Green’s Status Critical To Celtics

HANG TIME NEW JERSEY BUREAU — The Boston Celtics need as much depth as possible in this condensed season, so re-signing Jeff Green was a critical move for Danny Ainge, no matter how poorly Green fit in after arriving from Oklahoma City last season.

And with the news that Green will miss the the season after having surgery Monday to repair an aortic aneurysm, the Celtics’ chances of returning to The Finals have possibly been dealt a huge blow.

Steve Bulpett of the Boston Herald has the story on Green

The Celtics provided no official word on Jeff Green last night, but all indications are that the forward will miss significant time as he tends to an unspecified medical issue.

Green flew to Cleveland yesterday with president Danny Ainge for further testing at the Cleveland Clinic after abnormalities were revealed in a stress test during the player’s physical last week.

Ainge said last night he was awaiting results from the latest exams, but sources said the problem has been detected and that decisions were being made on the best course of action. It has been noted in the Herald that a surgical procedure on Green may be needed to complement medication.

The primary concern, of course, is Green’s long-term health, and Bulpett quotes sources saying that he “should be fine in the long run.”

But poor bench play was the primary reason the Celtics fell short last season. And without Green, they’d be left with a second unit of Keyon Dooling, Marquis Daniels, Sasha Pavlovic, Brandon Bass and Chris Wilcox, which probably isn’t going to cut it with a veteran core that needs to stay fresh.

So with these new details of Green’s condition, the Celtics’ season may be hanging in the balance.


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  1. sminie says:

    The KG/Ray/Pierce era is just heating up, we aim for the finals! No doubt..

  2. celtics all day!!! says:

    look guys celtics will be fine, plus Gilbert Arenas still out there why can they go sign him for 1 year to help 2nd units.

  3. mattman says:

    jeff green is a factor because he can do it all on both ends of the with an ageing roster, they could have used some young talent off the bench

  4. HugeBaby says:

    We all know that the Celtics real problem was getting rid of Glen Davis! Very solid bench player that thrived in the minutes he was given.

  5. James says:

    Sucks that he’s injured like this. It’s not even an injury so much as a serious ailment. Anyways, he was not going to save the Celtics. Everyone who is a Celtics fan can see this recent era of opportunity is clearly fading. What they need, and what they will never get, is Superman. If he were to come to this team now, as in this season, the Celtics would joist banners for the next three years. And the league doesn’t want that. They, as in the League, are going to do everything they can to stop the Celtics and the Lakers from creating any more stacked teams. They want those two franchises to fade like the wind. – I blame the NBA fans for not getting behind the players in this last trade negotiation. It’s all over for these storied franchises, and this recent set back is just one of the twenty steps back both franchises are going to be taking the next ten years.

  6. Miami316 says:

    Boston will be lucky to get the 7th seed.

    No team in the East has a chance against the Heat now except for the Bulls and Knicks(in that order)

    Hopefully the knicks and bulls clash.

  7. Casper says:

    They should sign Allen Iverson – so they have some scoring off the bench! πŸ™‚ Go AI!

  8. Fact says:

    Boston Celtics should get MarShon Brooks from the New Jersey Nets before he turn into Kobe Bryant 2.0.

  9. Celtics fan says:

    Bleh this is awful news, but I wish him a speedy and full recovery. Hope he comes back to Boston soon I think he could be a great PF next season when KG is through. This season gonna be tough, but it don’t matter, we can’t pout and complain as Celtics we better then that, the odds are stacked against us, so what? Win or lose I stand by my home team cuz sometimes its our mis steps and mistakes that make our victories all the sweeter. And to all those people blubberin bout how the C’z ain’t making the playoffs underestimating em should prepare for a rude awakening, and if I’m wrong bout that theres a very sweet draft just around the corner. So don’t fret guys, banner 18 prob won’t happen this year, but it ain’t far off :D. And Knicks fan, some people are shocked you’d be so vulgar and petty in regards to a human life, personally as a Boston native I expect nothing less from a New Yorker. You might very well make deeper in the playoffs than us, but you’ll never make it past Miami or Chicago, at the end of the day your precious widdle Knicks will still only be able to look up and see two banners from the early 1970s, best get the Kleenex ready for when ol’ Spikey boy lets loose the water works, cuz you gonna Ewing’d AGAIN, I guarentee it ;).

