Green with envy: Allen calls out West

HANG TIME TEXAS, Y’ALL – Circle the date: Jan. 6.

That’s the night when the Pacers make their first visit to Boston this season and Ray Allen can get his question answered:

Why did David West turn his back on the Celtics tradition and All-Star laden lineup to sign with Indiana?

“I’m shocked,” Allen told Jackie MacMullen of ESPNBoston. “I don’t understand it.”

Allen first heard of West’s potential interest in Boston last month when Allen was playing golf in Augusta with his private banker, who coincidentally also handled West’s financial affairs.

“He told me how much I would love [West], that he and I were the same kind of guy — cognitive thinkers,” Allen said. “He said West was interested in coming to the Celtics and would be willing to come for less.”

So why does Allen think West had a change of heart?

“Once it got down to the end, I think his ego kicked back in,” Allen said. “He wanted the dollars. I guess it comes down to ‘What is a championship worth to you?’ ”

It’s not often that you hear a player of Allen’s magnitude and classy demeanor call someone out so directly. There was no pulling punches or hiding behind qualifiers. He was saying that the 31-year-old West, coming off reconstructive knee surgery, went for the bigger payday rather than the bigger potential payoff of trying to win a championship.

So was Allen merely being shamrock green with envy that the Pacers wound up with the big-scoring forward that the Celtics could use to make one more run at a championship?

One might think that in this era of big name players trying to come together to form “super teams,” West might have at least been given a little credit for not choosing to “short-cut” his way to putting a ring on his finger.

But Allen chose the directly opposite tact, speculating that the only thing West was short on is the guts to take a few less dollars. When you say something like that, you’re not merely talking trash. You’re questioning the inner workings of a player as a competitor.

“Think of all the guys who have made $20 million and could be considered one of the best ever, but they get chided because they never won. We [the Big Three] all had to do less when we won. We’re still taking less to make it work. But it’s worth it. No one can ever say to KG, Paul or me, ‘You guys never got your ring.’ “

Never mind rivalries. It sounds like the beginning of a good old-fashioned grudge match.

Save the date – Jan. 6.


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  2. Law064 says:

    Wow the pacers with a better record than Boston, your really talking out the side of your neck. The pacers will improve from last season but they will NOT finish with a better record than Boston. The pacers will NOT advance out of the 1st round either. D.West is 31 so he’s not all that young himself

  3. Darien Smith says:

    Shut Up Ray Allen , just wait till the Pacers play you guys. You guys have nooo chance at winning this year , your all old, and I have no respect for you superstar players teaming up to win it the easy way. Maybe David West wanted more of a challenge unlike you guys. Your more selfish then him. These back to backs are gonna really be a struggle for you guys, Jeff Green is out this year and you lost Big Baby Davis. Lol , have fun losing this season. Pacers will definitely have a better record this season.

  4. Sherwin says:

    I get what Allen is saying.But truth is,you have to work your behind of to get to the championship stage.You see what happened to LeBron and the Heat.
    And the Celtics haven’t repeated.So why would it be easier for West to win one in Boston?The Heat and Bulls will one bevore the Celtics will.And it’s not because the Celtics are getting older,it’s because other teams are getting better.
    Do they have a chance?Sure they do,they do have a good team and have experience.

  5. Rafa says:

    Why is Ray Allen mad?
    Which real competitor is going to choose to play with a young unproven basketball team? Yeah they pushed the young inexperience Bulls in the 1st round of the playoffs last year but they are not built for anything. Why not sign with a contender…I don’t care if he had chosen the Lakers but C’mon the Pacers…Really? Once I heard he was in the running of potentially joining the Green this year it sounded like a great move since D. West was one of the real loud contributors the Hornets have had in the playoffs the last few years. You would of thought that after tasting defeat for so long he too would join the green like his fellow Musketeer J. Posey and win.
    Ray is a baller…Mr. Shuttlesworth simply can’t comprehend Mr. West’s intentions in this league. Is it to just run up and down and cash checks? or do you feel you have what it takes to take the best from everyone and call yourself a champion and be forever remembered in that fashion…………West said NO, Ray is disappointed because he feels that all players in the NBA are like him…. Lovers of the game of basketball that would sacrifice money to someday call themselves an NBA Champion.

  6. Banks says:

    Hmmmm make more money, or go to the team with the aging roster, injured players, will lose against the Bulls and the Miami Heat anyways?

