Panic Time In L.A., Dallas Already?

HANG TIME TEXAS – So what do you think: Andre Drummond to L.A. with the No. 1 pick in the 2012 draft and Harrison Barnes to the Dallas at No. 2?

After all, two days into a rapid-fire schedule already finds the Lakers and Mavericks a combined 0-4 and fans in two NBA cities walking toward the cliff.

In those old black-and-white monster movies, this is the scene where Dr. Frankenstein barricades himself inside his laboratory while the villagers come storming angrily up the path carrying lit torches.

But really, does anyone need reminding that it might be just a bit early to be reaching for the panic button? After all, though we’re talking about a couple of veteran teams that have made significant roster changes.

The defending champion Mavs are missing six different faces from the combination that was responsible for hoisting that banner on Christmas Day at the American Airlines Center, while the Lakers are learning to adjust to life without Lamar Odom, missing the suspended Andrew Bynum and mixing in a newc oach.

Count Kobe Bryant, for one, as not worried, according to Dave McMenamin of

“No,” he said after seeing the Kings finish the night on an 11-4 run to blow back open a game that Sacramento had led by as many as 15 in the fourth quarter before the Lakers cut it to just two with 4:24 remaining.

Bryant, who preached positivity Sunday after the Lakers had a different set of fourth-quarter difficulties as they blew an 11-point fourth quarter lead against the Chicago Bulls, did his best to maintain a sunny outlook.

“It will kick in,” Bryant said. “There’s a certain amount of repetitions I guess. I don’t read those damn books (but they say) there’s a certain amount of repetitions you have to go through and we’ll go through them and we’ll be better.”

On the bright side, after they return home tonight to face the Jazz at Staples Center (10:30 ET, TNT), the Lakers will have their only back-back-to-back set of this unusual schedule out of the way and will be 3/4 of the way through Bynum’s four-game suspension.

On the other hand, it would be nice to see the Lakers do a better job of closing out games, as Mark Medina noted in the L.A. Times:

In the season opener, the Lakers blew an 11-point lead with two minutes left in the game. In the second game, the Lakers cut their deficit to two points after trailing by 14. Yet, they still blew it.

The Lakers made ridiculous mistakes in the final minutes that could’ve ensured them a victory. The Lakers made one field goal in the final 3:48. The Lakers granted the Kings seven free throws in the final three minutes. And they lacked the ball movement that led them to cutting the lead in the first place.

Forget any learning curve. These mistakes have nothing to do with a system. It has everything to do with the Lakers lacking fundamentals and losing their late-game composure. The result: the Lakers are 0-2 for the first time since 2002.

Meanwhile back on the ranch of the 2011 NBA champs, the atmosphere went from the celebratory banner-raising on Sunday to loudly booing the Mavs in the second quarter of Monday night’s loss to Denver. But our good buddy Eddie Sefko of the Dallas Morning News points out that the Mavs’ coach is saying the buck stops with him.

“I’m the head coach and it’s my job to make sure these guys are ready to play – and it’s clear that they’re not,” coach Rick Carlisle said. “Right now that’s something that’s not easy for me to say and it’s not easy to live with. I got a lot of work to do.

“It’s on all of us, but it’s on me more than anybody. I’ve got to have these guys ready to play.”

One of the primary guys Carlisle has to get ready is one of the newest Mavs, Odom, who has scored just two buckets in two games and, at this rate, will finish the season with just 66 field goals.

All in all, it’s been an ugly start for the pair of elite Western Conference team and things might only get uglier in the near future. Bryant’s legs will get tested with his third game in three nights against the Jazz and the Mavs next time out comes Thursday at Oklahoma City.

Let’s hear it: are the Lakers or Mavs in deeper trouble? And barring the relocation of Dwight Howard to either L.A. or Dallas, can either contend in June?


  1. Patrick says:

    It looks easier for Lakers to built a team in a month, but for Dallas may be more. Lamar Odom seems too slow.
    I would be surprised to have them in a final this year. OKC and Denver are so hungry.
    For eastern conference, Miami is very hungry and the fight is hot, there are many good teams..So difficult to have this ring..

