Source: Clips ‘Move On’ From CP3 Talks

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While the New Orleans Hornets hope to revive trade talks involving four-time All-Star Chris Paul with the Los Angeles Clippers, a league source tells TNT’s David Aldridge that the Clippers have “moved on” and are not, at the moment, interested in restarting the discussions.

Sources late Monday night indicated that the Hornets — whose negotiations for Paul are being handled by the NBA, which owns the team — believed there was still a chance that they could find common ground with the Clippers on a deal. But a source directly involved in the negotiations said early Tuesday morning that it was doubtful the Hornets would compromise enough for Los Angeles to be interested.

“I don’t know that they can come back far enough,” the source said.

Trade talks are notorious for their fits and starts, and while the talks currently are dormant, the possibility they can warm up again quickly must not be overlooked. However, the Clippers are adamant that they will not part with both promising two guard Eric Gordon and the unprotected 2012 first-round pick from Minnesota that they control. The 2012 Draft is expected to be one of the deepest in recent years. The league has asked for both, along with center Chris Kaman, second-year forward Al-Faroqu Aminu and second-year guard Eric Bledsoe in exchange for Paul, who has been seeking a trade while not publicly asking for one.

The Clippers, the source said, are “even happier” with their team after claiming guard Chauncey Billups off the amnesty waiver wire Monday. Los Angeles claimed Billups despite the guard’s strongly stated desire not to be claimed by anyone off waivers, which would allow him to go to a team of his choosing.

Before the Clippers claimed Billups, the NBA sent an e-mail to teams on Monday that threatened discipline against him if he refused to report to a team that claimed him in the waiver pool or was disruptive to that team after reporting.

According to the e-mail, the league warned Billups and his agent, Andy Miller, on Monday that any statements made concerning not reporting to a team or being disruptive would be viewed as a breach of Billups’ contract, and that the NBA “is reserving all of its rights to take appropriate action against the player for his efforts to undermine the waiver process and the contractual rights of both the waiving team and any claiming team. Please also be advised that the NBA will fully support any team that claims Mr. Billups’ contract in the amnesty/waiver process and that subsequently believes it has grounds for discipline of Mr. Billups for breach of that contract.”

Miller, according to several sources, sent a letter to teams over the weekend that reiterated that Billups would be unhappy if anyone claimed him out of the waiver pool (for at least $1.35 million, the minimum for 10-plus year veterans like Billups) after being released by New York on Saturday via the amnesty provision. Miller did not respond to e-mails and calls seeking comment Monday.

In an interview with Yahoo! Sports on Saturday, Billups said he was “tired of being the glue guy” and said he was tired of being taken advantage of by teams who have thrown him into deals in recent seasons, such as when the Nuggets included him in the Carmelo Anthony deal to the Knicks last season. Billups is a Denver-area native who was pained to leave his hometown team not of his own volition.

“After a while, you just kind of get taken advantage of in these situations,” Billups told Yahoo!. “I’ve been known as a leader, and I am a leader, but a leader can be as disruptive as he can be productive, especially when you carry a strong voice and people rally around you. This is about me now. This is about me, and teams should know that right now.”

League sources believe that Billups wanted to clear the waiver pool so that he could sign with Miami or another contending team when the waiver claim time period expired at 6 p.m. Monday evening. Earlier Monday, reported that Orlando’s Dwight Howard wanted the Magic to claim Billups as part of remaking the roster in a way more to Howard’s liking as he contemplates whether to stay there after next season. Howard asked for a trade last week and was given permission by the Magic to talk with the Lakers, Mavericks and Nets about a potential deal.

The league’s e-mail said that Billups could choose to retire rather than report to a claiming team, though it would absolve the team that claimed him from having to pay his salary.


