Bynum is on deck for Lakers


OK, so the long and harsh winter for the Lakers is over. They didn’t fall to 0-3 for the first time since the 1978-79 season. Kobe Bryant didn’t go on a locker room rampage. Metta World Peace didn’t change back to Ron Artest out of panic.

They blew out the Jazz despite playing for the third time in three nights, held a Utah team playing its first game of the season to 32 percent shooting and 71 points (the Jazz missed 17 of their first 19 shots in the second quarter. Yikes). Even better for the Lakers, Andrew Bynum is almost ready to pull on a uniform.

(Before we go on, get this: The fans at Staples Center chanted “We Want World Peace” which alone makes you glad Artest changed his name. So let’s all join in. Everyone should stick their head out of their window, as William Holden instructed in the movie “Network” and yell … )

The last time we saw Bynum, he was acting like a punk, treating J.J. Barea like a cockroach and getting himself tossed from Phil Jackson’s final game. That childish act earned Bynum a five-game suspension that was reduced to four when the league shrank the schedule to 66 games. You wonder whether the Lakers would be 3-0 or maybe 2-1 with Bynum these three games, but that’s in the past. He’ll sit the next game, at home against the Knicks, and that’s it. Once Bynum returns Saturday against the Nuggets, we get to see how good the Lakers can be, with their center in the fold, ready to make Pau Gasol and maybe even Kobe play better and more relaxed.

T.J. Simers of the L.A. Times scolded everyone in Lakerland for panicking and making armchair trades for Dwight Howard even before giving Bynum a chance to play this season.

Well, if the Lakers can swing a deal for Howard, with Bynum as the trading chip, then it’s really a no-brainer. You send Bynum on his way. But if the Magic demand Bynum and Gasol, then it gets a bit trickier. The Lakers would be giving up a pair of quality big men and would probably have to take back a bad contract or two to make the numbers work. Even then, it’s probably worth doing if only to give Kobe another shot at a ring. Remember, this very same Laker team went out weakly against the Mavericks last spring and doesn’t scare anyone as a title contender.

We already know the Lakers are open to dealing Gasol; they “dumped” him in the aborted Chris Paul deal. Whether subtracting Bynum and Gasol and adding Howard makes them a better team, that’s up for debate. That would depend on what else the Lakers can do, in terms of adding quality help. At this point, it’s all up to Orlando, anyway. If the Magic wanted to make the deal, it would’ve been done by now. There’s the belief the Magic are willing to wait until after the All-Star Game, which Orlando is hosting, before pulling the trigger on any deal.

In case you missed it, here’s TJ’s interview with Jim Buss, to get an idea what Laker ownership is thinking.


  1. Hanna Brown says:

    Dear Hangtime,
    This question may be a little off-topic, If I was a betting man, I would refrain from mocking the Los Angeles Lakers and getting them upset. The Los Angeles Lakers lost to Dwight Howard and the Orlando Magic on Sunday. There has been some heated words exchanged since the 2009 championship series. Some of the Laker players called the Orlando Magic team a bunch of puppies. The Orlando Magic team came out fighting and barking like pit bulls on Sunday. Especially, Matt Barnes with his physical play against Kobe Bryant. The Magic got some revenge from losing the NBA title.

  2. Toronto says:

    i say bynum for howard should be the deal bynum is young and howard’s contract is basically almost up it would be a mistake not taking that offer because when they have to give up they wont get any good offers Bynum is the best option for them

  3. SYDALE says:

    I’ve said it time and time again… If I’m Orlando… and the Lakers want Dwight… we START the discussions by saying:

    Ok we’ll take Kobe…Then, we’ll negotiate from there… Otherwise… we have nothing to talk about… We want to WIN a championship too… not CONCEDE the championship to you…

    Gasol is getting older and isn’t a centerpiece by himself anymore… and Bynum is way too injury prone…

  4. mattman says:

    the Lakers can make the playoffs Bynum-less, but they are contender with him in the lineup…kobe needs some help and needs someone else to draw the defense so he can get some room to this junction in the season, Pau has not been able to do that..with Gasol and Bynum in the middle, it changes things offensively and defensively and they should be their old Laker selves in a few games with Bynum’s return

    • Steve says:

      Obviously the Lakers have shortcomings at the point. Fish has seen his youth dissappear. He gets worked pretty good with the quick young guards. But since we didn’t get CP3, the BIG man D12 in purple and gold should be a good fit if they don’t give up the house…..

