Blogtable: Rookie With Best Future?

Each week, we’ll ask our stable of scribes to weigh in on the three most important NBA topics of the day — and then give you a chance to step on the scale, too, in the comments below.

Who will be the best NBA player in five years among rookies?

Steve Aschburner: Ricky Rubio. Kyrie Irving is the safe, logical pick and Derrick Williams seems like the type of player who may be appreciated most by hardcore basketball fans. But I think Rubio has the court vision, the skills, the pass-first sensibility and the charisma to become a star. He’ll certainly get the proper nurturing and training wheels from a Minnesota franchise that can hardly bear to have him fail. Ole, indeed.

Fran Blinebury: Kyrie Irving. It’s a point guard’s world in the NBA today and Irving will have all the opportunity to excel.

Scott Howard-Cooper: Kyrie Irving. Williams is my pick for Rookie of the Year, but Irving will become the centerpiece of whatever progress the Cavaliers hope to make. Not just on the court, either. The No. 1 pick stepped forward as a leader as a freshman on a Duke team with several veterans. That is very promising for the Cavs.

Shaun Powell: With a sharper understanding of how the game is played on this side of the Atlantic and a stronger body, Ricky Rubio does have a long-term upside appeal to him. He’s still young and his outside shot is under construction, and those twin obstacles can be minimized or eliminated. So yes, in five years, with a game made for Broadway, Rubio will look awfully good throwing no-looks in front of Spike Lee as a member of the Knicks.

John Schuhmann: I think it could be Rubio. He’s definitely got weaknesses to address, but his passing is a special gift that will set him apart from other young point guards. Iman Shumpert is my dark horse pick, and I think Jonas Valanciunas, who won’t join the Raptors until next season, could be better than any of this year’s rookies.

Sekou Smith: Folks doubted him foolishly in the weeks leading up to the June draft and they will pay for it for years to come. Because Kemba Walker is going to be the one player in this class that far exceeds expectations and establishes himself as the steal of the 2011 Draft. Walker has the ideal skill set for the position in today’s NBA, where scoring point guards can thrive in most any situation.


  1. thug 4 life says:

    come on seku…kemba??? a shoot-first point guard with less than 6′ with no real ability to control the game as a playmaker…i doubt he can be the next allen iverson though

  2. bballer says:

    jimmmerrr fo sho

  3. spaindob says:

    jimmer freddette,i bet he’s the rookie of the year,can score 20,incredible three,is strong for 188,and a winner.

  4. Chris says:

    Jimmer Freddette will be the one to watch out for. him and tyreke evans will help the kings atleast make the playoffs

  5. Karlo Garcia says:

    My choice for ‘ Best Future Rookie is KW(Kemba Walker) very low centre of gravity & judges his decisions wisely. Second would b RR(Ricky Rubio).

  6. Teriac says:

    im thinking kyrie irving, or maybe klay thompson?? kyle singler looks good too

  7. Blah says:

    Every one of these rookie-related blogs fail to mention Brandon Knight even once. Smh…

  8. Nowayho says:

    Jeez, so many people are getting on shaun’s ballz for just stating a possibility. As a T’wolves fan it doesn’t bother me much. It is a possibility and the reason why rubio didn’t come over 2 years ago in the first place was because he DID want to go to a big market team. Or at least a team where the weather was warmer during the winter. Though i don’t know why he would want to go to NY. NY has been either mediocre or worse for a very long time. They were mediocre last year even with the melo trade and signing amare. NY would be that last big market team i would want to go to. And b4 anyone starts bashing on the wolves, they are a small market team and were good when KG was still here. And he has been gone for quite some time and the wolves have sucked ever since but things are looking a lot brighter now for the wolves. Same could be said about the knicks but at least we have a bunch of guys with very high potential in love, beasely, rubio, wes, and williams versus just melo and and amare. Maybe fields too. That and at least we drafted our guys instead of mega free agent signings and mega block buster trades which is a lot easier to do for big market teams.

  9. Charlie says:

    brandon knight? no one even bothered to mention him?

  10. albero94 says:

    everyone in the NBA expects too much from Rubio. I am spanish and ive seen him playing lots of times. He is a shoman, but he hasnt been a top player in the ACB. I want to see him there, but i dont think he will be a big star.

  11. Jose says:

    yes, I am a bit surprised about how well this article seems to consider Ricky Rubio.
    I have been following him here in Spain.
    It’s true he is very talented, and probably he was the best young player here as well. He started playing in the first Spanish basketball league (ACB) when he was 15??Not sure but he broke a record and was leading his team (not a bad one) for his first years in the team.
    But he hasn’t been playing that well for the last two seasons. This doesn’t mean he lost his talent, but it is a bit of a mistery how well he would adapt to this league. This is what surprises me the most, that it seems many basketball experts seem to take for granted his adaptation would be good.
    I hope so, the best for him.
    This is a great change for him, for sure. I hope it will be for better. He is very young so he is not in a rush, is he?