    My thing is this: Ray Allen still thinks Celtics are a contending team? LMFAO, he’s not that smart, they haven’t won since 2008, when he was 32……he is 36 now….that was a LONG time ago…

  7. Law064 says:

    I think Ray’s comments are being taken to far, West took the money who cares? Indiana will not win anything in the next 3 or 4 years the Celtic’s actually have a chance. Now with Green gone for the season the Celtic’s are not looking really good. I love the Celtic’s but this season (66) games could be the last with this team together. For anyone saying Ray is a nobody maybe you need to check the record books has made the most 3-pointers of all time. I think the fact that if West went to Boston they would have a better chance with West capabilities. The Celtic’s despite Green being out still has a better chance than Indiana. In the years to come Indiana will be getting old like the Celtics are now Granger is not 24 or 25 he’ll be the vet of that team and they will not win a championship ever as long as D.Rose is in Chicago and the Lame 3 in Miami the Pacers will always be chasing those teams

    • beantown says:

      if david west would have joined this so called old celtics team they would have helped him to mature his game even more. yes hes a good player but play for a defensive minded team like the celtics then. go get your ring davy west. it wasnt about him helping the celts as much as it would have been the celts helping davy west

  8. Lakers R Us says:

    We’re talking about David West here. Not a bad player but he’s no Dwight Howard! I’d say that Ray should just move on! The Celtics will still be good just like the Lakers will! Besides, this is not as bad as the Lakers losing Chris Paul in that deal! That heartache will not be matched in my opinion!

  9. Badgers says:

    With this seasons shortened schedule the Celtics are going to struggle this year, team depth is going to be an important factor. I can easily see the Pacers finishing higher in the regular season than the Celtics.

    Also, West signed with the Pacers before Jeff Green got ruled out for the season (haven’t checked the timeline of it but seem to remember it like that). So it was a case of, sign with the Celtics and be stuck behind Garnett and Green or sign with the Pacers and be a starter.

    I’d sign with the Pacers everytime…

  10. miles says:

    David West has never received a max contract, unlike Ray Allen, KG, and Pierce… plus Ray got traded there he didn’t forgo money as a FA and sign for less…

  11. Trevor says:

    From what I understand, decisions are made after players consult with their families and agent. Money is not the only thing they consider. How about the city , the climate and what is best for their family. West is a low key player who loves the game. His basketball IQ is very high. He does not come with a lot of hype and stupidity. He just wants to play ball. Allen is entitled to his opinion but from his comments, he really dosen’t know D West.

  12. George says:

    Knicks need to run the triangle offense the way there constructed because the point guard wouldnt matter ala Jordan and Kobe, their point guards only need to defend. The ball moves around and your superstars get into iso situation ala Jordan and Kobe on the wing. Melo would fit that role perfect along with Amare

  13. Jay says:

    sorry Allen,you guys are to old and its doubtful you win a nother championship

  14. Josh says:

    Why would any starter choose to be a back-up? Worthless article, for real. Can’t believe Ray is having trouble with that one.

  15. mavs-fan says:

    I think Allen is just angry that his days of competing for a championship is over. David West made a very good decision considering the very bright future the Pacers have. They have a great young team all around, and just like the 76ers, Clippers, and OKC, if management doesn’t do anything stupid, they will soon be competing for championships

  16. craigyt says:

    Ray Allen isn’t jealous of D West. What could he possibly be jealous of? He has no rings, no chance at being in the hall of fame, no fans, no REAL endorsement deals (if any), no NBA records, and obviously absolutely no interest in ever winning. I with Ray on this. I HAD TO BORROW THIS COMMENT I LIKEY but really ppl the writer blind man frank is jus tryin to start some controvercy d-west had the right to go to whatever team he wanted and ray ray had the right to say he was shocked at the decision so too is alot off ppl who knows anything about basketball but hey thats his move…..but ray ray is one of the better personnalities in the nba n probably the best 3-piont shooter ever….i mean reggie is good but ray broke his record in less season with a better average an nba ring a shooting championship all which reggie dont have(no disrecpect) but damg give ray his props already

  17. Denison says:

    please, Pacers have as much chances winning a championship than the C’s. Maybe not this year, but with group of budding young stars in Collison, George, Granger, Hill, Hibbert and a veteran in David West – they definitely have a good shot at contending by next year.

