A ‘Reality Show’ Invades Real Life

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — You know, I don’t tell fans who to boo and who not to. It’s the fans’ right to be selective. It says so in the fan handbook. Just grab your copy and flip the pages until you come across that part.

But: Just as I don’t understand the popularity of certain reality shows — OK, the Kardashians, who I don’t “keep” up with — I also don’t get the public persecution of Kris Humphries.

He was jeered in preseason and then again, rather loudly, last night in Washington where the Nets opened the season. Really, it was almost LeBron James-visits-Cleveland decibles. Well, OK, maybe that’s an exaggeration but you get the point. It was loud and mainly confusing.

Nets coach Avery Johnson said: “I don’t even think THEY know why they’re booing.”

What exactly did Humphries do again to deserve backlash? Did he refuse to enter a game, or curse a fan, or choke a player (hello, KG), or get pulled over for a DUI or something sinister like that? Oh, that’s right, he married a woman you might’ve seen on a few celebrity shows. OK, I get that. And I understand the annoyance over someone who willingly participates in an over-the-top wedding and gave the appearance of a blissful marriage and then saw such marriage vaporize quicker than the Wizards’ lead against New Jersey, which by the way was erased by Humphries and his 21 points and 16 rebounds.

But for those who complained they were “duped” by a reality show wedding, perhaps that’s more a reflection on … them, maybe?

Anyway, if anything, Humphries fits the description of a victim. He was sucked in by the fantasy of being with the Kardashians, by the rush of fame at a level an NBA role player doesn’t see, by the idea of fun and who knows, maybe the guy was truly in love. He endures an embarrassing summer off the court and in the tabloids, then doesn’t fetch a single big offer on the free agent market, then rejoins his team just days before the opener and musters up the energy and focus needed to rally the Nets on the road. And that guy gets booed?

Someone with a fan handbook needs to read me the fine print.


  1. mattman says:

    w/ 21 pts and 16 boards Avery must be hoping that Humphries gets booed in every arena! reality show or not, Humphries has always had the ability to bang down low and come up with loose balls…with the absence of BLopez, the Nets need this from Humphries because they are very weak at the center position..nets are going to the playoffs this year!


  2. Lao Tse says:

    Maybe it’s just your own fault for watching that show? :7

  3. Reality TV is a JOKE!!! says:

    Couldn’t agree with you anymore Mr.Powell. People in general who even watch these types of shows are the real problem here. I mean they must hate their own life so much that they watch other people’s lives and dream about it. Wake up America, forget about these “Reality TV” shows and get back to some good, fun and clean TV. Wow, I sounded like my parents there but it’s the truth.

  4. Adam Banks says:

    The Watcher: Maybe you shouldn’t believe everything the show says and every way the show portrays someone. The show “exposed” him because Kim was looking so bad in the media they had to blame everything on someone other than her. The show is made for ignorant people like you who believe everything they see on TV.

  5. bigglynch says:

    People are retarded…who cares about the kardashians

  6. The Watcher says:

    Maybe you should’ve watched the show before writing this post.

    Humphries is not disliked because of his marriage…he’s disliked because the show exposed his personality (which is appalling to many) which has never before been seen so closely.

    He asked a friend of the family…”are you gay?” He had an overall rude and obnoxious attitude which was a major turn off…all of that coupled by the idea that maybe it was just all a stunt anyway…doesn’t bode well with fans.

    Bottom line…everyone I talk to who’s seen the show says he acts like a feminine cleansing product…what’s unclear about that?

    • LT says:

      C’mon man…
      This is reality TV!!! The execs are the Kardasians themselves! They are not going to expose his true “personality” they are going to purposely paint him as “overall rude” with an “obnoxious attitude”. Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned with the power to control the editing.
      Aside from that, the fans in Jersey need to show how much they appreciate his performance on the court.

      • The Watcher says:

        no one force him to say the things he said, the way he said them. I know all about editing, but he shouldn’t have been so dumb to think he can get more famous by marrying this dumb girl and then think he can be able to diss her whole family on multiple occasions and get away with it…no son, they’re gonna play you…more than you played yourself.
        Kris Humphries showed himself to be rude, aloof, cocky, unaware of societal norms and downright mean. That’s why people boo him.

        The man said what he said, and on multiple occasions it was uncalled for and inappropriate.

        It’s not like they dubbed his words or completely changed the circumstances he was in. We’re not that stu
        pid and neither is he..he didn’t ever argue the way the showed portrayed him because he knows that it was him who acted that way. And that’s fine with me…but if you wanna act like an arrogant dbag who married a whore for fame…that’s what you get…booed. Big Deal!!

        Stop crying!

    • filedigger says:

      Are you nuts? Personal life is Personal. It isn’t the same as Professional.

      Kris Humphries got booed by the fans, Yet, he still plays. In fact, he produced 21 points, 16 rebounds. That’s professionalism. Work and set aside personal problems. What the Wizards’ fans did wasn’t professional.

      I mind NBA and it’s players, but not their life.

      Did you boo any players (except for Kris) for the reason that you don’t like his personal life?

      Come on. Let’s be fair. You’re not Kim Kardashian anyway. He did no harm to you. So get your own life and leave his.

    • Dude says:

      The Watcher, I’m telling you this … it’s a SHOW, a REALITY SHOW, for crying out loud.
      It’s heavily edited just like the other shows, they can portray an image the way they wanted.
      ‘Nuff said.

    • uoykcuf says:

      LOL Right, and what are we watching kris doing right now? Playing basketball. Not choosing a fiance, buddy boy. I bet more than 50% of the nba players has your so called “rude and obnoxious” attitude. Did you boo all those players? What about those DUI/ substance abuse players? So what makes Kris so special? Admit it, you are just a sheep that goes along with the boos. The only difference was you made an excuse to boo.
      P.S. Nope, I didn’t watch the show and I am planning to stay that way. Maybe the show was the reason you came up with such a pathetic excuse.

      • The Watcher says:

        Listen fanboy get off Kris nuts.

        I didn’t boo him…but I understand why people do. And when Garnett called Villanueva a cancer patient I DID BOO HIM…even when no one else did. Talking about followers…look at you…

        I bet you the only people defending this guy here are New Jersey fans (of a few wannabe brooklyn bandwagoners)….that’s why so few comments. lol!

      • AELSELO says:

        Just because you don’t like someones personality doesn’t mean you should “boo” them! He’s a good basketball player! I watched the show, I’m not from New Jersey, and I still wouldn’t boo him! What did he really do that was so wrong? So he said some things that other people might disagree with, nobodys perfect, everybodys their own person.

  7. Jean says:

    Loved the article! I agree with the coach, I don’t think those people know why they are booing either. I read a few comments on Twitter from fans of opposing teams saying that will boo too. So, now, everywhere Kris goes, he will get booed because the others will just be copycats. There’s no reason at all.

    With Lamar Odom, according to TMZ, the crowds chant, “Ugly sister, ugly sister.” That’s just wrong. Anyway….

    Let everyone boo Kris, all it’s doing is making Kris more popular and he will be the front of the headlines. If they think they are doing him a disservice by booing, they are mistaken.

  8. YOUNG NET says:

    AMEN TO THAT. Dont worry though, Kris will feel the love tonight when he plays in Jersey. Unless.. he plays better with boos then as Avery said, we’ll ” boo him all he wants if it gives us 21-16″ lol