  2. John says:

    I’m so excited to watch Lakers today, they must win, gonna watch the game on this new streaming site 😀 eheheh

  3. Rasar says:

    Yeah, the Lakers will be fine… Right! And I have some beachfront property to sell you, in Arizona. They’ll be fine as a second tier team. Nothing more, unless major changes are made. Here are the key issues:

    1- For years this team has not loaded up on young talent. Except for Gasol and Bynum (and Odom’s salary exception) they have nothing to trade. They have no picks and no young players that anyone wants.
    2- Instead they have loaded up on biggest salary commitments in the league. (Kobe $25+ mil, Gasol $19 mil, Bynum $15 mil)
    3- They are a bloated, ageing team who didn’t do well last year and this year they are even more ageing, injured, and thin.
    4- They are going through a big transition from one coach/playing scheme (PJ) to a new one (Brown), and they’re doing that in a strike-shortened season.
    5- They still don’t have a good point guard. (Blake has been a dud, and Fisher, while a scrappy player is an ageing non-franchise pg).

    Because of the first two issues their trading abilities are severely hampered. They have little to offer and not even expiring contracts (can you believe we’re going to be stuck with Artest, Walton, Blake for 2 or more seasons?) A couple of weeks ago we were talking about a major overhaul and bringing both CP3 and Howard on board. CP3 prospect is dead, and nothing doing with Howard.

    With more time to practice under Brown’s scheme they are going to improve some, perhaps marginally. With this group they won’t make it past the first round, especially with this cursed season that the NBA in its greed put together. All they need is a major injury to Kobe to kill the season, or to Gasol/Bynum to not only kill the season but doom the future (nothing to trade for Howard).

    We have been here before over and over. Things don’t just improve that much with teams in this situation.

    In short, the Lakers are in a heap of trouble.

    • Rasar says:

      By this “cursed season that NBA put together” I mean the compacted schedule with so many back to backs and back to back to backs. They’re not good for anyone, much less for an old team with a lot of injuries and no preseason to condition and prepare. Mark my words. A lot of teams are at a much higher risk of injury, but teams like the Lakers that have a very thin bench (especially with the loss of Odom and Brown) are more prone to overplaying their starters, raising the risks.

      I hate to sound so gloomy but after so many years of having followed this game you develop a perspective.

  4. robert chorry says:

    “KILLIN’IT” : It was Byon Russell… not Karl Malone…and NO! that was not a legal move. Even Jordan said during an interview the next day when he was asked ” Did you feel like you might have fouled Russel”? MJ responded with a grin on face, “did the refs call it?” (shrugging shoulders) he knew he got away with one… hit or miss, but at the end of a game like that (nba finals) and with what was believed to be MJ’s last shot, of his ridiculous career, no way they would have called it against MJ. & Poor Byon Russell, one of the most if not the most famous “other guy” on a poster…

  5. ahmad says:

    please lakers get dwight, we need him! give orlando andrew and gasol

  6. me says:

    if you think 0-2 means panic time for both the lakers and the mavs, then i say you are out of this planet for a decade now. this whole issue is a waste of time and space.

  7. bosh says:

    About the lakers: they’ll bounce back. With kobe, pau und bynum being healthy they are still one of the best in the western conference. i also think that they should have won the bulls but the loss to the kings could be a explained by the age of the players, maybe the have not the power for these back to backs early in this season without having a real preseason.

    About the mavs; i’m a big mavs fan but we weren’t beat by the heat, they showed the nba that they are the strongest team in the nba right now and without a chandler in this struggling defensive it was very easy for lebron and d.wade to set up big plays. But the mavs need some time gather momentum and the new players have to step up, espacially odom who was terrible in the first two games. The mave will come back and finish the season on third behind the thunder and the clippers.

  8. DP says:

    It’s groundhog day, except this time it’s at the start of the season. Love how Laker fans keep saying, “they’ll bounce back” or “wait until Bynum comes back”. Newsflash guys, the team is weaker than it was last year and we all saw what happened to them last year. Lots of losses and a “sweeping” playoff exit. They’re done for a few years.

  9. Chris says:

    As I remeber, the last time the Mavs started a season 0-2 was 06/07, when they in fact started 0-4 and went on to claim the best record in the NBA (please correct me if I’m wrong)… So there’s absolutely no need to “panic” for both teams, at least by now.

