Blogtable: Lakers And The West

Each week, we’ll ask our stable of scribes to weigh in on the three most important NBA topics of the day — and then give you a chance to step on the scale, too, in the comments below.

If the Lakers go into the season with this roster, who’s better in the Western Conference?

Steve Aschburner: Dallas, Oklahoma City, San Antonio and Memphis could put the Lakers on the road in the first round of the playoffs, in my opinion. Getting a year older is one issue. Adapting to a new head coach and a new offensive system are two more. The loss of Lamar Odom, and seeing him on the defending NBA champs, is a fourth. The uncertainty that might hang over this team until the trading deadline, if Chris Paul and Dwight Howard remain in play, would be one for the thumb. Not shaping up as the Lakers’ year.

Fran Blinebury: Dallas, OKC, San Antonio and maybe even Memphis.  Unless Mitch Kupchak can make the big move and somehow get Dwight Howard to L.A., the Lakers are older and significantly worse than when we last saw them.  And remember, that was on the wrong end of a 4-0 sweep by the Mavericks.  Lamar Odom was a difference-maker in those back-to-back championships and simply subtracting him from the lineup will ratchet up the pressure on Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol, which could be devastating.

Scott Howard-Cooper: Oklahoma City and maybe Dallas. Losing Tyson Chandler is a big hit for the Mavericks, but they still have a lot of depth and lineup options at the forwards and shooting guard.

Shaun Powell: Oklahoma City seems poised to break the small market stereotype. Of course, OKC wouldn’t be in such position if it wasn’t lucky enough to draft Kevin Durant (thanks, Blazers!) and then smart enough to grab Russell Westbrook, who’ll be playing for money this season. The Thunder will have a full season with Kendrick Perkins while James Harden could have a breakout year. The moons are aligning above this franchise.

John Schuhmann: A Lakers decline was coming even if they stood pat, but Lamar Odom was one of the biggest keys to them being a top-six defensive team each of the last four seasons. I think Oklahoma City and Dallas are definitely better than L.A., while Memphis and San Antonio are possibilities too. It’s going to be a season of serious transition in L.A., and the only thing that will keep them in the West’s top three is a trade for Dwight Howard. But that seems unlikely right now.


  1. Just a Fan says:

    Never count the Lakers out. They are as experienced as a roster still. But, Laker fans should not be ignorant enough to think that they are going to win a RING. 🙂

  2. Karlo Garcia says:

    OKC Thunder is the leader of the pack in the west. Not b surprised if Utah Jazz r contenders.

  3. yea says:

    andrew bynum played great against the clippers

  4. AngryLakerfan says:

    Ok, so everyone yes the West has improved over the years, I understand that. Yet I’m really just outraged over the media saying the Lakers are done. Yes they are older,but they have had time tor rest.(Thanks lockout) But really now the Lakers are not out for the count we have the Blackmamba, you forget who that man is? We signed Jeff green who is a really good bench forward, plus we just signed Jason Kapono, you forget about him? I know the clippers have a talented line-up with blake and paul. Yet we still have Fisher, yes he is older with a slower step, but you can’t trade speed for experience. Fisher is one the best point guards in the league because he runs the ball finding all his teammates. So before ya’ll say it will be a Clipper Nation don’t forget really runs L.A., yes you know it that Laker Nation!!!Oh yeah one more thing I don’t think Jack Nicholson will be going to clipper games

  5. OKCKD35 says:

    The road to the championship is going through the OK Corral this year, full season with a HEALTHY PERK! Hopefully Harden will start this year, if not he will be 6th man of the year (fear the beard) Western conference finals again Mavs VS Thunder!

  6. markLAL says:

    i think lakers will get d howard at trade deadline!

  7. eric#32 says:

    im a big Lakers fan but for this year i think our team will be on downside especially with their new coach brown who proves nothing but a loser.

  8. Dominicano says:

    i haate david stern for not letting chris play for the lakers he just a 100 percent hater

  9. vincent says:

    Travis you got it wrong, the Hornets would get Lamar Odom from the Lakers and Luis Scola, Kevin Martin, and a future draft pick from the Rockets and Rockets will get Pau Gasol if the deal push through.

  10. jojo says:

    the clipper is good this year…the general manager of spurs dont know how to search for the big men in front line can help tim duncan…they all way look cheap and older player.
    if they dont find the big men this season /?next season like tony …manu…Tim…all they gone down…and this year in the west is :
    1: Dallas

  11. Reignman says:

    I’m a Laker fan, but i agree that it’s time to rebuild. This team is old, it can still make the playoffs but not win another championship.
    This was bound to happen eventually.

