Heat Star LeBron James Gets Engaged

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The well wishes on Twitter from Clippers guard Chris Paul and Heat owner Micky Arison confirmed the rumblings. Heat star LeBron James and his longtime girlfriend Savannah Brinson are engaged to be married.

James picked a heck of a way to celebrate the start of a new year, reportedly proposing to his high school sweetheart and the mother of his two sons at a party celebrating New Year’s Eve and his 27th birthday, which was Friday. More from People.com:

At a New Year’s Eve dinner and party at the Shelborne hotel in South Beach, the Miami Heat star, 27, proposed to his longtime girlfriend Savannah Brinson. And he got their kids in on the action as well.

Right after popping the question, James picked up the couple’s sons LeBron Jr., 7, and Bryce, 4, and swung them around on the floor. “It was so sweet to watch,” a rep for Remy Martin V, who hosted the dinner, tells PEOPLE. “Everyone is extremely happy.”

The party, hosted by Heat teammate Dwayne Wade and his girlfriend Gabrielle Union, was also a belated birthday celebration for James, who turned 27 the day before.

Heat star Chris Bosh and Queen Latifah were also on the guest list of 60 friends and family members.

No date has been announced, but we’re guessing James gets more than a few questions about this news before and after the Heat’s game against the Charlotte Bobcats today in Miami.

And congrats to LeBron and his bride to be. There will be a ring ceremony for him one way or another in the future.


  1. nancy says:

    Cute Baby Way to go LeBron

  2. jc coronejo says:

    finally Lechoke James will get a ring…not for winning the championship but for getting married..congrats Lechoke..thats the only ring you’ll be wearing on your fingers….yehey!!

  3. vivek says:

    Lebron was born in the 4th quarter of a year ?

  4. likedamaster says:

    monkey see, monkey do. Can it be more obvious? Or are you just an attention whore? MJ doesn’t mean to get that attention, he just does. What about you Lebron?

  5. Giuliano says:

    Lebron finally gets a RING! LOL

  6. mariele dhane bael says:

    congrats lebron .,.,.,.,. and belated happy b-day

  7. james says:

    We want prenup !

  8. CatipzTipz says:

    Best wishes and congratulations, LeBron.

  9. justforlaugh says:

    they should’ve show his GF “Decision” in a special prime time in ESPN

  10. alvin says:

    congrats for the ring LE QUIT…

  11. Andy Etwaru says:

    Proud to hear this. Congradulation lebron…. Continue doing your thing man. Brush these haters off. Nuff love & respect my yout. #1 Fan Before Clevland.


  12. knicks fan says:

    2 things for lebron
    a) stop being jelous of melo
    2)plz do me favor get a ring through yourself not through a women

  13. Miss Shay says:

    Congrats on your engagement and I wish you nothing but happiness in your life. You’re my 2nd favorite BBall players along with D-Wade but Derrick Rose is my first. You’re playing very good ball this season and you are a smart business man. But most important you are a family man. Love you and again Congrats.

  14. NBABaller says:

    Congratulations to LeBron and Savannah! Now LeBron…you gave Savannah a ring, GO GET YOURS!!!

  15. Banks says:

    I don’t get the jokes on congrats on ur first ring….He doesn’t have a ring from her, as when a man propose he gives HER a ring, that probably cost more than you can ever dream of making in 200 life times. Stop the bad jokes and hating. Miami is undefeated this year, Lebron scored 30 plus for 3 games and one game he rested most of the 3rd and 4th, not to mention if he was a selfish player he could easily score 40 a night.

  16. YAW AKA CASHMEIN says:

    Congrats LBJ. A true man follows his heart. Where his heart is, is where his love follows. LBJ good job for getting engaged to the mother of your kids. Note this. Never let another beauty blind the love that you have for the mother of your two kids. The woman you have been with and have two kids with knows who you are and shows her love towards you each day. She is a mother of your two kids. Other girls will love you because your a super star and making alot of money. As soon as the money stops, They will hate you.
    The one you have chosen has been there before you became a star. Good judgement and I wish you all the best. People who hates you are not real. They watch you everyday on Tv because they know how good you are. Every man has the right to go anywhere he wants and you did. That does not make you a bad person. Everyone makes mistake. Whish you a blessing relationship. God Bless your family.

