Blogtable: Can Mavs be fixed?

Each week, we’ll ask our stable of scribes to weigh in on the three most important NBA topics of the day — and then give you a chance to step on the scale, too, in the comments below.

Do you see anything with the defending champion Mavs that can’t be fixed?

Steve Aschburner: The Mavericks are way more Father Time than New Year’s baby. When you couple the advancing years of Dirk Nowitzki, Jason Kidd and Jason Terry with the personnel losses of Tyson Chandler, DeShawn Stephenson, J.J. Barea and Caron Butler, those are serious steps backward, too great for a funk-ified Lamar Odom to patch over. Pride and muscle memory will kick in at some point, but not enough to defend their title with a long playoff run.

Fran Blinebury: Nothing that can’t be fixed by putting Dwight Howard in the middle.  The Mavs without Tyson Chandler are back to being the same old, soft-in-the-center defensive pushovers that led to all of those playoff disappointments in the past.  It will take time to get Lamar Odom acclimated and, even then, he’s always been a player who has rode up and down throughout his career. Vince Carter at 34 is not the answer in the backcourt.  As long as Dirk Nowitzki is upright and healthy, they’re a playoff team, but no threat to repeat.

Scott Howard-Cooper: It can be fixed as soon as Mark Cuban finishes the time machine and Tyson Chandler is transported back to Dallas. Without that defensive anchor, the Mavericks were hit for 105 points and 48.7 percent shooting by the Heat and 115 and 49.4, respectively, by the Nuggets. But same as the Lakers. Give ‘em time before sounding the alarm.

Shaun Powell: With the exception of a brief stretch last summer with Tyson Chandler, the Mavericks’ long nightmare at center continues. That, my friends, can’t be fixed without trading for Dwight Howard. Brendan Haywood is simply following in the immortal footprints of Shawn Bradley and Erick Dampier. I’m not going to knock the Mavs for refusing to re-sign Chandler because if that frees up money for a big free agent next summer, then it was the right move. I will say the Mavs got a little lucky with Tyson, a salary dump by Charlotte last winter who came to Dallas and had a career stretch at the right time.

John Schuhmann: Someone reminded me on Tuesday that the Mavs lost the first four games of the 2006-07 season, and then went 67-11 the rest of the way. So obviously, it’s way too early to draw any real conclusions. The one disturbing number if you’re a Mavs fan is the rebounding percentage that currently ranks 29th in the league and could be attributed to Tyson Chandler’s absence. As long as they’re healthy and somewhat fresh (their depth is key), Dallas will still be tough to beat in the postseason, but I don’t think they can be a top 10 defensive team again without Chandler. And that rebounding number will be one to keep an eye on all year.

Sekou Smith: I see plenty that can’t be fixed without a personnel change, or two. Tyson Chandler is gone. So is DeShawn Stevenson, J.J. Barea and Caron Butler. All of those guys played integral roles for the Mavericks throughout the course of last season and to assume that the Mavericks could lose them and not feel it is beyond foolish. That doesn’t mean Rick Carlisle and his staff won’t figure out ways to overcome those losses. But I think it’s reasonable for the Mavs to feel that pain early on this season.


  1. ClydeDrexlerFan says:

    Damn just losing Tyson Chandler was bad enough but losing Stevenson, Barea and Butler also is damn crazy. Chandler has always been a defensive and rebounding force in the NBA so I knew when he came to the Mavs he would play a key part to the Mavs Championship plan. Why try and fix something that is not broken? Kidd, Terry and Dirk proved last season that they can outplay the young guns and then some but without Chandler, Stevenson, Barea and Butler the Mavs will not repeat. I guess they are trying to free up some cash to try and get Howard but is he really worth it? Howard is a choker when he is presured and demands the ball and the key players the Mavs have lost are role players and play for the team. Mavs needs a defensive center ASAP who is a beast on the boards and they might have a chance to repeat. Lamar is a nice addition to the team and still has something to offer but Carter is past his best and he will prob be dropped of the roster halfway throught the season. No Defensive Anchor no chance!!!

  2. Cesar Mariano says:

    The Mavericks have won the NBA championship mainly from the team nucleus of 2011. So enough of the prognostication and speculation about their chances of depending the title with this present line up. Nothing more can be done except to recall those guys namely: Chandler, Barea, Butler, and Stephenson to fit worthy and eligible. They’ve done this before and I don’t see any reason why they can’t do it again.