    However, some people here are trolls the way they are bashing on the Lakers or on Laker fans… So people support the Lakers, are hopeful/delusional about what can happen this yearl… Are you paid to insult them? Go post about your own team and how great it is instead 😉

  12. bunbury says:

    Wow. Im impressed with the Clippers acquisitions. Paul, buttler, jordan, billups…….. We are waiting Lakers, waiting for Howard. ONLY then the ODOM trade will make SENSE..

  13. kliff says:

    pls get free argents go to los angeles lakers Tim Duncan and Arenas, Gilbert andStojakovic, Peja and Stuckey, Rodney and Howard, Josh and Barbosa, Leandro and Dalembert, Samuel and Crawford, Jamal pls think it about my suggestions pls think it about

    • kliff says:

      pls get free argents go to los angeles lakers Tim Duncan and Arenas, Gilbert and Stojakovic, Peja and Stuckey, Rodney and Howard, Josh and Redd, Michael and Kirilenko, Andrei and Pietrus, Mickael and Barbosa, Leandro and Dalembert, Samuel and Crawford, Jamal pls think it about my suggestions pls think about it

  14. juhsiz says:

    Please don’t forget that Lakers still have time for trades and signings, this roster might change. But it doesn’t look good now, I must admit. The funny thing is, I guess CP3 won’t be able to do anything with the Clips and will be a free agent next year.

  15. laker girl says:

    The lakers will do just fine!! I believe in them!! Yeah some of the players are old but its all about experience and who has the heart!! They do!! SO in the end its going to be ok, but the NBA is not making it easy on the lakers at all!!

  16. lovebasketball says:

    Lakers are done baby. time for kobe to retire.

  17. Monnyj says:

    If i were the lakers, i’d be so mad at the league. I thought the laker deal was better than the clippers deal. but oh well. I’d rather have chris paul play for the clippers.

  18. Joadsta says:

    Face it. The lakers are gonna be that “other team” in LA this season. They’ll be lucky to make a 6-8 seed in the west. Clippers are gonna be a force in the west this season.

  19. dirkminator says:


    hows that sound?? HOWARD! D12!!

  20. nba2kfan says:

    There will be a battle of the hall way in Staples when the Lakers and the Clippers meet in the playoffs.

  21. vladz says:

    L.A.L, i think lakers have to trade gasol because remember whenhe was hurt,bynum was dominant as hell,12 rbd and 18ptsduring this span, we need a PG, i’m sooooo disapointed paul not don’t come in L.A. Stern i hate you, money is the only reason, shame on you David, get out the way, you become old, GETTT OUTT

    From france

    Vladz,lakers fan

  22. GMentor says:

    History is just going to repeat itself, everytime the Lakers get ride of Phil Jackson, the front office go banana. We all remember what a desaster it was in 06 starting with the hiring of the wrong coach followed by a bunch of nonsens trade. It’s basically going to be the same thing, they are going to miss on both CP3 and Dwight Howard. I feel sorry for Kobe and Mike Brown, Kobe is not going to get his 6th ring and MIke Brown is out of the door next year because of lack of support from the front office. They might even distroy Mike Brown coaching career, ppl are only going to remember him as the guy who could not win a championship with neither LeBron nor Kobe, the best players in the world.

  23. blocked says:

    lakers arent old.most likely they will sign troy murphy.there roster got a lil younger this year.they have about 4 or 5 rookies on th thy didnt lose pau or bynum who i believe will play good this year

  24. DeeWig says:

    I really hope the Lakers don’t steal someone else’s star for nothing (story of their franchise) so my Mavs have a better shot at winning the West

  25. LakeShow 4 Ever says:

    Alright so the Lakers did not get CP3…he is now a Clipper. So now we turn to Dwight Howard. Lets see what happens. However, lets not forget that this is still a reduced season. Even though I am a little upset at seeing Lamar Odom go..especially to Dallas. But this could be the year we as Laker fans need. A short season to try out a new offense/defense. A new coach. Even with the squad left alone…would not guarantee a title because a shortened season actually favors the youth. Even with that said, I believe the Lakers sit in a good position to capitalize for the 2012-2013 season. Kobe is still one bomb azz player but he is getting older. He cannot go full throttle for 82 games. So this this is perfect to get key players that can hold a game while giving the veterans some rest for when it counts. Its similar to the 80’s Lakers with the only exception that Pat Riley mainly ran 6 players, but those players knew how to pace themselves throughout the season. Same thing with Boston back then. So lets just sit back and see what happens. Its still LakeShow 4 Ever!

  26. GOOO LAKAAS says:

    I would love to see the Lakers win the title and David Stern presenting them their trophy.

  27. serge says:

    its ok with the lakers. kobe will get his 6th. the odom trade is like trading ariza… lets begin… go lakers. lets hunt and be hunted.

