Is Superman Checking Out Of Things?

HANG TIME NEW JERSEY BUREAU — There has been all kinds of ugliness as teams play their first preseason games after several months off and only one week of training camp. But when Dwight Howard scores only five points and grabs only six rebounds in 30 minutes of action, and the Orlando Magic’s 21-game preseason winning streak comes to an end with a 33-point loss to the Miami Heat, there are going to be questions about Howard’s mental state and how his trade demand is affecting his team.

Brian Windhorst of gives his take

So it was a bad game for Howard. But it also begged the question of whether it was a message from a guy who has demanded repeatedly to be traded. The Magic currently are not in the mood to trade him; they’ve technically pulled him off the market.

“So, here’s where we are: If he has a bad game, now it’s going to be he’s disengaged,” Magic coach Stan Van Gundy said. “I mean that is b.s. That is after-the-fact stuff. I didn’t think he was disengaged at all. He just didn’t play real well.”

Van Gundy could defend him all he wanted, but it was hard to take anything else away from what took place out on the floor. Neither Howard nor his teammates looked like they were very inspired by their situation.

Brian Schmitz of the Orlando Sentinel isn’t ready to rush to judgement

Folks, preseason games are seldom pretty and this was more like a glorified practice, the by-product of the lockout.

There would be more alarms going off if the Magic had been routed by the Charlotte Bobcats, frankly.

You have to put it in perspective: The Heat played in the Finals last season and have LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, who, by the way, all helped torch the Magic in the telltale third quarter.

It really wasn’t all that surprising. The Magic were dismantled by the Heat last season in their second regular-season game of the year in Miami — and that was after a full training camp and eight unbeaten preseason games.

Whether it was a message or just a bad night, the second preseason game between these two teams has obviously become a must-watch. And fortunately, you can see it on NBA TV at 7 p.m. ET on Wednesday.

Will Howard and his teammates respond in front of the home crowd? Tune in and scrutinize for yourself.


  1. TP3 says:

    Go to the Philippines. Play in the PBA.

  2. John says:

    Man ! Howard will come to the lakers you’ll see.. even if it cause the lakers to trade Bynum and Gasol. Dwight want’s talent and a winning calliber team = Lakers while Bynum wants he’s own team to lead with = Orlando then Gasol maybe find him self in orlado with Bynum he seems to be restless LOL! it will benefit two teams! Bynum is also a Great Center in the league but if healthy even dwight can’t push him under the rim .

    • Inkwell says:

      Howard WILL NOT go to the Lakers. You can stop with the wishful thinking. Why would he go to an aging team? The Lakers are a dying breed buddy.

      That’s the reality of the Laker’s situation.

  3. heat hater says:

    Dwight Howard…Go to Miami…and lets raise the salary cap…!

  4. Johnny Alvarez says:

    All you people who say go to miami are clueless. Yes, Miami can trade players so they get it done wage wise. But why on earth would orlando trade away Dwight Howard for those, sorry for saying, useless players. They wouldn’t gain absoulutely anything besides old/below average players.
    Lakers can offer them Gasol/Bynum which makes them a good pick. Nets can offer Lopez among otherr things.

    • David says:

      If Howard wants to go to Miami, they the Magics will have no choice because even if they trade him to other teams, he can opt-out and head to miami after this year. If they don’t trade him, they will get virtually nothing, just ask cleveland and toronto, they are familiar with it. So the important thing now is for Pat Riley to pull off a hat trick and convince Dwight that the Heat is the best team in the NBA and sincerely want and need him. And he gets to stay in a state that does not pay income tax, so his real salary is alot higher than other players.

  5. Jeremy A says:

    First off howard would only work on a couple of teams. The Mavericks, Lakers, Nets, and Bulls because they all have what is needed around him. He has Kobe and Fisher in LA who will keep him in the right direction, He would have Noah and Rose in Chicago, He would have Deron Williams with the Nets, and the Mavs being the Best choice give him Dirk, Terry, Marion Kidd, and Vince Carter. He would be best suited leaving orlando because that organization gave up a long time ago on building around him and they are making a stupid choice now not trading him and getting something good in return for him. He is good but, he need a good PG and a big strong front court to go with him. Also the team he goes to needs to be defense oriented and have the ability to score from 3 from mid range and in the post.