  18. Bobby says:

    West’s decision makes perfect sense to me. The big 3 are old. They aren’t going to win another ring anytime soon, especially with this years condensed schedule and with Jeff Green out for the whole season. The Pacers have the pieces to win and are one of the most driven teams in the league. Just look at what they did to the bulls last year. Sure West could have gone to Boston and taken a shot at the title with the big 3 but soon enough the Celtics are going to rebuild soon enough and then West would be in the same position he was in when he was with the Hornets, i.e. on a crap team.

    So Ray, shut up.

  19. Jay says:

    I agree boston on the down and out and cant win in the east anymore let alone have enough to make a championship push again. they lost perk, ray got a little left in the tank but not to pull the whole team, paul pierce got a little but not for 30 a night that will be needed without a bench. ray played for plenty of teams and trust me it was for the money.

  20. Lakerssssssss!!! says:

    Fran Blinebury, this article is rubbish! stop trying to twist people into thinking that ray allen is jealous or “green with envy.” I’m sure he was disappointed but, I’m dead sure he is not jealous of D. West. Worst article ever!!!

  21. benny blanco says:

    David west dumb if he would of signed with the celtics they would of got an aotumatic championship but they will still do well without him . should finish 3rd or 2nd in east jermaine oneal looking good and the big four always at there best

  22. David West says:

    I just didn’t want to be play with you or K.G. you guys are soft.

  23. Reality TV says:

    West is not a soft guy…young Ray Ray should watch his back. ask Dirk lol…stop hatin’ boy. It’s all over now take it like a man.

  24. Joe Who-mars says:

    I agree with that Kid Jason, you guys have heat for LBJ obviously not fans of his since the big press conference. Ray Allen has to be somewhat bitter to go so hard at West. At the end of the day, they’re (Boston) is no longer the “big three.” After this season when they all retire, West would not want to play the world’s most hated basketball team.

  25. Ao1 says:

    I’m not a D-West fan but how can you be so sure that D-West really went there for a dollar? Are you totally 100% of you comments or maybe this is just you own judgement? Something to think about… anyone who is trying to play as a JUDGE then be the best one, listen to both sides first before judging.

  26. T says:

    he’s rite. West shouldve came to the celitcs, but he just wanted the money and because of his ego he couldnt take a backseat.

  27. heatfan says:

    He is mad that West did not sign with the Celtics.But truthfully,even with West the Celtics are never gonna win another championship.So it’s safe to say that the so called big 3 in Boston can retire now. West is a good player,not a great player. That is why him and Paul on the Hornets could not do anything. This is why Paul wanted to leave,and yes West went for the more money,because let’s face it. The Boston Celtics are old and after this year Kg and Ray Allen will probably retire. So why not get more money and we on a younger team?

  28. Asher Raymond says:

    Neither team will get the ring so, in my opinion, going for money is a better option. They’ll probably both be gone in the 1st Round. The Eastern Conference is moving forward with talent. I always felt the East had teams great teams but the West had MORE great teams. Just look at the competition for a playoff spot every year. The 12th place team in the West usually has the same record as the 8th best in the East. Things are changing now.

  29. goody says:

    get the idea that the pacers will be better than the c’s this year. thats not just a foolish thought, its straight up stupid. you dont have to like the celtics but you cant deny that even at their age they are still a good team.

  30. DTXMAVS says:

    Hey Phil those situations are not similar or even comparable, Lebron and the Cavs missed the playoffs on 03/04 and 04/05, Ray didn’t go play with a dude that had never made the playoffs not a team that’s coming of a ring and a couple Finals appearances and not to mention a roster full of HOF’s.

  31. LOL says:

    @Ray Allen

    you mad bro?

  32. IRDC says:

    well to be honest with all you irdc even tho im a celtics fan i really dnt mind where david west signs even tho it was a wrong moved and all you ppl needs to back off ray ray he was just giving his thoughts about its not like its gonna change the whole deal now it was david west decision if thats his decision then thats his decision everyone can choose their own decision its free will its not like there’s a limit into it who knows he might pick the wrong decision or not but that’s life we all make mistakes and there’s one thing that you guys forget that celtics aint done yet they have free cap space for nxt year so dn’t say they r done cuz if you look over to the lakers side once kobe done then the whole team done you can’t find another kobe in this time around for now and plus if david west wants more money and a younger team let him be don’t take it to personal just for one guy it’s not like he’s LJ where he goes on tv making a decision for a long period time I mean that was pretty pathetic for making a decision on live for one hour.

