Blogtable: Winner Of The Offseason?

Each week, we’ll ask our stable of scribes to weigh in on the three most important NBA topics of the day — and then give you a chance to step on the scale, too, in the comments below.

Which non-L.A. team has improved the most since June?

Steve Aschburner: Indiana. I like what the Pacers have done in adding David West, in making Frank Vogel the permanent head coach (in NBA terms, anyway) with an upgraded staff and in challenging their core to improve from within. Even Danny Granger, an All-Star, is being nudged to grow his game, which sets a standard for the other guys. If George Hill and Tyler Hansbrough are on the second unit, that’s a pretty solid rotation. The key remains Roy Hibbert, who will put it all together one of these seasons. Unless he doesn’t.

Fran Blinebury: Putting Tyson Chandler in the middle of the lineup with the big guns of Carmelo Anthony, Amar’e Stoudemire and Baron Davis should enable the Knicks to finally move up and out of the Borough of Mediocrity where they’ve been cozily living like it’s a rent-controlled apartment for years.  Note that I said should.

Scott Howard-Cooper: The Pacers, beating out the Knicks. Indiana turned a mid-first pick in a bad draft into George Hill and later signed David West at the low risk of a two-year commitment. Not only two proven starters, but at very good prices.

Shaun Powell: Minnesota’s rise will look better than the reality because there’s only one way to go from 17 wins. Plus, they’re asking two rookies to do an awful lot of heavy lifting. Even if Ricky Rubio and Derrick Williams help the Wolves win 20 times in 66 games, does that represent improvement? Certainly, to a degree. But genuine improvement might need two years, when Rick Adelman knows his personnel and if Kevin Love stays.

John Schuhmann: New York. Tyson Chandler isn’t going to make them a good defensive team by himself, but he will certainly give them a boost on that end of the floor. I think the addition of Mike Woodson on the bench will help their defense as well. And we can’t forget that they got Carmelo Anthony in February, so their offensive cohesion should be better. When it comes to winning percentage, the Knicks should have the biggest jump after the Clippers. Indiana, Minnesota and New Jersey should also be much improved.

Sekou Smith: I don’t get the LA hate at all (this East Coast bias has to end). But if we’re talking strictly about adding assets to reconstitute a team, it has to be the Hornets. They had to give up Chris Paul in that trade with the Clippers. But they walked away with three starters in Eric Gordon, Chris Kaman and Al-Farouq Aminu and then re-signed free agents Carl Landry and Jason Smith. What team in its right mind wouldn’t take a 3-for-1 trade? The Mavericks are a close second on my list, especially when you consider all that they lost via free agency (Tyson Chandler, JJ Barea, Caron Butler, etc). Adding Lamar Odom, Vince Carter and Delonte West alone is a solid summer haul.


  1. Banks says:

    JJ is the X factor reason why Mavs won…..did u see the guy? IF he wasn’t in those games, Mavs easily lose because then Jason Kidd and Jason Terry don’t get enough rest and too much pressure on them

  2. JD says:

    Yea Sekou is bugging Dallas has gotten a little worse losing Chandler and Barrea, after the Clippers the Knicks def had the best off season got the 2nd best defensive center in the league, got what looks like 2 steals in the draft, picked up Baron Davis who we know if healthy and motivated is a top 10 PG in the league still. So after the Clippers the Knicks had the better off season and it’s not even close.

  3. RAWR says:

    The team I’m scared for my Bulls is still Miami. Yeah. we got rip, but consider battier guard rip and it will be James on rose all over again.

  4. Karlo Garcia says:

    OKC Thunder is the winner in the offseason. Having the same core group of players & a very fit, healthy KP(Kendrick Perkins)

  5. Teriac says:

    i think OKC had the best offseason. They retained their high-energy, powerful, core. They are really primed for great runs in the next years

  6. ca3na says:

    i disagree with sekou too. leaving chandler and barea out meant loss of flexibility but would’ve at least unchanged the core. if they only didnt sign Vince Carter, they wouldn’t have all these negative comments anyway. a lot of people still hate VC and yeah, he’s on the downside

  7. blacksheep says:

    winner of the offseason: the Clippers…thats too easy. It seems like at this point the losers of the offseason are the Magic, by not trading Howard yet, they are doomed to a season of trade rumors… that team has been strangely managed for a while anyway … The Magic should be back at the top of the lottery again soon.