  5. LAKERFAN1 says:


  6. Steve says:

    Orlando is waiting until the trade deadline and is weighing all possibilities of a trade of D12. If Bynum is a beast, stays healthy this year they will deal him to the Lake Show. GO LAKERS!

  7. Cedric says:

    Know one cares about LA but LA fans and who cares about the Fake MJ- kobe GO Spurs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Imperial Flow says:

    Why trade Bynum at all? We only need a point guard and a outside shooter. Add those two players with the team we got and we will still win a Chip!!!

  9. Russ says:

    get some value for bynum now before he jacks up his knee again

  10. 21 says:

    Bold statement: In 4 years Andrew Bynum will be a better center than Dwight Howard.
    Bynum already has a more versatile offensive skillset than Howard, and he still has room to improve. When Howard loses some of his athleticism (either because of injuries or just because of age), he’ll be nowhere near as good as he is now, his game just relies too much on his athleticism. Another huge disadvantage would be his height, since Howard isn’t even a true 7-footer like Bynum is, he’s more of a 6ft11 or 6ft10. Now he can easily make up for that height disadvantage with his great hops and athleticism, but once that is gone (again, either because of injures or just because of age) he’ll have a big disadvantage against true 7-footers.

  11. kobe-ta says:

    a lot of people commenting that trading PG+AB for DH is not a fair deal.. worse, some people think that it should be AB = DH. People are out of their freaking mind…. I would even go for DH=PG+AB+World Peace. AB is overrated. If traded to another team, he will begin a career as a journeyman for sure.

    People calling for AB=DH are obviously die-hard, selfish fans who always want to rip-off and bully other teams. That’s the reason why LAL fans hate Stern now, because he stopped the Lakers from bullying other teams (CP3).

  12. puertorican laker fan says:

    LA only need a point guard….for me Bynum its much better talented that Howard, D12 only can dunk, other than that its pretty struggle on offense….For me Derek Fisher is the WORST PLAYER IN THE NBA TODAY….period…so trading Gasol and Fisher to the Nets for Deron Williams will bring banner number 17 to LA in 2012…make that trade lakers!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. kobe-ta says:

    bynum the most overrated player in Lakers uniform. All of you guys goin’ crazy for bynum. I wouldn’t even trade a gortat or a varejao for bynum….bynum is a dampier in Lakers uniform. He looked good since he had Kobe, Gasol, Odom around. Put him in another team, a small market one, and you will see a start in career of being a journeyman ala Kwame brown…….

  14. Eskobar says:

    Gasol+Bynum would be a big mistake, because with Howard comes also Turk, with a big salary and oldness (and hopefully 25% good games, 25% decent and the reset bad). Turk’s a 3 (forward), and on this position is right now Artest (Metta), Barnes and Kapono (he can go as a 2 also). Adding a 4’th man to this position (because let’s face it, he can’t defend as a PF) would be a waist of money. Wenn Bynum comes back, Lakers will have at PF position also Gasol (he can play as a 5), Troy Murphy (c’mon) and Mcroberts (he could be very good back up of the bench). But they need a PG, that’s the problem, because let’s face it, Kobe can’t do it anymore, he’s knees are all banged up(and trust me, I’m a big Kobe and Lakers fan). Look at the last 2 games and you’ll see. They need a PG that has a hot hand from 3 point and that can defend aswell. Trading Bynum with Murphy for Howard seems ok, because Bynum is youn but has health issues and will always have, and on no circumstances Orlando will trade Howard+Nelson. Face it, it’s a package, Howard+Turk. And probably this trade will happen’ after All Star week-end. I don’t trully understead why lakers took Murphy and Capono and traded Odom. And remember and don’t forget this: Bynum and Kobe have problems between them, and Kobe is stil number 1 in lakers team, and that’s killing Bynum. PLus Kobe and Howards are good friends from what i’ve heard. Let’s face it, this year Lakers are out, mayne next year with a new PG and the actual rooster

  15. Ao1 says:

    Lakers should up grade their point guard… that’s all. Don’t trade Bynum together with Gasol for Howard. 2 for 1. Not a good idea.

