley and pavlovic for dwight howard

    • rondo says:


      • Dilan says:

        Of course! Orlando will definitely give up the best C in the league for a decent c and 3 benchwarmers. Alot of the people who have commented have only thought about their team and have proposed trades that only a madman will accept. I think Orlando should keep Dwight. He is human, no-one wants to leave a city, it will affect him and his family. I think Orlando needs a PG and SF. Ryan Anderson and J-Rich is putting up good numbers and Big baby is a good addition when Dwights in foul trouble. I think theyshouldgo after Wilson Chandler and Aaron Brook when they return from China. I THINK THATS MORE REALISTIC 🙂

    • Belizeboy says:

      I’m not a Celtic fan but I’ve been saying that if Howard is smart, he would join up with Rondo. Rondo is the best verteran point who is a playmaker IMO, and that is what Howard needs around him. Williams is another good pairing for him but I like Rondo better.

    • DJ3 says:

      That is even worse than Chris Bosh for Dwight. Magic want something to build around not role players. Morons.

  74. the heat says:

    Kobe is NOT the best player.

    He is the Luckiest player.

    Free ride with Shaq for 3-peat

    I have sympathy for Chris Paul for having played for Katrina-torn-apart team that didn’t even have an owner

    and for Lebron James for having played for 7seasons with one of the smallest market in the leauge

    without 2nd option player.

    And for Deron Williams also

    Kobe is the luckiest player

    • Larian1983 says:

      It sounds extremely disgusting when people unable to control their jealousy.

      • Philby says:

        I wouldnt worry about it.
        They are clearly a bandwagon Heat s supporter or they’d realise that their statement means Wade was lucky to ride Shaq’s coat tail when the Heat won the championship in 2006 when Shaq joined them from The Lakers.
        I guess that’s why Lebron moved to a bigger market to bring fools along for the ride and he cashes in.
        Seeya Dwight.

    • Jones17 says:

      Lucky??? Shaq was VERY lucky to have Kobe for those 3 years and Wade for his 4th championship.


  75. Matthew Tanner says:

    Why does nobody bring up the Timberwolves when talking about trading Dwight? They should be right in the mix- package Derrick Williams, Beasley… basically everybody on the roster besides Love and Rubio and get a third team involved… They could/should be trying to do this.

    • KobeBean says:

      Of course not the Timberwolves. Didn’t you hear what Dwight wants? He wants to play in a big market. So therefor, Lakers, Mavs, and Nets are the teams he wants to go to. Thats what Dwight said. So thats why Timberwolves are not being brought up.

  76. 0ptimus says:

    Best place for Howard is Chicago to team with Rose and not with Lakers. Chicago can trade BOOZ and Noah. Rose is young and Kobe is 34 or 35 (if not mistaken). So Future is better on Howard going Chicago.

  77. jigsaw says:

    With the exception of BURS & GOLAL (sorry GUCCI, i wanted you on the list too, but calling someone DUMPP really put things in perspective), i think a lot of opinons here are unfounded and fueled by wishful thinkers and/or pipedreamers. Let’s start with the BULLS…sure, an awesome combo…ON PAPER!!!! Face it, ROSE would rather feed his scoring stats then his big man in the paint (dont believe me, how often can you remember ROSE to NOAH alley-ops). More importantly, unless CHICAGO’s ready to give up NOAH, DENG, and TAJ GIBSON (which even then isnt really much) + a pick or KROVER, it aint gonna happen. Now for those who think the NETS might be a possibility…unless they trade the entire city of BROOKLYN (which they wont have until next year) they got NOTHING…NADA…ZILCH. So lo and behold, we come back full circle to the LAKERS, having BYNUM as the centerpiece for trade bait.

    • Jones17 says:

      I’m a Laker fan but that trio of Deng, Noah and Gibson would be a very good trade for the Magic. They could even swap Deng in that trade for Boozer and both could end up winning.