  8. The real truth says:

    Nuggets aint deep. Also you could be 25 deep, but your only allowed 5 on the court at a time. Nuggets will never have the best 5 guys on the floor. Sorry Gallo, but I believe right now your in your prime.

  9. Martin03 says:

    Keep looking past them NBA… That’s what they want but the Denver Nuggets are 15 players deep.

  10. sunsman says:

    I also disagree with Sekou, What are you on, Dallas… did you see Vince Carter last year, guy is gone – dried up living off his rep. Delonte – maybe worthwhile if his head is good and his injuries are over. LO great pick up but considering loss of Chandler and a short off season and now a complete defensive plan change for the whole team. Dallas did not have a top off season

  11. The real truth says:

    @Sekou. Shame on you Sekou. Lol. okay let me. New Orleans got 2 and a half starters first of all (Aminu we dont know how good he is, cause last year he could not shoot at all), Kaman is injury prone, and is off the books at the end of the year (my guess is with all the injuries he has sustained over the years, he would rather sign somewhere where he doesnt have to be the man, but still gets minutes), so that just leaves us with Eric Gordon. Very extremely nice pickup, but he doesnt really make guys around him better, and Jarrett Jack will certainly not do that either. The Clippers on the other hand got back three starters (legitimate lol) Chris Paul, Billups, and Caron Butler…to go along with Jordan and Blake? Smh…and another 3 starters coming off the bench? (Gomes, Williams, Bledsoe) New York got arguably the best Defensive Minded Center in the League (maybe Dwight 1, but Dwight is Offense too.) they drafted in my Opinion a Top 5 pick at number 17, added Baron Davis, Mike Bibby, resigned JJ, got a good backup Center in Jordan as well, now mix that with Amare and Carmelo? Indiana is good too, but Granger is Over-rated, Paul George is in his second year I believe, and Hibbert’s erratic play at times makes him unreliable, which leaves David West and George Hill to be called upon more….fine, but, If it wasnt for Chris Paul, would David West even have been a Allstar? and if it wasnt for Parker, Ginobli, and Duncan drawing so much attention, wouldnt we be saying George is a glorified bench 9th man at best? And I know we are talking about the best moves here, so let me throw 1 more out there….CHICAGO! adding a guy like Rip to a 62 win team, and bringing back the whole roster without tampering with it? Chemistry wont be an issue, so just because they di not make the MOST moves, does not mean they did not get the exact piece they needed to put them over the top..Either way New Orleans is not in the discussion because all they get for 1 year and 1 year only….the Eric Gordon show..after that, his potential would have already been reached, leaving him a disgruntled star in N.O….sorry Sekou, for the first time, I dissagree with you.

    • Jman says:

      Now, let`s not forget about the Hornets now having TWO 1st round draft picks (experts are saying both are expected to be high)and Dell Demps might use Aminu as trade bait becuase of his lack of shooting skills, and even if they dont; It is hard to judge a players skill in simply one year somtimes. Perhaps he`s a bust but maybe not. And kaman won`t be “The man” because Okafor is going to start over him, giving him exactly what you say he`ll want, to not be ‘The man” but still get some minutes.

    • Mike B says:

      Dogg, you gotta be kiddin’ me! What is that supposed tripe you are babbling about? You said all that and still didn’t say anything. I do agree with u about the Clips, pretty solid. But N.O. got exactly what the man said (don’t know anything about “half starters”), D West is legit, Chris Paul or not. And why fault a guy because he palyed with someone good? he didn’t play wih Paul every game (check the stats) and did well leading that team. And mentioning Chicago before the Knicks is crazee! Get it together homey…