  17. gus says:

    He has been with her forever and has two kids. Aren’t normal people first get engaged then have the kids after marriage?. Why are we celebrating news from a dysfunctional family on NBA.com?.

    • Banks says:

      Dysfunctional according to who? You must not go out much because its basically normal for people to have kids before marriage, hell kids is usually the deciding factor in marrying somebody. You watch a little too much TV to come up with a false generalization.

  18. Barea # 1 says:

    I have to say LeBron congratulations to you and savanah hope u have a wonderful 2012

  19. Tim A. says:

    Damn LeBron is one hell of a player and seems like a great father also he a good man outside of basketball i hope he gets his championship ring this year so all the haters can stop with those jokes about this being the only ring he will get. This is coming from a Celtics fan too i like LeBron is that a crime lol.

  20. Dan Gilbert says:

    Be Happy for your only ring! your Wedding ring!

  21. pink fashionista says:

    Lebron Jame’s Fiance’ Savannah Ring Revealed! check out http://www.allthadeets.com for pictures.

  22. Martin from Austria says:


  23. Leeviu B. says:

    Hope they’ll marry with a Championship RIng. that would be the best for him…and for us..the fans. Congrats.

  24. Rob Burns says:

    My love is like a red red Rose

  25. bryan says:

    Congrats on getting the only ring the rest of his career

  26. rausaun says:

    congrats to the king lbj!!! good way to propose this year cause now u can do like nobody else, get two rings in one year!!!!!lets go heat

  27. Brad says:

    Man, LeBron didn’t want to come to Chicago, but he really does wanna follow in MJ’s steps after all!

  28. cris says:

    i’m not going to lie but the “finally he has a ring” comments killed me. But on another note leave the man alone how many of us can say we are doing what we love and are with our high school sweet heart, not a lot of us.oh and the boy is ballin so far this season hopefully it carries out to spring for his team’s sake. but it’s still Lakers baby

  29. Cade P. says:

    CONGRATS to my favorite play in the NBA! Good for him!

  30. NBA Guru says:

    o and LOVIE, u rock dude. that makes 2 major belivers who love lebron

  31. NBA Guru says:

    congrats! o and so you all know…. BIGGEST LBJ FAN EVER!!!!!!!

  32. Lemw says:

    Congratulations Savannah and future bridegroom!

  33. LOVIE says:

    Congratulations Lebron on your engagement, I hope she is deserving of a man like you. You will get your rings, more MVP’s, and become one of the greatest as you continue to achieve your goals. You deserve the best and whatever happens in your relationships, you will eventually find the women of your dreams. Best wishes!

  34. Ryan says:

    He’s an amazing father… if only he was as good at basketball.

    • Banks says:

      Yeah because winning TWO MVPS, starting in the all star game every year, making all defensive team every year, making all NBA team every year, being a rookie of the year, making the finals TWICE, and already cemented as a future hall of famer and he is only 27 makes him no good? Whatever hater (jordan won his first ring at 28 let me remind you all)

  35. Lakers R Us says:

    Forgive me, but what does this have to do with basketball?

    • D Lion says:

      I meant that I don’t particularly enjoy watching LeBron and co. beat up on all the other teams, but he’s just doing what he’s getting paid (WAY too much lol) for, and that’s what he’s supposed to do. But I have no reason to hate him personally or to hope that his real life doesn’t go well. His NBA career and his life are 2 different things, and it’s sad to see people who don’t like him as a player carry that over into their opinion of him personally. I hope that his marriage will be successful and enjoyable, even though I don’t particularly like him in a jersey (he is phenomenal, though).

  36. D Lion says:

    I’m not exactly a LeBron fan, but all sports rivalries aside, congrats to LeBron, his to-be wife, and his kids. God bless.

  37. wackies25 says:

    Congratulations Lebron, don’t doubt Dwade and play as a better rebounder/defender.. I’m pretty sure you’ll get a ring this year.. just bring it on.. You made Lebron jr and Bryce more happy..

