Blogtable: Who Has Most Wins?

Each week, we’ll ask our stable of scribes to weigh in on the three most important NBA topics of the day — and then give you a chance to step on the scale, too, in the comments below.

Who leads the league in wins? How many? How do they do it?

Steve Aschburner: From my vantage point in Chicago, it’s only natural that I’m bullish on … Miami. Not that I’m suddenly a fan of the “super team” approach – I’m not – but in this case, after such a long, challenging season in 2010-11 to learn what works and what doesn’t work for that crew, the Heat are poised to make good on, well, let’s just start with one NBA championship. They have stars, they have continuity, they have three players who can carry the load on any given night – or on back-to-back-to-back nights – and they have something to prove. I see 56-10 as the setup for 16 more victories in the postseason.

Fran Blinebury: In the second year in coach Tom Thibodeau‘s system, with Derrick Rose reaffirming his MVP selection and with Rip Hamilton fitting into the lineup perfectly, the Bulls will reach a nifty 50.

Scott Howard-Cooper: The Heat will win 48. While they won’t be trying to peak for the regular season, they will have a lot more focus than 2010-11.

Shaun Powell: All the great teams will play each other frequently so the schedule doesn’t drastically favor any of the contenders. That said, it’s still Miami’s regular season against all others. There won’t be an adjustment period or a 9-8 start for the Big Three, unlike a year ago, and 50-plus wins sounds realistic. LeBron James will be hell-bent on proving those fourth quarters last June were a fluke and will be at MVP level but his atonement must wait until next summer.

John Schuhmann: I’ll guess that the Heat lead the league with 53 wins. They’ve got a year of chemistry-building under their belt. A healthy Udonis Haslem and the addition of Shane Battier give them more depth than they had last year. Dwyane Wade has an injury history, but LeBron James is indestructible and all three of their stars are on the right side of 30 (though Wade hits the big 3-0 in January). Finally, because of a lot of close losses, they were better than their record last season. Put that all together and I’d be pretty shocked if Miami doesn’t finish with the most wins this year.

Sekou Smith: That’s three questions in one. Oklahoma City is the team best equipped to get on a roll and crank out 51 wins in this abbreviated season. They have the most explosive scorer in the league in Kevin Durant, an equally explosive point guard in Russell Westbrook and arguably the best returning core group of any team in the league not named the Heat. The condensed schedule and back-to-back-to-backs will take a toll on some teams but not the young Thunder. They are loaded and will play with an edge all season after that stinging defeat in the Western Conference finals last season.


  1. thug 4 life says:

    either OKC or the bulls can be the the team with most wins

  2. celtics4life says:

    You guys are forgetting the celtics and yeah ik there old and they got beat by the heat last year in the playoffs. But with a healthy roster this team could make some noise in the playoffs. now i dont expect them to win it all, i dont even expect them to get to the finals but if they face miami again this year the heat better watch out cuz we’ll be ready.

  3. jewpac says:

    knicks knicks knicks.. we got b diddy starting, shumpert and douglas off the bench with the Defense. Landry at the 2, we could use a backup 2, melo at the 3, amare at the 4, chandler at the 5. lets go ny beating celtics 1st game.


    NEW YORK KNICKS 2012 CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. TerraJ says:

    I still think Memphis needs another year until they can contend. I know they got they names and played really good last year, but to me, OKC, Dallas, LAL and LAC, are one step ahead of them. Same with Portland, ATL

  6. TerraJ says:

    Well judging from what Ive seen. Its not who has the best team on paper, cough Miami, its who wants it bad enough in the playoffs. Im a die hard Laker fan, and I know their chances are very slim of winning. Not unless Kobe has a season like 05-06 and Pau gets his head out of his a**. Not to mention Bynums Improvement and healthy.
    Anyway, Im going with OKC, LAL, LAC, Dallas top 4 in the West(anyones game, whoever wants it bad enough)

    I mean seriously, Westbrook stealing Durants game last year can happen again. Or Dallas shocking everyone can happen. Of course LAC has the pieces along with a leader and size and everything besides experience. Lakers have experience except for all the pieces. So to me, whoever plays better and wants it bad enough would win.