  16. Ivan6655321 says:

    It was Peter Finch who instructed people to yell out the window, Mr. Powell, not William Holden…:)

  17. Jachim Tachiak says:

    Bynum and Gasol for Howard…
    Who will be our PF, if traded gasol too? Troy Murphy?… that’s a joke!
    Bynum for Howard – is a good deal, but i think the Magic never accept this….

  18. JRJ says:

    how about a trade for Rajon Rondo???which of the 2 big lakers (Gasol or Bynum) would you like to be involved in this issue???

  19. Demonbain says:

    i say lakers should go for D williams or hell even Tony Parker perhaps cause the lakers front court i think is fine its the guards they need help in especially point guard

  20. kobe says:

    D12 vs Bynum+Gasol = No deal..
    go with the nets Dwight kobe can handle this he always does.

  21. MMendez says:

    Leave Bynum and gasol alone. I’m glad trade didn’t work out. Just sent Odom for nothing was an error by itself. We don’t need more of that. When Howard retires, Bynum will be still playing. See the numbers, Bynum has better numbers that Howard. Not to mention, Angeleno fans need someone who wants to be laker, Howard don’t want to be. Howard hasn’t play anywhere else, so we don’t know what he could bring to the table. One player not always play the same way from onteam to another. It might be a fake improvement for laker. We already know Gasol and Bynum. Don’t be fool you guys Howard may have a couple of rebounds more than Bynum. Really bringing in Howard, is not worthy. Not Howard neither Chris Paul have much to be pride of. CP no championships yet, if CP or H would make the difference, Why haven’t show it with they’re own teams so far? Any one has an explanation for that. Clippers already lost with CP, with a suppose old team. But I think that is to hard to understand. Sorry

  22. FAIR-BUT-TOUGH says:

    No Howard! All this Laker team needs is to say goodbye to this season and make a haul on next years free agency!
    The first and most important position they need to adhere is the PG position which has been neglected since Fisher turned 30 years of age five years back and Kobe had to guard every talented PG the Lakers went up against. Then Maybe start with young firepower kids on the bench that have some potential, they could sure learn from these veterans as well. The way i see it and Shaq O’neal made a great point This Lakers team has a legitimate big 3 and so rightfully still have the best big man combination in the league! Gasol isnt 40 years old his 30 now and Drew just turned 24 both 7 feet tall and have that chemistry no front court has, on the other hand Kobe is Kobe although his getting older it doesnt mean squat he can still do damage on any given night!

    With this idea it allows Kobe & Gasol to play less minutes during the regular season so that their both fresh n firing comes playoffs.

  23. Kevin000 says:

    Dont ever trade Nelson to the LAKERS, I rather go for Fish or Blake instead of him, he is not a true PG he is a scoring PG which is not advisable to the LA team having Kobe,Gasol and probably Howard.

  24. HAMER says:

    I aGREE wITH rYAN 100% ORLANDO IS JUST WAITING ON HOW WILL BYNUM WILL PLAY THIS coming season. after a month or two or allstars the trade will gonna happen. whoever are on the line except the bynum gasol for howard jsut like JIm Buss says we wont trade two all star in just one click.

  25. me says:

    if the lakers give up both gasol and bynum for howard, they’d be in the bad side of the deal. no matter how great d12 is, losing both pau and andrew in far more damaging for them. remember, odom is gone.

  26. CTRL Z says:

    Trade Walton for peanuts!

  27. LOS ANGELES says:

    The Lakers team are still a contender team even without odom, who said they are old.? Early 30’s aged player like kb24 and paul are on their peak of their career, remember MJ win his first ring at his early 30.So, consider now that the Lakers are on its best position ever to win a championship again..The Mavericks just won last yaer against LA with the greatest luck in the world in the play off.,but in the regular season ,they were beaten badly by the Lakers.