      If Bynum keeps playing great, why would we trade him? I’m a little worried his reputation for injuries will scare the Magic away (even if he’s lost a load of weight and strengthened up a lot since last year.

  78. ADP112 says:

    It makes basketball sense for Orlando to trade for Bynum, clearly the 2nd best center in the league. Anything else would be a down grade. Why would Orlando trade Howard to a team he wouldn’t want to resign in. Lakers have the legacy of winning championships even before Kobe. They have the Best organization, Best Market (groceries), Loyal fans (not heat ban wagon type), etc… What’s not to love about Tinseltown (besides traffic & smog)?


    • Belizeboy says:

      “Best Market (grocieries)”. Either that’s some new slang I’ve never heard of for money, or you have no idea what a market means in basketball terms.

  79. Paul says:

    Dwight´s best option is to team up with Deron Williams who is not only an excellent point guard but an excellent team player too. Unlike that ball hog in Los Angeles (Kobe lovers, before you say anything, please read a little article on StatsCube called “Does Kobe shoot too much ?”)

    • Belizeboy says:

      They don’t agree with the article even when the facts show it! Yep Howard and Deron is a good combo.

  80. noynoy says:

    ALL YOU FUC*ING HATERS go to hell!!…go cry to your momma!!…..clearly, a lot of haters….dwight is the best option for the lakers right now, imagine kobe getting some rest while d12 doin some work on the floor, specially with the support of gasol and maybe hedo and kapono on the outside, and blake or goudelock making some plays for them…. if d12 gets traded to the lakers, it will be a dynasty for years to come, just like the story of kobe and shaq, 3 rings remember, kobe doesnt need to prove himself, coz he’s already on of the best in the league, with 5 rings…..and the cap space that he will clear when he retires, that will give them a lot of salary to sign superstars….

  81. BOR says:

    Kobe is a great player, but he’s not getting any younger. There will be no new dynasty with Kobe involved. He may still win one or maybe (MAYBE) two rings with Dwight, but nothing more. Chicago is a good option, but I would like to see Dwight-Love-Williams-Some good runner-Rubio playing. If Boston signs Garnett and Allen as minimum salary veterans, use them as “role playing starters”, add some average young talents they could have bright future with Rondo on their team. But that would be only possible if Dwight signed as a free agent (if possible at all).

  82. skrutz says:


    But seriously, not the Lakers. I would lose so much respect for him, and it just seems like it wouldn’t work too well.

  83. COME ON MAN! says:

    Okay, I need the people that are the closest to Dwight Howard, Kobe Bryant, Deron Williams and Mitch Kupchak to make sure they read this blog. Now, I’m going to simplify this the best way possible! Mitch, you should trade Bynum for Howard then trade Gasol to New Jersey for D. Will; that would be an automatic three peat for the Lakers Organization. Think about the possibilities! I have faith in you Mitch, Kobe, Dwight, and D. Will. Let’s make this happen guys!

    • wellbehaved says:

      Man you got it all pumped up. I doubt thou that they will get a three-peat. Methink they’ll get eternity-peat.

  84. Josiah Sears says:

    i agree with @nobody Chicago needs a rebounder that can help Rose and Boozer. Rose would share the credit and the points with Howard.

    Howard needs to go to Chicago

    But on the other hand Portland Trail Blazers need a big guy that would give them more fans and a championship ring.

    Howard had better go to the blazers or the bulls please!

  85. bryant says:

    no doubt KOBE is the best player, but kobe+gasol+bynum+howard, we will show the heat wat a big 4 looks like

    • bball2012 says:

      you fool. they would have to trade gasol and/or bynum for dwight. There won’t be a big 4!

    • oras says:

      i am a huge laker fan but u obvilusly have no idea what youre talking about

    • robbay2 says:

      oras and bryant

      Dwight and Andrew are Centers. Pau is a PF-C

      3 centers on 1 team? they would just fight in the locker room and they wont have enough space to sign dwight!