    Going with, NYC, Miami, Chicago, Boston in the East.
    NYC dont have the point gaurd which would be hard for the team to play together when Carmelo is hogging it.
    Miami, dont have a center or a deep enough bench, but they do got 3 stars. If 2 of the stars choke like they did last year, no way they can win. But if they play good, then of course they have a good chance.
    Boston, maybe the vets are pushing it on last time? Rondo was injured last year also. So maybe? a long shot but it can happen like 87′ Lakers.
    And Chicago, with Rip, and maybe Carlos Boozer getting his head out of his a** they have a good chance of winning.

  7. DeedaSinger says:

    OK. Lakers are not in concederation. for the west, it will come down to 4 teams. Spurs, Thunder, Clippers and Nuggets.
    For the east it will come down to only two teams. Bulls and Heat. In the finals I see Heat vs Thunder. Clippers will choke. Nuggets will fall. Spurs go down of old age. Bulls dont want it like The Heat want it. This will be a great season however, Heat vs Thunder!!!!

  8. Junior says:

    On paper there are a lot of teams that look good…..A lot of big names went to contenders….The wins wont matter this season sure they say a lot of how good you are but how good are you in the post season?! I am A HEAT FAN but I do like the clippers in the WEST to make a good run if they can make it past the first round….A lot of Heat haters out there but last year when we beat boston then chicago everyone was picking us….. Sure we couldnt get it together in the finals so give credit to Dallas…..Miami in finals Vs ??? the west is up for grabs…..Chicago New York Boston good teams but if My heat get going there is problems for all the east teams…..OKC your my favorite out of the west…..Westbrook you need to be a pointgaurd first then a scorer…….Good season awaits….Go Heat

  9. Bignate says:

    Mark my words it is going to be a heat vs. okc final or a heat vs. grizz finals
    I personally believe that grizz will come out of west cause they have the best starting five in the nba plus their allstar rudy gay is back

  10. bigboy11 says:

    i am liking all these posts, most of them makes sense, i say heat in the NBA finals, dangerous team if they fire the coach mid season is the kincks

  11. Jan Johnson says:

    Look at the incredibly arrogant face of Chris Bosh. Has he learned anything from last season at all? Sickening.

  12. Karlo Garcia says:

    OKC Thunder=50 wins/16 losses

  13. Karlo Garcia says:

    OKC Thunder 2 have the most wins partly due 2 KP(Kendrick Perkins) has dropped the weight & added bounce 2 his feet.

  14. HeatvsOKCfinals says:

    Did you see LeBron’s Mid-post game??? Heat has 50 wins, OKC has 52, Heat end up winning the finals 4-1, but wait untill you see OKC the next year. (Don’t sleep on Dallas or san Antonio!)

  15. Chi-Town Prophecy says:

    Clearly they didn’t watch the Bulls – Pacers game as they would have seen how much having Rip Hamilton opened the court for not only Rose but Carlos Boozer too and as a result was able to post up and get open jump shots. Chicago are going to be hard to beat this year as they can on longer pile on Rose and get away with it as Rip is a decent ball handler and Pick & Roll player. All they need now is for Noah to develop a go-to move.

  16. NBABaller says:

    I dunno, but the Heat look the most dangerous to me right now. They seem like they have the potential to get 50-55 wins this season. The Bulls might trail the heat or beat the heat in wins by 1 or 2, but everyone knows that, come playoff time, EVERY TEAM STARTS WITH A CLEAN SLATE. Playoffs, we’ll decide what happens. (Mavericks repeat??? anyone)

  17. Muje says:

    If Bynum healthy Lakers will win playoff. They still have players and experience. Hi from Kosovo

  18. Kev says:

    People seem to forget that the Spurs were 1st in the West last season, just a win less than Chicago. I see the Spurs up there with the top 5 teams in the league. 48 wins for them this year.

