Nene, Nuggets Agree To Terms

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The Denver Nuggets were not always the favorites, but at the end of the day, they got their big man back.

Beating back strong competition from Houston and New Jersey, the Nuggets reached terms Tuesday with free agent center Nene on a five-year, $67 million deal. Earlier in the day, the Nuggets pulled off a trade with the Mavericks, acquiring forwards Corey Brewer and Rudy Fernandez from Dallas for a second-round pick. And general manager Masai Ujiri said Tuesday night that progress had been made toward re-signing restricted free agent guard Arron Afflalo.

“Today was a good day for the Nuggets,” Ujiri said.

The Nets had an offer on the table believed to be in excess of $14 million per season for the 29-year-old Nene, who averaged 14.5 points and 7.6 rebounds last season for Denver. And the Rockets coveted Nene as well, hoping to pair him with Lakers forward Pau Gasol last week when it looked like Houston would be part of the three-team deal that sent Chris Paul to the Lakers. But the deal fell through, and the Rockets couldn’t make a deal for Nene alone work.

“We’ve been grinding all along,” Ujiri said. “Nene was our guy and we stayed the course and got through it. Nene wanted to stay home. He wanted to test free agency, but at the end of the day he wanted to stay home and play for the Nuggets. Nene will be a good player for us for a long time.”

With Nene and Marc Gasol (who agreed to terms with Memphis Monday) off the board, Kings center Samuel Dalembert is the best big man left on the free agent board.

The Nuggets also replenished the depth they lost when restricted free agent Wilson Chandler, guard J.R. Smith and forward Kenyon Martin all signed deals in China during the lockout by getting Fernandez and Brewer from Dallas. Fernandez never played for the Mavericks, having been acquired from Portland on Draft night. But once the Mavericks acquired Lamar Odom from the Lakers last week and agreed to terms with free agents Vince Carter and Delonte West on Monday, they had a surplus of wing players — and a desire to continue to clear cap room in preparation for next summer’s strong free agent class.

“We saw an opportunity there for two pretty good wings, one who can give us defense, and the other can give us scoring,” Ujiri said. “Both of them are pretty good players, and they both can play fast. That’s the way George wants to play.”

Afflalo is in high demand after becoming a strong defender and picking up his scoring (a career-high 12.6 per game last season). But Ujiri said he is confident Denver can keep him.

“We’re moving, and it’s going good,” he said. “He’s our final piece. We’re going to close and try to make sure we get that done. He’s a huge part of our team.”


  1. Jay says:

    Yea, Nene is a good player, seems a fair deal. Which better Centre will agree to a deal with the Nuggets after their loosing of Carmelo?

  2. "Drink Evolv Today and change your life tomorrow!" says:

    In this league its how you coach up the chemistry, and play as a team. If you put the good pieces the Nuggets have on the court and have George work his magic, this team is a 50 plus a season winner again. Look out NBA, here comes the George Karl show!

  3. dummy says:

    this immedatley puts the nuggets top 3 in the west. if AAA sighs second best. no doubt.

  4. Ken says:

    There’s always next year!

  5. Gallo!! says:

    You are totally right ! Gallinari is a super strong SF great shooting and just an overall great forward!

  6. Chaz Kemp says:

    Nene signing with us is huge and it’s a great move on his part. I don’t think the majority of you guys understand just how good our team will be (especially if we re-sign Afflalo.) Nene is going to play power forward and Mozgov is going to be center, which is gonna rock – our front line is going to be tough for most teams to handle.

    JR Smith isn’t going to come back because he is very un-coachable. He has the lowest basketball IQ of any player I’ve ever seen and we’re much better without him. Kenyon Martin wants to play for an NBA team that has championship aspirations so he won’t be back either, although we’ll really miss him. Wilson Chandler is another story though. Everyone wants him back in a big way and I’m hoping that he wants to come back to Denver.

