Report: Magic won’t trade Dwight

UPDATE, 2:54 p.m. ET: Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports reports that the Magic have ended all trade talks for Dwight Howard. Stay tuned to for more on this story.

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HANG TIME NEW JERSEY BUREAU — Could Dwight Howard be traded before Chris Paul? A few days ago, the answer would have been “no way.” But with Paul talks in somewhat of a holding pattern, the Howard rumors reached a fever pitch in the wee hours of Wednesday morning.

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports has the report

Talks between the Orlando Magic and New Jersey Nets for a Dwight Howard blockbuster trade have gathered momentum over the past several days, and the framework of a possible four-team deal has taken shape, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

Front office sources say Nets general manager Billy King has aggressively pursued the necessary players and picks to try and satisfy Orlando’s demands for Howard, one of the league’s most dominating and popular players.

New Jersey and Orlando are working toward a core deal that would send center Brook Lopez and another significant player obtained elsewhere to the Magic for Howard and Hedo Turkoglu, sources said.

The Magic are listening, but there is still real doubt about their willingness to completely give up hope on convincing Howard to re-sign with them after he opts out of his contract in July. Howard has been willing to sign extensions with the Los Angeles Lakers and Dallas Mavericks, but the Nets’ future in Brooklyn has been most intriguing to him.

What other teams could be involved? You would have to imagine they’d be in the Western Conference, where GMs would have motivation to keep Howard in the East and away from the Los Angeles Lakers.

In fact, a surprising candidate is involved in the talks, according to Marc Stein and Chad Ford over at

The New Jersey Nets have entered into serious talks with the Orlando Magic on a multiteam trade scenario that would bring Dwight Howard to the Nets, according to sources close to the process.

Sources told that the most active proposal discussed by the teams would send Portland Trail Blazers swingman Gerald Wallace to the Magic along with Nets center Brook Lopez as two of the main pieces Orlando would receive in exchange for Howard.

As part of such a trade, which could be expanded to include a fourth team, sources say Orlando would also shed the long-term contracts of Hedo Turkoglu and Chris Duhon — both absorbed by New Jersey — while also potentially receiving future draft considerations.

Other players would have to be added to the deal to make the salary-cap math work, but sources said Portland would receive multiple first-round picks as part of the exchange for surrendering Wallace and facilitating the trade.

Yet it remains to be seen if the Brooklyn-bound Nets can convince the Magic to indeed go through with trading Howard before the season starts. Earlier this week, one source familiar with the Magic’s thinking insisted to that they were not yet prepared to trade Howard away, clinging to the hope that he can be talked into staying.

Howard himself is known for changing his views on the matter on a near-daily basis, torn by his desire to move to a more glamorous market like Brooklyn or Los Angeles and the prospect of staying with the team that drafted him and delivering the championship to Orlando that Shaquille O’Neal could not.

One source said that the Nets were moving “aggressively” in their pursuit of Howard after Nene — New Jersey’s top free-agent target — agreed to terms Tuesday night on a five-year, $67 million deal to return to the Denver Nuggets.

Could a blockbuster involving the second-best player in the league go down before the season starts? That’s Orlando’s decision, but a deal would be much easier to pull off before the Nets spend money on free agents, even if they’re only handing out one-year deals to preserve their 2012 cap space.


  1. Striker9 says:

    My top 10 of the most valuable players in the league: (not the best)
    1: Lebron The most complete bballer of the world and he will get his ring for sure!
    2: Howard There is no better center who has still a lot of time to grow and win
    3: Rose Youngest MVP
    4: Durant Young and the most talented Scorer other than Kobe
    5: Paul, best true pointguard and a real leader
    6: Kobe the best scorer ever with the Killer instinct but has max 2, 3 years left
    7 Wade (One of the best scorers athletes and defenders) Dirk (leader, team player and has the heart of a champion)
    8: Melo scoring machine, crunchtime player but plays not much defense
    9: Stoudemire (best lowpost scorer in the NBA) Griffin (can go anywhere from here up to no1)
    10. Gasol, D-Will, Nash, Westbrook, E. Gordon, Pirece….

  2. Joseph_03 says:

    I’m sad that the Lakers are not the real best destination for Howard, but still hope he ends up in purple and gold for just Bynum and some other players not Kobe and Gasol, so in a way the Lakers stay relevant beyond 2 years from now.

  3. K says:

    Howard will end up in NJ not only because DWill is there but think about it AK47 is a Russian hero he will be signed with the nets because the NBA can not monitor accounts in Russia so i expect to see AK back in the states weather it is legit or not.

    That being said you have two superstars in Howard and Williams add in AK as the third man along with a couple small roll players the Nets will run the east because of their versatility unlike the Knicks and the Heat

  4. Myers306 says:

    Never mind Chris Paul is not 4th he prob. is like 10th or something though, maybe better.

  5. Myers306 says:

    Sorry, nbeats, the top players go like this.

    2.Wade= The Best
    Kobe ain’t even in it, he is like 18th on the fantasy rankings.

  6. Willl says:

    Dwight Howard should stay in orlando. Last Year Dirk Nowitzki and the mavs showed us you don’t need a super team to win a championship

  7. Wild bill says:

    D12 in New Jersey? D12 in Brooklyn? What is he thinkin? What?, so he can hang with Snookie and Jersey girl? PUHLEEEEZ!! The ONLY New York team is the Knicks and theyve already screwed up their roster already!!! RU Kiddin ME? Would U move to Jersey??? Would You move tp Brooklyn??? I’ll look forward to Dwight’s new chain of Jersey Shore tanning Salons!!!

    Send the DWIGHTSTER to Oklahoma for Harden, Perkins, and Westbrook and pair him with Durant…Double D heaven in Bricktown!!!

  8. brandon says:

    I wish the Blazers would back out of this. Wallace is their second best player and it would not benefit them in the least to do this trade. BACK OUT BLAZERS, DON’T TRADE WALLACE.

