How Much Does Kobe’s Wrist Hurt?

HANG TIME TEXAS, Y’ALL – Maybe it’s from carrying the burden of the added leadership that Magic Johnson said would be required.

But the season hasn’t even begun and Kobe Bryant was forced to sit out Wednesday night’s game against the Clippers with a torn ligament in his right wrist.

According to Mike Bresnahan of the Los Angeles Times, Bryant is listed as day-to-day.

The lunotriquetral ligament stabilizes two of the smaller wrist bones on the outside part of the wrist. It was unclear if it was a complete or partial tear.

“If it’s a complete tear, it’s more problematic,” said Keith Feder, a Manhattan Beach sports medicine specialist. “Without being privy to the MRI, these types of injuries can take anywhere from several days to several weeks to heal completely, but depending on the pain level and with support, the athlete could play.”

Lamar Odom is off in Dallas, Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum are under the gun to produce, Chris Paul is suiting up down the hallway at Staples Center for the Clippers, nobody in the front office has yet figured out a way to get Dwight Howard into a purple-and-gold uniform and now Kobe – starting his 16th NBA campaign – goes into the jam-packed 2011-12 season with a bum wrist.

How much trouble are the Lakers in already?


  1. mattman says:

    KB24 always figures out a way to play..I suspect that this will be the case for sunday’s game..expect limited minutes but I think if the lakers need a bucked in the fourth quarter than M.Brown has no choice but to play him

  2. Law064 says:

    @BelizeBoy your 100% correct where was the foul???? That was a clean block LMAO Laker fans will always cry @Lakers that was a clean block Kobe’s momentum took him to the floor so as for a foul or flagrant that’s a FAIL!!!!!!

  3. Stan says:

    You’re all way too quick to dismiss the Lakers. The West still isn’t competitive. The only teams with any flare are the Mavs, Thunder, and possibly the Clippers. The remaining ones aren’t competition. Sure, the Spurs and Grizzlies will make the playoffs, but they’re not a threat. The Lakers are guaranteed a good playoff spot.

    At that point, it’s a matter of experience and determination. Last year’s blowout losses were a fluke. The Mavs came in against a cocky team and tore them apart. New coach, different rotation, and different stakes abide. The Mavs got weaker this year. Chandler was vital to their team. As long as Bynum and Gasol are healthy and playing at their normal level, the Lakers are fine. Kobe will do what needs to be done – that’s a fact.

  4. JB says:

    Ha, Ha, Ha, this is laughable. Do all you blind Kobe fans not see what is in front of you. Kobe, once again has set it up so no matter what, when the loose on Christmas again this year it’s because “Poor Kobe, he played through the injury but it wasn’t enough. Or, if Kobe was 100 percent we would have won and it goes on.” I never liked Kobe, but I will give him credit, he always has had the ability to give himself an out. If they get lucky and win, wow he played through the injury, he is our hero. If they loose, it wasn’t Kobe;s fault he was hurt. I hope for Howard’s sake he doesn’t go to LA, because as soon as Kobe doesn’t want him steeling the spotlight, he will run to the media (or let it slip) Howard messing around behind his woman’s back. Ask Shaq and Gasol how that works. Just to sum up, once again no matter what happens Christmas Day Kobe can’t look bad.

  5. dA bUlLs!! says:

    So you guys are making fun of a player thats injured??

  6. Lakers says:

    Deandre Jordan fouls everyone he tries to block.
    the play on Kobe should have been a flagarant foul.
    when dirty players like him injure another player they should be fined and suspended for it.
    Players shouldnt be allowed to slam guys to the floor like that with no liability at all.
    Deandre Jordan is the reason why Kobe is hurt.
    he should have to pay for it by missing 10 or 20 games.
    David Stern sucks at his job he only wants to see the Lakers fall down and stay down.

    • BelizeBoy says:

      A flagrant for blocking the ball LMAO. He didn’t touch Bryant, just blocked the s#!t out of him. Besides, hands part of the ball right? Or then again you probably don’t even know the rules since your asking for a 20 game suspension. What are you 11 years old?

  7. Alex says:


  8. Dennis says:

    Go BULLS!!

  9. frank barger says:

    you know what grinds my gears? the fact that stern and dan gilbert and mark cuban just couldnt stop bitching when paul was going to the lakers..why? because they knew the lakers would be that he is with the clippers? NO ONE SAYS A WORD! and as for mike brown? bad move are going to replace the greatest coach in nba history with the coach that couldnt do it with the cavs?