    • Jeffrey M. Valentine says:


      You do realize that the team that trades for Howard isn’t going to get to keep all of its pieces , right? He’s the kind of player you have to gut your team in order to get. Unless he goes the Free Agency route, but I see him getting traded before the season ends.

  6. Edouard says:

    D. Howard should definitely go to the lakers to have a better future

  7. hoover says:

    Yes iceman your right but dont get silly, kobe got 5 and timmy 4. if ya done the same math 13 years ago nobody has none except micheal and hakeem and if ya done it 50 years ago nobody had any but russell and his boys

  8. iceman says:



  9. iceman says:

    Can’t win with Lebron, Wade, Bosh, and Reilly…Now they need Howard to win…What a bunch of losers. Dallas beat them last year with a bunch of OLD GUYS. The Miami Heat is the biggest JOKE in NBA history. If We put all the Western conference Stars on the Lakers…NO EASTERN CONFERENCE TEAM WOULD WIN!!! EVER!!!!

  10. Law064 says:

    Sad to say that Dwight will end up being traded but if I was him I’ll play it out in Orlando til the season over. He’s not going to Miami, he stated that he would come to Chicago but he would NOT sign a long term contract with the Bulls. Who knows where hew will end up but Orlando needs to make moves to keep him or just ship him out. I feel bad for the Magic cause they will lose him but the question is will they get someone for him.

    • David says:

      I don’t know why but D-Rose is just not attractive enough. He is not the best player in the league and is can’t seem to find a way to play with the best, so he should not win any titles because only the best wins.

  11. hoover says:

    orin dont look but dont say that sorta stuff, ya aint gettin dwight so relax. Nobody is jealous when ya want the eastern conferance starting 5. Dwight is going to NJ or LA if he leaves the magic. Grow up allllya

  12. Orin says:

    Stop venting your jealousy of Miami’s stock appeal to the star caliber players. It’s too sad when bitter fans let their ugly face show on something as incidental as people choosing where they want to go in life. It is not Miami luring these players with a magnet, these players are CHOOSING to play with us. Get over your jealousy and focus on your own team.

    • Inkwell says:

      Heat are the Yankees of basketball. They’re trying to BUY a championship instead of earn it.

      Even if they did win a championship or several championships, it wouldn’t be on par with the championships EARNED by Magic, MJ, Bird, Olajuwon, Dirk.

      So Miami can suck it.

      • David says:

        Gosh, get it through thick skull that a basketball team does not stop with the coach and the 15 or so players, GM, owners, scouts, etc are all part of the team. There are also super stars amoung those unseen positions too, so just like Mike Jordan dominated the court why can’t Pat Riley dominate the offseason? Would that be any less difficult or glorifying?

  13. Ann Y. says:

    Since I didn’t write anything derogatory about the “great” superman Howard, the blog was accepted. What’s going on? He should leave Orlando Magic and the Magic find a Center who will be a team player and not want to be a “one” man team, that is, the only one on the team who is important. Dwight refers to Orlando Magic as “my team,” and not our team. Not going to elaborate any more on all the wrong things of Mr. Howard other than Orlando let him go and get our team a “great” Center who will be a “team” player. All the Orlando Magic team likes to play basketball too, you know, now just Mr. Howard.

  14. Ann Y. says:

    Wrote two very definitive notes as to why Howard should let go and both were not sumitted for some reason. Thanks.

  15. NBA Fan Number 1 says:

    They should trade D12 for me… so we can all raise some banners!

  16. miami please says:

    @David and Heat Fans
    isn’t it funny that miami couldn’t win with 3 stars and they need to add the 4th
    while you are at it why not try to get CP3 next year too
    geeze miami how many stars do you need to win it?? maybe you might want to add KD in ur bench too.
    heat fans are the worst but surely they will not see heat win not one, not two, not three, not four……..

    about DH12, i really want to see him play in Orlando and build his own team and win as the man.
    all great players won as the man in their own teams
    MJ, Dirk, kobe….

    • David says:

      Have you considered that the rest of the team is not good enough? Basketball is a team sport and you are only as good as the weakest link. By that I don’t mean a specific player, but a specific position or depth, or chemistry, etc. Loosing shows that the big three is not good enough, so they will have to continue to get better by acquiring players at the right position and improving existing roster.