  9. JDish says:

    No way is this a good trade, not for Dwight Howard nor for the Magic.
    First off, Dwight Howard wants to go to a team that is winning right now, A CONTENDER, the Nets were not a playoff team last season and don’t have a talented enough roster to offer DH a winning squad.
    Second, the Magic would be giving up the Best center in the NBA. That to me is the dumbest idea ever to give up one of the best players in the game right now. Can’t they trade other players to get Dwight Howard the help he needs rather than just giving him up. He has expressed that he’s willing to stay, BUT he needs to see positive activity from the front office that they are doing all that is necessary to bring 1 or 2 more great bball players to Orlando and raise the competitive level of the Magic.
    Look At what Boston did to get Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett. Look at what Miami had to do to get Lebron and Chris Bosh. Those were different situations, but you can’t argue that those teams did everything they could to pull those trades off.
    I say Orlando DON’T TRADE D. Howard. TRADE other players, shop guys around to other teams and get DH some teammates that will make the Magic a great team.
    C’mon, get a package together and ship Jameer Nelson, Hedo Turk-a-glue, Ryan Anderson, Daniel Orton …IDK… but get something done… BUT don’t let Dwight Howard go like this. Show him that the Magic will do everything to offer him a great team/home to play in.

  10. Basketball says:

    Everyone here can talk the talk but cannot walk the walk. Quit talking about it and start playing. I can beat anyone here 1 on 1. Enough said.

  11. Cake says:

    WOW @ all of your top 10’s

    1. LBJ
    2. D-Wade
    3. K-D
    4. D12
    5. Kobe
    6. Rose
    7. Melo
    8. CP3 + Rondo
    9. Dirk (i guess)
    10. Bosh, Gasol

  12. troy says:

    him going to the nets lol shouldnt happen he wants a ring not stay down the bottom then he will cry for help again he has a chance bulls,heat,boston,spurs,thunder,clippers or just stay and get a better no.3 nelson at 1 rich at artest? at 3 if u can get him davis at 4 superman at 5 now thats a team u just need acouple of good back ups

  13. topdog says:

    Howard should just follow Shaq footsteps..and win Rings or just stay in Orlando and become the best centre there is and encourage other players to join him and win a championship.

  14. Greg says:

    I would like to see Howard and Paul in Los Angeles. Keep Stern Out!!! A comment on those “best player lists”; I just see a bunch of lists of people’s favorite players. It’s tough to compare guards, forwards and centers in the same category. I can say for sure, James has a history of big promises and has not delivered. In fact, he has choked in numerous “big games” and “4th quarters”. Until he gets a championship, he can’t be #1.

  15. Nickanderson25 says:

    I doubt in championship Team Nets and why? They were loaded once and guess what they didnt won anything XD Lakers and Celtics are old, and if D12 want to win anything is MIAMI and he will never join them i guess. Another fairytale D 12 so long…

  16. Alan says:

    How serious it is for the D-12 trade talk? It seems like another gossip trade rumor again, will it become true? Or D-12 just want to rise his value for his new team? How about join to Miami? It would be a good fit for him to reach the championship. Every team cares a lot, especially for the money and benefit. If Howard’s value is worthy for 5 to 10 years, then the owner should not think too much, just make the deal done. Then, the season will start, let’s see what will happen in the future.

  17. Go Miami says:

    Enough of the unfair trades..

    howard for brook lopez? cmon.. the nets don’t have anything to match for the talent of howard and hedo..

    why not this one:

    Miami gives Bosh, Miller and (Another Player other than lbj, wade, battier, joel anthony, chalmers, haslem)

    Orl gives Howard and Hedo

  18. Bonefysh says:

    Hi I think that even if Dwight Howard goes to New Jersey it still gonna be hard their for him becuase the Knicks have a really solid core

  19. nintendude says:

    Actually, u guys forget about Deron Williams imo..

    1) Durant
    2) LeBron”i pee my pants 4th quarter” James
    3) Rose
    4) Wade
    5) Dirk
    6) Howard(hey guys i never hit freethrows)
    7) Williams
    8) Paul
    9) Kobe
    10) Amare

    • PE says:

      Wasn’t gonna respond to anything, but, nintendude, you’ve provoked me. Though I respect your opinion (kinda :), how the heck are you gonna have Kobe Bean Bryant at #9? How about we put Kobe in the position he’s earned: #1 spot. My list:

      1 Kobe Bean Bryant
      2 Lebron
      3 D-Wade
      4 Dirk
      5 D-Rose
      6 Durant
      7 Dwight
      8 D-Will
      9 Chris Paul
      10 Carmelo

      honorable mentions: Zack Randolph, Lemarcus Aldridge, Paul Pierce, Manu

  20. Show says:

    I really don’t understand why people think Dwight Howard would never win a championship in Brooklyn? It’s obvious that he won’t win the 1st or 2nd year there but you can’t be sure he will not win 1 at all during his whole contract with the team (only needs 1). It’s not like they won’t continue to add pieces & free agents wouldn’t eventually want to go there with Dwight & D Will. How is Dwight going to Nj any different then Carmelo going to the Knicks?

    Dwight going from Orlando to L.A will just make the Shaq comparisons even worse. Might as well make a rap album & a Kazaam movie pt 2.

  21. Darrick Splap says:

    I noticed the term glamorous market referring to Brooklyn and L.A. How long will the NBA allow this mess to continue with superstars only wanting to play in 5 cities ( NYC, L.A, Chicago, Boston, Miami) and maybe Dallas? As a season ticketholder in a small market this is extremely annoying! Unlike the NFL, where every team has a shot at the title every 10 years if draft,trade and sign decent contracts, the NBA has made it clear it’s not going to change.

    Until the NBA stops being superstar driven vs being team driven like the NFL nothing is going to change. Period!!

  22. Gil says:

    If Howard leaves he’s just like Lebron James, a sell out. You didn’t see larry bird going to the lakers vise versa and now all of a sudden NBA superstars want to team up to win championships. Unlike Dirk, he stayed loyal to his team, town, fans and now we are the world champs without the help of a superstar. Howard should stay in Orlando and Paul should stay in New Orleans for the sake of the NBA.

