Lamar Odom’s Replacement Is…

HANG TIME NEW JERSEY BUREAU — Less than three days after sending Lamar Odom to Dallas, the Lakers found his replacement. And it’s Hang Time favorite, Josh McRoberts (a.k.a. “McBob”), according to Yahoo’s Marc Spears.

McBob comes cheap ($4.5 million cheaper than Kwame Brown) and should fit well with in the Lakers’ frontline rotation, sliding ahead of Derrick Caracter on the depth chart and backing up Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum.

He didn’t put hip big numbers, but McBob had somewhat of a breakout season for the Pacers last year, and he’s an efficient scorer. Among the 299 players who logged at least 750 minutes last season, he ranked 17th in true shooting percentage. He finished well around the basket, shooting 68 percent from the restricted area, but was only 50-for-133 from outside the paint.

As an added bonus, McBob has a history with the celebutante set, having (at least) once gone on a date with Lauren Conrad. That’s not quite the same as being married to a Kardashian, but it gives the Indiana kid a little Hollywood cachΓ© as he arrives in L.A.


  1. spliftout says:

    Hey at first I was disgusted by this move… but that was mostly due to lack of knowledge… I think this kid will actually have another breakout season and bring an energy that we haven’t had in a couple of yrs… very impressed with his hops and he actually handles the ball very well… plus he’s making like half of Walton’s salary … lol..

  2. lovebasketball says:

    laker are done baby. time for kobe to retire.

  3. NBAfan says:

    not sad really odom left im more sad about shannon brown leaving.
    we didnt get chauncey billups hes a PG who has won finals MVP.
    we are letting the clipper snag up superstars they got eric gordon bledsoe blake griffin and now chauncey billups then we give odom away?if we get rid of pau gasol and not ron artest and luke walton im be pissed with the new Lakers owner.
    he isnt making us better only worse.
    we want cp3 and dh12.
    trade bynum blake walton or artest or barnes but leave Pau Gasol alone!
    we got so many players who we can get rid of i mean seriously.
    sign a free agent like these other people said.
    aaron affalo a point guard somebody?
    dont let the clippers and mavs create a superteam bc theyr both in the west.
    and we will get swept again.Kobes 33 now and if you dont get dwight or cp3 soon fans will start to querstion what are you doing? anyways christmas is coming goodluck to the LAKERS!

  4. puerleaf 14 says:

    The lakers has an incredible talent there in this kid, Brandon Costner. I watched him play the other day, he had 29pts, 7rebs, 7ast in 46mins. The game before he scored 42pts 5reb 4ast. Why isn’t this kid in camp playing with Pau and Bynum? The kid playing 5 ( 6’10” 235lbs) looks bigger but strong and agile. Handles well, and scores crazy! Recycling the dudes in the league isn’t making it. We need some fresh blood…

  5. Lakers#1 says:

    Come on man! Lakers NEED players like Howard and Paul!!!
    We NEED a Championship

  6. Archie says:

    In my opinion, i guess Lakers should sign Kris Humphries instead of McBob.

  7. Chris says:

    Does nobody read follow-up news?

    The Lakers traded Lamar Odom because he WANTED to go. He was stunned to learn he was involved in the original CP3 deal and said he could no longer play for the team. So Kupchak traded him for a draft pick or two and some cap space, leaving the space open for a potential big signing like Howard.

    So none of this Lakers got rid of LO crap.

    • Darryl says:

      They got a draft pick for him. I would say a 30th pick in the draft or so.

      Cap space? give me a break. There are so many scenarios that could have played out and had the same result on the so precious “cap space”.

      LO wanted to leave, but why give him away? Laker front office… DUMB MOVE!!!

  8. Joe says:

    look on the bright side laker fans you got gerald green his a star and should take kobe’s starting sg job in no time haha

  9. KB24CP3D12 says:

    The LA Lakers are really disappointing nowadays. After the three-team trade that was ruined by that pain-in-the-butt-good-for-nothing commissioner David Stern, Lamar Odom left for the team that swept them, Dallas. What the hell was that? And now, signing Gerald Green and Josh McRoberts?? No one compares to LO’s determination and will. This is really not what the Lakers fans want. And it’s almost impossible to get D12 right now. No ring again this year, LA. Sorry. :/

  10. pao says:

    dont kno why odom requested a trade wen his name been on trade talks for years. dallas is goin as far as LA anyways losing chandler. but mcrob is not gone make da lakers a championship team

  11. kev says:

    kupchak has really done it this time! tsk

  12. RAUL COLON says:

    god bless you odom,you will be missed a lot .sorry they trade you for nothing ,it is a sad day for lakerland cause he was one of the core heart and soul but whatever man.

