K.D. With A Step-Back? Re-Dirkulous

HANG TIME TEXAS, Y’ALL – You know what they say: Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

So there was Kevin Durant buttering up Dirk Nowitzki like he was an extra-large tub of popcorn the other night right out there on the floor at American Airlines Center.

It was late in the second quarter when the Thunder All-Star knocked down a step-back 15-foot jumper off the wrong foot and then gave a nod and the proper credit to the master.

Of course, it was seven months ago when Dirk was torturing K.D. and his Oklahoma City buddies with that and a variety of other moves in the Western Conference finals on the way to Mavs’ championship.

Now John Rohde of The Oklahoman says that Durant is working hard to add the step-back to his bag of tricks as the new season approaches.

“He’s the originator, so I stole that from him a little bit,” a smiling Durant said after Monday’s practice. “I’m not as good as he is at it, but I’ve been working on it and it was the perfect time for me to do that with the defender playing the way he was playing. I’m glad I made it. I thought it was going to be an air-ball.”

After Durant made the shot, he glanced over at the Dallas bench while running back down court. Nowitzki and teammate Jason Kidd were shown smiling.

Is it really fair that a 6-foot-9, two-time scoring champion who already can jump through the roof, rattle rims with slam dunks and make it rain like monsoon season from behind the 3-point line should be armed with yet another weapon? Oh well, at least Dirk and the rest of us will know whom to blame.


  1. s says:

    its not just dirks move the turn around fade away has been a move used by mj kobe and many other people before dirk

  2. HeatWade says:

    that Dirk shot will become a must requirements for big guys in the future…

  3. Mental1981 says:

    KD is the only player in the league that I would trade ANY other single player for. Yes that includes Kobe/Wade/Howard/Lebron. Say what you want, he will prove me to be wise with his performance on the court.

  4. DudeX says:

    KD shot off of his left foot which is not the “wrong foot”. Dirk would have shot it off of the right foot. What KD did was just a regular Fadaway the Michael Jordan Perfected!

  5. Ronald_910 says:

    Kudos to KD for accepting that he needs to learn more to achieve more. In time he will have his multiple rings.

  6. CDub says:

    Skyhook – KAREEM
    Step-back jumper off of 1 foot – NOWITSKI
    turn-around fade away jumper – JORDAN

    The only unblockable 1 on 1 shots ever in the NBA in my short history that I know of.

  7. Myhre says:

    Durant is not 6-9… please update yourself on heights… more like 6-11.

  8. Jose says:

    Jordan used to do that as well! Don’t forget him;)
    Genious tend to copy other’s skills. It may be the most efficient way to learn.
    No wonder Duran is learning to do that.

  9. Brown says:

    Durant travelled, I believe

  10. NETS says:

    Nets D-will get dwight howard
    Deron + Dwight = Durant + Nowitski x2 any day

  11. That guy says:

    This guy is just so humble. How can anyone hate him.

  12. oras says:


  13. Fact says:

    Ok if KD ever masters Nowitzki’s unblockable step-back shot needs to learn Tim Duncan’s bank shot.

  14. Lexx says:

    He only did it once and they put too much hype already? Kobe did that many times already and they didn’t even pay attention.

  15. gazza says:

    kd needs to work on his release point. kd shoots the ball from in front of his head, while dirk shoots it from above his head and that, in combination with the fadeaway and the poped out knee, is what makes “the dirk” unblockable. but i’m sure kd will work this out, if he wants to.

  16. CT14 says:

    Ahm…. he used that in the Mavs/Thunder series already. ON Dirk, not to mention. But hey.

  17. Basketball Analyst says:

    This one-legged “Dirk Shot” can be very useful especially due to his length. Dirk, 7 feet tall uses his long legs to fend off defenders, and I can see KD using that tool to his advantage as well. Sneaky, but damn effective.

  18. FINALLY says:

    he’ll never perfect the art of now nowitzking
    he’ll probably shoot 40% with it

  19. Cord says:

    ya but you People In OKC Need to realize you have ahile with Kd hes still young just signed that big deal yall better be able to get it done and win at least one for him and this would be the season to do it but if you fail on getting him a championship he will walk or ask for a trade eventually

    • OKCfan says:

      Actually IMO he looks more likely to try harder if he fails, as this shows he continues to work on his game then . This is how superstars used to do it, they showed loyalty and determination. It is a pity there a very few of these superstars left.

  20. John says:

    KD needs to work on his footwork, but that shot is promising.

  21. Ray08 says:

    jeez its just one shot….stop making it a big deal and áll of a sudden its such a hype…..love kd and dirk…..but kd will still slash or shoot the 3 pt while dirk will keeping draining those god aweful shots that gives me back spasms even thinking of it…….go C’s….

  22. Mental1981 says:

    In my opinion, there’s only one superstar in the league at a time, and once KD wins his first ring, he will take the torch from Kobe.

  23. Patrick says:

    KD shows how clever he is

  24. Expedia says:

    Being an expert in travel, I can call it on KD for all my air miles that he just took four steps before dribbling and taking another one. Kind of ironic that refs call me on it in my house league but none would in the nba.

  25. Zar Knicks Fan says:

    absolutely love it! i am not OKC fan but surely i will enjoy KD with more weapons. it’s great KD work hard. with kobe aging and on his downside i think KD is the next in line to take the throne in west.

  26. dirk45 says:

    If anybody is still in doubt how big Dirk is among the alltime greats here is the proof. When people start copying you you know that you made something damn right. Wonder if players will still “Do the Dirk” in 20 years from now.

    • Crispy says:

      They will definitely try. That shot is completely unblockable and really only second to Kareem’s Skyhook.

    • AgentZero says:

      Even Kobe tried that move about 3 times during his appearances in the summer leagues. You can check out the videos on Youtube. Dirk just turned his opponents into disciples !!!