  10. Dirk says:

    Trade/Give away the whole Mavs roster excluding Dirk and JET, let’s just start over right now. Not sure what to do with Odom, he hasn’t shown me much yet.

  11. JAMIE JACKSON says:


  12. Bach says:

    Why is Lakers still keeping Luke Walton??
    Why is Fish still on the court in the 4th quarter??

  13. Cord says:

    No need to panic both games were good till the end missed free throws cost LA lastnight Deng’s missed travel call cost them the night before lets talk about something yes the offence looks terrible but that will get better sooner than later espcially in 2 more games no the Defence looks solid and that will get even better as well the young Gaurds look great and will get better over time the key free agaents they picked up look good so far and just need time to develop that chemistry now for the one player no one is talking about yet Devin Ebanks this kid is good great Defense that gets better every game i see him play he can knock down open and contested shots the only thing is not enough mins and hes playing a little nervous on the offensive end but he will work that out over time Devin Ebanks future of the Lakers haha maybe but ya with all that said lakers still look like top 2 teams in the west and still a title contender expect a late playoff push

    • Cord says:

      oohh and dallas i fogot about you look you need to panic you lost TC JJ Butler and like 2 other people who you go get to replace them Lamar odom good player but not for your style of player , vince carter hhmmm uumm ya getting up their in age and he should have a below average year , my mind went blank of the name of that one guard oohh ya delonte west uumm ya you guys need some help oohh ya no center hhmm good luck dallas fans start your panic attacks now

  14. cris says:

    funny how everyone is sayin it’s only been 2 games and both teams have new players, and last season when miami lost games everybody jumped on them. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hypocrites and this is comin from a huge lakers fan.point is lakers were up against bulls with less than a minute to go n they blew it, and da sac game i don,t even kno.both teams betta pick it up cuz in case they haven’t noticed it’s a shorter season so EVERY GAME counts. real fans speak the truth fake fans make excuses so all u so called fans stop makin excuses both teams need to pick it up. with that said

    • Anonymous NBA FAN says:

      Ummm… cris? Look at how much time Miami had. Almost four months. Both LA and Dallas haven’t had 4 weeks. Just saying.

  15. Timmy D. says:

    Lakers will have time to get it together, and I believe a victory tonight starts them off right.

  16. Lakers make this happen!! says:

    Trade Pau Gasol, Bynum for Dwight, Anderson and Hedo
    Trade Artest & Luke Walton for David Lee
    Trade Barnes, Stave Blake and the player expection money of lamar to get Devin Harris


    Trade Kapono & Murphy for Ariza

    That is what I would do if I was the GM.

  17. hoopstar3500 says:

    I think the Mavs and the Lakers are gonna be fine dont underestimate the heart of a champion.

  18. magic says:

    i am a laker fan

    but i am a bit sad about the future

    the lakers will not win the title this year. the players arre too old ( fish , kobe , world peace, )
    we will miss the presencs of Odom underneath . we can hope bynum will not be injured this year .

    i hope for Dwight ! if not , this will be the end of the kone era

  19. Kobe should retire for one year says:

    kobe should retire for one year and lakers should try to loose on purpose so that they get the number one pick. yea I like the sound of that, this would be the page out of jordan’s book of trick because he basically did the same trick.
    kobe will be so rested that he will last till he is 40. As a laker fan I wish they do this trick!

    Stern should retire for good and make steve nash the commish.

  20. Mk says:

    L.A, Dallas are too old. Top 3 teams will be Denver, OKC, Clippers and maybe Memphis

  21. clover says:

    dwight howard would benefit most at dallas with kidd instead of derek fisher/steve blake he would win season mvp and final mvp but either way he would have high chance to win with no promblem for the championship the would break the young guns heart like the thunder and heats

  22. kaleb says:

    Lakers will be fine! I am loving the defense, still I se Pau is playing soft, he should be hitting the elbow shots.. and freethrows!
    KB looks fine.. who is that that keeps KB is lookiing old.. LOL

  23. LAKERFAN4LIFE says:

    Mitch is stupid for gving up lamar odom for nothing what was he thinking when he made that trade. he must have been smoking