  10. Andre says:

    After that historic Lakers x Kings series, I dont think Lakers fans can complain against Stern.

    And let’s be realistic. Compare the package LAL gave to NOH and the package they got now. Lakers would a steal another small-market team, with NBA support,

  11. tamatoa says:

    Lakers are in trouble. But it’s a good opportunity for the Lakers to show off their ability to develop their own draft picks and players.

  12. Law064 says:

    @Kobe Lebron will never be Kobe or MJ and to you Laker fans crying about that nixed deal STFU that deal was crap. Then you Laker fans would be crying now No Gasol No Odom for a pg. Don’t get me wrong CP3 & Kobe would be a dynamic duo but that’s where it ends. The Clippers deal was better for NO so don’t cry about Stern stopping that deal if NO had a owner then Stern would not be able to say anything. Lakers will be ok but the Clippers will be better than them. Kobe’s injury on his shooting hand should be taken serious, true he’s played thru injuries but your talking about the hand he shoots with. If he plays and aggravate it more then he’ll be sidelined for longer than the week or so.

  13. unikr0n says:

    lol all these kobe/laker haters make me laugh so much. don’t you kobe haters understand that kobe STRIVES on the hatin? he couldn’t care less what anyone thinks of him. even his fans. he’s out there to win. as far as the lakers go? well they ALWAYS boune back. i mean take a look at the gap between magic and shaq/kobe. it might take a minute but they’ll be back in it. and when they are, they’re rentless!

  14. spliftout says:

    Lakers will be ok…

  15. kobe says:

    you hit the nail on the head **STFU** no one can talk unless they can match the lakers. lebron hasnt done it and i hope he never does.

    • Lob-City says:

      How is Lebron supposed to match a team? LOL you mean he hasn’t matched Kobe’s rings? Yeah he might never get five I’ll admit, but at the end of the day he may get one more MVP title and I doubt Kobe get’s anymore. Lebron will have 2-3 rings though.

  16. lakermig says:

    it truly hurts me every day,i come on this site and find out some more info i really and truly didnt want to read or hear, As someone said already thank god its gonna be a short season cause i do not see good things coming Lakers’ way.The chance of us getting another star(especially thanks to david stern) are looking very bleak and even if so it was always gonna be a hard season with ta new coach new players a shorter season,the sad thing is kobe doesnt have much time to stay wasting seasons he wants that ring he deserves that ring.I guess all thats left to do is wait and see but i would say our chances of a championship this year ..realistcally nearly 0 %

  17. Drazard says:

    Only Kobe can play basketball even he has a multiple injury so guys so please don’t worry about him guys

  18. -____- says:

    basketball reasons. smh…

  19. alemar pangalian says:

    Kobe is now on injury. It so dissapointing and unexpected.

  20. ron says:

    ^laker fan in denial

  21. Maxy says:

    Michael, your comments about not believing Kobe is heart are entirely baseless, not to mention idiotic…I mean, did your mother drop you on your dome when you were a youngin or what bro?? Were you not alive when he was flying back and forth from colorodo courtrooms to play in, and kill in every single he played on the court, breaking 40 point a game scoring records and dropping 50 in four consecutive on his way to averaging 35? Even Dr. Clapper (espn radio, and a real Dr. by the way, unlike you!) said it’s extremely painful and would take three to four weeks to heal, if not more. Oh, and I’m pretty certain you can count the amount of times Kobe has attempted 40 shots in a game on one hand! Bottom line, your an emotional, delusional kobe-hater who doesn’t even make the proper arguments against the guy, and by the way there are a few of them – even I, a diehard Kobe fan must admit that much. In closing, he will play because he is the mamba, tripple ocho, one of the top five players of all time already and the sole reason Mark Jackson coined the phrase, “Momma there goes that man,” so just kick rocks homey, and have at least somewhat of an intelligent argument when you attempt to throw dirt on an NBA legend boy!!!

    • Andre says:

      My only problems with him is because he is Dirty and he cries a lot. He’s now saying he wants to be a Laker forever, but he forced a traded very hard before Lakers steal Gasol from Memphis. The history of his career is winning a 3-peat with Shaq carrying the team, crying and forcing a trade and winning back-to-back with the best supporting crew by far.

      I can’t see the tough players you guys talk about because he never in his career tried to fight when put in tough situations. He always wanted everything easy, and the years he wasn’t paired with superstars he was complaining.

      And he is not top 5 all-time. More like top 10. But it’s not his fault.

