Baron Davis Chooses New York

HANG TIME NEW JERSEY BUREAU — Have the Knicks found their answer at point guard? Maybe, but we’re not going to find out right away.

ESPN’s Marc Stein reports that free agent Baron Davis, who was waived by the Cavs via the amnesty clause, has decided to sign with New York

Terms of the deal with New York were not immediately available. It likewise remains to be seen how soon Davis will actually be able to play for the Knicks thanks to a back injury that the Cavaliers, upon releasing him, believed would sideline the former All-Star for 8-to-10 weeks.

The Knicks, though, chased Davis aggressively in spite of the injury, desperate to upgrade their backcourt to support the frontcourt duo of Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire that was recently boosted by the arrival of Tyson Chandler to be the Knicks’ defensive anchor.

The Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat also expressed strong interest in signing Davis, who was waived Wednesday night by the Cavs.’s Sam Amick reports that Davis will be signed with the Knicks’ $2.5 million exception.

It’s a low-risk move by the Knicks, who are currently starting the erratic Toney Douglas at point guard. Davis’ health is (and will always be) a question mark. But both the Clippers and Cavaliers were much better offensively when he was in the game last season.

Team numbers with Davis on and off floor

On/Off Court MIN OffRtg DefRtg NetRtg
LAC on* 1269 106.9 107.9 -1.0
LAC off* 1576 98.8 106.8 -7.9
CLE on** 380 106.0 108.5 -2.4
CLE off** 825 98.3 105.4 -7.1

OffRtg = Points scored per 100 possessions
DefRtg = Points allowed per 100 possessions
NetRtg = Point differential per 100 possessions
* = Before trade
** = After trade


  1. JHOVCT says:

    B. Diddy will be a great fit if he can get and stay healthy, some of you guys are acting like he got a 5 yr 60 mil dollarr deal, he got signed for one year for 2.5. yea we would have loved to keep billups but with his contract on the books the tyson signing wouldnt have happened and you guys also forget that chaucy didnt do sh!t once coming from denver. and to the gentleman that mentioned baron being the reason that the warriors upset dallas……wrong…..Steven Jackson carried the warriors that series which is why he got over paid(just like when the Knicks gave Jerome James that ridiculous contract after playing tim duncan the way he did for the sonics) and also to the gentleman that said shumpert will bring the offense that fields lacks? do you pay attention, Shumpert was drafted for his defense, its the best aspect of his game, any offense he provides is a bonus. I think the knicks did a great job this off season with the exception of the bibby signing, I would have rather given that money to a back up 2 gaurd, especially since they were pushing to sign davis. I also think having to trade turiaf will hurt some. Nobody else on the team brought any energy on the defensive end like Ronnie. But I think the Knicks are a top 3 team in the east behind the Heat(just threw up in my mouth a little) and the Bulls(again, got a little puke in my mouth) Boston is old and has no depth(and dont be surprised if rondo has an off year_remember they were ready to deal him for cp3) and jeff green is out for the year, Orlando is in turmoil. Dwight is just buying his time til he can choose where he wants to sign, and Atlanta has no heart and should have done anything in their power to make room for crawford. Looks like a good year for the knicks and if not, who cares its a shortened season, the only advantage will be these guys get a chance to play for a whole season(sort of) together and build real chemistry.

  2. ron says:

    baron davis is gonna do great. he performs very well on a big stage. hes the kind of fast paced point guard that will thrive in new york, if and when he is healthy.

  3. Jason Terry is the best in nba says:

  4. zayvado says:

    i mean they had to do something….usually one mistake follows by another first being waiving billups… what were they thinking? billups gave the knicks a identity what does baron do? the clips didnt trade him just to trade him.

  5. Zar The Knicks Fan says:

    i can’t wait to see my kincks meet Heat in playoff again
    it’s gonna be like Ewing Vs Zo days all over again

  6. newyorksteelo says:

    Someone here mentioned Allen Iverson earlier lol. That would be interesting, but Iverson would demand too much money the Knicks don’t have, and his pride and attitude might be an issue with this team, not to mention I don’t think he has much left in him.

  7. bucketnekkid says:

    It was a good move for the knicks. I’m sure they don’t believe he was their missing piece, but if he can get healthy, he will help them win more games than douglas. They have nothing to lose here. Worst case scenario, he either doesn’t perform well or he’s not healthy, they can bench or release him. They’ll still have Douglas and Shump. The Knicks will need to find another PG in their near future if Shump doesn’t turn out to be that guy, but for right now this was a good sign for them.

    • Danny says:

      Baron is a rental. Steve Nash would be the best thing that could happen to them. They are going to push hard for him by next season.