    • clover says:

      the two most maketing organization Dallas and L.A, had taking a step back but these two team would bounce , defense would get there and dalas chemistry and drive would bring back these team back . some got to call them out or this dem these two drive to prove the world wrong just let the wrong team or player say it that it, but the step back came in cause of marketing reason for a special player that why they give up couple of player for cap space the two team there looking for howard , yes dwight howard it for the future these guys are looking for , but it difficult for him the great city of L.A or the defending champ dallas maverick , these two team spend the most for there organization they are looking for a rock too hold there organization

  24. Kadeem.R says:

    Lakers Is Still One Of The Best Teams In The NBA So When Bynum Come Back Just Know Its Going To Be Trouble For Teams This Year And Also Let #DARUISMORRIS Play !!! Derek Fisher Be Getting Me Tight Always Wanna Slow The Fast Break Down, Always Let The PG Do What He Want To Do, I Know Fisher Is A Veteran But Come On Now Fisher Bring That Veteran Defense Off The Bench With Ron Let The Rookie Play With The Starters And Fisher Come Off The Bench So You Can Show What He IS Doing Wrong If He Make Any MistakesTo Let Yall Know Daruis Morris Is A 6’4 Defensive Minded Point Guard That Have Great Basketball Court Vision Like Rondo But A Better Shooter . This Should Be The Starting Line Up For The Lakers Since The Bro Bynum Not Back Yet

    PG: Daruis Morris SG: Kobe Bryant SF: Devin Ebanks PF: Josh McRoberts C:Pau Gasol
    PG: Steve Blake/ Derek Fisher
    SG:Jason Kapono/Andrew Goudelock
    SF:Matt Barnas/ Luke Walton
    PF:Metta World Peace
    C: Troy Murphy


  25. jcLA says:

    lakers just need some good trades, in my opinion they need a salad bench and a young fast point guard

  26. arthur says:

    kobe nd dirk are elite and will carry their team to a 50+ winsseason

    • GH68 says:

      You really think they can win 50+. Don’t think so, that would mean they could only loose 14 games the rest of the season and that wont happen. 40+ I could see.

      I’m a long time Laker fan and I don’t see Dallas or the Lakers winning a title this year without some changes. Lakers need another gaurd that can break down a defense. It’s gotta suck for Kobe being the only one on the team that can penetrate the defense from the outside.

  27. Pedro says:

    Lakers wont be champions this year. We real Lakers fans know that. The off season moves were pathetic and just destroyed the chemistry of the team. Last years blowout against Dallas was a good reason to change but Stern made us a big favor in the CP3 deal that cost us Odom. Than Mitch completed the mess trading him to Dallas for nothing. Lets face it, we have a fading star in Bryant that needs much more help than these other guys can provide. My bet this year is OKC and MIA.

  28. Jordan says:

    Really? 2 games and were already concerned? If derrick rose had missed that game winner i guess we would be having the same discussion about the bulls right now?

  29. Iván says:

    The Lakers are playing just like anyone could expected with the bad decisions of their General Manager, really ugly.

  30. William says:

    As a Lakers fan, I believe that they will bounce back after Bynum returns. They should’ve at least complained after Deng traveled.

  31. GniK911 says:

    i think the lakers have a solid team…expt for 1 very important fundamenta….chemistry…these guys have been playing for, what, like 2 weeks??? i think when bynum is back kobe will have less of a burden than the previous games…i know gasol is a superb scorer, but i think he is still adjusting now…pau is very efficient in the 4 position…it relieves him of the added responsibility of getting every rebound, defending the basket……just you wait…lakers will be back on track…

    but i still think DWILL is a perfect fit for the lakers…just a thought…=]

    • BelizeBoy says:

      Chemistry?! The main players have been playing together for 2 (and in some cases 4) years now! How the hell is chemistry a problem? They will be back on track soon but an 0-2 start is cause for concern.

  32. robbay2 says:

    Lack of Chandler and Barea is seriously hurting. We need a center that can run the floor and defend. Haywood’s knees have given out and so have his wrists, expect to see the league’s lowest FT% again.

    Also, that 20-0 run I watched Denver had, Dallas either looked tired, or lazy. It’s hard to talk about how a reigning champion team could be lazy, so they are probably tired. They threw the ball away, stupid mistakes on defense, and lousy shots for a hot team. If they can fix that they can compete, if not than they are going to have a problem. I truly believe once they get the team worked out everything will be ok.