  19. Ryan says:

    i’m going for sixers this year. whatever u people say, Brand is healthy, Turner is taking a step forward with his jump shot, and Iguodala will step up this season. gluck to ya’ll.

  20. Pedro says:

    Stop thrashing the Lakers you morons. C’mon, what are you guys thinking? Clippers are better than last year with CP3, no doubt, but the Lakers still have A LOT of talent. I believe no finals this year unless we land Howard, but we’re still a top 3 contender in the west.
    BTW most wins will be OKC followed close by MIA.

  21. Douggie says:

    Teams with high energy, young superstars will prosper in this jam packed season in my opinion. I imagine the Bulls will finish atop the east again and as for the west I think it’s going to be really interesting between OKC, the Clips and possibly even the Grizzlies (Before Arthur went down). In the end though I see Miami winning the championship, most likely they’ll play this season the way the Celtics and Lakers have in the past few years, finish among the top 4, stay healthy and show up when it matters the most (The playoffs). Miami – Dallas rematch in the finals, this time though Miami takes it easily.

  22. Jumpshot = fail says:

    So much hate on the Heat. I’m pretty neutral when it comes to teams.

    But right now I’m really liking Clippers and Chicago. As good as Miami is on offense AT TIMES, too many of their shots are jumpers around the 3 point line. Second they can’t rebound. I don’t care if Bosh buffed himself to Dwight Howard Size, he has horrible positioning on boards. However the brightness spot for Miami is Lebron during Pre-Season actually back his man down, and posted up in the mid post areas and literally no one could guard him. Still jumpshots with no rebounding = no championship.

    So in Short
    1) Chicago (Derrick Rose with Rip Hamilton coming off Noah screens, that’s just not fair).
    2) Clippers ( Front court that can block shots, rebound, and attack the paint, with decent mid range. Throw in CP3 who shreds defenses with his dribbling good luck.)
    3) Miami (If LBJ gets in the post instead of taking 3 pt fadeaways, Wade stays healthy, and Bosh learns to ACTUALLY REBOUND THE BALL maybe they win it all..)
    4) OKC (Because Durant can’t play defense even when’s he’s 6″10, Westbrook takes bad shots, and James Harden hasn’t proven himself yet.)

  23. ADONIS F. ZINGGON says:

    I still believe that MIAMI HEAT finishes strong this season, now that they have Shane Battier..,big help on their defense and O as well….!

  24. Cao says:

    Celtics! One year older,but still hungry for winning. Don’t forget, this season has less games than any other,and they will have a bonus on strenght and hopeful for them,season with limited injury players.
    As for my Lakers team, I just hope to see Kobe put on a miracle display during through season and see him beat everybody altough they are struggling real bad…

  25. seattle supersonics says:

    supersonics will win lol – just to end the debate – just watch the game before you guys decide

  26. peymanxxi says:

    Why no body didn’t say any thing about lakers or dallas? i think that lakers would have a 50+ win this season.. in spite of trading lamar odom, i still say that lakers will have a great season. dont forget about Dwight howard… he will be in hollywood…

  27. cdl says:

    everybody has their own opinions, i can’t say that you guys are wrong, but didn’t miami prove themselves already even though they have an unbalanced roster?? i can say clippers will be a surprise, bulls will be stronger, okc too, a lot of teams will be stronger except the old teams and the ones who lost their key players for the season

  28. Jkey says:

    Happy that Rip gets a new home in Chicago – he will fit in nice and Chicago will be up there with Miami on wins.
    I think OKC will score high too on the wins column. Unchanged (from what I know of) since last year and a good solid young team. Looking forward to seeing them progress with some force, provided they don’t get into serious injury problems.

  29. Belgianfan says:

    LAC gets paul and billups so everybody thinks they are an elite team? I´m not saying they are bad! but not a top 4 team yet guys. they gave up too much to be an elite team now or maybe even next year.
    That being said, they are a top 4 most likely to get the dunk of the year team 🙂 (has Jordan scored in another way then a dunk the preseason?)

