Blogtable: How about those Lakers

Each week, we’ll ask our stable of scribes to weigh in on the three most important NBA topics of the day — and then give you a chance to step on the scale, too, in the comments below.

Two games, and two losses into the season, what do you think about your L.A. Lakers?

Steve Aschburner: I hate to feed the conspiracy buffs, but I think the Lakers are positioned to get well – not just for this season but for a while – via the acquisition of a certain all-NBA center from central Florida. Of course if Dwight Howard wanted his move out of Orlando to be about basketball and winning, he might want to think twice about a May-December bromance with Kobe Bryant. But I think Howard wants L.A. for off-court reasons and, when it does come to hoops, can safely assume that the Lakers’ history of drawing/procuring top talent will continue.

Fran Blinebury: Not that I was collecting ring sizes for a team with many holes and flaws.  But “my” Lakers would have Andrew Bynum in the middle. So I think I’ll hold off from laying on the panic button until he returns to the lineup.

Scott Howard-Cooper: I think they just traded away the Sixth Man of the Year without getting a player in return, they are missing Andrew Bynum, they have a new system, and the best player is dealing with a wrist injury that effects his shooting and dribbling. There is no great mystery or analysis here. The Lakers were looking at the real possibility of a step back from last season, although perhaps a slight step back, and then circumstances compounded the predicament. The 0-2 start was not a crisis or a signal to brush up on lottery rules. If Derrick Rose doesn’t hit a tough shot Sunday, the world looks a lot different.

Shaun Powell: As a playoff contender, they’re fine. As a championship contender, they’re finished. Felt that way even had they kept Lamar Odom, if only because of how weak they went out last spring. The immediate goal — well, the only goal — is to find Kobe Bryant some help to give him a chance to win at another ring before his knees give up. Whether that happens this spring at the trade deadline or next summer during free agency is up to Orlando.

John Schuhmann: Oh, so they’re my Lakers now. I suppose if they were 3-0, they’d be your Lakers. Either way, I think they’re missing Andrew Bynum, who’s even more important to their defense now that Lamar Odom is gone. Offensively, I’m a little disturbed by Kobe Bryant’s high usage rate (percent of the team’s possessions used while he’s on the floor). He led the league with a usage rate of 32.4 percent last year, and I thought that number had to go down for the Lakers to be a stronger team from top to bottom. But through three games, he’s leading the league again at 36.7 percent. And in the two losses, the offense was a worse problem than the defense.

Sekou Smith: I don’t worry about the Lakers after two games, not even with all of the drama they’ve dealt with in recent weeks. They’re still the Lakers and as I’ve said before, so long as Kobe Bryant has breath in his body the Lakers will be a factor. Give Mike Brown a little time to get things together and then we can revisit this topic again around All-Star Weekend.


  1. charles says:

    Lakers will have a tough year. They will win their share, but only if Bynum stays healthy – this is rare. If Bynum is out, their chances are very low to get out of the first round.

  2. FAIR-BUT-TOUGH says:

    Ahahaha the Lakers beat the Knicks today and with no Bynum and still held them under 83 points! Now thats defense

  3. Jesse W says:

    I am a die hard fan and I am really tired of this Laker bashing. So what if the Lakers do not win the championship this year. They have won enough championships over the years to share with 16 other teams. Listen to this – they could actually give 16 other teams their rings and still have one for themselves. In fact, when most teams beat the Lakers in a regular season game – this is huge for those teams. For those teams, beating the Lakers is equivalent to winning a championship. What a laugher!!!
    And I am most sick of Sir Charles. The man did not win one stinking ring his whole career, yet he is always clowning on other players. He needs to look in the mirror and figure out why his fat arse does not own a championship ring. Win or lose – I will always stick with the Lakers.

  4. WORLD ain't nothing FREE says:

    Come on Laker fans if we learned anything from the Western Conference Finals last year it’s now time to make some changes to the roster the team is getting old and our young bench player need to get the chance to show what they can do I believe that Darius Morris is a diamond in the rough but we will never know with him sitting on the bench. Come on Coach Brown don’t be like Phil let the YOUNG DOGS OUT !!!!!!!!!

  5. 8oss says:

    i disagree with all on yal….watching lakers over the years….i learn that you should never doubt kobe bryant….he has proven countless times he can hit big shots over anyone even if it more than 1….just look at the highlights….lakers wasnt to blame for that bulls lost ….the nba need better referees …..ding travel his but off and it was clear as crystal and no one made the call as for kobe going up on three guys for the win….yes he was wrong for trying to lay it up…and should of do what he do best…and jus take a baseline jumper….but that ok…its in the past.