  33. Ray Day says:

    Here is the truth: Ray Allen made the vital mistake of listening to someone else opinion about a man. He dosen’t know West and he took a banker’s word on West’ s intellect. Allen is dying for cerebral players to play along side. K.G is Heart. Pierce is the Voice.. Ray is Cerebral. Allen is more fascinated with having someone to play chess with before a game, then use their chess moves on the court. The banker sold Ray Allen a dream, and he bought it… now his feelings hurt because West is not who he thought he was. As far a Ray Allen the player…..He is the BEST NBA shooter I have seen in my lifetime, He is deadly, clutch, a winner, and a future hall of famer. With that being said, Go and take one more NBA title Ray Alen!.

  34. Owntageness says:

    David west could have been a very good player in the Celtics with Rondo Distributing the ball, and better play and movement that will save the big three a rest since they are getting old. I’m a die hard Celtics fan but at the end of the day everyone do what he can and that’s their decision, and yes of course the C’s have a way better chance to win a tittle than Indiana.

  35. J_Smoov3 says:

    D. West ain’t go to the Celtics cause they old and ain’t got a chance, and also he’s a STARTER not a bench player. Him and KG play the same position duh.

  36. DF says:

    Free will, people!

    Ray can say whatever he wants and needs to say. David West can sign with whatever teams he wants to play for or wherever he wants to earn a few bucks more. Don’t be pathetic! How many of us would take the money over the chance – just a chance, nobody con promise anything – to get a ring? Period. In West’s case it’s not like LBJ or Ray Allen – earning 15 instead of 18 millions and still have that chance. The Celtics are already at their cap limit. So it’s either earn a 2-3 million in Boston and have that SMALL chance or earn +10 in Indiana (and you can still fight for a winning record and try to kick out the Heat in first round… just saying… lol).

  37. mikel_artist says:

    Ray Allen is correct and that’s the bottom line ‘coz MIKEL said so……….. WAPAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. charles says:

    who cares, its not like the celtics are going to do anything this season anyway

  39. Kim mathenge says:

    even David West hates the Celtics I can’t blame him for that.

  40. cp3nola says:

    lol. D.west Decision if good for him. Earning 20$ is a worth. Going from injury he knows he will not last long in this league. And ray allen thinks that the pacers are not championship caliber team. Think again D.west choose the the younger team than your aging team thinking that you can run for the ring again your era is over allen. Pacers have a lot potential than your aging roster. Im not a D.west fan but credit for him. he’s better than boozer,j.smith and some other guys in PF position.See the stats if im wrong. He’s just been to underrated by this league.

  41. Paldin says:

    The Pacers are gonna have a better record this year, and a better chance at winning a title than the Celts. Mark my words.

    Unless the Celts make a move and get much younger.

  42. celtics4life says:

    First off ray allen has nothing to be jealous of david west of. Ray is a multiple time all star, all time leader in 3pt field goals made, hes made all nba team numerous times and lets not forget that elusive championship ring that neither indiana or david west have. Secondly before anyone says that indiana has the same chances of winning the championship this year as boston you are highly mistaken. Indiana hasnt even won a playoff series with this group and i dont think a guy with a bum knee who also is overrated is going to lift them to championship aspirations. Sure the celtics are old but they also have playoff experience something the pacers lack.The Celtics know how to win unlike the pacers.

  43. APOP says:

    Indiana is building a good team. They challenged Chicago even though the lost in 5 games, a lot of those games were close. The young roster is a year older, and more experienced. They added 17 and 9 guy in David West at PF, the low post is where they have struggled to get points recently so his adding is very nice. Also, they added George Hill, who could easily average in the 10-15 points range depending on how much playing time he gets. Collision is going to be a key factor whether the Pacers advance any further. West went to a team where he can be a back up PG/SG at get as much minutes as he would a Celtic. Celtics are old, after next year who knows whether Allen and Garnett are even going to still be there.

    Lastly, it’s easy for Ray Allen to talk when he’s pulling in lots of money. If he is serious about winning why don’t he restructure his deal so that West can make a little more money and he can make a little less money!

  44. Richard says:

    West made a great decision by signing with the Pacers. The Celtics have two or three years max, left with the Big Three. And once that run’s over, it’s rebuild phase again. Why wouldn’t he sign with the Pacers, a younger group of guys who made it to the playoffs last year and has potential to continue to grow in upcoming seasons?