  8. qwerty says:

    this is a right move, Mike D know how to handle injured players. like grant hill.

    • Danny says:

      Mike D has nothing to do with Grant Hill’s resurrected career. It is the Phoenix Suns’ medical staff that brought him back to life.

  9. stephdog says:

    Baron davis might get some playing time this season but he will never be consistent again in his career. Back problems/weight problems/more interested in being on TV than loosing weight/getting in shape. There is 0 chance of NY getting a ring until they get a real point guard!

    Of course Fields should start ahead of Shumpert to lock down the defense and then Shumpert can bring the Off punch. Who ever thinks Arenas will help the situation is delusional.

    Oh and:

    “They should believe at Baron because he’s the reason why the Warriors upset the Mavericks”

    Ha Ha Ha, oh thats good! That was like 6 years and 30lbs ago buddie.

  10. gr says:

    we’re good w/davis n bibby. someone like randy foye, telfair, or anyone that can keep the other point out of the lane n line, keep players happy, n hit free throws…
    we good enough to survive w/most back-ups in the league starting for us, as long as they’re as described above.

  11. Jom says:

    They should believe at Baron because he’s the reason why the Warriors upset the Mavericks…

  12. GoNYGoNYGo says:

    This s a great move the the Knicks – a no-brainer. Davis, when healthy, is a top 10 PG – a former all-star. Even on a decline, he adds savvy and a solid offensive game. The only question will be if he can keep up with the faster guards in the league. With him and Chandler, NY is now a top-4 NBA team.

    Oh, and this kid Shumpert? He’s the REAL DEAL.

  13. bucketnekkid says:

    No offense Brandon, I like your comments but I don’t think Shump should start over Fields. Not yet anyway. Fields is a proven solid player that had an excellent rookie season. Shump has great upside but hasn’t accomplished anything yet.

    • Hart says:

      Agreed. Although I think Shumpert balances that lineup with what he brings on the defensive end, Fields’ rebounding and 3-point shooting cannot be overlooked. I also think Shumpert could be their PG of the future so would like to see him and Fields on the floor at the same time.

  14. Ely says:

    ALLEN IVERSON please!!!

  15. KJohnson says:

    BD may not be what he was , but he’s still is an upgrade to the PGs that they currently have, and considering that they got him for 2.5 mil is great, they need to go after Arenas also, even though they’re frontcourt is stacked, they still have one of the worst backcourts in the league.

  16. SYDALE says:

    He’s gonna miss like half the season! LOL What a useless move…

  17. LJ says:

    B-diddy welome to the KNICKS. We need a vet and someone who is clutch and has made big shots through out his career, he is very creative and can get to the basket and knock down the three, showed us last season how much he likes the MSG. cant wait to see wat he does, coz wen he is motivated and why wouldnt he be, wen he has a chance to win a championship. he will be an x factor late in games. love it

  18. dpman says:

    Baron is a good move. The knicks need a quaterback and Baron when healthy will deliver that better that, TD or Bibby. They can now have the back and front court pieces needed in the play -offs. Great move but I also think Areanas can add at the shooting position. The Knick could do a lot worst and there aren’t many good choices left

  19. Game on. says:

    Knicks just need a good game manager, I guy who can bring the ball up and get them into there sets and hit an open jumper when required. BD is the guy I like the pick up.

  20. GP says:

    B Davis would be a great addition. I saw what this guy can do when he’s on his game. Last year he proved that to the Knicks in the final secs of the game. Can’t wait to see him on the court. The new look Knicks looks much improve from other years. Let’s Get That RIng Baby.

  21. LORD P says:

    BARON DAVIS is a THOUGH GAMER…and the knicks made a great move by signing him..i wish that he’ll be healthy cause finally after a long time he is in a Team that can compete for the top…i’m sure that if he’ s ok…he still got the juice to play GREAT basketball…

  22. CoachAiree1 says:

    So NYK has 4 point guards? they have Toney Douglas, rookie Iman Shumpert, Mike Bibby and now Baron Davis…hmm I wonder how they’ll divvy the minutes

  23. NBAer says:

    NY would perfectly fit Davis’ style of play. He wouldn’t need to score in bunches because of Melo and Amare, but the high octane offense of D’Antoni would fit him much like Nellie’s plays. Defense is another thing though…

  24. Steve says:

    Someone please explain to me how is this a great move by the Knicks? Dude I’m a huge Knicks fan and am even a former Baron Davis fan during his Golden State days. This guy is WASHED UP man…he’s not going to contribute anything anymore. Even the Clippers thought he was worthless, what does that tell you??? I’d rather have Toney Douglas or Bibby playing at PG than this fat loser.