  33. hc says:

    it’s Kings’ time Suckas!!!

  34. mattman says:

    the lakers don’t need to panic right now because they have kept games close and put up some points, but their defense looks slow and lazy..isn’t Mike Brown known for his defense…defense is something they can for the Mavs, they have gotten blown out twice already and they need to figure out what is going on..they are slow on the fast break and transition defense, dirk doesn’t look like his unstoppable self as of late, wide open jumpers are being missed…Carlisle needs to figure out what is going on and get the Mavs’ first win of season of the season under their belt

  35. bverilo says:

    The Lakers and Dallas are now past their prime, you’ve got to admit they’ve got one of the oldest starting lineup. Basketball is not just experience, most times it’s all about speed and power, which these 2 teams obviously has declining. Kobe could’ve probably dunked on 2 or 3 guys 5 or 6 years ago, but just not anymore. In the NBA, as well as any other sports, it’s always a cycle, and now it’s just time for the older/more seasoned guys to make way for the younger generation to totally dominate the league, talking about Clippers and OKC out West and Miami and New York in the East. No hard feelings for the Laker fans out there, but really, Kobe and Pau just doesn’t cut it anymore.

  36. James says:

    Dallas is getting what they deserve. I am a Mavericks fan, but they deserve to play this badly after the ridiculous off season moves they made, Not resigning Chandler was completely stupid. After years of hearing about how their defense was holding them down, they finally got someone who could bring a strong defensive presence to the the team and won a championship. They probably could have resigned him if they had tried. (Maybe I’m wrong about that though.)
    Then they basically slap Berea in the face by only offering him a 1 year deal. He played so good for them in the playoffs and they did not appreciate it.
    They could also use Stevenson and Stojakovich now too. Not to mention Butler.
    One of the few good moves they made was getting Rudy Fernandez, and then they give him away for a second round pick. And to make matters worse, they give him to one of their main rivals and throw in Corey Brewer too.
    They deserve to lose.

  37. piwko121 says:

    bynum and pau are not enough for howard so how you want to get andreson with that? lol
    fisher/blake combination at the point guard position is too bad, they need a better PG to still compete at the highest level
    pau maybe is the most skilled big man in the leage but he is soft. and he chokes at crunch time
    sad to say but this years finals – miami vs oklahoma. bye bye lakers, boston, spurs – come back in a few years

    and btw. kobe is not “the greatest”

  38. jomai says:

    it’s the coach! they should have taken adelman instead of brown…

  39. iza says:

    evans travelled

  40. john says:

    lakers don’t need DWIGH HOWARD who is thinking like a kid keep on changing his words. i guess this guy don’t really know what he wants. everytime he open his mounth he makes mistakes so why don’t just shut up and play ball.

  41. Will hud says:

    Even without Andrew the Lakers can score on any team its their defense, they can’nt stop anyboby

  42. BelizeBoy says:

    LAL’s first 0-2 start in 9 seasons, I’d say there’s cause for panic. Last season was the first time they lost five consecutive games since adding Gasol and look what happen when they ignored the warning signs.

    Dallas is pretty much done. Losing those role players has changed the team and I think these guys are happy to get their rings so they won’t be fighting hard anymore.

  43. kobe-ta says:

    …why is it when we talk about superman going to LAL, everyone is excited without even taking into consideration how the small market teams (and fans) feel. Seems that LAL (and those big market teams) is everything the NBA is all about and small market teams are just fillers.

    Writers and posters always write “It’s time to land Howard to LAL to increase the chances of getting the championship” ..stuffs like that. Or this superstar Chicago, or this great guy to NYK or to Celtics or to Miami.

    I never read something like Shaq (in his prime) needs to go to Sacramento, or Garnett (in his prime) to Toronto or Melo to Bobcats, or DWade to Minnesota —- all to increase the chances of those teams to win. This means NBA now is all about the big-market teams.

    This is why i have so much respect to Duncan, Nash, Nowitzki, who never hostage their own teams just to be traded to a big market team.