  10. Norwegian Celtics fan says:

    I think Boston goes for Howard next summer, get rid of allot of players and will then have this core; Rondo, Howard and Pierce(will play out his career in Boston, imo). Thats a pritty good starting three. Regarding this year, Boston will easly get to the playoffs, even without Jeff Green. Boston will have huge problems against an athletic Miami Heat in a playoff, but in my opinion a decent chanse on beating the Chicago Bulls. New Yorsk Knicks however, is again this year, no match for the celtics (Remember, Perk was not on celtics when they swept them last year, and Jeff Green was a non factor. Tyson Chandler is good, but not THAT good) : )

  11. C says:

    Jeff Green was probably one of the most active, hardworking players during the lockout and his missing will affect C’s game during this season. I wish him all the best πŸ˜‰

  12. nefan says:

    This year, the Celts just have to tough it out – probably not deep into the playoffs, if at all. Too bad things haven’t panned out as planned/hoped by the management – you never really know, do you… So, this year is a patchwork again. Just hunker down and tough it out – make the big moves when the time is right. The time, unfortunately, is not now – that’s just the way it happens sometimes. When the dust settles, you have to work with what you have – just try to stay healthy this year.

  13. just a guy says:

    boston needs to sign a free agent or a trade. they don’t have any pieces to trade but they are desperate right now, i expect them to trade rondo for a guard and a 6th man probably and a pick. the first trade that pops up to mind is with bobcats, dj plus diaw plus a first round pick or with denver, ty lawson, galinari which denver would not agree but worth a try. maybe timberwolves can settle on a deal which involves rubio and d.williams i doubt it though. maybe they can have a deal with utah. but all of these trades doesn’t make much sense now that i think about it. so boston is stuck with the roster they have. they can make the play offs but i don’t think we will see them at the finals.

  14. TBONE says:

    Lets go boys. the guy’s got a serious injury. besides the big three, danny ainge is an idiot and hes proving it again. every player in the league would love to play for the greatest franchise in sports, just need to get rid of ainge. bringing Howard would be ridiculous, but unrealistic. lets get Kevin Love and build around a big white guy, fundamental and excellent.

  15. Jochen-Celt says:

    Dont know really whats gonna happen after all of this words you great fans. But we`re human, we need to adjust things like this, and thats the real life. There`s no all paved way to get banner 18. We have to adjust and battle for it. Our stars need to work more and more and i hope they should be wise how they could handle the young teams and powerful BIG TRIOS such as NYK and MIA and others. Anyway i stay as Big Fan of Celtics for life. Good Luck and Quick recovery for Green and be wise and thoughtful to Danny. Danny you were my favourite GM, and still my favorite!

  16. Ghost says:

    What 1st Round? Celtics would not even make it to Playoffs. But even if they (8) could, the Bulls (1) will sweep them!

  17. Elliot says:

    Alright seriously, Last season Jeff Green didn’t play well for the season first of all he came into a team who lost their best friend for him and he had under half a season to fit in with the team coming off the bench after being a starter, Second Doc Rivers said the rest of the season he didn’t know how to use Jeff. This season I was looking forward to seen an improvement in Jeff unfortunately this won’t happen and it’s really quite sad the Kendrick Perkins trade aside Jeff out for the season is a big loss for the team.

  18. cocaine says:

    bruised spinal cord for daniels

    and now another new one?

    are you kidding me?

    Green must have been partying a lot in the offseason.

  19. fernando says:

    what a horrible bench…
    they’ll be out in the first rd of the playoffs….

  20. max says:

    Lets nor forget that the bench we have are guys that would be starters else where.. We still need a few pieces but green has not produced since coming to the Celts.. He’s better off injured for the season. it gives someone else a chance to step up, we may discover something here. Danny will figure something out..

  21. Rob says:

    And yet the Celtics never went after Dalembert and Stevenson…………or are still Free Agents.