      • Lob-City says:

        I’m agree. He’s a good player but people only look at the fact that he’s won championships. Not how he got the chance to play alongside two of the best big men in the league and when he didn’t have them they couldn’t get past the first round.

      • Sportsfan says:

        @Andre & LOB-CITY – Lakers didn’t stael Gasol (Grizzlies got Marc Gasol/draft pick=Zach Randolph)…3-peat, Shaq was the veteran, Kobe was the Rookie = Shaq’s team and he should’ve carried them…..back2back, Kobe was the veteran but Gasol was not a considered to be a superstar until he got to LA with Kobe, he was a good player but not a superstar…and your “best supporting crew by far” was said to be soft-Gasol, injured-Bynum and inconsistent-Odom! Take Kobe off those teams and they won’t win the rings, maybe 1 with Shaq’s teams. He has played through multiple injuries year after year, how could you say he isn’t tough????? “He’s a good player but people only look at the fact that he’s won championships”, Hello, at the end of the day that is what is remembered……”he got the chance to play alongside two of the best big men in the league and when he didn’t have them they couldn’t get past the first round”, How many rings has DH12 won? Shaq played with Penny, Nash, the Boston 3 + Rondo, and even King James but only won 1 other ring with DWade. Give Kobe his credit…..he’s earned it!!!!

      • BelizeBoy says:

        @Sportsfan, You said
        “soft-Gasol, injured-Bynum and inconsistent-Odom! Take Kobe off those teams and they won’t win the rings-“.

        So you’re saying that taking Gasol, Bynum or Odom out would have still guaranteed LA’s two championships as long as Kobe was there? Why wasn’t it so from 2004-2008? Kobe was younger and not injured. Kobe is the X-factor for the Lakers but without Odom, Gasol & Bynum they wouldn’t have won so don’t downplay their contribution.

  22. Lakers R Us says:

    @ bil ur a hater dude! U say the Lakers always sucked! U living on another planet? take ur hater blogs elsewhere! Im proud of the way the Lakers played tonight against the Clippers without Kobe! especially Andrew Bynum! what a beast he was in this game! the Lakers will be OK! I like the players and the lineup! Go lakers! Luv u guys man!

  23. Alexander Harris says:

    I am a big Celtics fan (got it from the best, my dad of course) and I want to hear more stories about the Lakers imploding. Whether it’s true or not, I love to hear the Lakers imploding and if Jim Buss can just keep the “undoing everything that got them 5 championships through Phil Jackson” mantra going, and it has the effect it was having there for a while for the extent it was having for a while, I will really be enjoying the NBA.

    If the Lakers turn it around, I’ll be more likely to watch do-funk NBA games on TNT for Shaq and Chuck’s pre–game and halftime coverage, where they annoy the all get out from Kenny Smith and will be such camera hogs the TNT coverage ratings had better jump through the roof.

    I love the NBA as it is, I loved it as it was, and as long as the players are willing to keep the NBA going forward (i.e. not losing 2 or more seasons to a future lockout) then I will enjoy it as it will be for as long as I live.

    David Stern annoys me at times, but he’s got that (to me at least) “You got to respect the guy because he tries to do a good job. but during lockouts has to keep his job, so he has to for a while quit doing a good job so that he can save the day as soon as possible” aura that makes me say “Wow!” in both happy and sad modes at different times!

  24. Tj says:

    Yall dont worry. Its only the preseason watch them beastin during the season, playoffs, and the finals! Hell no clippers aint the new show its never gon be clips and always gon be the lake show! once again watch them during the season cuhs preseason is nothing!

  25. gervin says:

    Kobe knows how to play though…”Leadership” & “professionalism”. . .

  26. STFU says:


  27. johnnny g says:

    better pray for Dwight cause if not…..might as well say what i have said for years Los Angeles Losers….Time for Lakers to find new place to play cause its Clippter Nation now…Kobe should be happy with 5 cause it should be only 3.

    • Aaron says:

      I am a Kings fan who things the clippers are being overrated be everyone. The lakers will find ways to win that seems to be the the norm in LA.

      • Lob-City says:

        Well yeah it has been the norm for the past four years for LA. Please don’t for get that from 2004-2007 they were not contenters. Every team has a rebuilding era and I’d say Lakers are entering one.

