Dwight Stays Put … For Now

HANG TIME NEW JERSEY BUREAU — Dwight Howard is staying in Orlando, at least for the time being.

Once again, Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports has the report

The Orlando Magic have informed teams that they’re ending trade talks for Dwight Howard and plan to start the season with the All-Star center on their roster, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

The Magic’s decision came Wednesday as the Nets tried to assemble a potential multiteam trade for Howard that could have included the Magic receiving Nets center Brook Lopez, Portland Trail Blazers forward Gerald Wallace and draft picks.

The Magic informed the Nets and several suitors Wednesday afternoon they’re no longer discussing trade scenarios for Howard, league sources said.

So the Magic will do their best to convince Howard that he can win in Orlando. They’re still one of the best teams in the Eastern Conference and last season, they were one of only four teams (Dallas, Miami and the Lakers were the other three) that ranked in the top 10 in both offensive and defensive efficiency.

But the Magic don’t have the assets or the financial flexibility to really upgrade their roster at this point. And it can be argued that they already downgraded it by trading Brandon Bass for Glen Davis and Von Wafer.

Still, the Nets will remain ready to deal for Howard at any point. But unless they’re ready to start Damion James and Shelden Williams at the forward positions, they’re going to have to use some of their cap space, which had allowed them to offer the Magic and/or a third team (like the Blazers) salary relief in a trade.

The Nets should still waive Travis Outlaw via the amnesty clause (which they have to do by Friday) to maintain maximum flexibility. And they can retain their 2012 cap space by signing a couple of forwards (Kris Humphries will likely be one) to one-year contracts, or maybe trading for one on an expiring deal. Next summer’s cap space could obviously be used to pursue Howard if they still weren’t able to acquire him by the March 15 trade deadline.


  1. Sean Ansre says:

    I think Dwight should go to the Lakers…. If this happens, The Lakers will be a dominant champion!!! wohoooo

  2. Balls R Crazy says:

    Dwight must go to miami if he wants a “Ring”.. Miami needs a strong center to help Wade, James and Bosh. Thats a great lineup if Dwight traded in miami.. i can see 3peat? or 4peat.. LOL

  3. gervin says:

    Howard will fit in Lakers..after trading reigning 6th man of the year to Dallas and have nothing in return..i think they deserved better..

  4. danrev says:

    i think dwight should go to LA, and if he really want to win a championship, the best partner for him is Kobe. and despite their lost to LA on their championship match back on 2008, dwight could still have a way in getting a ring. GO TO LA DWIGHT .

  5. Make Your Own Legacy says:

    Dwirght needs to stop following in Shaqs footsteps and make a new for himself. It would be a disgrace to take the same path Shaq took. If he goes to the Lakers he will never be out of Shaq’s shadow.

    • danrev says:

      its impossible, he has his own mind to think of his decisions. at least he could have a ring that’s what matters the most.

  6. markLAL says:

    and superman will sign to LAKERS mind games for d howard he always want to play for the ;LAKERS

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  8. markLAL says:

    and then cp3 swill screwd the clips sign to the lakers 2013 season 2 more rings for kobe

  9. CR says:

    I don’t think Dwight will be able to win in Orlando. I just don’t see them being able to make the moves necessary to help him win. Orlando isn’t as attractive to free agents as LA, New York, etc. If he goes to LA he knows that he’ll be able to play with Kobe for a few more years, and that LA will eventually be able to land a top tier point guard and surround him with other solid players soon after he arrives – maybe not immediately, but soon. The Lakers have always been able to attract free agents and work out trades. Howard knows this.

    The Nets have a lot going for them because of D Williams, but outside of that, the organization is still an unknown under the new ownership. I see Howard eventually trying to go to the Lakers due to their heritage and drive to win, it’s the best fit for him in terms of an organization, even if Williams is a better match for him on the court right now. Long term, LA is a better opportunity for him.

  10. drew says:

    Dwight should play for the Kings next year with Jimmer and Tyreke and Cousins Kings will dominate.

  11. Glosh says:

    Howard for the lakers or phx. Nash needs a all star teammate. Hope he (nash) championship before he retires

  12. EC says:

    Really, if ORL could acquire Lopez, Wallace and draft picks for Howard, including multi year signing of Lopez… why hesitate? DH 12 is a defensive stopper but trade 22/13 for 36/13 plus picks???

  13. Pic k says:

    If Dwight want a championship need to start making free throws… we lost vs. Lakers in 2009 because D 12 didnt make freethrows … Dwigth needs to be better rather team to win championship …

  14. M says:

    dwight should go with golden state.

