A First For The Heat

In their first opportunity of the 2011-12 season, the Miami Heat did what they were never able to do at all last season: win a game with a go-ahead bucket in the final 10 seconds.

Last year, the Heat were 1-for-18 from the field in the last 10 seconds of the fourth quarter or overtime with a tie game or with a deficit of 1-3 points. And the one field goal they made was an easy fast-break dunk from LeBron James that tied a game in Memphis. That was followed by a Rudy Gay game-winner over James on the other end of the floor.

Lowest FG%, last 10 seconds of 4th quarter or OT, tie game or down 1-3, 2010-11

Miami 1 18 5.6% 0 11 .0%
Toronto 2 16 12.5% 1 7 14.3%
Sacramento 2 16 12.5% 1 8 12.5%
Boston 2 14 14.3% 0 6 .0%
Atlanta 1 6 16.7% 1 3 33.3%

So when Gerald Henderson put the Bobcats up 95-94 with a 3-pointer with 12.2 seconds left in Charlotte on Wednesday, the Heat were faced with a situation they had never been able to conquer as a group.

But Dwyane Wade put that issue to bed by getting to the left block and nailing a short bank shot over Henderson that put the Heat up one with 2.9 seconds left. And when D.J. Augustin‘s 3-pointer was off the mark at the buzzer, the Heat accomplished something they could never do last season.

Last season, James was 1-for-7 in those situations. Wade was 0-for-5, but you can probably bet that the next time the Heat need a late bucket, the ball will be in Wade’s hands.


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  1. T.t says:

    It’s only one game (yes I know it was Wade again against the wolves today) but consider that the bobcats were probably expecting James to take the shot, their coach probably told them how to gaurd James during the huddle, therefore letting Wade do it caught the cats off gaurd. Besides, Wade had a weaker and shorter Henderson gaurding him.

  2. chill will23 says:

    I swear man ppl kill me bcuz they’re always tryna dog my favorite player lebron.. I mean the guy was a 2 time MVP in cleveland where he had nobody on his team and they still had da best record in the nba for 2 years strait!! And u guys mean 2 tell me he isn’t clutch??? Check da stats on how many clutch shots he hit in his 7 years in cleveland then comment on him! Wade is ma 2nd favorite player but he couldn’t even get out the 1st round without lebron or shaq so wat does that tell u about the 2? Give lebron credit bcuz he is the new face of miami’s franchise and he isn’t even tryin 2 b! Da heat WILL win a ring dis year but its goin 2 b a shame bcuz ppl will still talk crap about lebron even after he gets da ring bcuz ppl hate him bcuz he’s great….

  3. Roko says:

    Hehehe …. Why Heat was even that close at the buzzer? The game was decided by a lucky shot with a traveling violation ignored by refs. And all this against Bobcats? Heat will choke again in playoffs. Wade and LeBron game overlaps too much, Bosh is not strong enough to compete against the big C and Heat doesn’t have a PG.

  4. ice_pogi says:

    Dwade to Lebron… You want that ring???? …………..Earn it……….. just as simple as that……….

    Lebron letting everyone to see that he’s doing everything for the heat……… So everyone may know that Dwade didn’t just handed it to him…..

    It doesn’t matter who’s their best scorer, as long as they win. They have will have a shot again for that ring…..

  5. wackies25 says:

    dwade and lbj are good friends.. period!

  6. usbuck says:


  7. TFA says:

    Lebron didn’t get the ball because he couldnt make a clutch shot last year. Wade didnt say give it to lebron or anything like that so stop making stories up like that and give credit where it is due. Wade is the heats closer end of story, their a new team this year and they cant have lebron choke in the 4th like he always does if their going to win this year.

  8. Fact says:

    Stevenson gets into LeBron’s head make him fail mentally in the game during game 5 of the 2011 NBA Finals. I like how Coach Chief forbids the dynamic duo from attempting a 3-pointer shot. Cole just got tired from last game, but Chalmers takes over to redeem himself for the silly turnovers against Celtics.

  9. jack says:

    are u guys still dissing on lebron?? he single handedly brought them back into the game…. if he keeps playing this way then the mvp race is OVER!

  10. jack says:

    Why did they choose last 10 seconds instead of 24? It’s great that wade hit the shot and gave them the win. If Westbrook sinks the game winner instead of Durant would we give him as much credit for the win as we do for Wade? I mean both had bad shooting games. Close to the same scenario but different because of the added attention to Lebron. Lebron was genuinely happy for Wade as he joined in with the gestures toward Cam Newton, strong bonds make a strong team.

    • dcthemvp says:

      if you truely believe that then tell all these lebron homers that it was the right decision…. we won, right? tired of seeing lebron homers find any way to complain/make excuses. when wade gets all the finals mvp’s they’re going to say it’s out of respect, totally shunning away the point that he WILL out perform lebron on the big stage.

  11. Heatles says:

    That’s right baby Heat are goin all the way! Dwade is goin going to be the MVP like he should be every year!!!