  23. Sheik Islam says:

    WHOA. Portland cannot be considering trading Gerald Wallaaaaaaace! Nooooooooooo!
    Also speaking from Portland’s point of view, Lamarcus Aldridge is top 10. I hate that so many people are falling in love with Z-Bo when Aldridge is out there.

  24. kenny says:

    it would ne interesting to see how the league will act up with this if it happens. NJ is a big market team especially since theyre moving to brooklyn.I would like to see Mr.Gilbert send another letter to yahoo about this, or Mr.Cuban come out and say this wasnt what CBA was all about.

  25. Flip says:

    Here is the order of the top 10 players in the NBA:

    1.Kobe Bryant
    2.Kobe Bryant
    3.Kobe Bryant
    4.Kobe Bryant
    5.Kobe Bryant
    6.Kobe Bryant
    7.Kobe Bryant
    8.Kobe Bryant
    9.Kobe Bryant
    10.Kobe Bryant

  26. sean says:

    Dont nobody want the lakers 2 win it all we have the best player in the N.B.A Kobe

  27. half says:

    i meant tangibles

  28. half says:

    O.K guys I understand your points but he can not stop other superstars. Yes he is probably the best defender out there on paper (block shots and intangibles) but stars like d wade lebron cp3 kobe melo he can not get it in with them he is just not that good yet. he can be stopped offensively he still thinks with his heart when playing ball he doesn’t have true court awareness yet he can catch an alley hoop but can’t for the life sink a free throw or a 10 foot jumper to save his life his game is close to complete defensively but on offense he still has alot left to do…My opinion that’s all my list still stands for me this isn’t the jordan era any more and it is proven with championships that not one best player is out there.

  29. Joe Thompson says:

    The commissioner has a problem with the Lakers, that is why the original and best deal for CP3 was squashed. He had a couple cry baby owners in his ear and screwed the whole thing up. Now getting any fair trade for CP3 is nearly impossible. Look what they were asking for from the Clippers, just rediculous. If the Lakers didn’t play at the Forum, he might have asked for that too. Stern has lost all credibility. If he doesn’t get involved in the Howard trade, “for the good of basketball” that will prove my point. He just did not want the Lakers to have CP3.

  30. Chris says:

    Dwight You My Favorite Player But The Nets MAN At Least My Lakers Man I Do Not Get It Goin To The Nets For Brooklyn Man
    He Is On Somethin Cause This Is A Suicide Deal Dwight Lakers 2012

  31. sentt says:

    to the people who say kobe is just trash and old now, he has been going through numbers of injuries that other players wouldnt even play with. also phil jackson gave him the least minutes per game in his career ever since his third season because of those injuries, yet he still averaged 25.4 ppg only playing 30 minutes a game. he is going to be much better this season because he had alot of time to rest during the lockout, and he is feeling wayy better than he did in the last two years. plus mike brown will give him alot more minutes than phil jackson. most people dont even know what they are saying when they are talking about kobe.

  32. dwade says:

    this is the official ranking of “best players in the league” not statwise but value to win championship:
    1. kobe bryant
    2.dwyane wade
    3.dirk nowitzki
    4.lebron james
    5.dwight howard
    special mentions: chris paul, kevin durant, derrick rose coz they cant carry teams by themselves..

  33. MQ says:

    Why can’t the Magic trade Nelson:$8.6, Duhon:$3.2, Anderson:$2.2, Quentin:$2.4 total=$16.6 (maybe some of those rookies in the roster) and some Draft picks for Chris Paul:$16.3. At least give it a shot. I think that the Magic’s just do not want to spend big dollars in two players only. Yet they spend tons of money on average players for nothing, cannot understand that there. The Magic’s should learn from Miami, give your superstars the money, build a legit contender and others will follow for less money to get that ring, although the Heats didn’t won the championship they went to the finals and had a legit shot at the championship. Moreover, it does not matter if the Nets are moving to Brooklyn and have a new arena, New York will always belong to the Knicks and the Madison Square Garden will always be the MECCA of basketball, period.

  34. mike says:

    Someone here just made the case for saying that Howard will go to the Nets. I think all of his points are well taken, and I’d go so far as to say the Nets look like the most likely destination right now. This will lead to quite the battle for supremacy in NYC between the Nets and my Knicks. I would only add a caveat or two that leaves some room for doubt. One is that Howard might still want LA for the weather, show biz exposure, and players who have proven they can win it all. The other is the question of how much the Nets could add in extra pieces, especially since they will have to take bac k Turgolu’s cap space. One other thing involves the player who is attracting him there…….Deron Williams. I wonder if he has what it takes between his ears to be a champion. Having a war with Jerry Sloan, and being traded by a sound franchise like Utah could be red flags. Now maybe Howard isnt worried about that at all, but it’s kind of out there as a potential factor

  35. Graham says:

    Which NFL fan put Lebron as best in league.
    Howard is trying to do a Lebron and change teams to win but not earn a championship,
    Look at the greats, the breakfast club (Jordan, Pippen and Harper) the extra session, shooting practices etc of Dirk, Duncan, Bryant that turned their team into winners.

    Is Derrick Rose one of the last few players with pride in his sport, pride in his team, that respresents what sport should be about?

    If as he says he takes pride in representing Orlando he will stay and put in those extra nine yards.

  36. Benninem says:

    @Carlo12345 oh man….you’re joking right? D Rose and D 12 better than Williams and D 12? D Rose is more like a scoring PG not a typical playmaker. D Will is a typical playmaker and that is, what D 12 needs.

  37. JDish says:

    Dwight Howard stay in Orlando. Its illogical to move to a team (Nets) that’s not even a contender and is only promissing to compete if you sign with them if your purpose is to go to a team that will be playing for a championship.

