Chandler’s MVP Case In Dallas?

Is it too early to hand out the 2011-12 MVP award yet?

Well, is it at least too early to name the leader in the clubhouse?

Step up, Tyson Chandler. No, not for the seven points and three rebounds in the Knicks’ win over the Celtics.

It’s more a case of what he didn’t do in Dallas. That is: anything.

After all, isn’t the definition of MVP: the ultimate difference-maker? And the absence of Chandler certainly made a huge difference in Dallas.

Without their defensive stopper in the middle, the Mavs looked like a door that was left wide open in their season-opening loss to Miami. LeBron James and Dwayne Wade treated the lane like a welcome mat and practically wiped their feet on the defending champions.

“Defense wasn’t there,” said Brendan Haywood, who was the primary culprit, taking over Chandler’s spot at center. “We got beat in transition. It wasn’t indicative of Mavs’ basketball that won a championship last year. We got a lot of work to do. But not a lot of time.”

The Mavs are back at work immediately, taking on Denver right back at American Airlines tonight. Dallas hasn’t started a season 0-2 since the 2006-07 season. If it happens, chances are the Mavs will be looking around mightily for their early candidate for this season’s MVP award – and it ain’t Dirk Nowitzki.


  1. mattman says:

    Chandler was the anchor of the Mavs defense last year…no one should be surprised that losing him was the Mavs’ biggest loss of the offseason..he did 10 and 10 consistently and banged down low..he single handedly guarded Pau and ABynum in the second round..the Lakers did not know where to go with the ball…MCuban made a mistake in letting him leave so early..good pick up for NYK

  2. shakenbake says:

    Dallas lost again in a blowout! Well whats new, dallas sucks

  3. Bobby says:

    The Heat are gonna be real hot for this season and i have a feeling they could get deep in the postseason like last year but with the competition getting harder to beat they have to step up their game. Dallas will have a hard time advancing into later rounds because they traded people who had to be there, they broke the chemistry that’s their fault. Hopefully, the Lakers improve and not lose their spot to the Clippers it would be an awful disappointment for them and it would entice Kobe to leave for greener pasture. But i have a gut feeling Minesota would make the playoffs.

  4. BelizeBoy says:

    I wouldn’t say it’s just Chandler. Mavs lost like five guys didn’t they? Plus they just got their rings and I really don’t think they are too hyped about having to do it all over again right now. Just me theory and coming from a Heat fan by the way. GO HEAT!

  5. JZA says:

    Although I am a huge Heat fan and I most likely agree that the beat-down was merciless. I think this isn’t about a one man presence (or lack there of). LeBron James and Dwayne Wade dunk them off during the first two games of the finals. They were sweeping the Mavs on the floor pretty much the same way. What changed later on? well honestly thats a different discussion, but I doubt it was Tyson Chandler alone.

  6. allaroundballer says:

    Current NBA players will go too if they’re chandler. There’s a chance to win and money in new york.
    Otherwise it’s dallas who should try to hold him.