    • JPants says:

      lets see if we catch some lightening in a bottle for once… seems like it happens to every other team in this league… this is our time!

    • Brandon says:

      Man, google Baron Davis clips ….from LAST season. He still has talent. And better point guard talent than Toney Douglas. Toney Douglas could then go back to the 6th man position that he is best made out to be.

      I thought the article did a good job showing ppl like you that Both the Clippers and Cavs were a BETTER more EFFICIENT team with him at the point rather than on the bench. CMON man.
      This is what I believe will be the best lineup
      Davis / Douglas / Bibby
      Shump / Fields / Douglas
      Melo / Fields / Walker
      Amare / Balkman/ Harrelson
      Chandler / Jeffries

  25. A-Man says:

    Baron is great, no doubt, but the Knicks have a habit of picking up expiring contracts and broke down players, who were once great. If they want to do that at least Bibby is a little more reliable. For my money I would have gone after Gilbert Arenas
    from the Amnesty waiver list. He still has a lot of gas in the tank, can score, is lightning quick and would compliment Melo, A’mare and Chandler while adding another offensive option to spread the floor. He put in a full season with Orlando after his knee injuries, but wasn’t a big producer because he was the 3rd option at guard. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for this move from the Knicks.

  26. ASwede says:

    Why amnesty Billups and take on “amnestied” Davis? Size of contracts? If you ask me Billups is the better PG and plays well with Melo.

    • Dominique says:

      they had to amnesty billups in order to be able to afford tyson chandler …. billups is the more consistan point guard.. but they thought better to get a post presence… good move …. i’m a heat fan and i believe the knicks are now the second best team in the nba… they’ve made the best upgrades!!!

  27. mavs nation2k12 says:

    its good that NBA is back…im a dallas fan but came to like chandler…i wish him the best…i hope knicks will win the east…

  28. Cid says:

    trade baron for steve nash!!

  29. b-rad says:

    Some of you guys just dont know jack. Chandler is no longer with the knicks and fields is not a point guard but looks promising for the future. Hopefully Davis gets healthy bacuase he certainly can contribute. At 2.5 mil who wouldn’t take a chance on him. Finally a smart move by the Knicks.

    • jon says:

      lmaooooo . you say some of them dont know jack? that might be true , but your a moron! tyson chandler is on the knicks. no one here is talking about wilson.. have u been in a coma for a week now?

    • Jay says:

      U must have been in a coma cause u da only one on here dat doesnt know wut they are talking bout… Read a paper or something before u comment

  30. SMOKSOM30 says:


  31. G for Jeep says:

    hmmmm.. Give Baron a CHANCE..
    All he needs is to be happy on the team he is with,.

  32. Denver/Heat/NewYork says:

    i said davis to newyork or heat, i’m very happy to hear this. Davis, Melo, Stat, Chandler. Watch out.

  33. HeatWave says:

    If he recovers they should use him as a backup. Fields is the future for them so they need to work hard at developing him first, but Baron can definitely help with that too.

  34. g,v says:

    who didn’t see that coming?

    • Carlos says:

      Mike Bibby

    • gdhd says:

      lol you kidding?? coulda signed with bulls, celts, heat, lakers or any other contender as starting or backup pg to help boost their chances of winning. all of them could have offered him at least the 2.5m exception.

  35. Neitel says:

    Baron had better days..but this is a good pick up if he can stay healthy for the knicks. The knicks are looking to make some noise, they got their power forward, they got melo and a center, all they need is a great point guard, and with Baron in the lineup, he dont need to score 40 a game to win it, they got more than enough weapons to take down an opponent. Also, watch out for Imam Shumpert, this guy is the truth!!!! Book it!

  36. karoLT says:

    Baron Davis is going to be a great addition to whichever team he plays… best fit for a championship caliber team…He’s gonna carry the future team he’d be sign with, believe me on this 🙂

  37. newyorksteelo says:

    Could be a plus for the knicks if he can recover well and stay healthy. I noticed in yesterday’s preseason game that every time Mello took the Point Forward, great plays came out of it. We need a good point guard for sure.

    • Deven says:

      If he were healthy now and be ready to go, I’d be really happy about this move. But he’s gonna be out for quite some time now. This is a big risk the Knicks just took. Hopefully he’ll be back sooner than later.

      • gdhd says:

        how is this a big risk when any and every other team could have offered him the same 2.5m exception?? if he cant play so what? this isnt a bad risk at all since they didnt waste any money on him like 15m+ contract hes used to. guess you cant read or pay attention to whats being said. all you read was the title