  13. HAMER says:

    come guys as a lakers fan we should be glad having mcbob as a addition, we know that odom is more versatile than him and more experienced player but lets give him a achance who know this season he will build up into a stronger frontliner in our team remember that we got kareem as mentor in training he will show what mcbob’s talent all about.. and as for pau,bynum we know that they gave us also 2 trophies and we should not dump them just like a tissue when you after you wipe your luggy your just going to throw it gasol seaid his mind set is in LA and he wants to be there. we maybe see the fact that he might got be so confused last playoff in the 2nd round but we should be thankful having those guys…without them couldn’t get those back to back trophies…kobe can’t get it alone he needs team mates to do it.. it’s not a one man team but it’s a five player team when you go and play on the court, we also know that kobe’s getting old and need to be circled by young talented players , yes getting D12 & CP3 (which were already off) is so much better what our teams need right now is focus when the game starts and realize that what we got is what we have… Let’s Just Support Them For What they have right and i know something Big is coming In LA…..n_n

  14. CodyAllen says:

    to every one saying sign nene for one lakers have no cap. Two the nuggets can match any deal made. the josh siging is a good signing hes cheap and a good up coming young talent. he is not LO so stop saying he sucks cause he is not LO. LO is gone ya it really sucks but get over it is time to move on. Josh will come in play good off the bench and the lakers needed depth. It was a good move by them.

  15. Danilo B. says:

    GO RIP AND AI TO CHICAGO !! … OHHH YEAAAH that would be a championship caliber team !!

  16. Ted says:

    who the hell is josh mcroberts?!

  17. aram says:

    for all of you who say its a replacement its not a replacement and the laker front office isnt stupid they know what they are doing just hang tight and see who we get. all you guys say if this is the big move are u kiddin me there is no way this is the deal we have something big coming and if it dosnt come trust kobe to make it happen

  18. G for Jeep says:

    AK47 is a free agent, why dont the lakers sign him? ??

  19. Michael C. Teniente says:

    The Lakers are rebuilding.

    mike t.

  20. LakerDude says:

    Next signing for Mitch..

    Baron Davis
    Gilbert Arenas
    Richard Hamilton

    and surprise… Allen Iverson!

    These guys can still “rip” the net!!! and won’t cost more than a “song and a dance”…

  21. Wilt & West says:

    Josh McRoberts & Gerald Green.. okay, it’s a start.
    (Lamar will be missed..)

    Now, go get…

    Baron Davis ( originally from Los Angeles/UCLA )
    Richard Hamilton ( Rip can still rip the 3 )
    Gilbert Arenas ( originally from Los Angeles/San Fernando Valley Dude )

    and hey,

    Allen Iverson wants to play in the NBA again.

    Chris Paul & Dwight Howard both want to come to LA and play for the LAKERS…

    Come on MItch.. Jerry West is watching you!

    I say we sweep the Mavericks in 4…

  22. LOL @ RANDY WALLACE says:

    randy wallace your funny and so right at the same time….

    im not really sure which direction were going in either laker fans but atleast mcbob is better than caracter

  23. Ryan says:

    I think us Laker fans should trust our team, I mean they won 17 championships, they know what they are doing. Kwame Brown for instance, everyone thought he was the biggest mistake ever, but who did we get for him? Pau Gasol, Even back in the day when they traded Divac, a start center,. for a unproven rookie shooting guard in Kobe. Now look. I know L.A. is setting up for something big. Signing McBob, and Green. That’s a sign of Howard coming to L.A. in 2012-2013. Lakers are finding cheap replacements so when that time comes cap clears up and then Howard comes by. Possibly Chris Paul since he isnt signing an extension with another team. I think when CP3 becomes a free agent, lakers will make the move for both, since lakers are atop both their list

  24. G for Jeep says:

    I guess there is something more, we should wait for the coming days.. there is something fishy here..
    Could it be PAU is on his way out of LAL? hmmmmm

    wait and see.