    As for the Lakers, I think its just a mess with them, and to play along side Kobe isn’t a good situation. To much drama, to much Kobe. Fans want to see there team win, not another Kobe-vs-Shaq-is-the-man-Round2 mess in L.A.

    As for the Mavs, idk but you would be moving to a team that just traded some key players who were part of the championship run last season. But really, its not a good situation anymore cause you would be playing alongside Vince Carter again, whom honestly didn’t do much when he was in Orlando anyway. On the other hand you would be playing with Dirk Nowitzki, but it would be a tough situation considering to whom the shots will go to most of the time.

  38. Joe Tucker says:

    first of let m say im a magic fan. i would love if we could get another superstar like cp3 or trade for someone else, but regardless of the fact that we can afford to do that i dont see it happening. Trade Howard for a young tallented Brook Lopez who averaged 20 ppg last season add in another decent player from the west and thats not a bad deal. Just dont lose howard for nothing this summer

  39. JDish says:

    Dwight Howard considering to go to the Nets doesn’t automatically answer his wish to win a championship. If he really wants to go to a team to win, the Nets are not that team. Yea they have Deron Williams, but that doesn’t mean that they will immidiatelly compete a championship just because they still won’t have the team to do it. DWill and DH will not be enought, they need an improved roster for that.

  40. Mat says:

    Howard is easily the second best player in the league. Anyone who says otherwise knows nothing about basketball. He is 7′ tall and can go out and easily put up 25 points, 15 rebounds, and 4 blocked shots any night. Other teams have to change their game plan when they play against Howard, because they know they’re not getting into the paint. He is the 3-time Defensive MVP and likely to win it for the next 5 years at least. Also, he is the only REALLY dominant big man in the NBA. No one can touch him. Wade, Kobe, Melo, Durant, all fall behind Howard sorry guys.

  41. Swaggaveli J says:

    Someone pick up Allen Iverson up from the turkisuh team he nasty and ready to come back to the almost top of the mountain stop doing him wrong

  42. jOHN says:

    The Nets will have to send there whole teamto me for them 2 if i was orlando front office. I hope he do cum to the nets the need to get a star player beside derron williams.

  43. Magifan4life says:

    De ja vu’, some one please wake me up. We finally get another superman and now we will loose him to the Lakers again.This is like a bad B movie, can someone please fire Otis Smith.

  44. Edwin says:

    Dwight has to go to Oklahoma With Russell Westbrook And Kevin Durant is going to have good team!

  45. que says:

    No way can magic keep howard…unless they bring CP3 to magic and hornets wants young talented players that magic
    dont have …

    Bye Bye Magic Hello Brooklyn

  46. Phil says:

    Howard for LeBron straight up….. Miami wins the championship for the next 7 years

  47. Melvin G41 says:

    go to dallas and win championship with dirk

  48. BaysBall says:

    I would still never do any trade for Dwight. Even though you call him the second best player i feel he is best… I have voted him for MVP 2 or 3 times in a row and if he leaves he will prove it just like peyton manning has proved he was mvp with indy’s current record. I feel no matter what the pieces are around him if you have dwight on your team you automatically have a chance to win the championship. howard needs to make the offense run through him and be a leader on the defense. obviously he will leave since magic wont listen and have completely screwed their roster and finances but i would at least give one last try.

  49. Andres Maqueo says:

    Lets play GM:

    Knicks offers Tyson Chandler and Landry Fields.

    We get D. Howard.

    Sounds very good……..

    but they want to trow Hedu………

    • mike says:

      the magic would have to be nuts to take chandler and fields……and im a huge knick fan for over 45 years!…….now if you threw stat into the trade it might be do-able, and if you made that Carmelo, I could definitely see it happening. I’m not sure Im in favor of those two trades, but they could be worth considering, although they wont happen

  50. Fara says:

    if he wants a mediocre playoff run but (possibly) more money,he should sign with the Nets.
    If he wants a legacy and a chance on the HoF,he should sign with the Mavs!

  51. Dave says:

    LOL all these lebron d wade fans are going nuts LOLOL. lebrick 4th quarter? PEACE

  52. Rick says:

    What are the chances that either chris paul or dwight howard would end up in LA (Lakers)? Is their a better chance for 1 or the other? And do the lakers stand a chance at landing both say if the players decide they want to choose a path to win rings?

  53. your a fool dwight howards number 2 player in the league the best defence is just floating around right now forth defensive player of the year in a row hes a monster were ever he goes best defensive team in the league end of story

  54. Steven says:

    Dwight is not the 2nd best player in the league, These guys are crazy.

    Lebron, Wade, Dirk, Rose, Durant, Chris Paul and Deron Williams are all better than him.

  55. Jonathan says:

    Can Orlando use their prospects to lure CP3? Maybe a trade that would envolve Jameer Nelson, Daniel Orton, DeAndre Liggins, Justin Harper, and a sign and trade with Earl Clark. Let’s the Hornets get young and will send CP3 to a small market to contend. Win for the Magic, Hornets, and NBA.

  56. Carlo12345 says:

    Howard cant win a championship in Nets. if howard is in Nets, ok they only have williams and howard, who else? noone. Howard needs to go to Chicago with Rose.. the future is brighter there! why would he pick williams? Rose or cp3 is much better!!!!