    • LOL says:

      I just cant get enough of reading all of the dumb comments people post on here.

  86. dirkminator says:

    go to mavs d12.!!!

  87. Supersonics says:

    Bynum would be a great choice for orlando but with Buss is a big Bynum supporter and if bynum still plays great ball then i dont think the lakers will trade for dwight, even though they should do whatever they can to bring dwight there. with a failed attempt to get chris paul. (thank god) L.A. is hungry to get new players. Chris Paul would not have fit with the Lakers unless Dwight was there. the reason why Kobe is taking more shots. is one he isnt seeing results from anywhere else. Metta shooting horribly from three. Gasol with the softness still in him from last year. and McRoberts out with an Injury. the only help he is getting is improved shooting from blake and a good two games from Barnes. Once everything is in place. McRoberts return. Kobe’s Wrist healing. the lakers will be a very dangerous team. Murphy and McRoberts do all the dirty work that no one wanted to do in L.A. for the past previous seasons. good job to Mike Brown for making Defense a key. Gasol is really working good on the defense side.. I am a Chicago fan and as much as i want Dwight to go to Chicago. Lakers would be his best bet. and knowing mitch kupchieck he will do his best to get the approval of Buss to get Dwight.

  88. LAL kobe 4 live says:

    go LAL, im with u kobe is the best player, is injury but thats 4 him is not a problem ….howard ND KOBE ? another championship gasol,matt barnes and troy morphy maybe another player is a good traded

  89. quicksilver says:

    I think dwight is fitted for the Mavericks coz they lacked a defensive center Tyson Chandler is in the NY,Barea,Butler,Stevenson are out Jason Kidd is aging.If Dwight will go to the New Jersey with Deron Williams its better but I dont think they can win a championship look at the performance of the Nets right now in terms of standing.If Dwight only wants to team up with deron and not wanting to win a championship ring then Go to the nets and suffer but if Dwight wants a championship ring I think Tracy Mcgrady is right both of Deron and Dwight should go to Dallas with a star already Dirk.Dallas would be great so if the HEAT and BOSTON had THe BIG three then DALLAS with Dirk,Deron and Dwight will be called the 3D’s.

    • robbay2 says:

      Exactly right, 100%. They will have room to sign those 2, depending on how greedy they are and depending on if they can relocate haywood somewhere else.

      • David says:

        Howard should consider a team with a young core. Which does not include LA or Dallas or Brooklyn Nets (they have no core if they trade lopez and d-will iffy).

  90. Wanda says:

    The comment made about Kobe sharing the spotlight reminds me of the Duane Wade and Lebron James combo. It will create one more arrogant duo. Ugh!

  91. Russell says:

    Magic wont want Bynum once his knees break again i expect him to break down in Jan or Feb whats the point in trading for a C who has never played a full season?

  92. Jack Johnson says:

    if he wants to win a championship, Chicago makes the most sense. The Lakers wouldn’t be that much better with the addition of Howard and loss of Bynum (they’re worse if they lose Gasol too). Brooklyn is not gunna happen. Dallas would work too i guess…

  93. Krespino says:

    All talks of trying to convince Dwight to stay or improving the cast around him etc are waste of time; the man is gone mentally, he needs to be traded asap. Decision making is necessary. The Magic should get the new players they are getting for Howard and carry on from there building a new team chemistry. There is no sense in making evaluations like will the new squad be as strong as the earlier one with Howard, or getting the true worth of Howard; the past is history, Dwight Howard of the past is not there today in terms of committing himself to the Magic.