  45. Rgolden says:

    I don’t know what you guys are talking about. “knock knock!!! Give me mortgage money or we foreclosing!”. West says “I don’t have enough money……but I got this championship ring.” “foreclosed!” If I was west I’d take the money too. Ray made his money already, so he can afford to take less. Let west get his money and worry about the ring when he is old, like ray did! Ray Allen is my favorite player, by the way.

  46. mark says:

    west will complete the starting 5 of indi, hansbrough is good but not as good as west…

  47. 6nba5 says:

    personally i dont care if west came to the team or not, he has a bum knee and a soon as the season gets going it will act up again, on a young run and gun team, the best addition to the team would of been tyson chandler, and since he is on the knicks, the next best aggressive player out there would be kenyon martin when he done in china, other then that no big lost, and all yall people who keep saying age this and age that, have yall not learned a thing from watching the older mavs beat up on the young and dum heats, just about dallas whole 5 and bench into their 30’s especially j-kidd 38, so please SHUT UP with the age, it doesnt mean nothing at all. The same old celtics swept the knicks, a young team

  48. jackson mark says:

    indiana aint a bad team. similar chances to winning a championship as grannylord-boston.

  49. Justin says:

    No, its not about money.. I’m a Bulls fan and this Indiana Pacer team actually was very close to BEATING Chicago in the Playoffs.. The Pacers are a very good team and will shock some teams this year… In fact I see them being the 4th or 5th seed. Call me Crazy but the Pacers are legit… West sees it too.

  50. Rams says:

    David West pick the best option, Indiana is on the rise, unlike Boston clearly goes down, West wants more minutes, and also he can bring Winning mentality to the Young-Nucleus core group of the Pacers. .

    Celtics wants 4 yr deal for West to stay, he knows if he stay there, his career will go down and will carry the loads of a losing Celtics..

  51. Tray65 says:

    Maybe D West just wanted to make more money and stay with a small market team… Let’s be real the C’s have a crazy fan base they are loyal but its a lot of pressure. Indiana is a small market team where he can get comfortabkle no BIG Name Star there really no major pressure there he can just stay under the Radar.

  52. lol says:

    ray has point. its better to accpet less offer with a team who really wants to have another championship.. than to agree to a big offer with a team who did not appear on playoffs for over 10 years.. actually pacers doesn’t have championship titles in NBA. they only have championship on ABA

  53. lawinrp says:

    Let me spell it out to you, Ray Allen. The Celtics aren’t gonna win any more titles. You won’t beat Miami or Chicago. David West was smart enough to realize this. If you’re not gonna win a title, why take less money? It’s the painful truth.

  54. Blair says:

    It doesn’t sound like a grudge match at all. So what if David West took the money? He’s got a bum knee now and who knows if he’ll truly recover from it. He’s just thinking about his future. No biggie. I’m pretty sure Indiana is a basketball state so he will love it there. I’m from Canada eh so I’m not too sure, this is just what I’ve heard regarding the state of Indiana.

  55. Estee says:

    David west saw a list of the big 3’s ages….he thought best to not spend a year at a retirement home.

  56. Glenn says:

    Perhaps David West is like many other fans, who are tired of seeing teams like the Celtics, Lakers, or Bulls raise championship banners and hopes he can help a team that has never raised a banner for the NBA, but is rich in tradition from the ABA and West is an old school type player. Personally, I applaud him form having the courage to sign with an up and coming young team. Go Pacers!!

  57. Luke says:

    haha.. poor ray ray! Saying West took more money to come to the Pacers is UPSURD! All of you who think that including RAY ALLEN need a mental check.. you really think 400,000 dollars changed West mind to come to Indiana instead of Boston lol you guys are insane. The reason he came to Indiana is the Pacers have a more deep team than Boston.. and the Pacers are on the Rise and the Celtics have been declining every year for the past 2 years. The Pacers Have made moves this off season and Boston has made none

  58. anthony says:

    You have the nerve to say that ray is not a great player anymore !! The question that you idiots have to ask yourselves is will players like dwayne wade, lebron james, blake griffin be able to still have it at the age of 36 just like ray ray has it ! Those are things you have to think about ! Ray has nothing to prove anymore to anyone ! Hes one of the nest players of all time hands down !