  17. hoover says:

    David you there mate? He cant go there via free agency because dwight would have to take minimum salary (duh) and he cant go there via sign and trade because the new rules state you cant trade somebody for three months through sign and trade which would put them past the trade deadline. Learn the rules buddy

  18. JCGator says:

    Dwight seemed like his mind was somewhere else…prob thinking about LA or Brooklyn :(….unfortunate for Magic fans who have grown to love him. Don’t quit on your team Dwight!

  19. oh my gary says:

    bring him anywhere and lets raise banners

  20. JohnB says:

    Obviously this dude is a Heat fan. Dismantled the Magic? They shot 30 percent that first game! Most misses were wide open! Orlando then respectivly whopped there butts. Miami fans are the worse

  21. Rick says:

    Bring Howard to the Seattle Sonics and lets raise more ban…. hey wait a second…

  22. jose says:

    howard go to lakers ,bro.

  23. hoover says:

    i cant believe all your comments about howard to the heat, your all idiots. There is no way in this entire universe that D12 is going to the heat!
    1st reason; The magic will not trade them to to division rival, especially there main rival. It makes it harder to win the division.
    2nd reason; Dwight is a real man and wants his own team> he isnt a weak …. and sponge off better players.
    Go celtics (been the worst off season in years) and get well jeff green

    • David says:

      He can go there via free agency. A sign and trade or something, like how Miami got lebron and chris bosh. As for the second reason, I don’t understand. Why can’t real man not play for a good team? Playing with the big 3 doesn’t make him a less effective player, they compliment each other.

      • QuestionMark says:

        Your kidding right? Winning with 2 stars and a good bench like Dirk and Jordan did is called being legends, and they will go down as legends, Lebron already won’t be considered a legend since he teamed with the best SG in the league, and they still got beat by Dirk, Howard going to Miami, isn’t possible at all, unless Dwight wants a minimum salary,

      • David says:

        He will not have to take the minimum, just a modest paycut if miami gives up some midlevel players and young players. Stop talking about those legacy, talk about that when lebron actually win. Lebron may never be consider a legend, but he still deserve to win a few times. Anyways, I am still a lebron fan, untill he retire or when the big three break up.

      • Inkwell says:


        Seriously get real. Howard WILL NOT consider Miami. The Heat have too much superstar saturation and not enough money. Plus, if Dwight goes to Miami, he’ll be selling himself out.

        Dwight wants to EARN a championship, not sell out and take the easy route by joining the Heat.

      • David says:

        Inkwell: Dwight should make the relatively difficult journey to Miami part of the “earning” process. Good players deserves to play on good teams. If I tried out for the Heat they will not take me because I’m not a good enough. Trying to be the hero and try to win it by yourself is not professional, Dwight, just go to the team that you think you have the chance to win the most amount of championships with, I personally think it is the heat. But I will be terribly upset to see an excellent big man get wasted because of getting stuck on a bad team and might only win once in his twilight years.

  24. Cord says:

    Howard will end up with the Lakers if not by trade via free agency

  25. ludachrisgsx says:

    Bring Dwight to the Magic, let’s raise some banners! Oh wait, he’s already been there a while and it hasn’t happened…

    Orlando won’t be able to surround him with the players he needs to win. The Lakers can (if not now, next year or the year after), the Nets are questionable still, and Dallas won’t make the deal. He’s stated he won’t sign an extension with any other teams. The Lakers are the front runners here. But the Nets could pull it off if they give up enough draft picks – I think they were offering 5 already, maybe they’ll make it 8 first rounders! LOL

  26. joblagz says:

    Dwight should stay.. if he wants a situation compared to which Nowitzki enjoys in Dallas, he must persevere too and know that now is not the time to be going somewhere else.. Nowitzki took years to get a championship ring while staying in Dallas.. Dwight should do the same and the change he wants to see should be himself.. i guess thats how michael jordan would have thought of it…

    • QuestionMark says:

      Agreed, that is what I call a true legend and a true superstar, someone that sticks with a team even in bad years and ends up winning titles, Dirk and Jordan are prime examples.