  94. witiw says:

    i think minnesota will be a great trade for howard because there is full of young talent there and they can trade kevin Love for draft picks for howard

  95. goLAL says:

    Tough words… but u forget that so called ,,kobe ballhoger ” won 3 rings with shaq … how is that possible , with a selfish player ? You all kobe haters shut up, caus u dont know how great player he is !!! he has 5 rings ,and u say he wont win championship if comes to LA ? HA ! Kobe is used to playing with big men ( 3 rings with shaq and 2 with gasol ) , so its a good place for howard . Rose is mostly playing by himself, thats the thng that brought them to playoffs . And hwo would they trade for Howard ??? New Jearsy ???? WTF … team never won anything…. and their perspective – 0. he is better going to Wizards then in NJ xD And even when kobe goes , u know that LA will bring some great player , they always do… so the conclusion is that Lakers are good destination for DH12

    • Carl says:

      Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…They don’t get it, and never will, so let’s just enjoy the prosperity if the trade happens.

  96. Burs says:

    New Jersey is not bound for Dwight at all… I think is better if Orlando trade him for Bynum because Bynum would be the best player to take after Dwight’s trade , wich means that NBA will have again a tandem C-SG in L.A just like in 2001 with Shaq and Kobe….. and even so Orlando will make a big mistake of loosing in just 10 years 2 Centers and I’m not talking about just 2 regular Centers , 2 of the best C in the league…….

  97. Dom V says:

    it will n ever happen but my dream would be trade bosh & smith for dwight if they want us to take hedo, send them miller and howard for hedo too.

    but realisticly i would like to see howard and d rose team up. Possibly timberwolves try something to give themselves a big 3. would need to trade alot of prospects but right now they have alot of young talent and no centre or SG so trade away some of their PF/SF/ and endless supply of point guards.

    Beasley williams barea for dwight?

  98. Gucci says:

    You are so DUMPPP .. Kobe + dwight + gasol = championship for the next few years. Kobe is the best basketball player. Go watch football dumpp kid. NERD

    • Prada says:


    • Belizeboy says:

      Try spell-checking before calling people dumb. Just a friendly suggestion.

    • Tom says:

      Magic would prob want Gasol as well. Bynums not worth Dwight AT ALL!!! especially coz he always gets injured. Theres no way Kobe, Pau and Dwight will play on the same team. Dwight to play our this year with Magic then go to Brooklyn with D-Will, trade Lopez for another quality young player then go shopping next Summer lol.

  99. the heat says:

    Why not go to south beach? Heat should trade Chris Bosh + Haslem for Dwight howard

    Even it will benefit Orlando Magic

  100. allaroundballer says:

    it’s obvious magic needs caliber pg or sg maybe. nelson is not enough, arenas is flop and why did they trying hedo again?? now the problem is no-one would take hedo. i like magic and actually since last season i really hope they could get somebody for dwight.

  101. shakenbake says:

    Dwight if you go to the lakers you will not win a championship. but if for some miracle you and kobe will win 1, it will just be 1 year coz kobe is not getting younger. plus he is a ballhog and will not share the leadership with you or with any other. A better team suited for you is the New Jersey Nets or the Chicago Bulls where you have an all star caliber PG and where they can build a good team around. Dallas is a bad choice to seeing they are full of old players.

    • Nobody says:

      Kobe will not mix with another superstar. Shaq taught us the lesson. However, Dwight will get lots of rebound in LA because Kobe will keep shooting with a bad %.

      Truly, Dwight with Rose is the best alternative. But Chicago might not break the team with good chemistry.

      • The Agressive Napkin says:

        Kobe will mix with this superstar. dwight doesn’t demand 30 points per game like shaq did and kobe’s not a young and up coming shooting guard anymore, where his numbers mattered. He just wants to win and now more than ever understands the team concept. Dwight would be perfect for LA and would give them a completely new look Gasol and Dwight on the block would be a problem.

        and shakenbake if dwight went to LA they’d have a very very very very good chance at winning…who is going to challenge them come the WCF? the Thunder? who’s going to match up with dwight and gasol?…Ibaka who’s 6’10 or perkins who’s 6’9? and then 90% o fwestbrook’s buckets are scored inside and who’s going to be standing there? dwight howard. and james harden cannot match up with kobe bryant. so the lakers will out rebound and allow less points in the paint…durrant will score obviously the lakers have a good chance at winning if dwight were to go to LA.

      • OneTwoButt says:

        Shaq taught us what lesson? Last time I checked Shaq and Kobe won three championships. It doesn’t really matter to the fans (aka: the people paying the salaries) if they don’t get along in the locker room. Rings are the only things that matter in L.A.

      • Jones17 says:

        @ Nobody – You are a moron

        In the same comment, you mention Kobe has a bad shooting percentage and then state Derek Rose is the best alternative who’s shooting percentage is amongst the worst in the league.

      • Ryan says:

        well if you want to acknowledge kobe’s shooting percentage, he’s shooting 53% over the last 4 games where hes had on average 33.6 ppg. kobes percentage is low because of 3’s this season without his 3’s hes shooting 56% within 2 point range, but you act like kobe hurts the team, kobe’s won 5 championships in the city, and missed the playoffs once when he was injured majortiy of the season, so obviously he hasnt hurt them too much jacking up 23 shots a game, you have to think the shots he takes are shots hes capable of making, you put lebron and make him shoot those exact shots, the percentage will be alot worse than what you think. kobe also is almost around 6 asts per game with the shot attempts, cant call him a ballhog when the lakers primary man to go to is kobe himself. watch a lakers game, the first 6 minutes is kobe’s time to get aggressive and find his rythym. the final 6 is to work it down to the big men. 2nd quarter is involve the big men up until half time. then 3rd quarter comes, that’s kobe’s quarter to get his rythym back and ready for the 4th. if you ever notice a laker game his shot attempts are low up until half time and 3rd quarter is where he puts up most of his attempts. then the 4th is self explanatory, attack the weaker part of the defense with either kobe or the big men.

      • Tom says:

        @ The Agressive Napkin – Magic aren’t gonna trade Dwight for just Bynum. If you didn’t read they wanna get rid of Turkoglu to clear up space.. I’d say they would want Gasol and Bynum AT LEAST for Dwight. There’s no way Lakers will get Dwight and still keep Pau. And with Kobe turning 34 this year, thats gonna give Dwight only a couple years to get his ring he wants, whereas the Heat got about 6/7 quality years together. Dwight would be better playing out contract and going to Nets next year to team up with Deron Williams and hope Nets can get some other good starters. Maybe trade Brook Lopez for another guard.

    • Al_Orlando says:

      The no brainer would be for Dwight to go to Chicago, but as I have learnt this is not just about winning for Dwight. Rumor has it that Adidas does not want Dwight to play in Chicago because tha would mean two of their biggest athletes would be in the same market (Rose and Dwight).

      I guess at the end of the day its a business decision. If it was just about winning, then Dwight would not consider the Nets over Orlando.

      He’s a good kid, and I dont think people in Orlando that I have talked to are upset with him for making the decision to leave. I think they just think he wont get the same kind of love anywhere else.

    • robbay2 says:

      Dallas could actually be a good choice for Dwight IF he stays in Orlando and has no success this postseason. Dallas will have a lot of cap space cleared up, leaving room for Dwight. MAN that would be awesome, and that could also attract… Deron williams, to play in Dallas along Dirk and Dwight, the 3 D’s. That would be hard though, because I am 75% sure Dwight will get traded, and that would be hard to have Haywood, Dirk, Dwight, and Deron on one team lol. Would be fun to watch. Sure Kidd would take a reserve role, or flat out retire after his contract is up.

      • til says:

        rofl u gott be kiddin. dallas has used up their cap

      • David says:

        Yeah, the chance of that happening would be slimmer than him heading to miami heat. Talk about the Heat, they can actually put together a nice package that includes chalmers, udonis haslem, joel anthony, and Mike miller’s expiring contract.