    You can´t predict whats going to happen caus of the shortened season. Coaches will need to rest the superstars more so anything can happen. I think its going to be Mia – chicago and OKC – LAL in the finals. (also caus i think D12 is going to LA now that lopez´ foot is broken)
    I hope Maimi can work a Trade for Miller and get a decent center. Miller is ok but Batier fits better and they don´t need both

  30. MavsFan says:

    But one more thing though. OKC might dominate the season in Wins, but when its playoff time, Dirk and the Mavs will take over again. REPEAT!

  31. MavsFan says:

    I would put my money on OKC. They have the talent, the depth and the will and youth to win as many Games as possible.

  32. HitMann says:

    is it me or did yall forget about mavs yall know they the defending champs right

  33. Diego says:

    I’m sorry to burst anyone’s bubble who decides that the Heat will have the most wins AND be Eastern Conference Champs, but that surely is not going to happen. It’s Chicago’s all the way as they are now the most complete team with the best defense in the league, most complete team and now a side scorer to pair up with Rose. Sounds like a pretty good team to me.

  34. Lol@nbaBLOGcomments says:

    The Heat made it to the finals with basically the same team as this year and added battier who can guard the best player on the opposing team letting lebron shut down the pg and wade defend the SG. Eddy Curry 2-3 years ago avg’d 20 – 9 if he gets back into shape he’ll be good. You act like they need a center to score 20 points even if they got dalembert he’d get like 5 touches a game… Once Mike Miller comes back their bench will be super deep and LEBRON AND WADE know how to play off each other. And I don’t know how chicago is a problem they added 1 player and now there so dangerous.. Miami is the team to beat in the east. Dallas is the team to beat in the West regardless of what trades have happend these teams already have chemistry and know what their goals are. Miami is gonna make all the haters out there wish they never became laker fans.

  35. kyle says:

    wow! East coast times are going to be a blast to watch this season. It’s insanely hard to predict who will go to the finals for the East coast. I’m go with Thunder and Knicks in the Finals.

  36. mured says:

    BULLS 56-10
    OKC 55-11

  37. alex williams says:

    i think the thunder has a good shot to soid like to see the two of them play in the championship. despite Miami’s “superteam”

  38. alex williams says:

    my man tim duncan has a couple more years left in him and i can see the spurs winning it all!
    why hasnt anybody mentioned them yet?

  39. Dillon says:

    I just would like to thank all the commenters on this article for actually having civil, stimulating discussions and making valid points….it’s a very nice change from seeing the usual trolls about Lebron travelled, or LAL WIN IT ALL HATERS GON HATE. Much appreciated lol

  40. Banks says:

    Thunder and the Heat in the finals, and they will be number 1 seeds

  41. aybar hedu says:

    It’s LAC they have the best game in the paint. LAL right now is a mess it looks bad. Chicago can’t score inside as much as LAC, MIA, and NY.

    • don leary says:

      LAC has not scored anything in the paint are any where else yet! Just after 2preseason games you have them in the Western Finals! Common man. As for as the Laker is a mes trash, I guess were so used to them winning it all every 3 years or so, when they don’t have a for sure championship team they become a mess, get real. The Lakers will compete just like they always do!!

  42. Adam says:

    Did the writers see how incredibly perfectly RIP fit in Chicago?

    He was absolutely what the doctor ordered.

    Chicago is winning it all.

    • Heat all Day! says:

      i see them making the east finals agaisnt the heat again would be a good series since both are my favorite teams ❤

  43. Law064 says:

    Yeah preseason or not they got rallied in the 2nd half. NY and Chicago will be tough to beat so that OKC vs MIA finals prediction might have to wait a year or so. The Heat were looking like they were going to run Orlando out of the building but the Magic came storming back. Orlando will be ok when they are playing well so don’t count them out until Howard is gone. Not to mention NY has B.Davis now so Miami will not easily get into the finals