  6. mattman says:

    if the lakers were 1-1, people would still be asking about the Lakers..the media just loves questioning whether or not they are title capable..right now, w/out Bynum, I expect the lakers to scrape out a few wins, but they really need Bynum in the paint to make them contenders..luckily they are 1-2 and their defense has shown steady improvement..are they contenders this year? definitely…kobe is still kobe and pau isn’t done yet


  7. Karlo Garcia says:

    The LA Lakers r in transition. Transition in a new coach,system,players. IF they can get Andrew Bynum healthy the whole year-which is a big task. 2 big questions, 1=time needed for transition,2 Andrew Bynum healthy BIG time.

  8. carlo (LA fan) says:

    there right, Kobe needs help, bynum is a good player but not good enough they need a good center. and Coach Mike needs to learn more about defense and he needs to lessen the turnovers

  9. allaroundballer says:

    kobe will get tired playmaking this squad.

    at his age and if they have a good pg, kobe should be more spot shooter.

    mo williams? lol

  10. Sam says:

    LAKERS still need speed and quickness at the PG position BAD !!! FISHER needs to retire along with WALTON …Bring in the young guns. Lakers 4 life

  11. Carl says:

    I don’t understand what you people expect Kobe to do. NO ONE wants the ball in clutch time, so WHY would he give it up?

  12. Neil Alex™ says:

    they need a new point guard too. Fisher is a has-been

  13. LA Synz says:

    I have a strong feeling that the lakers are going to be looking at a bright and shiny new PG before the all-star break

  14. LA Synz says:

    We have to remember, the lakers aren’t getting any younger but they have talent to still be in the top 5. With Brown at the helm this team has been holding opposing teams to a lower than normal shooting percentage and thats WITHOUT Bynum. With Bynum back Saturday this team is going to be a defensive machine that no team should take lightly.

  15. John says:

    Yes, let’s bring this topic back up in a couple of months and see where they are. 3 games in a new situation and without their starting center is hardly a way to gauge this team. Also, @allaround baller: How is Kobe (the best player on the team) taking the last shot against the Bulls selfish? When the Lakers lose they put the blame on him, when they win, they give him the credit. Thus, he has to take the responsibility and have a say on what happens in the end. He is their leader.

  16. McKinley says:

    Anyone can talk or make predictions. Fact the LA LAKERS have more wins overall then any other team. 2nd overall in Championships. Yet in the last 30 years they have won more titles then anyone. They have flat out dominated the NBA. If it were not for David Sterns unethical veto of that Chris Paul Trade. No one would be doubting the LAKERS. You can knock the LAKERS back but some how someway they always seem to rise back to the top. Deron Williams to LA LAKERS!!!!

  17. Pedro says:

    Without Bynum and with Gasol still doubting himself, Kobe is taking over (again) late in games. Look at the roster and tell me who do you want to take the shots in the last 2:00 minutes?

    • Chad says:

      Well, yes, I would’ve wanted the ball in kobe’s hands in last minute… but not for him to look an opportunity to score… I would’ve want him to create mismatches, attract defense, generate opportunity for “the team” to score… team concept, if you know what I mean, that could be easy for him to do with all his skills if he chose to do so… this is not efficient basketball…

      • The Big Tree says:

        to me I would give the ball to derick fisher he’s a wild open, as always KB24 is a ballhugger, why should he attack the basket against the 3 wild Bulls? think about it guys…

    • LilMike says:

      100% Agree!

    • BelizeBoy says:

      Honestly I would have had Kobe create a play for E-Banks. The guy is a solid shooter and having him take a clutch shot will better his game. E-Banks! E-Scores!

  18. Super Turbo HD says:

    They are just going to be a middle-of-the-pack team. If they win a couple in a row, people will hop back on the bandwagon, but it won’t last. It will be a neat season though, I suspect we’ll see some new playoff contenders and rivalries.

    Also, Bryant should remember that this is a team sport.

  19. allaroundballer says:

    they’re playoff team but no match to heat. unless bynum is develop more.

    and how bout kobe’s selfish play the last minute lakers vs bulls. I cant imagine if he’s trying to do the same thing against wade-james-bosh

    im not a miami fan but other big teams arent getting stronger this season.
    okc and bulls are more mature, but is that enough?