    • HeatWade says:

      pretty good idea brother…
      if Dwight stays in Orlando he has at least two fate waiting — either become like Dirk and the great MJ OR follow the footsteps of Malone and the great Barkley…^_^

    • Inkwell says:

      I concur, so much in this modern era, players lost the respect of EARNING a championship. Teams no longer develop raw talent and have their players show loyalty. It’s all about joining big market teams with an all-star ensemble and getting paid big contracts. It’s a shame these players now just BUY championships instead of EARNING them.

  27. asian heat fan says:

    howard in miami would just be over kill to all the other teams in the nba.

    howard in miami = 100% road to finals

  28. nico says:

    hey howard go to lakers we need you .

  29. jon says:

    howard is gonna go where ever he wants to go he’s a star but if you want him to stay in orlando bring him some real talent . everyones talking about his bad game nelson was 0-10 from the feild and only one point on the game!! What a joke, Thats why howard wants a trade, a big man needs a gaurd not a joke!

  30. David says:

    Miami is a more established team than orlando and for all you Banner Raiser comments, going to miami gives him the best chance.

    • QuestionMark says:

      Really another Miami comment? Miami can’t even afford Scalabrine after signing Lebron and Bosh, only way Dwight can go is if Miami trades Wade/Lebron and Bosh.

      • David says:

        Then that would be pointless because miami has already establish the big three’s campaign. Miami is just over 70 million this seasion, but LA and New York are used to 90 million, so be fair, miami should have the chance to get rid of a few cash eaters like mike miller and sign dwight for 16 or 17 million.

    • Inkwell says:

      This isn’t fantasy basketball my friend. Orlando wouldn’t give up Howard for a some Miami scrubs. PEOPLE GET IT IN YOUR HEAD, HOWARD WILL NOT GO TO MIAMI YOU IDIOTS.

  31. True Fan says:

    Keep Howard in Orlando.. Find your own all-star! We raised this guy.

    • Magic FAn says:

      Could not agree more

    • Sucio says:

      ummm he raised Orlando!!

    • JGONZ says:


    • Inkwell says:

      I concur! Howard should show some loyalty, resign for another 1-2 years and just see where it goes. There’s no rush to leave Orlando yet. Especially seeing how the Magic played against the Heat last night! Big Baby was doing some nasty things! Howard should humble himself, be patient, play the best basketball he can. A championship may still come in Orlando, it’ll be much sweeter if it does.

      It’s much better to earn a championship than it is to buy one.

  32. Mugsy says:

    Bring Dwight Howard to the Raptors. Let’s raise our first banner!

  33. Chris Francis says:

    Keep Dwight Howard on the Magic. Let’s FINALLY raise a banner.

  34. Jadm14 says:

    Bring Dwight Howard to the Nets. Let’s raise some more… oh yeah my bad.

  35. John says:

    Bring em’ to Indiana

  36. Daniel says:

    Bring Dwight Howard to the Bulls. Let’s raise some more Banners!

  37. ken flip says:


  38. Tracy Smooth says:

    Bring Dwight Howard to the Lakers. Let’s raise some Banners!

  39. BelizeBoy says:

    Come on man, we talkin bout preseason?

  40. lakers fan says:

    howard if u wanna win go to the lakers they need u and u need them!

  41. James says:

    Bring Dwight Howard to the Celtics. Let’s raise some more Banners!

    • MIKE says:

      Why not fire Otis Smiths and keep Howard. Fine someone that will built a team around Howard.

    • David says:

      Under the new trade rules, you can get a player with salary 125% of what you give up right? So Howard makes 17 million and a team will only have to unload 13.6 million to get him. Miami can fully do that if they can somehow get a trade for mike miller, chalmers, udonis haslem, and another MLE player next year. I calculated that the combined salery more than excceed 13.6 million. Miami will need to get one or more other team involved in order to do a multi-team sign and trade. DH12 will be a good fit in Miami because the Heats desperately need a true center.

      • Chris says:

        Sure… And then the Heat clone a younger version of Magic Johnson because they need a point guard and the “Clones-Minimum-Exception” ist still available for them if they trade Alonzo Mourning`s DNA to the Raptors for some Dinosaur eggs…

      • Inkwell says:

        Hhahaa, you’re living in a dream. This isn’t fantasy basketball my friend.

    • Chrissy says:

      Bring him to the Lakers