  28. blackmamba24 says:

    everyone saying that the lakers are done but have any one forgot that the lakers still have a health and new knees mr cluch him self KOBE BRYANT and his sidekick PAU GASOL the lakers might not win the championship but not going to be competitive stop the lakers will always be competitive as long as they have BLACK MAMBA his self no matter how old he is he will always be the best closer in the game and will always have the lakers fightin for a championship post la will be the Number 1 seed in the western confrence and will go to the NBA FINALS like i said they might not win it but the will quiet all of their critics and for you heat fans its not your time its not your DECADE the heat will always be in the top 2 teams in the east and top 5 in nba but will never gett a ring LBRON JAMES will NEVER hold up a nba CHA,PIONSHIP trpohy

  29. Go clippers says:

    I’m actually happy for the Clippers, and glad someone besides the Lakers have a chance now. I hope the Lakers suffer for 20 years as the Timberwolves did.

    • Go mavs says:

      ^ i definetely agreed ^

    • blackmamba24 says:

      what 20 years the lakers arent going to suffer this year they will sweep the clippers 4-0 this year in regular reason and if they play eachother in playoffs lakers will win the LAKERS are the Face of l.A. and the lakers are still the big boys in thier divion and looking to take the big boy role from the mavs in the confrence

    • cris says:

      Yeahhhhhhhh a big market team with an owner who’s always willing to spend money on acquiring star players will suffer for 20 years. yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh buddy that’s one gift you won’t get on your wish list this christmas.

      • blackmamba24 says:

        thank yot cris because la is to lengandary and has a owner whos not afriad to spend and loves winning so they wont suffer

  30. Faustonauta says:

    As a Laker fan from abroad (don’t know if this can make a difference) first of all I’d like to thank Mr. Adolf Stern for screwing up my beloved team destroying Gasol confidence, loosing Odom and making it clear that he will do everything possible to put LAL at the bottom of a festering pit. That being said, Who cares about this type of questions? Is there any other option but having a bath, a shave and saying “call me what you want”? Is transition time, not only for the LAL, but for the NBA. Mr. Stern, leave it.

  31. Gmoney24 says:

    I have been a laker fan for ever and when its time to admit when a tragedy is bout to happen..i will! LAL is really in a bad situation this season Kobe still believe in his head they have a chance because how great he is but in his heart he knows they wont win this year…i mean i love LAL but they are depending on E Banks and Artest to help carry the team??? which clearly equals a tragedy bout to happen AGAIN in LA

  32. armour says:

    i say kobe request a trade and go to the clippers if he wants another ring i personally hate the lakers but just advice.

  33. Carlo12345 says:

    I like the lakers i am a laker fan from the start, but the trade with the clippers is honestly better than what will they get from houston and lakers. ERIC GORDON AND FIRST ROUND PICK, also a former all star center kaman.. what is bad is lakers BOTH WANT HOWARD AND PAUL. THEY ARE TOO GREEDY, NOW THEY LOSS A GREAT PLAYER IN ODOM AND ALSO DID NOT GET ANYTHING THANKS TO MITCH. that what you get! you destroy the team, you dont have faith in your players..

  34. Hector Diez says:

    The NBA is destroying the lakers

  35. HaleyBird says:

    I think the trade of Paul to the Clippers solidified sentiments that the leagues owners and the NBA nixed the trade. Better off with Paul in a Hornet uniform? Is Gordon a better trade than Lamar., if it was about players that didn’t come accross from Stern’s previous comments…it stinks I tell ya, stinks!

    • Rico Rodriquez says:

      The Clippers trade was immeasurably better than that Lakers/Rockets one. What use was Odom if he was crying on air because he didn’t want to go to NO? He should’ve been glad to get away from that man-beast of a wife.
      Gordon and the Minn pick are, by themselves, better than the aged collection in that Lakers trade.
      LAL have nobody of real value to trade; Gasol will get something but not an upgrade, unless the other team is run by an idiot, and nobody should take a risk on Bynum and his knees.
      It was a good run. Its over now.

  36. Jordan says:

    Dwight is looking unlikely now, so I would expect LA to use their two trade exceptions (Odom and Vujacic) to take on at least two and maybe three more quality bench players. They need another big to help replace Odom (McBob is a good addition, but they need another quality big), another 2/3 man since Shannon Brown is gone (shoulda got TMac), and most of all, a younger PG (Stuckey?). DFish is great in the clutch, and will still be on the court in crunch time, but he is too old and slow to be a full time starter playing 28+ minutes a night. I would expect that to come down to about 18 this season, coming off the bench.

  37. Lakers#1 says:

    As a Lakers Fan I am really angry going into this season. Last year Lakers got swept 4-0 and going into the new season the only difference is that they got worse! Kobes knees are one year older, Fisher is one year slower, and Odom has gone to the Mavs. How the hell are we gonna be able to win a championship in that position?