  1. Gfeng says:

    man i lost all respect for stern…

  2. StevieGJD says:

    CP3: Lakers or Clippers? Every intelligent Laker fan knows that Derek Fisher has got nothing left. Blake was atrocious last year, maybe because of his never understanding the triangle offense, maybe because he is just not very good. The Lakers need a point guard desperately. The Clippers, however, do not need a point guard, especially after getting Billups. The Clippers need a small forward, but Aminu is not the guy. Maybe Caron Butler plays like he did before his injury and that problem is solved. Maybe not. But there is no way the Hornets take Mo Williams and his contract in a trade for Paul. They want Gordon (which leaves the Clippers without their number one outside threat) and the Minnesota #1 pick (which may or may not become a great player). The Clippers could use Dwight howard (who couldn’t?) but would have to include Jordan in any trade for Howard. Do the Magic really want to start rebuilding around Jordan and Gordan? I doubt it. If that works then what do the Clippers do for a perimeter threat? The Clippers have had a nice preseason signing period. They should go with this group and try and resign Griffin to the extension that some opine he has already decided against. They are a developing young team that is one impact player away from being Oklahoma City. They do not need to gut this team. The Lakers, however, have Kobe, Pau and Bynum and nothing else worth jack. They even gave Lamar Odom away for a trade exemption and a restricted pick. Billups is the key to two distinct problems: he makes Paul unrealistic for the Clippers and the Lakers could have used him. But instead the Lakers sign Kapono, Green, McBob and an undrafted rookie out of SDSU? I love the Lakers but the Clippers have made the shrewder moves this offseason. The best thing that every team in the league could do about Chris Paul is let him finish this season in the Big Easy then leave Stern with nothing, which would serve him right. Greed is not good.

  3. FACE THE FACTS says:

    What about Orlando getting CP???

    1. Paul
    2. Richardson
    3. Hedo
    4. Davis
    5. Howard

    Sounds good or not? +a lot of shooters and If Hedo gets motivated….everyone would be happy, Howard stays and the East gets stronger instead of the West!

  4. Edward says:

    Lakers Just Get CP3 Plus Kobe Is Very Upset Even After Odom Went to a Rivary Team!

  5. Hahaha says:

    This is what Stern wants:

    Lakers amnesty Kobe, Lakers sign CP3 next year, Kobe gets claimed by the Kings
    Heat amnesty Wade, James, Bosh, Heat sign D12 next year, Bosh gets claimed by the 76ers, Wade gets claimed by the Bobcats, James gets claimed by the Cavs.
    Mavs amnesty DIrk, Dirk gets claimed by the Bucks.

    Stars go to small market teams = small market teams win championships.

  6. chop says:

    Man, it sucks to be Chauncey. Poor guy just wants to do his thing and who as a team wants a guy who doesn’t want to be there?
    I hope he plays on and happy, because this is no way to treat a guy. I fear he’ll just fade into the end of his career.

  7. Jacob says:

    Am i the only one who thinks it is strange that people actually thought that Chris Paul was going to L.A. .. I know he knew that he wasn´t going to LA … I mean have you seen his jersey .. NOLA … NO-LA …

  8. NBAFAN36 says:

    Besides that the clips got griffin at pick 1 in the draft. you just cant trade away great picks it is not smart and definitely not for the good of the team.

  9. NBAFAN36 says:

    Clippers have a good nuclues would be stupid to trade their 1st round pick from minnesota for paul i think the wolves will still be horrible so their pick should be very high. Billups is older but a point gaurd is better than no good point gaurd and maybe paul will sign with the clips after the season if he doesnt get traded to the lakers. Griffin and Gordon are the cornerstones of the franchise. Maybe eventually they can make a serious run for a championship in the future. At least they are really trying to get good players now.

  10. michael says:

    maybe if chris paul and his fellow nba “superstars” stopped acting like a bunch of adolescent teenagers things would work out for them. i’m entirely on the owners/nba side, especially now after the lockout. paul should realize the nba would be more competitive if players such as himself didn’t demand trades. i remember a few years ago when paul, david west and tyson chandler were the “new breed” of the west. just shut it and play basketball.

  11. jz604 says:

    honestly lakers not getting CP3, if anything that NBA will do is replay the shaq leaving orlando incident, watch it will happen. why? think about how many fans will turn on TV that day when dwight howard says :im going to LA and how many ppl are gonna be curious to watch NBA? if cp3 comes it will be oh.. lakers buffed but when d12 comes is like holy another shaq n kobe combo. i agree the lakers trade to hornets is a crappy deal, with aging guys and huge contracts. but no one and no one can offer the amount demanded by the league for chris paul. is not just the hornets that want young rising stars but every other team. with someone above commented that 2012’s draft is the deepest in the year and we only have half a season i doubt CP3 and d12 wil get traded. this year the bottom teams will be fighting for the last spots due to draft and the way i see it its gonna be dallas vs miami again in the playoffs finals. they are the only 2 contender team in the NBA. however the free agency this year is gonna be very interesting we may see top rookies coming in getting traded for super stars

  12. Heat Fan says:

    It does not matter what changes take place AROUND THE NBA HEAT WILL STILL PREVAIL.