  59. be says:

    indy 10m/y…boston 9,6m/y…

  60. c dubb says:

    Thing is who do the pacers have? Granger @sg, Hibbert@C, collison @g WEST @PF Paul george @ sf I think we on to something here i mean the celts are kind of over their prime wouldnt u say? These are young guys and granger is something like a beast !

  61. matthew says:

    the writer of this article is taking ray allen’s comments out of context to get more people to read his lame article. it is obvious to everyone except the incompetent, that ray is speaking with a mere conversational tone and not one of spite. i hate writers who will say anything to get the attention of an audience.

  62. hoopdoc says:

    Im a celtics fan, but still, what West did was smart, the Pacers are an up and coming team, and the Celtics are just headed downward.

  63. mike says:

    i guess ray allen likes the idea of no competitive balance in the nba

  64. swissilk says:

    Neither Celtics or Pacers are going to win a championship this year! So it doesn t really matter….
    West got more money and potentialy more playing time!

  65. Louie says:

    Who cares what ray allen thinks. He is a nobody who is not even worthy of caps. LOL be quiet ray allen no one wants to hear your worthless opinion

    • Dave says:

      Winning a title, being a 10x All-Star and establishing yourself as the highest 3-pt scorer in league history makes you a nobody? That’s some sharp logic there, pal.

  66. JDish says:

    Caaalmm down Ray Ray, take it down a notch. Why do you get all testy because a guy chooses to go play for another team rather than yours. The guy chose the money rather than playin with you and the Celtics… big deal, its his choice and his loss. Obcourse its his loss if and when you guys win another championship. But honestly, it wasnt gonna be a cake walk for the Celtics to win another championship anyway, but getting David West would have helped nonetheless. But hey remember, the NBA is FIRST a business and SECOND a basketball league. The truth is players have to look out for their own interests first, and then they can examine the landscape and see what chances they have to win a NBA chip. NBA players are not gauranteed that they will win a Championship (just ask Karl Malone), but they can win large amounts of money while still playing for a lousy ball NBA team.

    So Ray Allen, just get back to playing your golf with your …Banker… and sherrish that Championship ring that already got.

  67. luke skywalker says:

    ray allen is just angry because he feels if West joined Celtics, they’d have a better shot than they do without him. Bitter is what he’s feeling

  68. Houndie says:

    Maybe David realised that even with him on the Celtic they still had slight to no chance of taking a ring. So used logic to take more money and to play on a more exciting team.

  69. CELTICS #11 says:

    If david west honestly thought going to indiana pacers would give him a championship run rather than being with the celtics?…he is really stupid to think that, with green now gone for the season due to injury, we dont have a proper back up forward to help us on the bench, west would of been that key guy.

    Still think the celtics should match an offer to the heat and kings in order to get samuel dalembert, with dalembert on the team we could have a chance!

  70. DMAC says:

    Ray Allen is sulking because another star player hasn”t joined there retirement village team. Good on you David West, making your own history and joining a young team where you can be your own superstar. Why does money even come into it Allen is just as greedy he just prefers jewls to cash. Don’t get me wrong I love trades/signings that make great combos but hate seeing a good team add on more and more stars.

  71. 21 says:


  72. skrutz says:

    He’s an angry turtle.

  73. Ronk says:

    Phil got it right and David West obviously did the right thing, too. He chose `up and coming` over a `painfully slow, fading into oblivion´ situation. Good for West, Indi, bad for the Celts, who will they trade along with Rondo for their next KG now?

  74. dak says:

    i think there is a secret with stern that will not allow younger players to join the celtics or the lakers i think they are really trying to even the playing field so small market teams have a chance

  75. Why compete, or accept a challenege when EVERYONE GETS A TROPHY?
    These guys were raised differently…

    Kumbayah NBA!!! LOL SMH

  76. Chris says:

    Indiana and Boston aren’t exactly on opposite sides of the spectrum. Boston is still clearly the better team, but don’t forget the noise that Indiana made in the playoffs last year, as brief as it may have been. They aren’t a terrible team. And now with the addition of D. West, they’re a little bit better. I wouldn’t count them, or Boston, out.