    Coach Karl finally gets to craft the kind of team he’s always wanted ever since he left Seattle. Masi Ujiri and Josh Kroenke are doing a phenomenal job. You guys are gonna be blown are going to be blown away by how good our team will be… but don’t worry guys, when your mouths are hanging open going, “How did this happen?” we Nugget fans will be right there to say, “We told you so!” 🙂 Go Nuggets!!

  7. Brandon says:

    Happy for Nene that he got his contract finally signed and stayed in Denver. Finally a bit of LOYALTY by sticking to a team for once. But I will say this Nene was paid way too much money on this contract. Didn’t we just have a lockout so owners would stop throwing around money to players and players to stop demanding huge amounts of it. MONEY DOES NOT GROW AN TREES PLAYERS AND OWNERS SO STOP ASKING FOR IT AND STOP SPENDING IT.

  8. Denver/Heat/NewYork says:

    That was me who “write it wrong”, think you should try getting your english right before you bag someone for a typpo ;D

    Anwyay Ferndez & Brewer help though i’d prefer JR and Martin.

    I’m sure Chandler is coming back and is restrcited so if nuggets want him they have him. K-Mart i’ll be sad to see go though can deal with it. JR wants a release from china and i PRAY he is back in the nuggets jersey otherwise heat or knicks! HES MY FAV PLAYER GET BACK SOON JR! YOUR A UNIT!

  9. Vavozzo says:

    Anyone here in this site is not mentioning Gallinari, the strongest player for Nuggets! (the only ones who did it write it wrong ^ ^). I think that keeping Nene with them and adding Rudy and Brewer make Nuggets a really good team, surely better than last year. No JR Smiths and Martin, good players but crazy. I think Nuggets hah the possibility to reach the 4th or 5th position at west.

  10. Denver/Heat/NewYork says:

    JR has to come back, he is my fav player 😦

  11. 17,6 says:

    thats a lot of money 4 a mediocre player…

  12. Jack Mehoff says:

    If Nene didn’t have long hair he would just be another center who gets one good dunk a game and then screams about it for like five minutes. Overrated

  13. heatking says:

    Nene should have gone somewhere else, hell, the Nets would even be a better choice. Well if it’s just about money, I can’t blame the guy, $67 million is a freaking good deal for Nene. But still, the Nuggets are waaaaaayy out of championship contention. let’s go heat! =D

  14. Phillip says:

    The Nuggets dont really need Smith any more i think he is a really great player if we dont get him back id miss him lighting up the score board with all them threes but i believe the nuggets are happier having Andre Miller he might not score as much as Jr but he is more disciplined and consistent and i think Carl values that a lot more so i wouldnt be surprised if they let him go. Martin and Chandler are two players i think we really need back, This team would really have some depth if we got them back . Starting five Nene Martin Lawson Chandler Afflalo then the backups The Bird Man Gallinari or Fernandez Miller plus some rookies that look to have promising futures Hamilton Fraired Forbes and the big men i mentioned in an earlier comment. There is a lot of talent on this Denver Team i see them making the playoffs, if not this year then for sure the following year

  15. Denverite says:

    This is a good team. The only reason we lost to OKC in the playoffs was because of free throws. Adding Fernandez and Andre Miller will help that stat. We definitely need to resign Aflalo and I can see this being a very good team. I believe that Denver will let Harrington go on the amnesty clause(Not getting enough production). They have a lot of young talent mixed with veterans. I am very happy to see Nene come back. Hopefully Mozgov and Koufos can develop into some talented young centers and let Nene play what he wants which is PF. I like the draft picks. Chu-CHu will play D-League for a little while and we just picked up Demare Carrol from Mizzou which if you know anything about him he is a hustla like the new draftee Faried. Hamilton appears to be a good offensive player. I really think that this is a well put together team. Great job Masaii and Josh!!!

  16. Phillip says:

    As a Nuggets fan i am very happy with the moves Denver has made most important they got Nene back, i think Rudy Fernandez will be a great addition to the team I think this will be a strong team especially when they get Smith Chandler and Martin back from China as well, and we cant leave out getting a new deal done with Afflalo. Also Dallas is making some great moves they are going to be a scary team.