  13. Markus says:

    I think the young clippers (Gordon, Bledsoe, Jordan, Aminu) are more worth then CP3 or Dwight and with Caron Butler & Chauncey Billups they picked the right veterans who may push this young team to the playoffs

    • Rocket33 says:

      Yep, agree with you Markus. If Chauncey embraces the opportunity and Caron Butler stays healthy they’ll look pretty good to me. You’ll have Bledsoe and Aminu backing up and learning from two solid veterans. Trade Mo Williams for a backup 2 and/or 5 and this team is taking shape nicely.

  14. amolbhullar says:

    will like to go howard ,cp3 lakers trade place

  15. Gary Arakel says:

    With only 12 days left, I don’t think there will be any trade for Howard & Paul. The CP3 deal to the Clippers was very favorable for both teams, but is dead.Same as the Lakers deal.The Celtics have to offer 1 or 2 more quality and young players to the R.Rondo’s package, but who? They are aged team same as the Lakers.The same is the situation with Dw.Howard.The Nets, the Mavericks and the Lakers can not offer a packages with young talents and atractive first round pics to lend the Superman.So, both of them and Deron Williams will just play out this season in their teams and became a Free Agents after it’s end.Then, each one of them will choose his new destination.

  16. sNypErXuNiQuE says:

    Lakers can afford any players right now since they sign up a 5billion dollars 20yr contract to Time Warner.

  17. Sonny Belfast says:

    I’ve watched the Lakers get breaks (in many forms) from the league for over 30 years. Almost any deal (within the rules) which gives them the shaft now is a good deal. Nobody cares about the Lakers except self-overvalued Laker fans.

  18. Steve in SoCal says:

    But basically, this is David Stern trying to act like a GM and like he knows everything. Good for the clips. they called his bluff. Who the heck is going to buy the Hornets now, with CP3 leaving at the end of the year and the Hornets recieving no compensation. Stern overestimate the market for CP3. 10-1 he comes back to the table and takes Aminu, Kaman, Bledsoe & Minny’s #1 pick and perhaps the clips #1 also.

    the lakers walked away and already traded odom. Who’s going to offer more than the clips did? Plus, if he’s traded for “less” David will have a lawsuit on his hands. david Stern – Talking big. . acting small.

  19. charles says:

    Lakers deal was horrible for the Hornets. They were right to refuse it. A bunch of aging guys with high salaries wouldn’t do anything to excite the fan base or excite any new potential buyer. The clipper deal made sense for both. It offered them young, talented players loaded with potential to excite the hornet base for the long-term while securing an exceptional leader and baller for the clippers.

    • sbfern805 says:

      As a Lakers fan you are completely right. Right now Gasol and Odom and Legit players who can put in another 3 years of effectiveness…After that Nada! this is why the Lakers traded Odom for a first round pick. Very talented and with a lot of future. Now what you get with Gasol or Bynum in a trade will be instant production and with the pick you will get a future for the team. So i am inclined in CP3 because i still believe Bynum can be as productive as he was before he got injured 25 and 12. CP3 and Kobe will take off the heavy weight off each other and can feed bynum all day long. Now if Howard comes, i wouldn’t mind at all but if Lakers can only get one, i’d prefer CP3. Mostlikely Lakers will only be able to get one if any… Clippers are gambling by getting Billups, but its a very smart gamble. Not because he is this amazing point guard ( because he is almost at the end) but because he has leadership and is very committed. Blake needs to see a down to earth type of player to realize what is at stake. I sense new teams emerging as playoff contenders and if Lakers dont make a trade…another ringless year ( specially since lamar odom is gone)

    • WIFE SNIPER says:

      But a crap team, with no name players is a attractive buy for future owners???? Your wrong dude. that trade was the best they get for CP3. that trade also made them a playoff squad, which they are not with just cp3.

  20. HitMann says:

    I am glad clips got billups and trust he won’t be coming off no bench if vinny did that.It would be a huge insult to billups game and as far as CP3 goes and knowing the league owns the hornets they probably will give cp3 to the celts just because they favor the celts and hate the lakers

    • Gary Arakel says:

      That is very true. For many years, the league has always favored the greens and I am very suspicious, that CP will be traded to Boston for Rajon Rondo.We will see.

    • HeatWave says:

      WHAT! The league loves LA! They have the biggest fan base and probably what keeps the NBA moving. I don’t know, it’s all opinion I guess but I don’t see how they hate the Lakers.