    Lakers really needed CP3 but got screwed by Stern. Now, I’m not even sure Lakers are the best team in Los Angeles! My prediction is that Lakers will finish about 4-5 in the west and then fall short in the 2nd round of the play-offs.

    I’m gonna be depressed the entire 2012 I think!

    • DeeWig says:

      At least you’re realistic my friend unlike the rest of Laker nation…although I’ll never disregard the Lakers until their season is completely over

  38. JOhn Gambina says:

    Yea! It would seem that the Lakers are older and will miss Odom, I think they them selves know it going to be an bigger battle than last year . Still I hope they come out focused on the mission. I do not think they are going to pull off any block buster deal so lets hope for the best ,

  39. spliftout says:

    I’m actually glad we didn’t get CP3. Don’t get me wrong he’s awesome and the Clips will be nice if they can get some guys to come play for cheap… but on the flip side they gutted their roster…if Gordon makes the all-star next yr its even worse of a trade… but on paper it looks amazing with him and Blake… that being said the lakers would’ve had to gut their team for him too and with Darius Morris born and raised in LA I think he could be special… the Odom trade hurts as a fan but it does give the Lakers a real nice chip for a future move… and if Ebanks steps up he could possibly help fill the void…all in all I feel how Kobe said he feel’s I don’t like it but I know the Org. has something up its sleeve … and by the way Dwight Howard isn’t the only amazing player in the NBA…

  40. chris from oz says:

    Kobe could get a sixth ring in LA…if he’s happy to take a paycut and can get a trade to the clippers. Gasol will be motivated but is aging. Bynum is injury prone and wont be able yo be nursed long with reduced minutes without odom. The window is closing and unlike when the lakers beat the magic, there are a bunch of other teams threatening as contenders – moreso than the fading lakers.

  41. mcdel says:

    I’m really disappointed in LAKERS when they trade ODOM,I’ve been a fan of lakers for more than ten years..they trade ODOM for nothing…PLEASE get DWIGHT HOWARD for me..I’m begging>>>>

  42. Lakers24 says:

    The Lakers should not have traded Lamar away. They did not even get one player. Now the sixth man is going to be Derrick Character. What a down grade.

  43. amontoy cuts says:

    LAKERS is still unkabogable… wala pay siguro nah… lingin pang bola…:)

  44. the truf says:

    as always everyone is being over dramatic about my favorite team and time will show that everyone is full of shhhh and needs to stop hating and riding the clippers shhh. the lakers still have a two time winning championship starting 5 and a 5 time champion with one of the top two shooting guards in history who also has new knees thanks to an innovating surgery so fall back haters the lakers will always be great……………. the only one who can hurt us is an incompetent owner in jim buss (what a F#!@#!@ Idiot!!!)

  45. gerard says:

    to all you haters, lets just see… Never underestimate the black mamba. NEVER..

    • Rico Rodriquez says:

      He’s washed up. I’d warn you not to overestimate him. It’s probably just as well the Lakers didn’t get Paul, because all that Bryant would’ve done is scream at him for the ball, and do that stupid scowl whenever Paul scored more than 4 points in a row.
      The Lakers are done for a while. Finished. Particularly Kobe. He had a great career. But it’s over now.

  46. Laker Fan 24 says:

    All these non sense are just speculations. Never count out a team, okay? But I do have to agree that the Lakers just don’t look good coming into the season. I agree that the Lakers are not out of playoff contention but winning a championship is by a long shot I guess. CP3 now is off of their list, only D12 is left for them. They badly need Dwight in order for them to be considered the top dog in the west. But trading for quality bench players like Nic Batum or Gerald Wallace will help. Getting an agile power forward who can shoot in change for McRoberts would help too. A guard who can come off the bench and run the team like Fish does and a 2 guard who can come off the bench to sub Kobe (in case Shannon Brown opts to leave Tinsletown) would as well. A lot of options can be exploited. Mitch should just choose wisely and never go for only 1 superstar instead go for star players that can be of good use of the bench. Let’s Go Lakers!

    • gomavs says:

      never count them out…so true. when there is one team in the league that always gets the players they want/need, it is the lakers. but i still wonder what their “big plans are, now that paul plays for the clippers for 2 years and the magic ending trade talks for now. and the odom trade looks like “we want the mavs to repeat”…dont understand that move, but good for my mavs.

  47. objective says:

    Again those Lakers fans talking nonsense ? Can somebody please tell them they reighind days ARE OVER !!

  48. Iz says:

    Laker days have been on the way out. Even if they get a good player, Kobe’s on the way out and they’re just low-mid level playoff contenders… probably out in the 2nd round. They just don’t have the pieces on the table to do much unless they fleece someone. Still, the nature of the franchise is that they’re only ever out for a few years at a time, and will be truly contending for championships within a few years, depending on how long they want to float in mediocre mode to keep Kobe a Laker until he retires or is willing to give up top billing.