      • Sportsfan says:

        @LOB-CITY….the last 4 years???? tell me what team in the NBA has been to the most NBA Finals?????? You people are hilarious – the Lakrs have always been a dominant franchise and will continue to be but from time to time they have experienced a down time (as every sports franchise does) but yet they have always came back a contender. They will lick their wounds, make personell adjustments (this year or the next couple, with or without Kobe) and before long they will return to the top……as they always do!

    • unikr0n says:

      why should it only be 3? that makes no sense.

  28. johnnny g says:

    kobe needs a new star…never made it without one

    • unikr0n says:

      magic or jordan never made it without a star either. whats your point?

      • CHITOWN says:

        Ok so lets see MAGIC had Kareem and Worthy, who were already big names. MJ had Scottie who was a scrub until MJ took him under his wing. KOBE NEEDS another SUPERSTAR TO WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP. ENOUGH SAID

  29. vido says:

    Well, age takes effet. lol

  30. bil says:

    lakers always sucked, Good to see they will suck more this year.

  31. dave says:

    if kobe cant play through an injury like this i dont know who can. dont worry its kobe

  32. hoover says:

    kobe is a beast but father time catches up with everybody at some point, ask michael

  33. Joseph_03 says:

    Going an optimistic view for the Lakers, maybe this is good for Bynum and Gasol to get more touches and try to show how dominant (if they can) be in the paint, and hopefully for some of last years disappointing additions to get into stride and try to step up, its an open secret that the Lakers are glaringly weak at the wings more so the point.

  34. Kane says:

    Reality is: No Championship!! They should be thankful it’s a short season! Because it will all be over with very soon!!

    The Lakers are now officially the Spurs and Boston!! Old, Washed Up, and Finished!! And it will be this way for years to come!! There is a new era in the NBA!! And it doesn’t include the Lakers!!

    The Lakers have fallen so far behind Dallas, OKC, New York, Miami, and now the Clippers!!

    Mr Stern…. Mission accomplished SIR!!! Great Work SIR!!!! lol hahahaha

    • unikr0n says:

      don’t count the lakers out so soon. just game 2 of preseason and you act like it’s over? HAHA. someone wanting to see the lakers fail, i see. well let me remind you that the lakers don’t have 16 championships for nothing. i can garantee you that even in this “new nba era” the lakers will shine brighter than they ever have before, even after kobe retires. you’ll see. then you’ll be crying that the lakers are STILL winning championships. the lakers are winners. best franchise the league has ever seen 🙂

      • OKCKD35 says:

        hmmm doesnt boston have just as many championships as the lakers, and yes the lakers will always be decent as long as they continue to pay the most money for their roster year after year. They are the yankees of basketball. It will be a few years before they win another ring though.

      • Cymraeg says:

        Just wanted to pop in and say I want to see the Lakers fail. And I’m going to as well HAHA. They’ll have to sit and watch the Clippers striding along in the playoffs from their couches at home HAHA. The Clippers are the best team in LA right now and will be for some time and I’m not even a Clippers fan HAHA. It is over for the Lakers with or without Kobe. It is over for Kobe with or without the Lakers HAHA. 16 championships is nothing more than pieces of cloth on the ceiling it has nothing to do with ever winning again, I can GUARANTEE you that it is a “new nba era” and the Lakers aren’t part of it. You’ll be crying, the Lakers will be losing. The Lakers are losers and they are a long way from the best franchise the league has ever seen. Hmm anything else. Oh yeah HAHA 🙂

  35. Noro says:

    This really sucks for us, Lakers fans, because Kobe is in his final years and this is probably the last championship run we could make unless we get another star to pair up with Kobe.

  36. Mark Langston says:

    I think we’re seeing more of a shift in the league overall rather than the fall of the Lakers. Not since South Beach picked up a few members of the Justice League has the league seen such a shift in power. The new CBA forging this new look NBA where guys in their early 30’s are practically dead while players fresh from the prom leading the way.

    A new coach, new system, the loss of two key bench players, an injured Kobe, a (soon-to-be) divorced Kobe and a fickle city already turning their back for a team with some fresh new legs for the team with 16 championship banners hanging from the rafters. Point of the matter is that the Clippers have a lot more to prove than the Lakers. Bitter as that may sound the Lakers’ previous wins and the only team to go back-to-back since the Kobe/Shaq era may be the only thing that keeps the Lakers in the conversation this season.

  37. kobee says:

    He’s fine. i know he can play through it.

  38. ooo says:

    i know that kobe will still play with the pain and i am still believing that they will win the championship this year kobe can fight with all the pain coz he got that killer instincts and he is the black mamba and of course the best player of his generation go kobe go lakers LAKERS FOREVER!!