  38. jumpkid31 says:

    last week we got news of lebrons bday, today his engagement, maybe tomorrow his wedding? why not make another 1 hour special of his engagement party? lol…

  39. James says:

    Hey Lebron, congradulations on your engagement. I took the time to read some of the comments that people wrote and it’s unfortunate that they can’t just be happy for you.I’m happy especially for the young lady in your life, and mother of your children. Remember from a brother a little older than you that’s married with children, basketball is your job/career,but family is forever. Always treat your soon to be wife like the queen God made her to be for you, and represent being a King no matter what comments people may have or say. Treat her like you’d treat your own mother. I wish you the very best God has for you, your children and soon to be wife. I have a saying that I wish more men would grab a hold of,” A true player is a man that can keep one woman happy for many years,those that like to play are only pretenders”. Wishing you all the best in 2012. Go Heat!!!

  40. finally! says:


  41. Everton says:

    I am proud of you Lebron you are a true sports and a gentleman you must be respected for that move sticking to who you know and who knows you LONG LIVE THE KING AND QUEEN no king without a queen

  42. dolly patty says:

    Congrats Lebron,that was a great step to take.May God help u through.

  43. Willl says:

    too bad he doesn’t have a ring to give her

  44. congrats lebron you got 2 good things a girl and your first ring man wish you the best of luck during your marrige

  45. David Diaz says:

    Lebron congrats and I don’t care what anyone says. People are nothing but haters you’ll be with a ring at the end of this year if not one of these years to come for sure. Ps keep playing the way you playing so you can keep on keeping this haters with their mouth shut cause right now you just can’t be stop …You a beast..

  46. rs says:

    Congrats , Lebron .
    Don’t worry too much about title rings – you are King of Basketball …

  47. smh says:

    @T: Whats Cleveland gotta do with Lebrons marriage. That’s cold blooded son

  48. T says:

    Hopefully he doesnt dish her like he did Cleveland.

    • David says:

      idiot! cleveland dissed him first for 7 years by not getting him any real help you wouldn’t wanna stay either

  49. Jae Williams says:

    No Lebron, You have 2 kids with this woman, been with her since high school before you were super rich. I hope you got a Pre-nup!!! She will be the true king….She divorce you she get half of all you got and will ever get….If he smart…give a prenup and agree if they break she get like 10 million or so…A lot of money but better than half his sh*t! Reality is pro sports lfe and marriage dont mix! All those groupies, parties, money, long road trips, jealous wives….Mrs James on Basketball wives by 2015!

    • Banks says:

      Stop being a DUMB A$$. I hate people like you, always being negative. Lebron has been with this girl since high school, if u know ANYTHING bout human emotions and relationships, if he DID break up with her he would be glad to share his money with her because she was with him before the fame, and he’ll make his money right back up.

      Anyways, they been together this long, they are not going to divorce, whatever they been through since HIGH SCHOOL, can’t nothin be new under sun. This woman will be strong for Lebron and their kids, she’s already proved it. He is a good father, and a great basketball player/business man, stop hating.

  50. Domaine says:

    Congratulations Lebron!!!. Your First Ring and plenty more to come.

  51. Farrod says:

    I Hope The King Get Another Ring This Year Also. He Will Be Crowned Champ Soon

  52. HeatWave says:

    I see the hating is still strong in 2012. He may not have a championship, but he’s got more than you losers trying to bring him down.
    Congrats to Lebron.

  53. T Flowers says:

    Congrats!!! Ive been wondering when you were gonna pop the question…

  54. Miami Heat says:

    Damn Lebron was wondering when you were gonna pop that question haha.
    you’ve been playing hella amazing so far and i think this is your year man.

  55. Woot! says:


  56. sentt says:

    good for him

  57. Stinkmaster69 says:

    Imma be the first one to say it, Congratulations Lebron on getting your first ring! 😉

  58. Isaiah says:

    Wow. His soon-to-be wife got a ring from a King With No Ring.

  59. joe says:

    finally, he has a ring!

  60. Congrats LeBron! You have just lost your independance!

  61. NBA rocks says:

    Congratulations to Lebron! Wish him the best of fortunes for future events!

  62. lebron says:

    COngrats to the king

  63. TheNBAGuy says:

    Well I think that’s the only ring LeBron is gonna see in a while. AHAHHA

  64. Renae says:

    Congratualtions Lebron on getting Engaged to your Long Time Girlfriend I hope things get even better for you as your trip to sucess is nearing inch by inch.Pretty soon you will have that Championship Ring with the whole Heat Team by your side.And tell Wade to take care of Gabriel Union she is 1 hell of a fine Sista!!!!CONGRATS AGAIN!!!!!!!