  57. half says:

    the most consistant dominant player Lebron James

  58. Nick says:

    does this article really say Howard is the second best player in the League? Is that a joke? hes not even top five

  59. half says:

    not dwight for best shooters it suppose to be durant

  60. half says:

    orlando still has to pay gilbert’s salary so keeping dwight howard for one year to offset that 63 million is by far the more sensible business move but with all of these talks uncertainty still lingers in the air about fans and their trust in the face of the franchise…2nd best player? we all know that is wrong
    1. d wade/bron james
    2. melo/cp3/kobe/dirk
    3. deron williams/dwight howard/pau gasol/kevin durant
    there is no player that stands alone out there like how jordan did. there is only players that can either equal and even each other out “anything you can do i can do the SAME” james and wade does everything alike and each does somethings better. same said for melo/kobe/cp3
    skill set wise the best skill player is cp3 and d wade the most dominant players are dwight howard lebron james and d wade
    the best shooters are kobe / melo / dirk / dwight / cp3
    the best playmakers are d wade/ cp3/ steve nash/ deron williams / lebron james
    the best clutch horry….melo d wade lebron kobe cp3
    the best penetrators on set defense d wade cp3 lebron james
    the best big man dwight howard
    lebron slow downer dwight howard
    d wade stopper no one
    cp3 stopper no one
    melo stopper NO ONE
    kobe stopper KOBE

    • Jonathan says:

      This is all wrong. You don’t even mention D Rose! The MVP!!! Kobe tops the list until he can’t win anymore, LeBron drops until he can win big games, Durant is better than the soft Melo, Dwight is the most dominant only foul trouble can stop him, D Wade might be the most entertaining, Dirk is the best pure shooter. so this is how it goes:
      1. Kobe. If game is on the line nobody better!
      2. Dwight. The guy is so dominant he can take average shooters to the finals.
      3. D Wade/D Rose more heart than anybody on the court
      4. LeBron/Durant/Dirk/Melo/CP3. Will always need another superstar or a great role playing team to win.
      5. D Williams, Amare, Paul Pierce, Paul Gasol, and a whole host of young talent.

    • Pascal says:

      clutch: kobe-dirk-melo-wade

  61. Laker says:

    Howard don’t be silly,you’ll never get a ring with New Jersey…just saying.

  62. LAKERS+D12=Championships says:

    Whatever who the heck really knows what trade might happen
    quit wasting our time the Lakers have the pieces for a deal if
    the Nets get D12 then the Lakers will complete the CP3 trade.
    The chances of Dwight Howard getting traded are 99% Magic
    want a few players in return plus rid themselves of the Hedo deal.

  63. huhulala says:

    dwight should go to the lakers, the nets have no future of having championship trophy, but with lakers, dwight has a chance of winning it with kobe, just like the old days. so dwight go to lakers :).

  64. TerraJ says:

    Im a Laker fan, but I know D12 isnt going to the Lakers. Best bet is in NJ. Orlando is demanding Pau and Bynum, kinda not a fair trade, so Lakers are out. Lakers are setting their eyes on CP3, which still could be a ?, cuz NBA is being dumb. Also demanding alot, but not both Pau and Bynum. If I was Howard though, best place to get a ring is in LA, if he isnt too selfish. If he is, then he would want to be a superstar in NJ.

  65. EchO says:

    howard should go to Mavs.

    he will become the next face of the team after dirk retires

  66. Camilo says:

    OKAY guys get over the fact that he said he was the second best player in the league, you can argue this and that all day but he finished second in the MVP voting last year. The nets may be a mediocre team, but try telling me that dwight howard and deron williams wouldn’t cause problems for the oppoisng team day in adn day out. D will is the 3rd best PG in the league (rose and Paul) and howard is the best big man in the league. Nets have good young talent (Marshon Brooks, Anthony Morrow) to compliment these superstars. nobody would stop that pick and roll. Howard and D will can go down as the best PG and C combo in NBA history

  67. Teriac says:

    honestly, i don’t like two or three superstars coming together to form super teams that will dominate the league. I preferred as it was before wherein in one team there would be one superstar surrounded with stars but not superstars. I like the teams building their franchises through drafts, like the Thunder. For me, it would be better for Howard to stay in Orlando and Chris Paul to go to a team aside from the lakers

  68. hoophoop says:

    He must stay with orlando if CP3 joins him… 🙂

  69. skoul says:

    i think that dwight will go to dallas that s way dallas have sent rudy and brewer to denver and singed carter because they want to have a good opportunities before make any suggestions to orlando..(thats an idea)

  70. dyboy says:

    it would be same as what happened to Shaq and mcgrady…. magic don’t wanna spend big money to lure players to help their star players to win a ring…

  71. mason says:

    Dwight howard wants to play with deron williams and thats what he’s probably gonna do deron is one of thee best if not the best point guard in the league dwight knows that. and new jeresey knows there probably gonna lose deron williams if they cant bring in someone like howard to the nets then the nets just lost there third overall pick last year and devin harris to the jazz with nothing to show for so new jeresey wants and will do what ever they need to do to get howard i think.

  72. AS says:

    Deal done, since Magic store do a sellout on D12 stuff… it’s more than obvious…

  73. Steven says:

    Why has there not been any talk about Chris Paul going to Orlando to play with Dwight?! I say Orlando does every and anything it needs to to get CP3. It’s a small market and David stern would like that!

  74. Brandon says:

    I really wish that would stop making up the erroneous stories. Stop reporting lies!

  75. Enrique Merino says:

    Howard if you want to be a loser, go to the Nets

  76. Choker says:

    D12 should either go to Lakers instead where his future awaits…. I dont think he wants to be with the Mavs, shorter minutes for him maybe idk

  77. Celtics FTW says:

    Go to the Celtics Rondo Allen Pierce Garnett AND HOWARD!!!! That would be amazing.

  78. DWADE123 says:

    I think The Orlando Magic should trade DH12 to New Jersey, because that’s where he wants to go. After all he could play with play with All-Star Point Guard Deron Williams, the nets could draw more interest in free agents and the nets are going to go to Brooklyn next season.

  79. Backlash says:

    who knows what dwight is going to do he’s a flip flop, one minute he wants to leave the next he wants to stay in Orlando, dude just be straight up.

  80. The Truth says:

    If Howard wants to win a Title, He must go to LAL. Going to Brooklyn is a no brainer. He won’t win a title there. Sorry to say.

  81. Disgusted says:

    “The second best player in the league”??????????????????? You have no idea what you’re talking about, Mr. Schuhmann, as you prove regularly.

