Rookie Sensations Come As Advertised

HANG TIME NEW JERSEY BUREAU — News flash: Ricky Rubio can pass and Jimmer Fredette can shoot.

OK, we knew that already. But it was great to finally see the two rookie sensations in NBA uniforms on Saturday. Rubio and Fredette made their preseason debuts and both came as advertised.

Rubio came off the bench for the Wolves in their 117-96 win over the Bucks. He shot just 1-for-4 from the floor, but he grabbed six rebounds and dished out seven assists in 24 minutes. Four of those dimes created  3-pointers, but the best was an alley-oop feed to fellow rookie Derrick Williams. (By the way, that was another rookie, Darrington Hobson, who took that Williams throwdown in the cheek.)

Jerry Zgoda of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune was there at The Target Center

After a long two-year wait, Wolves fans arrived ready to holler for Rubio, no matter what he did. A few shouted for his appearance — he watched from the bench while Luke Ridnour started — right from the game’s opening seconds.

The rest cheered whether he made plays sensational or simple.

“Yeah, they loved him,” forward Michael Beasley said. “He made bounce passes, and they were in awe.”

They serenaded Rubio with sing-song chants of “Olé, olé, olé” — like soccer fans back in his native Spain do — after he lobbed a fourth-quarter pass to fellow rookie Williams for a thunderous slam dunk.

He finished with six points, seven assists, six rebounds, two steals, one turnover and a foul in 24 minutes on a night when he easily could have reached double-digit assists if his teammates had converted more of his passes.

With a few Kings sitting out Saturday’s game at Golden State, Fredette got the start alongside Tyreke Evans and Marcus Thornton in the Kings’ 107-96 loss. He missed his first shot, but in 35 minutes, Fredette shot 7-for-11 from the field, including 4-for-6 from 3-point range.

Jason Jones of the Sacramento Bee has the story from Oakland

The Kings haven’t practiced much using Evans, Fredette, Thornton together. With the injuries, Westphal saw Saturday’s preseason game as an opportunity to look at the lineup.

“Out of our three perimeter players, we really don’t care who brings the ball up because they’re all interchangeable,” Westphal said. “That’s why we don’t get caught up in who’s the point guard, shooting guard.”

Westphal likes the idea of having Thornton and Fredette – two of his best three-point shooters – on the floor together. Westphal said he doesn’t mind Evans taking an open three pointer, either.

All three also can handle the ball and, against the Warriors, the 6-foot-6 Evans was big enough to play small forward.

There were questions about whether Fredette would be able to create his own shot in the NBA, but we have to remember that he’s surrounded by NBA talent now, and will have a lot more space to operate than he did when he was a one-man show at BYU.

Fredette’s also got a pretty quick release. He was 3-for-4 on catch-and-shoot jumpers and 4-for-6 on jumpers off the dribble.

And are we over-analyzing a single preseason game? Absolutely!



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  2. Gary says:

    What is this basketball?

  3. KNICKS! says:

    Melo is ok for new york but with other teams he wouldn’t matter.. lmfao!

  4. navarro says:

    gary is cryng right

  5. navarro says:

    how sad gary!lol

  6. killin it says:

    Gary posts dumb comments on, but on any other forum they wouldn’t matter….

    on second thought they’d still be dumb….

  7. lolz says:

    Tim Tebow is good for the Broncos, but on any other team that wouldn’t matter.

  8. YourStupidGary says:

    Derrick Rose is DECENT for the bulls, but any other team…. we wouldn’t care less.

  9. Crisp says:

    MJ is good for Bulls but on most teams he wouldnt matter

  10. vectorsigma says:

    Gary is good with Spongebob but with Patrick, he wouldnt matter

  11. ironhide says:

    all of this dont matter to akon

  12. Sibley Robinson says:

    Phil Jackson is a good coach but on other teams he wouldnt matter

  13. Bob says:

    Charles Barkley is a good for TNT but on other networks he wouldnt matter

  14. GaryNoob says:

    You’ve seen him play in one preseason game dude, you can’t really talk, he played well.

  15. nice says:

    I lol’d

  16. NBAer says:

    Fans’ comments here are fun and insightful… but for the GMs, coaches and players, these don’t matter

  17. Timmy says:

    D.J. Mbenga is okay for the Hornets but on most teams he wouldn’t matter.

  18. Gary MFing Oak says:

    DJ Mbenga is okay for getting dunked on but on most teams he’ll get dunked on.

  19. leohimself says:

    adam morrison was okay for… oh wait.

  20. joe says:

    I am very good with my hands…..but in reality…. i am better with my feet…

  21. G-man says:

    I was really good on, but then I took an arrow to the knee…. so now on most sites… I don’t matter.

  22. Armin Halvadzic says:

    I love a comment about Bargnani haha 😀 but yeah Ricky is a solid player,just don’t except to much from him. but I really wish him luck with the wolves. and Jimmer is my fav. rookie so far. just look at the name JIMMER FREDETTE . what a cool name 😀

  23. DE$ says:

    d.wade and lebron are gonna have monster year and derrick rose probably brings home hes second mvp…BUT ON MOST TEAMS THEY WOULDN’T MATTER

  24. rhymesayer says:

    Eddy Curry is good for the Heat but on most teams he wouldn’t matter

  25. Chico says:

    Man, Jimmer’s the next Ray Allen, a rookie with great shooting skills. Rubio’s talent will be more polished if the wolves’ backcourts’ not gurad heavy

  26. in garry we trust says:

    /\ /\
    i love gary. very much had a good laugh at this banter

  27. SDS says:

    sucks to be gary rit now with all these mockers. oh wait… he deserved it didnt he

    • Gary says:

      Lol you think I care what a bunch of fairies says about me? I think it’s funny. My comment was true that’s why all these nerds are mocking it.