    Clippers made a good move. It may not be a better team, but it’ll at least sell seats… and if they can manage to press the advantage and attract a good team around the stars they may be able to be the Saints of basketball. Even if they don’t go all the way before having to rebuild, just being able to lose decades of bad rep will serve them well. Well, unless they get cheap and snatch failure from momentum, a favorite Clipper pastime. The bar isn’t very high for the Clippers- a winning season is all you need to be up there with the top 15% of Clippers squads.

  49. miguel says:

    I am a huge laker fan and it pains me to say, i see this year goin very very badly for us,reports say cp3 is goin to clippers and i would say theres close to no chance we get Dwight howard,which leaves us with nothing cause really and truly those are the biggest stars to get and to buy a bunch of kinda good players just aint gonna cut it,it might have when kobe was like 26-28 and could totally carry everything on his own but hes getting old and we need superstars i mean its the lakers the second winningest team in the world and in the history of the nba so yeah it could be and it is most likely that this year we will suck it very hard and hopefully come back with a vengeance the next.maybe kobe gets that elusive 6th ring 😀

  50. cris nyandoro says:

    the lakers are down but are not out we need a good strong point gard and good defense, gasol is gunna comeback pissed and have a point to prove. he’ll be on 23 ppg and 12 rpg and dont be suprised if bynum gets alot of all star votes.
    last but not least kobe bryant with all this time off will make him healthier than he has been in years. so all you band wagon mavericks jumper can eat d*ck because its funny how all the mavs come out of hiding when they win a championship. we all thought portland was gunna get the win but they proved they wouldn’t. i personally feel that it would not have been a good move for howard cuz that means losing gasol and bynum this lockout has dont an old team such as the lakers alot of goog belive it or not

  51. It is true that this team is aging and must put new blood but at what cost. All the noise around Chris Paul and Howard can disrupt the start of the season the Lakers. It must be very careful. Remember one thing, journalism is a beautiful but dangerous business together. I do not know if I made ​​it clear …
    Let the coach do his job and wish the Lakers a very good start to the season then the rest will follow …

    • Rico Rodriquez says:

      How is ‘journalism a beautiful and dangerous business’? They are just commenting on stupid basketball games, they aren’t reporting on some war. Why are people on this thread so stupifylingly ignorant? Do you really think it matters if some stupid, overpaid basketball team in LA wins games or not? How does it change your life? It doesn’t.
      Get some perspective on your life, and on this crappy team you apparently worship, before it’s too late. Kobe Bryant wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire. You know this, right?

      • Lance says:

        Rico, thanks for being one of the only sane people on this page. Laker fans have and always will be completely dillusional. The Lakers will begin a rebuilding period. It was going to happen eventually. The Mamba will begin his decline and the Lakers will need to begin thinking about the post-kobe era. They can’t compete at a championship level with their current roster. And heaven forbid any of you Laker retards actually read the article. It says this is their thoughts with “the current rosters” not your made up fantasy rosters.

  52. mrspydaman says:

    Anyone who thinks they know what will happen to LAL is nuts. New coach new system will have a bigger impact than any of the stuff mentioned. Kobe will be reduced in scoring role but benfit when his number is called on isos, Pau and bynum if used like brown claimed will be a menace this year, MWP will not get lost in the offensive sets, Fishers weeknesses will be amplified and exposed. Blake may emerge as a good replacement as his skillset is geared towards a standard Off not really suited for the triangle +1 that they ran, Thats the positive side, with very little bench and a no rest schedule this will proably not be the year they beat all the odds.

    • Rico Rodriquez says:

      Great points, because offense was always Mike Brown’s specialty in Cleveland. What was it again? Oh yeah. Give LeBron the ball and clear everybody else out, for 48 minutes.
      Enjoy the lottery this year!

  53. 21 says:

    Say thanks to David Stern who nixed the perfect Rockets / Lakers / Hornets deal and then said yes to the much worse Clippers deal … WHAT_A_JOKE

    • Rico Rodriquez says:

      The Clippers deal was miles better than the Lakers/Houston one.
      The Lakers are an old, washed up team with a fat, mediocre center with bad knees, a crybaby Spaniard, and an overpaid hasbeen who will still take way too many shots. Oh, but you got Josh McRoberts! That’ll change everything.
      Reading the barely-literate Lakers fans on here is hilarious. Do they not teach you how to spell English words in LA? It is supposed to be your native language, you know.