  12. hc says:

    Jimmer Fredette is going to be the ROY, just watch. Tyreke Evans will be an all-star this year too

  13. The Shaft says:

    nice biased comment about rubio being with the knicks in 5 years, mr. powell.
    you just automatically know where he will be playing in the future? who are you….miss cleo giving us free readings???
    all i see from you is biased postings. where will NYC get the money to sign rubio to a huge contract in 5 years??? selling lemonade as a side job??? child please

    rubio is gonna be a beast in MN this year. and in 5 years to come. with a faster klove, rising youngsters in beasley, dwill 2.0, etc, rubio and the wolves are set up nicely to succeed. there just needs to be some fine tuning done with the logjams that the wolves have. and he’s got the right coach to learn from in rick adelman (adelman > d’antoni). that first preseason game dub was just a taste of the honey…wait till you get your hands on the whole beehive.

    but kemba walker and kyrie irving may have the best shot at being the best in 5 years, because they seem to be the ones who will carry the scoring burden and must learn to be a leader on the fly.

    plz take ur mediocrity elsewhere mr powell. perhaps bleacher report could use someone like you with your skill set…

  14. Magicfan says:

    I feel bad for Enes Kanter. He needs more playing time, they need to trade some of their bigs, if he gets minutes he could put up Kevin love type numbers, he is a beast on the board, needs some confidence to be a 20ppg player but starter minutes will give it to him

  15. eric says:

    Sorry Shawn Powell but the wolves have a better base than the nickerbachers & the people of the midwest will win his heart & Rubio will play his whole career in the twin cities!

  16. jerry says:

    not cool about the rubio comment….. HE IS GOING TO BE A RFA, and if he’s a great player, the t-wolves can just match the max. Don’t make fun of small market teams -_-

  17. word says:

    first good draft move by bobcats franchise..

  18. Pat says:

    Powell’s Rubio comments are incredibly annoying, and also idiotic. Attempting to predict a players whereabouts in 5 freaking years is an excersize in futility. What an insult to a fanbase that has waited a long time for something to smile about, and after a lockout that was all about stopping exactly what he is predicting. UGH.

  19. louie says:

    shaun powell’s comment is not about Ricky Rubio leaving the Wolves to join the Knicks. it is about playing “Broadway” style, not necessarily joining the Knicks. Broadway syle is different for playing in Broadway.

    • louie says:

      my bad. let’s hope he really didn’t mean that, coz if he does, shame on you Shaun Powell., look for other sportswriters.

    • ReDirkulous says:

      “So yes, in five years, with a game made for Broadway, Rubio will look awfully good throwing no-looks in front of Spike Lee as a member of the Knicks.”

  20. babarackus says:

    Yes. Because EVERYBODY wants to play for the Knicks…right. Whoever commented that Knicks fans are delusional is 100% CORRECT!!

  21. Keeper says:

    I think Bismark Byombo could be a interesting pick to watch .At least on defence …. something like Marcus Camby …

  22. aybar hedu says:

    It obviously Kemba Walker. He would get more playing time and can be a great player in this league.

  23. Joao says:

    I hope 5 years from now the Wolves and Knicks reach the Finals, with the Wolves winning 4-0, and Rubio winning Finals MVP.

  24. Ryan says:

    I’d just like to say it’s tough to be a MN fan. I understand what you were trying to say, but please please please, let’s not even joke about Rubio leaving the Wolves. Even the small teams need to have something to be excited about, and Love needs some solid support.

    • fbok says:

      Cant be easy for you guys since KG left. But I tell you, Rubio isn’t much to keep. Focus on Derrick Williams, Love and the Beast and land a real point guard so you can win a championship 😉

  25. fbok says:

    Sekou Smith is the only one here deserving a nice pay roll for christmas. Ricky Rubio could easily be the most over hyped player entering the leauge since Kwame Brown did so. Rubio averaged like 4 ppg along with 6 apg while always having Carlos Navarro to clean his mess up on the court when playing for Barcelona. The guy made a name of himself in the youth european championship and he was great at that level but come on!? In the NBA the guys to watch from this years draft is surely King Kemba who was MVP in the NCAA finals where he carried UConn to the title. Jimmer is also interesting and so is Der-Will, Kyrie, Nolan Smith, Jon Leur and Brandon Knight. But Rubio? He is just an average kid from Europe and we who live and follow the basketball here in Europe are not as excited about him coming to the NBA as you experts over there seem to be.

    Watch out for the Bobcats when MJ lands a couple of nice small forwards and a great big men in the next three years!

  26. Mr Simple says:

    Nobody says about Jimmer Fredette? He’s good in shooting, He has the potential to be the next legend sharpshooter.

  27. Shawn says:

    It’s nice to know that as a Wolves fan my team is serving a vital role as farm system for the all-mighty Knicks. What a load of garbage.