  15. ryeian says:

    dwight will be in laker for sure…..go lakers

  16. bbc says:

    if the magic dont trade howard by the start of the season then i think they deserve to get ‘Lebron-ed’

  17. Nickanderson25 says:

    Another question is that D 12 doesn`t fit to the Nets (especially coach Jonhson) Nets are not Half court ofence like magic are. They mostly run and gun with Jwill and they dont have 3 -pt shooters. They focus mid range shots after dribble rather than screens. Dwight will be doubled and Nets will be screwd time after time and Dwight should know that Nets will not be his team and that he will be part of Dwill team not like in Orlando so i leave all questions for D 12 to answer himself.

  18. Nickanderson25 says:

    Look what D 12 will get in Nest Jwill and Morrow and… that is. All players that Nets will got after trade and how tf he want to get Ring with only 2 stars and one decent player ? Not mention any injury Nets will be a lottery team anyway next few years, as it was so far. We need to be patient because Magic is up to something so we all be surprise. (Like a Lakers with Kobe`s rumors in 2008 and in march they landed Casol and went to the finals)

  19. JMagicFan says:

    I preface by saying Otis obviously made bonehead moves and should be fired for wasting 62 million on a has been superstar who totes, and played like 15 games in 2 years. Having said that…the Mavs just took down Goliath by playing as a team.. not 1-2 superstar combo…or 3 like the heat. All this nonsense of players feeling they need superstars to win is ridiculous..we need an upgraded player to win…team effort. I’m sick of hearing all of this crap about you need a bunch of superstars to win titles

  20. Law064 says:

    Dwight will play this year out if the Magic don’t make a move and he will walk away a free agent to go where he wants. I’m sure Dwight will not go to the Clippers or OKC not even the Lakers but it’s really a toss up I never thought CP3 would get traded but look what happened. Good luck to Orlando I think they should be making moves so they can give Dwight some real help. Also I don’t think he will go to Dallas but if he did that would be interesting.

  21. CSN says:

    Orlando Magic will get “Lebron’ed” by Howard next summer if they doesn’t trade him. The Orlando management are really blind to see that Howard will not sign an extension with their current roster. What’s worse is that they don’t have enough cap space to sign a decent star to their team. Nuff’ said, I’m pretty sure Howard will be gone from Magic next season and without Magic gaining something in return from him.

  22. Tay Tay says:

    Sending Dwight to OKC would give him multple champinionships…. the Trade would go as follow: James Harden, Ibaku, 1st Round draft pick for Howard and Richardson.. Now Orlando took a step back but has the cap space to rebuild wtih 2 first rounders and cap space

    • RYAN says:

      so you think that ibaka and harden and a draft pick are not only good enough for howard but also jrich? haha those two and a draft pick dont even make enough for dwight himself much less a scorer and role player like jrich.

  23. Willo says:

    I have followed the magic since their inception and while I want Dwight to stay, honestly if he goes no blame can lay at his feet. He has asked the magic to get a decent PG for ages now and what do they do? Everything BUT what Howard asked of course!! Douchebag Otis turns a young team that competed for the NBA finals into an old squad full of has-beens with no cap space- Inside of two frikkin years!!!
    Seriously Dwight run for the hills this franchise is toxic. If you want to win a title sign with OKC or the Clips at the end of this season. Come on Otis its not too late to turn around an appalling GM record and sign (Stuckey???) or trade for a half decent PG.

  24. shweepy says:

    There isnt any player or group of players available now to trade with Howard’s potential. He stays in ORL>

  25. Fishcake says:

    how about D12 to Dallas?

  26. asfsdfa says:

    I dont think Howard is going to LA. He wants to go to Jersey. Is Kupchak going to cast a spell on him or something to change his mind?

  27. Roy Lee says:

    D12 wants to win,Point Blank! He needs to come to LA,a winning organization.The magics should have worked out a deal with them because Lakers still have the most to offer.The other teams that they are negotiating with will cause the magics to build all over again.If they make a trade with LA then they will get some true talent in return.But the magics are domb for not making a move right then and there,they know they are not going to get him to resign,they should have got a good deal when it was on the table.Im not surprized the magics always find a way to lose great players and get nothing in return.

  28. CHRISTOFOO says:

    OKC will never win a championship under Westbrook, because he is wayyyyy to selfish. Unless he changes his style of play and gives Durant more touched, it does not matter if they even had Howard, they would not win. Steve Nash on the other hand is sick and underated! He is the best play maker in the NBA and some people don’t realize that. but if you actually watch him play, it is unbelievable the plays he sets up. He makes everyone better!