  82. tom says:

    told you dudes no way he’s going to LA i don’t think he would have signed an extension. he wants to make his own foot print. he doesn’t want to be to shaq as kobe is to mj

  83. guy on the couch says:

    NJ’s not even a playoff team why would he go there. He needs to sign with Chicago. By the way is a much bigger market then NJ. Its about winning championships not try to establish your self as a legend for a mediocre team.

    • Chris says:

      your a dummy…bigger market the New Jersey/ New York….Dummy

    • The Fanatic says:

      I agree, Chicago would be the best fit for Dwight and he would be stupid to not jump on the opportunity to play with Derrick Rose. Chris, please dont make an uneducated comment like that again because you have no idea. Chicago’s market is much bigger then NJ’s market. Besides the NJ Nets are worthless and Dwight would be wasting his time there. Hell hes better off staying in Orlando then being traded to NJ.

  84. emma says:

    It was a great move lately by Mr. Kupchak (Lakers) by acquiring McBob ?
    and some trash from the leage, We will be in the lottery next year. Ha Ha

  85. Belgianfan says:

    Trade Bosh and mike miller for D12. Add in Alonzo Mourning for all i care.

  86. Jay says:

    Pau Gasol to Orlando
    “Metta world peace” to New Orleans
    Chris Paul to Lakers

    Dwight Howard to New Orleans

  87. Ausmike says:

    Second best player in the league? Howard isnt even in the discussion for the top five, he needs to develop his game to be considered, but most of all he needs to actually win something. A fly-away comment by John seems more to inspire comments than reflect accurate reporting.

    That being said, I posted, so congrats.

  88. Phil says:

    Second best player in the league ?!?!? All this time I thought Kenny Smith was still the second best player in the league 😉

  89. Joel Eustaquio says:

    If Howard would not goto Lakers with Paul the Miami Heat will be undefeated for several years maybe will win 5 out of 6 years with a championship. Go Lebron Go Miami You can beat the NY Knicks and the NJ Nets….

  90. LOLx2 says:

    D12 should go to the heat ;D

  91. La Verdad says:

    Howard should sign on Lakers so he can taste to be like a champion, nets cant win on east, new york, miami, boston loaded with good players, so he should pick west and go the Lakers he can make history there…

    • Ellis says:

      The Lakers won’t win a championship as they would have to verse one of the Eastern Conference teams you mentioned above in the finals. Nets have a good chance to win a championship in the future. D-Will and Dwight would be the best PG/C combination since Stockton and Malone.

    • MackDaddy says:

      Howard should sign on Lakers so he can taste to be like a champion, nets cant win on east, new york, miami, boston loaded with good players, so he should pick west and go the Lakers he can make history there

      What’s so good about Lakers?
      Kobe’s on the downslope, and the rest of the roster is overdue for revamp. Why would Howard go there? Might’ve if they locked in Paul, but that didnt happen… so cya Howard.

      New York will have a terrible time matching up with a William’s Howard combo from Brooklyn. They’ve spent up big for Melo (who’s good, but not great), and Amare (lets see how long those knees last), what else have they got? Net’s have cap space, good draft picks, and fresh legs in comparison. 2 superstars just about to hit their prime…. and good prospects for a supporting cast to suit. Worked for Shaq & Kobe, worked for Jordan & Pippen, and will work for Howard & Williams.

      Boston? Meh…. see Lakers comment. Old and non existant in a year or 2.

      East powerhouses will be Miami and Brooklyn for years to come…. and I’m looking forward to it!

  92. Knicks fan says:

    go to knicks big power house then with carmelo, armire and chandler

  93. Howard a joke says:

    come on howard what are you going to do with the nets????

    go get your ring and money with the lakers, unless you want to stay a loser in a losing franchise as the nets.

    dont sell out to the russian, the lakers will take care of you

    p.s. @ mackdaddy: howard will never be the best player ever.

    he should team up with the lakers and follow the mamba, as a result he will get his rings, status, a hollywood contract, and millins of dollars for his family.

    • MackDaddy says:

      Never said best ever, I dont rate him anywhere near that highly.

      I’m talking about writing the history books for the Nets, especially when they’ll be in Brooklyn. It’s a new chapter…. Dr J can have the old school Nets, but Howard has the chance to be their modern saviour. No comparisons, no pressure, no real big men to go against in the NBA (no Dream, no Admiral, no Shaq)… he’s got nothing to lose :).

      I’d bet my house that’s where he goes.

  94. Grammar Police says:

    “…handing out one-year deals to preserve there 2012 cap space.”


    Sorry, it was bothering me.

  95. Alessio says:

    What the f*ck did the Lakers were thinking when they gave Odom for nothing and now Howard is going to Nets!!!!

  96. TurkishGamer says:

    Don’t separate Howard and Turkouglu.
    Turkoglu’s value comes with playing with a dominant big man. I think the Magic have the best for their team so they are giving up Turk and Howard for a young center and a better 2nd player. The Nets would also benefit. D12, DWill, Turk aren’t championship worthy yet,, but I think the others would also get better from Dwill’s and Howards plays.

  97. Jeroen says:

    When they say 2nd best, they’re talking about the MVP elections where he finished 2nd…

    I honestly love the Magics and Howard but to be honest… Howard and Derron Williams would be a powerhouse.

  98. Ozner says:

    C’mon Mitch Kupchak you need to do something now!Let’s Go Lakers!!!

  99. tobzikachu says:

    get that deal done, magic!

    • aatank21 says:

      D. Howard do what is right for you. We would love for you to stay in Orlando Man! When it is all said and done you are going to have to be happy with championships. Which I feel you could win in Orlando. You and Mickey are the city of Orlando. The city and the Magic have invested in you from the start of your career. Stick with your demands which you have expressed that will make you stay in Orlando or leave the Magic if they can’t help add to your happiness. Hope to see you here 2012 and beyond with multiple championships.

  100. Kim says:

    Nooooooooooooooooo! Go to Mavs!

  101. Raffy Pogi says:

    They should do the trade! williams and howard would be awesome!