  28. jake says:

    Rubio to NYC in 5 years are you kidding???? He will be a RFA and there is NO WAY IN HELL the TWOLVES don’t sign him to an extension by then or MATCH ANY OFFER. By the way with New Yorks expected PAYROLL there is NO chance they will have the bucks to be competitive.

    PS: please STOP hiring local homers with a huge bias like this Shaun Powell guy: A. who is this guy? B. If you’re a sports writer you are suppossed to make logical un-bias remarks (unless you’re a locat writer) C. Make logical remarks NOT un-calculated and down right STUPID predictions

    That’s all folks

  29. asianpower-_- says:

    Jimmy Butler from the Bulls
    not this year as he won’t see much time with Rip and Ronnie locked in their positions, but if they trade Brewer or even Korver, expect Butler to dominate on D and drill those mid range jumpers.

  30. KB24 says:

    Darius Morris is the next Monta Ellis! Second round pick turned into dominant scorer !

  31. Martin03 says:

    If you haven’t seen Kenneth Faried in a Denver Nuggets uniform play both ends of the court yet? Well, you are excused. I have. This guys for real!

  32. PhillyPhanatic says:

    Yeah that Rubio to the Knicks comment was an absolute disgrace for an employee to write especially with all the insensitivity going on around small market teams and the fact that THE WOLVES MADE HAVE WORKED HARDER THEN ANY TEAM IN THE HISTORY OF THE LEAGUE TO BRING ONE PLAYER TO THEIR TEAM STAYING FIRMLY COMMITTED TO RUBIO FOR 2 YEARS OVERSEAS THEY WON HIS HEART OVER. That’s how organizations are suppose to be built not by just waiting for other teams best players to become free agents.

    And I can’t believe nobody mentioned Enes Kanter who has more then enough potential to become not only the best player from this draft but potentially the best offensive center in the league.

  33. Zack says:

    The Morris twins. Both Marcus and Markieff have got the talent and work ethic they’ll need to be long-term successes in the league.

  34. charles says:

    Shaun Powell’s comments kinda tick me off. With all the problems small market teams have had, is it really appropriate to for an employee to start recruiting players? New York is mostly a pathetic team and they will continue to be in Miami and Chicago’s shadow. In the old days, Chicago owned them. They will continue to own them. Now, that ownership will simply be shared by Miami. Stoudamire and Carmelo share one thing: They like the glitz more than they like the effort it takes to carry hardware. They won’t even beat the celtics because they have KG – a guy with talent and heart. Something both Stoudamire and carmelo can learn from but probably won’t.

  35. SimplyMe says:

    I agree that Kemba Walker will be the one to surprise people in the NBA.

  36. Fact says:

    I love how Kemba Walker is under the radar and ignored, stay tune for his true potential of making his team mates invigorated throughout the season.

    • Mannie says:

      Kemba Walker is ignored because he is short and will not succeed in the NBA’s competition. He reminds of the A level of Jameer Nelson. They are both scrubs but have random nights where they do good. I feel that Derrick Williams will be rookie of the year but REAL TALK, Iman Shumpert will be the best player in the NBA in a 4 years. Once Melo and Stat get old Shumpert will be the next Jordan. Oops, I mean a step below Jordan until he gets 6 rings, (4 of which he will get with Melo and Stat)

      • Charlie says:

        hahahahaha….. no shumpert is not that good at all, he doesnt even have a good offensive game let alone anything like the greatest player of all time worthy offensive game, how dare you compare him to mj

      • NJ Netsfan says:

        IMAN SHUMPERT should not be in the same sentence as JORDAN. EVER

    • James says:

      Does anyone remember Juan Dixion from Maryland’s magic run to the championship in 2002?
      Kemba kinda reminds me of Juan, game made for the NCAA. But NBA is a different game. Just sayin’. Hope I’m wrong but not expecting Kemba to be as successful in NBA.

  37. BelizeBoy says:

    Forget all those guys! I’m going with Darrius “Chuck” Morris for Lakers. His 1st game was more exciting than all those other rookies put together.

  38. Kyle says:

    So Rubio will leave Minnesota because people in New York deserve to see a better show than people in Minnesota? Thanks for the narrow-minded comment, Shaun.

    • got_watcha_want says:

      It is not a secret that Rubio doesn’t want to play for the T-Wolves. He will leave after his rookie contract is over, unless they are contenders at the time……………….yep, a long shot with that management. All the talent in the world and should be a super-team like the heat, but bad drafts and bone headed player moves that put log jams at positions and don’t address a “whole bench”.

      I am happy OKC got Hayward to back up Durant, that cat can play and didn’t get enough burn time because he had three players in front of him before they drafted Williams and Hayward became a must trade. T-Wolves need a better GM for sure.

  39. AP says:

    Knicks fans are the most delusional bumpkins on the planet. Keep pretending you’re relevant though.