  54. closetnerd77 says:

    We’ll have to see how this year plays out. Yes LA got swept last season but hey…they been playing longer extended seasons for the past 4 yrs…I think mental and physical fatigue finally caught up with them.
    From the moves I’m seeing the Lakers do.
    It seems that they’re getting some more shooters in Kapono
    and trying to get younger and more athletic
    with acquisitions with McRoberts who played well in the playoffs last year
    and Gerald Green.
    Who knows…with the veterans surrounding Green this year in LA maybe..just maybe he can get his act together because the potential and talent is there.

  55. tobzikachu says:

    Kobe’s never gonna have 6 rings like michael!
    LAC will even be better this year. 🙂

  56. Ao1 says:

    I don’t doubt it. Lakers will make it! Kobe will make history… More rings.

  57. joel says:

    Dont count out the lakers people they have a good two years with the players they have besides i think clippers will not do as good as people think especially since they are not that big we still have Bynum and Gasol who are on a mission to prove they are still on top of their game. i like them both better than Howard in my opinion remember we swept the majic. so Adding one more guy on the point guard position that is available and we will be alright this year. Remember Lakers run this town

  58. Brandon says:

    Don’t count the Lakers out just yet. For one, there is no way they are done adding to this roster. Mitch Kupchak has stated that they are looking to make more additions to the roster, so it should be only a matter of days. However, even if the Lakers do not make any more additions, they still have Kobe, Bynum (who will be better this season), and Pau (who will be motivated)! Those 3 are enough to give the Lakers a top 4 seed. People are underestimating Coach Brown also.

    Please… the Spurs may be better?? Give me a break! Of course John Schuhmann would say that. Just wait and see! I’m not saying that they will win the chip this season, but they will do a lot better than people are implying in this post and in general. Lakers haters — don’t count your chickens before they hatch!

  59. LakerFan24 says:

    Well with what I see right now I don’t think that the Lakers would get deep into the playoffs.. However the tectonic plates have not stopped moving yet… A big chunk of land from the east is very likely to land in LA and that my friends would transform the Lakers back to the early 2000’s era where they were virtually unstoppable….

  60. Doubtful says:

    BOOM!!! CP3 is on the other side of town and the Magic halted trade talks for Dwight. It was so stupid Lakers traded Odom who was a key contributor for them. WHO are they going to get now. I’m a Laker fan but with this season, its not their year unless miracles happen

  61. Joe says:

    now that CP3 is in L.A but not as a Laker but as part of Clippers, how do you guys say now?

    • Phred says:

      I say CONGRATZ to the Clips! They will be a very fun team to watch. I hope Sterling will fork out the cash to keep everyone together in the years to come.

      As a Laker fan and a dedicated Kobe diehard, I am in mourning over the events of this past week. I am sour as all hell about the vetoed trade. I am definitely one fan who has lost all respect for the Commish. He has basically devastated the Rockets and the Lakers with his short sightedness. The Hornets would have had a very good lineup with the agreed upon trade … and pieces that would be valuable in future trades. I guess Phil, the Zen Master, predicted the devastation that would ensue with the ownership of the Hornets going to the NBA last year. Wow … not in denial … just pissed! Well, we’ll move on and look forward to Kobe’s will to bring back hope. Maybe a 91 pt game just for kicks?

      I also believe that this is the dawn of the Laker’s transition into mediocrity unless Howard suits up for the Lakers this season. Our team is getting old and in need of upgrades. I don’t have any confidence in Bynum taking the full load without Lamar because of his knees. I just hope that Gasol is ready to play this year. Maybe by landing Howard, D-Wil will join the Lakers. He’s my first choice of all the point guards. Until then, maybe Steve Nash has a great year left in him. Whichever the case, I’m looking for substantial trades from Kupchak. Otherwise, we will be left in the cold because everyone else is getting substantially better. And the Lakers will not be able to keep up.

  62. CP3 to clippers was a great move!!! Go Clippers…

  63. LALA-kers! says:


  64. kensho says:

    we are all nba fan so let’s not try fooling our self, we all know lakers is not gonna win a title this season. i would say it’s gonna be mavs again.

  65. omar says:

    Lakers need to get a superstar player like Dwight Howard or Lakers days are over. Lakers should have traded Bynum and Odom for Dwight. Gasol is a very good player he played bad last year because he was depressed and not focused because his fiance dumped him. This year is a new year and he will be focused and he will be a star player like he was when we won two championships. Don’t take the spainard out!:)

  66. Lets Go Heat! says:

    Lakers fans accept it that your team is rebuilding now, and Kobe is getting old…No championship for your team now.

  67. Cory says:

    As a Laker fan, I’ve gotta admit that I’m pretty pessimistic going into this season. Without some sort of major move (signing McRoberts definitely doesn’t count), I think that there’s little chance that the Lakers will be able to compete with teams like the Mavs Heat this season.