    • Heat all Day! says:

      its the pre season yall are acting like its the playoffs look at miami vs the bulls and celtics during the regular season 0-3 agaisnt bulls and 1-3 agaisnt the celtics and look at what happened in the playoffs and if u watched the game miami had there bench players by the mid of the 3rd quarter when the magic came back were not going to use are star players on a pre season game that doesnt even count

      • Law064 says:

        They had their bench in by mid 3rd quarter but the entire 2nd half was all Orlando. That game does not count they could’ve had the bench in all game. X-Mas the season begins.. With the East getting a lil stronger Miami will not have a cakewalk as for NY BOS & CHI it’s going to be a good season in the EC. Can’t wait for this season to begin

      • Law064 says:

        Yes mid way thru the 3rd they sat out but the entire 2nd half was all Orlando. These games don’t count at all I mean they both could’ve let the bench play the whole game. The road to the finals will not be easy for Mia or no other team in the East. Teams like CHI,NY,IND are getting better not to mention the vets in BOS so this will be a good season for the EC.

  44. carlosjr says:

    for me it will be nice if Chicago and OKC for the nba finals in this season…coz on this team they had a young talent like d rose who will carry the bulls and k.durant to thunders…i think BULLs will get the most win in the east and OKC get in the west….the’ve learn how to win in playoffs last season…

  45. The real truth says:

    Surprise Surprise…Lebron and Wade seem to be having the exact same problems as last year….Pre-season or not, they choked in a game they controlled. By the way….Chicago or New York or Clippers win best record.

    • Wavyy_XI says:

      How do you figure they choked ? They dominated the game.

      At one point in the 3rd quarter the two of them had more points than the entire Mavericks squad.

      The score accumulated after the 3rd quarter is irrelevant simply because Miami no longer played to run the score up. They could have easily beaten them by 30 pts if they kept Lebron and Wade in the game.

      The Clippers are OVER-RATED. Adding CP3 is NOT gonna Automatically make them the best team in the west. The Knicks don’t play no damn defense. Nobody. Besides Tyson Chandler.

      After watching yesterdays games its obvious that NOBODY is on Miami’s level this year. They’re already in Mid-Season form and way ahead of the curve. I see them winning 58 games EASILY. And sweeping right through the playoffs.

  46. hoover says:

    sorry not 54 wins (66 game season silly me) 48 wins

  47. hoover says:

    oh and OKC with 54 wins

  48. hoover says:

    im a celtics fan and since my team is gonna struggle this year im gonna play from a nuetral corner. its OKC’s year this year. OKC vs miami finals.
    westbrook vs chalmers advantage OKC
    Wade vs sefalosha/harden advantage Miami
    Durant vs James advantage nobody
    Ibaka vs bosh advantage Miami (on offense) OKC (on defense)
    Perkins vs anthony advantage OKC
    Sure looks juicy on paper

  49. The real truth says:

    you have a point charles, but there also was alot less powerhouse teams then.

  50. The real truth says:

    Eric Bledsoe is the fourth….when he gets back. Miami is no bums, but at the same time the one man that caused them problems in the finals (Tyson Chandler) besides Dirk, and Jason Terry, is now paired up with Carmelo Anthony and Amare, and will have the oppurtunity to be playing with another elite Point guard in this league Baron Davis. Having said all that, all Miami did was add Shane Battier, which in my opinion was absolutely crazy because Mike Miller never had a full healthy season, and now when he comes back he has to share minutes between Lebron, Wade, Battier, Chalmers, etc? Miami has too many wings…Chalmers and the rest of their “pg’s” to me are wings, cause all they are told to do is run up the floor and stand in either corner….and Eddy Curry? lmao…come on, lets call a spade a spade. Miami was more intrested in luring big names rather than the right pieces. If so, they would have went for Dalembert instead of Battier and the “Celebrity handicap” Eddy Curry. And no argument about Chicago…they will compete for the title, but Miami isnt as much of a “lock” as people say.

    • charles says:

      You got a point. But Lebron made it to the finals with alot less in Cleveland.

    • Eschu says:

      Miami wanted Dalembert, but he was going after too much money. Battier signed for what…3 mil or less per year? Dalembert is looking for at least 7-8 mil per season, which Miami couldn’t offer.