  17. Ryan says:

    Man it’s not gonna work without J.R. Smith. He was a huge player to their line-up any team would be lucky to have him personally once he’s back I’d like to see him with the heat he’d be great off the bench for wade or even in the game with wade at point if they can’t sign a good one in the next little bit here

  18. Rip Greenfire says:

    Nene’s worth is much more than 17 and 9. He is one of the few big men out there. I put this all in relation with Dwight. Who has a chance at defending Dwight one on one. The list is this.
    2. Perkins
    3. Tyson Chandler
    4. Nene
    5. That one guy from Atlanta (not Horford, Collins?)
    6. Marc Gasol
    7. Pau Gasol
    8. Robin Lopez (on a good day)
    9. DeAndre Jordon (possibly, we’ll see how he grows.)
    That’s it. That’s a very small number. It has been proven again and again that you need a big man to win in this league, and altough the chances afre slim, the Nuggets still have a shot in the playoffs with Nene.

  19. chosen one says:

    I was really looking forward to purchasing a Nene Brooklyn jersey next year

  20. Paul Meyer says:

    Yes Nene staying with the Nuggets. Good move Nene staying loyal to Denver and us your fans. Now we just need to get Aflalo back and we’ll make a run for a deep playoff year

  21. Zack says:

    Awesome signing! The Nuggets really needed this and now they have to get AAA back and wait for Chandler to finish out his contract to re-sign with Denver.
    The Nuggets line-up right now if they sign AAA looks like this:
    Center: Mosgov; Anderson; Koufas
    PF: Nene; Faried; Harrington
    SF; Gallarani; Brewer; Maduabum
    SG: Afflalo; Fernandez; Hamilton
    PG: Lawson; Miller

  22. Steven says:

    Time now to get Afflalo back! Go Nuggets!

  23. Eric Madsen says:

    Wow. The Nuggets managed to stay relevant for at least one more season. Their GM has worked some magic since he arrived.

  24. bleedpuple&gold says:

    Dalembert should go to boston they need a center and the lakers need a worthy aponent in the finals this year!

  25. Denver/Heat/NewYork says:

    Nene, Affalo, Anderson, Gallarni, Harrington, Lawson, Andre Miller, Mozgov, Brewew, Fernandez

    Not to mention if JR, K-Mart, Chandler come back and from memory Chandler is restrcited and is seeking a release, JR wants to return and is seeking a release, K-Mart has made it clear he will see out his contract and don’t know if he will return to Denver either.

    • TWizz says:

      I just read an article that since the lockout ended, Chandler and his agent have mainly been in contact with Denver about a contract. Anything can happen though.

  26. Denver/Heat/NewYork says:

    Lawson will be back at denver for season.

  27. Denver/Heat/NewYork says:

    good to see, Deven what are you on about winning, rockets dont look like winning a title any time soon either.

    Nuggets were a good team last year and granted they’ve lost jr smith, kenyon and chandler though adding fernandez and brewer will help fix that problem, good sme good players there.

    If they can keep affalo and keep in mind jr smith and chandler are likely to return to denver at some stage, they will be alright. They won’t win the comp, sure. However the only teams really a chance next year are miami, dallas, bulls, new york, boston, okc at present anyway really.

    • TWizz says:

      Don’t count them out. They were already good after the Melo trade last year, and that was WITH injuries to people like Affalo, Martin, Mozgov, Andersen, etc. With a healthly roster, they can surely do some damage. Also if they can hold on to people like Smith, Chandler and Martin, they will have a loaded roster. Doubt that can happen though.

  28. jlil89 says:

    Nooooo. I wanted Nene to represent some Boston green. 😥

    • Rob says:

      Me too. Nothing beats money.

    • bleedpuple&gold says:

      strange enough as a Laker fan I want boston to sign Dalembert so they have a shot to go to finals so the lakers can beat them again and tie there record! nothing like a laker celtics finals nothing!