  22. T.DOT CELTICS FAN says:

    Celtics need to trade for Howard and win a next ring.

  23. Gary says:

    Cletics trade Perkins for Green because of money and injury issues. Now Perkins is in the best shape of his life and Green is injured. Bravo Ainge, Bravo.

  24. Rob says:

    Jeff Green is a great player, but the celtics have won enough. His role is greatly missed in Oklahoma.

  25. Nick says:

    Jeff Green is not the best player. But with the celtics aging the young Jeff Green could help them feel a bit younger

  26. Nick says:

    Green is an okay player. But with the aging celtics his young athleticness can matter the world

  27. Armin Halvadzic says:

    Samuel Delamebrt would fit fine in the Celtics starting five and I think Jeff Green is a solid player but for some reason he just didn’t click well with the team last year. I’m really corious what’s going to happen with Boston after the big three leaves the town. Who’s gonna be the nex star in Boston ? Same goes for the lakers. After Kobe…what’s next ? But I’m pritty sure both teams are going to do a great job with bulding up new teams….let’s just hope Celtics won’t need 10 years to do it.

  28. Barea # 1 says:

    I can’t believe that Jeff Green won’t play this season

  29. knick super fan says:

    ha ha ha ha ha this year it will be the knicks sweeping the bostan celtics if that is they get to the playoffs

    • steagle says:

      You’re laughing at a serious health issue this guy has just because you want your team to beat the other team? That’s pretty tasteless. I would never laugh at someone on the Knicks sitting on the sidelines for the season no matter how much I might dislike the team.

    • BIGG LYNCH says:

      Learn how to spell Before u start running ur gums


  30. Oak says:

    Non-factor? He was a factor in OKC. Therefore, put him on the court and let him play some serious minutes and then we will speak. Guess now we won’t have the chance but still, remind it that he is a potencially good starter and not just other rotation player.

  31. NBA fan says:

    Best wishes to Jeff Green and his recovery.
    However, you Celtics fans shouldn’t use this as an excuse – the Celtics players are getting too old. Best they can do is get to the playoffs, maybe win the first round depending on the matchup, but they weren’t going past the second round anyway.

  32. Go Mavs says:

    The celtics wernt gonna be a contender anyway

  33. Blackmamba24 says:

    Its not like his not make a difference anyway….Just means Garnett will get more minutes. Celtics will lose in the first round of the playoffs this season.

  34. buzzkillington says:

    damn, as if it wasn’t already obvious enough that trading Perk for Green was a bad idea for the C’s.

  35. Bersem says:

    They missed the finals last year when they decided to transfer Perkins to Oklahoma.. Hope their aging stars will be healthy this season because except Wilcox, I don’t see who will be able to bring them punch, defense and points… Bur maybe can they sign one or two free agents (Dalembert ?)

  36. Hector V says:

    let him go

  37. Boston says:

    trade him

    • CelticGurl says:

      Noone want’s someone that can’t and that’s injured play so that would do absolutely nothing…

  38. Fact says:

    Celtics era ends.

  39. Sarkies says:

    He really isnt that good anyway

    • CelticGurl says:

      Yeah….he may not be that good because of the talent that surronds him. He is someone that needs to be playing with the looks of our bench now! He may have not been a huge contributer but no that hes gone, i promise you that there will come a time this season where your watcing a game and you say “hmm if only Green was out there.” Our veterens wont last forever. KG’s already getting hurt off and on just like last season and Paul only has a few years left. Ray will keep trying but it’s gonna wear out. I mean we have Rondo but he can’t do it alone…I don’t know I’m just afraid that we wont have our next banner at the Garden.

  40. Boston Fan says:

    Yeah, I don’t really think Jeff Green is going to contribute that much. He’s also probably not coming back for the rest of the season.

  41. Rhonda says:

    This is a human life you are talking about. Really?