  28. lakerslump says:

    dont trade gasol + bynum for howard,maybe gasol + walton for howard, imagine how terrifying lakers would be underneath the basket..

  29. Denver Nuggets says:

    If you trade a center piece of a franchise you want the same quality of to get younger and shave the cap to rebuild like the nuggets did.. so Brooklyn is the place for howard the have lopez brooks damon james and jordan williams the could package for howard & turk then claim areanas of waivers to start sg turk at sf/pf and Dwight c they’ll still have okur to back up or play with howard d will starts pg and dimes 12-15pg turk has found form this year (knew he was on the block with dwight) arenas should be in shape might even add big baby for hump

  30. MarkyMark says:

    Oh no way. Not Bynum and Gasol for an underachieving Dwight howard. Bad Trade if that happens. Trade Blake and Fisher for a younger Point Guard or better yet acquire Deron Williams or Rajon Rondo. That would be a better deal. Go Lakers!!!!

  31. MIKE BRDLEY says:


  32. Jakob says:

    Magic want quality all star material plus to get rid of Hedo’s way too big contract. Lakers cant absorb that right now- I think Magic want Gasol but Bynum is too plagued by injuries to make a serious trade option for D12. Even if Lakers got Dwight and Hedo somehow for Bynum and Gasol they wouldnt have any room to make more deals and it would not be enough to win the ring imo.
    If Blake can keep improving his shot and the young new players can add some momentum and speed, Lakers will have a shot at the title if Bynum stays healthy and improve his offensive game some.

  33. inonewordraider says:

    would you trade Gasol for Derron Williams? We were essentially getting rid of Gasol and Odom for Paul (of course by getting Paul and creating cap space Howard may have come soon after) and I prefer the more durable better defender Derron over Paul. If Nets ownership realizes they aren’t getting Howard and realize DW is walking next year they might do it, would you?

  34. natefilewood says:

    Um… the Lakers dont have nearly enough to trade for Dwight (in terms of depth of talent)- remember, Orlando would want to get BETTER if they traded him and Bynum, Blake/Fisher wouldnt even get them close to that. And for that matter, neither would Pau.
    Im sure he’ll leave Orlando either way but I hope they atleast get talent in return. Although everyone in Lakerland thinks their roster is still championship ready, the Kings beat them. The Kings.

  35. Zee says:

    Trading Gasol will not be a smart move unless the Lakers have an up and coming younger player or they can get someone to fill a need in their offense and defense.

  36. jigsaw says:

    For the first time in close to 5 years , I feel the Lakes should not do something but just stand there. Don’t know how many of you watched the second exhibition game between the Lakes & the Clipps, but the open on floor camaraderie and play making between Pau & Drew wasn’t just something off the chain…but the charts!!! In years past, I think Pau tried the ‘ol buddy-buddy system w/Kobe, and let’s face it…Kobe doesn’t need, nor does he want that (don’t feel bad Pau, it didn’t seem to work for Vanessa either). But to have something like that with your bigs, well that can be an invite for the Robinson/Duncan era to repeat all over again. Thing is this, if what we’ve been promised w/Drew comes to fruition, he’ll can become a more polished big man than Howard ever was with an improving back to the basket game and a touch from mid-range (both being nonexistent in Howard’s arsenal). Sure, Howard’s a far more athletic 5, but with a 4 like Gasol by your side, which Howard never had, i think the Lakes would rather rely on a deadly one-two punch over a sweet uppercut any day.

  37. I finally agree says:

    I finally agree with someone conpletely on this site!
    Good Job Sam

    “Hear me for I have Spoken”

  38. J says:

    “””(Before we go on, get this: The fans at Staples Center chanted “We Want World Peace” which alone makes you glad Artest changed his name.”””

    No they did not. They chanted “We want barnes” towards the end of the game. they never chanted what you said.