    • Rico Rodriquez says:

      They don’t have the cap room for him. Hey, enjoy another year of Jeff Green, though.

      • Rob says:

        They could have done a sign and trade that would send Oneal to the Nuggets and Nene to Boston like they were going to do with David West. Though, they would be over cap if it happened, but they can fix that during the offseason next year thanks to KG being a free agent.

  29. rene says:

    nene is a good player but could they be the same team without melo?

    • HeatWave says:

      They started playing better! But now three key guys are stuck in China.

    • TWizz says:

      They did VERY good after Melo left last season, beating some good teams. The question is, could they be the same team without people like Smith, Martin and Chandler? All 3 played big roles in that run they had after Melo left.

    • Rico Rodriquez says:

      They were already better without him last year when they traded him. Nobody in Denver misses Carmelo. It’s not sour grapes, he was a great player here, but, unlike Cleveland, we all just got on with our lives.

  30. sagunto says:

    i wonder what the Nuggets’ line-up would be if they weren’t able to re-sign Nene.. they already lose jr smith, k mart, w.chandler and TY Lawson.. rudy fernandez and afflalo should carry the team with Nene’s Leadership.. GO LAKERS! LoL!!

    • Ryan says:

      Lawson has an out clause in his contract to play in Europe. He’ll be back.

    • TWizz says:

      Uhh Nuggets still have Lawson. He isn’t on the same boat as Smith, Martin and Chandler.

    • Rico Rodriquez says:

      Ty Lawson is the starting point guard. I have no idea what you’re talking about. Martin and Smith were never coming back, because those guys are pure poison, albeit talented poison. Chandler will probably re-sign if he gets out of China alive.

  31. Deven says:

    Good News: Nets can go after Dwight Howard now, if possible. Bad News: Nene staying with the Nuggets.

    Does he even care about winning?? I understand it’s all about the money, but still, come on! Tayshaun, Grant, and now Nene are big idiots to resign with their teams. Marc Gasol is an exception because I like that team.

    • Dave says:

      Money talks man. If I offered Kobe, Lebron and Dwight 1 billion dollars they all would join my team.

    • Rico Rodriquez says:

      What does New Jersey have them makes them even decent? Williams? That’s it. The rest of that roster is crap. The Nuggets are a much better team than the Nets.

    • Jared says:

      Denver Nuggets have what it takes to get home court advantage this year in the playoffs if they sign Afflalo.

  32. Megan says:

    afflalo needs to go to heat or bulls. bulls better fit for starting position if they dont get rip cuz d rose will find him wide open. heat better for him to help the big 3 fuel the 2nd unit when a couple of them are resting and hes a ball handler that can play 3 positions with his great defense.

    • Rico Rodriquez says:

      Heat can’t afford him, or anybody else for less than a minimum deal.
      He’d be great with the Bulls, though. If Denver doesn’t re-sign him, I’d love to see him in Chicago. Their kind of player.

  33. Megan says:

    congrats to nene, nuggets after losing melo couldnt lose their 2nd best player also. but hasnt nene had some injuries? minor ones but still limited his playing time. at 29 yrs old 67mil over 5 years making more money each year. not a great deal if he gets a serious injury in a year or 2

    • Rico Rodriquez says:

      He has, but he’s been pretty durable the last few years. Nene’s not a great center, but he is a good one, fits the Nuggets system well, and has always been happy here. He’s more valuable to Denver than, say, New Jersey because they had no other real options on the roster, aside from the big Russian kid.
      If the Nugs sign Afflalo, I’d say the last couple of hours have been really good. I like what they’re doing.

  34. TIMBERRRwolves says:

    Good job Nene for staying loyal to your team. I hope Denver can get someone to help him out and bring them back to their Anthony-era success

  35. r-man says:

    67 Million ? for a guy who is 29 and puts up 14 and 7 ?

    remind me why there was a lockout ?

  36. Henry says: