Gerald Wallace Gets Offensive

HANG TIME NEW JERSEY BUREAU — I’m going to let you in on a little secret…

Gerald Wallace is an offensive player.

The man known as “Crash” is mostly thought of as an elite defender and strong rebounder for a small forward. But when he arrived in Portland last February, Wallace gave the Blazers’ offense a huge boost. His new team scored a ridiculously efficient 112 points per 100 possessions when Wallace was on the floor after the trade that brought him from Charlotte.

On Thursday, the Blazers torched the Lakers, who had been a pretty strong defensive team to date, for 107 points in about 94 possessions on Thursday. Wallace led all scorers with 31 points on 13-for-19 from the field, while also defending Kobe Bryant most of the night.

The Rose Garden always gets hyped when the Lakers visit, but Wallace was the spark on the floor on Thursday, as Joe Freeman writes in The Oregonian.

Wallace, in particular, was a beast. From the opening quarter to the final horn, he harassed Bryant on defense, scored in a variety of ways on offense and electrified the sellout Rose Garden crowd. In the highlight of the night, Wallace gathered a long outlet pass from Marcus Camby on a wide open fast-break attempt and hammered down a windmill dunk.

Wallace scored 10 important points in the first quarter, when the game resembled a track meet more than a basketball game, and he added 10 more in the third quarter, when the Blazers seized control of the game. Wallace hit three pointers, bulldozed defenders into the key for layups and ran the break with equal success.

“That’s his game,” McMillan said. “I think you’ve got to let Gerald go and allow him to just the freedom to play. His hustle, his energy, we feed off of that.”

In the other locker room, Bryant was pretty effusive with his praise of Wallace…

“I love Gerald,” Bryant said. “Gerald’s been working on his game, worked on his outside shooting, his ball-handling, his defense. He’s been a tremendous player. He’s just been below the radar.”

Portland now ranks fourth in the league offensive efficiency, scoring 106 points per 100 possessions. Wallace is shooting 55 percent from the field, and ranks 10th in the league in true shooting percentage among those who have attempted at least 50 shots. He’s has been doing his work inside, with 48 of his 69 shots coming from within five feet of the rim.

If Wallace keeps this up, LaMarcus Aldridge won’t be the only Portland forward who deserves All-Star consideration.


  1. robbay2 says:

    I still think LaMarcus A should be in MVP talks.

  2. Joff Jaff says:

    And that same Gerald Wallace scored 1 Pt the next day against Phoenix. Grant Hill a 40 year old shut Wallace down and had 6 that night and is averaging 9.1 per game. I think we should write an article for Grant Hill ! He deserves one !

    • SikWitIt says:

      Kobe went 6 for 28 recently then turned around and dropped 39pts. Players have good days and bad ones. But good players have fewer bad ones. Wallace isn’t always inconsistent.

  3. mattman says:

    the trade for Gerald Wallace was the smartest front office decision that Portland made since acquiring Brandon Roy..he has taken Portland from a potential playoff team to an arguable contender with his play on both sides of the ball..when he first joined the Blazers last year, he just seemed to compliment Lamarcus Aldridge naturally, and the two play very well together..beware of PDX in the playoffs

  4. AusFan says:

    The most underrated player in the league by a long way. And I’m a thunder fan

    • ha says:

      you only think hes underrated because he dropped 40 last year on the thunder after the trade.
      and made durants life difficult in both games hes played with portland.

  5. dirkminator says:

    lets go mavs!!!!!! west con. finals

  6. Belizeboy says:

    I though the Blazer’s looked great out there. They all seemed like they have been playing together for a long time. NOW I would like to know how no one on the Hangtime crew decided to write about the 3OT game yesterday. I know you guys don’t like Miami, but there was so many different things you could have blogged about that game: Bosh’s 3pt shot, first 3OT of this season, impressive debut of Ivan Johnson, Chalmers, your failed theory of zone d against the Heat, ANYTHING! Man is the hater aid you drink that strong?

  7. BullsFan#1 says:

    Also don’t forget Marcus camby and Wesley Mathews.

  8. BullsFan#1 says:

    I love the new editions Portland had made over the last few years. Including Ramon Felton and Gerrald Wallace. You mix in Alridge and Greg Oden with their ither depth and high energy players and you have a heck of a lineup. I believe they will make the playoffs but will not make the Western Conference Finals…yet.

  9. Syncope says:

    this is why i was mad when sacramento traded him with out giving any minutes. when he had young legs he was flying over people, while adlemans actions baffled me

  10. Jason says:

    People need to relax. When playoff time roll around, Gerald Wallace, more than likely, won’t shoot at a high percentage, if they make it to the playoffs.

  11. Jason says:

    Blazers will win the western conference finals if they keep this up and stay healthy. As far as who can challenge them? Lakers, Thunder, Mavs, or Clippers if they gel together

  12. jer says:

    GW is a long time underrated talent. I was skeptical at losing a fan favorite in Przybilla at first but now, I know that was unfounded and wrong. Heart and soul of the team is what defines him. He works so hard and the fans in Portland can really appreciate what he does. He does it on both ends and gives 110% every play.

  13. HandsomeFan says:

    Love the Blazer team and Gerald in particular. Gerald’s a baller on sides of the floor

  14. Asdasd says:


  15. NATHAN says:

    I love how kobe looks at Steve Blake like “where were you on that one” when it was kobe fault for brickin that three in the first place

  16. The Analyst Port says:

    Never one to speak to soon..but Portland will be one of the top in the west. They are so deep. Only prob is that they could def use one more big man,,,whats pryzbilla doing now days?

  17. QuestionMark says:

    Good to see Gerald Wallace stepping up, I was wondering how well this team would play without Brandon Roy, so far they are doing great, he is playing far better than he did in Charlotte.

  18. clyde frazier rhyming says:

    Trail Blazers and Grizzles Western Conference finals

  19. kingfaj says:

    Not to mention his toughness. The guy gets mad injuries for all the athletic plays he makes, yet remains (or at least looks) the fittest. You should just love that right?

  20. Zzoe says:

    This is the Gerald Wallace i knew we were getting when we made the trade last year–one that defends like a mad dog and runs the floor like a gazelle. If he stays this aggressive every night, we are gonna get tougher to beat and better as the season goes along.