Billups Can Imagine Clippers Future

PLAYA VISTA, Calif. – The positive mood around the Clippers like never before received another boost Tuesday afternoon when Chauncey Billups, once upset to be claimed after the Knicks used the amnesty clause to waive him, told he can imagine re-signing as a free agent.

“I’m not going to worry about that until the summer,” he said after practice at the team’s training facility. “But I want to be in a situation where guys are ready to win. Not just win the regular season, but win in the playoffs. We’ll see how this thing shapes up, but if we continue with the mentality that we have and players keep getting better, this may be the opportunity that’s best for me.”

Neither side is close to making a commitment with the relationship eight days old, the regular season yet to begin and no hard negotiations until July. If nothing else, though, it replaces the possible distraction of speculation that Billups would be unhappy to be with the Clippers after preferring to become a free agent this month to pick his own destination.

The presence of Chris Paul, under contract through the end of next season, is an obvious selling point. The two have been good friends for years – Billups attended Paul’s wedding – and feel they can play well together even though both are officially point guards. Billups has played off the ball before and Paul has three-point range on his jumper.

“Chris and I have been two players that have pretty much dominated and had a lot of success in our careers at that position,” Billups said. “For us now to be here together is a little strange, but at the same is a delight for me to be able to have somebody on the floor that’s the same cerebral player that I am. I’m used to seeing things that most people on my team didn’t see. We’re seeing things together and looking at each other, saying, ‘Yeah.’ ”


  1. buzzkillington says:

    that girl talking to Billups is pretty. i hope we’ll see more of her in the future.

  2. G for Jeep says:

    Yeah! it’s a given that they have CP3, Chauncey and Mo BUT…

    Clippers has a weak front court. After DeAndre and Blake, who is the nex big man?? Brian Cook and Trey T? Oh no! Brian is more of an outside player while Trey is a rookie,, looks like a BIG problem here…

    but the ball is round, we’ll never know..

  3. Sp says:

    Watching Chris Kaman and Eric Gordon destroying Memphis right now is very pleasing to see.

  4. charles says:

    Chauncy Billup and Chris Paul are perhaps the two best decision makers in the game. And they play on the same team!

  5. NBAFAN36 says:

    I couls easily see the clippers averaging over 100 a game but only time will tell how their defense holds up. which could go a long way to really see how far they go this year.

  6. NBAFAN36 says:

    Clippers are a threat western conference could be a little weaker in the years past but mavericks clippers thunder and possibly the spurs could be a threat in the playoffs. but of course it is way to early to tell.

  7. Clippers a threat says:

    Clippers are a threat, and if they win tonight again against the Lakers, then you can be sure they will be playoff contenders and fight for a title.
    Unfortunately the Lakers failed in acquiring Billups and Paul, now they better do something, and Bynum and Gasol better play ball.
    Artest should practice more and take less shots.
    Lakers should go for Dwight at any costs, and lure a great PG, maybe try to steal Chris Paul from our fellow neighbors. Purple and Gold baby……….

  8. y’all have to be the dumbest bunch of commenters I have ever seen on a message board…there is literally no knowledge being displayed here at all.

  9. LaLaLaLa...G'Bye says:

    Ummm…-KingJames is correctly referring to the Miami Heat winning their 2ND title this year, as they won their 1ST championship in 2006 (Shaq,Wade)
    If you don’t know about the NBA or basic basketball knowledge then why comment?? SMH

    • Gerard says:

      Okay I don’t know anything about the NBA………..But what I do know it that the season has not started yet and it is only December ……I also know how to read a calendar and I believe the NBA hands out championships at the end of the season which is in June……..anfd before the crown is handed to the Miami Heat and to King James a lot of baskets will be scored by Griffin, Billups & Paul.

  10. King James says:

    I dont care about those teams especially LAKERS…. Kobe is sucks.. he will never win his 6th ring anymore.. Lakers fans keep dreaming but it won’t happen… and CLIPPERS…. mmmmmmm… no comment.. but all i know is MIAMI HEAT WILL WIN THEIR 2nd TITLE and Lebron will be the MVP for sure…. L.A SUCKS!!!!