  68. jayjoe14 says:

    Clippers Starting Lineup

    Billups (would cry if not given playing time, should be Mo)

  69. Coach says:

    The Clippers just got Chris Paul! Chris Paul dishing to Blake will be awsome. They now have more star power and excitment than the Lakers. The Lakers will struggle this season like never before. The only good news for them is that its a short season, the misery wont last for 82 games. You will see and hear more frustration and anger come out of the Lakers than ever before. This Laker team will be similar to the one a few years ago that had Kobe asking to be traded. Let the games begin!

    • wendy says:

      Not looking forward to this season as a Laker fan. We lost the championship the minute Lamar was given to the Mavs. Mavericks are looking at a back to back, if they can beat the Clippers. Period. In any case it WILL NOT be the Lakers. I doubt their ability to make it to the playoffs at this point, and I’m disgusted and devastated by the choices made by the Lakers ‘front office’.
      This is the dawn of the Clippers being THE Los Angeles team to beat. Without Lamar Odom the Lake show is a joke.

  70. Arica Lanier says:

    Cameron Boyd is on point. I like that. Lakers are still in strong contention but winnnin a ship is a long-shot without a major trade..

  71. Cameron Boyd says:

    Are you forgetting the the Mavs, Spurs and Grizzlies are all in the same division?? So even if the three of them, and the Thunder, all finish with better records, the Lakers still win the Pacific, meaning they still get a top 4 seed and a home court advantage in the playoffs.

    • Lakers4Life1 says:

      I agree with you. But even winning the Pacific this year seems a little tricky. The Clippers are stacking up pretty nicely. Getting Caron Butler and Chauncey Billups. Along with re-signing Deandre Jordan. Plus having Eric Gordon, Mo Williams, Bledsoe, kaman, and of course, Blake Griffin. On paper, it looks like LA is in a civil war on who is gonna be the top dog thsi year in the pacific. And both teams are the top two bidders looking to land CP3. So lets see how all ths turns out. But over all, I agree with you. Lakers are still looking good this year. Just not at the level I would have liked them to be.

  72. Artie Reed says:

    Ramon Sessions, Rodney Stuckey, Nicholas Batum, Gerald Wallace, do it now.

  73. Artie Reed says:

    Don’t trade for Dwight get CP3 and take it from there.

  74. really? says:

    Are you kidding me? Who in their right mind would put the Lakers under those teams. You will look like an idiot when the Lakers are in the finals again you moron.

    • Poyser says:

      Lakers in the Finals again? You mean like last year? Oh wait, that was Dallas and Miami. Lakers got hit in the face by the broom last year didn’t they? And with CP3 now in the other LA, I think that pretty much kills any blockbuster deals the Lakers could get. Laker fans need to welcome mediocrity in to the Staples Center for a while.

      • DeeWig says:

        LOL Lakers fans are in denial. This same team got swept by the Mavs and now the Mavs have Lamar Odom…not mention that Pau wants no parts of Dirk in the playoffs….his playoff record is 0-8 vs Dirk….sooo yeah, no chance if ya’ll see the Mavs again

      • DLW says:

        Mav’s lost Chandler and got Odom. Lakers will still be in the mix come playoff time. Not sure if you can say the same about the Clippers even with Chris Paul. Lakers still have a fat roster of veteran players and still may make a move. My worry is that with Jerry buss giving the team to his childern they may be more concerned with making money than with making a winner. This year they may be all right but what about next year and the year after that?

      • pacersfan5 says:

        I agree with nearly everything you say. The only thing that might be wrong is the mediocrity in the Staples Center…its just that the home team that can get Staples rockin’ this year wear red white and blue…bwahahahahahaha. I love hearing all the Laker fans whinge and moan about Stern. If I was the owner of NO and I was desperate to sell the team, I would have knocked back the first deal as well. The Hornets did not want to get older, they had to be able to sell the team on potential, and Odom, Scola and Martin, whilst all good players do not offer potential beyond this year.


    Remember your words and eat them at playoff time
    this will not be the roster my Lakers will start the season with
    lets not be ignorant to the fact David Stern controls the Hornets
    and every other team.My Lakers are 16 times champions back 2 back
    champions just 2 years ago come on man they have too much
    experience and my Lakers will make a blockbuster trade for
    either CP3 or D12.Good luck trying to convince any smart fans
    your theory on the Lakers your just reporting nonsense.