  102. Tom says:

    brook lopez and another significant player. probly will come from west. rudy gay maybe?? send over travis outlaw and j-rich and cash or pick to memphis for him

    • Ellis says:

      Won’t Lie the Grizzlies have said time and again that they will not trade any of their core players, of which Rudy Gay is one. Also the grizzlies wouldn’t be willing to take someone with Travis Outlaw’s contract or J-Rich’s contract (Both are highly overpaid for their age and skill level)

  103. mick says:

    2nd best player in the league?
    I would say 4th best player in the league.
    Most dominate player? yes
    best big man? yes
    2nd best? no

    • Dan P. says:

      I’d say 1st or 2nd. There is no big man even close… that says a lot right there. The only player I see a strong argument for is Lebron. One could be made for Rose or Durant as well, but I would NEVER take either of them over Howard.

  104. MackDaddy says:

    a) Howard is leaving 100%…. get used to it Magic.

    b) Howard isnt going anywhere that isn’t “his” team. Lakers are Kobe’s team, plus there is too much history there. Which leads me to…

    c) Howard wants to be considered one of the best ever, and certainly doesnt want to live under anyone else’s shadow. Lakers have Kobe and a crapload of superstar history to be compared to. Shaq being the most recent. Which means….

    d) Howard wants to make his own history, and be in a place that hasnt won recently but has potential to win lots in the future because of an owner with VERY deep pockets.

    e) And he wants a big market… New York/Brooklyn doesnt get bigger.

    New Jersey all the way.
    It ticks all the boxes.
    The fact hat NJ hasnt won recently, doesnt have a multitude of banners hanging from the roof, and is getting a fresh start in Brooklyn where Howard can write his own history, means its a lock.

    • Jon says:

      finally a guy that knows what’s going on! couldn’t agree more

    • Gert says:

      Thats it, ur the best buddy 🙂

    • 21 says:

      a) I don’t think that Howard would have a problem if a team isn’t ‘his’ team. Besides that, Kobe has showed that he can work perfectly alongside an elite center.
      b) Howards top priority, above all of the other things you listed, is to win a championship. That’s the only reason why he’s about to leave Orlando in the first place, because he doesn’t think that he can win a championship with that team. And I highly doubt that Howard would be able to win a championship with the Nets. Yes, Howard and Williams would form a great team. But good enough to beat ‘Melo, Stoudemire and Chandler, or Wade, LeBron and Bosh? I highly doubt it.

    • Caesar says:

      finally.a.guy that makes sense, I’m a Nets fan but obviously this makes sense, I honestly believe NJ is portion, you just.preached what I would’ve said

    • Rip Greenfire says:

      a) Howard isn’t concerned about “Kobe’s” team. Kobe isn’t getting younger, he’s gonna need help if he wants to win again. We won’t be saying that Kobe won the championship, Dwight would’ve.
      b) Howard WILL be considered one of the best ever even if he doesn’t win a single gchampionship. He is unstoppable big man who has won DPOY for three years in a row. That’s already impressive.
      c) You telling me Bird, Magic, Kareem, Wilt, Shaq, Garnett and Kobe don’t have their own histories cause they played for the two greatest dynasties in the NBA?

      I’m not saying that NJ isn’t the best place for Dwight, just don’t think you totally understand Dwight and know exactly what he’s thinking.

    • Otis Fifth says:

      haha howard will be history playing for the nets. Idiot, we aint trading him for brooke lopez. We actually would like a guy that has a definitive race, is he white, is he black, rican? What is he? Brooke lopez and gerald wallace? Otis smith will get shot if he goes out in orlando. Look the only way NJ gets a trade is if they take hedo turk, chris Duhon for deron williams. OK.

    • Tito says:

      They were saying the same thing about Shaq before he left Orlando to go to the Lakers…. and look what happened. Howard wants a ring, that’s why he’s leaving Orlando, if he goes to Nets, it will be the same as playing for Orlando. Different city, same results.

  105. RAUL COLON says:

    wait a fn minute here ,you see the patern of envy against some teams ,they denied either lakers or clippers for trading to get paul.but it as a good trade sending odom to dallas for nothing and now howard for brook lopez ,nobody in this world only god can tell me thats a fair good trade and makes sense ,cause it doesnt make any type of sense.this is bs

    • Andrew Mac says:

      First, it’s not Howard for Lopez straight up, they also get rid of Hedo’s terrible contract, and picks and players form other teams, read the article. Second, Dallas didn’t get Odom for nothing, they gave up a first, and the Lakers got TPE, and cap relief to be flexible enough to sign free agents in the summer. Third, the CP3 trade is a whole different situation to these trades, and can’t be compared. The league doesn’t own those other teams, but the own the Hornets, so the league has full control over any trade with the Hornets, where it has less with other teams. The league is trying to put the best team possible out so they can sell it, so they’re trying to get everything they can for CP3 So as long as the league owns the Hornets, they can do what ever they want, but the care less with other teams. Do a little research before ranting about 2 completely different issues.

      • easy now says:

        Is it so necessary for everyone to insult everyone else? You all call eachother idiots and what not, do you see the way you type? There’s no reason for such hostilities over oppinions and questions that in the grand sceme of life make no difference. Let’s just all settle down a bit, yeah?

  106. BShype says:

    This type of hype is getting old fast. I feel silly even clicking on this garbage.

  107. City of Orlando says:

    Dwight Howard, please say no to being traded. Please stay in Orlando and give us a ray of hope.
    We know Otis Smith has screwed up the roster time and again, ask Devos to fire him and get someone with some business sense. Otis Smith is just helping out his washed-up buddies, first Gilbert Arenas and now Larry Hughes.
    We are so sick of Otis Smith here in Orlando, but we love you Dwight, please stay with the Magic!