  29. joblagz says:

    as howard concentrate on his offense, the magic dwindle down to a non title contender.. if they wanna win, its in dwight’s ability to do so.. he should find a balance between offense and defense..

  30. KOUPILIAS says:

    The problem with Dwight is that he needs another star player to move to the NBA finals. Why ? Because he is an unreliable Free Throw Shooter… at 59% he can’t have the ball late in games because it is a big risk that he’ll miss the free throws. So the Magic lost quite easily to the Hawks because they don’t have another Star player and Dwight missed a lot of free throws. Every Big Man in this league is more efficient when there is a great PG running the team. Especially the Magic would be a totally different team if they had a CP3 or a Deron Williams. It is all about dribble penetration. Even Tony Parker would be useful here. A PG that can get to the paint and either find Howard or a free shooter. Jameer is more of a scoring PG and that is the problem. So again i don’t see Orlando past the 1st round no matter how good Howard plays. Remember Game 1 of the Atlanta series ? He had 40+ points and the whole Magic didn’t go more than 90. It’s a good team yes but there are 5-6 teams better than them especially in defence. Howard would do nice in Brooklyn with Deron that’s what he needs an all-star point guard. For me if it is a 1 year thing try to get Steve Nash to Orlando and that will change the team a lot.

    • Kai says:

      Nash too old to go anywhere, besides magic is not the type offense nash run, he better off in the suns, it suits him. That being said superman present is good for any team, but he needs help, but to get him is another story, magic going to want alot for him, but hope he goes to the lakers, because I’m a lakers fan but any team he goes to, he’ll still be the best center in league.

  31. Eric says:

    Glad hes staying in Orlando. The nets can sign him next year and we’ll have Lopez and Howard together. Add a few role players and its a title contender in year 1 for Brooklyn

    • Kai says:

      Nets will trade who for superman? Blake griffin? I don’t think so, and they got cp3 now, there’s no one else to be traded, if they were to get superman, magic probably want cp3 or griffin, so the nets should be happy they got cp3 but still not enough for a title shot, they gave a good lineup just for cp3, but nets just wanted a big name.

  32. brandon says:

    If howard gets traded he should go to Oklahoma if he wants to win a championship. they have proven that they are contenders they just need the defensive stopping capability that howard brings to the floor. That along with his speed for being a bigman i believe his play style would fit in with Durant and Westbrook. Sticking him with others like perkins on the defensive end would make a good combination for in paint and defensive domination. if howard wants a shot at the championship, either build a new team around him in orlando. or send him to OKC!

    • Jeff says:

      Trade him to OKC for who if you keep Westbrook, Durant and Perkins… James Harden ? hahaha try again

    • Rob K says:

      Hey Brandon, I like OKC, I really do… BUT.. it is very unlikely that Dwight would go from a mid-size market to an even smaller one at Oklahoma City. Besides.. and everybody forget to remember this.. Orlando has just as much of a chance to win the championship as any of the other elite teams, such as the Lakers, Dallas, Miami, OKC or Chicago. They have been in the finals just two years ago, in the eastern finals twice in the last 3 years and I just don’t understand why would anyone underestimate them so much year after year…??? Just watch them playing hard this season and making a powerful push deep into the playoffs in order to convince Howard to sign an extension!!

      • Sidney says:

        Isn’t that what happened with Lebron James and Chris Bosh? Cavs were the best team in the league at trade deadline. Raptors were a playoff team at trade deadline with a good record against the Cavs and looking to make noise in the playoffs. Neither was traded and both teams ended up watching them walk. For these stars it’s not a matter of making the playoffs or going far. It’s all about winning the championship. If Dwight stays with Orlando and doesn’t win it all – he’s bouncin’ next year – that’s just the way it goes.

    • josh says:

      there is no way that dwight would go to OKC im one of the biggest thunder fans but i dont want howard unless we just sign him we would have to give up to much of our core players it wouldnt be the same team and as for a defensive stopper serge ibaka is only getting better

    • Eric Mayes says:

      Brandon, OKC does not have the cap room to sign Howard. Perkins is good enough. He (Perk) was enough for Boston in 08. Howard will be a Laker by the trade deadline, or next season.

    • Cody B says:

      I don’t think they should create another team for him, seeing that they already did that for the magics. The whole team is around Dwight, I don’t see why he would be so eagar to leave.

      • HeatWade says:

        it’s because the team they’re giving Howard is a “for-compliance-only” team…
        the guy wants a championship contender team, championship contender teammates and win that precious Larry O’ trophy but all Otis Smith is giving are just bunch of (kinda)vintage bombs that keep detonating themselves in playoffs time(in season too sometimes)…