  76. JordanL says:

    I guess a lot of these so called “NBA Analysts” who are doubting Lakers forgot that Lakers have 2 trade exceptions which add up to nearly 15mil. Lakers got the Sasha Vujacic trade exception (5.7mil) but it expires on Friday December 16th; Lakers also got the Lamar Odom trade exception which is 8.9mil. Lakers have sooo many options with these trade exceptions even if they dont land Dwight or CP3. Also Mitch Kupchak has to have bigger things planned for this roster because he knows being in Los Angeles fans dont want to hear anything else besides Lakers competing for a championship, also Kupchak has the already super competitive Kobe Bryant now at age 33 and knowing he does not multiple years left as a best player and competing for a championship unless Lakers acquire CP3 or Howard. Also Kupchak said he has “big things” planned and is not done making moves on this roster.
    Lakers are now stacked and equipped with draft picks and even if they dont land CP3 or Howard they can offer draft picks and use the trade exception for guys that can help them like: Ramon Sessions, Rodney Stuckey, Nicholas Batum, Gerald Wallace, Jose Calderon etc……

    **Also Lakers are back in the CP3 trade discussions

    And if Lakers land CP3 a starting lineup of
    Chris Paul, Kobe Bryant, Ron Artest, Josh McRoberts, Andrew Bynum isnt so bad
    Also it’s rumored that Lakers could recieve another big in the deal if they do trade away Pau Gasol for Paul
    AND many people say Lakers become best team in the west with CP3 deal becuz he upgrades their defense big time and can run any team.

    Also if Lakers get CP3 Lakers can use Odom trade exception to get a legit powerforward like Paul Milsap, Hakim Warrick.

    All in all Lakers just got too many options for Kupchak to just sit back and wait a long time before actually trying to use the trade exceptions or get Chris Paul etc…

    • Lakersince75 says:

      I’ve been a Laker fan since 1975 and none of that sounds like they can handle the Miami Heat, Chicago nor Oklamhoma City. Let’s face it, we wanted Paul and Howard for a reason. We need some players that can run, play D and get respect from the referee’s.

    • gfrancian says:

      Did they use Sasha’s trade exception on McRoberts?

    • TL says:

      You first have to find a team that want to trade its players for a trade exception!
      And second: Do you know the words “Salary Cap”?? Its all about money – money Kupchak do not want to pay as luxary tax…

      Btw.: Paul and Howard won’t come to the Lakers.

    • M. says:

      As far as i know, trade exceptions do not add up!
      This means, you have to use the two exceptions on two different trades.

    • cliff says:

      Yeah howd that CP3 scenerio work out LOL

  77. I am very upset with the commisioner’s unfair deciusion to noix the treade for Chris Paul. Who does he think he is? GOD ?I anticipate a lot of aggravation watching the lakers this year.

    • Lakers24 says:

      I agree , David Stern did not want the Lakers to get Chris Paul because if they did they would win another world title.

      • Travis says:

        Gosh just listen to yourselfs! The Hornets belong to the NBA, so Stern has the right doo except trades or decline them! And he wanted a future for the franchise, so the NBA can find a new Owner. Nobody would be interested in a Team who´s Star Player is Pau Gasol!!!! Now they got a bunch of young Guys and Draft Picks for a better future!

      • TTKIN says:

        Hey Travis, Pau was going to Houston, not New Orleans. NO wouldve had a top 10 SG in Kevin Martin, a top 10 SF in Odom, and a top 10 PF in Scola. New Orleans is worse off with this deal cuz Martin is better than Gordon, Kaman is now a backup cuz of Okafor, all they got were draft picks, and since the CLippers now have chris Paul, dont expect these to be good draft picks. theyll probaly be like the 20th overall. Stern didnt want the Lakers to get them but it doesnt matter. Day after Christmas is the day I stop watching the NBA forever. The lockout said screw you to the fans, and Stern said screw you to every LA fan when he nixed the Laker trade. I think he then gave an even bigger screw you to LA fans when he allowed the Clipper trade which is a worse deal. So yes I’ll watch the games on Christmas day, but why will I waste my time watching a sport that doesnt give a crap about the fans. Ill stick to baseball who signed their new agreement before the word “lockout” was even said, and Ill stick to football who made it clear that a lost season was the last thing they wanted. The NBA dam near gave the season away intentionally. I love basketabll, I have for 20 years, but I dont love it enough to stick by it when they dont want to stick by me!

      • .... says:

        ttkin… the draft pick they recieved was from the wolfs. therefore it’s prolly going to be in the lottery at least.

        scola is a top10 pft? really?
        with the likes of dirk, bosh, griffin, amare, LMA, love, randolf, garnett, pau gastol, duncan. you really cant say scola is top 10…
        kevin martin top 10 sg? lololol.
        wade, kobe, ginobili, ellis, ray allen, gordon, evans, joe johnson, terry, richardson.
        odom is good but not top 10. so i wont list the players ahead of him.

      • jt says:

        David Stern rid of the laker deal because the NBA is trying to sell a product. The team new orleans had would of been a five year old club with no one young and the trade increased their cap which would make the selling even harder. However the clippers deal sent young high ceiling players especially eric gordon and a timberpups draft pick.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      ITs ok We all know OKC is going to win it this year! Fear the Beard baby!