  28. BC18thCT says:

    Ricky is great yung player, he will get even better in time…. T-wolves will do nothing this season, but in future, if they stick together, who knows… After all Rubio is not KG, neither is Love, they need someone who will take them to ” that next level ”

  29. Borat says:

    I’m the white’s only hope.. pick me next year im standing on the only crossroad in Kazahstan

  30. GaryLover says:

    THe Big 3 is good in Miami but on most teams they wouldnt matter.

  31. Teriac says:

    look what you started gary

  32. Paul says:

    Ulfric is okay for the stormcloaks but on most factions he wouldn’t matter.

  33. gordon fan says:

    Hahahaha! I salute y’all for making me laugh hard haha nice meme

  34. oh my gary says:

    wahaha everybody plays good

  35. Syon says:

    David Stern is a bad commisioner for the NBA, but in most leagues he wouldn’t matter

  36. fish sticks says:

    haha since when did turn into reddit

  37. Gary2.0 says:

    A.I. is good in turkish but on most teams he wouldnt matter

  38. BOOYA says:


  39. King James says:

    All i know is LEBRON JAMES will have his first ring this season…

  40. Anon says:

    Brian Scalabrine is okay for the Bulls but on most teams he would be MVP.

  41. Mavs4ever says:

    Kobe is okay for the Lakers but on most teams he wouldn’t matter.

    – epic! haha

  42. matt says:

    Brian Scalabrine is ok for the bulls but on most teams he wouldnt matter.

  43. Team is okay for the Wolves but on most Ricky Rubios they wouldn’t matter.

  44. new meme says:

    MJ is good on the nba but on most other sports he wouldn’t matter

  45. tbird95 says:

    the wolves making the playoffs, what a joke. west top 8/9

    Wolves don’t even break the top 12, another lottery pick. or trade it for a 4th or 5th PG you seem to like having too many of the same player. Worst managed/run team in basketball, maybe sports!!

  46. rl17 says:

    i’m loving the “good on _insert team name___ but on most teams he wouldn’t matter”

  47. Ali says:

    U guys killed the wouldnt matter thing.

  48. gpb says:

    The good news for Sacramento is that Fredette scored 21 while MISSING 3 of 4 free throws. When does that happen? Fredette is a 90% freethrow shooter – it will ONLY get better.

    If this keeps up Sacramento has a bright future.

  49. willie says:

    kwame brown is okay but on most teams he wouldn’t matter

  50. Lapinnoir says:

    It’s like some weird meme.

  51. hmm says:

    carmello/stoudamire/chandler combination is good for the knicks but on most teams they wouldnt matter

  52. Gary creates new meme says:

    Y’all may be okay in this comment section, but in the real world you wouldn’t matter

  53. felix roy says:

    Wolves do have good young players but no coaching.. no chance for playoffs this year

    • Syon says:

      Rick Adelman is a way bigger improvement over Kurt Rambis…idiot.

    • Vlad says:

      Adelman is no coach? Really? Anyway, even if you were right (which you probablly aren’t), he is a big upgrade over Rambis.

    • NuggetsFan says:

      are you stupid coach adlemen is a great coach and lets teams play to thier strengths ie houston young athletic and can run with no true star and only a full time shooter for garunteed offence and they still had an awesome season all things considered.. therefore your an idiot!

    • what says:

      They hired Rick Adelman who is a pretty good coach

  54. Sean says:

    Good work everybody!

    Andrea Bargnani sucks for the Raptors but on most other teams he wouldn`t start.

    • marco says:

      and U, too!

      Sean is the best expert of Bargnani but on most other players he wouldn’t know anything (but guessing why he is not NBA coach of the year, though…meritocracy, where R U?)

  55. GaryHater says:

    Gary is okay for but on most of the websites he wouldn’t matter.

  56. Derbyfor3! says:

    hahahah yeah!

  57. Derbyfor3! says:

    hahahahaha salute!

  58. Gary got problems says:

    howard is good for the magic but on most teams he wouldnt matter!

  59. Prof. Oak says:

    MJ is okay for the Bulls but on most teams he wouldn’t matter.

  60. yaoneil says:

    The timberwolves will crush the heat, lakers, maverick, and all the other teams that had more wins them last season. Pretty much every team.

  61. FAIR-BUT-TOUGH says:

    Both Wolves & Kings aren’t going to matter for another few years so who cares.. Oh yeah & btw Kobe is good for the Lakers but on most teams he wouldnt matter!

  62. Julio says:

    I was impressed by Jimmer he did good, but he missed to many free throws. He showed that he can create his own shot very well and he his defense wasn`t either. He can also draw fouls too he just needs to knock those free throws down

  63. cambo says:

    Kevin Durant is good for OKC but on most teams he wouldn’t matter.

  64. SMOKSOM30 says:


  65. Tarek says:

    The Timberwolves wll make the playoffs this season. Solid team.

  66. españa says:

    I have seen Ricky in Spain since he was 14 years old, he always start strong but after mid season his skill drop like a regular player… I’ll like better JJ Barea, he has more balls.

  67. Landogarner says:

    Jimmer is okay for the Kings but on most teams he wouldn’t matter.

  68. Gary says:

    Ricky Rubio is okay for the wolves but on most teams he wouldn’t matter.