    • MIAMI HATER....B) says:


      • Sarai says:

        Hahahahaha who won the title in ’06? The Miami Heat….don’t post in here if you know nothing, The Miami Heat are going to the Finals again this year, count it.
        PS. I’m not a Heat fan 😉

    • Gerard says:

      The times they are changing’

      King James is good and even through I don’t like Kobe because he is so arrogant he is or was better then King James but the next and real king is coming and his name is Blake Griffin and in his court he has the great Prince Billups and the even greater Prince Paul and the CLIPPERS WILL RULL !

  11. kwami says:

    i’m so sure i’m 1 of the biggest fans of THE LAKERS in the south american country of Suriname. but in a way the Clippers have always been in the shadow but almost standing up in the megacity of LA. i just know that Kobe wil be the best but as a good fan of the sport, i’m telling everyone.. the clippers is the team to beat now in LA and in their division. let’s see what the playoffs bring. clutch n CP3 put together with Jordan ( who’s by the way a lot less fragile to injury then Bynum) and the flying youngster Blake is a effective formula. i will always be a laker fan first but come play offs i’m also hoping something good comes to the city of LA via the new CLIPPERS

  12. comrade says:

    I’m a diehard Lakers fan and was definitely angry with the league for nixing the trade, but i have to say the Clipp’s look good and i’m excited to see if a real rivalry builds between the two teams. I have to say that was the most exciting
    pre-season game i’ve watched in quite some time! Although the Lakers got blown out, it seemed mostly like they were just out of sync. Kobe and Bynum looked to be in the best shape in years. Jason Kapono and Josh McRoberts were great off the bench, and Darius Morris (Lil Kobe lol) was very exciting to watch. I think once the Lakers get in sync and adjust to the new system, coach, and players they’ll go far this year. I’d love to see the Lakers and Clippers battle it out in a seven game Western Conference Finals!

    • BelizeBoy says:

      Morris looks promising. When he hit those first few shots under pressure I was impressed, but he got a huge reality check from DeAndre. Yeah I would say that game doesn’t say much about where Lakers are at right now. It’s preseason and I still see Lakers as a top four team.. BTW I’m not a Laker fan.

  13. dropdimes15 says:

    if your a bsketball fan you gotta love the connection chauncey explains he has with paul. this backcourt tandem is gonna sneak up on people, give it to cp3 in the clutch and you got big shot chillin ready to hit the gw. thats nasty.

  14. JStew says:

    Hate to admit it, but after watching what they did to the Lakers last night the Clippers look like a super team.

    • It Was Funny When Jordan Blocked Kobe says:

      Yeah but it was preseason. If they can beat all the top teams in a similar way I’d say we can make the playoffs and possibley finals. They were looking good though.

      • Peter says:

        They have a very talented team, and with Chauncey, Butler and Paul they have a good combination of proven veterans and young talent. I think they have a ton of potential, and could well prove to be one of the top teams in the league this year if their mentality is right.

        If I had to take a bet right now, I’d bet on the Clippers finishing with a better record then the Lakers.

      • AWatts5 says:

        Peter You are obviously on something. The lakers have the same team minus a great 6th man… but with the addition of two solid role players… They will still b someone to watch out for in the west. The clips will not have a better record… The lakers will take the season series… 3-1. or they will split… The clips are a good young team… but will NOT have a better record. Definitely make the playoffs tho…

      • AlAle says:

        Lakers not only lost Odom, but chemistry and most of all – PURPOSE! They will, 110% NOT WIN more wins than the Clippers. This is a short season with b-2-b-2-b’s and a bunch of 33 year olds can’t compete with youth here. One more thing is – the Lakers are with a new coach, new system and new roles, so you must be a moron to think they’ll be as good as last year! 40-win season TOPS for them and around 6th in the conference!

    • Megan says:

      kobe only played 25 mins and took 10 shots. if it was a regular season game he would have played 35+ and took 20+ shots. still was leading scorer for the team. so obviously he didnt care for the loss. just need to focus on getting their bodies ready for 66 games.