  39. Nba intelligence says:

    Its just so unfortunate that people really look at the names on the back of the Jersey rather than study a situation in great detail.In every single year since Andrew Bynum has been in the league….HE HAS GOT BETTER! So much of you pretend Laker fans know so little about Basketball, and the injuries that occur that it is disqusting! I am a DEVOTED Laker fan, and the fact that you would even “entertain” the idea of trading the Two Big-Men (7 footers) that back-boned you to 2 straight championships? Did you forget, in Dwight Howards arguably most DOMINANT year, he went to the Nba finals against a “Banged up” Andrew Bynum, and Gasol, and did NOT SHOW UP UNTIL GAME 3? Did we forget the type of Game that Andrew had last year against “The Most Dominant Big-Man since Shaq?” He did it as a third maybe even FOURTH option!! Andrew Bynum has had TWO MAJOR knee injuries….but one of them was a “freak accident” with Kobe landing on Drews knee! The other was the same type of injury that Blake Griffin got, and so did Garnett! You want to talk injury prone? Bynum played 79 games last year!!! Lakers got swept by Dallas…after 3 straight finals appearences! (where is Dallas now by the way?) The point is…Andrew Bynum in my opinion has more value to the Lakers than Dwight Howard….why? because a)Late in Games ther is NOOO HACK-A-BYNUM (everybody Hacks Howard because the line is his Kryptonite) b)Bynum has much much much more of a upside being a legit 7-footer with the build of a Dwight Howard, and a larger offensive reportois that is not fully polished yet. c)We have not seen Dwight Howard get a injury yet, and although I never wish it on anybody, should that day come where Dwight cant jump out of the gym anymore, he will become a 6’10 or 6’11 undersized Powerful Center that gets to the line and is a…..poor free-throw shooter. d)Bynum is a NASTY player!! I hated that foul on JJ Barea, thought it was b.s, but the fact that after 3 straight finals appearences you would still do something like that because you were “Salty” about losing? That is a guy in my opinion that is about winning…and is not in it for freindships, (he called out Kobe a few times last year) has his teams back, and in my opinion is the “ONLY” reason why the Los Angelas Lakers lost that label…Finesse team! Dwight….well he does NOT have the championship pedigree that Bynum does because he still is that big “Teddy-bear” that smiles when he is winning, and sulks when the spotlight is not on him. If he was not about the spotlight, he would have stated I am going here no matter what!! that way that team starts building for him and around him so when he gets there he is not left with a depleted line-up!! This is non-sense, and if you want to talk “injury prone”, dont look at Drew…look at Kobe….but we wouldnt dare trade him? We need pg’s and another play-making wing! Dallas draft pick might be pretty high this year lol…forget Dwight, let him team with D-will.

    • killin it says:

      THANK YOU Someone who finally agrees that Bynum has way more value to the lakers than D12.
      Forget trading bynum, you’l regret it in the end

  40. DANITo says:

    i just dont get why they didnt trade odome and bynum, for howard. they already lost odome for nothing. iam sure the magic would took that deal, bynum plus odome for howard.

  41. capdog2003 says:

    Before everyone sells out Bynum, we may want to give him a look for this season.

    Yeah, he has had health problems, but if you were growing that big that fast, I’m sure we’d have some adjustment problems. Also, I’m sure the Lakers training staff made extra sure that their young, future franchise player did not do anything to jeopardize his health, by trying to play injured.

    D12 is definitely not worth Bynum and Gasol.

    • MMendez says:

      I Agree with you. And if we think it twice. DH is not worthy not even one of them. Both have better numbers than Howard. If a chance to do the trade, it should be one on one if Gasol or Bynum for Howard and Nelson. Bynum has much more value that Howard on one on one basis. We already gave too much letting go Odom for nothing. We need no more mistakes like that one. Period

  42. Guru says:

    D12 and may be some bad contract like Turkoglu for Bynum and the draft pick may be a good trade for both the teams …We can use the trade exception we got from trading Odom …

    • Guru says:

      With Lopez’s injury IDT Nets have any good piece to trade for Howard ….. I think Orlando is just waiting to see if the Lakers give in and trade both their big men for Howard …. I hope the Lakers don’t

  43. Guru says:

    Yall talk like someone out there is ready to take in Luke Walton on a trade …. Nobody wants to pay his sorry a$$ except for the Lakers …

  44. 21 says:

    Don’t ever trade Gasol. Just trade Bynum, one or two other guys and the first round draft pick they got from Dallas. And if the Magic act cocky and want both, Bynum AND Gasol for Howard, just don’t do it. Let the Magic trade with the Nets and get Brook Lopez who’s good, but nowhere near as good as Bynum.