  21. The league is pushing this way too far. The season starts in just 12 days and the Hornets do not even have enough players under contract to field a team. What will the league do if the deal with the Clippers falls through completely? As it is, the Hornets have six players under contract. In order for them to have enough players under contract to be able to even play their season opener against the Suns that number needs to increase to at least eight.

  22. Aldo W says:

    I’m not a huge CP3 fan but I do respect the talent. I think the man is getting screwed by the league. I didn’t see the league worried that the Lakers maybe got not enough for Lamar Odom. The league would rather just keep an unhappy player on their team. The league can stop acting like they are still negotiating against the players……… or maybe they still are…..

    Spurs Fan

  23. Gio says:

    If players want to control their destiny, they can ! They can just sign one-year deals or negotiate no trade clauses. Of course, most of them do not want to go that way because it is risky (injuries) and way less lucrative. But hey, if you sign a contract and thus agree to a set of rules, then you have to abide to them. All of this whining just pisses me off.

  24. Fan Of Sports says:

    CP3 belongs with the lakers., if your a laker fan, hater whatever doesn’t matter. Speaking as a fan of the game him and Dwight Howard goes perfect with the lakers. The difference between this scenario and the Miami Heat Roster is that each player is playing there true position. CP3 at point Kobe at SG Artest At SF unknow at PF perhaps Paul Millsap and Dwight Howard at Center big Difference. If the lakers can acquire CP3 as A FA would be great. Dwight Howard wants to leave but he just shutting up because he doesn’t wanna have A Chris Paul fiasco.

    • Yan says:

      lol soo many people dont realize that just cuz you have those video game-ish line up/talents… doesnt make it work. remember people, theres only one ball… just because they are the best players, dont meant they fit well with lakers… im pretty sure kobe or chris paul can demand less ball possession, but the effectivenes just wont be the same…

  25. Andrew24 says:

    If would be nice if Paul would go through with the lawsuit and then he would become a Laker.

  26. cpride says:

    hornets are going to end up with nouthen they want to much for CP3 he going to end up walking away at the end of the season

  27. Mitchell says:

    Three things.
    First thing is that Billups is right, he’s being taken advantage of. What the Nuggets did to him was wrong, you see what he brings to the court and you trade him with Melo for nothing, Raymond Felton is a crappy PG, he can’t play defense, and barely able to take it to the hole. You have Billups he can do anything you ask him to do.

    Second thing, what is the Clippers thing if you want Billups DON’T go after CP3, if you want CP3 then go for him and leave Billups alone. Billups won’t come off the bench, he’s not a sixth man just yet, he has one more year left in him before he becomes a back up PG.

    Third thing, if Billups had went to the Heat I would lose all RESPECT, for him I DO NOT CARE if you want to play for a contender, the HEATS aren’t that team. The Heats got Lebron who could barely shows up when clutch time, and you have D-Wade a player who works all season long.

    • Colt says:

      I really dont think you’re 3rd point counts to Mr. Billups there buddy. I highly doubt the fact tha you’d “lose all respect” for him if he went to Miami would really stop him.

    • Steve in SoCal says:

      Billups wasn’t mistreated. heck, Joe D traded him to Denver for AI, so he helped chauncey go home.

      If the deal can be made to work, Chauncey would provide guard for the 1 & 2, with Gordon & Foye at the 2 and billups seving as spot duty for CP3. He was claimed in hopes the deal would go thru and to provide backup/start support. Bledsoe and gordon played the 1 last year. they needed another guard.

  28. Mike says:

    Now that Roy is out of the picture, can Portland get him?

  29. Seven Honey says:

    The Clippers were wrong in claiming Billups after he stated not too. It shows their intentions are less than favorable for the professional athletic and they would probably trade him again, anyway. I won’t ever attend a Clipper game again. I promise.

    • Jeff says:

      hmmm… no the league is prohibiting the clippers from trading him… they can only release him. but i agree with you, its not that great of a move to pick up billups… i personally think they need a better playmaker, the pg doesnt have to score but need to be able to set blake, gordon, butler and deandre up

      • Clips says:

        I actually think Billups is exactly what they need, they just need a guy who can show Griffin how to be a leader. Don’t underestimate Billups playmaking ability.

  30. kevin says:

    This will never happen….. but I think it would awesome if paul and howard both signed long contracts in Orlando. & I have hated Orlando ever since shaq dominated patrick in the 90s.