  12. dwade says:

    it doesn’t matter who’s handling the ball.. it’s a team sports so it would always be better to find the open guy to shoot. it doesn’t matter if wade, lbj, chris bosh or anybody in the team.. the thing is to win every game and have fun.. πŸ˜€

  13. Zain says:

    LMAO at “Lebron fails everytime”…you must not have watched last years celtics or bulls series. Lebron is more than capable of winning a game for his team (he pretty much did last night) but giving it to WADE shouldn’t be seen as negative for LBJ. Wade is more than capable, and with the garbage game he played you know he wanted redemption. People need to understand that one of them being good doesn’t mean the other one sucks. The team is lucky to have 2 of the top 3 (in my opinion) players in the league.

  14. Beyondscrutiny says:

    some people seem to forget how clutch LeBron was against the Celtics in last yrs playoffs.. he gave Miami the series and against Chicago in the playoffs, this is far from being a 1st for Miami… it’s strategy.. Spoelstra went to Wade cause LeBron was having a huge game so was Bosh.. the Bobcats defense was set to stop those 2 so they went the other way to Wade and it worked.. anyone who knows Basketball knows the Heat is now LeBron’s team.. numbers don’t lie.. still great shot Wade and great game Bosh.. and salute to Cole on a come up.

    • dcthemvp says:

      and some of those SAME PEOPLE tend to forget that lebron was no where to be found in the finals. lebron is MIA… missing in action and that’s why wade gets the ball at the end of the games. same thing in the first round against phil when wade hit the clincher.

      • BelizeBoy says:

        HA! Man you reach hard to trash talk James don’t you? In the Philly series Wade made the last 3points, true, but Miami was ALREADY UP 94-91 after two free throws made by Anthony and 16 seconds left.

  15. NBABaller says:

    @Bianca, Who even brought to that situation??? LeBron tied the game up and even gave Miami a two point lead with like 35 seconds left. Without LeBron, the Heat would’ve lost by 30 so sit down, hush up, and watch the game properly next time.

  16. NBABaller says:

    I do think that this shot was pretty darn lucky. OK, D-Wade is a finisher and he is a closer but an off-balance shot like that (i don’t care how far from the basket you are) is really tough to make. You can see how the ball just rolled in. A little more force would’ve popped that ball out and gave the win to Charlotte. So, though the Heat did win this close, don’t expect these kind of shots occuring in the future because that was one TOUGH bucket.

  17. Jan Snijder says:

    Game winners are lucky shots! But in this case I would say an easy bucket for someone with wade’s talents. But dont think he wil hit every game winner! The superman thing in the end???? Shaq is the real superman, D12 A good backup! But D-wade and Lebron should not do that!! and definitly not after the finals!! Every team can have a good season! Proof youre the real deal after winning a tittle!!

  18. Topy says:

    Wow, last year the comments I were way different than what I’m reading right now. Way to go Miami!

  19. Nic says:

    I went ahead and fixed this sentence for you. “But Dwyane Wade put that issue to bed by getting to the left block, committing an uncalled travel and nailing a short bank shot over Henderson that put the Heat up one with 2.9 seconds left”

  20. wackies25 says:

    bobcats played good? or they just caught Dwade offnight.. yeah Dwade is a good closer than lbj, but good to have lbj in his team. i think coach spo needs a designated closer in his team hope its dwade.. nice game tho..

  21. Chito says:

    I agree, wade is by far the most trusted and reliable player in the heat roster during crunch time, more than LBJ and Bosh. LBJ has always been a dominant player but during crucial situations i have to agree with spoelstra to give wade the ball.

  22. Bianca says:

    very impressive! Dwyane Wade is a finisher, however; Lebron fails every time!

  23. BelizeBoy says:

    This article is a bunch of crap from a Heat hater. John Schuhman is always coming up with BS stats to make Miami look bad. Who knows what teams he excluded from this comparison.

  24. mattman says:

    I am much more impressed with Bobcats play this game than Miami’s go ahead bucked at the end of the game…the Cats had that game in the back up until the last quarter..they played excellent defense that caused the Heat some problems during stretches of the game..Bobcats in the playoffs? hard to say, but very impressed with them thus far..they just need to finish out games


  25. bounty says:

    d wade all the way and a very good game lbj

  26. The Big Tree says:

    I like the way they did like a superman, Go LeBrAde (LeBron-Wade) Heat All The Way…

  27. ralph says:

    nc shot d wade wish your injured is a minor injury

  28. Gotti says:


  29. Jenkin says:

    they chose to have wade to take the shot since it was wade who suppose to guard henderson on the other end. wade made a mistake and of course wade would have the eagerness to redeem himself on the next play.

  30. Backlash says:

    wade’s the reason they almost lost..10 points in 35 minutes? they should of gave the ball to the hot hand..lebron kept them in the game..while wade was missing lay ups and turning over the ball, I think the ball should of been in lebrons hand..you ride the hot hand. when erick spolesta took lebron out the game and left wade in they fell behind by 6 again.dude was stinking up the joint. this is the same way he played through the whole Chicago series.