    • robbay2 says:

      If you would notice something about those teams, they all draft extremely well, and all have a superstar on their team. This whole “X” superstar to “X” big team is because of their record and players, not the market.

      If anything, the market get’s larger as the superstar gets better. Blake Griffin and now CP3 have turned the Clippers into one of the fan favorites, and not because all of the sudden 5000 fans randomly showed up and jerseys have been bought, it’s the star power that brought this.

      If Minnesota gets another KG or someone like Blake Griffin, they will be a “Big Market” team.

      It’s something interesting.

      • Ryan says:

        I don’t think you understand the term “Big Market” at all. The star power does not determine the market, the number of fans do. Even if every citizen of Minnesota became a Wolves fan, there would still be a smaller market in MN than in LA county. You should be embarrased by just about everything you said in your comment.

    • Cord says:

      Everyone Knows Dwight wants to be in LA hes said in seasons past not exact words but preaty much thats why LA is the first team in everyone’s minds

    • jazZgirl says:

      Do you have a job? Do you want advancement? Why should it differ in their line of work?

  44. kobe-ta says:

    superman is playing half-heartedly in orlando. another hostage taker…

  45. kobe-ta says:

    bynum, bynum, bynum, bynum,…. who the hell is bynum?…. all the blogs, news reports, comments is saying “.. because bynum is still out…” who is he really. Has he achieved anything?

    he’s just a big body who happened to be in the most popular team in the NBA. I wouldn’t even trade a gortat or a varejao for him. he’s nothing more than a dampier (2011 version) in a laker uniform.

    All the years, LAL talk is about “bynum getting injured and it’ll affect lakers chances” or “anticipating comeback of bynum”.

    • 21 says:

      You got to be freaking kidding.
      Did you see him in the last playoffs where he was relatively healthy? He averaged close to 15 points and 10 rebounds, which is better than pretty much every other Center in the league besides Dwight Howard. He regularly draws double teams which consequently leaves Gasol, Kobe or someone else wide open. Why do you think do teams double team Bynum on a regular basis? Because he’s so bad? Also, he’s a huge game changer on the defensive side of the floor.
      Even if you don’t consider his scoring and his huge rebounding, he’s a big help for the Lakers simply because he makes live so much easier for Kobe and especially Gasol.

    • Cord says:

      ya you have no basketball sense at all bynum is the 2nd best center in the game when healthy aka this year will prove that

      • killin it says:

        Dude I’d go as far as saying he could be the best center in a year or so, depending on how the Lakers treat/trade him. Look at his numbers now, and he’s only like the fourth option, imagine if he were the primary scorer, he’d wipe the floor with dwight. All this from a bulls fan..

  46. Ao1 says:

    Lakers 2012 Champion!…

  47. alexe says:

    of course they’ll contend! That question insults any fan who understands the nba

  48. IYF says:

    A nine point loss against the Kings and a one point loss against last years team with the best record in the NBA doesn’t see so bad to me. Especially without Bynum.
    Two blowouts seem a little bit more concerning, but we’ll have to wait and see if Dallas can bounce back and find their rhythm the next few games.
    No time to panic yet!

  49. No it is not time for fans in Dallas or Los Angeles to start panicking. They have played two (count it) two games. Now while it is surprising that they are a combined 0-4, we must remember that both teams are trying to acclimate new players and are doing so on a very tight schedule.

    Since both of these teams have quality veteran leadership and have championship pedigree, I expect them both to get their ships righted within the next two weeks or so. Honestly, before the season even started I predicted that at this point the Dallas Mavericks and Los Angeles Lakers would be a combined 2-2 (1-1 for each). So as far as my predictions are concerned, each of these teams has only lost one game that they were really expected to win.

  50. Steven says:

    If last night was any indication the Nuggets are going to be just fine! Lawson gon’ give it to ya!

  51. Arun says:

    I dont think we have to conclude by saying that Lakers or even Dallas are going to have a bad season here. I can talk about Lakers here. Lakers are playing without Bynum and this a big loss for the Lakers down low n the post. We are missing a terrific threat down low in the post both offensively and defensively. Lakers would have easily won the game against Bulls and Sacrementop with Bynum on the roster. Bynum would have blocked Rose’s tear drop and Bynum would have destroyed Counsin’s down low. So, lets be quiet and see how Lakers perform for another 2 games.