      That being said, I would have loved to see a more competent center than Curry end up in Miami (maybe Kwame if he didn’t take the Golden State 1 year payload, or maybe even Fesenko for cheap). However, its only a minimum contract. Very low risk.

      And Battier is a very good signing for the Heat…drains three’s, plays Pat Riley defense, and if the Heat really wanted they could go small with Wade, Miller, Battier, Lebron, and Bosh…or even Wade, Battier, Lebron, Haslem, Bosh. They’re looking in pretty good shape in my eyes.

      • Thebrit says:

        Eric Bledsoe is not a proven PG in the NBA. I don’t see the Knicks being all that impressive this year. Maybe a 5th place final conference standing and out in the 1st round. You can’t build a winning team off of Melo and Amare. I don’t care if you added Chandler(which was a greay signing for them), but I don’t believe the Knicks have what it takes to get by the Bulls, Heat, Celtics or even the Magic.

    • Crispy says:

      Since when is Baron Davis an elite pointguard? Maybe 100 years ago

  51. Fact Not Fiction says:

    Sekou is the only one with some sense.

  52. The real truth says:

    Im going out on a limb and picking The LOB-ANGELAS Clippers as the number 1 team in the league. Their Big-Man combo of Jordan and Griffin are almost as fast as Miami’s wings!! Throw the fact that you have 4 proven starting point guards (So never will they be lost on the floor), an exstatic Chris Paul, a re-motivated Caron Butler, and a determined Chauncey Billups? even when You rest your point guards, they have backups, and in this day and age, we all know the point guard position is just as important as having interior defense….Just ask…Miami? lol. And I dont care what you writers say, Miami has issues right now. None they care to discuss, but have you ever cared to ask the question….why was Miami going after Baron Davis? why have we heard so much Norris Cole talk and very little Chalmers? why did Miami get another wing in Battier when they could have used that money to get a solid center like Dalembert? Why did they take a gamble on Eddy Curry? Look. The point is, everything is not as lovely as writers make it seem in Miami. By the way, if New York is as good as they are on paper….Miami might need another superstar lol..

    • BelizeBoy says:

      Lob-Angeles, I like that, but four proven points? Paul, Billups, I guess Mo Williams and who else? As for Miami, sorry but to me they still look like the best team on paper vs the other east teams, but their main problem again in the east will be Chicago.

    • Belgianfan says:

      “Their Big-Man combo of Jordan and Griffin are almost as fast as Miami’s wings!!”
      … Come on dude wake up. I know people been hjting the superstars in Miami. but they are the best in the game even if you don´t like it. Yes Griffin is good, yes Jordan can dunk. but neither is even close to being s good as lebron & wade on both ends of the floor.

    • Jaker says:

      OK I get the the clippers have improved and will be exciting BUT, they still wont be the best team in the West nevermind the whole league. As for their front court being as fast as LeBron and Wade, thats a little much dont you think?? I think Aschburner is right on this one, regardless of peoples feelings about the heat, they are the best team in the league and I see them winning 56 or more games this regular season.

  53. SikWitIT says:

    I like Scott Howard-Cooper’s take. Miami isn’t looking to post the most wins for the regular season. I’m sure they are just going to focus on staying healthy and tweaking any problem areas they see vs the top teams. Still I say they get 50 with no problem.

    • KDEISEL says:

      agreed with Sekou. besides MIA, OKC the most unchanged roster and theyre young at that. plus they benefit from a healthier leaner Perkins. LAC still need to address their thin front court. whos going to sub for jordan/griffin? esp in back to back to backs? the NYK bench is thin too. Besides MIA and OKC i see CHI being the greatest threat and proven in their consistency. they’ve shown that they can win games DESPITE injuries to key players IE last seasons 61, 62 wins despite injuries to Noah, Booz, Etc. cant be sleepin on Memphis either, they took OKC to seven games without rudy gay and have relatively the same roster as last seaon +a healthy Gay.