  39. bob says:

    duh. i think ego hurts more, not hand.

  40. sher824 says:

    no problem he can still play with that injury, he is kobe bryant by the way 🙂


    they’ll be fine. kobe has too much will and determination to just sit and watch that which will be his most prestigious championship ring slip from his hand because of a wrist injury??????? I don’t know if they will win the championship but they are definitely contenders with or without Kobe and if we can get a young PG like Tony Douglas from the Knicks you better believe the Lakers will win the gold and we’ll be ready to put up 17 banners baby up here in Lakertown

    • OKCKD35 says:

      can you say delusional? No way lakers win it this year, there are too many teams that are better than the Lakers this year. Dallas, OKC, Miami, Boston, Chicago, i think the clippers will be better than the lakers too

  42. jono says:

    hahaha lakers headed for the lottery. clippers the no. 1 team in LA

    • jeff smith says:

      its funny reading some of these seem the clippers fans asperations are to be the best team in la..lakers fans asperations to be world might be a down year for lakers but we will be back

  43. mugiwara528 says:

    An injury has never stopped Kobe from playing for a long time.

  44. Teriac says:

    aww. kobe’s gonna be back soon! get well kobe

  45. ChrisBrown says:

    i doubt him not playing, he’s been in several injuries already but it didn’t stopped him. It’s not new to him anymore.

  46. ray cook says:

    i pray God bless ya

  47. LAKERS says:

    man. the lakers are in trouble. if all those ppl from lakers head office, like Mitch, Jerry bus, etc dont get HOWARD to LA before season starts, the lakers season doesnt look good. HOWARD HAS TO BE A LAKER. NOTHING ELSE. KOBE AND SHAQ TOGETHER GOT 3 RINGS.







    • MJ THE GOAT says:

      LOL sorry can’t not reply to this hilarious post!!! Who are you going to trade to get Howard out of Orlando?? ERRRRRR Bynum and ????? Definately Gasol and probably barnes or artest aswell becuase that is what they are going to want. You really think that Howard is going to pick that scenario where he is stuck with an ageing broken down Kobe who couldn’t carry the Lakers to a single win vs the Mavs last year. Please! if that is his option he will stay in Lando, and there is no way that if they got howard they would be able to get williams NO WAY. Gotta say after the way you guys were handed Gasol and then 2 more chips I am glad the Paul trade fell through.

      • Esco says:

        you stupid? this is a team sport, it is impossible for one man to make the team win each time and kobe did that a lot. in some games other player should step up and gasol, bynum were nowhere to be found. justl like d rose wasn’t enough to beat mia. kobe still the best player n u still dumb if you think one player wins games

      • Sportsfan says:

        Handed Gasol????? Correct me if I’m wrong, I think the Grizzlies got Marc Gasol (Who is their marque player) and a draft pick that ended up being Zach Randolph – not too bad!! Maybe at the time of the trade it seemed to be one-sided but in retrospect I think the Grizzlies are happy with what they got!!

    • Andre says:

      Howard would join LA if they had CP3 in that bizarre trade that would screw NOH. In this scenario, they would have the best team in the nba for a couple years, and after Kobe retirement, he would play alongside CP3, what would be enough to stay competitive.

      Going LA now is plain stupid for Howard. Kobe is old. Fischer is old. Metta World Peace is old. They will have a couple of shots at winning, as underdogs, because adding Howard is not enough if you are losing Gasol/Bynum/Odon.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      5 more rings for Kobe? Come on get realistic, the guy is getting old. He cant carry this team, LA will have to give up an awful lot to get dwight howard. And the addition of Dwight Howard does not make them an automatic favorite, dont forget the person that plays howard the best is under center for my thunder. We will run circles around the rest of that roster, especially now with no shannon brown to keep up with Westbrook

  48. Joseph says:

    the lakers office should acquire reliable point guard to help kobe do the scoring and distributing of the balls, otherwise, they will be overwhelmed by other teamls

    • MJ THE GOAT says:

      Last thing on the list is a point guard!! They need People that have foot speed and can break people down off the dribble even more than they need outside shooting!!! I am not a Lakers fan, don’t particularly like the franchise either but this is not good for LA with the lack of speed and athleticism they have NO WAY they can make the finals

      • Chris says:

        You make no sense – you say PG is the last thing on the list but also say what they need most is speed and someone who can brake people down off the dribble. The best position to do this is the PG. The PG’s ability to penetrate and draw defenses in is what makes the rest of the guys more effective.