  3. Sam Reyes says:

    the lack of a center its clear. but when chemistry comes and they acoplate the Mavs will bring up their points and a true defense.
    chander its a lost (really good weapon) but now as many people has pointed mavs need to get DH,
    not just for his potential,also for the need that he has for a championship and he can points.def. and what they are trying to figure out (the chemistry)and that hungry for a title

  4. 47-Flash says:

    the way I see the situation the mav’s are in, is kinda a re building point. The Mavericks had th deepest team throughout the regular season and playoffs last year. This year no doubt about it a different looking team. They just gotten together and probably adjusting to the team. Delonte West and Lamar Odom the biggest difference. They really have to adjust to the mavericks defense and offense. But The mavericks are a playoff team as long as Dirk is playing but the threat in the playoffs no. They’ll be lucky if they reach the second round simple as that. Dirk 🙂 will have to play at a very high intense level to really push the mavericks ahead. i feel Dirk should get about 5 more possessions and shots set up for him. They need Dirk’s scoring to stay in the game. Sure we have strength in a large body (Brendan) and terry a threat on the 3 point line but without Dirk this team will play sub-par. Dirk has too be alive 63 more games or this team is going to struggle all season long

  5. maurice says:

    Ok i been a fan sence 1999 now let me say this i believe Cuban has two or three plans one make a big trade for Howard two chalk this year and prepare for a run next year and the third one i dont know yet but im sure a business man like him has a plan c! now my take is it would be smart to just forget about this year and plan for the year after, i might sound crazy when u read this but have Dirk fake a season ending injury i know but here me out that way he can get a well desirved rest but if we get Howard we could try to make a push but if not do the injury and plan for the next year free up the money and go after D Will and maybe that would make Howard wanna come and others will follow (role Players)! Now the do i see any of this happening no! If a trade isnt made for Howard he will not come here on his own but if we traded for him we could get him to stay, but if he a free agent im sure dallas wont top his list same for D Will unless we trade for Howard stay with me. So im sayin if we cant trade for Howard before the deadline we will not got nobody in free agency well not no superstar! So Cuban Lets go with the first plan plan a lol and the domino effect and dallas fans will come from nowhere!

    • maurice says:

      maybe we could get D WIll if we dont get Howard but i wont bank that he will come just cause he is from there! Its confusing but if you really pay attention you will get what im sayin!

  6. Tim says:

    Timofey Mozgov in the team to replace Chandler. .I Think it can be done and will give the same result as Tyson previous season.:)

  7. Cedric says:

    Mavs are not good face it GO any team but the MAVS

    • rich says:

      Let me see, if I will … I will have to go with the Spurs but I think the Mavs will beat them in the first round.

  8. mattman says:

    fixing a team starts with the coaching..i think Carlisle is a great coach and that he should be able to rectify the problem with a returned focus on the defense..however, if after 10 games the mavs have yet to show any improvement, the players need to step up and get physical in the lane…this is not the same mavs team as last year and they clearly miss Chandler’s presence in the middle

  9. dirkminator says:

    to all mavs haters and to all dIRK critics: just give our team to adjust we are in the rebuilding mode right now because of the old player needing back up and also w/ the loss of role player “especially chandler” in defense just give us time. odom is the right fit for mavs,but his adjusting to the new system give him a chance HATERS. carter? is also a right fit. sub for marion. and take note: this two player are not expensive they only have 1year in their contact so their is a big capsize left for the mavs. leave it all to the GM and the owner “cuban” they have a right decision i BELIEVE in them..they will get a big impact player in the mid season trade. as long as DIRK(4years left in his contract if im not wrong) is in the mavs uniform they will be a top contender in the west.

    REPEAT the RING?? well see in the midseason trade. LETS GO MAVS!!!! reDIRKULOUS…………..

  10. Anonymous NBA FAN says:

    I’m with b-rad… I don’t think he’s taking this 66 game season seriously. He’s trying to clear cap room and get lots of trade-worthy players together to make some blockbuster move. Just wait till the summer and you’ll see.

  11. clamchowder2010 says:

    I don’t know why dallas let Tyson chandler go, he has been doing a solid defense for last year. When you have a good center on the court, you are putting some obscure pressure on your opponent already. Dirk Nowitzki is a really good offensive player, but when it comes to defense, too many times he didn’t secure the offensive rebound, let the other team get it and score the easy basket. Dirk nowitzki and Shawn Marion they are both big man. If dallas not planning on improving their defense, I don’t think they will go far this year.