    • alex2323 says:

      I agree 100 percent i’m a Miami fan but i like Orlando and Howard but Otis Smith has taken just about every wrong turn there is down the d12 road…. In saying “Howard is not the whole organisation and that he (Smith) has to do what is best for Orlando and not what Howard wants…. Well guess what Smith.. Howard is the reason that you are where you are at this moment not your stuck up a*s

      • trol536 says:

        I agree 100%. Otis Smith needs to be the one to go not Howard. I have been a Magic fan from the very beginning and they need to do what ever it takes to keep him in Orlando. Howard is the player they need in order to win a championship and he is the reason Orlando is where they are…not Otis Smith. So do the right thing and keep Howard, hire a GM that uderstands what it takes to win…build the team around the best big man in the game and bring that championship trophy to O-Town!!!!

  108. JohnZ says:

    Agreed,they can’t keep Howard,and Lopez is one of the best young Centers you can get.I say get it done,before the regular season starts.

  109. NOEL says:


  110. LOL says:

    LOL Nothing will happen even if the trade takes place.

  111. richie says:

    Chris Paul should go to orlando, does he really think he is going to win a championship with the clippers he will be a nobody for a year or two, to old for kobe by that time and no championship, at least with howard he can be looking up. We won 56 games last year with chris we win 65 thats what I call going in the right direction.

  112. Jesús Gálvez says:

    what do you mean, “second best player in the league”?

    • nbeatz says:

      thank you very much. I was thinking the same thing,
      the top players go like this
      1) Lebron
      10)Bosh, Gasol, Griffen, Love, Randaulph
      , So HOWARD would be the 6th best player in the leaque in my eyes.

      • TL says:

        MVP voting 2011?? Ever heard abaout?

      • Rip Greenfire says:

        There are 5 number 10s?!

      • imad akel says:

        in order of value:

        1) Lebron
        2) Dwight
        3) Rose
        4) Durant
        5) Wade
        6) Blake Griffin
        7) Carmelo Anthony
        8) Kobe Bryant
        9) Dirk Nowitzki
        10) Chris Paul

        There’s your 10 hands down

      • Crispy says:

        lol thats a joke right? You’re trying to tell me that Derrick Rose is better than Wade? And there is no way I would put kobe number 2 after last season, he’s getting old. I think you should quit being a Basketball Fan because you’re list is quite stupid.

      • tytus says:

        kevin love in the top ten? really??

      • daniel says:

        I think even Dirk deserves to be way way up on that list…I know he’s not huge in the eyes of the media but he is the Champ…he destroyed the top 6 players on the list not alone but together as a team…..I would say howard has potential like cray but hes not even on the level of Gasol who has many moves in post position and can shoot as well

      • der.maismann says:

        1.) lebron (he’s the king, still without crowne, but he’s getting closer to it!)
        2.) D12 & Durant (maybe not alone bringing the championship but with a half-good player at their side they would!)
        3.) rose (hello? MVP!)
        4.) dirk (who won the title last year?)
        5.) kobe (he’s getting old!) & flash (can defintely do better up to place 3)
        6.) anthony (if new york rulez this season he will be better!)
        7.) paul (of course everyone wants to land him!)
        8.) parker (there must be a reason for the spurs reg season success)
        9.) stoudamire (same as anthony)
        10.) griffin (give him some time! he may be under top 3 sometime!)

      • unikr0n says:

        exactly, “in your eyes”. that whole list is “in your eyes”. thats just insane to put durant and rose in front of wade. and lebron before kobe. lebron has got SO much work to do before he’s ahead of kobe.

      • KOUPILIAS says:

        come on guys. everybody can sit down and make a list. the thing is that individually they are the best players but that doesn’t really matter now does it ? I mean if we are talking about Championships we must think team not player. Can 1 player do it ? No not in a long time it hasn’t happened. You always need a whole TEAM that is clicking. i could start reminding you guys. Not even the BEST player the league had Michael Jordan did it whole by himself guys. Sometimes not even 2 GREAT PLAYRERS were enough – Stockton,Malone … So it’s about the best players forming the best TEAMS. When the Celtics won it 3 years ago they had the BEST TEAM not the BEST PLAYERS.

  113. frank says:

    No way Magic can keep D12. Better send him with Turk as soon as possible and get new players

    • CJ says:

      is it silly to suggest a trade that would somehow send chris paul to orlando to partner up with dwight? It would be awesome but no one has spoken about it…

      • Bryan says:

        Because the Nornet would like to have young, promising players and draft picks to start over with, and the Magic have none to offer, other than DH of course.

      • Brandon says:

        Yes it would be silly simple because the Magic have no one to trade for Chris Paul. They only have a decent prospect or two and most of their team is now left with bad contracts. Only players that you could trade for Paul would be Nelson, Jason Richardson, Earl Clark provided he resigns, Daniel Orton, Ryan Anderson, newly aquried Glen “Big Baby” Davis and picks.
        And that to me is not a good trade for the Hornets at all. At least if the trade to the Clippers went down, the Hornets would have gotten a young prospect PG for the future in Eric Bledsoe, a starting SG that ranked in the top 5 for ppg for shooting guards last season in Eric Gordon, prospect SF in Al-Farouq Aminu, Kaman’s expiring contract so they could either resign him at the end of the season or let him walk. Either way they could have either gotten a starting C or a lot of cap space. If they resigned him they could try to trade Okafor’s bad contract. Plus to top the Chris Paul trade off, Clips would have gotten the Minny T-Wolves pick which is going to be in the top five this year for the draft and because the draft is deep you would be getting a really good prospect. I think the trades speak for themselves, as it easy to see that the Clips trade would be 10X better for the Hornets, only thing that held up that trade was the Clips not wanting to give up both Gordon and Bledsoe they wanted the league to choose one, but the league wanted both for the Hornets.

      • Brandon says:

        Sorry that should be Hornets would have gotten the Minny T-Wolves pick.

      • Megan says:

        brandon… it was the pick and gordon they didnt wanna give both, only 1. not giving up both gordon and bledsoe. shut up with ur huge paragraph and pay attention retard.

    • Bob says:

      idiot. at least make a good 1st comment. obviously theyre not keeping him. what the hell is the blog about?? ur the smartest person i ever seen.