    I am actually amazed to see lakers even compete with the existing roster. Kobe is being Kobe (the greatest). he can score anytime. Pau is not being Pau. He should be taking more shots and play more aggresively specially at the defensive end. When you have LUKE WALTON on the floor getting minutes imagine how Fu&^^ed up your roster is.

    To conclude- Lakers are doing OK and nothing to PANIC about. Pau should step up a little bit. Derek Fisher/Blake should please make atleast open shots and Lakers are just fine. On the Other hand i still think we can trade Bynum and Pau for Dwight and Anderson. what say?

    • John says:

      As a fellow Lakers fan, I’m not worried, just wanted to touch on some points (not argue :P)

      Against SacTown, Bynum would’ve made life difficult for Cousins, and we didn’t have that inside presence last night. Having Bynum in the middle makes it easier on Pau, Kobe, and our shooters, because of his strength, they will have to send a double somehow, or at minimum, compress their defense a little closer to the paint. Luke Walton shouldn’t be getting minutes, Matt Barnes should be getting those minutes. And as good as Metta played last night, he needs to go. He’s too slow, doesn’t get off the ground, and his only saving grace (his defense), has taken a step back.

      Against Chicago, the end game situation seemed like guys didn’t know what they were supposed to do on the inbounds play. On the other hand, why was it drawn up so that Kobe caught it trapped in the corner by the halfcourt and sidelines? But even AFTER that, the refs missed a blatant travel. Blatant. But again, with Bynum in the game, Boozer would have to have defended either Bynum or Gasol, and we all know his defense is softer than baby wipes. Booze lucked out and had to guard either McBob or Murphy…so yeah…

      Anyway, Laker fans, we got this 🙂

    • bryce says:

      yeah but the lakers lost to the kings! whats up with that? i dont care if they didnt have bynum they still lost to the kings. plus im imagining kobe will probably get injured a lot this season cuz hes gettin too old.

      • Larian says:

        Bulls lost to the Warriros, what’s up with that? I don’t care if the Warriors are actually better than the Lakers right now, they still lost to the Warriors. Whatever team you support, haters like you always sound like douche bags that want to get slapped over and over again.

      • jazZgirl says:

        They lost to the Kings before. They will be alright.

  52. kane1021 says:

    let’s admit it folks..they need superman

    • LakerDodger420 says:

      Why do the lakers need another big man? They already have two of the top 4 or 5 bigs in the game that compliment each other SO well. They way I see it Orlando would want BOTH Gasol AND Bynum, who else do they want, Fish? Blake? Barnes? Not likely. Maybe Ebanks, but it ends there. What is needed, as evidenced by the last few playoffs and Dr. Buss’s willingness to throw Gasol and Odom under the ‘bus’ to get Chris Paul, is a quicker point guard that can stay in front of the top-tier, Chris Paul, Russell Westbrook, Rajon Rondo types. Fish was never that quick to begin with, but no one gives him that charge call anymore and people are calling him a flopper, now my grandma in a walker could take him off the dribble. Anybody on ANY other squad in the NBA (including the Celtics) that won FIVE championships with a team would have their jersey in the rafters automatically, but not on the Lakers, you NEED to be a Hall-of-Famer, and I don’t know about Fish. He definitely isn’t Robert Horry, but it would be hard to put him next to West, Chamberlain, Baylor, Goodrich, Johnson, Abdul-Jabbar, Worthy and eventually Bryant. The really interesting question is whether or not O’Neil hangs next to Bryant. I’d love to see Fish up there, I’m rooting for him, while I’m lobbying to get him out of the lineup.

  53. ArtestFTW says:

    Lakers will probly bounce back, like they did after the all star weekend last year. Lets also not forget we don’t have bynum playing right now, he’ll boost our defense and give gasol that help inside.

    • Will hud says:

      The lakers will be alright but I’m worry about defense, is Mike Brown running the defense or is Chuck Person again?
      They look like they are playing the same way as last year. Every team score on them

    • Kris says:

      lakers always bouce back all the time. to be honest they always , ALWAYS bounce back, plus you are right without having bynum. But in reality we NEED a elite point guard right away.

  54. CTRL Z says:

    Deng traveled