  45. Eduardo Romero says:

    They just need a good point guard. Not howard. Fishers too old and Steve Blake isnt tht good. They have two talented big men in Bynum and Gasol but they dnt have a young point guard to guard other young point guards like Derrick Rose (as we saw in the first game of the regular season). The should go after Deron Williams whose a free agent this year or even just get steve nash who is also a free agent.

    • MMendez says:

      Agree 100%. Leave Drew and Gasol alone. Both have better numbers than Howard. Not to mention Lakers fans want someone who would be proud to be laker. Howard wants to be anywhere else but here in LA. And what we need is just a replacement for Fisher. That will be it

  46. Ray says:

    Bynum is a quality center, who unfortunately has been rolling the dice each year on how long he will stay injury free. The Lakers won’t trade Gasol and Bynum for Howard, even though Magic Johnson, and Steven A. Smith say they should!!! These are two quality Big men (7 footers) who will make ANY team Better.. Orlando, have you seen them paly this year, HORRIBLE.. Believe this, the Magic are BETTER team with Bynum and Gasol, than Howard..Yes I said that!!! ASK ANY GM!!! Howard isn’t going to stay there, knowing Miami looks like its ready to run off Three or More Championships in the next few years. I believe Orlando wants Bynum, and are waiting to see what he plays like over the next month and half. If his performance is close to what he briefly displayed in the Preseason, Orlando will work a deal that doesn’t have to include Gasol. I see them wanting young talent, and Bynum, Ewbanks, and those two first round draft picks are good starting points for conversation. IF the Lakers trade Gasol, it will be with much thought and consideration. They respect Gasol and realize the damnge done with the last blocked trade attempt. Laker management won’t trade him unless it is a sure thing, and they are getting the likes of a Darren Williams. And even then I believe Mike Brown would want to keep Gasol with Howard, and work with the current point guard situation. Stay tuned..Never a dull moment with this Franchise…

  47. Arun says:

    Sam is right. Looks like people are talking about trades which does not even make sense (to atleast ORL). Who would take Luke, caracter, fisher. C’mon guys. Anyway, As i suggested this yesterday.. Lakers should make a deal to get Dwight+Ryan Anderson by sending Bynum+Pau. Anderson is a must in this package as Turgoglu is too sloppy. Anderson can make those open jump shoots at PF position and Dwight can fight for rebounds in the paint. However, this deal might also not work looking how much Pau+Bynum makes which is close to 21 min. Ryan_dwight migght be about 20 mil. So, not sure that is gonna work. I think we can do well with the current team as long as Pauand Metta can produce 20 and 15 respectively on a consistant basis…

  48. kobe says:

    I thought this article was about Bynum and not Dwight?

  49. Pedro says:

    Orlando dont want Blake or Metta so stop dreaming. The package for D12 should’ve been Bynum AND Odom, but that ship’s already sailed. Now they’ll want Bynum and Gasol for Howard and Turk, thas obvious. Nelson is a waste.

  50. Sam says:

    People seem to have no idea how trades work. There’s no way Orlando are going to take on the contract of someone like MWP or Luke Walton. Or give up Nelson in a package that gives them Blake or Fisher. Seriously people, think before you type.

    If LA still had Odom, Gasol+Drew for Howard would be a no brainer, but with no other starting quality big hanging around the team, LA would be worse in the short term if they pulled the trigger on a Howard for Bynum+Pau trade, which seeing as this current roster’s window is really, really small, and there’s no margin for error, it would be a bad trade for them for the here & now. However, if they can make a Pau and Drew for D12 trade AND pick up a starting caliber big in a seperate trade with the $9m trade exception, then they should do it.