  77. Ilco says:

    I use to like David West a lot because I thought he was a underrated player because he was playing for N.O. even though I know he did have 1 All-Star showing year but NOW I dislike him for going to Indiana! Who does Indiana have besides Danny G??? I’m a BIG PISTONS fan FYI so I’m not being bias but as a NBA fan he should have went to Boston for less, picked up a ring and then Danny A would have put pieces around him and Rondo to keep them contenders! So I agree with Ray all the way! Don’t these bum NBA players make enough money already! Like the say Money is the root to all evil! BIG MISTAKE D-WEST!

  78. dak says:

    its about money theres only 3 older players on the celtics team there is still a ton of younger talent

    • dont matter says:

      i can count more than 3 off my head, ray, kg, pierce….nd wait for it O’Neil….so adding the rest of the guys i havent mentioned, makes for an ancient team

      • redcon6803 says:

        every team has old and young players with the exception of the thunder and the clips every title contender has at least 3 thirty something players or guys who are not far off last i checked Amare was closer to KG`s age than avery Bradley same with tyson chandler and isn`t battier 33 how old is juwuan howard or thim thomas is carlos boozer under or over 30 i know rip is over 30 bibby is way over 30 just saying

  79. dak says:

    the only reason ray said something is cause they were close if it was a guy he did not know he would say nothing if one of your best friends told you he was going to do something and bailed out yall would be mad also so dont blame ray for being human!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and celtics will never be 4rth lol

  80. Greenmachine says:

    Ray Ray’s right.

    coz his sexy and he knows it

  81. David Claytor says:

    No young superstar player wants to play with/for an aging Celtic or Laker team.

    • Jose says:

      Uh Chris Paul did until Dictator Stern didn’t allow it. Plus the subject is that Ray allen was talking smacking on 31 year old west. I’m sorry but 31 year old is not a young supersta nor a superstar hardly even a star. Lakers will be back in the throne one way or another. They always come back sooner or later. No team will ever have the rings that dum Celtics or the Lakers have. So Lebron wins a couple, so do the Spurs, Dallas one, WHO CARES Lakers have 16 match that with any !@#$% Talking you can do on the Laker or Dum celtics. I hate the celtics but its cuz they are the Lakers only true rival. Everyone else does not matter.

      • hsv says:

        1st point, lebron has never won any rings, and secondly, who floggged the lakers yesterday? the clippers, a franchise that has been a joke for 30 years. and yet u still say that lakers have no equivalent, 4-0 from dallas doesnt really reiterate a solid team.

        and the celtics still have more championships even if its only one more. you dont have odom anymore, and kobe is on the decline as a star of today.

        ill laugh when the lakers dont get into the playoffs n the clippers do.

  82. SC says:

    This is a silly articlle… Ray Allen and the Celtics aren’t circling any dates with the Indiana Pacers and D West. I would have loved to have him and I beleive what Allen said is correct – he went for 20 mill in 2 years maybe thinking at 33 he could go help find a ring…

  83. dont matter says:

    who cares what ray has to say anyway, hes old, its prob his last season, he can talk smak about other ppl. , i think its because he isnt such a great player anymore, so he wants some attention

    • fred says:

      u find someone who works harder off the ball than ray and ill agree. until then he is still one of the greatest shooters in the game currently.

      • murda says:

        agreed fred, except not one of the greatest.. he is the greatest record holder and a ring.. he can say whatever he wants coz he has his place in history..

    • Cons says:

      Non-sense of a comment

    • N says:

      are you dumb? ray allen just shot career highs in FG% and 3PFG% while maintaining over 16 points a game. his body’s in better shape than ever, and can play at LEAST two more years in this league. and im pretty sure he got all the attention that he “wants” when he broke the all time three point record last season. take a seat.

  84. haruki says:

    the thing is indiana is building a really nice team, while the celtics are on the decline….they have probably one last shot at it, but i dont think they can do it….i think this is ray allen coming to terms with his basketball mortality

  85. hc says:

    would anyone disagree with me here?? Indiana has a better chance to win the championship than the Celtics, and I dont care about neither tema, just saying what I think

    • Weezy says:

      You are insane. Indiana does not have a better chance to win a championship than the Celtics. Go get your mental checked sir.

    • Bjorkwrist says:

      100% agree. Better PG definitely.

    • Storm says:


      Celtics have a better roster, a better coach, and better playoff experience. LBJ looked at Boston after his loss to them in Cleveland and said “I want me some of that.” No one’s running to be like Indiana.