  25. Tret says:

    The thing that L.A. staff wants is that he needs more defense than offense.
    Kobe and Pau can bring offense,can spread the floor and even play defense.
    For “McBob”,he is not as explosive as L.O. does in the offense but he can bring more defense on the court.
    He could spread the floor and he could do dirty works.
    He shoots in and out but he is really more on defense.
    That’s what the Lakers need especially they were swept of the playoffs by the mavericks because they didn’t stop Dirk Nowitski.
    He can defend power forwards in the League,that’s what the Lakers really need.

  26. International NBA fan says:

    Considering how many titles the Lakers have already I think this is just right. They don’t deserve another title for a VERY VERY LONG time. It’s time to throw out the Lakers AND the Celtics and move on to other teams winning the title.

  27. Steve Zorian says:

    Now that they have McRoberts And Green, Lakers need a Sharp Shooter That Is Consistent Behind The 3 Point Line, Like (Players) I Idolized Back In The Days Was Mitch Richmond/Eddie Jones/Steve Smith. One Player That Comes To My Mind Right Now Is Richard Hamilton Lakers Should Go After Him Before The Bulls Sign Him Or Another Team Gets Him And Also Nick Young Would Be A Great Pick Up. And One Last Thing Carl Landry would be a soild PF That The Lakers Were Needing He Would Fit Perfectly On The Lakers!!

  28. Samuel says:

    Josh McRoberts = Adam Morrison; Beachwarmers. We will miss you Lamar!!! 6-Man of the Year.


    Wow this is a great day in Lakers history the signing of Josh McRoberts is a pure genius move.
    Mitch Kupchak is a stinkin genius he just traded 32 year old Lamar Odom and got back
    a future first round pick and he more importantly cleared up 8.9 million dollars in trade exception
    money my Lakers just got tons better by making this move it gets rid of Lamar Odom who is a
    nice dude and good all around player but the facts are this Josh McRoberts is 8 years younger than
    Lamar Odom and instead of bringing the Kardashian drama like Odom brings to Dallas now Josh McRoberts
    brings a hard hat and lunch pail box to the NBA courts every night Josh McRoberts is a dirt worker he does the
    dirty work for his team he is a fan favorite he reminds me of one of my favorite dirt workers from the 1980’s
    showtime Lakers Kurt Rambis.This move opens the doors for a much bigger deal a possible blockbuster trade
    involving Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum and draft picks and cash considerations to either Orlando or any team
    with a superstar player who has a player who is disgruntled like Chris Paul and Dwight Howard a blockbuster trade
    will happen involving the Lakers and another team Pau Gasol is now expendable with the signing of Josh McRoberts
    it is just a matter of time until Josh McRoberts is named the starting power forward and Pau Gasol will be packing his
    bags to a new destination all is looking good for my Lakers the thought of D12 in purple and gold brings a smile to my
    face Dwight Howard is head and shoulders better than any center in the entire world.My Lakers started a new era this
    week it’s the Kobe Bryant quest for a sixth championship era and i am sure D12 and CP3 would love to be raising up
    that trophy with the best Laker ever Kobe Bryant.

  30. Mrbeast says:

    Kupchak will see his mistake at the end of the year.he will hit his head on the 16 nba title trophies of the lakers and wish he never made this dumb mistake in his life

  31. MistaMilla says:

    Matt Damon wouldnt be that dumb

  32. jonski22 says:

    nice move Lakers…you got McRoberts and Gerald Green….really nice move… applause…hope Kobe is satisfied now…:0

  33. OZ- Laker says:

    This is all the fault of Stern. The lakers (with Odom) got swept in the playoffs. I am with management that Lakers needed some change. The trade for Paul was good, both Gasol and Odom did nothing to stop Dirk, so whats the point of having them if the Lakers will be swept again; they looked pathetic during those 4 games if people could remember. Then once the deal is off, Odom had to be a little bit more mature, he got paid 7 figures, come on dude. He asked for the trade.
    As for this guy McBOB, he is good, he is gonna come out of the bench, and to be honest, how many star players are there, like Lamar, who accept to be on the bench (other than Lamar) that the lakers can aim for to replace Lamar? Again, its Lamar who got emotional and wanted the trade. Gasol is still there.