    • Larry O'Connor says:

      That would be awesome! I would love to see Howard and Paul win a few titles in Orlando. Maybe they could win the titles that Miami was hoping for and that way Florida still wins without the Miami Hype.

  31. cpride says:

    howard and cp3 to boston

  32. kevin says:

    Where was David Stern the ultimate inforcer 16 years ago when Kobe demanded a trade out of Charlotte? kobe was an unproven 18 year old. Chauncy is a proven NBA champion, who continually gets brushed aside. I understand that a contract is a contract, and that rules are rules. but if anyone deserves a break its chauncy. although i do like the sound of him leading the clippers. that team could be fun this year.

    • Eddie says:

      I completely agree. I dont think any fan would begrudge Billups a nice contact. I just hope that he doesnt take it out on the clippers that he didnt get it this time! Will be great to see one of the best PG’s in the league work with Gordon, Griffin, Jordan & Butler next season!!

    • Steve in SoCal says:

      Uh, Kobe didn’t demand a trade. he was traded the same day as the draft for Vlace Divac. He hadn’t even put on the Charlotte cap and he was already traded. Get a clue.

      • Larry O'Connor says:

        When Kobe was drafted by the Hornets he insisted that he would NEVER play for them. He said he would only play for the Lakers. So Charlotte was forced to trade his rights and they got Divac. Better a Vlade Divac that plays than a Kobe Bryant sitting out!

    • Gary Arakel says:

      I am from L.A. and know the Clippers organization for 20 something years. Believe me.No matter who they gets, the Clippers will always be the Clippers. A loosee team with no ambitions at all. For many years, they been collecting the best players from the drafts and nothing has changed.There is something wrong with the owner, with the management and with the team. They will never be a winning team in this league.Remember this.Even with Ch.Billups, Chris Paul, Dwight Howard and Caron Butler and all of the young talents they have. Clippers is just Clippers.

      • TJ says:

        In all fairness, he never had a Blake Griffin before and I think for the first time in history (because I do agree with you about his pattern), he gets it and he’s willing to put his money where his mouth is. And further, VERY smart move to not pursue CP. Please remember, he’s got REALLY, REALLY bad knees. He’s got a very young, talented team who play as a team as well with the person I believe will be the most dominant player in the game very soon. Let’s hope I’m right and you’re not 🙂

      • Yeahhhh Boii says:

        Charlotte was not owned by the NBA back then. And yes they traded for Divac on draft day….happens to alot of draftees. He was the 13th pick…I dont think anyone would of thought he would of developed into the player he is today.

      • Clips says:

        Come on now, give them a chance. If memory recalls they did make it to the playoffs a few years back and have been trying to get better veterans around Griffin.

      • HeatWave says:

        What you’re saying is true but it’s not impossible for the Clippers to break the cycle, especially now. Look at Cleveland when they got James. I never imagined the team would go to the finals with the cast they had.

  33. dirkminator says:

    odom nowitzki kidd marion and HOWARD best for mavs!!! lets go mavs!!!!!

  34. Goldenstaes says:

    CP3 and Howard, go Clippers or OKC Thunder. these 2 teams are the future of NBA. Period.

  35. GniK911 says:

    i love the idea of chris paul and kobe playing together in LA…add howard in the mix and you have a legitimate championship contender…plus a chance to 3peat…but as much as i want cp3 to play with kobe, i think the ideal point for the lakers is Dwill…i dont want lakers to be the same as miami…too much raw talent, hype…but then no ring…i want the lakers to really work for another championship, not depend on talent alone….remember, basketball is a team sport…even jordan needed luc longley sometimes to step up, or buchler, even steve kerr…

  36. Lakers Trade says:

    Lakers should go for Chris Paul now!!!!

    stop daydreaming and go for the genius point guard.
    Then Howard will be lured no matter what, he will want to join L.A.

    Lakers front office, please make a move

    oh yes, don’t forget:

    “please impeach david stern!”

    • J says:

      do u know anything about basketball at all? dosent sound like it. sounds like anouther Laker fan who likes the team cause of the big name.

  37. JY says:

    It’s kind of strange to see the Clippers even considering these kinds of offers from the Hornets. I understand that CP3 is a great player and an unbelievable talent, but they shouldn’t fall into the same hole as the Knicks did last year. They had a team together and cap space and then went out and stripped the team to get ‘Melo. Again, no knock on ‘Melo, who is one of my favorite players, but what good is a superstar without a team?
    The Clips are probably doing this to show Bad Blake what they can muster, but they are doing it wrong. Next summer there will be quite a few good free-agents and that pick the Clips got from Minnesota is pure gold. I seriously think that going after CP3 under these terms would be just….stupid.