      • murda says:

        yeh no way in hell indy is a better shot at a title then the Cs, indy will again struggle to make the 8.. and wil lb beat in 4-5 games by whoever they get in the first round (chi-town or MIA)

      • Cons says:

        Uhm, I’m a Celtics fan through & through. But you gotta admit, things aren’t looking that good in Beantown. They lost Big Baby & West and Green is injured. While Indiana gave Chicago a real hard time in the last playoffs. And now they have West… I love yah Ray-ray, but you can’t blame West for choosing a team for the long-haul… But still, GO CELTICS!

    • AWatts5 says:

      disagree. Celts may be old but they BALL. Im a laker fan and still give credit where credit is due. They have a top 5 pg. The best shooter in the league… Arguably the best to play the game… A clutch SF and an enforcing PF. And are we forgetting they were the only team to have 4 all-stars… The pacers are going to be better than them in a few years but as long as the celts have those 4 guys they are in a pretty good position…

  86. Haha says:

    Sounds like Ray Allen’s mad that his team will struggle for a 4th place finish in the Eastern Conference this year lol

  87. Marcus says:

    Ray Allen isn’t jealous of D West. What could he possibly be jealous of? He has no rings, no chance at being in the hall of fame, no fans, no REAL endorsement deals (if any), no NBA records, and obviously absolutely no interest in ever winning. I with Ray on this. I’m tired of these cowardly NBA players. If you want more money JUST SAY THAT! You don’t have to lie like your in the 7th grade to “Fit in”. That’s the same LAME move that Lebron did. He should have just said, I’m not playing another second for a terrible owner who acts like he’s 3 years old, the worst possible (Disloyal) fans on the planet, and an entire team full of potential D-League players. D-West and Lebron need to grow a pair.

    • Jason says:

      LeBron took less money to go to the Heat than if he stayed with Cleveland. He and David West are in exact opposite situations, so either your facts are mixed up or you just want to take a shot at LeBron like most people.

      • redcon6803 says:

        you can`t compare west to davvis west or LBJ ray is a top dog he never wanted to leave Seattle his preference was to win a title there the sonics chose to go younger we he had the opportunity to sign for less with Bos he did so did pierce and so will KG west has never been the top dog and chose the money ahead of the ring

      • redcon6803 says:

        i meant you can`t compare ray to west or lbj

      • Cons says:

        actually, jason’s right. they did the exact opposite.

    • DP11 says:

      False. I am a fan of David West. No interest in winning? If you haven’t noticed the Pacers are set up to WIN! They have a great young group of guys. If a team that is going to win gives you more money, why shouldn’t you take it? Because you want to go play with the Celtics who may only have one last run at a championship? No. You go to the Pacers who are young and could win for years to come.

    • Thomas says:

      I agree!

  88. Kanye East says:

    I like Ray Ray Jay Lee’s thinking.

    • Phil says:

      Jesus Shuttleworth had a chance to sign with LBJ23 in 2005, then chose to re-signed with the Sonics for max money.Now look who’s talking lol

      • GBABH says:

        As far as I can tell Ray is very loyal to the teams he plays for, as in he wouldn’t leave voluntarily (unlike many superstars these days who request to be traded); so I guess that’s probably why he signed that extension with the Sonics.

      • Storm says:

        Agreed with GBABH, there’s a difference between resigning, and choosing between 2 new teams.

        Also, since LBJ hasn’t won a championship yet, and Allen has… you really have no argument.

      • Grant says:

        You mean the season after the Sonics finished 52 – 30 and the Cavs finsihed 42 – 40. So you expect that he would take less money to play for a Cavs team with a worse record? Your point doesnt make sense.

      • AWatts5 says:

        He wouldnt ah\\have won a ring with LBJ anyways… Lebron still has no ring…

      • gameon says:

        yeah right go back and look at the 2005 Cavs and tell me if that was a championship team. Lebron cant even do it with two other great players what makes you think Ray Allen would up and leave the sonics to play with one dude that would not have been logical move it was not for the money, DUH!!!

  89. jAMES says:


    • Reagan says:

      Ray Allen is sour graping. That’s what you call free will.

      • Thomas says:

        Ray allen is ten times a better player then west.. Every body knows that but the pacer fans wont think that but us celtic fans and all the other nba fans agree with me. Ray allen is a beast he leads the world with the most threes. Im a great basketball player. Ray allen is the person who i look up to. dont say nothing about him he is a beast. david west presaeason game 8 points that sucks. CELTIC FOR LIFE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!