        In this new system, it’s clear that’s what Mike Brown is missing most. This system is very similar to the one San Antonio has been running for over a decade. Without Tony Parker, the system wouldn’t work, which shows why the Lakers need a better penetrating/distributing PG to make things work – and is also why they pushed so hard to get Chris Paul before going after Howard.

  49. Ike Ileka says:

    Kobe Bryant is tough. He will be ready to go on christmas day

  50. johnny says:

    It’s going to be a long season if Kobe has to miss anytime

  51. Stern Sucks says:

    Yeah i’ll say it…….the lakers are royally screwed. The sad part is that it begins and ends with Stern giving the Buss family (the best thing that ever happened to the sport) the preverbal finger and traded CP3 to the LA D-League team. Such a bum deal for the REAL LA team.

    • Logical Fan says:

      Wanna be any more one eyed mate? Stern did what was best for the hornets. Getting big contracts attached to ok players would have stuffed the hornets long term. this way he got 2 of the best up and comers in the league as well as a decent centre and first round pick. all for a lot less money than trading to lakers wouldve forced them to take on. the reason that the lakers didnt get cp3 is that they couldnt get the right deal. its sad to say mate but the LA “d-league team” is now the better team. suck on that one champ

    • Celtics 4ever says:

      look stern wants to prevent the nba to have another dynasty !!! thats why the lockout last longer than we expect..!!! small market team starting to get negative profits ..!!! because they can’t afford to build up a dynasty or a dream team..!!! to win championship or even just to win games..!!!! if another big team like the mavs celts lakers or even the spurs.. build up a team loaded with young superstars !! the nba will go down because all small teams can’t attrack anymore people to buy tickets..!! do you understand that !! owner start to sell there team !!! this league must be in balance to stay longer!! (economical crisis)…!!!

      • OKCKD35 says:

        OKC sells out almost every game, they are small market, make profit, and will be competing for a championship!

      • sbfern805 says:

        Plus there are too many teams… maybe the NBA NEEDS to condence down to 25 teams…look at the old years… great basketball! I dont mind it if Milwakee of Minnesota disappear… they losing money anyways and Big market owners are having to cover the costs… Thats BS stupid owners trying to make money by making a team thinking its easy money!!

    • jackson mark says:

      can’t get over that there’s a new real team in LA? clips are more exciting than lakers

      • jeff smith says:

        yeah maybe for awhile ,but i bet lakers future is alot better ,clippers always screw it up.paul has fragile knees and clips are not lucky in that area..enjoy clips ur 2 years

  52. Michael says:

    I don’t believe Kobe is hurt that much. He’s going through a divorce and probably needs the time off to handle his personal legal issues and then he will make a dramatic “recovery”. He’ll relish hearing the cheers for him, despite reports of his continued adultery. He also be commended by the media for his “ability” to set aside his basketball skills with so much “professionalism”and be able to play. He’s selfish attitude will allow him to play and shoot around 40 times a gameand complain he doesn’t have “help”.

    • Alexzo says:

      HOLLYWOOD! That summarizes the lakers situation. There’s always something happening in LA.

      In a perfect “hollyWORLD”, kobe will bounce back from yet another “mess” (divorce) in his life with a BANG (shooting the lights out with guns blazin’) He’s bored & He needs these adversities to get his competitive juices flowing.

      Magic said it best about him stepping up. My 2 cents is that Kobe needs to “be Like Mike” this season. This is what separates him from MJ… The ability to LEAD! So much has been said about his comparisson to MJ but ot gets down tothis season. In my book, MJ is still Alphadog 1. But i do not take anything against Kobe. He is indeed the “CLOSEST” we’ll ever see to “his airness”.

      This season will tell us a lot about “HOW CLOSE” he really is to bein like mike. For LA to survive this season, (the so called experts have written them off) The mamba should take it from the master & be JORANESQUE! …in every true sense of the word!

    • Lola says:

      While I do not like Kobe Bryant much as a person (nothing personal, just that I am a Celtics fan through and through, in fact I bleed green), there is no disputing the fact that Kobe is an absolute professional. If there is one person in this league who plays through pain and personal issues, it is Kobe. Let us give Kobe his dues, if Kobe is not playing, it is because he is really injured. Let us respect the guy’s privacy, keep his personal life out of this and give Kobe his dues; Kobe might throw tantrums but he does not play sick.