  12. Cedric says:

    Go Spurs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or any one else but the Mavs can’t stand thim

    • Domedave says:

      Amen…..Go Spurs!!!!…..The media and the NBA keep playing the “old” Spurs banjo, completely ignoring the good young players we have……..Pop is the best coach in the NBA and will manage this team deep into the playoffs to the consternation of NBA execs

  13. Cedric says:

    I don’t know what all the talk about the Mavs is all about they have one one championship in 32 years.They will not see another one in 32 years unless they get Howard.The only reason why they won this one was because of 2006 make up and the NBA did not want to see the Heat win because of LBJ.The Nba has not had a Larry bird type of player win in 25 years.

  14. sandro says:

    Dallas should have signed Nene..

  15. Michael13 says:

    Howard at center, Nowitzki at powerforward, Marion at smallforward, Beaboius at shootingguard, Kidd at pointguard, and Terry at sixman. If that happen they may be the dream team of nba. Balance defense and balance offense is the key for Mavericks. Please Cuban listen to me now.

  16. Brovva Blaqq says:

    Why on earth would the Magic trade Howard in his prime for a bunch of 30++ guys? The Mavericks have no players or picks they could offer for Howard…

  17. PMC666 says:

    Its time to give up the season and go for No. 1 draft pick!

  18. Thomas says:

    Do you really think the Mavs lost that heavily because Tyson Chandler is not there anymore? You must be kidding. They were sluggish, slow and out of shape, Chandler couldn’t have changed that. Brendan Haywood also played well against the Nuggets but a Center can’t do anything against a running team like Denver when you got turnover after turnover and shoot the ball poorly. And Tyson Chandler had a brilliant start for the Knicks, three rebounds against Golden State, a team known for their dominant big men Kwame Brown and Andris Biedrins. There’s no doubt the Mavs will miss him but they will figure it out when it counts. Until then there will be some heavy losses especially against younger teams who stayed together like the Heat, Nuggets or the Thunder. I also think this tough period can blend this team for a good playoff run. They’re obviously not the favourites but I don’t see any flawless team in the West this year.

  19. Dave says:

    I just hope the Rockets thrash the Mavs this year…Carter’s an old man and useless now. Every team that has had him in the last three years has done poorly – just look at Magic and Suns as prime examples. Terry is too gutless to start. I can’t wait to see his wings clipped. See you in the scrapheap Dallas!

  20. b-rad says:

    Part of me is thinking Cuban is alreay looking past this year. If he was reallyfocused or even thought they could do it twice in a row he would have tried to keep the team intact. Lamar odom and carter will not work out. Both are over rated and dont play much defense. Right now OKC, Lakers, Clippers, and even the spurs are better and can take them out in the playoffs. We’ll see if this move by Cuban pays off next summer. The goal for any team is to build a roster to match or at least contend with Miami. Right now no such team exists and depending on where Howard goes it may not happen. Can the Mavs surround Dirk with a new team or maybe he;s traded for a complete rebuild. Either way the Mavs are done for a while.

  21. Karlo Garcia says:

    1 simple answer DEFENSE.

  22. Semi Kalosi says:

    In my opinion, Howard will never go to Dallas… Why would he? He’d be in the same situation in 2 to 3 years as he is already. He’s after a Championship; and with a team that might be able to do it multiple times while he’s there. And as I said in another post, Chicago would be the best option, if he was given the opportunity.

    • maurice says:

      howard actually hinted he would like to go there by sayin he like how mark cuban would listen and get players for him like they did dirk so its possible!

    • rich says:

      Although I like Dwight to play for the Mavs, this is exactly what I think would happen. Lakers would be a close second to land Dwight, unless they get a very much needed upgrade in the point guard division then Lakers might contend for Dwight.

  23. siegfred says:

    @BigDukaroo lol. again why knicks vs heat? knicks has no defense those players are not for championship caliber. yes they have melo and amare but they can’t beat heat. even bulls or pacers when the playoff starts sigh.

  24. fanatica says:

    If you think Mavs is out in the West… you have not seen Suns played yet! Nash and co have difficulty to even clinch a NCAA title this season…..

