The Best Of The Rest

HANG TIME NEW JERSEY BUREAU — The Seattle SuperSonics moved to Oklahoma City a little over three years ago, so Jamal Crawford can’t play for his hometown team. But he can come close.

That’s what Crawford will do when he signs with the Portland Trail Blazers for $10 million over two years. Crawford reportedly chose Portland over Sacramento and New York, who could only offer him their $2.5 million exception.

Crawford replaces Brandon Roy, who is being waived via the amnesty clause. And he should give a boost to an offense that has regressed each of the last two years. The Blazers had the second-best offense in the league in 2008-09, but ranked seventh in ’09-10 and 11th last season.

Also today, Richard Hamilton signed a three-year deal with the Chicago Bulls.

The free agency dominoes continue to fall, but there are still some guys available who can help a team. Here’s the best of the bunch…

Arron Afflalo (restricted): When the Nuggets agreed to terms with Nene on Tuesday night, GM Masai Ujiri told our David Aldridge that progress was being made on a deal with Afflalo. But all has been quiet on the Afflalo front since then.

Samuel Dalembert: There hasn’t been much chatter about Dalembert in the last few days. He reportedly had interest from Houston and Sacramento. Right now, the Rockets’ best center is Hasheem Thabeet.

Josh Howard: Howard met with the Jazz on Tuesday and has had several teams, including the Spurs, interested. He tore his ACL in February of 2010 and has played just 53 games over the last two seasons.

Kris Humphries: Humphries could be back in a Nets uniform on a one-year deal by the weekend. They need a power forward desperately, but because they’re looking to preserve their $22 million of cap space for next summer, they’re looking to hand out one-year deals.

Andrei Kirilenko: Reports have the Nets and Kings interested. Even with Humphries’ cap hold, New Jersey has over $12 million of cap space after waiving Travis Outlaw via the amnesty clause today. So they could give Kirilenko a pretty lucrative one-year deal.

Rodney Stuckey (restricted): ESPN reported Wednesday that Stuckey and the Pistons were at an impasse, and that he might just accept his $3.9 million qualifying offer. That would make him an unrestricted free agent next summer.

Nick Young (restricted): Michael Lee of The Washington Post updates us on Young, whose best option may be to accept the qualifying offer from the Wizards.

Getting ready for the season was tough enough with just 17 days of training camp before games start on Christmas. But for these guys, it’s going to be even harder to get integrated on the fly with whatever teams they eventually sign with.


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  1. Eric says:

    Two ?.First is there anything out there for Gilbert Arenas,and i’m 57 yrs old and have followed bbal since forever,PLEASE explain why Jamal Wilkes has no place in the hall of fame???? I mean Tim Hardway,Chris Mullen???? J Wilkes Ucla champs,golden st warriors champs,la lakers 2/3 championships. So whats up???????

  2. sam says:

    Why are you so sure that AK47 will come back to the NBA anyway? He doesn’t care about the money(giving away his salaries from CSKA to charity) and he has no chance of winning in the NBA, but great chances to win everything in Russia/Europe. Obviously NBA title means a lot more, but still, no chance.

  3. Choker says:

    Kirilenko go to the Kings so that Kings will improve or to the Nets to team up with former team mate Deron

  4. caleb says:

    if dalembert resigns with the kings and they get kirilenko then look out for this sleeper dark horse… im a SONICS fan but i like the kings now because the NBA is picking on them…. they have nice guards in evans, thornton, jimmer, salmons and could of had jamal crawford…..nice bigs in cousins, hickson, thompson, and hayes… they are a couple years away from the playoffs but they can sure spoil the standings in the west

    • rochelle says:

      the kings dont need a couple of years!!!!!!! they will make the playoffs next year depending on the feb. trade deadline and what they do…. they are the only team in the nba to be under the minimum salary cap and they are trying to stock up young talent to lure teams into a big trades and keeping tyreke and cousins as foundation…alot of teams are interested in the nice young talents and very solid young veterans the kings possess

  5. So much has happend in the NBA since the lockout.
    I don’t have very high expectations of the league this year, considering Stern made one of the worse gaffes by vetoing the CP3 to Lakeshow deal. So much for trying to avoid another public relations nightmare. Not to mention all the teams that were affected by his very unpopular decision.
    Hats off to all those teams who benefited from their free-agent signings.

  6. Sean says:

    Where is Jason Williams!!??

  7. Yung T says:

    bulls just need one more add n they gud a under rated center that can use is weight and score with his back to theback

  8. SYDALE says:

    Did Rashard Lewis get amnestied yet???

  9. b-roy says:

    miami should pick gilbert arenas (or new york)!!!!!!!!!!! STARTING PG!

    • hammer says:

      gilbert isnt gonna start over chalmers. he was already bitching before they re-signed him he wanted his starting spot back and he deserves it. was the best heat player in playoffs.

  10. b-roy says:

    YES! crawford can replace brandon(i hope u will be happy and u will come to watch every portland match!

  11. Troy says:

    I’m actually liking this Rip to the Bulls move. He missed games last year, but it was for all that BS with that clown Kuester. Maybe that means he’ll have some fresh legs this year, although it isn’t like 33 is ancient in this league for a skill player like Hamilton. Bottom line, the guy keeps defenses occupied with all that running, and he’s aggressive. I can’t stress this enough: the Bulls were 31-2 last season when Bogans scored 6 pts or more. Rip can score 6 pts in his sleep. Not a bad defender either, his length is valuable against teams with smaller 2-guards. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Bulls!

  12. Camparta says:

    Yeah guys, Brandon Roy just retired but his contract should remain unless the Blazers did what they do, waive him via the amnesty clause. If not, they would have had another Allan Houston case. I think John Schuhmann knows pretty well how to work.

  13. Daking06 says:

    Miama could use an Afflalo, and another center. i just cant trust Eddie Curry.

  14. Law064 says:

    Yeah ubfortunately B.Roy has retired I’m not sure why Afflalo is still out there he’s a good player also Josh Howard. Maybe Orlando could try to get 1 of those guys. Good look for the Blazers gettin J, Craw he will fill that void that Roy left he is just like Jason Terry good scorer and shooter. This lockout has me really ready for X-mas can’t wait

  15. Fact says:

    It’s not a steal, BRoy’s career is already over, he already announced his early retirement. AK47 will definitely sign with the NJN.

  16. correction_for_willie says:

    Hey Willie, it seems that you are not updated with the happenings around the NBA. Brandon Roy retires from his career.

  17. HeatWade says:

    good move by Chicago adding Rip Hamilton…
    if they can use him the way Larry Brown did in 2004 then Miami should be worried…

  18. willie says:

    if some team gets brandon roy, just like the clippers got chauncey….that will definitely be a steal if and only if he’s healthy…. so, roy i think is still good even if he’s not the go to guy anymore… good fit for the clippers? i hope the mavs get him as well

  19. DF says:

    Jamal to the Blazers – that’s a good deal for both sides. And the contract seems reasonable, too. I like all that. Go Blazers.
    Now please trade Oden for D12 and we’re good. Lol.