    • dcthemvp says:


      keep in mind we wouldnt of got to the chicago series without wade’s magical performance against boston 32ppg. keep in mind we may have not even faced boston had wade not clutched up against philidelphia. again, i dont understand why you’re upset? they won! as a long time miami fan, i dont get upset when lebron plays the whole 1st quarter and wade only plays 9 minutes of it, but i do complain when HE MISSES! did wade miss? did i miss something?

      • BelizeBoy says:

        Dude you’re not a Heat fan. I don’t care what you say cause you are all over this blog talking smack on James. You may not like James which I can understand but you don’t even give him credit for what he has done for Miami.

  31. tommy says:

    go wade ! your the man of heat in last seconds not choke lj

  32. kingchris says:

    the ball ought to be in d wade’s hand because he is the leader of the team and “this is his home” not lbj’s home.

  33. shakenbake says:

    Boston Winless 0-3 haha!

  34. Dwad3 fAN says:

    yeah thats the way to do it.. give dwade the last seconds shot he has no fear and no hesitations,, go d wade!

  35. Danial says:

    Well it won’t always be in Dwyane Wade hands. It depends on the match-up and at that time Wade was going against a opponent smaller than him, so that’s why they got it to him. But, he’s the main go to guy, since he’s proved it on many occasions during his career with the Miami Heat. During some plays they may run a fake and give it to Bosh or James.

  36. OzHeatFan says:

    An excellent game by the Bobcats, but letting the Heat come back from 16 down was a silly thing to do. So glad Dwade had the ball in the last 10 seconds, he didn’t have a very good game overall, but well redeemed himself!

  37. TheKing6 says:

    Wade deserved to take the shot. And he made it. Well done. See you in The Finals, Miami.

  38. HEAT136 says:

    The heat will probably finish with 52-60 wins, but it’s the games against OKC, the Knicks and the Spurs I’m really looking for to see.

  39. lebron says:

    I dont know why spoltra gave the ball to wade if james was the 1 that kip the heat in the game. Anyways good CHoice to do it, BUt still i think james is closer not wade but forget it the both could be closers

    • kc says:

      spoelstra saw a hole in the bobcats defense. the play before wade drove to the basket with ease and had the turnover he knew that wade would be able to drive the lane again so he had him do it.

  40. HEAT says:

    Finally! now this will be something to see. game winners like this make the heat more tough. go heat!

  41. Lucas says:

    what impresses me the most is how lebron was dominating the ball game in the second half, dishing and scoring, being by far the best heat player on the floor even in the last 5 minutes and he still gave the ball to wade and stood there looking. Not saying it was a bad choice, but D Wade had only 8 to that point, so the ball should be on lbj’s hands. Guess he is too scared to fail again, but to succeed you gotta fail a lot. Lebron is by far the best all around talent in the league but he still has some weird problem in the big stages. If he scores 50 and wade(or bosh) 10 and the game is on the line, he still prefers to let then shoot for the win.WEIRD.

    • kc says:

      it was the coaches decision. wade even said that lebron should take it. but decided to step up and make it himself.

    • Nate21 says:

      Wade is the best closer the Heat have and this is backed up by 95% of all analysts and “experts.” He is a better ball handler and has a wider variety of moves to go to, whereas Lebron normally goes for the bull in a china shop approach….

      • Joey Crack says:

        Except statistically speaking, Lebron was the best player in the league during crunch time last year, and has been for the past 3 years. I don’t even like the guy, but there’s no need to spread bs about him.

      • dcthemvp says:

        someone plz explain how 1-7 in the final 10 seconds, hiding in the 4th quarters, and getting not only swatted once, but twice to lose the game is considered league leader in crunch time? i’m sure wade would beg to differ.


        if you havent noticed yet, lebron can have 50 and it only takes away from his team(ates)

      • joeblow says:

        dcthemvp you are a moron …… wade was 0-5 last year in the clutch. Dont pretend that you are a d wade lover.. your a lebron hater….

      • BelizeBoy says:

        @ dcthemvp, give it up man you are trying too hard to bash James. James had some bad last minute shots during the last season and did disappear during the Mavs series in the last few games, BUT don’t act like he did nothing to stop Chicago and Boston. Wade did too but more than anyone James brought them back. If you are a fan then STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT JAMES. Otherwise just say you’re a hater and at least I can respect that, but right now you’re confusing me with the Love-Miami/Hate-James comments.

  42. Mutuy_13 says:

    nice… lucky but nice!!

    • Nate21 says:

      lucky? A perennial All-Star and 25 point scorer makes a 10 foot bank shot and it is lucky?…Not quite sure I follow…

      • Tke029 says:

        NBA CASE BOOK:

        413. Player A1 ends his dribble with his right foot touching the floor and then hops with
        his right foot to split two defenders. Is this legal?
        No. A player may not step using the same foot from the time he ends his
        dribble or gains possession of the ball.
        RULE 10 – SECTION XIII – h