  42. imad akel says:

    Aortic aneurysm and still playing? SERIOUSLY? That’s major surgery…

    If they fix it with something not strong enough, it will recur and it might rupture with increased blood pressure or blood flow (which is anytime during strenuous exercise)…

    If they fix it with something that prevents recurrence, it’s still not going to be as elastic as a normal aorta. His end diastolic pressure will be higher and his heart muscle will have to pump harder which means his heart will hypertrophy which puts him at risk for a whole bunch of cardiovascular problems that will affect his life after his career if not during.

    He’s lucky that it hasn’t already ruptured…

    I don’t understand how he could still play after this surgery, or even without this surgery… An aortic aneurysm is normally not a big deal and it’s not disabling at all, but it does end your career in professional sports.

    In my opinion, it’s time for amnesty + insurance. Doesn’t matter how small his aneurysm is, he can’t lead the life of an NBA player with all the daily physical stress and exertion that comes with the job.

  43. NBAer says:

    What pissed me off with the Perkins-Green trade was not the Celtics losing Perk. They still rank as one of the top defensive teams last year with Perk out, but its losing Nate that no one noticed. Nate was an explosive scorer, plus he blended well with Glen Davis, thus having that underrated 1-2 punch that was only noticed as “Shrek and Donkey” in the Finals vs LA. The problem of Boston entering the playoffs was not defense, they’re still an elite team defensively. It was their offense that suffered against Miami. Without their Big 3, they can’t score (having an ineffective Green and Davis and an injured West). Then things got worse when Rondo got hurt.

    Hopefully this year Boston would be able to get scorers off the bench that would buy Doc’s defense. Boston’s Big 3 should see limited minutes to keep them fresh for the playoffs, and also that would provide room for Rondo to improve some more. Though Green was their player for the future, the only chance they have is now. I don’t see a Rondo-Green team going deep after the KG-Paul-Allen era. I just hope they get cheap and smart acquisitions for this tough year.

    • DM8488 says:

      welp okc trying to get rid of nate go get him.

    • armando says:

      celtics draft picks would surprise most people they may not be highly rated

      but w/ celtics coaching staff i see great development on those guys.

      perk was really a big lost for celtics

      if things just worked out like ainge planned

      they would have a great line up

      post kg/allen/pierce era

      ainge planned to get perk much more improvement using okc

      coz celtics did alot on him already and going to okc would enchance his leadership

      who knows after perk’s contract ends he might sign a deal w/ celtics just like how ainge planned.

  44. benhiphop says:

    when did the celtics bench go so wrong?

  45. CELTIC says:

    green is such a good player, but he has struggled ever since coming to boston, have no clue why

    Ainge is just such a screw up for bringing more oldies to the team such as dooling and wilcox, we neeeeeeeed young blood to the celtics! How do you think this team is gonna do when KG, ray ray and pierce retire? We will do shockingly bad, so bad that even the timberwolves will come ahead!

    Ainge should of made the moove for dwight howard like all the rumours were saying he spoke to him in the first place, but it is blatant that the celtics are either stingy or just cheap, THERE IS STILL TIME! MAKE A QUALIFYING OFFER TO DWIGHT HOWARD DANNY AINGE AND BRING ANOTHER BANNER TO THE GARDEN!

  46. 6nba5 says:

    he was a waste of a trade anyway, has anybody seen how hard perkins worked out in the off season to bring his weight down, he doent even look the same body wise, same giant head but anyway didnt show up in the playoffs, i doubt he would of been a mjaor factor during the season anyway, instead of trying to see rondo ” value” shoulf of been trying to package that bum off along with Sasha Pavlovic and carlos arroya, waste of resigning all 3 of them , hell u could of kept delonte west great coming off the bench, still no descent pg tp come in for rondo, i swear the need to either sign gilbert areas since u let billups get away, and by time april go after kenyon martin, ill even take a chance after going after allen iverson

  47. rondofan says:

    they also needed West who signed with the Pacers. it just keeps looking worse for my celtics

    • LA-CP3 --> GRIFFIN says:

      Too bad man. I have a soft spot for the celtics. Unfortunately this might be the last straw. hard to see them getting past the heat without a solid bench. Green was given a harsh run

  48. Celts says:

    Hes out for the season

  49. HeatWave says:

    Jeff Green is a non-factor.