  38. Paul says:

    no other team’s offer will be as valuable as clips would have been. future star gordon or get a future star from next year’s draft but no we want both cuz we are greedy

  39. Paul says:

    well had a huge opportunity hornets but blew it horribly. the nba is sooo greedy

  40. i think Chris Paul very fit to the lakers because lakers really need new point guard fisher is old blake is not productive much

    • Jeff says:

      … sorry i beg differ bro… i dont doubt cp3 can eventually get lakers to change their playing style and maybe fit in the system, but as of the system lakers have now they really dont need a cp3 unless they are looking to post-kobe era already. Lakers do need a way better pg than the piece of shhh d fish, but they dont need cp3. to be honest, i felt billups could have been a pretty good fit for lakers instead of the clippers (since clippers really need a playmaker a lot more than another shooting point guard like billups and mo will), and cp3 would have been the perfect fit for clippers… just my 2 cents

      • PJ says:

        Jeff – You must not be a true Laker fan. Anyone who loves the Lakers knows that D Fish helped the team win 5 NBA titles. He has been a great player and I really take offense to your condescending comment about him. He’s also a great guy – I met him once and he took a picture with my kid. Very friendly, great leader, wonderful spokesperson, excellent ballplayer. Did CP3 or Billups win 5 NBA titles? Nope. Did they hit a game winning shot with 0.4 seconds on the clock? Nope. Have they taken as many charges as Fisher when the team needed the ball? No. No. No. Fisher is a true champion. Now if you’re really a true Laker fan, take back your comment about him.

      • Sganet says:

        Actually, the lakers do need a really good PG like CP3 or someone around that level. Now that PJ is gone and they are running a new system, they will actually need a legit PG. Triangle is the only offense where you don’t need a PG, so now that is out the door, going after CP3 would be more than reasonable. If they don’t want to get a good PG like CP3, they shouldn’t even have acquired Mike Brown.

        Clippers now have Mo Williams, Billups, Jordan, Butler, and Blake Griffin. Even if they were to keep both Kaman and Gordon, it would still be a pretty scary team (if they would all stay healthy). Don’t forget they still got the cash, so from here on, if Clippers were able to get either Howard or CP3, there’d be no doubt that they could win a Championship.

      • jayson says:

        @ PJ.
        Whats Billup’s nickname?……Thats right Mr Big Shot!!! pretty sure with a name like that he’s backed it up plenty of times.
        Especially when he beat down on th Lakers in 5 games for the Championship!!!!

      • Matt says:

        @PJ – he is a true champion, however time moves on, sounds like a really nice guy and i really do appreciate what he has contribute to the lakers organisation but you would be really nieve to think that he was playing like the champion he has been previously in last years season. A legend of the lakers organisation but it really is time to move on now. Kobe bryant is near the end too. CP3 n dwight now more championships await

  41. Eddie says:

    I think Clippers are right to move on. If they could put together that package for Orlando to get Howard & Turkoglu in exchange for Kaman, Aminu, Bledsoe, The first round pick and Gordon that would be excellant for Clippers. It would leave Billips, Foye, Howard, Butler and Griffin as the starting five. No more lowly clippers!! in return Orlando would get a young guard combo, an exciting young forward and a dependable all-star centre. Fair trade??

    • cliffydoobie says:

      You are forgetting that the Clippers just signed DeAndre Jordon for 4 years at $43 million to be their starting center. They’re not going to go after Howard after doing that.

      • Marley says:

        The clipper s would be dumb to trade Eric Gordon. The team has few young players that have the potential to develope into above average players. CP3 is a good player no doubt, but he is overrated and signing him does not guarantee playoffs which means he is not worth an arm and a leg. Clippers Rock!!!

    • NY4Lyf says:

      The Clips have a young core of quality players, they would be stupid to give up that hall for paul. That unprotected pick from the wolves could turn into a top 5 pick in the draft resulting in a player that could be better or on level playing field with Paul into the future. The Clips would be a force for a long time if they kept their current guys aswell as the player that comes out of that pick…really dont think paul is worth it. Smart move by Clips

    • James says:

      Howard and Griffin? Ridiculous. They will hurt each other in terms of stats. Not appealing, no chemistry. They will bump each other in mid-air when a lob is thrown. That frontcourt is only good for an All-Star team. They have DeAndre now, a better fit.