  34. BIlly says:

    Thought he and Rush were traded to Memphis for Oj Mayo?

  35. JJC says:

    Obviously “McBob” is a downgrade from Odom. No one is denying that. What I’m happy about is the fact that we finally have another chip to trade the Magic besides Gasol. I was afraid the Lakers were gonna trade both Bynum AND Gasol for Howard but now that we have McBob he could take Gasol’s place. The Magic trade would go, Bynum, McBob, two first round draft picks for, Dwight and Hedo. I believe that works and its a heck of a lot better than what the Nets are willing to offer. If the cap is an issue we can always drop in another spare part for the deal. Or Mitch K. can finally get some sense and waive Luke Walton. I mean really? How has this guy survived so long by doing nothing?

  36. Kiefer says:

    nothings impossible for KOBE !

  37. Teacher Joe, in Los Angeles says:

    You are in trouble. You were in trouble even if the Paul trade went through (you had no one at the 4 and Ron-Ron’s shooting ability at the 3). Its a CLipper’s fan dream come true. Insert your bravodo-filled retorts her purple and gold while you consider the possibility being the only LA basketball team missing the playoffs this year.

    • happycow says:

      Come on Clipper fans..they Will never win a title so stop trying to convince yourself they will.

      • misterbeast92 says:

        clippers still have to learn the fundamentals of basketball before they can think about title opportunities

    • laker4life says:

      lol why u so proud of a team who never even made it to the finals? and how many times have they reached the playoffs? while the lakers have the most record for being in the finals and how can clippers ever compare to that? LAL missing the playoffs? will see it when it happens…

  38. LamarOdom7 says:

    I still don’t like Odom being traded. he provided so much for the Lakers. Artest should’ve been traded while he still has some value. He’s getting old and can’t shoot.

  39. likeitis says:

    He’s no Lamar, but McRoberts is younger, hungrier, no drama, better free throw shooter & better career 3 pt shooter. I like the signing a lot especially with Character getting hurt.

  40. LAFAN says:

    good pick up for LA, McRoberts is a very underated player…he does the dirty jobs no player wants to do. he will be a great addition to the LA lakers. he is no CP3 or D12 but thats what it is.

  41. ryhnoman says:

    who? lol

  42. lakerlover says:

    Is today trash pickup? Cause this is garbage! Calling McBob a replacement is a shame. He may be a decent player but he is no six man of the year. Although, he did have a good shooting percentage in the paint, the Lakers need more versatility, something that Lamar Odom offered. If the Lakers management keeps this up the Lakers might have another disappointing post season 😦

  43. double lc says:

    SHAQ sign to LAKER for 1 yr for jersey retirement…

  44. jasper says:

    whos McBOB..? MC DONALD>>> wtf

  45. John says:

    Good pick. Some energy off the bench. Now go after Howard LAKERS!!!!!

  46. I-KAY says:

    they are actually different kinds of players, but lamar> McBoo

  47. Trubadur says:

    Josh McRoberts is a good player, but Josh McRoberts as first choice by Lakers ?!?! That is not so good. As addition to CP3 or Dwight, he would be good addition, but alone McBob is BIG disappointment from Lakers management.

  48. Blackmamba24 says:

    McRoberts..from Pacers? His alright but does not replace Odom in anyway shape or form. If this is it, than us Lakers fans are in another year of no ring but thats just hope that’s not the case.

  49. angel says:

    I think that has bn a good move from.lakers so far but they need to hurry up n keep on upgrading the bench if iI was the owner of the lakers I would have traded bynam n gasol for howard n sign nene… now that would make the lakers more tough n dangerous…. but nice job on adding mcbob is about time lakers make a move….

  50. RANDY WALLACE says:


  51. LAKERS FAN 4 LIFE says:

    LETS GO LAKERSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 WE THE BEST

  52. Rockets says:

    I dont like the lakers that much but I still think that the trade traded away Odom was stupid.