  25. Jbrynhildr says:

    It’s still too early to judge them…give them time to sync in… I think in the Mid-Season they will show what they really got. I mean come on, who would have thought that the Mavs will sweep the Lakers, beat the young OKC, and won against the Big 3 of Miami (I am not a fan of Mafia targeting LBJ hoax, it’s a petty excuse) last year?

  26. Michael13 says:

    Odom is like a weed, he just gets Nowitzki’s playing time and he is not helping Mavericks at all.

    • rich says:

      Odom’s body language ever since he was traded has been telling us all – he is not happy and motivated even playing with the Mavs. The Lakers traded Odom specifically to the Mavs so the Mavs will have less chance of landing Dwight.

  27. Michael13 says:

    So if I am a Mavericks manager I will trade Odom, Carter, West and may be other players of Mavericks for Dwight Howard except Nowitzki,Kidd,Terry and Beaboius and maybe Marion for defense purposes. And that’s it the Mavericks will surely win a championship maybe not this year but will definitely make a championship.

    • rich says:

      Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge Mavs fan.. but if you’re the manager no one in Orlando will talk to you if that’s all you could offer.

  28. Michael13 says:

    Dwight Howard might be the missing piece of the puzzle in their championship this year. Think about it, Howard might be the greatest defensive weapon in the nba today, Nowitzki is the greatest offensive weapon and he have shown this last year’s playoff when he makes all the teams defenseless because of his indefensible shots. And with Kidd’s intelligence in making a play and stealing, Terry’s amazing bench play, Beaboius` speed and awareness, there’s no teams can stop them. Even without odom and carter they can still win the championship with that kind of lineup.

  29. Rich says:

    Mavs will probably end up in 6th-8th seed in the playoffs and then the Mavs party begins ! Down goes Portland in the 1st round; down goes the Lakers in the 2nd round; then down goes Oklahoma in the Conference Finals. Then we will all be watching the Finals rematch between Mavs and the Knicks, which Mavs will win in 5 ! Then Chandler will join the Mavs championship party in some New York night club, lol !

    • Rich says:

      finals *match, i mean… just have a sudden feeling that the Knicks will edge out the Heat in the East Conf Finals.

  30. shazil888 says:

    We need a Center!! That is literally going to be our key to a Championship. With the NBA changing, you have to have someone pull down the boards, Chandler was that guy last year, hopefully we can land Howard but if not, someone significant to fill that hole. I think that Vince Carter, Jason Terry, Lamar Odom, Brendan Haywood, are all on the chopping block as far as potential trades for Howard. Hopefully Mavs don’t give away Terry though. PS. Trading Rudy Fernandez was retarded, he was a perfect fit and is WAY BETTER than the “Lame Duck” VC. 😦

    • rich says:

      Exactly I was a huge Carter fans during his ‘flying’ years.. but now I was surprised why they took Carter and traded away Fernandez.

      • Hold My Dirk says:

        Fernandez has virtually 0 motivation to play for any team that would have made him play off the bench. He is notorious for being very high maintenance and honestly isn’t worth signing a big deal if we’re looking to get Williams from NJ next year. We basically gave him away to preserve that option while keeping Carter in the mix for the short-term. Williams is from Dallas and would be a perfect replacement for Kidd as he will probably be done after this season. Plus, there’s no way that whole story of Fernandez being “stuck in Spain” was in anyway true. Can you say hold out?

  31. somebody says:

    psst. trade odom for a Center. Even a second grade one.

    He might be a good addition, but just too much overlapping of positions in the roster and basically no Centre (Don’t tell me Brendan Haywood is a factor)

    You got Terry and all these other guys to shoot 3s for you, Mavs need people who can defend. Defend. And defend.

    Dirk will do the rest.

  32. JUSTIN says:

    Really need a good center like dwight howard to stand along with dirk nowitzki … we need to back up mavs .. asap.. if not we wont be able to achieve what we want to ..

  33. Artist117 says:

    I really don’t know yet dallas as a team. Honestly, i chose dallas because of Carter’s arrival and his always been my Idol ever since. But Definitely Chandler should be back from the line-up to create some interior defense so some wings can penetrate as easy as they won the last championship.

    • rich says:

      Still leaving the past ? Carter is done – years ago. He had his time, now he’s becoming a liability to any team he plays for because of his poor defense and inefficient offense.