    • LANDIM says:

      Waton has a bad contract expering next year..if a deal happens he is going to be there.. thats why they didnt use the amnesty on him

    • jigsaw says:

      Picking up on your last line…..Samual Dalmbert?!?

    • Lakersince75 says:

      I would never give all that up for a Power Forward +. Did you see what we did to D12 a few years ago? He couldn’t see over the trees. I also think New Orleans got the better of the CP3 trade

  51. Polky22 says:

    I would try to Give Away Gasol, World Peace and Blake for Howard and Jameer Nelson… Gasol and World Peace are kind of getting old… and those positions should be well covered with the lakers current roster…

  52. tdot says:

    id trade gasol and bynum for howard if odom was still there, then at least they still have a quality frontcourt instead of starting like Mcroberts or Muurphy or something. but without odom, the power forward spot will be a weak point, and with guys like Dirk, Aldridge, Ibaka, Griffin and in the east Anthony Bosh KG and Boozer that’s just too many teams that can exploit the lack of production. Unless they trade for Turkolou and he magically regains his form, i think there is little hope of trading for Howard.

  53. Xtreme nightlife says:

    i would trade steve blake, luke walton and bynum for J Nelson and D howard Luke walton hasnt done anything for the lakers blake sucks and i will be sad to let the big fellow go but we get D howard

  54. JJBAREA says:

    The Lakers should not trade Pau Gasol.
    And the only trade that makes sense is Bynum and 1 or 2 other guys for D. Howard.
    I hope the trade talk stops soon or they just do a trade already.

  55. David Buck says:

    FYI, It was Peter Finch who said that in “Network”…

  56. alexx says:

    i think the lakers should trade bynum,walton caracter,and maybe the draft pick they got from the mavs
    for d12 and nelson!!!because you are right just trade one big man not the 2 of them…GO LAKERS!!!

    • 2klife says:

      why don’t you trade the whole team except for kobe including the coaching staff for Dwight? c’mon the Lakers are still the best team in the west. The Mavs can’t win another ring Kobe is the best player with a little help from Bynum and Gasol and World Peace having a great season, It doesn’t matter if they don’t have a good point guard but expect Fisher to play big in the playoffs because they are out for revenge and give Kobe his 6th ring.

  57. LANDIM says:

    D12 for BYNUM and chips ok
    D12 for BYNUM and GASOL?
    Trading 2 top players for 1 … thats not a good deal…
    And if you think bynum aint top player tell me another center BETTER than bynum except for D12
    And if you think Gasol is soft remember what was your oppion of Dirk before he won the ring last Year…

    • David says:

      100% agree.

    • J. Ward says:


      • LT-SMASH says:

        ditto. you sir are a scholar. gasol is a great player; if they can swap howard for bynum it’d be a pretty sick deal (or just throw in walton as well and you free up his horrible contract, walton srsly worst player ever), and they’d have a mad team. but for bynum AND gasol, it’s not a worthwhile deal. D:

    • Danny says:

      100% agree. Smart words my man. I wish everyone felt the same way. Hopefully the Lakers won’t have to consider a gasol and bynum for howard trade.

      • killin it says:

        Not trading Bynum is the best option… Bynum is more versatile, bigger and stronger and more competitive, it just so happens that dwight can jump. Give it 6-7 years and he won’t be able to jump as high…

    • TWizz says:

      LOL Bynum for Howard is NOT a good deal. Everyone knows that Bynum has a problem with injuries. Why would someone trade someone as good as D12 who has barely if not never been injured for a injury prone center? Makes no sense.

      As for there being a center better than Bynum? I would consider someone like Noah definitely better.

  58. Luís Fernandes says:

    Why not trade Bynum, Gasol and Fischer (or Blake, but I would rather trade Fischer) for Howard, Turkoglu and Nelson?

    • McKinley says:

      Bynum for Howard straight up is a good deal. If I were the LAKERS GM I would be working to get Deron Williams. The only weakness I see in the LAKERS is Derek Fisher.

    • MMendez says:

      Not a good idea at all. It would only make sense maybe Bynum for Howard That should be it