    Sending him to Mavs…. ahhhhh! Are you trying to make the team that destroyed you better.
    Just cuz you had one season, i wonder how Odom affected it, last season was his best, and he contributed all around and was good size, to me he was not worth giving away!
    Hate how every team is slippy one year and you gotta change your team, TEAMS are taking Superstardom/Mulitiple All-Star instead of chemistry nowadays. If 3+ stars are on a team Whos getting the ball? It cant work that way, Kobe himslef knows this was a bad move!
    No disrespect to McRoberts but i have no beliefs he can make Lakers better and be as good as Lamar was. I just lost hop for the Lakers (My Favourite team since my existence)

    • gerald says:

      jim and chris paul has ruined the lakers i don’t like where we are going, sorry laker fans i hope i am wrong.

  54. JD says:

    Kris Humpries would be a better replacement for L.O.
    Like Lamar Kris was married to a Kardashian πŸ˜€

  55. happycow says:

    Really? we gave up last year’s 6th man of the year for a guy who ranked 299 in minutes played and 17th in true shooting percentage? Come on is this really their idea of getting to championship caliber.

  56. Darryl says:

    You gotta be kidding me! The Lakers are really pissing me off now! Somebody in the front office needs to be CANNED ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The Lakers gave our second best player to our arch enemies and then sign a scrub to replace him. SMH

    This is truly a sad day in Laker land.

    R.I.P. Title hopes.

    • chris says:

      lol that would b true if we lost more then just LO come on be forreal we gonna get a beast team and kobe is hungry give it time mitch is smart pllus LO wanted to leave after his name came up on a trade for a better player in cp3 kno ur facts dont hate we good trust.

      • Darryl says:


        GIVE ME A BREAK!


        know your facts!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • chris says:

        yeah it looks that way but like i said he wanted to leave and there trying to save cap space if he would have wanted to stay they wouldnt have traded him. players will step up and we will b ok. im sure we will.

  57. dametreas says:

    so…….no one can replace a versitile almost 7 foot power foward taking big man off the dribble and posting up a small man……wish you luck ODOM!!!

    • Jones17 says:

      When did Odom ever take anyone off the dribble, i also never remember watching odom post any small guys up. He was underused in those situations greatly.

  58. joblagz says:

    kobe should retire..

  59. lakersfan says:

    than why not just keep lamar?? don’t try to make us feel better by buying a “replacement”.. odom was just as good.

    • Megan says:

      dont you read or follow up anything on lamar/lakers management? they had said he wasnt happy there and wanted to leave. sent him away for almost nothin cuz they needed the cap space for a d12 or cp3 extension if they got one of em and didnt wanna take on extra player(s) in return.

  60. Lakersss says:

    really? josh mcroberts? you can’t even compare him to lamar odom. it’s a disappointment but i guess it’s better than not getting anything for LO.

  61. hoophoop says:

    lamar is better πŸ˜€

  62. spracklin says:

    After Stern abused his power and destroyed a legitimate trade that would have benefited three different NBA teams this is the best the Lakers could ask for. They got a nice, cheap replacement for Odom, however ‘mcbob’ doesn’t bring nearly the holistic balling ability that Lamar had. I’d like to be happy but realistically, Odom > McRoberts. I can’t wait to see CP3 go for less and Stern exposed for his idiotic way’s, the powers gone to your head bro, hang em up.

    • Youa re so right. I have lost all trespect for the commissioner and the only reason there has not been a complaint from the other owners is because Chris Paul would make thje Lakers an instant favorite in the West.

  63. twin says:

    should of got free agent NENE

    • Megan says:

      lol ur dumb of course they were probly trying to. mcroberts over nene? please. nene wants a much higher contract

    • Jay says:

      No wayy. Lakers cant afford him although it would be nice to see him in purple and gold but Nene wants BIG CONTRACT and he got it from Nuggets.

  64. Carl says:

    Whe Kupchak says he’s gonna “make big moves”, I sure as hell hope this signing of McRoberts is not one of them or we are in trouble.

    • chris says:

      im sure this is not what he was talkin bout but look at the roster we got something gd in josh mind u hes not LO but he just started we r going to b a power house trust that. All the pieces will come together come on its la big time it will go ur way just watch