  34. kevin says:

    come on guys…they still need a little more time because of the short training camp because of the lockout….and there are certain more adjustment because of the new line up….lets just see in the long run…

  35. fanatica says:

    Mavs bottom of west, Wizards of East.. Full stop

    Hornets are surprising everybody! Eric Gordon must be eager to prove himself he is way better than CP3.

    Spurs and Celts are similar, they need their aging Big Three and will still be tough to beat.

    I think mediacore teams are vying for last so that we have a chance to nap the first draft pick..

    Is there any Phenom in high school or college that is worth the risk so far???

  36. sunsman says:

    what i saw was a team that is still playing like they have an active anchor behind them doing the dirty work – hence high opponent fg% and poor rebounding. Once these guys change their mentality and play with urgency then the real image of what Dallas can do will be apparent. Right now, they haven’t adjusted and team chemistry is still poor – especially on defensive rotations which of course pull your rebounders out of position. Will Dallas contend? I don’t think so, 2nd round in West at best

  37. BigDukaroo says:

    Say what u want. These old men will play lights out, once playoffs start.
    Mavs gonna win the West-Championship. The Heat or the Knicks gonna win the East-Championship.

  38. wole says:

    well well, on the dallas issue, i will only point out that no one tipped them to win last season, infact they were tipped to lose to portland, after that la and given no chance in the final, when they won no one gave them any credit and ascribed their victory to a weak LBJ, the truth is dallas will only get better, who out of the experts tipped chandler to do well last season, even after the regular season, the truth is dallas could have won the first two and played horribly the rest of the way, yes dallas have lost players butthey are still a great team and will ultimately get better

    • tom says:

      dallas was a flash in the pan and got a lot of help in the playoffs from the refs. if you look at previous playoffs the Mavs lost because teams came in and played smash mouth basketball, and the Mavs were too soft to compete. this year however you weren’t allowed to breathe on a Dallas player without being called for a foul. Dirk was Dirk he wasn’t on fire that’s just how he always plays, which is amazing don’t get me wrong it is something special, it’s just nothing new. Tyson helped out a lot but at the end of the day a lot of calls went their way night in and night out. They will not repeat. Especially when other top teams only got better and they got worse.

      • rich says:

        Tom , was your team one of those that got trashed by the ‘lowly’ Mavs, ? LOL !
        Let me guess … Heat elBJ fan ? Laker fan ? OKC fan ? It hurts right when you have a super team that get beaten by the old Mavs.

        It must have felt worse after losing being the heavy favorite…
        But I’ll Tell ya somethin.. it feels so grerat to win it all when everyone is against you…

      • Buddy says:

        I don’t think the MAVS hardly ever get a calls that go their way. Maybe they won’t repeat. But there’s no way to tell right now….

  39. Neil Alex™ says:

    jason terry strugglin’

  40. allaroundballer says:

    the way I see it, lakers still has a chance to add somtin.
    but dallas is confusing, stevenson can do carter’s job, now they dont expect carter to be defender or go to guy, he’s just average guy on team. waste
    odom? he needs time and a real job desc
    you call dallas is a deep rotate team but that’s all

    • Ben says:

      -You are exactly right brother, Dallas was just a flash in the pan, one off championship team. Too old, too slow and too happy to spend money on any player, rather than a player they actually need. They should have (if they are not already behind the scenes) thrown everything they had at getting Howard there as an upgrade for Chandler; but instead they went for the most overrated 6th man in the history of the NBA, Lamar Odom!
      -Completely agree with you on Carter as well, over the past few years he has been picked up based on what he used to be able to do. Magic, Suns and Dallas all inherited a player who is well past his prime, just doesn’t know it yet.
      -Lakers won’t do anything special this year either, no Mike Brown team will. They need to recognize quickly that it is time to rebuild. On the list of people to go….Fish, Artest/World Peace lol and Bynum (future to uncertain, injury prone)
      Questions? Comments?

    • Aclyde says:

      its a karma on dallas.specially on mark cuban.they overwhelmed their selves because of that chanmpioship.

    • robbay2 says:

      You cannot be deep without roles.

      Right now their roster is a pileup of random guys. It need’s organization, and once they get the rotation down they will look to be a team around the 4-5 spot of the playofs. That is, if they dont trade for Dwight, as prying Chandler back would seem impossible and the only other Centers of that defensive caliber are all integral parts of their clubs.